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C*iamp/Criamp  John             30    Germany           42b--10
Cable          Catharine        73    Penn              122b-10
Cable          Catharine        7     NY                122b--6
Cable          Catharine        11    Ohio              122a-13
Cable          Eliza            29    NY                122b--4
Cable          Elizabeth        5     Ohio              122a-15
Cable          Elizabeth A.     3     Mich              122b--8
Cable          George           4     NY                122b--7
Cable          George           38    Penn              132b-38
Cable          Henry            19    NY                122a-18
Cable          John             9     NY                122b--5
Cable          Julia            8     Ohio              132b-40
Cable          Julia Ette       8     Ohio              122a-14
Cable          Louisa           3     Ohio              122a-16
Cable          Mary E.          23    Ohio              132b-39
Cable          Mary Jane        13    Ohio              122a-12
Cable          Rosa Ann         32    Ohio              122a-11
Cable          Samuel           35    Penn              122a-10
Cable          William          30    Penn              122b--3
Cable          William          1     Ohio              122b--9
Cader          Catharine        38    Penn              24a--37
Cader          Conrad           40    Penn              24a--36
Cader          Elizabeth        9     Ohio              24a--41
Cader          Jeremiah         2     Ohio              24b---2
Cader          Levi             15    Ohio              24a--39
Cader          Martin           11    Ohio              24a--40
Cader          Noah             7     Ohio              24a--42
Cader          Sally Ann        5     Ohio              24b---1
Cader          William          17    Penn              24a--38
Cahoo          Amity            2     Ohio              83a--11
Cahoo          Frances          6     Germany           63b--34
Cahoo          George           5     NY                77a---6
Cahoo          Hannah           26    NY                83a---8
Cahoo          James            8     Germany           63b--35
Cahoo          James            35    Germany           63b--31
Cahoo          James            3     Ohio              77a---7
Cahoo          John             10    Ohio              83a---9
Cahoo          Luke             7/12  Ohio              77a---8
Cahoo          Luke             32    on the Ocean      83a---7
Cahoo          Margaret         34    Germany           63b--32
Cahoo          Mary             4     Ohio              83a--10
Cahoo          Mary             10    Germany           63b--33
Cahoo          Michael          30    Ireland           77a---3
Cahoo          Michael          1     Ohio              63b--37
Cahoo          Patrick          4     Germany           63b--36
Cahoo          Rosanna          30    Ireland           77a---4
Cahoo          Sarah            15    NY                77a---5
Cain           George           22    Ohio              13a--14
Calder         Francis          9     Canada            110b-28
Calder         James            34    NY                110b-25
Calder         Mary Ann         34    NY                110b-26
Calder         Milinda A.       13    Canada            110b-27
Calkins        Almiran          26    NY                88a--26
Callory        Ann              24    Ireland           76a--18
Calver         Nathan           45    Penn              26a---3
Calvert        William          41    Canada            88a--18
Camberling     George           17    Unknown           64a--40
Camp           Hannah D.        24    NY                37a--17
Camp           John             42    Switzerland       81b--21
Campbell       Alvira D.        38    Vermont           51a--40
Campbell       Angus            30    Scotland          31b---2
Campbell       Ann              50    NY                129b--3
Campbell       Castilia         7     Mich              71b--12
Campbell       Catharine        16    NY                129b--6
Campbell       Charles          21    NY                130a-24
Campbell       Daniel           50    NY                129b--2
Campbell       Daniel           25    NY                130a-22
Campbell       David            3     Ohio              31b---4
Campbell       Deana            22    England           31b---3
Campbell       Emma             6     Indiana           51b---3
Campbell       Henry            25    NY                138b-33
Campbell       Henry            25    NY                129b--5
Campbell       James            34    Scotland          72a--25
Campbell       James            33    Virginia          71b--10
Campbell       James            14    NY                51b---2
Campbell       James N.         38    NY                51a--39
Campbell       Jennette         20    Canada            130a-25
Campbell       John             14    NY                129b--9
Campbell       Lucy Ann         16    NY                51b---1
Campbell       Mahala           2     Ohio              71b--14
Campbell       Margaret         20    Ohio              130a-23
Campbell       Mary Ann         31    Ireland           71b--11
Campbell       Montgomery       1     Ohio              51b---4
Campbell       Stephen          23    NY                129b--4
Campbell       William          5     Mich              71b--13
Canary         Patrick          19    Ireland           17b---3
Cander         Avery            24    NY                112b-18
Cander         George           14    NY                112b--9
Canery         William          6     Ireland           52b--30
Canfield       Richard S.       16    NY                8b----3
Cann           William          32    England           94a--42
Canner         Edmund           30    Ireland           48a---7
Canner         John             7     Canada            48a---9
Canner         Margaret         5     Canada            48a--10
Canner         Rose             28    Ireland           48a---8
Canner         Thomas           1     Ohio              48a--11
Cap            Catharine        25    Germany           36b--31
Cap            George           27    Germany           36b--30
Cap            Rosina           2/12  Ohio              36b--32
Capil          Conrad           36    Germany           42b---4
Capil          Earnest          16    Germany           42b---6
Capil          Minika           50    Germany           42b---5
Card           Charles          12    Ohio              47a--19
Card           Emma             33    Conn              47a--17
Card           Franklin         9     Ohio              58b--23
Card           Franklin         16    Ohio              47a--18
Card           Lydia Ann        30    Conn              113a--9
Card           Matilda          37    NY                58b--22
Card           Nathan           31    NY                113a--8
Card           Platt            50    NY                58b--20
Card           Thomas           24    Ohio              58b--21
Card           Vamam            10    Ohio              47a--20
Card           Webster N.       3     Ohio              113a-10
Carenn         Peter            16    Ireland           45b--10
Carew          Margaret         4     Ireland           40a---4
Carew          Mary             32    Ireland           40a---2
Carew          Patrick          9     Ireland           40a---3
Carew          William          41    Ireland           40a---1
Carey          Bridget          20    Ireland           47a--22
Carey          Caroline         41    NY                113a-19
Carey          Ellen            16    Ohio              32a--10
Carey          James            14    Ireland           32a--13
Carey          Minnie           44    Ireland           32a---9
Carey          Patrick          42    Ireland           32a---8
Carey          Rose E.          15    NY                113a-20
Carey          Thomas           13    Ohio              32a--11
Carey          William          22    Ireland           32a--12
Carless        Ann              5     Ohio              122a--4
Carless        Bridget          40    Ireland           122a--2
Carless        Bridget          13    Ireland           122a--3
Carless        Ellen            3     Ohio              122a--5
Carless        James            43    Ireland           122a--1
Carless        James            1     Ohio              122a--6
Carmachiel     Alex             28    Scotland          60b--24
Carmaichel     Margaret         18    Canada            108a-40
Carmicheil     Marget           53    Scotland          30b--39
Carn           Abigal           17    N.Y.              151a-31
Carn           Asa              51    N.Y.              151a-29
Carn           Asa              11    Ohio              151a-33
Carn           Calvin           14    Penn              151a-32
Carn           Esther           4     O                 151a-35
Carn           Mariah           8     O                 151a-34
Carn           Mariah           44    N.Y.              151a-30
Carney         Christian Ann    31    Ireland           10b--37
Carney         James            4     Ohio              10b--39
Carney         Mary Ann         9     Ohio              10b--38
Carney         Patrick          36    Ireland           10b--36
Carothers      Catharine        34    Penn              132a-10
Carothers      Eliza            9     Penn              132a-11
Carothers      George           36    Penn              132a--9
Carothers      George W.        7     Ohio              132a-12
Carothers      John F.          2     Ohio              132a-13
Carpenter      Elvira J.        9     Ohio              11b--22
Carpenter      Erasmas J.       21    Vermont           11b--19
Carpenter      Hannah           20    Vermont           11b--20
Carpenter      Lucius           2     Ohio              11b--24
Carpenter      Marion           16    Vermont           11b--21
Carpenter      Morey            41    Vermont           11b--18
Carpenter      Sarah A.         6     Ohio              11b--23
Carr           Aaron            2     .                 65a--28
Carr           Anna             8     Germany           55a--27
Carr           Ellen            5     Ohio              65a--27
Carr           Mary             29    Ireland           65a--26
Carr           Mary Ann         10    Germany           55a--26
Carr           Michael          25    Ireland           66a---8
Carr           Mr.              30    Germany           55a--24
Carr           Mrs.             28    Germany           55a--25
Carr           Thomas           19    Ireland           66a---9
Carran         John             16    Ohio              36b--18
Carran         Mary             35    Ireland           59a--41
Carran         Thomas           63    Ireland           59a--40
Carroll        Bridget          25    Ireland           3a---10
Carroll        Caroline E.      20    NY                135b-30
Carroll        Catherine        13    Mass              21a--34
Carroll        Daniel           12    Ireland           3b---36
Carroll        Elizabeth        45    NY                135b-29
Carroll        Ellen            4     Ohio              21a--36
Carroll        Gilbert          2     Ohio              135b-33
Carroll        Hannah           31    Ireland           21a--33
Carroll        Henry            60    Ireland           49a---9
Carroll        James            50    NY                135b-28
Carroll        James            25    Ireland           1a---33
Carroll        James            16    NY                135b-31
Carroll        Jeremiah         14    Ireland           5a---15
Carroll        Joanna           6     Ireland           3a---11
Carroll        John             32    Ireland           21a--32
Carroll        John             27    Ireland           3a----9
Carroll        Julia            50    Ireland           1a---31
Carroll        Margaret         25    Ireland           2b---18
Carroll        Martin           11    Penn              21a--35
Carroll        Mary             30    Ireland           2a---34
Carroll        Mary             19    Ireland           40a--23
Carroll        Michael          60    Ireland           1a---30
Carroll        Michael          27    Ireland           1a---32
Carroll        Ranneth          60    Ireland           49a--10
Carroll        Susan A.         11    Ohio              135b-32
Carrun         Bridget          12    NY                69b--22
Carrun         Edward           10    Ohio              69b--23
Carrun         Mary Ann         45    Ireland           69b--21
Carson         Agnes            17    Ohio              94a--34
Carson         Betsy            18    England           94a--33
Carson         Drusilla         12    Ohio              94a--36
Carson         Frances          14    Ohio              94a--35
Carson         George           47    England           94a--31
Carson         George           10    Ohio              94a--37
Carson         Mary             43    England           94a--32
Carson         Mary Ann         7     Ohio              94a--38
Carson         Samuel           3     Ohio              94a--40
Carson         Sophia           5     Ohio              94a--39
Carson         William          3/12  Ohio              94a--41
Carter         Alfred           26    England           46b--36
Carter         Elizabeth        18    England           75a--26
Carter         Emeline          5     Mich              66a--25
Carter         Grace            24    England           46b--37
Carter         Julia Ann        41    N.J.              151b-24
Carter         Lavinia          40    Mass              66a--24
Carter         Levi             39    Mass              66a--23
Carter         Louisa           22    N.Y.              151b-26
Carter         Norville         23    O                 151b-25
Carter         Philo            51    Mass              151b-23
Carter         Robert           14    NY                46b--38
Carter         Sarah            53    England           46b--35
Cartey         Ann              21    Ireland           38a--23
Cartis         Caroline         23    NY                90b--22
Cartis         Catlin           25    NY                90b--21
Cartis         Jane             1     Ohio              90b--24
Cartis         Polly            4     Ohio              90b--23
Cartwright     Ann Marie        6     Ohio              37a--25
Cartwright     Elizabeth M.     1     Ohio              37a--26
Cartwright     John             34    Ohio              37a--23
Cartwright     Sarah            30    Ohio              37a--24
Case           Albert           27    Conn              75b--13
Case           Charles L.       6     Mich              59a--30
Case           D.H.             21    Unknown           64b---1
Case           Eliza            26    NY                59a--28
Case           George A.        3     Ohio              75b--15
Case           George E.        9     Mich              59a--29
Case           James            21    NY                59a--34
Case           Maria            22    NY                75b--14
Case           Mary A.          5/12  Ohio              59a--31
Case           Sweet N.         31    NY                59a--27
Casper         M                31    400               145b-39
Casper         M                17    .                 145b-42
Cass           Alcina           6     Ohio              22a--17
Cass           Bernard          76    New Hampshire     22b---1
Cass           Chester          2     Ohio              22a--19
Cass           Henry A.         20    Ohio              22b---4
Cass           James B.         22    Ohio              22b---3
Cass           Joseph           40    New Hampshire     22a--10
Cass           Letitia          3/12  Ohio              22a--20
Cass           Lewis            4     Ohio              22a--18
Cass           Mary             38    Penn              22a--11
Cass           Mary E.          13    Ohio              22a--13
Cass           Milton           10    Ohio              22a--15
Cass           Philena          15    Ohio              22a--12
Cass           Rebecca          59    Penn              22b---2
Cass           Samuel           11    Ohio              22a--14
Cass           William          8     Ohio              22a--16
Cassidy        Catharine        32    NY                71b---2
Cassidy        Elizabeth        12    NY                71b---5
Cassidy        Elizah           16    NY                71b---3
Cassidy        Harvey           10    NY                71b---6
Cassidy        Henrietta        14    NY                52a--39
Cassidy        Henrietta        14    Mich              71b---4
Cassidy        James            27    NY                71b---1
Cassidy        James            18    England           73b--25
Casslin        James M.         24    NY                21a---3
Cataract       Eliza            3     Ohio              78b--42
Cavenagh       Margaret         25    Ireland           61b--37
Caverty        Michael          30    Ireland           51a--37
Cayman         Christian        10    Germany           63b---9
Cayman         Dorothy          12    Germany           63b---8
Cayman         Earnest          3     Germany           63b--12
Cayman         Henry            40    Germany           63b---5
Cayman         Henry            14    Germany           63b---7
Cayman         Henry F.         5     Germany           63b--11
Cayman         John             7     Germany           63b--10
Cayman         Margaret         35    Germany           63b---6
Cayman         Mary             5/12  Ohio              63b--13
Cease          Ira              40    Unknown           37a--32
Cessing        William          18    Germany           37b--19
Chadwick       Rufus            26    Penn              62a---7
Chadwick       William          23    Penn              62a---8
Chamberlain    James            27    NY                69b---2
Chambers       .                30    Unknown           97a--13
Chambers       Catharine E.     9     Ohio              96a---9
Chambers       Child            4     Ohio              97a--15
Chambers       Child            2     Ohio              97a--16
Chambers       Emily            2     Ohio              96a--12
Chambers       Josiah           40    England           96a---6
Chambers       Mary Ann         7     Ohio              96a--10
Chambers       Mary Ann         33    New Jersey        96a---7
Chambers       Theadore         5     Ohio              96a--11
Chambers       Wife             30    Unknown           97a--14
Chambers       William P.       12    Ohio              96a---8
Champion       Catharine        12    Switzerland       82a--21
Champion       Harriet          4     Ohio              3b---33
Champion       Harriet          25    Ohio              3b---32
Champion       Israil           33    Conn              3b---31
Champion       Joseph           27    Switzerland       82a--20
Champion       Mary A.          55    Switzerland       82a--18
Champion       Nancy            29    Switzerland       82a--19
Champire       Mrs.             52    Mich              7a----7
Chandler       Lewis            30    Germany           49a--15
Chandler       Madaline         28    Germany           49a--16
Chandler       Mary Ann         4/12  Ohio              49a--17
Chapman        Amy              10    O                 150b-38
Chapman        Elias            20    Kentucky          43b--25
Chapman        Mary             8     Unknown           70b--21
Chapman        Moses D.         35    NY                83a--31
Chappell       Charles W.       5     Ohio              1a---29
Chappell       Jane             43    Penn              1a---26
Chappell       John W.          7     Ohio              1a---28
Chappell       Joshua           60    NY                1a---25
Charter        Clarrisa S.      2/12  Ohio              15b--28
Charter        James            22    Mich              15b--26
Charter        John             38    NY                31b--17
Charter        Julia            63    Conn              31b--16
Charter        Manirva          6     Ohio              15b--29
Charter        Mary J.          11    Ohio              22a--24
Charter        Matilda          6     Ohio              15b--30
Charter        Minerva          7     Ohio              150b-14
Charter        Sarah E.         20    Maine             15b--27
Chase          Eunice           32    Conn              79b--10
Chase          Frank            2     Ohio              79b--13
Chase          George           7     Ohio              79b--11
Chase          Harriet          5     Ohio              79b--12
Chase          James            29    Canada            75a--42
Chase          James L.         43    Conn              79b---9
Chase          John             22    Canada            75a--38
Chase          Mary E.          10    Mich              75a--37
Cherny         Calpharna        5     Ohio              53a--29
Cherny         Elizabeth        27    NY                53a--28
Cherny         Mary E.          7/12  Ohio              53a--30
Cherny         William          29    NY                53a--27
Cherry         David            24    Germany           142b-38
Cherry         Thomas           22    Virginia          120b-11
Chester        Charles          7     Germany           34a--40
Chester        Lawrence         35    Germany           34a--38
Chester        Mary             42    Germany           34a--39
Childs         Mary             24    Mich              5b---23
Childs         Oliver           18    Mich              5b---25
Childs         Thomas W.        35    Penn              5b---22
Chilson        Candace          54    NY                67b--11
Chilson        Mary             21    Penn              67b--12
Christ         Alexander        2     France            99b--16
Christ         Elansa           28    France            99b--14
Christ         Mary Ann         28    France            99b--15
Christie       Anna H.          29    Germany           48b---2
Christie       Henry            25    Germany           48b---1
Christie       John             26    Germany           35a---4
Christie       Maria C.         3/12  Ohio              35a---6
Christie       Maria H.         25    Germany           35a---5
Christman      Adam             9/12  Ohio              126a-41
Christman      Catharine        9     Ohio              126a-38
Christman      Daniel           40    Germany           126a-34
Christman      Daniel           3     Ohio              126a-40
Christman      Jacob            14    Germany           126a-36
Christman      Margaret         11    Ohio              126a-37
Christman      Sarah            7     Ohio              126a-39
Christman      Sarah            38    Germany           126a-35
Christmas      Elizabeth        16    Canada            79a---6
Christmas      John             58    Canada            79a---5
Chuney         Catharine        29    NY                52a--34
Chuney         Enoch            35    Unknown           52a--33
Chuney         George           4     NY                52a--38
Chuney         James            6     NY                52a--37
Chuney         John             8     NY                52a--36
Chuney         William          10    NY                52a--35
Church         **letta          23    Ohio              17b--37
Church         Ann L.           9     Ohio              35b---1
Church         Catharine        31    Canada            38a---2
Church         Charles E.       2     Ohio              17b--39
Church         Charles M.       6     Ohio              35b---2
Church         Clarissa         6     Ohio              38a---6
Church         Eliza P.         29    Ohio              35a--42
Church         George E.        29    Canada            17b--36
Church         George E.        2/12  Ohio              17b--40
Church         Julia            2     Ohio              38a---7
Church         L.A.             29    Penn              3a---34
Church         Lucinda          13    Ohio              38a---3
Church         Mary             8     Ohio              38a---5
Church         Mary W.          3     Ohio              35b---3
Church         R.A.             32    NY                38a---1
Church         R.W.             39    Conn              35a--41
Church         William          10    Ohio              38a---4
Chusbro        Alice            3     NY                35b--11
Chusbro        Charles          5     NY                35b--10
Chusbro        Charles W.       30    NY                35b---6
Chusbro        Georgiania       28    England           35b---9
Chusbro        William          18    NY                35b---7
Chuver         George           60    Ireland           76b--10
Chuver         Jane             32    Ireland           76b--11
Chuver         John             11    Ireland           76b--12
Clampit        William          23    England           113b-13
Clane          Agnes            2     Ohio              53a--42
Clane          Antionette       34    Germany           53a--39
Clane          Bernard          11    Germany           53a--40
Clane          Hobart           41    Germany           53a--38
Clane          Michael          10    Ohio              53a--41
Clapert        Susan            26    Ohio              75b---6
Clapish        Daniel           24    Germany           34a---4
Clarey         Malhenny         14    Ohio              77b--16
Clarey         Margaret         13    Ohio              77b--17
Clarey         Mary             35    Ireland           77b--15
Clarey         Mary F.          3     Ohio              77b--20
Clarey         Patrick          40    Ireland           77b--14
Clarey         Patrick          10    Ohio              77b--18
Clarey         Robert W.        6     Ohio              77b--19
Clarey         Thomas F.        4/12  Ohio              77b--21
Clark          Abel             26    Maine             13b--33
Clark          Alfred A.        8     Ohio              113b-30
Clark          Anna             1     Ohio              39a---2
Clark          Augusta J.       8     Ohio              38b--42
Clark          Burnham          19    Ohio              11a--29
Clark          Caroline         2     Mich              15b--34
Clark          Caroline B.      26    England           38b--41
Clark          Clara            23    NY                13b--34
Clark          Clarissa         74    Vermont           38a---9
Clark          Clarrisa P.      33    NY                113b-27
Clark          Columbus         11    Maine             120b-19
Clark          Cyrenas          17    Maine             120b-16
Clark          Dan M.           29    Ohio              15b--31
Clark          Edward           39    Conn              73a---9
Clark          Elipha           81    Conn              38a--12
Clark          Elizabeth        26    England           7a---34
Clark          Elizabeth        17    NY                38a--10
Clark          Elizah           53    New Hampshire     11a--24
Clark          Eveline          10    Ohio              38a--14
Clark          Hannah A.        50    Maine             11a--25
Clark          Hellen           4     Ohio              39a---1
Clark          Henry W.         21    Penn              12a--16
Clark          Ira L.           37    NY                38a--13
Clark          Jacob            49    NY                35a--15
Clark          James F.         1     Ohio              7a---36
Clark          James W.         11    Mich              113b-29
Clark          John A.          13    Mich              113b-28
Clark          Josiah           54    Vermont           25a---9
Clark          Lavina           13    Maine             120b-18
Clark          Lucina           1     Ohio              13b--35
Clark          Lucinda W.       21    Maine             120b-14
Clark          Mary             50    Mich              73a--10
Clark          Mary E.          6     Ohio              7a---35
Clark          Mary E.          2     Ohio              113b-32
Clark          Matilda          7     Ohio              15b--33
Clark          Melinda          28    NY                15b--32
Clark          Merrilla         22    NY                25a--12
Clark          Methiah          30    NY                25a--11
Clark          Miss             40    Canada            3a----8
Clark          Nathum           9     Maine             120b-20
Clark          Peleg T.         40    Maine             113b-26
Clark          Philena          20    Maine             120b-15
Clark          Robert           46    Maine             120b-12
Clark          Roxana           53    Mass              25a--10
Clark          Samuel S.        50    Vermont           38a---8
Clark          Sarah            42    NY                35a--16
Clark          Sylvia           45    Maine             120b-13
Clark          Sylvia Ann       6     Maine             120b-21
Clark          Theofrhilas L.   40    N Hampshire       7a---33
Clark          Thomas           36    NY                38b--40
Clark          Warren           12    NY                25a--14
Clark          Wentworth        15    Maine             120b-17
Clark          William          7     NY                38a--11
Clark          William          16    NY                25a--13
Clark          William P.       35    Indiana           37a--28
Clark          William R.       5     Mich              113b-31
Clayton        Charles          24    New Jersey        95a--23
Clayton        Elizabeth        22    NY                95a--24
Clendennin     Leveret          10    NY                21b--25
Clendennin     Minirva          12    NY                21b--24
Clendennin     Phebe Ann        38    NY                21b--23
Clendennin     Wm.              34    NY                21b--22
Cleveland      Ann              48    NY                60b--27
Cleveland      Salter           51    Mass              60b--26
Cleveland      Uriah            23    NY                60b--28
Cline          Mr.              25    NY                62a--34
Cling          Edward           47    Germany           89b--41
Cling          Janette          38    Germany           89b--42
Cling          Rosanne          17    Germany           90a---1
Cloom          Andrew           16    Germany           153a-34
Cloom          John             50    Germany           153a-31
Cloom          John             26    Germany           153a-33
Cloom          Margaret         8     Germany           153a-35
Cloom          Margaret         54    Germany           153a-32
Clough         Amelia           26    Ohio              6b---23
Clough         Elijah P.        26    NY                6b---22
Clough         George P.        4     Ohio              6b---24
Clough         Samuel           26    Ireland           14a--23
Cloyne         Ann              40    Ireland           77b--13
Cloyne         Bernard          30    Ireland           77b---7
Cloyne         Bridget          40    Ireland           77b---8
Cloyne         Domenic          32    Ireland           77b--11
Cloyne         Joseph           11    Ireland           77b---9
Cloyne         Mark             5     Mass              77b--10
Cluka          Joseph           4     Ohio              81a---7
Cluka          Joseph           29    Canada            81a---3
Cluka          Peter            7     Mich              81a---6
Cluka          Sarah            10    Mich              81a---5
Cluka          Vicoria          28    Canada            81a---4
Cluka          Victoria         1     Ohio              81a---8
Clute          Albert           28    350               147a-29
Clute          D.               52    N.Y.              155a--5
Clute          Darwin B.        21    O                 155a--7
Clute          Eliza Ann        23    O                 155a--8
Clute          Lucinda O.       10    O                 155a--9
Clute          Manada M.        50    Vt                155a--6
Clute          Mary A           22    .                 147a-30
Clute          Mary C           4     .                 147a-31
Clute          Orlando          2     .                 147a-32
Cobb           Albert           25    Conn              88a--39
Cobb           Arnimda          36    NY                89a---2
Cobb           Esther           51    NY                89a---1
Cobb           Norman           24    NY                89a---3
Cobleigh       Adon             59    N Hampshire       129a--5
Cobleigh       Andrew           8     NY                128b-34
Cobleigh       Huldah           59    Vermont           129a--6
Cobleigh       Julius           6     Ohio              128b-36
Cobleigh       Matilda          6     Ohio              128b-35
Cobleigh       Rachael          29    NY                128b-33
Cobleigh       William          6/12  Ohio              128b-37
Cobleigh       William          35    NY                128b-32
Cochran        Clement H.       8     Ohio              92b--25
Cochran        Dennis           35    Ireland           117a-38
Cochran        Emily Jane       9     Ohio              92b--28
Cochran        Henry L.         6     Ohio              92b--26
Cochran        Holton           22    Ohio              92b--22
Cochran        Horace           35    Vermont           92b--24
Cochran        Mary             5     .                 146a-17
Cochran        Mary J.          4     Ohio              92b--27
Cochran        Mathew           28    Ireland           117a-39
Cochran        Phillis          26    Canada            92b--23
Cochran        Polly            58    NH                92b--21
Cochran        Robt             30    Ireland           117a-41
Cochran        Seth             68    Vermont           92b--20
Cochrane       Dennis           26    Ireland           76a--29
Cochrane       Ellen            5/12  Ohio              76a--31
Cochrane       Ellen            24    Ireland           76a--30
Cockruam       Elizabeth        5     Ohio              43a--33
Cockruam       Joseph           31    Ireland           43a--30
Cockruam       Mary Ann         7     Ohio              43a--32
Cockruam       Nancy            */12  Ohio              43a--34
Cockruam       Nancy A.         28    Ireland           43a--31
Coemel         N.N.             22    Unknown           11a--39
Coffin         Admiral          11    Ohio              13a--19
Coffin         Almira           6     Ohio              13a--20
Coffin         Amanda           47    NY                13a--16
Cogler         Anna             36    Germany           41b---2
Cogler         Charlotte        4     Germany           41b---3
Cogler         George           34    Germany           41b---1
Cogswell       Abby             1     Ohio              22b--16
Cogswell       Emdine           26    NY                22b--15
Cogswell       John K.          34    NY                22b--14
Cohan          Bridget          40    Ireland           66a---1
Cohen          Thomas           40    NY                14b---9
Coke           Peter            28    Germany           34a---6
Colburn        Almira           25    NY                16b---2
Colburn        Caroline         3     Canada            16b---4
Colburn        Charles          23    Unknown           52a--22
Colburn        Jernthan         30    NY                16b---1
Colburn        Sarah            5     Canada            16b---3
Colburn        William          28    NY                16b---5
Colburn        William          24    Unknown           31a--19
Colby          Frances C.       3     Ohio              14a--42
Colby          John             11    Ireland           55b--13
Colby          Nancy M.         28    NY                14a--37
Cole           Aaron H.         37    N.Y.              154b-37
Cole           Abby             39    NY                129a-40
Cole           Abby Jane        9/12  Ohio              142b-37
Cole           Almon            26    NY                3a---25
Cole           Ann              21    Ireland           48b--41
Cole           Bridget          20    Ireland           51b--32
Cole           Catharine        21    Canada            65a--13
Cole           Catharine        21    Canada            80a--42
Cole           Catharine        20    Unknown           60b--32
Cole           Charles          2     Ohio              142b-36
Cole           Edward           24    Ireland           49a---2
Cole           Frederic J.      26    Ireland           51b--30
Cole           Harriet          14    O                 154b-39
Cole           Hugh             34    NY                142b-34
Cole           James            31    Ireland           51b--31
Cole           James            14    NY                23b--23
Cole           Juelson          7     O                 154b-42
Cole           Loisa            28    Rhode Island      142b-35
Cole           Lydia            33    N.Y.              154b-38
Cole           Minor T.         11    O                 154b-41
Cole           Orpha            50    Mass              23b--22
Cole           Richard          26    Ireland           49a---1
Cole           Samuel           56    NY                23b--21
Cole           William          31    Ireland           48b--42
Cole           William R.       13    O                 154b-40
Coleman        Alfred           26    Kentucky          69a--16
Coleman        Bandine          12    N.Y.              154b-24
Coleman        Fransiania       30    N.Y.              154b-23
Coleman        Lawrence         27    Ireland           140a--2
Coleman        S.               42    N.Y.              154b-22
Coleman        Sara             35    Ireland           137a--3
Coller         Ebenezer         2     Indiana           41b--27
Coller         Hannah M.        12    NY                41b--24
Coller         Jeremiah         7     Indiana           41b--26
Coller         Ruthanna         32    NY                41b--23
Coller         William          47    NY                41b--22
Coller         William H.       9     NY                41b--25
Collins        Allen            7     .                 144b-20
Collins        Ann              26    Ireland           140b-40
Collins        Anna             4/12  Ohio              92b---8
Collins        Catharine        28    Ireland           37b--40
Collins        Clara            9/12  Ohio              75a--31
Collins        Daniel A.        13    Ohio              92b---4
Collins        Emily            11    .                 144b-18
Collins        Francis L.       13    Mich              60b---9
Collins        Hannah           9     Ohio              45a--31
Collins        Harriet          36    NY                92b---2
Collins        Harriet M.       15    Ohio              92b---3
Collins        James            32    Ireland           140b-39
Collins        Jasper P.        16    NY                92a--34
Collins        Jeremiah         40    Ireland           45a--29
Collins        Jerome           6/12  Ohio              37b--42
Collins        John M.          26    Penn              75a--29
Collins        John W.          48    NY                92a--31
Collins        Laura            34    .                 144b-16
Collins        Lucinda          39    NY                60b---8
Collins        Lucy D.          6     Ohio              60b--11
Collins        Martin           9     .                 144b-19
Collins        Mary             2     Ohio              37b--41
Collins        Mary Ann         9     Ohio              140b-41
Collins        Mary Ann         38    Ireland           45a--30
Collins        Mary Jane        5     .                 144b-21
Collins        Milan            13    .                 144b-17
Collins        Morgan           42    NY                60b---7
Collins        Orrin            3     .                 144b-22
Collins        S                35    1000              144b-15
Collins        Sanford L.       45    NY                92b---1
Collins        Sarah A.         24    Penn              75a--30
Collins        Sarah C.         9     Mich              60b--10
Collins        Sophia P.        40    Mass              92a--32
Collins        Timothy          30    Ireland           37b--39
Collins        Wiles            9     Ohio              92a--35
Collum         Alvira           32    NY                110a-10
Collum         Benjamin         3     Ohio              110a-13
Collum         George           9     Penn              110a-12
Collum         Marvin           11    Penn              110a-11
Collum         Seymour          1     Ohio              110a-14
Collum         Washington       35    Penn              110a--9
Comell         Julia            10    Ohio              98b--36
Commager       David H.         2     Ohio              14a--14
Commager       Elia             6/12  Ohio              14a--15
Commager       Franklin H.      6     Ohio              14a--12
Commager       Henry J.         33    Penn              14a--10
Commager       Sophia           4     Ohio              14a--13
Commager       Sophia           35    New Jersey        14a--11
Commell        Alexander H.     47    N Hampshire       84a--39
Commell        Catharine        13    NY                84b---1
Commell        Edwin            19    NY                84a--42
Commell        John             22    NY                84a--41
Commell        Joseph A.        7     Ohio              84b---2
Commell        Lucinda          46    Vermont           84a--40
Como           Margaret         63    .                 145b-21
Compo          Alex             35    Canada            38b---8
Comstock       Alice            8     Ohio              111a-41
Comstock       Ambrose          20    NY                112a-37
Comstock       Buber            51    NY                112a-35
Comstock       Freeman          2     Ohio              111b--1
Comstock       James M.         28    Unknown           69b--15
Comstock       Levi             18    NY                112a-38
Comstock       Louisa           41    Mass              112a-36
Comstock       Lucy             9     Ohio              111a-40
Comstock       Mary             22    NY                111a-39
Comstock       Miles            4     Ohio              111a-42
Comstock       Mrs.             22    Mich              69b--16
Comstock       Sarah            16    NY                112a-39
Comstock       Stephen B.       44    NY                69a--33
Comstock       William          25    NY                111a-38
Conahan        Elizabeth        27    Ireland           57b--37
Conahan        Joanna           8     Ohio              57b--39
Conahan        John             37    Ireland           57b--36
Conahan        Magdalene        3     Ohio              57b--40
Conahan        Michael          6     Ohio              57b--38
Conant         Austin B.        12    Ohio              2a---18
Conant         Eunice           46    Mass              2a---17
Conant         Helen            5     Mich              112b-17
Conant         Horatio          64    Conn              2a---16
Conckle        Conrad           63    New Jersey        98b--28
Conckle        Esther           54    Conn              99a---9
Conderan       David            12    Penn              140a--6
Conderan       Eleanor          42    Penn              140a--4
Conderan       Eleanor          13    Penn              140a--5
Conderan       Francis          10    Penn              140a--7
Conderan       Margaret         6     Penn              140a--8
Conderan       Patrick          4     Penn              140a--9
Conderan       William          45    Ireland           140a--3
Conderan       William          3     Penn              140a-10
Cone           Abizah           26    NY                103a-16
Cone           Ambrose          22    Ohio              100a-19
Cone           Ambrose          22    Ohio              103a-41
Cone           Anna             1     Ohio              103a-19
Cone           Erastus          48    Conn              100a-16
Cone           Erastus          40    NY                84a--20
Cone           Juliett          23    NY                103a-17
Cone           Lavinia          16    NY                100a-20
Cone           Mary Ann         47    Mass              100a-17
Cone           Noah A.          19    Ohio              100a-18
Cone           Sarah            13    NY                100a-21
Cone           Sheperd          13    Mich              103a-18
Cone           William          10    NY                84a--21
Conell         Ellis            4/12  Ohio              74a--29
Conell         Harriet          32    NY                74a--28
Conell         Paul             35    Penn              74a--27
Conklin        Nelson           29    NY                28a--27
Conlish        James            32    Ireland           45b---2
Conlish        James            3     Ohio              45b---5
Conlish        Jenette          6     Ohio              45b---4
Conlish        John             1     Ohio              45b---6
Conlish        Mary             26    Ireland           45b---3
Conlisk        Bridget          23    Ireland           58b--40
Conlisk        Christopher      1     Ohio              37b--31
Conlisk        Dariec           5     Mich              37b--29
Conlisk        Dommic           30    Ireland           37b--27
Conlisk        Eliza            22    Ireland           37b--28
Conlisk        John             26    Ireland           37b--32
Conlisk        Margaret         6/12  Ohio              59a---1
Conlisk        Margaret         4     Ireland           58b--42
Conlisk        Mary             18    Ireland           58b--39
Conlisk        Maurice          21    Ireland           58b--37
Conlisk        Michael          27    Ireland           58b--38
Conlisk        Patrick          3     Ireland           58b--41
Conlisk        Stephen          3     Mich              37b--30
Connell        Mc               23    Ohio              150b-37
Connelly       Albert M         47    Ireland           139a-12
Connelly       Alexander        5     Ohio              139a-15
Connelly       Ann              7     Ohio              139a-14
Connelly       Catharine        1     Ohio              40a--20
Connelly       Edward           30    Ireland           40a--17
Connelly       Ellen S.         25    Ireland           40a--18
Connelly       Felix            30    Ireland           1a---22
Connelly       John             37    Ireland           136a-42
Connelly       John             3     Ohio              40a--19
Connelly       Margaret         43    Ireland           139a-13
Conner         Ann              29    Ireland           36a--17
Conner         Edward           3     Ohio              36a--18
Conner         Edward 0.        31    Ireland           36a--16
Connor         Ann              50    Ireland           55b--20
Conrad         Catharine        26    Germany           53b---5
Conrad         Joannes          28    Germany           53b---4
Conrays        Bridget          6     Ireland           41b--19
Conrays        Margaret         4     Ireland           41b--20
Conrays        Martin           45    Ireland           41b--17
Conrays        Mary             30    Ireland           41b--18
Conrays        Michael          2     Ireland           41b--21
Conroy         Ohe              45    Ireland           33a--33
Consaul        Amanda           16    Ohio              89b--30
Consaul        Ann E.           5     Ohio              90a---9
Consaul        Charles A.       2     Ohio              90a--10
Consaul        Jason            22    NY                89b--29
Consaul        John             86    NY                89b--34
Consaul        John             6     Ohio              89b--33
Consaul        John             56    NY                89b--27
Consaul        Lavinia          14    Ohio              89b--31
Consaul        Lewis            10    Ohio              89b--32
Consaul        Martha           50    NY                89b--28
Consaul        Priscilla        24    NY                90a---8
Consaul        William W.       30    NY                90a---7
Conulius       Ann              45    Ireland           66a---5
Converse       Harriet M.       17    Ohio              6b---32
Converse       James            21    Ohio              6b---30
Converse       James            21    Ohio              39a---6
Converse       James W.         43    Vermont           6b---29
Converse       Nelson           20    Ohio              6b---31
Convury        John             19    Ireland           75a--33
Conway         Elizabeth        3     Ohio              54a---5
Conway         Ellen            31    Ireland           54a---2
Conway         Henry            34    Ireland           40a--24
Conway         John             42    Ireland           54a---1
Conway         Mary             9     Ireland           54a---3
Conway         Patrick          34    Ireland           57b--27
Conway         Rose             6     Ohio              57b--30
Conway         Susan            37    Ireland           57b--28
Conway         Thomas           7     Ireland           54a---4
Conway         Thomas           11    NY                57b--29
Cook           Adaline          11    Mich              51b--18
Cook           Ann Eliza        47    Conn              10a--28
Cook           Bigelow          20    Ohio              3a---16
Cook           Chester          52    Conn              10a--27
Cook           Clarisa          56    NH                6b----6
Cook           Daniel           64    Mass              6b----5
Cook           Daniel F.        34    Maine             6b----7
Cook           Dwight           16    NY                10a--33
Cook           Edward C.        23    Mass              10a--31
Cook           Elizabeth        41    Germany           43a--17
Cook           Esther F.        10    NY                10a--35
Cook           Fanny            39    NY                3a---13
Cook           George           4/12  Ohio              72a--20
Cook           George A.        2     NY                10a--37
Cook           Henry            35    Germany           43a--16
Cook           Henry Clay       8     NY                10a--36
Cook           Henry T.         24    Mass              51b---6
Cook           Isaiah P.        19    NY                10a--32
Cook           James            9     Illinois          72a--16
Cook           Jane             2     Ohio              3a---20
Cook           John B.          32    Penn              24b--37
Cook           John J.          27    Mass              10a--29
Cook           Joseph           35    Canada            72a--14
Cook           Josephine        14    NY                10a--34
Cook           Luther           14    NY                108a-39
Cook           M. P.            23    NY                104a-11
Cook           Martha           8     Ohio              40a---9
Cook           Mary Ann         27    Maryland          72a--15
Cook           Roxana           38    NY                108a-42
Cook           Sarah            20    France            65a--25
Cook           Sarah J.         21    Ohio              104a-12
Cook           Susanah          23    Penn              24b--38
Cook           William          56    New Jersey        3a---12
Cook           William          5     Ohio              72a--17
Cook           William P.       25    Mass              10a--30
Cook           Zurill           42    NY                108a-41
Coolan         Ann E.           7     Ohio              66b--35
Coolan         Bridget          30    Ireland           66b--32
Coolan         Eliza            11/12 Ohio              66b--36
Coolan         Margaret         11    Ohio              66b--33
Coolan         Mary             9     Ohio              66b--34
Coolan         Patrick          35    Ireland           66b--31
Coolie         Ellen            28    Mich              70a--26
Coolie         Gideon           31    Mich              70a--25
Coolie         John             8     Mich              70a--27
Coolie         Mary             4     Mich              70a--28
Coolie         Milissa          7/12  Ohio              70a--29
Coon*          Almon P.         21    N.Y.              153b-36
Coon*          Fayette          19    N.Y.              153b-37
Coon*          George           11    O                 153b-39
Coon*          James B.         25    N.Y.              153b-40
Coon*          Lovin            16    N.Y.              153b-38
Coon*          Peter            55    N.Y.              153b-34
Coon*          Sylvia           47    N.Y.              153b-35
Cooney         James            50    Ireland           12b--15
Cooney         Nancy            52    Ireland           12b--16
Coons          Harriet          4     Indiana           74a--42
Coons          John             36    Penn              74a--39
Coons          Patience         29    Penn              74a--40
Coons          William          9     Ohio              74a--41
Cooper         Albert           6     NY                130a-38
Cooper         Almira           8     Ohio              111b-10
Cooper         Almira           38    NY                128a--5
Cooper         Alonzo           17    NY                128a--7
Cooper         Amia             50    Canada            111b--5
Cooper         Amos             6     Ohio              130b-32
Cooper         Darcas A.        21    Canada            61b---6
Cooper         Elizabeth        17    NY                111b--7
Cooper         Esther           25    NY                128a-10
Cooper         Franklin         1     Ohio              130a-40
Cooper         Gardner          50    Rhode Island      110a-25
Cooper         Gardner W.       11    Ohio              110a-31
Cooper         George F.        7     NY                128a--8
Cooper         George J.        15    Ohio              130b-31
Cooper         Harriet          10    Ohio              111b--9
Cooper         Henry A.         49    NY                130b-28
Cooper         Horace           14    Ohio              111b--8
Cooper         James            55    Penn              128a--4
Cooper         James            5     Ohio              128a--9
Cooper         James            34    NY                61b---5
Cooper         James H.         18    NY                130b-30
Cooper         John             11/12 Ohio              130b-33
Cooper         Kenyon           19    NY                110a-28
Cooper         Laura J.         9     Ohio              100b-39
Cooper         Lavinia          28    Indiana           130a-36
Cooper         Louisa Jane      9     NY                130a-37
Cooper         Marcus           8     Ohio              95a--42
Cooper         Martha           17    NY                110a-29
Cooper         Mary             20    NY                111b--6
Cooper         Mary             17    NY                110a-30
Cooper         Nathaniel        24    NY                110a-27
Cooper         Ottoe            4     Ohio              130a-39
Cooper         Phebe            25    NY                111b-13
Cooper         Phebe            23    NY                112a-40
Cooper         Philena          42    NY                130b-29
Cooper         Philip           22    NY                111b-12
Cooper         Remmington       48    Rhode Island      111b--4
Cooper         Sally            49    New Jersey        110a-26
Cooper         Wesley           7     Ohio              111b-11
Cooper         William          19    NY                128a--6
Corbin         Elizabeth        25    Unknown           130a-32
Cordal         John             10    Ohio              95a--15
Cordal         Joseph           50    Mich              95a--12
Cordal         Joseph           12    Ohio              95a--14
Cordal         Sarah            6     Ohio              95a--16
Cordal         Wife             48    Mich              95a--13
Cordat         Joseph           30    Mich              95b--36
Cordat         Julia            3     Ohio              95b--38
Cordat         Mary             1     Ohio              95b--39
Cordat         Massinline       28    Mich              95b--37
Corey          Henry B.         18    England           106a-41
Corey          Jane             58    England           106a-37
Corey          Jane             19    England           106a-40
Corey          Jane             18    England           114a-19
Corey          John             23    England           106a-38
Corey          Mary R.          13    England           106a-42
Corey          Richard          20    England           106a-39
Corey          Samuel           21    England           40b--39
Corey          William          23    England           114a-18
Cork           John             17    NY                80a--41
Corlett        Ann              36    England           53b--19
Corlett        George           3/12  Ohio              53b--22
Corlett        John             7     Ohio              53b--21
Corlett        Thomas           41    England           53b--18
Corlett        William          11    Ohio              53b--20
Corne          John             61    400               145b-19
Cornell        Julia            10    Ohio              62a--37
Cornell        Mrs.             17    NY                45a--20
Cornell        Sarah            39    NY                62a--36
Cornon         Arron            62    Mich              94a--16
Cornon         Joseph           7     Mich              94a--19
Cornon         Lawrence         10    Mich              94a--18
Cornon         Lewis            7     Mich              94a--20
Cornon         Mary             42    Mich              94a--17
Cornon         Paul             2     Mich              94a--21
Cornwell       Rassellas        7     Ohio              70a---6
Cornwell       Sarah Ann        24    NY                70a---5
Cornwell       Seymour          2     Ohio              70a---7
Cornwell       William          38    Unknown           70a---4
Cornwell       William H.       2/12  Ohio              70a---8
Coron          John             21    Ireland           60b---1
Corth          Ruth Ann         13    Ohio              99a--25
Cosgrove       Betsy            41    NY                113b--5
Cosgrove       Francis M.       1     Ohio              113b--9
Cosgrove       George           9     Ohio              113b--7
Cosgrove       Sylvanas F.      3     Ohio              113b--8
Cosgrove       Thomas           18    NY                113b--6
Cosgrove       Thomas T.        43    NY                113b--4
Cotean         David            10    Ohio              90b--11
Cotean         Elizabeth        3     Ohio              90b--14
Cotean         Gloyd            36    Mich              90b---8
Cotean         Gloyde           5     Ohio              90b--13
Cotean         James            1     Ohio              90b--15
Cotean         Mosas            12    Ohio              90b--10
Cotean         Susan            6     Ohio              90b--12
Cotean         Susan            24    Canada            90b---9
Cothrell       Daniel           49    NY                118a-32
Cothrell       Harriet          22    NY                118a-34
Cothrell       Harriet          22    NY                116a-16
Cothrell       Rosetta          19    NY                118a-35
Cothrell       Sarah            44    NY                118a-33
Cothrell       Silas J.         9     Ohio              118a-36
Cotton         Abram W.         15    Ohio              50a--14
Cotton         Alpheus F.       4     Mich              50a--17
Cotton         Anna S.          8     Mich              50a--15
Cotton         Carlos           *0    NY                50a--12
Cotton         Charles H.       6     Mich              50a--16
Cotton         Sophia A.        42    Canada            50a--13
Counter        Ann              6     England           94b---5
Counter        Mary             30    England           94b---4
Counter        William          34    England           94b---3
Counts         Catharine        19    Ireland           62b--11
Counts         James            24    Ireland           57b--42
Counts         John             1     Ohio              62b--13
Counts         Maria            3     Ohio              62b--12
Counts         Michael          24    Ireland           62b--10
Courser        Charles          16    Ohio              22a--37
Courser        Emma Jane        13    Ohio              22a--38
Courser        Julie            20    Ohio              22a--36
Courser        Lewis            28    Ohio              22a--35
Courser        Martha           25    .                 14b---7
Courson        Ann Elizabeth    13    O                 153b-30
Courson        Caroline         11    O                 153b-31
Courson        Chas             38    Penn              153b-28
Courson        Estella          2     O                 153b-33
Courson        Louisa           9     O                 153b-32
Courson        Mariah           35    Penn              153b-29
Couse          Ellen            30    Ireland           65b--37
Couse          Walter           6/12  Ohio              65b--38
Couse          William          27    Ireland           65b--36
Cowdery        Boselee M.       8     Penn              79b--39
Cowell         Ann              56    England           101b--3
Cowell         Cone J.          16    Ohio              101b--5
Cowell         John             88    England           101b--6
Cowell         John             27    England           101b--7
Cowell         Matilda S.       18    England           101b--4
Cowell         Moses            48    England           101b--2
Cowley         Margaret         35    Germany           33a--17
Cowley         Peter            79    Germany           33a--16
Cowley         Sohpia           9     Germany           33a--18
Cowley         William          20    Ireland           65b--39
Cowling        Catharine        48    Conn              127a-12
Cowling        Charlotte        18    NY                127a-15
Cowling        John             19    NY                127a-14
Cowling        Matthew          54    England           127a-11
Cowling        Matthew          21    NY                127a-13
Cowling        Sandford         16    NY                127a-16
Cox            Mary             18    Ireland           18b---5
Cox            Mary             17    Ireland           32b--10
Coy            Ann              18    Ohio              91a--11
Coy            Augusta          10    Ohio              11a--28
Coy            Cyrus H.         29    Maine             11a--26
Coy            Daniel           28    England           91a--10
Coy            Helen M.         21    Maine             11a--27
Coy            Jemima           23    England           72a--29
Coy            Perry            6/12  Ohio              91a--12
Coyle          John             50    Ireland           138b-29
Crab           Eliza Ann        5     Ohio              99a--28
Crab           Gershom          32    England           99a--26
Crab           Mary Jane        2     **                99a--29
Crab           Sarah Ann        23    NY                99a--27
Crabbs         John             26    Ohio              113a-11
Crabbs         Susan            28    Penn              113a-12
Crabbs         Watson C.        4     Ohio              113a-13
Crabbs         William          2     Ohio              113a-14
Crafts         Albe S.          54    NY                110a-39
Crafts         Harriet C.       20    NY                110a-37
Crafts         James A.         50    NY                110a-35
Crafts         Rebecca          53    NY                110a-36
Craig          Elizabeth        6/12  Ohio              118b--3
Craig          John             32    Ohio              118b--1
Craig          Margaret         23    Ohio              118b--2
Cramer         Abram            45    Penn              43a--18
Cramer         Ann              12    Penn              24b---8
Cramer         Caroline         22    .                 147a--9
Cramer         Catharine        46    Germany           43a--19
Cramer         Catharine        4     .                 147a-12
Cramer         Catharine        11    Penn              24b---9
Cramer         Elizabeth        8     .                 147a-11
Cramer         Elizabeth        18    Penn              24b---5
Cramer         Harriet          5     Penn              24b--12
Cramer         Jacob            8     Penn              24b--10
Cramer         Jady             2     .                 147a-13
Cramer         John             17    Penn              24b---6
Cramer         Johnson          10    Ohio              43a--21
Cramer         Levi             14    Penn              24b---7
Cramer         Margaret         33    Penn              24b---4
Cramer         Margaret         13    Ohio              43a--20
Cramer         Mathias          10    .                 147a-10
Cramer         P                34    500               147a--8
Cramer         Samuel           6     Penn              24b--11
Cramer         Simon            45    Penn              24b---3
Crane          Amos W.          13    Ohio              86b--36
Crane          Charles A.       32    Ohio              62a--38
Crane          Clarrisa P.      9     Ohio              86b--37
Crane          David            49    NY                58a--33
Crane          Gabriel          50    NY                86b--32
Crane          Henry S.         15    Ohio              86b--35
Crane          James H.         18    Ohio              86b--34
Crane          John R.          27    Ohio              107b-27
Crane          Joll             40    Unknown           42a--21
Crane          Marrianne L.     21    Ohio              107b-28
Crane          Mary             18    NY                42a--22
Crane          Mary A.          25    NY                62a--39
Crane          Mary Ann         43    Mass              86b--33
Cranker        Andrew           6/12  Ohio              25a--22
Cranker        Eliza Ann        17    Ohio              20b--37
Cranker        Hannah           34    NY                97b--30
Cranker        Jacob A.         27    NY                20b--35
Cranker        John P.          42    NY                97b--29
Cranker        Joseph           38    NY                97b--23
Cranker        Maria            65    NY                97b--28
Cranker        Maria            5/12  Ohio              97b--27
Cranker        Maria            1     Ohio              20b--38
Cranker        Mary             28    NY                97b--24
Cranker        Nancy            21    Mich              25a--21
Cranker        Peter            6     Ohio              97b--25
Cranker        Samuel           26    NY                25a--20
Cranker        William          3     Ohio              97b--26
Cranker        William H.       25    NY                20b--36
Craven         James            40    Penn              127b-37
Creed          Amelia           17    NY                2b----7
Creed          Austin           24    NY                2b----6
Creed          Charles          6     Ohio              2b----9
Creed          James            55    England           2b----4
Creed          Loriane          42    Vermont           2b----5
Creed          William          14    NY                2b----8
Crepo          Moses            14    Canada            67a---2
Cries          Bridget          41    Ireland           32a--42
Criphin        Susan            67    Maryland          126b-26
Cripliver      Catharine S.     2     Indiana           135b--7
Cripliver      Christina        24    Germany           135b--4
Cripliver      Daniel           35    Ohio              135b--3
Cripliver      Jacob H.         9     Indiana           135b--5
Cripliver      James A.         6     Ohio              133a--5
Cripliver      John             42    Virginia          133a--1
Cripliver      John W.          3     Ohio              133a--6
Cripliver      Lucinda E.       10    Ohio              133a--4
Cripliver      Margaret J.      1     Ohio              133a--7
Cripliver      Mary             12    Ohio              133a--3
Cripliver      Philip           5     Indiana           135b--6
Cripliver      Rachel           30    Ohio              133a--2
Crissey        C                34    250               147a-24
Crissey        Elizabeth        28    .                 147a-25
Crissey        Ellen M.         13    Ohio              118b-26
Crissey        Eugene           4     .                 147a-28
Crissey        Francis A        10    .                 147a-26
Crissey        Hannah           40    Mass              118b-25
Crissey        Josiah           46    Mass              118b-24
Crissey        Josiah W.        10    Mass              118b-28
Crissey        Mason            12    Ohio              118b-27
Crissey        Osgood D.        5     Ohio              118b-29
Crissey        Sarah Ann        8     .                 147a-27
Critenden      Augusta          15    .                 146a-10
Critenden      Zelotus          11    .                 146a-11
Crofts         Eliza            12    Ohio              77a--29
Crofts         George           6     Ohio              77a--32
Crofts         John             36    Ireland           77a--27
Crofts         John             1     Ohio              77a--33
Crofts         Joseph           8     Ohio              77a--31
Crofts         Joseph           75    Ireland           77a--34
Crofts         Mary             10    Ohio              77a--30
Crofts         Mary Ann         35    Canada            77a--28
Crom           William          32    NY                92b--14
Crosby         Alonzo           31    NY                141b-28
Crosby         Carleton         27    NY                141b-34
Crosby         Caroline         12    Ohio              141b-41
Crosby         Darwin           22    NY                141b-37
Crosby         David            16    NY                141b-39
Crosby         Horace           25    NY                141b-35
Crosby         John             24    NY                141b-36
Crosby         Lewis            7     Ohio              141b-42
Crosby         Lucinda          53    NY                141b-33
Crosby         Orlando          18    NY                141b-38
Crosby         Rachel           24    Ohio              141b-29
Crosby         Sophie           17    Ohio              142a--1
Crosby         Thomas           14    Ohio              141b-40
Crosby         Van R            57    Conn              141b-32
Crosby         William          3     Ohio              141b-31
Cross          David S.         13    Ohio              8a---21
Cross          Hannah           36    Ohio              8a---20
Cross          Lavina           10    Ohio              8a---22
Crossie        Anna Maria       29    Germany           49b---1
Crossie        Frederic         38    Germany           49a--42
Crossie        Henry J.         7     Ohio              49b---2
Crotht         Ann C.           54    Germany           97a--18
Crotht         Frederic         14    Germany           97a--21
Crotht         Martin           45    Germany           97a--17
Crotht         Michael          18    Germany           97a--19
Crotht         Orsley           16    Germany           97a--20
Crowley        Ann              3     Ohio              46a--25
Crowley        Joseph           10    Ohio              46a--23
Crowley        Mary             8     Ohio              46a--24
Crowley        Mary             35    Ireland           46a--22
Crowley        William          22    Ireland           56a--21
Cruel          Caroline         25    Ohio              23a---9
Cruel          Emily A.         3/12  Ohio              23a--10
Cruell         Betsy            21    NY                94b---2
Cruell         George           23    NY                94b---1
Crummell       James E.         19    New Jersey        80a--40
Crummell       Jane             11    Ohio              52b--25
Crummell       Peggy            60    Maryland          52b--22
Crummer        Frances          29    Germany           34a--42
Crummer        Peter            40    Germany           34a--41
Cryles         Henry            24    Penn              140b--4
Cullen         Elizabeth        2     Ohio              10a---4
Cullen         Francis C.       5     Ohio              10a---2
Cullen         Miranda J.       4     Ohio              10a---3
Cullen         Seth             30    England           9b---42
Cullen         Susanah          22    Nova Scotia       10a---1
Cullens        Catharine        61    NY                21a---2
Cullens        James            64    NY                21a---1
Culm           Mary             11    Ohio              14a---8
Culm           Thomas           2     Ohio              14a---9
Culver         David            49    Penn              127a-18
Culver         Hannah           48    Canada            127a-19
Culver         Horace           15    Ohio              127a-21
Culver         Martin           9     Ohio              127a-22
Culver         Newton B.        16    Ohio              127a-20
Cummings       Dan              3     Ohio              2b---17
Cummings       Daniel           37    Vermont           2b---15
Cummings       Sarah Ann        33    NY                2b---16
Cummings       William          7     Ohio              9a---24
Cunningham     Catharine        34    Ireland           69a--18
Curling        Frederic         23    Germany           36b--39
Curran         Edward           4     Mich              38a--42
Curran         Elizabeth        16    Ohio              45a--22
Curran         John             15    NY                38a--38
Curran         Margaret         6     Mich              38a--41
Curran         Mary             8     Ohio              38a--39
Curran         Mary             13    Ireland           7b----2
Curran         Mary             11    Mich              38a--40
Curran         Michael          40    Ireland           38a--35
Curran         Patrick          45    Ireland           38a--36
Curran         Patrick          19    Ireland           38a--37
Curtis         Alice            1     Ohio              17b--35
Curtis         Charles H.       2     Ohio              114a-28
Curtis         Charlotte A.     13    Mass              114a-27
Curtis         D.B.             35    NY                114a-25
Curtis         Isaiah L.        42    NY                17b--33
Curtis         Mehitabel        33    Conn              114a-26
Curtis         Sarah            37    NY                17b--34
Curtis         Sardis           23    Ohio              35b--32
Curtiss        Almira           55    R.I.              151b-38
Curtiss        Aloria           15    N.Y.              151b-41
Curtiss        George           48    N.H.              151b-37
Curtiss        Newton           19    N.Y.              151b-39
Curtiss        Ronse            7     Ohio              151b-42
Curtiss        Sarah            18    N.Y.              151b-40
Cutlip         James            2     O                 156a-21
Cuyler         Jacob            21    Germany           34a---3

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