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  Because of the many age‑range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages. The left-side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page, and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.  
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Name of Head of Family            LEFT     RIGHT
Dale             William          185a  18  185b
Daniel           Hiram            189a  27  189b
Daniel           Mary A           181a  2   181b
Danly            Samuel           188a  1   188b
Dardin           John             170a  23  170b
Darling          Ephraim          183a  15  183b
Darneil          Barton           142a  24  142b
Darneille        Archibald        142a  26  142b
Darnielle        Issabella        143a  17  143b
Darnielle        John             143a  12  143b
Davenport        George           211a  5   211b
Davis            Aquilla          155a  6   155b
Davis            Aquilla          180a  6   180b
Davis            Barnet           175a  5   175b
Davis            Casey            180a  26  180b
Davis            Chiles           165a  2   165b
Davis            Dial             165a  13  165b
Davis            Edward           155a  26  155b
Davis            Elijah           145a  14  145b
Davis            George           150a  12  150b
Davis            Henry            164a  25  164b
Davis            John             165a  14  165b
Davis            John             204a  1   204b
Davis            Katharine        150a  13  150b
Davis            Levi             159a  3   159b
Davis            Michael          179a  24  179b
Davis            Randall          143a  20  143b
Davis            Thomas           143a  9   143b
Davis            William          155a  7   155b
Davis            Wm.              180a  7   180b
Dawson           Charles          174a  17  174b
Dawson           James            173a  25  173b
Dawson           John             163a  15  163b
Dawson           Thomas           137a  11  137b
Dawson           Thomas           174a  16  174b
Day              William S.       195a  10  195b
Dean             Jacob            167a  26  167b
Dean             James            154a  22  154b
Deane            William          168a  5   168b
Dearburn         Edward           176a  25  176b
Deardorf         Peter            177a  19  177b
Deardorff        Anthony          178a  2   178b
Delay            Henry            188a  10  188b
Delay            John             171a  12  171b
Denton           Joseph           172a  25  172b
Derbaum          John             175a  20  175b
Derbaum          John, Jr.        175a  21  175b
Derby            Philip S.        174a  13  174b
Dewintz          David            181a  8   181b
Dick             John             139a  1   139b
Dickerson        Chesley          167a  11  167b
Dickerson        Sam              158a  25  158b
Dickey           John             182a  18  182b
Dillard          William          170a  8   170b
Dillman          Michael          183a  3   183b
Dixon            George           169a  1   169b
Dixon            Joseph           176a  15  176b
Dodds            Gilbert          140a  20  140b
Dodds            Joseph           140a  18  140b
Donaldson        Dudley           187a  8   187b
Donner           George Jr.       162a  23  162b
Donner           George Sr.       162a  24  162b
Dorcy            Kincher          192a  5   192b
Dorrence         Daniel           146a  21  146b
Dorrill          James            154a  10  154b
Dorrill          James            191a  10  191b
Dorrill          Thomas           154a  9   154b
Dotson           Jesse            210a  15  210b
Dotson           Rhodes           210a  19  210b
Douglass         Milly            206a  13  206b
Dowell           Thomas           197a  1   197b
Downing          James            157a  27  157b
Downing          John             157a  15  157b
Downing          Robert           158a  1   158b
Drenan           Andrew           141a  9   141b
Drenan           Ezekiel          149a  16  149b
Drenan           John L.          140a  27  140b
Drenan           Joseph           137a  16  137b
Drenan           Thomas           149a  15  149b
Drenan           William          140a  21  140b
Drenan           William          141a  27  141b
Drennan          William          140a  17  140b
Dryer            John             186a  6   186b
Duff             Abram            205a  2   205b
Duff             Combs            205a  4   205b
Duff             Ebenezer         147a  27  147b
Duff             George           148a  1   148b
Duff             William          195a  19  195b
Dukes            Green            138a  11  138b
Dunbar           Terry            188a  9   188b
Duncan           Elijah           137a  18  137b
Duncan           Hiram            170a  19  170b
Duncan           James            149a  20  149b
Duncan           John             149a  22  149b
Duncan           John             170a  18  170b
Duncan           Michael          149a  19  149b
Duncan           Moses            170a  20  170b
Duncan           William          170a  11  170b
Dunlap           Isaac            189a  20  189b
Dunlap           John             189a  8   189b
Dunlap           Richard          193a  26  193b
Dunn             Benjamin         191a  12  191b
Dunn             Elijah           170a  22  170b
Dunn             John             188a  14  188b
Dunn             Jonathan         201a  16  201b
Dunn             Thomas           203a  18  203b
Dupuy            David            143a  16  143b
Durham           John             189a  6   189b
Durley           Jehu             137a  20  137b
Duval            Samuel           151a  25  151b
Eades            Bartlett         210a  11  210b
Eades            William          138a  6   138b
Earnest          Jacob            206a  19  206b
Earnest          Robert           206a  20  206b
Earnest          Thomas           206a  16  206b
Easly            William          145a  26  145b
Eatherton        Hiram            204a  4   204b
Eby              John             178a  10  178b
Eckles           John             164a  23  164b
Edgar            Samuel           135a  15  135b
Edwards          John             157a  9   157b
Edwards          Joseph           150a  26  150b
Edwards          Thomas           198a  1   198b
Edwards          William          197a  25  197b
Edwards          William, Jr.     197a  27  197b
Edwards          Wilson           172a  16  172b
Elder            William          165a  4   165b
Elkin            Garrett          185a  2   185b
Elkin            Wm. S            181a  19  181b
Ellington        Jonathan         188a  6   188b
Elliot           Ricard           196a  7   196b
Elliott          Andrew           184a  6   184b
Elliott          Thomas           136a  8   136b
Ellis            Henry            207a  18  207b
Ellis            Thomas           184a  1   184b
Elmore           Coonrod          134a  24  134b
Elmore           Francis          179a  2   179b
Elmore           Johnson          179a  1   179b
Elmore           Julius           151a  24  151b
Elmore           Peter            179a  20  179b
Emerick          Christopher      165a  3   165b
Emerson          Henry            154a  13  154b
England          Ann              189a  19  189b
England          David            189a  12  189b
England          John             189a  18  189b
Engle            William          194a  6   194b
Enix             James            141a  6   141b
Enix             William          141a  5   141b
Enos             Pascal P.        185a  1   185b
Epperson         Thomas           188a  20  188b
Esly             Daniel           140a  25  140b
Esteas           John             174a  6   174b
Estep            Eli C.           201a  13  201b
Estep            Elijah           201a  11  201b
Estep            Enoch            196a  8   196b
Estep            James            201a  10  201b
Estil            William          195a  14  195b
Etherton         Benjamin         205a  23  205b
Eugira           Silas            176a  19  176b
Evans            James            176a  4   176b
Evans            Lorezo           177a  10  177b
Evans            Samuel           156a  15  156b
Evans            Thomas           171a  8   171b
Evans            Thomas           208a  12  208b
Fagan            William          170a  10  170b
Fail             Isaac            193a  12  193b
Farrel           Gabriel          149a  1   149b
Farrel           Nancy            149a  2   149b
Farris           John             168a  12  168b
Farris           Thomas           169a  12  169b
Fergeson         John             134a  18  134b
Fergeson         John             181a  27  181b
Fergeson         Lewis            134a  16  134b
Field            Barnet           171a  14  171b
Findley          Andrew           174a  26  174b
Findley          John             174a  24  174b
Findley          William H.       174a  25  174b
Fletcher         Elizabeth        140a  10  140b
Fletcher         Jane             139a  12  139b
Fletcher         Job              140a  12  140b
Fletcher         Job Junr         140a  11  140b
Fletcher         Micajah          160a  7   160b
Fluharty         Govert           207a  25  207b
Fluharty         Stephen          207a  26  207b
Fluharty         William          207a  27  207b
Foster           Evans            147a  22  147b
Foster           George           145a  24  145b
Foster           Samuel           159a  16  159b
Foster           Thomas           168a  3   168b
Foutch           Hugh             208a  16  208b
Foutch           John             208a  18  208b
Foutch           John             208a  27  208b
Foutch           Thomas           208a  20  208b
Fowkes           Wm.              203a  25  203b
Fowler           Edward           136a  18  136b
Fowler           Jacob            176a  17  176b
Fowler           John             136a  16  136b
Fowler           Philip           182a  12  182b
Fox              Chas             199a  2   199b
Frasier          James            147a  5   147b
French           John             140a  4   140b
Friend           Elijah           158a  23  158b
Fry              Leonard          177a  18  177b
Funderburk       David            176a  26  176b
Funderburk       George           177a  15  177b
Funderburk       Henry            177a  9   177b
Funderburk       Jacob            176a  11  176b
Furguson         Alexr            195a  16  195b
Gaddy            Elizabeth        199a  19  199b
Gaillard         Jarvis           138a  19  138b
Gaines           Henry            165a  25  165b
Gaines           Richard          151a  22  151b
Gaines           Richard F.       151a  23  151b
Gaines           William          151a  18  151b
Gardner          James            210a  12  210b
Garland          Elisha           177a  5   177b
Gasham           George           158a  22  158b
Gatlin           Dempsey          139a  11  139b
Gatten           John A.          176a  22  176b
Gatton           Charles          142a  16  142b
Gatton           John A.          142a  17  142b
Gatton           Thomas           147a  20  147b
Gaws             Joseph           183a  8   183b
George           William          169a  2   169b
Gibson           Alexr            206a  8   206b
Gibson           John             155a  19  155b
Gibson           John             180a  19  180b
Gibson           Robt             188a  5   188b
Gibson           William          147a  3   147b
Giger            Benjamin         169a  7   169b
Giger            Henry            169a  5   169b
Gilham           Ezekiel J.       209a  24  209b
Gillis           John             154a  18  154b
Gillock          Robert           161a  15  161b
Glascock         Peter            164a  22  164b
Glass            Thomas           196a  20  196b
Goddale          Calvin           146a  19  146b
Goff             Anna             134a  23  134b
Good             Danl             173a  26  173b
Good             John             202a  12  202b
Goodin           Levi             184a  12  184b
Goodley          Russel           195a  25  195b
Goodman          Charles          191a  4   191b
Goodman          John             150a  17  150b
Goodman          Tobias           150a  18  150b
Gordin           Isaac            174a  11  174b
Gordin           Noah             150a  1   150b
Gordin           William          150a  2   150b
Graham           Joseph           185a  16  185b
Graham           Martin           178a  26  178b
Graham           Samuel           170a  6   170b
Grant            Alexander        136a  10  136b
Grant            Rowling          208a  10  208b
Grant            William          209a  20  209b
Grass            John             145a  6   145b
Graves           Alvy             148a  14  148b
Graves           Thomas           135a  25  135b
Gray             James            147a  6   147b
Green            Asa              202a  20  202b
Green            Bowling          201a  15  201b
Green            Felix            178a  27  178b
Green            George           187a  27  187b
Green            Jesse            199a  25  199b
Green            John             165a  26  165b
Green            Wm.              179a  5   179b
Greenhall        Jacob            137a  23  137b
Greenwood        Thomas           144a  26  144b
Greenwood        William          147a  13  147b
Greer            Edmund           134a  19  134b
Gregory          James            169a  10  169b
Gresham          James S.         136a  27  136b
Griffith         Wm               192a  27  192b
Gudd             Rosen            163a  12  163b
Guiliford        John             178a  3   178b
Hacket           John             162a  18  162b
Hagans           Charles          202a  2   202b
Hagans           John S.          156a  5   156b
Hagans           Samuel C.        156a  3   156b
Hagans           William          156a  2   156b
Hagans           William          194a  8   194b
Haggard          Harmon           171a  6   171b
Haines           Christopher      176a  3   176b
Haines           James            202a  13  202b
Hains            Lebel            202a  14  202b
Hale             Flemming         192a  25  192b
Hall             Abner            193a  7   193b
Hall             Aron             144a  1   144b
Hall             Elisha           193a  5   193b
Hall             Henry            144a  2   144b
Hall             James            193a  6   193b
Hall             Squire           134a  25  134b
Hall             William          210a  26  210b
Hall             Wm.              183a  24  183b
Hamby            Isaac            191a  8   191b
Hamby            William          191a  7   191b
Hamilton         Allen            204a  8   204b
Hamilton         John             152a  25  152b
Hamilton         Miles            199a  4   199b
Hamilton         Parmelia         152a  6   152b
Hamilton         Robert           152a  24  152b
Hamilton         Robert           211a  18  211b
Hamilton         Robt             203a  27  203b
Hammer           Frederick        146a  12  146b
Hammer           Nancy            146a  13  146b
Hampton          James            165a  27  165b
Hampton          Samuel           164a  7   164b
Hanan            Elijah           174a  21  174b
Hanan            James            174a  22  174b
Hanan            Martin           175a  1   175b
Hanan            Sarah            173a  19  173b
Hancock          Jesse            168a  23  168b
Hancock          Wilson           168a  8   168b
Hanley           Timothy          211a  15  211b
Hannah           James S.         135a  8   135b
Hannah           Jane             172a  11  172b
Hannah           Robert           172a  10  172b
Hanover          Alexander        185a  15  185b
Harber           Samuel           143a  10  143b
Harbour          Levi             145a  13  145b
Hardcastle       Rachael          155a  14  155b
Hardcastle       Richard          180a  14  180b
Hardcastle       Thetus           155a  15  155b
Hardcastle       Thetus           180a  15  180b
Harlin           Mathew           140a  3   140b
Harlin           Silas            140a  2   140b
Harlow           Sherwood         161a  13  161b
Harman           Adam             207a  20  207b
Harman           George           201a  20  201b
Harman           Henry            207a  22  207b
Harmon           David            141a  16  141b
Harmon           Jacob            207a  21  207b
Harper           Henry            162a  8   162b
Harper           Henry            170a  17  170b
Harris           Caleb            211a  13  211b
Harris           Elizabeth        140a  6   140b
Harris           Isaac            177a  3   177b
Harris           James            140a  5   140b
Harris           Joshua           211a  1   211b
Harris           Samuel           137a  9   137b
Harris           Thomas           139a  19  139b
Harris           William          148a  2   148b
Harrison         Ezekiel          150a  25  150b
Harrison         Ezekiel          179a  8   179b
Harrison         Fielding         155a  16  155b
Harrison         Fielding         180a  16  180b
Harrison         Hannah           150a  23  150b
Harrison         Martha           155a  17  155b
Harrison         Martha           180a  17  180b
Harrison         Peyton L.        135a  16  135b
Harrison         Reubin           150a  24  150b
Harrol           John             143a  26  143b
Hart             David            135a  17  135b
Hart             Harvey B.        135a  24  135b
Hart             Henry            207a  6   207b
Hart             Henry, Jr.       208a  7   208b
Hart             Moses            135a  18  135b
Hart             William          209a  6   209b
Harvell          Peter            201a  21  201b
Hash             Alvin            198a  14  198b
Hash             Fielding         198a  11  198b
Hash             John             198a  12  198b
Hash             Polly            199a  22  199b
Haslet           John             171a  1   171b
Haslett          Robert           203a  13  203b
Hass             Jacob            163a  9   163b
Hassey           Nathan           180a  22  180b
Hatchet          William          140a  19  140b
Hauley           Elijah           167a  27  167b
Hawkins          Joseph           185a  7   185b
Haws             Hannah           153a  1   153b
Haws             William          149a  17  149b
Haynes           Thomas           205a  9   205b
Haynes           William          146a  25  146b
Hayward          Andrew           175a  11  175b
Hazle            Richard          202a  15  202b
Heavner          Jacob            197a  6   197b
Hedges           Josiah           209a  17  209b
Hedleston        Betsey           167a  5   167b
Hedrick          Danl             187a  2   187b
Hedrick          John             189a  21  189b
Hees             James            194a  24  194b
Henckle          Elijah           177a  11  177b
Henderson        James            162a  25  162b
Henderson        William G.       162a  27  162b
Hendrix          Saml             174a  14  174b
Henry            Franky           203a  23  203b
Herndon          Archer G.        184a  23  184b
Herndon          F. G.            184a  26  184b
Herndon          Wm.              185a  3   185b
Herring          Peyton           145a  19  145b
Hesler           John             163a  10  163b
Hestle           John             187a  26  187b
Heyton           Patterson        168a  14  168b
Hickey           Ashley           197a  4   197b
Hickey           John             197a  3   197b
Hickman          Dadon            161a  2   161b
Hickman          James            208a  17  208b
Hickman          William          156a  4   156b
Higgins          Abraham          190a  3   190b
Hillyard         George           142a  9   142b
Hillyard         John             145a  22  145b
Hillyard         Thomas           142a  2   142b
Himes            Elijah B.        143a  11  143b
Hindman          John P.          146a  15  146b
Hines            Samuel           157a  24  157b
Hinkle           Justus           176a  23  176b
Hinkle           Justus, Jr.      176a  27  176b
Hinkle           Martin           168a  6   168b
Hodgens          John             153a  7   153b
Hodgerson        John             145a  11  145b
Hohimer          Elizabeth        201a  9   201b
Hohimer          Henry            201a  8   201b
Hohimer          William          201a  7   201b
Holbert          William          165a  12  165b
Holland          Henry            134a  2   134b
Holland          Matthew          196a  22  196b
Hollandback      Simeon           191a  25  191b
Holt             Jehu             206a  5   206b
Hoover           John             162a  12  162b
Hoppin           Gideon           152a  26  152b
Hornback         Abram            195a  5   195b
Hornback         Jesse            195a  26  195b
Hornback         John             195a  3   195b
Hornbuckle       James            200a  17  200b
Hornbuckle       Tillman          200a  18  200b
Hornbuckle       Washington       179a  14  179b
Hottel           John             156a  9   156b
Houghton         Charles          135a  13  135b
Houghton         Elijah           135a  12  135b
House            Isaac S.         182a  1   182b
House            John             174a  4   174b
Houston          John             161a  17  161b
Howard           Charles          147a  21  147b
Howard           Therwood         188a  27  188b
Howel            Saml             161a  23  161b
Howell           James            162a  9   162b
Howey            Thomas           172a  3   172b
Howey            William          169a  21  169b
Hudson           Benjamin         146a  17  146b
Hudson           John             145a  17  145b
Hudson           John             146a  16  146b
Hudson           Richard          153a  3   153b
Huffmaster       William          146a  14  146b
Huggins          Martin           193a  17  193b
Hughes           Hugh             194a  7   194b
Humphreys        Alexander        136a  5   136b
Humphreys        Owen             136a  4   136b
Hunt             Noah             174a  18  174b
Hunter           James            165a  20  165b
Hurley           Levin            141a  8   141b
Hurt             James            203a  2   203b
Husbands         Flower           138a  10  138b
Husbands         Harman           138a  9   138b
Hussey           Christopher      181a  18  181b
Hussy            Nathan           155a  22  155b
Huston           John             158a  26  158b
Hutcherson       James            153a  10  153b
Hutton           Charles H.       139a  21  139b
Hutton           Samuel           140a  1   140b
Huttonhow        John             162a  13  162b
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  This index was transcribed by Marsha Thompson
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