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  Because of the many age‑range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages. The left-side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page, and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.  
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Name of Head of Family            LEFT     RIGHT
*ownahawon       Moses            181a  16  181b
.scratched out   William          156a  28  156b
Abel             John             139a  3   139b
Abel             William W.       139a  5   139b
Abrams           Josiah           161a  27  161b
Abrams           Levi             161a  28  161b
Abrams           Wm. G.           184a  20  184b
Adams            James            182a  6   182b
Adams            Jeremiah         177a  13  177b
Adams            Nathan           211a  10  211b
Adams            Solomon          141a  24  141b
Adams            William          161a  14  161b
Adkins           Isham            204a  27  204b
Agle             Jeremiah         139a  14  139b
Alexander        John             189a  13  189b
Alexander        Joshua C.        153a  2   153b
Alexander        Robt             188a  17  188b
Alexander        Thomas           143a  14  143b
Alexander        Thomas           153a  4   153b
Alford           Saml             186a  1   186b
Alkire           John             194a  9   194b
Alkire           John             194a  15  194b
Alkire           Leonard          194a  5   194b
Alkire           William          194a  13  194b
Alley            Nelson           185a  23  185b
Allick           Abraham          157a  1   157b
Allison          Isaac            203a  24  203b
Alsberry         Brice            211a  11  211b
Alsberry         Charles          170a  26  170b
Alvey            Wm.              182a  7   182b
Ames             Smith            151a  16  151b
Anderson         Alexr            192a  2   192b
Anderson         Hosea            164a  9   164b
Anderson         Isaac            163a  2   163b
Anderson         James            192a  16  192b
Anderson         Joel             164a  10  164b
Anderson         Moses            152a  21  152b
Anderson         William          168a  26  168b
Andrew           William          211a  9   211b
Angel            John             192a  22  192b
Antle            John             150a  8   150b
Archer           Moses            168a  22  168b
Archer           Obadiah          142a  14  142b
Archer           Robt             204a  22  204b
Archer           William          205a  11  205b
Armstrong        Hugh             134a  9   134b
Armstrong        John             197a  22  197b
Armstrong        Pleasant         196a  18  196b
Armstrong        Royal            200a  27  200b
Armstrong        Watson           139a  25  139b
Armstrong        William          196a  21  196b
Arnold           Abram            157a  19  157b
Arnold           James            209a  23  209b
Arnold           Thomas           199a  13  199b
Asby             Nathan           176a  6   176b
Asby             Thomas           187a  9   187b
Ashlock          Jesse            139a  6   139b
Aslaw            Wm               160a  8   160b
Asterley         Daniel           197a  11  197b
Atwood           James            193a  18  193b
Averil           Philo            140a  23  140b
Babbit           Nancy            148a  21  148b
Babbit           Orange           172a  20  172b
Bagby            Danl             184a  2   184b
Bailey           Caleb            177a  16  177b
Baker            Henry            134a  5   134b
Baker            Ion              176a  21  176b
Baker            Isaac            171a  25  171b
Baker            Jacob            188a  7   188b
Baker            James            159a  13  159b
Baker            Joseph           171a  23  171b
Baker            Squire           171a  15  171b
Baker            Thomas           144a  21  144b
Baker            William          176a  20  176b
Baker            William          182a  19  182b
Baldwin          Ezekiel          201a  12  201b
Baldwin          Johnson          204a  25  204b
Baldwin          William          134a  17  134b
Baldwin          William          141a  3   141b
Ball             Japhet A.        141a  18  141b
Ball             John L.          141a  21  141b
Ball             Smith            141a  20  141b
Ball             William          142a  13  142b
Ballard          C. A.            183a  4   183b
Ballard          Fielding         195a  23  195b
Barger           Adam             146a  18  146b
Barket           William          158a  7   158b
Barnet           Alexander        160a  11  160b
Barnet           Nathan           160a  10  160b
Barnett          Thomas           177a  20  177b
Barnett          Wm               202a  7   202b
Barns            Charles          183a  1   183b
Barns            James            160a  6   160b
Barns            John             141a  19  141b
Barter           Alburtus         146a  11  146b
Bartlett         James            154a  14  154b
Bartlow          William          165a  19  165b
Bashaw           Elmore           188a  11  188b
Bashaw           Peter            156a  13  156b
Bashran          Reason           164a  16  164b
Baskman          Peter            204a  13  204b
Bass             Moseley          183a  6   183b
Bates            Joseph           205a  1   205b
Batler           Matthew          195a  8   195b
Batterson        John             160a  17  160b
Batterton        Amos             150a  20  150b
Batterton        David            150a  4   150b
Batterton        Nelson           150a  22  150b
Baxter           Wm               202a  27  202b
Beach            Abram            149a  18  149b
Beam             Jacob            177a  23  177b
Beard            Andrew           199a  1   199b
Bearding         John             173a  27  173b
Beasley          Richard          193a  2   193b
Beauchamp        Joshua           148a  15  148b
Beedle           William          171a  9   171b
Beers            Philo            184a  10  184b
Bell             Abraham          198a  24  198b
Bell             Henry            197a  23  197b
Bell             Jacob            197a  24  197b
Bell             John             135a  3   135b
Bennet           William          167a  13  167b
Benson           Levi W.          194a  21  194b
Bergen           Abram S.         199a  5   199b
Bergen           John G.          183a  17  183b
Berry            James            199a  27  199b
Berry            Saml             200a  24  200b
Bevins           John             209a  1   209b
Bevins           Noah             210a  6   210b
Biers            Jonathan         209a  14  209b
Bigford          Moses            154a  21  154b
Bilien           Jacob            187a  6   187b
Bilyea           Andrew           144a  15  144b
Bilyea           Isaac            143a  2   143b
Bilyea           James            144a  9   144b
Bilyea           John S.          144a  10  144b
Bilyea           Oliver           144a  12  144b
Bilyea           Peter            143a  21  143b
Bilyea           William          144a  13  144b
Birkfield        James            196a  17  196b
Bishop           Alfred           172a  17  172b
Black            David            149a  5   149b
Black            James            134a  27  134b
Black            Reuben           194a  2   194b
Black            Thomas           138a  18  138b
Black            William          170a  5   170b
Blackstone       James            202a  26  202b
Blean            George           194a  16  194b
Bleavens         Robert           157a  11  157b
Bledsoe          George           207a  15  207b
Bledsoe          Willis           207a  19  207b
Blount           Benjamin         173a  12  173b
Blount           Riding           172a  27  172b
Blount           William          173a  9   173b
Blue             Solomon          161a  18  161b
Blue             Uriah            161a  22  161b
Bogar            David            179a  22  179b
Bogart           Joseph           193a  24  193b
Bonan            Hamblin          193a  19  193b
Bone             Banister         198a  10  198b
Bone             Eliher           135a  10  135b
Boner            James            191a  17  191b
Borders          Geo.             160a  23  160b
Borders          Peter            160a  24  160b
Borough          Alfred           173a  10  173b
Bougham          Berryman         156a  18  156b
Bowen            Laza             142a  15  142b
Bowling          James            169a  19  169b
Bowman           Abraham          159a  10  159b
Bowman           George           200a  11  200b
Bowman           James            153a  8   153b
Boyd             James            148a  25  148b
Boyd             John             178a  4   178b
Boyer            Jacob            194a  3   194b
Bracken          John             136a  17  136b
Bracken          Robert           196a  3   196b
Bracken          Samuel           196a  5   196b
Bracken          Theophilus       193a  20  193b
Bracken          Walter           194a  20  194b
Bracker          Joseph           205a  26  205b
Brackin          Archibald        193a  25  193b
Braden           James            160a  5   160b
Bradley          Thomas           137a  25  137b
Brady            Charles          158a  3   158b
Brady            Joseph           203a  22  203b
Bragg            William          172a  8   172b
Brannan          John             152a  9   152b
Branson          Daniel           190a  1   190b
Branson          John             190a  2   190b
Branson          John Jr.         190a  27  190b
Breeden          Drury            167a  3   167b
Breeden          Elijah           171a  3   171b
Breeden          Joseph           167a  2   167b
Breeden          William          210a  8   210b
Breiden          Bryant           143a  25  143b
Brewer           John             187a  18  187b
Brewer           John             195a  21  195b
Brewer           William          196a  2   196b
Briant           Edward           151a  27  151b
Bridges          Allen            143a  15  143b
Bridges          Elizabeth        156a  1   156b
Bridges          William          167a  7   167b
Briggs           Elizabeth        211a  21  211b
Brihm            Peter            200a  12  200b
Brinks           Joshua           173a  18  173b
Brints           John             173a  23  173b
Britton          Benjn            178a  20  178b
Britton          Evan             189a  22  189b
Broadwell        Jane             152a  5   152b
Broadwell        John             152a  4   152b
Broomfield       Obadiah          162a  26  162b
Brown            Alfred           207a  24  207b
Brown            Delos            211a  16  211b
Brown            Emawither        200a  1   200b
Brown            Jacob J.         210a  9   210b
Brown            James            181a  23  181b
Brown            Jona             207a  13  207b
Brown            Joseph           172a  18  172b
Brown            Joseph           207a  7   207b
Brown            Joshua           206a  9   206b
Brown            Reuben           210a  2   210b
Brown            Samuel           208a  5   208b
Brown            Samuel           208a  9   208b
Brown            Thomas           181a  13  181b
Brown            Valentine        182a  10  182b
Brown            William          208a  6   208b
Brownell         John             141a  1   141b
Browner          John             147a  26  147b
Browner          William          147a  25  147b
Brozelton        Benjamin         164a  15  164b
Brundage         Danl             210a  17  210b
Brundage         Solomon          187a  12  187b
Brunk            George           177a  22  177b
Bryan            Larkin           183a  7   183b
Buchannan        John             147a  4   147b
Buckles          Henry            157a  7   157b
Buckles          Robert           158a  6   158b
Buffield         Harris           176a  14  176b
Burbridge        Elizabeth        181a  25  181b
Burden           John             181a  12  181b
Burks            Charles          159a  1   159b
Burks            Elizabeth        164a  4   164b
Burks            Jeremiah         158a  8   158b
Burks            Royal            158a  12  158b
Burks            William          164a  2   164b
Burnar           Isaac            201a  22  201b
Burnes           John             198a  21  198b
Burnet           Thomas           177a  1   177b
Burnett          Anderson         203a  20  203b
Burnett          Wm.              183a  22  183b
Burns            James            163a  27  163b
Burns            John R.          186a  15  186b
Burns            Robert           186a  18  186b
Burns            Thomas           163a  16  163b
Burtly           William          138a  2   138b
Burton           Edward           168a  20  168b
Burton           John             168a  17  168b
Burton           John, Jr.        168a  18  168b
Burton           Richd            168a  19  168b
Butler           Caleb            209a  25  209b
Butler           Hardin           207a  16  207b
Butler           Isaac            207a  17  207b
Cagle            David            172a  1   172b
Cagle            George           175a  6   175b
Cagle            Jacob            175a  26  175b
Caldwell         Elizabeth        199a  9   199b
Calerman         John R.          211a  17  211b
Calwell          Samuel           139a  15  139b
Campbell         David            180a  27  180b
Campbell         Davis            155a  27  155b
Campbell         J. S.            184a  17  184b
Campbell         John             143a  8   143b
Campbell         John             154a  2   154b
Campbell         John W.          203a  19  203b
Campbell         Maxwell          151a  8   151b
Campbell         Nancy            211a  19  211b
Campbell         Robert           146a  2   146b
Campbell         Robert           151a  9   151b
Campbell         Thomas           206a  23  206b
Camron           John             147a  14  147b
Camron           John             201a  17  201b
Cannon           Robert           170a  16  170b
Canterberry      Asa              191a  23  191b
Cantrill         Levi             190a  14  190b
Cantrill         Thos.            188a  24  188b
Cantrill         William W.       190a  18  190b
Cantrill         Wm.              188a  26  188b
Cantrill         Wyatt            190a  9   190b
Cantrill         Zebulon          188a  23  188b
Capps            Jabez            184a  21  184b
Cardwell         William L.       144a  24  144b
Carico           James            163a  25  163b
Carl             Thomas F.        161a  21  161b
Carman           Jacob            191a  27  191b
Carman           Saml             191a  13  191b
Carmon           Caleb            191a  2   191b
Carns            Benj.            194a  1   194b
Carpenter        George           134a  15  134b
Carpenter        Wm.              184a  24  184b
Carr             William          157a  26  157b
Carson           John             142a  1   142b
Carson           William          152a  1   152b
Carson           Wm.              161a  5   161b
Carter           John             208a  15  208b
Carter           William B.       185a  5   185b
Cartright        Peter            151a  26  151b
Carver           Christian        162a  2   162b
Carver           George           209a  18  209b
Carver           Hiram            209a  19  209b
Carver           Richard S.       162a  3   162b
Carver           Solomon          161a  26  161b
Casey            Randolph         173a  16  173b
Casley           William          135a  20  135b
Cassidy          Thomas           145a  25  145b
Cast             Archibald        186a  24  186b
Cast             James            158a  5   158b
Cast             Robert           186a  17  186b
Cast             Vivian           159a  5   159b
Caswell          Hartwill         173a  21  173b
Catcham          Peter            174a  3   174b
Cathry           George           135a  9   135b
Cavis            Wm               203a  3   203b
Center           Ashley           192a  7   192b
Center           Joseph           192a  8   192b
Chaplin          John             168a  10  168b
Chapman          John             184a  13  184b
Chapman          Malinda          175a  12  175b
Chapman          Samuel           175a  9   175b
Chapman          William          175a  8   175b
Chapman          William, Jr.     175a  10  175b
Chastia          John             197a  26  197b
Chastie          Margaret         192a  4   192b
Cherry           Benj.            187a  25  187b
Chesnut          James            154a  15  154b
Childers         William          134a  22  134b
Chilton          Duke             188a  12  188b
Chilton          Joshua           168a  1   168b
Chilton          Mathias          188a  15  188b
Chilton          William          188a  13  188b
Churchill        George           164a  14  164b
Churchill        John             167a  1   167b
Clark            Barsilla         154a  4   154b
Clark            Daniel           184a  5   184b
Clark            David            178a  7   178b
Clark            Edward           169a  23  169b
Clark            Elisha           154a  6   154b
Clark            Henry            202a  23  202b
Clark            Isaac            178a  8   178b
Clark            Joseph           204a  19  204b
Clark            Lamond           185a  20  185b
Clark            Oromel           186a  9   186b
Clark            Phillip          171a  11  171b
Clark            Simion           154a  5   154b
Clark            Thomas           191a  5   191b
Clark            William          134a  8   134b
Clarke           Benjamin         137a  4   137b
Clarke           William A.       141a  12  141b
Clary            John             200a  25  200b
Clary            John S.          195a  20  195b
Clary            Spencer          196a  9   196b
Clary            William          201a  25  201b
Clary            Zechariah        200a  26  200b
Claypole         James            193a  3   193b
Claypole         Jesse            192a  1   192b
Claypole         Levi             192a  6   192b
Clayton          Robert           160a  3   160b
Claywill         Jesse            182a  13  182b
Clemens          Thomas           148a  17  148b
Clements         George           163a  8   163b
Clemmons         John             136a  2   136b
Clemmons         John             144a  18  144b
Clifford         Michael          205a  3   205b
Clifton          Nathanl          211a  6   211b
Cline            John             190a  10  190b
Clinkingbeard    Henry            143a  3   143b
Clinkingbeard    John             187a  15  187b
Clopton          Davis            198a  9   198b
Cloyd            David            148a  8   148b
Cloyd            Thomas           148a  7   148b
Cobb             Achilles         164a  20  164b
Coddle           James            208a  2   208b
Coffee           James            168a  4   168b
Coffee           Thomas           165a  7   165b
Cogdell          John             179a  19  179b
Cogdell          Lucy             134a  26  134b
Coker            George           144a  14  144b
Colbourn         Ebenezer         146a  10  146b
Colbourn         William          146a  7   146b
Coley            Willis           146a  8   146b
Collier          Henry            148a  12  148b
Collins          David            178a  9   178b
Collins          Hugh             157a  17  157b
Collins          James            183a  5   183b
Collins          Lucinda          159a  4   159b
Collins          William          197a  17  197b
Colson           John             197a  9   197b
Colston          Isaac            197a  7   197b
Combs            Elliot           155a  28  155b
Combs            Elliott          180a  28  180b
Combs            Jesse            135a  4   135b
Combs            Jonah            135a  11  135b
Combs            Samuel           135a  14  135b
Condee           Arthur           209a  9   209b
Connel           Alexd            182a  16  182b
Conner           Bartlet          198a  7   198b
Constant         Benjm.           163a  26  163b
Constant         Elenor           163a  22  163b
Constant         Isaac            163a  20  163b
Constant         Jacob            163a  24  163b
Constant         John             155a  20  155b
Constant         John             164a  8   164b
Constant         John             180a  20  180b
Constant         John             186a  23  186b
Constant         John W.          186a  25  186b
Constant         Nathan           186a  12  186b
Constant         Thomas           155a  21  155b
Constant         Thomas           180a  21  180b
Constant         Wm.              184a  18  184b
Cook             Jona             205a  19  205b
Cook             Josiah           196a  14  196b
Cooper           John             169a  6   169b
Cooper           John             171a  26  171b
Cooper           Meredith         155a  8   155b
Cooper           Meredith         180a  8   180b
Copeman          Elee             173a  2   173b
Copland          William          158a  11  158b
Coplin           William          134a  21  134b
Coppenbarger     Elias            167a  23  167b
Corbaniss        Charles          189a  4   189b
Cormack          Jesse            182a  26  182b
Corneilison      Garret           167a  25  167b
Cornell          Ebenezer         142a  3   142b
Costley          Thomas           153a  11  153b
Cottrol          William          157a  20  157b
Council          Charles          157a  8   157b
Council          Hardy            181a  14  181b
Council          Wm.              181a  15  181b
Cowan            William          135a  27  135b
Cowarden         Peter G.         159a  27  159b
Cownover         Robt             199a  10  199b
Cox              David            157a  22  157b
Cox              David            191a  22  191b
Cox              James            179a  7   179b
Cox              John             184a  14  184b
Cox              Saml             164a  12  164b
Cox              Samuel           165a  23  165b
Cox              Sowyel           164a  6   164b
Cox              Thomas           184a  8   184b
Cox              William          201a  14  201b
Crail            William          188a  2   188b
Crawford         Alexr            195a  18  195b
Crawford         Josiah           196a  24  196b
Crays            James            144a  27  144b
Critz            Conrad           156a  19  156b
Crocker          Clark            175a  13  175b
Crockwill        Thomas           183a  26  183b
Cross            Alvin            138a  14  138b
Cross            Squire           138a  13  138b
Crow             Robert           139a  27  139b
Crow             Robert           140a  9   140b
Crowder          Chandler         203a  15  203b
Crowder          John             203a  7   203b
Crowder          Reuben           170a  9   170b
Crowder          Wm               203a  5   203b
Crult            Henry            176a  10  176b
Cummins          John             152a  22  152b
Cummins          Thomas           147a  18  147b
Cummins          William          152a  23  152b
Curby            Cyrus            199a  17  199b
Curough          Daniel           178a  22  178b
Curry            Charles          179a  26  179b
Curry            Geo              202a  16  202b
Cutler           Seth             145a  27  145b
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  This index was transcribed by Marsha Thompson
and proofread by Connie Burkett

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