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  Because of the many age‑range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages. The left-side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page, and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.  
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Name of Head of Family            LEFT     RIGHT
Taber            Thomas           189a  16  189b
Talbott          Benjamin         182a  23  182b
Tapp             George           163a  19  163b
Tarvis           Isaac            136a  24  136b
Tayler           James            158a  13  158b
Tayler           Lewis            175a  14  175b
Tayler           Solomon          196a  1   196b
Taylor           David S.         182a  24  182b
Taylor           Edmund           204a  18  204b
Taylor           Edward           185a  8   185b
Taylor           Edward D.        184a  11  184b
Taylor           James            186a  14  186b
Taylor           John             184a  19  184b
Taylor           John             187a  4   187b
Taylor           John             204a  16  204b
Taylor           Nancy            143a  27  143b
Taylor           Simeon           186a  13  186b
Telford          W*****           209a  27  209b
Tellum           William          154a  8   154b
Tenders          Sarah            159a  2   159b
Thermon          John             153a  14  153b
Thomas           David            192a  19  192b
Thomas           James            197a  5   197b
Thomas           Jos              182a  22  182b
Thomas           Wm. M.           173a  14  173b
Thompson         Daniel           167a  9   167b
Thompson         Jeremiah         151a  14  151b
Thompson         John L.          154a  19  154b
Thurburn         James            147a  1   147b
Tibbs            Anderson         140a  13  140b
Tibbs            John             149a  26  149b
Tibbs            Joseph           149a  27  149b
Tibbs            Samuel           149a  25  149b
Todd             John             185a  11  185b
Tolly            E.               162a  19  162b
Tolly            Isham            211a  4   211b
Tomlinson        Elizabeth        170a  15  170b
Townsend         Saml             210a  21  210b
Trailor          Jesse            199a  15  199b
Trauber          Jacob            167a  22  167b
Trent            Alexander        149a  24  149b
Trent            Henry            202a  1   202b
Trent            William          179a  18  179b
Trotter          James            188a  19  188b
Trotter          James Senr.      188a  22  188b
Troxell          Frederick        185a  27  185b
Truman           William O.       210a  20  210b
Trumbo           Adam             163a  4   163b
Tucker           Adolphus         190a  11  190b
Tucker           Levi             211a  14  211b
Tucker           Thomas           205a  17  205b
Turley           Charles          159a  9   159b
Turley           James            159a  6   159b
Turley           Jefferson        188a  21  188b
Turley           Washington       159a  12  159b
Turner           Allen            193a  27  193b
Turner           Archibald        204a  9   204b
Turner           John             158a  18  158b
Turner           John             193a  23  193b
Turner           John             204a  7   204b
Turner           Walter           193a  22  193b
Turner           Walter           202a  6   202b
Turner           William          167a  14  167b
Turner           William          202a  11  202b
Turten           Harmon           178a  23  178b
Tyree            Nathan           136a  14  136b
Underwood        John             207a  4   207b
Vance            John             156a  14  156b
Vance            John             201a  4   201b
Vandergrift      Thomas           149a  4   149b
Vandeventer      Abram            157a  12  157b
Vandeventer      John             157a  13  157b
Vandever         Aaron            175a  4   175b
Vandever         George           175a  15  175b
Vaney            Charles          158a  20  158b
Vannattin        Danl             190a  22  190b
Vansil           Gideon           139a  9   139b
Vansil           Isaac            139a  7   139b
Vansil           Penrod           139a  20  139b
Vaughn           James            164a  27  164b
Veach            William          142a  19  142b
Verdin           Jacob            142a  7   142b
Vespain          Peter            189a  25  189b
Vespain          Solomon          189a  24  189b
Vincent          Jesse            157a  21  157b
Viney            Skiles           149a  6   149b
Vistal           Mary             189a  23  189b
Waddell          John             173a  22  173b
Waddle           Martin           201a  19  201b
Wade             James            164a  19  164b
Wadkins          John             186a  4   186b
Wadkins          Lewis            197a  12  197b
Wages            Joseph           189a  1   189b
Walden           Ruth Ann         155a  10  155b
Walden           Ruth Ann         180a  10  180b
Waldon           Thomas           161a  19  161b
Walker           David            160a  20  160b
Walker           Richard          150a  6   150b
Walker           Samuel           146a  6   146b
Walker           William          160a  26  160b
Walker           Wyat             146a  3   146b
Wall             Isaac            138a  12  138b
Wallace          George           139a  18  139b
Wallace          James            139a  16  139b
Wallace          John             137a  8   137b
Wallace          Wm.              173a  24  173b
Walls            William          179a  6   179b
Walters          Ezekiel          205a  6   205b
Walters          James            205a  5   205b
Walters          Lewis            205a  10  205b
Walton           John             160a  25  160b
Ward             Archibald        165a  1   165b
Ward             John             144a  23  144b
Ward             John             153a  19  153b
Ware             John             146a  1   146b
Warrick          Montgomery       157a  6   157b
Washam           James            206a  26  206b
Washburn         Robert           153a  13  153b
Wassy            Nancy            207a  12  207b
Waterman         Jonathan         164a  11  164b
Watkins          Alexander        160a  18  160b
Watkins          James            196a  27  196b
Watkins          Joel             167a  24  167b
Watkins          John             199a  20  199b
Watkins          Joseph           197a  16  197b
Watkins          Thomas           199a  24  199b
Watkins          William          197a  13  197b
Watkins          Wm               199a  18  199b
Watson           Andrew           207a  10  207b
Watson           Cyrus L.         185a  12  185b
Watson           John B.          183a  27  183b
Watson           Temperance       185a  26  185b
Watson           William          170a  2   170b
Watt             Joseph           200a  8   200b
Weach            Michael          169a  11  169b
Wealch           Michael          188a  8   188b
Weaver           Elias            185a  6   185b
Weaver           Elijah           138a  24  138b
Weaver           George           162a  5   162b
Webb             James G.         186a  16  186b
Wells            Thomas           168a  27  168b
West             Elihu            176a  7   176b
West             Nancy            171a  16  171b
Westbrook        Littleton        175a  19  175b
Westbrook        Rialy            177a  27  177b
Westbrook        Samuel           177a  14  177b
Westbrook        Thomas           175a  25  175b
Westbrook        Turner           176a  5   176b
Westbrook        Wesley           176a  1   176b
Westfall         Saml             209a  3   209b
Whip             Adam             159a  19  159b
White            George L.        163a  11  163b
White            Isaac            161a  12  161b
White            Jacin            155a  18  155b
White            James            168a  15  168b
White            James            198a  22  198b
White            Jasin            180a  18  180b
White            John             165a  15  165b
White            John             182a  20  182b
White            John             198a  23  198b
White            Margaret         167a  8   167b
White            Martin           167a  19  167b
White            Preston          192a  15  192b
White            Robert           195a  1   195b
White            William          165a  9   165b
Whitefield       Gardner          198a  16  198b
Whitford         William          169a  26  169b
Whitington       Beverly          200a  10  200b
Whitten          Sally            197a  10  197b
Whittington      John             201a  2   201b
Whitworth        Isaac            187a  14  187b
Widoc            Jacob            167a  20  167b
Widoc            Joseph           167a  21  167b
Wigginton        Peter            181a  24  181b
Wilbourn         Robert           152a  11  152b
Wilbourn         Zachariah        152a  12  152b
Wilcox           Ellis            209a  5   209b
Wilcox           Lucinda          209a  4   209b
Wilcox           Stephen          208a  24  208b
Wilkinsin        Peter            160a  1   160b
Wilkison         Jery             176a  8   176b
Willcox          Benj.            202a  19  202b
Willcox          Ephraim          179a  27  179b
Willcox          Henry            202a  17  202b
Willcox          Polly            179a  25  179b
Willcoxen        John             190a  23  190b
Willcoxen        William          190a  4   190b
Willen           John             203a  9   203b
Williams         Alexr            210a  25  210b
Williams         Daniel           137a  3   137b
Williams         David            198a  5   198b
Williams         Edward           171a  2   171b
Williams         Eli              173a  1   173b
Williams         Elias            172a  4   172b
Williams         Franklin         137a  10  137b
Williams         Henry            198a  6   198b
Williams         James            194a  14  194b
Williams         John             135a  26  135b
Williams         Joseph           171a  27  171b
Williams         Master           190a  17  190b
Williams         Otha             173a  3   173b
Williams         Samuel           171a  24  171b
Williamson       Thomas A.        185a  22  185b
Williamson       William          198a  19  198b
Willing          Thomas           203a  6   203b
Willis           Henrietta        207a  8   207b
Wills            James            136a  6   136b
Willson          Saml             181a  9   181b
Wilson           Daniel           165a  5   165b
Wilson           David            136a  11  136b
Wilson           George           199a  3   199b
Wilson           Jesse            164a  21  164b
Wilson           John             135a  23  135b
Wilson           Robert           135a  7   135b
Wilson           William          147a  9   147b
Wilton           Bartley          199a  21  199b
Wimmer           George           146a  23  146b
Wimmer           Jacob            147a  2   147b
Windman          Phillip          139a  26  139b
Winesett         Henry            184a  15  184b
Winham           Jesse            189a  7   189b
Withrow          Harvey           148a  18  148b
Withrow          Joseph           148a  11  148b
Withrow          Matthew          148a  16  148b
Withrow          Robert           148a  23  148b
Withrow          William          148a  5   148b
Witt             John             144a  16  144b
Wood             Alexr            181a  1   181b
Wood             James            140a  8   140b
Wood             James            188a  18  188b
Wood             John             185a  17  185b
Wood             John             208a  3   208b
Wood             Joseph           181a  3   181b
Wood             Solomon          156a  16  156b
Wood             Thomas           168a  7   168b
Wood             William          138a  21  138b
Woodruff         Stampton         178a  5   178b
Woods            Alfred           136a  22  136b
Woods            John H.          190a  25  190b
Woolcot          Betsey           156a  8   156b
Workman          Benjamin         144a  11  144b
Workman          David            143a  22  143b
Workman          Isaac            143a  4   143b
Workman          James            144a  5   144b
Workman          Malinda          198a  18  198b
Workman          Stephen          210a  7   210b
Workman          William          146a  22  146b
Wright           John             151a  3   151b
Wright           John             194a  4   194b
Wright           Pascal           178a  18  178b
Wright           Richard          195a  11  195b
Wright           William          178a  19  178b
Wyckoff          John             143a  5   143b
Wyckoff          Samuel           143a  7   143b
Wynn             Charles          155a  9   155b
Wynn             Charles          180a  9   180b
Y**den           Jason            181a  4   181b
Yearly           Benjn            196a  16  196b
Yearly           John             200a  9   200b
Yocum            Matthew          135a  21  135b
Yocum            William          135a  22  135b
Yokum            James            150a  5   150b
Young            Ezekiel          174a  1   174b
Young            Isaac            204a  15  204b
Young            John             172a  26  172b
Young            John             174a  2   174b
Young            John S.          151a  5   151b
Young            Joseph R.        155a  3   155b
Young            Joseph R.        180a  3   180b
Young            Thomas           173a  7   173b
Young            Thomas           173a  20  173b
Young            Wm.              174a  5   174b
  The free display of the 1830 Sangamon County, Illinois census images in the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of Cheryl Rothwell and other Sangamon County Researchers
and the permission of S-K Publications.
  This index was transcribed by Marsha Thompson
and proofread by Connie Burkett

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