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**es           Alice            1     Ohio              89b---38
**es           Emily            4     Ohio              89b---37
**es           Paulina          23    Ohio              89b---36
**es           Russel           30    Unknown           89b---35
*anson         Joseph           21    Canada            74b---39
*eely          Elizabeth        50    Penn              14a---18
*eely          Jonathan         47    Penn              14a---17
*eely          Lydia E.         16    Ohio              14a---19
*heno          Caroline F.      6     .                 50a---32
*heno          Clarissa         28    NY                50a---29
*heno          Henry            15    Ohio              50a---31
*heno          John H.          17    Mich              50a---30
*heno          Marry            4     .                 50a---33
*heno          Peter H.         43    Kentucky          50a---28
*heno          Peter H.         1     .                 50a---34

.              Bridget          18    Ireland           58b---16
.              Carilling        28    Germany           33a---20
.              Catharine        37    Germany           58b---15
.              Catharine        30    Ireland           47a---36
.              Charlotte        19    Germany           51b---34
.              Child            7     Germany           99b---37
.              Child            4     Germany           99b---38
.              Child            3     Germany           99b---39
.              Daniel           25    Unknown           67b---24
.              Dennis           16    Ireland           65b---25
.              Dutchman         30    Germany           99b---35
.              Edmund           19    Unknown           61b----9
.              Ellen            35    Ireland           59a---26
.              Eunice           18    Germany           50a---36
.              Frederic         20    Germany           58b---17
.              George           22    Germany           100b--13
.              George           18    Mich              31a---21
.              Henry            16    Germany           74a---15
.              Jacob            40    Germany           73b---20
.              James            20    Ireland           74a---16
.              Joanna           28    Ireland           59a----6
.              John             25    Unknown           46b---13
.              John             21    Unknown           61b----8
.              John             18    Switzerland       68b---37
.              John             18    Unknown           74a---38
.              Julia            41    Ireland           39b---18
.              Mary             50    NY                49a---21
.              Nicholas         30    Germany           63b---14
.              Oliver           21    Unknown           67b---25
.              Philip           24    Germany           33a---19
.              Sarah            19    NY                62a---35
.              Sophia           17    Germany           52a---16
.              Thomas           40    Ireland           73b---21
.              Thomas           28    Unknown           66a---32
.              Wife             31    Germany           99b---36
.              William          17    NY                68a---10
Abbott         Almira L.        8     Ohio              118b---9
Abbott         Arpasia          44    Kentucky          6b----12
Abbott         Darius           22    NY                9b----40
Abbott         Emma Jane        7     Ohio              9b-----4
Abbott         Harriet A.       4     Ohio              118b--11
Abbott         James            14    Ohio              6b----14
Abbott         James            11    Ohio              9b-----3
Abbott         James W.         11    Ohio              118b---8
Abbott         John             1     Ohio              9b-----7
Abbott         John S.          52    NY                118b---4
Abbott         Julia Ann        12    Ohio              6b----15
Abbott         Lucinda          44    Vermont           118b---5
Abbott         Lucius C.        6     Ohio              118b--10
Abbott         Martha E.        17    NY                118b---6
Abbott         Nancy            26    Scotland          9b-----2
Abbott         Parley           40    Conn              9b-----1
Abbott         Rebecca L.       13    NY                118b---7
Abbott         Rothalinda       2     Ohio              6b----16
Abbott         Sarah            19    Ohio              6b----13
Abbott         Silas            47    Conn              6b----11
Abbott         Sophia           3     Ohio              9b-----6
Abbott         William          5     Ohio              9b-----5
Ackers         Elliott          44    NY                114b--13
Ackers         Henry            18    NY                114b--15
Ackers         Margaret         14    NY                114b--16
Ackers         Mary Jane        7     NY                114b--18
Ackers         Rosanna          44    NY                114b--14
Ackers         William          15    NY                114b--17
Acklin         Adelaide         3     Ohio              119a--36
Acklin         Elizabeth        14    NY                119a--34
Acklin         Robert           38    England           119a--32
Acklin         Rosette          40    Vermont           119a--33
Acklin         Rosette          11    Penn              119a--35
Adams          Amelia           64    Nova Scotia       40a----8
Adams          Eleanor          26    England           92b---15
Adams          Ellen            3     Mich              78b---10
Adams          Jane             76    Mass              127b---7
Adams          Mary             19    Mich              56a---28
Adams          Mary F.          3     Ohio              92b---16
Adams          Nelson           21    Ohio              112b--13
Adams          Samuel P.        32    England           78b----8
Adams          Setrina          25    NY                78b----9
Adams          Thomas           70    Nova Scotia       40a----7
Aeres          Electa           11    NY                108a--21
Affolter       Annabella        8     Ohio              5a-----3
Affolter       Benedict         5     Ohio              5a-----4
Affolter       Benedict         49    Switzerland       5a-----1
Affolter       Dolly Ann        29    NY                5a-----2
Ager           Mr.              22    Unknown           58a---29
Agutt          Druyor           58    Mich              94a---22
Aikin          Clarissa         5     Mich              86a----2
Aikin          Elizah           30    Mass              85b---39
Aikin          Gilbert          2     Ohio              86a----3
Aikin          Johnia           29    NY                85b---40
Aikin          Persis           7     Mich              86a----1
Aikins         Alonzo           10    Canada            115b--25
Aikins         Ann              18    Canada            119b--42
Aikins         Celia L.         5     Canada            115b--27
Aikins         George W.        12    Canada            115b--24
Aikins         John W.          14    Canada            115b--23
Aikins         Margaret         48    Canada            115b--21
Aikins         Melissa R.       7     Canada            115b--26
Aikins         Nancy Jane       17    Canada            115b--22
Albrown        Bonaparte        30    Germany           142a--20
Albrown        John             2     NY                142a--22
Albrown        Mary E           22    Germany           142a--21
Alcott         A.W.             30    N.Y.              156a--19
Alcott         Martha           19    N.Y.              156a--20
Alexander      Thomas           38    Kentucky          69a----8
All            Anna Mariah      23    N.Y.              154b--30
All            Catharine        26    N.Y.              154b--29
All            Cornelia C.      58    N.Y.              154b--27
All            Francis          18    N.Y.              154b--32
All            Jane A.          28    N.Y.              154b--28
All            John             65    N.Y.              154b--26
All            Lydia            20    N.Y.              154b--31
Allen          ***** Ann        37    NY                18a----1
Allen          Albert           8     Ohio              74b---20
Allen          Anna             10    NY                41b---35
Allen          Cecil            6     NY                50a----7
Allen          Charles          15    Ohio              74b---19
Allen          Edward           12    Ohio              26a---31
Allen          Edward T.        4/12  Ohio              7b----39
Allen          Electa           15    Unknown           114b--12
Allen          Elizabeth        45    Maryland          26a---27
Allen          Elizabeth        30    Penn              74b---18
Allen          Elnathan         50    NY                41b---30
Allen          Fitz             5/12  Ohio              20b---15
Allen          George           43    Pa                26a---26
Allen          George           4     Ohio              74b---21
Allen          Harriet          12    NY                41b---34
Allen          Isabella         15    Ohio              26a---30
Allen          James C.         30    Ohio              131a--16
Allen          James F.         4     Ohio              7b----37
Allen          James N.         3     Ohio              131a--18
Allen          John             60    Canada            72b---28
Allen          John             35    Ireland           73a---31
Allen          John             29    NY                73b----6
Allen          John C.          40    Mass              7b----32
Allen          John C., Jr.     7     Ohio              7b----35
Allen          Joseph           16    Ohio              26a---28
Allen          Lois Ann         23    Ohio              131a--17
Allen          Lois S.          9     Ohio              7b----34
Allen          Lucy L.          53    Mass              54a---42
Allen          Margaret         2     Ohio              74b---22
Allen          Margaret         17    Ohio              26a---29
Allen          Marianna         10    Ireland           73a---32
Allen          Mary             20    NY                50a---18
Allen          Moro             33    Mass              54b----1
Allen          Nancy            32    Ohio              7b----33
Allen          Nehemich         59    NY                54a---41
Allen          Noe N.           2     Ohio              7b----38
Allen          Octa             20    NY                73b----7
Allen          Olive K.         6     Ohio              7b----36
Allen          Peter            8     Ireland           73a---33
Allen          Phebe            44    Vermont           41b---31
Allen          Philander        4     Illinois          41b---36
Allen          Theresa          51    Canada            72b---29
Allen          Thomas           40    NY                74b---17
Allen          Washington H.    3/12  Ohio              131a--19
Allman         Agnes            25    O                 151a--13
Allman         Daniel           20    O                 151a--14
Allman         Rosan            60    Penn              151a--12
Allman         Sarah            23    Ohio              8a----31
Allman         Wm.              62    Penn              151a--11
Allshouse      Philip           39    Penn              128a---1
Allshouse      Susan            34    Canada            128a---2
Allyn          Emily            40    Conn              19a---36
Allyn          Henry            1     Ohio              19a---40
Allyn          John             10    Ohio              19a---37
Allyn          John M.          43    Conn              19a---35
Allyn          Lucy             6     Ohio              19a---38
Allyn          Prudence         4     Ohio              19a---39
Alma           Frederic         24    NY                103b--17
Alonzo         Don              22    NY                114a--38
Alonzo         Francis          15    NY                114a--39
Alver          Charles          14    England           149b--26
Amaler         Joseph           46    Canada            72a---34
Amaler         Lewis            8     NY                72a---36
Amaler         Margaret         39    Canada            72a---35
Amaler         Peter            6     NY                72a---37
Ambler         Catharine        25    Germany           49b---24
Ambler         Frederic         26    Germany           49b---23
Ambos          Henry            38    Virginia          71b---33
Ambos          James            7/12  Ohio              71b---35
Ambos          James            35    Penn              71b---31
Ambos          Julia            23    Unknown           71b---32
Ambos          Mary             35    North Carolina    71b---34
Ames           Diana            8     Kentucky          118b--21
Ames           Orra             25    Mich              83b----1
Ames           Valentine        36    Mich              86a---28
Amman          Christian        3     Ohio              126b---9
Amman          Elizabeth        5     Ohio              126b---8
Amman          John             10    Penn              126b---6
Amman          Margaret         33    Germany           126b---5
Amman          Mary             1     Ohio              126b--10
Amman          Nicholas         6     Ohio              126b---7
Amman          Nicholas         35    Germany           126b---4
Ammorman       William          25    New Jersey        88b---26
Anderson       Ann Eliza        16    Ohio              2a----22
Anderson       Ann Maria        43    Maryland          2a----20
Anderson       Bartlett         30    North Carolina    70b---33
Anderson       C.B.             28    Maine             112b--15
Anderson       Eliza            23    NY                112b--16
Anderson       Elizabeth        20    Ohio              2a----21
Anderson       Eunice M.        11    Ohio              2a----23
Anderson       George           26    Unknown           64b----6
Anderson       John             22    Unknown           64b----5
Anderson       Winfield S.      10    Ohio              2a----24
Andrew         Elizabeth        63    England           106a--23
Andrew         James            20    England           106a--24
Andrew         Susan            2     Ohio              106a--25
Andrew         William          67    England           106a--22
Andrews        Bennet           42    Conn              95b---30
Andrews        Charlotte A.     3     Ohio              107a---5
Andrews        Cornell          13    Ohio              95b---32
Andrews        Effsevience      33    NY                95b---31
Andrews        Martha           37    England           107a---4
Andrews        Rollin           5     .                 95b---33
Andrews        Samuel           26    England           52a---19
Andrews        Stan             39    Conn              95b---34
Andrews        Thomas           41    England           107a---3
Andrews        Thomas           3/12  Ohio              107a---6
Angel          Elizabeth        6     O                 149b--31
Angel          Mary             28    Germany           149b--30
Angel          Mary Ann         1     O                 149b--32
Angel          Nich             30    Germany           149b--29
Angell         Barbara          10    Ohio              81b----7
Angell         Elizabeth        7     Ohio              81b----9
Angell         Elizabeth        40    Prussia           81b----6
Angell         George           41    France            81b----5
Angell         George           2     Ohio              81b---10
Angell         Joseph           9     Ohio              81b----8
Angell         Joseph           43    France            81b---11
Angsgriffs     John             10    Ohio              140a--16
Ansbach        Emeline          2     Ohio              25b---14
Ansbach        Fanny S.         9     Ohio              25b---11
Ansbach        Mabra M.         6     Ohio              25b---13
Ansbach        Mary M.          11    Ohio              25b---10
Ansbach        Michael          38    Penn              25b----8
Ansbach        Oscar            8     Ohio              25b---12
Ansbach        Sarah            38    .                 25b----9
Anthony        Angeline         37    Canada            68b---16
Anthony        Emily            6     Ohio              68b---20
Anthony        Isaac            25    Canada            68b---15
Anthony        Jane             9     Mich              68b---17
Anthony        Joseph G.        1     Ohio              68b---21
Anthony        Maria            7     Ohio              68b---19
Anthony        Maria            36    Maryland          45b---13
Anthony        Peter            12    Mich              68b---18
Antio          David            8/12  Ohio              81a---28
Antio          Dennis           7     Ohio              81a---25
Antio          Harriet          2     Ohio              81a---27
Antio          Minie            36    Mich              81a---24
Antio          Stephen          6     Ohio              81a---26
Antio          Thomas           36    Canada            81a---23
Applegate      Arion            27    New Jersey        78b---20
Applegate      Caroline         4     Ohio              80b---22
Applegate      Charles          6     Ohio              80b---21
Applegate      Enoch            37    New Jersey        80b---24
Applegate      Gilbert          9     New Jersey        80b---20
Applegate      Jacob            42    New Jersey        80b---18
Applegate      Sarah            35    New Jersey        80b---19
Applegate      William          2     Ohio              80b---23
Apt            George           28    France            80b---10
Arbogost       Andrew           50    Virginia          135a--21
Arbogost       Barbara          57    Penn              135a--22
Arbogost       John             22    Penn              125b--35
Archer         Ann              22    NY                79b---20
Archer         Edward           13    England           79b---21
Archer         Henry            28    England           79b---19
Archer         Maria            18    England           79b---23
Archer         Perez            22    England           79b---22
Armstrong      Elizabeth        7     NY                49a---32
Armstrong      Elizabeth        46    Ireland           49a---27
Armstrong      James            19    NY                49a---28
Armstrong      Jane             15    NY                49a---29
Armstrong      Mary             4     NY                49a---33
Armstrong      Robert           10    NY                49a---31
Armstrong      Thomas           13    NY                49a---30
Armstrong      William          47    Ireland           49a---26
Arn            Absolom          45    Germany           120a--37
Arn            Barbara          5     Ohio              120a--41
Arn            Fabrica          32    Germany           120a--38
Arn            Jeremiah         11    Ohio              120a--39
Arn            Mary Ann         8     Ohio              120a--40
Arn            Theodore         2     Ohio              120a--42
Arnold         Diana            31    England           67a----5
Arnold         George           14    England           120a--14
Arnold         Henry            3     Ohio              67a----8
Arnold         James            7     Ohio              67a----7
Arnold         James            13    Penn              116b---9
Arnold         John             27    France            88a----1
Arnold         Joseph           1     Ohio              88a----4
Arnold         Madeline         23    France            88a----2
Arnold         Mary             3     Ohio              88a----3
Arnold         Thomas           9     NY                67a----6
Arnold         Thomas           43    England           67a----4
Arnst          John             45    Germany           140a--29
Arquette       Harriet          26    NY                121b---6
Arquette       Lucinda          3     Ohio              121b---7
Arquette       Mary Ette        3/12  Ohio              121b---8
Arquette       Stephen          27    Canada            121b---5
Ashe           John             31    England           113b--14
Ashin          William          21    Unknown           26b----5
Ashworth       Jane             21    Canada            59b---31
Atkins         Horatio B.       37    NY                96a---34
Atkins         Myron            2/12  Ohio              96a---36
Atkins         Rosantha         22    Vermont           96a---35
Atkinson       Benjamin         56    Penn              138b--11
Atkinson       Elizabeth        49    Ohio              139a--32
Atkinson       Elizabeth        49    Ohio              138b--12
Atkinson       George           28    Ohio              138b--14
Atkinson       Jeremiah         51    Ohio              138b--13
Atkinson       Louisa N         21    Ohio              138b--16
Atkinson       William M        24    Ohio              138b--15
Auld           Alsence          11/12 Ohio              75a----1
Auld           Emma M.          3     Mich              74b---42
Auld           Hannah           22    NY                74b---41
Auld           Ossian           27    New Jersey        74b---40
Aversy         Affia            10    NY                46a----3
Aversy         Edwin            14    NY                46a----1
Aversy         John             6     Ohio              46a----4
Aversy         Maria            12    NY                46a----2
Aversy         Thomas           4     Ohio              46a----5
Avery          Cyrenia          20    NY                13b---28
Avery          Elias            21    NY                45b---40
Avery          Emily            40    NY                45b---39
Avery          Emily            16    NY                45b---42
Avery          Frederic         19    NY                45b---41
Avery          Julia T.         11/12 Ohio              46a----7
Awl            Calista A.       28    Ohio              125b--41
Awl            Cornilea         2     Ohio              126a---3
Awl            George A.        6     Ohio              126a---2
Awl            Jacob            38    NY                125b--40
Awl            John             11    Ohio              125b--42
Awl            Joseph           1/12  Ohio              126a---4
Awl            Mary M.          9     Ohio              126a---1
Awrew          Adelaide         38    Germany           87b----4
Awrew          John             43    Germany           87b----3
Awrew          Joseph           1     Ohio              87b----6
Awrew          Mary             3     Ohio              87b----5
Ayers          Hiram            28    Ohio              26a---20
Ayhart         Julia Ann        31    NY                48a---23
Ayhart         Thomas           39    NY                48a---22

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