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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
Haddock       James          215a 10 0215b
Hagen         George M       195a 20 0195b
Haigood       Middleton      234a 21 0234b
Haile         Aron           209a 8  0209b
Hall          Mady           205a 25 0205b
Ham           John M         200a 24 0200b
Ham           Thos           200a 23 0200b
Ham           Wm             200a 22 0200b
Hamlett       Turner         240a 11 0240b
Hamm          Edwin R        218a 14 0218b
Hamm          Wm C           217a 19 0217b
Hammell       James          213a 9  0213b
Hammond       Henry          196a 3  0196b
Hammond       Jacob          194a 21 0194b
Hammond       James          196a 1  0196b
Hammond       Jas            196a 4  0196b
Hammond       Wm             194a 25 0194b
Hammonds      Howell         222a 17 0222b
Hammonds      John           221a 14 0221b
Hammons       John G         241a 7  0241b
Hanaway       Saml           191a 7  0191b
Hancock       Joshua         207a 7  0207b
Hand          Elkin          220a 11 0220b
Hanes         Dennis W       210a 25 0210b
Hanna         James J        205a 12 0205b
Hanna         Maclay         203a 14 0203b
Hanna         Sarah          225a 17 0225b
Hanson        Thomas         241a 13 0241b
Harden        Lewis          241a 6  0241b
Harder        John           235a 12 0235b
Harder        John, Jr       235a 13 0235b
Hardin        Nehemiah       242a 8  0242b
Harding       Richd W        203a 12 0203b
Hardy         Colman         234a 17 0234b
Hargroves     John           200a 11 0200b
Harkins       M Y S          212a 15 0212b
Harman        Alexander      231a 5  0231b
Harman        Nancy          230a 23 0230b
Harman        Robert         230a 24 0230b
Harmen        Daniel         239a 17 0239b
Harrell       Enos           229a 5  0229b
Harrell       Lucy           235a 19 0235b
Harris        Mary           233a 21 0233b
Harrison      Andrew         240a 17 0240b
Harrison      Benj           219a 26 0219b
Harrison      Luke           219a 15 0219b
Harrison      Luke           229a 22 0229b
Harrison      Michael        221a 17 0221b
Harrison      Thomas         224a 26 0224b
Harrison      William        237a 13 0237b
Harrow        Martin O       207a 19 0207b
Hart          Betsy          229a 14 0229b
Harvey        Alex           188a 6  0188b
Harvey        Bennett        235a 20 0235b
Harvey        Eleanor        197a 8  0197b
Harvy         John           233a 6  0233b
Harvy         Robt           187a 12 0187b
Harwell       John           238a 21 0238b
Harwell       Philip         242a 3  0242b
Harwell       Samuel         222a 9  0222b
Hasey         R B            198a 15 0198b
Hasey         Richard        218a 16 0218b
Hasey         Thos           201a 9  0201b
Hawkens       Caleb          237a 1  0237b
Hawkins       James          194a 2  0194b
Hayes         Jessee         225a 19 0225b
Haygood       Benjm          196a 2  0196b
Haygood       Thos           190a 21 0190b
Haygood       Wm             191a 26 0191b
Haynes        Benjamin W     227a 18 0227b
Haynes        Saml           211a 3  0211b
Hays          Jessee         242a 1  0242b
Hays          Richard        228a 15 0228b
Hefferton     Thos           202a 12 0202b
Henderson     John B         210a 23 0210b
Henderson     William        212a 21 0212b
Hendricks     Jesse          217a 10 0217b
Hendrix       Elenor         211a 25 0211b
Henricks      Larkin         223a 26 0223b
Henson        Jessee         217a 20 0217b
Henson        John           211a 17 0211b
Herald        Asa            201a 16 0201b
Herndon       George         209a 12 0209b
Hestin        Samuel         187a 21 0187b
Hickman       John           222a 3  0222b
Hickman       Wm             198a 26 0198b
Higgins       Isaac          196a 8  0196b
Hightower     Hardy          227a 6  0227b
Hill          Aron           220a 21 0220b
Hill          Berry          239a 6  0239b
Hill          George         224a 8  0224b
Hill          Henry          201a 23 0201b
Hill          Lewis          198a 4  0198b
Hodges        Lunsford A     227a 26 0227b
Hogg          John           209a 9  0209b
Holland       Basal          239a 22 0239b
Holland       Terry          235a 22 0235b
Holland       Thos           202a 11 0202b
Holliway      John           225a 10 0225b
Holt          John           196a 13 0196b
Holt          John           197a 25 0197b
Holt          Thomas         216a 22 0216b
Holter        Alex           215a 19 0215b
Homes         Thos           191a 3  0191b
Hood          Humphrey       221a 12 0221b
Hood          James          225a 14 0225b
Hoofnoggin    Sally          207a 12 0207b
Hooks         Isaac          206a 16 0206b
Hope          John B         196a 9  0196b
Hough         John           219a 24 0219b
Hough         Rheuben        220a 6  0220b
Hough         William        220a 19 0220b
Houston       David          226a 25 0226b
Houston       G S            204a 7  0204b
Howard        Hardy          195a 9  0195b
Howard        Jessee         242a 23 0242b
Howard        Nathan         195a 14 0195b
Howard        Newton         233a 17 0233b
Howard        Stephen        189a 12 0189b
Howell        John           210a 6  0210b
Howell        Levi           209a 13 0209b
Hubbard       Stephen        221a 8  0221b
Huddelston    Joseph         223a 3  0223b
Hudson        Jeremiah       197a 4  0197b
Hudson        John           225a 15 0225b
Hudson        Joseph G       226a 23 0226b
Hudson        Yancy          217a 18 0217b
Huff          John           199a 21 0199b
Huff          Joseph         201a 21 0201b
Huff          Stephen        201a 5  0201b
Huggins       James          200a 1  0200b
Huggins       Phillip        200a 2  0200b
Huggins       Phillip, Sen   200a 12 0200b
Huggins       Thomas         220a 9  0220b
Hughes        William        213a 3  0213b
Hutton        James          235a 11 0235b
Ingram        Benjm          191a 8  0191b
Irvine        Casper         229a 8  0229b
Irvine        James          207a 14 0207b
Irvine        Jesse          211a 7  0211b
Ives          Amos           197a 2  0197b
Izell         David          214a 26 0214b
Jack          Evan           216a 5  0216b
Jackson       Benjamin       221a 22 0221b
Jackson       Edmund         221a 10 0221b
Jackson       James          236a 24 0236b
Jackson       John           221a 2  0221b
Jackson       Robert         231a 23 0231b
Jackson       Stewart        194a 5  0194b
Jackson       Wm             199a 23 0199b
James         Joseph         228a 9  0228b
Janes         Joseph         238a 24 0238b
Jeans         Abramson       242a 6  0242b
Jenkins       Chaplin        213a 24 0213b
Jenkins       Ruth           213a 23 0213b
Jenkins       Zebulon        206a 8  0206b
Jerman        Joseph         220a 3  0220b
Jernigan      Asa            189a 21 0189b
Johnson       James          214a 5  0214b
Johnson       Phillip        215a 21 0215b
Johnson       Sally          214a 20 0214b
Johnson       Thos           213a 13 0213b
Johnston      Enock M        223a 18 0223b
Johnston      Harvy M        233a 9  0233b
Johnston      John           233a 25 0233b
Johnston      Simeon         233a 23 0233b
Johnston      William        235a 8  0235b
Johnston      Zachariah      195a 17 0195b
Joiner        Drury          188a 9  0188b
Joiner        Drury, Sen     187a 7  0187b
Joiner        Eli            187a 26 0187b
Joiner        Moses          188a 12 0188b
Jones         Benjamin       228a 14 0228b
Jones         Branson        194a 11 0194b
Jones         Isaac          199a 26 0199b
Jones         James          195a 22 0195b
Jones         Jane           220a 14 0220b
Jones         Jesse          198a 14 0198b
Jones         Jesse          211a 22 0211b
Jones         John           199a 10 0199b
Jones         John           239a 7  0239b
Jones         John           242a 20 0242b
Jones         Phillip        243a 2  0243b
Jones         Saml           199a 9  0199b
Jones         Samuel E       222a 15 0222b
Jones         Thos B         203a 13 0203b
Jones         Whitwell       211a 13 0211b
Jones         William        207a 25 0207b
Jones         William        212a 23 0212b
Jordon        George         227a 23 0227b
Jordon        Jane           234a 14 0234b
Kager         Wm             204a 18 0204b
Kassner       B F            206a 2  0206b
Keedy         James          239a 9  0239b
Keggs         Thomas S       228a 11 0228b
Kelly         Thomas C       219a 13 0219b
Kelly         Vincent        192a 4  0192b
Kendrick      Alsyones       219a 7  0219b
Kendrick      Martin         223a 5  0223b
Kendrick      William        240a 5  0240b
Kennedy       George         200a 6  0200b
Kennedy       Hiram          200a 15 0200b
Kennedy       R B            201a 20 0201b
Kennemore     Williby        193a 8  0193b
Kennimore     Curtis         222a 8  0222b
Kennimur      Jacob          234a 16 0234b
Kernahan      Abraham        226a 2  0226b
Kerr          John           217a 26 0217b
Kerr          John           242a 15 0242b
Kesterson     Vincent        190a 4  0190b
Key           John           226a 6  0226b
Kidd          William        209a 1  0209b
Kilgole       Charles M      223a 17 0223b
Kilgore       John           228a 13 0228b
Killen        John           198a 16 0198b
Killen        Ransom         215a 2  0215b
Killough      John           218a 21 0218b
Killough      Thomas         241a 20 0241b
Killyre       Nancy          235a 18 0235b
King          Gilford        196a 11 0196b
King          Hugh B         230a 9  0230b
King          Inglby         235a 15 0235b
King          Izard          207a 13 0207b
King          John F         194a 4  0194b
King          Mary           207a 15 0207b
King          Robt           187a 14 0187b
King          Wm             190a 1  0190b
Kirk          Nicholes       217a 11 0217b
Kirk          Symson         217a 8  0217b
Kirk          Thomas B       209a 7  0209b
Kirkland      Joseph         201a 12 0201b
Kirkman       Thos           203a 2  0203b
Kitchen       Boaz           208a 22 0208b
Koger         Daniel         226a 21 0226b

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This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
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