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  Because of the many age‑range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages. The left-side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page, and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.  
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Name of Head of Family            LEFT     RIGHT
Nave             Campbell         157a  14  157b
Nave             Levi             182a  9   182b
Neal             Daniel           142a  23  142b
Neale            Samuel           171a  5   171b
Neale            Winston          171a  10  171b
Neely            Jacob            168a  2   168b
Neely            Saml             199a  14  199b
Nelson           William          178a  13  178b
Nervey           Hugh             211a  20  211b
Newcomer         Christopher      177a  26  177b
Newell           James            165a  18  165b
Newhouse         Samuel           153a  27  153b
Newman           Henry            148a  22  148b
Newson           David            185a  14  185b
Nickols          James            138a  8   138b
Noll             Elly             141a  4   141b
Norris           Joseph           169a  24  169b
Norris           Soloman          196a  23  196b
North            John             165a  8   165b
Nuckols          John             140a  24  140b
Odom             John             183a  20  183b
Ogden            James            137a  24  137b
Ogden            James            177a  2   177b
Ogden            William C.       197a  15  197b
Ogdon            Zachariah        137a  21  137b
Ogle             Jeremiah         201a  3   201b
Oliver           Berrell          165a  22  165b
ONeal            Jane             139a  8   139b
Onstatt          Henry            201a  24  201b
Onstot           David            195a  22  195b
Onstott          Henry            194a  18  194b
Ooley            John             149a  9   149b
Oosley           Thomas           137a  13  137b
Organ            Micajah          139a  10  139b
Orr              Jefferson        134a  3   134b
Orr              Robert           205a  21  205b
Overstreet       Dabner           192a  24  192b
Overstreet       John             192a  21  192b
Overstreet       John             192a  26  192b
Overton          Benjamin         172a  19  172b
Owenby           Nicholas         136a  26  136b
Owens            John             183a  19  183b
Owens            Thomas           207a  9   207b
Pain             Mason            189a  26  189b
Pantier          David            200a  20  200b
Pantier          James            200a  19  200b
Pantier          John W.          200a  14  200b
Park             Hugh             206a  21  206b
Parker           James            169a  15  169b
Parks            James            206a  25  206b
Parks            John             206a  24  206b
Parks            Thomas           207a  3   207b
Parvin           Benjamin         154a  17  154b
Pate             Riley            164a  26  164b
Pate             William          153a  24  153b
Patten           James            138a  17  138b
Patterson        Cary             202a  8   202b
Pays             Jeremiah         192a  14  192b
Payton           John             209a  11  209b
Peablock         David            139a  2   139b
Pearce           Charles          152a  14  152b
Pearce           George           152a  13  152b
Pearce           Solomon          152a  27  152b
Pearce           Thomas           191a  18  191b
Pearce           Washington       202a  24  202b
Pearce           William          138a  3   138b
Pease            Abram            136a  19  136b
Pedigog          Joshua           178a  24  178b
Peebler          John             208a  14  208b
Peebler          Michael          208a  1   208b
Pendleton        Preston          156a  10  156b
Penix            Robert           186a  11  186b
Penny            Dorcas           149a  21  149b
Penny            Hiram            151a  2   151b
Penox            Daniel           186a  10  186b
Pentecost        John             195a  24  195b
Penticost        John             196a  6   196b
Perkins          Edward           153a  12  153b
Perkins          Peter            192a  9   192b
Perkins          Thomas           153a  18  153b
Perry            Elijah           155a  5   155b
Perry            Elijah           180a  5   180b
Perry            John             170a  3   170b
Perry            Thomas           170a  4   170b
Pertman          George           158a  21  158b
Peter            Zachariah        141a  13  141b
Pettijohn        Jacob            162a  14  162b
Philips          Francis          183a  2   183b
Pickeril         Jesse A.         164a  13  164b
Pike             John             169a  18  169b
Pike             John             171a  22  171b
Pilchir          Ezekiel          183a  11  183b
Piles            Thompson         149a  13  149b
Pilfer           Edward           179a  3   179b
Pilfer           John             179a  4   179b
Piper            William          199a  7   199b
Pirkapile        John             201a  27  201b
Pitman           John B.          177a  21  177b
Planck           Jacob C.         182a  11  182b
Plank            Isaac            163a  5   163b
Plaster          John             200a  22  200b
Plumley          J.               190a  20  190b
Plunket          Jesse            164a  17  164b
Plunket          John             151a  10  151b
Plunket          Robert           152a  17  152b
Polly            Joseph           138a  26  138b
Pool             Stephen          204a  2   204b
Pool             Wm. H.           204a  3   204b
Poor             Evans            141a  7   141b
Porter           Henry            143a  6   143b
Porterfield      Harvy            204a  11  204b
Porterfield      John             204a  10  204b
Poteet           Squire           144a  8   144b
Potter           Alvin            164a  18  164b
Powel            John             161a  8   161b
Powel            Neah             161a  7   161b
Powel            Shadrick         168a  16  168b
Powell           Abel             191a  26  191b
Powell           Hiram            191a  24  191b
Powell           Joseph           194a  23  194b
Powell           Saml             194a  10  194b
Power            Edmund           190a  7   190b
Power            George           190a  5   190b
Power            James            190a  12  190b
Powers           Saml             169a  8   169b
Preston          Isaac            190a  26  190b
Preston          Jesse            193a  15  193b
Price            Peter            160a  27  160b
Primm            John             191a  21  191b
Primm            Thomas           192a  17  192b
Primm            William          192a  18  192b
Prior            John             197a  14  197b
Prior            William          198a  15  198b
Props            Nicholas         194a  22  194b
Pulliam          Martin           140a  26  140b
Pulliam          Robert           137a  22  137b
Purviance        Alexander        151a  17  151b
Purviance        David S.         151a  13  151b
Purviance        John             151a  19  151b
Purviance        John             151a  20  151b
Purviance        Samuel           151a  21  151b
Quinton          Richd            206a  10  206b
Rabun            Francis          195a  9   195b
Raburn           Ralph            153a  26  153b
Radford          James            172a  12  172b
Radford          Reuben           183a  23  183b
Ragby            Joseph           198a  8   198b
Raglin           Jane             134a  6   134b
Ralston          Samuel           172a  9   172b
Ramez            Nathaniel        183a  18  183b
Ramsey           William          178a  11  178b
Randle           Thomas           189a  15  189b
Rape             David            177a  6   177b
Rape             Henry            177a  8   177b
Rape             John             176a  2   176b
Rape             Peter            176a  13  176b
Rathbone         Edmund           161a  24  161b
Rathbone         Gideon           161a  25  161b
Ratson           William          210a  10  210b
Rawdon           Elizabeth        156a  25  156b
Ray              Benjn            211a  12  211b
Ray              Elijah           145a  10  145b
Ray              James            208a  21  208b
Ray              Reason           204a  12  204b
Ray              Samuel           135a  19  135b
Ray              Thomas           211a  7   211b
Ray              William          208a  22  208b
Ray              William          211a  2   211b
Reavis           Alexr            197a  2   197b
Reavis           Charles          196a  26  196b
Redman           Andy             182a  21  182b
Reed             Susannah         159a  11  159b
Reeves           Alexander        154a  20  154b
Reid             Asa              152a  7   152b
Reid             John             156a  23  156b
Reid             Jona             153a  21  153b
Reid             Saml             203a  26  203b
Renshaw          James            151a  7   151b
Renshaw          Margaret         151a  6   151b
Renshaw          Nancy            149a  3   149b
Renshaw          Wiley P.         151a  4   151b
Rerick           John             187a  10  187b
Reynolds         Alexr            192a  13  192b
Reynolds         Charles          198a  17  198b
Reynolds         Fanney           155a  2   155b
Reynolds         James            200a  6   200b
Reynolds         John, Jr         145a  4   145b
Reynolds         Terney           180a  2   180b
Rice             Wm               203a  4   203b
Richardson       James            200a  3   200b
Richardson       James            201a  1   201b
Richardson       James A.         201a  26  201b
Richardson       Jeremiah         161a  20  161b
Richardson       Lavis            141a  23  141b
Richardson       Robert           138a  15  138b
Richardson       William          141a  14  141b
Richardson       William          174a  19  174b
Riddle           David            181a  7   181b
Ridgeway         Anna             186a  26  186b
Ridgeway         Austin           186a  20  186b
Ridgeway         Edward           190a  13  190b
Ridgeway         John             167a  6   167b
Ridgeway         Saml             186a  19  186b
Ridgeway         Samuel           162a  1   162b
Rigg             Samuel           145a  21  145b
Riggin           Harry            193a  14  193b
Rigs             John             163a  17  163b
Riley            George           169a  20  169b
Rily             James            205a  8   205b
Rily             John             169a  17  169b
Rinehart         Susanna          198a  3   198b
Rineheart        William          198a  4   198b
Riney            John             137a  27  137b
Ritchie          Alexander        138a  5   138b
Ritchie          John             138a  4   138b
Ritter           John             201a  6   201b
Robb             David            183a  9   183b
Robbins          Hiram            164a  24  164b
Roberson         John             205a  20  205b
Roberts          Jesse            209a  12  209b
Roberts          John             209a  13  209b
Roberts          Thomas           165a  16  165b
Robeson          Henry            145a  16  145b
Robeson          Mary             145a  18  145b
Robeson          William          145a  20  145b
Robeson          William H.       186a  21  186b
Robins           William          165a  10  165b
Robinson         Edward           210a  23  210b
Robinson         John             170a  25  170b
Robison          Peter            144a  22  144b
Robison          Richard          148a  20  148b
Roddes           Randolph         163a  3   163b
Roe              John             209a  7   209b
Roger            William          210a  1   210b
Rogers           Henry            193a  8   193b
Rogers           Mathew           193a  10  193b
Rogers           Saml             195a  15  195b
Roll             Jacob C.         191a  3   191b
Roll             Jacob C.         191a  9   191b
Roll             William          191a  11  191b
Rolling          Benjamin L.      193a  11  193b
Rolls            Wm.              173a  17  173b
Rolston          Wm.              204a  21  204b
Rose             John             144a  6   144b
Ross             Robert           152a  18  152b
Roundtree        Lucy             204a  17  204b
Row              Jacob            139a  4   139b
Royal            John             196a  25  196b
Royal            Thomas           137a  1   137b
Royal            William          137a  2   137b
Ruark            Edward           185a  21  185b
Ruby             John             150a  7   150b
Runion           Wilson           198a  26  198b
Rusk             Benjamin         186a  3   186b
Russel           Harvey           185a  24  185b
Russel           William          206a  22  206b
Russell          Praddum          198a  2   198b
Rutherford       John             163a  21  163b
Rutledge         James            201a  23  201b
Rutledge         Wm               200a  16  200b
Sacket           John             153a  25  153b
Sacket           Samuel           154a  7   154b
Sacket           Thomas           154a  3   154b
Sackluger        David            159a  20  159b
Saftly           Adam             148a  3   148b
Sales            James            155a  12  155b
Sales            Thomas           155a  13  155b
Sampson          William          195a  17  195b
Sams             Edmund           157a  10  157b
Sams             John             159a  15  159b
Samson           Alex             177a  25  177b
Sander           John             167a  10  167b
Sanders          Elisha           203a  14  203b
Sanders          Jonathan         189a  5   189b
Sanderson        Cyrus            182a  25  182b
Satley           Archibald        169a  14  169b
Satley           Robert           169a  16  169b
Saunders         Gunnil           161a  16  161b
Sayles           James            180a  12  180b
Sayles           Thomas           180a  13  180b
Scaggs           John             209a  16  209b
Scantlin         William          181a  10  181b
Scott            Andrew           208a  11  208b
Scott            Benjamin         158a  4   158b
Scott            Dallas           151a  12  151b
Scott            Elijah           195a  6   195b
Scott            James            148a  13  148b
Scott            Shadric          151a  11  151b
Scroggins        Carter           158a  10  158b
Scroggins        Humphrey         159a  18  159b
Scroggins        Jefferson        159a  7   159b
Scroggins        Samuel           159a  17  159b
Sears            Daniel           208a  26  208b
Sears            Jacob            208a  25  208b
Sears            John             185a  19  185b
Sevier           Valentine        150a  3   150b
Sexton           William          145a  8   145b
Shaden           Coonrod          134a  4   134b
Shafer           Mary             187a  19  187b
Shain            John             144a  17  144b
Shake            Saml             178a  21  178b
Shannon          John             172a  7   172b
Shaw             Adam             187a  1   187b
Shaw             Asa S.           182a  8   182b
Sheest           Jacob            138a  27  138b
Shelton          John             144a  20  144b
Shelton          John H.          192a  20  192b
Shelton          Stephen          147a  16  147b
Shelton          William          142a  18  142b
Shepherd         James            191a  15  191b
Shepherd         John             191a  6   191b
Shepherd         Joseph           191a  14  191b
Sherrill         Ambrose          136a  15  136b
Sherrill         Bailor           136a  12  136b
Sherrill         John             184a  4   184b
Shingle          Christian        163a  14  163b
Shingle          Mary             163a  13  163b
Shipley          Reason           200a  7   200b
Shook            James            139a  17  139b
Short            Caleb            206a  2   206b
Short            James            136a  3   136b
Short            John             153a  16  153b
Short            Joshua           206a  3   206b
Short            Obadiah          196a  19  196b
Short            William          194a  27  194b
Sidwell          John             134a  12  134b
Simmons          Peter            175a  24  175b
Simmons          Samuel           176a  16  176b
Simms            Anthony          137a  26  137b
Simms            David            158a  24  158b
Simms            David            205a  15  205b
Simms            John             204a  14  204b
Simon            Joseph           141a  17  141b
Simons           David            134a  10  134b
Simons           John             178a  14  178b
Simons           Luther           179a  23  179b
Simpkin          Disca            169a  9   169b
Simpson          Benjn            178a  15  178b
Simpson          James            140a  15  140b
Simpson          James            176a  12  176b
Simpson          Jesse            136a  1   136b
Simpson          John             181a  5   181b
Simpson          Richard          140a  16  140b
Simpson          William          178a  16  178b
Sinnard          Abram            152a  20  152b
Sinnard          Ambrose          176a  24  176b
Sinnett          John             173a  15  173b
Skinner          Isaac            186a  27  186b
Slaten           Reuben           169a  25  169b
Slater           Jay              191a  16  191b
Slinkes          Frederick        153a  17  153b
Smith            Adam             182a  3   182b
Smith            Bird             179a  12  179b
Smith            Charles          192a  23  192b
Smith            David            152a  19  152b
Smith            Enoch            161a  10  161b
Smith            Headley          141a  2   141b
Smith            James H.         183a  12  183b
Smith            John             147a  23  147b
Smith            John             169a  4   169b
Smith            John             187a  13  187b
Smith            John             191a  19  191b
Smith            John             196a  13  196b
Smith            Jordan           161a  11  161b
Smith            Joseph           136a  25  136b
Smith            Joseph           193a  21  193b
Smith            Josiah B.        161a  6   161b
Smith            Philip           187a  5   187b
Smith            Philip           193a  16  193b
Smith            Philip           202a  10  202b
Smith            Richard          162a  21  162b
Smith            Sarah            194a  26  194b
Smith            Thomas           162a  22  162b
Smith            Thomas Jr.       163a  1   163b
Smith            William          148a  10  148b
Smith            William          209a  26  209b
Snelson          Charles          190a  19  190b
Snider           Henry            149a  8   149b
Snider           John             146a  24  146b
Snider           Jonas            178a  1   178b
Snider           Logan C.         143a  18  143b
Snodgrass        James            175a  22  175b
Snodgrass        James            175a  27  175b
Snodgrass        Joseph           176a  9   176b
Snodgrass        William          154a  16  154b
Snow             Henry            139a  22  139b
Snow             John             138a  16  138b
Sollers          William          208a  8   208b
Sortie           William          163a  18  163b
Southwick        Nancy            136a  9   136b
Spear            James            198a  27  198b
Spear            Solomon          198a  25  198b
Spears           George           199a  12  199b
Spears           George, Jr.      199a  11  199b
Spears           Rebecca          199a  8   199b
Spence           John             159a  14  159b
Spencer          John             172a  2   172b
Spillars         John             204a  23  204b
Spillars         Wm.              204a  24  204b
Sportsman        Hugh             187a  21  187b
St John          Andrew           169a  27  169b
Stacy            Ezekiel          155a  25  155b
Stacy            Ezekiel          180a  25  180b
Stacy            Lorenzo          155a  24  155b
Stacy            Lorenzo          180a  24  180b
Stafford         Christopher      171a  21  171b
Stafford         Henry            171a  18  171b
Stafford         Juset            171a  20  171b
Stafford         Polly            171a  19  171b
Stakes           John             165a  11  165b
Staley           Daniel           145a  23  145b
Stanfield        Ichabod          167a  17  167b
Stanfield        Temperance       167a  18  167b
Stanley          Thomas           190a  21  190b
Star             Andrew           142a  25  142b
Starling         William          159a  21  159b
Statton          Calun            157a  25  157b
Steel            Nicholas         162a  17  162b
Steel            Robert           162a  15  162b
Steel            William          162a  7   162b
Stephenson       Robert           185a  10  185b
Stephenson       Robt.            180a  11  180b
Stepleton        Frederick        157a  3   157b
Stepleton        Joseph           156a  17  156b
Stevenson        James            136a  7   136b
Stevenson        James            199a  6   199b
Stevenson        Miles            153a  5   153b
Stevenson        Robert           155a  11  155b
Stevenson        William          153a  6   153b
Stewart          James            180a  4   180b
Stice            Robert           174a  10  174b
Stiles           Saml             174a  23  174b
Stokes           David            172a  14  172b
Stokes           Gabriel          172a  15  172b
Stokes           John             171a  13  171b
Stokes           Jonas            172a  13  172b
Stone            Ambrose          160a  16  160b
Stone            John             161a  4   161b
Stone            John             192a  10  192b
Stone            Spencer          161a  9   161b
Stone            Stephen          160a  14  160b
Stone            Tarance          161a  3   161b
Stout            George           149a  12  149b
Stout            George H.        149a  14  149b
Stout            Henry C.         149a  11  149b
Stout            Louisa           148a  4   148b
Stram            James            144a  4   144b
Stratter         John             202a  25  202b
Strawbridge      Thomas           182a  5   182b
Strawbridge      Thomas           190a  16  190b
Strickland       Clement          167a  12  167b
Strickland       Joseph           167a  16  167b
Strickland       Wyatt            167a  15  167b
Stringfield      James            192a  3   192b
Strode           John             190a  24  190b
Stroud           Asa              187a  24  187b
Stroud           Joseph           177a  12  177b
Stuart           James            155a  4   155b
Studyvin         John             160a  13  160b
Studyvin         Obadiah          188a  25  188b
Studyvin         William          160a  12  160b
Suiter           Mordicai         159a  22  159b
Suiter           Philip           159a  26  159b
Sumers           William          196a  10  196b
Summers          Hardin           135a  1   135b
Summers          Lewis            134a  20  134b
Summers          Obid             135a  2   135b
Summers          Peter            200a  15  200b
Sutsen           Major            175a  18  175b
Sutton           Jesse            160a  9   160b
Sutton           John             156a  12  156b
Sw**ing          Thomas           165a  17  165b
Swan             Benjamin         145a  9   145b
Swarth           Jacob            179a  13  179b
Sweet            Theophilus       146a  5   146b
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  This index was transcribed by Marsha Thompson
and proofread by Connie Burkett

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