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  Because of the many age‑range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages. The left-side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page, and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.  
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Name of Head of Family            LEFT     RIGHT
Idiest           Jesse            156a  6   156b
Iles             Elijah           184a  7   184b
Iles             Washington       183a  16  183b
Ingle            Joseph           199a  16  199b
Ingle            Levi             194a  12  194b
Ingle            Michael          194a  11  194b
Inslee           Joseph           136a  20  136b
Irons            William          151a  15  151b
Irwin            John             179a  17  179b
Isham            John             210a  3   210b
Ivins            Samuel           152a  10  152b
Jack             Robert           170a  21  170b
Jack             William          164a  3   164b
Jackson          Caleb            184a  22  184b
Jackson          Joseph           142a  20  142b
Jackson          Reuben           148a  9   148b
Jackson          Thomas           203a  11  203b
Jacobs           Daniel           143a  23  143b
Jacobs           George           143a  24  143b
James            Tandy            171a  4   171b
Jarmon           Jacob            200a  23  200b
Jarret           Jonathan         144a  19  144b
Jayne            Gersham          182a  2   182b
Jefferies        Elias            182a  14  182b
Jenison          John             204a  6   204b
John             Sewel            198a  20  198b
Johnson          Andrew           171a  17  171b
Johnson          Clement          159a  24  159b
Johnson          Ebenezer         156a  27  156b
Johnson          James            211a  8   211b
Johnson          John             146a  9   146b
Johnson          John             175a  23  175b
Johnson          Levi             156a  26  156b
Johnson          William          194a  25  194b
Joiner           Noah             139a  23  139b
Jones            Abraham          188a  16  188b
Jones            Alexander        137a  12  137b
Jones            Andrew           170a  1   170b
Jones            David            138a  7   138b
Jones            Elijah           197a  19  197b
Jones            Elizabeth        152a  15  152b
Jones            Elizabeth        162a  10  162b
Jones            Enoch            207a  5   207b
Jones            James            162a  16  162b
Jones            John             197a  20  197b
Jones            Levi             162a  11  162b
Jones            Reuben           162a  20  162b
Jones            Robert           137a  14  137b
Jones            Thomas           137a  17  137b
Jones            Thomas           173a  5   173b
Jones            Thomas G.        208a  4   208b
Jones            William          136a  23  136b
Jones            William          197a  21  197b
Jones            William          206a  7   206b
Jordan           Henry            192a  12  192b
Jordan           Jonathan         145a  15  145b
Jordin           James            192a  11  192b
Judd             Corbin           188a  4   188b
Judd             Ezekiel          188a  28  188b
Judy             John             187a  11  187b
Justun           John             209a  2   209b
Keeling          Lewis            175a  17  175b
Kelly            Elijah           205a  18  205b
Kelly            Elisha           205a  14  205b
Kelly            George           205a  16  205b
Kelly            William          186a  2   186b
Kendal           William          210a  22  210b
Kensel           Robert           160a  15  160b
Kesler           Abram            139a  24  139b
Kesler           Katharine        138a  25  138b
Keys             Isaac            177a  24  177b
Keys             John S.          142a  4   142b
Keys             Landon           158a  9   158b
Killen           Jefferson        136a  21  136b
Killion          Michael          195a  13  195b
Kimberlin        Adam             141a  25  141b
Kimes            Jesse            181a  17  181b
Kimes            Lewis            186a  7   186b
Kindal           John             211a  3   211b
Kindall          John H.          210a  27  210b
King             Elizabeth        159a  23  159b
King             Jerry            206a  17  206b
King             John             196a  4   196b
King             John             206a  18  206b
King             Noah             201a  5   201b
King             Preston          185a  25  185b
King             Sugar            140a  14  140b
Kinney           Henry            146a  20  146b
Kinney           Margaret         202a  21  202b
Kinney           Matthew          138a  23  138b
Kinslow          Ezekiel          142a  6   142b
Kipper           James P.         169a  22  169b
Kirby            David            207a  23  207b
Kirkpatrick      Augustus         147a  19  147b
Kirkpatrick      James            209a  8   209b
Kirkpatrick      John             154a  12  154b
Kirkpatrick      John             208a  19  208b
Kirkpatrick      Josiah           209a  22  209b
Kirkpatrick      Thomas           153a  22  153b
Kirkpatrick      William          154a  11  154b
Klein            Joseph           182a  17  182b
Knight           Benjamin         142a  8   142b
Knox             Thomas J.        187a  20  187b
Lack             Peter            152a  8   152b
Lacy             Jeptha D.        144a  3   144b
Lagston          John             138a  1   138b
Lain             John             136a  13  136b
Laird            Thomas           137a  15  137b
Lamb             Watson           138a  22  138b
Lamme            William          205a  13  205b
Lampton          Jesse            160a  4   160b
Lane             John             197a  18  197b
Langham          Elijah           163a  23  163b
Langston         Joseph           189a  17  189b
Langston         Zechariah        189a  10  189b
Langston         Zechariah        189a  11  189b
Lanterman        Abraham          203a  8   203b
Lanterman        John             170a  14  170b
Lanterman        Peter            205a  25  205b
Lantis           Daniel           156a  24  156b
Lantis           Henry            156a  21  156b
Lantis           Henry            156a  22  156b
Larimon          Richard          199a  23  199b
Lashan           James            156a  11  156b
Lasswell         Andrew           189a  3   189b
Lasswill         Thomas           203a  1   203b
Lathrop          Harmon           137a  7   137b
Latimore         Alexr            200a  5   200b
Latimore         Jonathan         200a  2   200b
Latimore         Nathaniel        200a  4   200b
Laughey          David            157a  18  157b
Laughlin         Elizabeth        141a  10  141b
Laughlin         Jesse            173a  11  173b
Laughlin         John L.          140a  22  140b
Laughlin         William          141a  11  141b
Law              Garrett          179a  9   179b
Law              Reason           179a  21  179b
Lawley           Stephen          178a  17  178b
Lee              Saml             205a  27  205b
Leman            Joseph           184a  25  184b
Lemans           Peter            204a  20  204b
Lemon            Ulich            191a  20  191b
Levan            Geo.             182a  4   182b
Levi             John             142a  12  142b
Levy             Henry            142a  10  142b
Lewis            Baron            193a  4   193b
Lewis            Samuel           172a  5   172b
Lewis            William          205a  22  205b
Lillard          David            165a  24  165b
Lillard          Thomas           137a  19  137b
Lindsay          George           203a  12  203b
Lindsay          John             203a  10  203b
Linkin           Jeremiah         173a  8   173b
Linscott         William          159a  25  159b
Little           Ann              148a  6   148b
Little           Daniel           167a  4   167b
Little           Fanny            147a  8   147b
Little           Saml             203a  16  203b
Lock             David            174a  15  174b
Locker           John             171a  7   171b
Logan            William          168a  21  168b
Logdell          James            142a  5   142b
Logston          Elisha           148a  27  148b
Long             Oliver           199a  26  199b
Long             Thomas           141a  22  141b
Long             William          157a  2   157b
Lookins          Peter            134a  11  134b
Loston           Wm.              187a  3   187b
Low              Hudson           156a  7   156b
Lowyel           Wilson           168a  13  168b
Loy              Willis           177a  17  177b
Loya             Tarlton          135a  5   135b
Loyd             Stephen          169a  3   169b
Lucas            Abram C.         160a  19  160b
Lucas            Edward           178a  12  178b
Lucas            Elijah           157a  5   157b
Lucas            Hannah           158a  15  158b
Lucas            Henry            148a  26  148b
Lucas            James            177a  4   177b
Lucas            Jesse            158a  16  158b
Lucas            John             158a  17  158b
Lucas            Robert           142a  11  142b
Lucas            Simeon           181a  11  181b
Lucas            Thomas           158a  14  158b
Lucas            William          158a  19  158b
Luke             Bayles           191a  1   191b
Lynn             James            186a  22  186b
Lynn             William          152a  3   152b
Macklin          Thomas           137a  5   137b
Madison          James            197a  8   197b
Major            Noah             140a  7   140b
Malory           Valentine        188a  3   188b
Maltby           Jesse            179a  11  179b
Maltby           John             153a  23  153b
Maltby           Josiah           179a  10  179b
Maltby           Oliver           210a  4   210b
Mann             Michael          181a  6   181b
Marcy            Joel             207a  2   207b
Mareland         Zechariah        189a  2   189b
Marlin           Drury            158a  27  158b
Marshal          George           134a  14  134b
Marshal          John             134a  13  134b
Marshall         Sarah            178a  25  178b
Martin           Charles          205a  12  205b
Martin           Jacob            187a  23  187b
Martin           James            187a  17  187b
Martin           John             160a  22  160b
Martin           John             172a  21  172b
Martin           Joseph           202a  18  202b
Martin           Moses            173a  4   173b
Martin           Moses            207a  14  207b
Martin           Oliver           210a  18  210b
Martin           Rolly            203a  17  203b
Martin           Sam. G.          160a  21  160b
Martin           Thomas           134a  7   134b
Martin           William          198a  13  198b
Mash             Peter            160a  2   160b
Mason            John             163a  7   163b
Mason            Truman           147a  24  147b
Massy            John C.          206a  14  206b
Massy            Silvary          206a  15  206b
Massy            Thomas           206a  27  206b
Masters          Richard          185a  13  185b
Matheny          Charles R.       183a  13  183b
Matthews         Claiburn         175a  3   175b
Matthews         Eli              175a  2   175b
Matton           Robert           183a  10  183b
Mattox           George           193a  13  193b
Maxwell          Aarod            147a  15  147b
Maxwell          Elias            209a  21  209b
Maxwell          Enos             147a  7   147b
Maxwell          Ludlow           210a  5   210b
May              George           208a  13  208b
May              Wm. L.           184a  16  184b
Mays             James            200a  21  200b
McAllister       John             149a  10  149b
McAllister       William          172a  24  172b
McAtee           Daniel           174a  9   174b
McAtee           Smith            177a  7   177b
McBerry          John             135a  6   135b
McClain          Abner            172a  22  172b
McClain          Joseph           172a  23  172b
McClelland       Robt             181a  20  181b
McCollough       Richd E.         187a  7   187b
McCombs          Gabriel          202a  22  202b
McCommis         Elisha           147a  17  147b
McConnell        Jesse            174a  12  174b
McCormack        Blanch           186a  8   186b
McCoy            David            207a  11  207b
McCoy            James            169a  13  169b
McCoy            John             174a  8   174b
McCully          Archibald        159a  8   159b
McDaniel         Samuel           162a  4   162b
McDaw            Archibald        193a  1   193b
McDugle          William          195a  2   195b
McEntire         Jacob            204a  26  204b
McGary           Harrison         187a  16  187b
McGary           Hugh             187a  22  187b
McGee            John             157a  23  157b
McGee            John             181a  22  181b
McGee            Saml             181a  21  181b
McGinnis         David            147a  12  147b
McGinnis         Greenberry D.    147a  10  147b
McGlassin        Ira              149a  23  149b
McHenry          Daniel           151a  1   151b
McKee            James            147a  11  147b
McKee            James            165a  6   165b
McKinney         Andrew           170a  12  170b
McKinney         Chas. F.         184a  3   184b
McKinney         Gunnel           170a  24  170b
McKinney         John             168a  11  168b
McKinney         Joseph           168a  9   168b
McKinney         Lewis            170a  13  170b
McKinsie         Daniel           142a  27  142b
McLeger          William          175a  16  175b
McLemon          Young            190a  15  190b
McManis          Jona             153a  20  153b
McMurry          James            210a  16  210b
McMurry          Saml             206a  1   206b
McMurry          William          210a  24  210b
McMurtry         Horace           143a  19  143b
McNabb           Baptist          189a  9   189b
McNabb           James            182a  15  182b
McNabb           Saml             204a  5   204b
McNeale          Thomas           183a  21  183b
McVaine          Samuel           139a  13  139b
McWaine          Lewis            206a  6   206b
Meacham          Isaac            174a  27  174b
Meachem          Aden C.          146a  4   146b
Meadows          James            194a  19  194b
Meeker           Atsel            152a  16  152b
Melton           Thomas           202a  5   202b
Meredith         Alsalom          137a  6   137b
Meredith         Joseph           183a  14  183b
Merman           Good H.          161a  1   161b
Merryman         Lyman            155a  23  155b
Merryman         Lyman            180a  23  180b
Merryman         Reuben           154a  23  154b
Merryman         Reuben           155a  1   155b
Merryman         Reuben           180a  1   180b
Metz             Jacob            141a  15  141b
Miles            Martin           202a  9   202b
Millage          Samuel           170a  7   170b
Miller           Abram            142a  21  142b
Miller           Aron             144a  25  144b
Miller           Aron             150a  19  150b
Miller           David            202a  3   202b
Miller           George           134a  1   134b
Miller           George           150a  15  150b
Miller           George           162a  6   162b
Miller           Henry            179a  16  179b
Miller           Henry            202a  4   202b
Miller           Jacob            143a  1   143b
Miller           Jacob            150a  9   150b
Miller           Jesse            196a  15  196b
Miller           John             179a  15  179b
Miller           Moses            150a  10  150b
Miller           Moses            150a  16  150b
Miller           Samuel           174a  20  174b
Miller           Solomon          150a  11  150b
Miller           Thomas           150a  14  150b
Miller           Tyre             142a  22  142b
Milligan         Iona             175a  7   175b
Milligen         Forga            165a  21  165b
Mills            Cyrus            189a  14  189b
Milton           Robert           201a  18  201b
Miner            Joel             195a  7   195b
Minus            James            173a  6   173b
Mipper           Williamson       146a  26  146b
Mitchell         Edward           182a  27  182b
Mobley           Mordecai         185a  9   185b
Moffet           Willie           205a  7   205b
Moffett          John             186a  5   186b
Moffett          Thomas           183a  25  183b
Moffit           George           149a  7   149b
Moffit           William          206a  4   206b
Montgomery       Charles L.       194a  17  194b
Moore            Elijah           143a  13  143b
Moore            John             184a  9   184b
Moore            John             195a  4   195b
Moore            John             195a  27  195b
Moore            Joseph           172a  6   172b
Moore            Nicholas         157a  16  157b
Moore            Parker           185a  4   185b
Moore            Saml             195a  12  195b
Moore            Samuel           168a  24  168b
Moore            Thomas           208a  23  208b
Moore            William          148a  24  148b
Morgan           Charles          164a  1   164b
Morgan           Daniel           164a  5   164b
Morgan           Henry            153a  15  153b
Morgan           Isaac            190a  8   190b
Morgan           Ivin             210a  13  210b
Morgan           John             190a  6   190b
Morgan           John             210a  14  210b
Morgan           Jona             209a  15  209b
Morgan           Martin M.        178a  6   178b
Morgan           Obadiah          152a  2   152b
Morgan           Reece            163a  6   163b
Morgan           Rolly            205a  24  205b
Morgan           Thomas           154a  1   154b
Morgan           Thomas           206a  11  206b
Morgan           Thomas, Jr.      206a  12  206b
Morgan           William          153a  9   153b
Morris           Achilles         145a  5   145b
Morris           Calvary J.       145a  3   145b
Morris           Daniel           141a  26  141b
Morris           H. R.            145a  7   145b
Morris           John             145a  1   145b
Morris           John             174a  7   174b
Morris           Montigue         145a  2   145b
Morris           Philimon         200a  13  200b
Morris           Saml             193a  9   193b
Morris           Samuel           203a  21  203b
Morris           William          145a  12  145b
Morris           William          148a  19  148b
Morrison         Robert           207a  1   207b
Morrow           James            158a  2   158b
Morrow           William          168a  25  168b
Morse            Saml             209a  10  209b
Mostiller        Christopher      150a  21  150b
Mostiller        Thomas           150a  27  150b
Mounts           Absalom          196a  11  196b
Mounts           James            196a  12  196b
Murphy           Jesse            173a  13  173b
Murray           Nathan           176a  18  176b
Music            Asa              157a  4   157b
Music            Robert           156a  20  156b
Musick           Saml             181a  26  181b
Myers            David            138a  20  138b
Myers            Moses            144a  7   144b
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  This index was transcribed by Marsha Thompson
and proofread by Connie Burkett

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