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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
Lacefield     Martin         190a 22 0190b
Lackey        Robt           201a 15 0201b
Laithem       Devenport      225a 20 0225b
Lamb          James          215a 4  0215b
Lamb          John P         232a 16 0232b
Lambert       John           240a 24 0240b
Lamont        Alex           205a 11 0205b
Lancaster     David          233a 10 0233b
Lane          Grifith        234a 13 0234b
Lapel         George W       221a 19 0221b
Laseter       James          227a 13 0227b
Lasiter       William        218a 19 0218b
Last          James          241a 17 0241b
Lathem        Davenport      219a 5  0219b
Laton         Thomas         207a 2  0207b
Laurance      Charles        234a 23 0234b
Lauress       Josiah         237a 25 0237b
Lauress       William        237a 26 0237b
Law           William S      238a 11 0238b
Lea           James          214a 14 0214b
Leanmore      Thomas         216a 2  0216b
Leathe        Isam R         214a 11 0214b
Lee           Baloy          189a 25 0189b
Lee           George W       192a 15 0192b
Lee           Harbert        225a 18 0225b
Lee           John           228a 17 0228b
Lee           Nathan         226a 11 0226b
Lefan         Jas            202a 3  0202b
Lefan         Jas R          196a 21 0196b
Leftwich      Jo J           203a 8  0203b
Lemons        James L        216a 9  0216b
Lenier        Horrel H       190a 5  0190b
Letrell       Jesse          197a 15 0197b
Letsinger     James          205a 20 0205b
Lewell        Charles        237a 2  0237b
Lewes         Marianne       230a 12 0230b
Lillard       Fielding       188a 26 0188b
Lilly         Wm             202a 15 0202b
Lindley       James          193a 18 0193b
Lindley       Thos           194a 7  0194b
Lindsey       Alexander      237a 6  0237b
Lindsey       Dennis         202a 13 0202b
Lindsey       Jessee         239a 26 0239b
Lindsey       Reedar         214a 24 0214b
Lipply        Wm             190a 12 0190b
Littleton     Charles        223a 7  0223b
Littleton     David          210a 26 0210b
Locke         Joel           221a 26 0221b
Logan         Fleming        203a 22 0203b
Long          Michael        215a 25 0215b
Looney        Benjamin       241a 1  0241b
Looney        George         187a 20 0187b
Looney        Martin         218a 2  0218b
Looney        Stephen        210a 1  0210b
Looney        Stephen        217a 25 0217b
Loony         Clayborn       218a 3  0218b
Lorance       John           228a 24 0228b
Lovelace      Joseph         231a 1  0231b
Lovelace      William        231a 2  0231b
Lovill        Wm B           204a 10 0204b
Low           David          206a 3  0206b
Lunsford      Joshua         216a 17 0216b
Maddin        H H            199a 5  0199b
Magee         Jacob          195a 4  0195b
Maner         Nancy          235a 5  0235b
Manor         Charles        204a 17 0204b
Marks         N H            206a 25 0206b
Marshall      Thos           194a 20 0194b
Martin        B W            204a 8  0204b
Martin        Elizabeth      214a 19 0214b
Martin        James          206a 13 0206b
Martin        James          213a 26 0213b
Martin        John           216a 1  0216b
Martin        Joseph B       223a 11 0223b
Martin        Samuel         237a 12 0237b
Martin        William B      207a 16 0207b
Mason         Charles        229a 26 0229b
Mason         Frances        229a 2  0229b
Mason         Joseph         242a 19 0242b
Mason         Thomas         218a 5  0218b
Masterson     Gutherage      195a 18 0195b
Mastin        J B            212a 2  0212b
Mathews       Hardy          216a 8  0216b
Mathis        John           215a 23 0215b
Matthews      James E        188a 3  0188b
Matthews      Jesse          192a 7  0192b
Maxfield      Harrison       225a 7  0225b
Maxwell       Saml           203a 10 0203b
Mayfield      Brice M        208a 25 0208b
McBride       Jas            200a 9  0200b
McBride       Jas            200a 18 0200b
McBride       John           218a 8  0218b
McBride       Lewis          199a 24 0199b
McBride       Matilda        242a 5  0242b
McBride       Shirod         218a 7  0218b
McCabe        James          218a 15 0218b
McCabe        Saml E         205a 21 0205b
McCaferty     William B      235a 3  0235b
McCall        William        210a 20 0210b
McCammons     Chas           199a 20 0199b
McCammons     Thos           200a 16 0200b
McCarley      Samuel C       232a 7  0232b
McCarroll     Wm             200a 5  0200b
McCarron      John           218a 26 0218b
McCarty       Ransom         239a 14 0239b
McCarty       Robert         239a 8  0239b
McClaine      Reuben         215a 5  0215b
McClanahan    Mary           232a 11 0232b
McClanahan    William        226a 26 0226b
McCleary      Andrew         230a 21 0230b
McCracken     Henderson      205a 3  0205b
McCravy       John           195a 13 0195b
McDonald      Wm             201a 3  0201b
McDonell      Danial         217a 2  0217b
McDonnell     Joseph         224a 23 0224b
McDonnell     Wesley         209a 3  0209b
McDougal      Archibald      197a 5  0197b
McDougal      John           219a 4  0219b
McDougal      John           231a 12 0231b
McDuffee      John           192a 14 0192b
McDugal       Alex           198a 21 0198b
McDugal       Barthania      197a 16 0197b
McDugal       Danl           198a 23 0198b
McDugal       Danl, Sen      198a 24 0198b
McDugal       James          199a 1  0199b
McEllen       Reuben         241a 3  0241b
McEntire      Cristian       227a 12 0227b
McGea         Susannah       199a 15 0199b
McKee         John           240a 7  0240b
McKinley      John           205a 1  0205b
McKinney      Geo            232a 22 0232b
McKlusky      Chas           202a 9  0202b
McKlusky      Hugh           200a 14 0200b
Mclean        James          216a 21 0216b
McMahon       John C         219a 25 0219b
McMasters     Matthew        202a 5  0202b
McMasters     Wm             202a 6  0202b
McMurry       Andrew W       191a 25 0191b
McMurry       James          192a 2  0192b
McNight       Alexd          236a 13 0236b
McNight       Robert         222a 14 0222b
McNight       Thomas P       213a 8  0213b
McPeters      Andw           189a 26 0189b
McVay         Henry W        212a 13 0212b
McVay         Hugh           190a 16 0190b
Meaks         Saml           212a 24 0212b
Mean          George         231a 10 0231b
Mears         George         242a 2  0242b
Mears         Griffen        193a 14 0193b
Melton        Jesse          201a 13 0201b
Menson        Abel           242a 25 0242b
Mentzor       Susanna        208a 1  0208b
Mill          Wm             199a 19 0199b
Miller        Alex           197a 22 0197b
Miller        Alex           213a 5  0213b
Miller        Jacob          202a 25 0202b
Miller        Jacob          206a 26 0206b
Miller        Jas            199a 17 0199b
Miller        John           195a 6  0195b
Miller        Seth           210a 14 0210b
Milligan      Charles        214a 15 0214b
Milton        Elisha         201a 24 0201b
Mitchell      Robt           194a 26 0194b
Mitchell      Wm C           235a 7  0235b
Mobley        Alfred         188a 20 0188b
Mobley        Littleberry    219a 18 0219b
Modlin        Saml           194a 12 0194b
Mond          James          207a 8  0207b
Monroe        D D            204a 19 0204b
Montary       Lewis          204a 5  0204b
Moore         Benj           215a 15 0215b
Moore         Bennet A       188a 10 0188b
Moore         Ephraim D      239a 3  0239b
Moore         James          215a 14 0215b
Moore         John           198a 1  0198b
Moore         John           217a 15 0217b
Moore         Michael        203a 17 0203b
Moore         Robt           199a 8  0199b
Moore         Stephen P      197a 19 0197b
Morgan        John           238a 25 0238b
Morison       Peter          220a 7  0220b
Morrell       William        206a 9  0206b
Morris        William O K    225a 13 0225b
Morrison      Elizabeth      202a 8  0202b
Moutry        Wm             199a 11 0199b
Muller        Peter          205a 14 0205b
Murphey       Preston        209a 5  0209b
Murphy        Archibald      216a 12 0216b
Murphy        Henry          238a 22 0238b
Murphy        John           222a 18 0222b
Murrell       Stephen        217a 3  0217b
Murrell       Stephen        238a 13 0238b
Mussleman     Henry          208a 21 0208b
Mustin        Henry          240a 22 0240b
Myreck        Jas C          196a 25 0196b
Myres         Ethelred       191a 14 0191b
Na***         Uriah H        188a 21 0188b
Nail          John           196a 18 0196b
Naile         Saml           209a 15 0209b
Nance         Daniel         191a 2  0191b
Nations       Eli            234a 2  0234b
Neale         Julian         218a 18 0218b
Neale         Mathew         238a 6  0238b
Neeley        Nicholes       230a 10 0230b
Neil          Joseph         228a 6  0228b
Nelson        Bazel          205a 5  0205b
Nelson        Mark           212a 26 0212b
Nelson        Mayhew         209a 4  0209b
Nepper        Jourdan        195a 10 0195b
Newman        Coonrod        237a 8  0237b
Newman        Henry          210a 7  0210b
Newman        James          223a 24 0223b
Newman        Moses          209a 2  0209b
Newson        Wiley          211a 1  0211b
Newton        Smith          239a 24 0239b
Neylon        Nathan         240a 23 0240b
Nichleson     Charles        236a 19 0236b
Nichol        George         208a 2  0208b
Nicleson      Penny          236a 20 0236b
Noel          James          226a 8  0226b
Noel          William        226a 20 0226b
Norvell       John           191a 12 0191b
Nowlan        Berry          211a 26 0211b
O'Bryant      William        223a 14 0223b
Odell         Wm             192a 1  0192b
Oden          Benjamin       230a 25 0230b
Oden          Hezekia        222a 20 0222b
Oldham        Thomas         192a 22 0192b
Oliver        Daniel         207a 1  0207b
Ollive        Mich           236a 25 0236b
Olly          Micheal        240a 26 0240b
O'Steen       David          241a 26 0241b
O'Steen       Thomas         240a 1  0240b
Owen          John           232a 17 0232b
Owen          William        228a 7  0228b

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This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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