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Fagan          Catharine        8     Ireland           47a--40
Fagan          John             5     Ireland           47a--41
Fagan          Mary             45    Ireland           47a--38
Fagan          Michael          10    Ireland           47a--39
Fairchild      Alonzo           21    N.Y.              155b-21
Fairchild      B.               55    Ct                155b-18
Fairchild      Benj. R.         26    N.Y.              155b-20
Fairchild      Elizabeth        20    O                 155b-25
Fairchild      Henry            22    NY                23a--23
Fairchild      Henry            22    O                 150b-16
Fairchild      Jefferson        9     O                 155b-24
Fairchild      Mary             40    N.Y.              155b-19
Fairchild      Mary Jane        12    O                 155b-23
Fairchild      Olive            12    Unknown           136b-19
Fairchild      Robert           19    N.Y.              155b-22
Famer          Minerva          4     O                 153b--1
Famer          Samuel           6     O                 153b--2
Famer          Sucker           1     O                 153b--3
Farlie         Almina           2     Mich              49b--20
Farlie         Almira           29    Conn              49b--16
Farlie         Benjamin         39    NY                49b--15
Farlie         Elizabeth        10    Mich              49b--17
Farlie         George           7     Mich              49b--18
Farlie         Isabella M.      5     Mich              49b--19
Farly          Eliza            34    .                 144a-12
Farly          Harrison         9     .                 144a-15
Farly          James            39    1500              144a-11
Farly          Jane Ann         5     .                 144a-16
Farly          John             12    .                 144a-13
Farly          William          10    .                 144a-14
Farner         Catharine        43    Penn              155b-36
Farner         Franklin         13    Penn              155b-39
Farner         Harmon           17    Penn              155b-37
Farner         Harrison         11    O                 155b-40
Farner         John             40    Penn              155b-35
Farner         John E.          10    O                 155b-41
Farner         Mary             8     O                 155b-42
Farner         Wilson           15    Penn              155b-38
Farnsworth     Anna             7     NY                78b--13
Farnsworth     Arrea            16    Ohio              13a--18
Farnsworth     Cora Anna        1     Ohio              1a---18
Farnsworth     George           5     NY                78b--14
Farnsworth     Jane E.          19    NY                1a---16
Farnsworth     John             26    England           78b--11
Farnsworth     Julius           19    Ohio              130a-21
Farnsworth     Lott B.          32    Ohio              2b----1
Farnsworth     Malvina          23    NY                2b----2
Farnsworth     Ralph            24    Ohio              1a---15
Farnsworth     Sarah            24    England           78b--12
Farnsworth     William          4     NY                78b--15
Farren         Thomas           23    Ireland           70b--27
Farst          Catharine        73    Penn              132a-15
Farst          John             86    Penn              132a-14
Fassett        Elias            23    NY                85b--12
Fassett        Elisha           44    NY                85b--13
Fassett        John             80    Conn              85b--10
Fassett        Phebe            25    NY                85b--11
Faust          Clarke           5/12  Ohio              104b--5
Faust          Harriet A.       9     NY                104b--1
Faust          Margaret         15    NY                104a-42
Faust          Nancy            36    Penn              104a-41
Faust          Rosantha         3     Ohio              104b--4
Faust          Susan            8     NY                104b--2
Faust          Tobia            36    Penn              104a-40
Faust          William          6     Ohio              104b--3
Faxton         Hermon A.        48    NY                67a---3
Fay            John             22    NY                114a-15
Feist          Andrew           31    Germany           36b--41
Fell           Joseph           35    Ireland           32b--22
Felsted        John             31    England           82b--16
Felsted        Sarah C.         20    England           82b--17
Felsted        William          25    England           83a--34
Felt           Anna             75    Conn              13b--21
Felt           Harriet          6     Ohio              13b--23
Felt           James            3     Ohio              13b--24
Felt           James M.         38    NY                13b--19
Felt           Rhoda            24    NY                13b--20
Felt           Samuel           1     Ohio              13b--25
Felt           Timothy          16    NY                13b--22
Fenegan        James            31    Ireland           33a--32
Ferguson       David            32    Scotland          56b--32
Ferguson       Elizabeth        38    NY                102b-22
Ferguson       George B.        11    Mich              102b-23
Ferguson       James            39    New Hampshire     102b-21
Ferguson       James            3     Ohio              56b--34
Ferguson       Jane             25    Scotland          56b--33
Ferguson       John             3/12  Ohio              56b--35
Ferlun         Nappa            15    Ireland           77b--12
Ferrall        Bernard          50    Ireland           32a--35
Ferrall        Ellen            3     Ohio              32a--41
Ferrall        James            15    Ohio              32a--39
Ferrall        John             17    Ireland           32a--38
Ferrall        Margaret         7     Ohio              32a--40
Ferrall        Mary             38    Ireland           32a--36
Ferrall        Rosanna          20    Ireland           32a--37
Ferrell        Catharine        13    Ohio              1b----6
Ferrell        Mary Ann         18    Ireland           1b----5
Ferrell        Nancy            38    Ireland           1b----3
Ferrell        Thomas           19    Ireland           1b----4
Ferrell        William          50    Ireland           1b----2
Ferris         Chas.            30    NY                3a---31
Ferris         John             7     NY                3a---33
Ferris         Mrs.             31    NY                3a---32
Fetthousen     Richard          23    NY                49b--21
Fetton         John             12    Ohio              17a---6
Fetton         Levi             35    NY                17a---3
Fetton         Rebecca          34    Penn              17a---4
Fetton         Sarah Jane       16    Ohio              11a--30
Fetton         Sarah Jane       14    Ohio              17a---5
Fiegus         Augustus         10    Germany           34a--20
Fiegus         Henry            3     Ohio              34a--22
Fiegus         William          5     Germany           34a--21
Fields         Andrew           34    NY                76a--16
Fields         Andrew           1     Ohio              76a--19
Fiernan        Ann              80    Ireland           73a--25
Fiernan        Bartholomew      30    Ireland           73a--27
Fiernan        Ellen            21    Ireland           73a--24
Fiernan        Hugh             26    Ireland           73a--23
Fill           Levi             37    NY                23b--31
Finch          Garritt          40    NY                90b--34
Finch          George           6     Mich              90b--37
Finch          Jane             5     Ohio              90b--38
Finch          Louisa           28    NY                90b--35
Finch          Mellissa         8     Mich              90b--36
Finch          Oscar            30    NY                30b--41
Finch          William          3     Ohio              90b--39
Findley        William          28    NY                56a--23
Finegan        George           1     Ohio              54b--19
Finegan        John             40    Germany           54b--17
Finegan        Mary             28    Germany           54b--18
Fingell        Edwin            5     Ohio              134b-27
Fingell        Eve              29    Switzerland       134b-26
Fingell        Frederic         33    Germany           134b-25
Fingell        John C.          3     Ohio              134b-28
Fish           Dora             19    Ireland           47a--21
Fish           Hartwell         27    NY                92a--38
Fisher         Adelaide         8/12  Ohio              75a--21
Fisher         Caroline         3     Ohio              75a--20
Fisher         Catharine        13    NY                4b---37
Fisher         Eberhard         39    Germany           75a--14
Fisher         Edward           25    England           78b--17
Fisher         Elizabeth        11    Ohio              75a--17
Fisher         Frederic         7     Ohio              75a--16
Fisher         James            30    Ireland           138b-32
Fisher         John             4     NY                78b--18
Fisher         Lewis            5     Ohio              75a--19
Fisher         Margaret         37    Germany           75a--15
Fisher         Mary             9     Ohio              75a--18
Fisk           Arvin            47    Mass              25a--24
Fisk           Charles H.       7     Ohio              25a--29
Fisk           Clinton          26    Ohio              62a---6
Fisk           Cynthia L.       18    NY                25a--27
Fisk           John W.          16    NY                25a--28
Fisk           Lauretia         41    Vermont           25a--25
Fisk           Maria            19    NY                25a--26
Fisk           Mr.              40    Unknown           52a--25
Fitch          Caroline         43    Mass              36b---5
Fitch          Edmund           49    NY                36b---4
Fitch          Eliza            7     Ohio              62a--21
Fitch          John             6     Ohio              36b---7
Fitch          Julia            4     Ohio              62a--22
Fitch          Lydia            12    Ohio              62a--20
Fitch          Mrs.             34    Unknown           62a--19
Fitch          Simeon           6/12  Ohio              62a--23
Fitch          Simeon           38    Unknown           62a--18
Fitch          William          22    NY                36b---6
Fitzgerald     Amanda           28    NY                79b--35
Fitzgerald     Edward           40    NY                79b--34
Fitzgerald     Elizabeth        37    Ireland           76b--25
Fitzgerald     Francis          8     Ohio              76b--26
Fitzgerald     Michael          29    Ireland           76b--24
Flasken        Jane             3     Canada            77a--24
Flasken        John             36    Scotland          77a--22
Flasken        Mary             25    Ireland           77a--23
Flasken        Mary             10/12 Ohio              77a--25
Fleek          Anna             1     Ohio              121a-33
Fleek          Barbara          3/13  Ohio              121a-35
Fleek          Charles          4     Ohio              121a-32
Fleek          Christian        38    Germany           121a-29
Fleek          Christian        3/12  Ohio              121a-34
Fleek          Margaret         6     Ohio              121a-31
Fleek          Margaret         30    Germany           121a-30
Fletcher       Charlotte        7     NY                54a---9
Fletcher       Electa           48    NY                82b--20
Fletcher       Ellen            38    Germany           54a---7
Fletcher       Ellen            11    NY                54a---8
Fletcher       Hannah           8     Ohio              51a--11
Fletcher       Mary             4     NY                54a--10
Fletcher       Nicholas         35    Germany           54a---6
Fletcher       Samuel           29    Ohio              82b--35
Flint          Adam             25    NY                39b---7
Flint          Amity            4     NY                83a--12
Flint          Brian            45    Ireland           77a--19
Flint          Catharine        20    Ireland           77a--20
Flint          Clarissa         20    NY                39b---8
Flint          Isabella         4/12  Ohio              39b---9
Flint          Mary             16    NY                83a--13
Flynn          John             45    Ireland           21b---1
Flynn          Margaret         7/12  Ohio              74a--37
Flynn          Margaret         23    Ireland           74a--36
Flynn          William          33    Ireland           74a--35
Foalk          Amelia           35    Penn              120a-30
Foalk          Clarrisa         8     Ohio              120a-31
Foalk          George           3     Ohio              120a-32
Foalk          Jacob            32    Penn              120a-29
Foalk          Lewis F.         1     Ohio              120a-33
Foglesang      Emma             32    Germany           48a--16
Foglesang      Jacob            22    Germany           63b--16
Foglesang      John J.          4     Ohio              48a--17
Folerton       Catharine        37    Ireland           48a--42
Folerton       John             30    Ireland           48a--41
Foley          Ann              8     Ireland           54a--21
Foley          Ann              7     Ohio              20a--16
Foley          Catharine        6     Ohio              20a--17
Foley          Daniel           35    Ireland           20a--13
Foley          Ellen            36    Ireland           20a--14
Foley          Hannah           31    Ireland           54a--19
Foley          Hugh             4     Ohio              20a--18
Foley          James            18    Ireland           11a--34
Foley          James            13    Ireland           116b--6
Foley          James            10    Ireland           54a--20
Foley          John             40    Ireland           116b--5
Foley          Margaret         7     Mich              47a---8
Foley          Margaret         16    Ireland           19a--23
Foley          Mary             41    Ireland           47a---6
Foley          Mary             10    Penn              20a--15
Foley          Mary Jane        5     Ohio              54a--22
Foley          Philip           36    Ireland           52b--32
Foley          Thomas           29    Ireland           54a--18
Foley          Thomas           12    Mich              47a---7
Follen         Helen            60    Ireland           70b--26
Folstin        Bartholomew      26    England           73a--11
Folstin        Jane             17    Ohio              73a--12
Foote          Thomas           38    Scotland          69a--23
Forbes         Caroline         8     Ohio              52b--38
Forbes         Frederic         6     Ohio              52b--39
Forbes         Harry            11    Ohio              52b--37
Forbes         John             13    Ohio              52b--36
Ford           Adaline          1     Canada            86b--14
Ford           Asa              11    Canada            86b--10
Ford           Betsy Ann        9     Canada            86b--11
Ford           Charles          7     Canada            86b--12
Ford           Henry            37    England           86b---8
Ford           James            28    Ireland           22a--21
Ford           Mary             27    Canada            86b---9
Ford           Mary             14    Ohio              109b-34
Ford           Mary Jane        5     Canada            86b--13
Fore           David            60    England           21b--37
Fork           John             19    Germany           19a---3
Forsyth        Adalaide         12    Ohio              5b----2
Forsyth        Alexander C.     4     Ohio              12b--35
Forsyth        Allan H.         6     Ohio              5b----5
Forsyth        Almira           48    Vermont           1a---20
Forsyth        Charlotte        32    Ireland           5a---40
Forsyth        Charlotte        13    Ohio              5b----1
Forsyth        Clara            10/12 Ohio              9a----7
Forsyth        Clara L.         27    Mass              9a----5
Forsyth        Duncan C.        33    Mich              12b--33
Forsyth        Duncan G.        10    Ohio              5b----3
Forsyth        Eleanor          25    Canada            12b--34
Forsyth        Henry H.         30    Ohio              9a----4
Forsyth        James H.         38    Canada            12a--42
Forsyth        James H.         15    Ohio              5a---42
Forsyth        Marion           8     Ohio              5b----4
Forsyth        Robert           3     Ohio              9a----6
Forsyth        Robert A.        55    Michigan          1a---19
Foster         Ann              10    England           132b-20
Foster         Ann E.           7     Ohio              132b-26
Foster         Bound            37    NY                24b--13
Foster         Frances          7     Ohio              132b-21
Foster         Frances          22    Ohio              24b--14
Foster         Harriet          15    England           132b-24
Foster         Jane             13    England           5b---12
Foster         Jane             12    England           132b-19
Foster         John             37    England           132b-22
Foster         John             16    England           132b-18
Foster         Louisa Ann       6/12  Ohio              132b-28
Foster         Mary Ann         45    England           132b-16
Foster         Richard W.       5     Ohio              132b-27
Foster         Robert           46    England           132b-15
Foster         Sarah            19    England           132b-17
Foster         Sarah            17    England           5a---37
Foster         Sarah Ann        39    NY                132b-23
Foster         William          10    England           132b-25
Foulker        Conrad           64    Germany           134a--8
Foulker        Sally M.         64    Germany           134a--9
Founk          Henry            32    Germany           10a--25
Founk          Mary P.          21    Ireland           10a--26
Foust          Catharine        19    Germany           126a-21
Foust          Elizabeth        15    Ohio              126a-22
Foust          Jacob            49    Germany           126a-18
Foust          Jacob            21    Germany           126a-20
Foust          Margaret         6     Ohio              126a-24
Foust          Phebe            48    Germany           126a-19
Foust          Sarah            10    Ohio              126a-23
Fowle          Mary E.          2     Mich              73b--24
Fowle          Rebecca Ann      22    NY                73b--23
Fowle          Samuel           27    NY                73b--22
Fowler         Christina        11    Mich              6a----6
Fowler         Ethelinda        15    Mich              6a----4
Fowler         Isabella         3     Mich              6a----9
Fowler         James            12    Ireland           50a--37
Fowler         John F.          50    NY                6a----2
Fowler         Julia Ann        13    Mich              6a----5
Fowler         Laura            9     Mich              6a----7
Fowler         Margaret         7     Mich              6a----8
Fowler         Rachel           50    NY                6a----3
Fowler         Soloman          72    NY                6a---10
Fox            Alexander        28    NY                110a-32
Fox            Anderson         11    Ohio              136a-12
Fox            Andrew           18    Canada            18a--11
Fox            Ann              50    Penn              18a--10
Fox            Bridget          68    Ireland           89b--40
Fox            Catharine        5     Germany           42b--35
Fox            Charles A.       6     Ohio              110a-33
Fox            Christopher      68    Ireland           89b--39
Fox            Dinah            7     Germany           42b--34
Fox            Eli              39    Vermont           136a-10
Fox            Ellen            1     Ohio              135a-38
Fox            Hannah           18    Penn              135a-36
Fox            Harriet          5     Penn              135a-37
Fox            Harriet          3     Penn              136a-15
Fox            Henry            9     Germany           42b--33
Fox            Henry            40    Germany           42b--31
Fox            Jacob            25    Penn              21a--23
Fox            Jane             25    Germany           40b--22
Fox            John             2     Ohio              42b--36
Fox            Larina F.        3     Ohio              110a-34
Fox            Larson           13    Penn              18a--12
Fox            Lydia            20    Ohio              21a--24
Fox            Mary             32    Germany           42b--32
Fox            Mary             29    Penn              136a-11
Fox            Mr.              30    Unknown           68a---2
Fox            Nelson           9     Penn              136a-13
Fox            Rufus            30    Don't Know        135a-35
Fox            Sarah            5     Penn              136a-14
Fradach        Edward           33    Germany           84a--13
Fradach        Edward           3     Ohio              84a--16
Fradach        Michael          11    Germany           84a--15
Fradach        Minnie           25    Germany           84a--14
Frances        Charles          42    France            16a--11
Francher       Electa           30    Ohio              136b-41
Francher       Jacob            33    NY                136b-40
Francher       Leonard          7     Ohio              136b-42
Francher       William          3     Ohio              137a--1
Franklan       Clarka           39    North Carolina    43b--24
Franklan       James E.         39    North Carolina    43b--23
Franks         Mr.              26    Unknown           67b---6
Frazier        Alice            22    Ireland           51b--38
Frazier        Andrew J.        4     Ohio              86b--17
Frazier        Elizabeth        50    England           51b--36
Frazier        Elizabeth        11    Ireland           52a---3
Frazier        Francis          19    Ireland           51b--39
Frazier        George           8     Ireland           52a---5
Frazier        Gregory          54    Ireland           51b--35
Frazier        Gregory          16    Ireland           51b--42
Frazier        James            12    Ireland           52a---2
Frazier        James F.         2     Ohio              86b--18
Frazier        Jane             10    Ireland           52a---4
Frazier        Jona L.          26    Ohio              86b--15
Frazier        Joseph           21    Ireland           65a--33
Frazier        Joseph           18    Ireland           51b--40
Frazier        Maggie           20    Scotland          7a---13
Frazier        Margery          22    Scotland          7a---14
Frazier        Mary Ann         23    Ohio              86b--16
Frazier        Robert           13    Ireland           52a---1
Frazier        Thomas           26    Ireland           51b--37
Frazier        William          17    Ireland           51b--41
Fredburg       Catharine        27    Canada            46a---9
Fredburg       Helen            7/12  Ohio              46a--11
Fredburg       Mary E.          2     Mich              46a--10
Fredburg       William A.       37    NY                46a---8
Fredenberg     Catharine        36    Unknown           73b--12
Fredenberg     Frances          17    Canada            73b--13
Fredenberg     George           11    Canada            73b--16
Fredenberg     James A.         14    Canada            73b--15
Fredenberg     Mary Jane        16    Canada            73b--14
Fredenberg     William          41    NY                73b--11
Frederay       John             23    Canada            14b--19
Freehart       John             30    Canada            81a--20
Freehart       Mary             8     Ohio              81a--22
Freehart       Mary             30    Canada            81a--21
Freeman        Alida            22    NY                39a--39
Freeman        Augustus         4     Ohio              51b--27
Freeman        Eli              32    NY                80b--37
Freeman        Emily            23    NY                51b--26
Freeman        Harriet J.       6     Ohio              80b--39
Freeman        John P.          39    Vermont           50a--38
Freeman        Lunette          3/12  Ohio              39a--40
Freeman        Milton G.        29    Vermont           51b--25
Freeman        Olive C.         16    Vermont           50a--40
Freeman        Phebe L.         31    Vermont           50a--39
Freeman        Rachel           4     Ohio              80b--40
Freeman        Rachel           27    Mich              80b--38
Freeman        Robert G.        1     Ohio              80b--41
Freeman        Sanford W.       28    Vermont           39a--38
Freeman        Sarah J.         2     Ohio              51b--28
Freeman        Sophouis**       8     Ohio              50a--41
Freman         Eliza A.         45    NY                112b-25
Freman         Minerva M.       23    NY                53a--33
Freman         Welcome W.       33    Vermont           53a--32
French         Benjamin         64    NY                116a-36
French         Charles          11    Ohio              20b---1
French         Edward           20    NY                116a-39
French         Eliza            15    Ohio              116a-40
French         Elizabeth        15    Ohio              116a-41
French         Fames            24    France            56b--39
French         Frances          16    NY                20a--41
French         Francis          21    France            56b--38
French         George           18    Canada            44a--13
French         Helen            8     Ohio              20b---2
French         Jane             34    Penn              20a--40
French         Julia            16    Canada            44a--14
French         Lydia            59    NY                116a-37
French         Mary             57    Mich              44a--12
French         Mary Ann         14    Penn              20a--42
French         Miles            26    NY                116a-38
French         Rier M.          1     Ohio              20b---3
French         Spencer          56    Unknown           44a--11
French         Wheeler          37    Conn              20a--39
Frettig        Christopher      35    England           76a---7
Frettig        Fanny            33    England           76a---8
Frettig        Mary             3     Ohio              76a---9
Friesh         Epha             26    Germany           57a--15
Friesh         Matthias         2     Ohio              57a--16
Frilds         Anna             4     Ohio              41b---9
Frilds         Harvey           35    Mass              41b---4
Frilds         Jane             35    Georgia           41b---5
Frilds         John C.          1     Ohio              41b--10
Frilds         Julius           8     Canada            41b---7
Frilds         Robert           11    Canada            41b---6
Frilds         William A.       6     Canada            41b---8
Frink          Joseph           50    France            45b---1
Fritch         Alice            4     Ohio              77b--27
Fritch         Edmund H.        8     Ohio              77b--25
Fritch         Jane             4/12  Ohio              77b--29
Fritch         Jane             35    Conn              77b--24
Fritch         John             41    NY                77b--23
Fritch         John             2     Ohio              77b--28
Fritch         Julia            6     Ohio              77b--26
Frogeberger    Ann Maria        45    Germany           97a--23
Frogeberger    Christian        40    Germany           97a--22
Frogeberger    Nicholas         17    Germany           97a--24
Frost          Abby             32    NY                8a---26
Frost          Alida L.B.       2     Ohio              8a---30
Frost          Annie A.         3     Ohio              116a-33
Frost          Caroline         23    NY                116a-31
Frost          Clyminia         8     Ohio              117b-33
Frost          Elisha P.        37    NY                8a---25
Frost          Eliza            1     Ohio              116a-34
Frost          Ellen A.         10    Ohio              8a---27
Frost          Francis A.       5     Ohio              8a---29
Frost          Henry            30    NY                116a-30
Frost          Henry            3/12  Ohio              116a-35
Frost          John             15    Ohio              117b-31
Frost          Leonard F.       5     Ohio              116a-32
Frost          Linas            55    Conn              117b-29
Frost          Louisa           11    Ohio              117b-32
Frost          Lucinda          48    NY                117b-30
Frost          Samuel           5     Ohio              117b-34
Frost          William B.       8     Ohio              8a---28
Frother        Philip           11    Germany           31a--16
Fruit          Matthias         28    Germany           75a--22
Fry            Amos             30    NY                137a--8
Fry            Reuben C.        25    Penn              96b---2
Ful**          John             21    Germany           36b--40
Fuller         Azel A.          31    Mass              9b---34
Fuller         Ella M.          4     Ohio              9b---36
Fuller         James A.         23    NY                9b---38
Fuller         Orson A          19    .                 144a-10
Fuller         Sally M.         32    Ohio              9b---35
Fuller         Trifena          64    .                 144a--9
Fuller         W. S.            65    1000              144a--8
Fullerton      M A              20    .                 148a-13
Fulman         Conrad           24    Germany           33b--42
Fulmar         Barbara          40    Germany           92a--27
Fulmar         Barbara          13    Germany           92a--28
Fulmar         Edward J.        2     Ohio              92a--30
Fulmar         Eunice           7     Germany           92a--29
Fulmar         Michael          52    Germany           92a--26
Fulmore        Catharine        19    Germany           97b--16
Fulmore        Michael          24    Germany           97b--15

Gable          Frederica        24    Germany           49b--14
Gable          John             28    Germany           49b--13
Gaffney        Ann              27    Ireland           68a--12
Gaffney        Barney           25    Ireland           68a--16
Gaffney        Bridget          7     Ireland           71a---3
Gaffney        Catharine        1     Ohio              68a--15
Gaffney        Eliza            5     Ohio              68a--14
Gaffney        James            33    Ireland           71a---1
Gaffney        James            1     Ohio              71a---4
Gaffney        Mary             25    Ireland           71a---2
Gaffney        Mary Ann         7     Ohio              68a--13
Gaffney        Michael          28    Ireland           68a--11
Galagher       Michael          33    Ireland           56a--14
Galagher       Susan            16    Ireland           61b---7
Gale           James            23    Ohio              14b---6
Gallino        Anna             46    NY                78a--33
Gallino        Cornelia         12    Canada            78a--37
Gallino        Cynthia          7     Canada            78a--39
Gallino        Eda              4     Canada            78a--41
Gallino        Elizabeth        22    Canada            78a--36
Gallino        Joseph           46    NY                78a--32
Gallino        Joseph           17    Canada            78a--35
Gallino        Mahala           10    Canada            78a--38
Gallino        Mary Ann         4     Canada            78a--40
Gallino        Peter            19    Canada            78a--34
Gallino        William          1     Ohio              78a--42
Galloway       Ann              19    Ireland           77b--31
Galt           Robert           35    Unknown           140a-27
Galway         Ellen            17    Ireland           34b--19
Ganghan        Barbara          1     Ohio              1b---11
Ganghan        Ellen            26    Ireland           1b----8
Ganghan        John             6     Ohio              1b----9
Ganghan        John             32    Ireland           1b----7
Ganghan        Samuel           4     Ohio              1b---10
Gannon         Martin           25    Ireland           65a--32
Gardineir      Eliza            18    Ohio              56b--15
Gardiner       Jane             28    Canada            53b---7
Gardiner       Myron            4     Ohio              53b---8
Gardiner       William          33    NY                53b---6
Gardinier      Abram            3     Ohio              112a-29
Gardinier      Adam A.          65    NY                109a-24
Gardinier      Charlotte        5     Ohio              112a-28
Gardinier      Clymena          8     Ohio              109a-22
Gardinier      Edward           32    NY                109a-20
Gardinier      Henry            19    NY                112a-22
Gardinier      Jacob            13    Ohio              112a-24
Gardinier      John L.          43    NY                112a-20
Gardinier      Joseph           10    Mich              112a-25
Gardinier      Katy             43    NY                112a-21
Gardinier      Lucretia         9     Mich              112a-26
Gardinier      Lucretia         25    NY                109a-21
Gardinier      Mary Jane        5     Mich              109a-23
Gardinier      Ophelia          7     Ohio              112a-27
Gardinier      Sarah            20    NY                109a-25
Gardinier      Sarah            14    NY                112a-23
Gardner        Harriet          50    NY                81a---2
Gardner        Nathan           29    NY                90b--33
Gardner        Robert           64    England           81a---1
Garker         Angeline         21    Germany           45b--26
Garnier        Joseph           31    Canada            140b-32
Garnier        Julia            3/12  .                 140b-34
Garnier        Julia            29    Ohio              140b-33
Garraway       John             11    Ireland           55b--21
Garrett        Anna             8     NY                7a---11
Garrett        Cuyler           4     Ohio              7a---12
Garrett        Cuyler           35    NY                7a----9
Garrett        Julia            30    NY                7a---10
Garrican       Mary             13    Ohio              63a--21
Garsar         Ann              10    Germany           71a--42
Garven         Bridget          23    Ireland           37b--35
Garven         Francis          24    Ireland           37b--34
Garven         James            4/12  Ohio              37b--37
Garven         Joseph           3     Ireland           37b--36
Garven         Joseph           17    Ireland           37b--38
Gasser         Caroline         20    NY                18b---8
Gasser         Joseph           22    Switzerland       18b---7
Gassner        Catherine        20    Prussia           13a--41
Gassner        Michael          27    Prussia           13a--40
Gastner        Catharine        35    Germany           43a--15
Gastner        John             50    Germany           43a--14
Gates          Amanda O.        23    NY                4b---41
Gates          Anrilla J.       15    Ohio              9a---15
Gates          Francis          2     Ohio              56b--30
Gates          James            28    Ohio              4b---40
Gates          Manning          31    Ny                14a--32
Gates          Philander        40    NY                56b--28
Gates          Prudence         30    NY                56b--29
Gatier         Aaron            25    Ny                14a--33
Gaunt          Mary             25    Penn              151a-37
Gaunt          Saml.            38    England           151a-36
Gaunt          Sophiah          2     O                 151a-39
Gaunt          William          6     O                 151a-38
Gaylord        Edward           17    NY                104b-32
Gaylord        Eliza Ann        44    NY                104b-30
Gaylord        Emily H.         8     Ohio              104b-35
Gaylord        Franklin A.      27    NY                104b-31
Gaylord        George C.        6     Ohio              104b-36
Gaylord        Harrison         11    Ohio              104b-34
Gaylord        William          14    NY                104b-33
Gaylord        William S.       46    NY                104b-29
Gee            John             30    Canada            81b--41
Gee            Victoria         21    Canada            81b--42
Genson         Charles          18    NY                27b---1
Genson         Jane             16    Penn              27b---2
Genson         Jonathan         4     Ohio              27b---6
Genson         Levi             11    Penn              27b---4
Genson         Mary             9     Penn              27b---5
Genson         Silas            13    Penn              27b---3
Genson         Zachary F.       1     Ohio              27b---7
Gentner        Conrad           36    Germany           132a-16
Gentner        Madeline         26    Germany           132a-17
Gentner        Mary M.          9/12  Ohio              132a-18
George         John S.          32    Scotland          56a--27
George         Mexican          33    Penn              78b--24
Geottill       Ann Eliza        31    Penn              67a--10
Geottill       Ann Eliza        13    Ohio              67a--12
Geottill       Christian H.     8     Ohio              67a--15
Geottill       Henry W.         46    Penn              67a---9
Geottill       John             9     Ohio              67a--14
Geottill       Julia Ann        3/12  Ohio              67a--17
Geottill       Lizzie           2     Ohio              67a--16
Geottill       Mary             40    Penn              67a--11
Geottill       Nancy W.         11    Ohio              67a--13
Gere           Alex H.          39    Conn              19a--30
Gere           Amos             6     Ohio              19a--33
Gere           Cordelia         35    Conn              19a--31
Gere           Harriet          3     Ohio              19a--34
Gere           Orlando          9     Ohio              19a--32
Gerkins        Henry            23    Unknown           6b---33
Gerring        Ann              22    Germany           13a--42
Gerry          Annis            19    NY                83a---4
Gerry          John             3     Ohio              83a---5
Gerry          Mary M.          1     Ohio              83a---6
Gerry          Timothy          24    Ohio              83a---3
Gesserlin      Christian        7     Germany           88a--42
Gesserlin      Christian        30    Germany           88a--40
Gesserlin      Sarah            30    Germany           88a--41
Gibbin         Ann              43    Vermont           66b--42
Gibbin         John             45    Ireland           66b--41
Gibbs          Chloe            65    Vermont           23a--42
Gibbs          William          26    Ohio              122b-31
Giberack       Charles          28    Germany           66a--29
Gibson         David            30    Ireland           56b--36
Gibson         Lucinda          66    NY                87b--18
Gignac         Amelia K.        22    Canada            16a---8
Gignac         Antoine          42    Canada            16a---6
Gignac         Antoine          13    Vermont           16a---9
Gignac         Antoinette       48    Canada            16a---7
Gignac         Napoleon         6     Canada            16a--10
Gignar         Ann              29    Ireland           10b--32
Gignar         Augustus         2     Ohio              10b--34
Gignar         Leandre          30    Canada            10b--31
Gignar         Lewis            6     Ohio              10b--33
Gigor          Andrew           4     Ohio              20b--18
Gigor          Clara A.         5/12  Ohio              20b--20
Gigor          John             37    Germany           20b--16
Gigor          Maria            3     Ohio              20b--19
Gigor          Mary Jane        31    Nova Scotia       20b--17
Gigor          Nicholas         24    Germany           20b--21
Gilbert        Chloe A.         9     Ohio              23a--35
Gilbert        Clark            10/12 Ohio              23a--39
Gilbert        Elias            2     Ohio              23a--38
Gilbert        Fredoric E.      3/12  Ohio              39a---5
Gilbert        Jarvis           45    Ohio              23a--32
Gilbert        John W.          5     Ohio              23a--37
Gilbert        Mary Ann         23    Ohio              39a---4
Gilbert        Nancy F.         33    NY                23a--33
Gilbert        Smith            35    NY                39a---3
Gilbert        Thomas N.        10    Ohio              23a--34
Gilbert        Urich            7     Ohio              23a--36
Gilbroy        Mary Ann         9     NY                55b--10
Gilchrist      Jane             17    Ireland           45a--18
Gilder         Ann              19    Ireland           73a--38
Gilder         Anna             54    Ireland           73a--35
Gilder         Elizabeth        9     Mich              73a--41
Gilder         James            55    Ireland           73a--34
Gilder         James            16    Ireland           73a--40
Gilder         John             23    Ireland           73a--37
Gilder         Margaret         17    Ireland           73a--39
Gilder         Susan            7     Mich              73a--42
Gilder         William          27    Ireland           73a--36
Gill           Antoinette       12    Ohio              141a-23
Gill           Eleanor          20    Ohio              140a-15
Gill           Eliza Jane       13    Ohio              141a-22
Gill           Emily            9     Ohio              141a-25
Gill           Henry T          5     Ohio              141a-27
Gill           Isaac            54    Penn              141a-17
Gill           Isaac            24    Ohio              141a-19
Gill           Julia            10    Ohio              141a-24
Gill           Lara             7     Ohio              141a-26
Gill           Margaret         52    Penn              141a-18
Gill           Sarah            15    Ohio              141a-21
Gill           William          19    Ohio              141a-20
Gillett        Augustus         24    NY                135b-21
Gillett        Charlotte        45    Canada            135b-35
Gillett        Ebenezer         63    Conn              135b-34
Gillett        Ebenezer         10/12 Ohio              143a--3
Gillett        Eliza J.         9     Ohio              135b-26
Gillett        Fanny            25    NY                135b-17
Gillett        Harriet          25    New Jersey        143a--2
Gillett        Louisa           7     Ohio              135b-36
Gillett        Louisa           36    Mass              135b-24
Gillett        Mary E.          5     Ohio              135b-18
Gillett        Matilda          2/12  Ohio              135b-37
Gillett        Matilda          19    Ohio              135b-27
Gillett        Milo             27    NY                135b-16
Gillett        Orrin            37    Conn              135b-23
Gillett        Peter M.         1     Ohio              135b-19
Gillett        Rodolphus        26    NY                143a--1
Gillett        Roswell          15    Ohio              135b-25
Gillett        Theodore         4     Ohio              133a-11
Gilman         August           15    Germany           89b---3
Gilman         Charlotte        51    Germany           89a--42
Gilman         Charlotte        18    Germany           89b---2
Gilman         Henry            60    Germany           89a--41
Gilman         John             20    NY                11b--39
Gilman         Joseph           22    NY                11b--41
Gilman         Josiah           30    NY                11b--37
Gilman         Louisa           12    Germany           89b---4
Gilman         Mary             23    Penn              11b--38
Gilman         Peter            24    NY                1a----6
Gilman         Wilhelm          20    Germany           89b---1
Gilman         William          1     Ohio              11b--40
Gilmore        Benjamin         41    NY                47b--33
Gilmore        Emma             4     Mich              47b--38
Gilmore        Harriet          20    New Hampshire     47b--36
Gilmore        John             19    Vermont           47b--37
Gilmore        Julius           6/12  Ohio              47b--39
Gilmore        Mary             41    Canada            47b--34
Gilmore        Mary             22    New Hampshire     47b--35
Gilpin         Artemesia        2     Ohio              23b--14
Gilpin         Elizabeth        14    Penn              23b--11
Gilpin         James            20    Penn              23b--10
Gilpin         John             53    NY                23b---8
Gilpin         Mary             40    Penn              23b---9
Gilpin         Mary E.          9     Penn              23b--12
Gilpin         William W.       7     Penn              23b--13
Girl           Dutch            14    Germany           36b--19
Gladding       Charles          23    NY                64a---2
Glann          Catharine        54    NY                100b-18
Glann          Catharine        11    Ohio              100b-26
Glann          Daniel           19    NY                100b-23
Glann          David            21    NY                100b-22
Glann          Henry            26    NY                100b-20
Glann          James            31    NY                100b-19
Glann          Nathaniel        57    New Jersey        100b-17
Glann          Peter            14    Ohio              100b-25
Glann          Vincent          24    NY                100b-21
Glann          William          16    Ohio              100b-24
Glaticeaux     Joseph           32    France            86a--34
Glaticeaux     Lewis            1     .                 86a--38
Glaticeaux     Sophia           27    France            86a--35
Glaticeaux     Sylvester        3     .                 86a--37
Glaticeaux     Victor           6     Ohio              86a--36
Glen           Andrew           16    Ireland           64b--28
Glen           Mary             37    Ireland           64b--26
Glen           Phebe            12    NY                64b--29
Glen           Thomas           7     NY                64b--30
Glen           Thomas           35    Ireland           64b--25
Glen           William          19    Ireland           64b--27
Glennun        Ann              2/12  Ohio              13b---6
Glennun        Catharine        35    Ireland           13b---2
Glennun        Elizabeth        3     Ohio              13b---5
Glennun        Martin           4     Ohio              13b---4
Glennun        Mary             14    Ohio              13b---3
Glennun        Patrick          36    Ireland           13b---1
Glonn          Wm.              24    Germany           13a--32
Gloyd          J.M.             30    NY                8b----5
Gloyd          Jas M.           30    Mass              11a--38
Glum           Elizabeth        27    Germany           75a---4
Glum           Vanderlin        31    Germany           75a---3
Goddard        Alonzo           27    NY                47b--23
Goff           Calib            51    NY                17b--23
Goff           Ellen M.         50    NY                17b--24
Goff           Mary             19    NY                17b--26
Goff           Tertunus         21    NY                17b--25
Golan          Patrick          33    Ireland           62b--19
Goler          Patrick          35    Ireland           62b--14
Goncher        Alvin            10    .                 145a-32
Goodrich       Charles          16    Ohio              101b-37
Goodrich       Charlotte        15    Ohio              101b-38
Goodrich       Elizabeth        5     Ohio              102a--1
Goodrich       Elizabeth        40    NY                101b-36
Goodrich       Emily            12    Ohio              101b-39
Goodrich       Jasper           58    NY                101b-35
Goodrich       Jasper           1     Ohio              102a--2
Goodrich       Mary Jane        8     Ohio              101b-42
Goodrich       Sarah            11    Ohio              101b-40
Goodrich       Stephen          9     Ohio              101b-41
Gordineir      Almira           17    Ohio              98a--38
Gordineir      Benjamin         19    NY                98a--37
Gordinier      Adam W.          20    NY                108b--2
Gordinier      Arthur           5     Ohio              110a--1
Gordinier      Bradford         9/12  Ohio              110a--3
Gordinier      Elida            3     Ohio              110a--2
Gordinier      Frances M.       23    NY                109b-42
Gordinier      Harriet N.       22    NY                108b--3
Gordinier      Henry            18    .                 146b-13
Gordinier      Lucinda E.       8/12  Ohio              108b--4
Gordinier      Samuel           31    NY                109b-41
Gordon         Amarilla         12    .                 148b-31
Gordon         David            23    New Jersey        98a--33
Gordon         Henry            2     .                 148b-35
Gordon         James            20    Unknown           67a--28
Gordon         John             5     Ohio              99b--13
Gordon         Lavina           35    Vermont           99b--11
Gordon         Marinda          8     .                 148b-32
Gordon         Mary Jane        6     Ohio              99b--12
Gordon         Sally Ann        33    .                 148b-30
Gordon         Sarah Ann        4     .                 148b-34
Gordon         T                36    500               148b-29
Gordon         William          6     .                 148b-33
Gordon         William          31    New Jersey        99b--10
Gorman         Anna             20    Ireland           57a---3
Gorman         William          31    Ireland           69b--20
Gossling       Domenic          44    France            72b--30
Graham         Frederic A.      6/12  Ohio              3b---39
Graham         Hosmer           52    Conn              47b--16
Graham         James F.         12    Mich              47b--19
Graham         Lydia Ann        24    NY                3b---38
Graham         Mary L.          14    NY                47b--18
Graham         Norton           26    NY                3b---37
Graham         Sarah            43    Mass              47b--17
Graham         Sarah            10    Mich              47b--20
Graling        John             77    Germany           90b--31
Granger        B.W.             24    Ohio              52a--28
Granger        Eliza            42    NY                46a---6
Granger        Emma F.          20    Vermont           52a--29
Granger        J.A.             27    Ohio              69a--38
Grant          John             27    NY                70b--42
Grant          Mr.              40    Unknown           68a---7
Graven         Catharine        12    Mich              51a--33
Graven         Ellen            7     Mich              51a--35
Graven         Ellen T.         50    Ireland           51a--31
Graven         Mary B.          15    Mich              51a--32
Graven         Michael          10    Mich              51a--34
Graven         Patrick          35    Ireland           51a--30
Graves         Ann              28    Ohio              65a--42
Graves         George           10    Ohio              65b---1
Graves         John             46    Canada            4b----4
Graves         John             31    Virginia          65a--41
Graves         John             28    Germany           48b--39
Graves         John P.          14    NY                4b----6
Graves         Margaret         32    NY                4b----5
Graves         Maria            7     Ohio              65b---2
Graves         Mary             24    Germany           48b--40
Graves         Mary Ann         4     Ohio              65b---3
Gray           Abigal           44    .                 147a-34
Gray           Josiah           8     .                 147a-38
Gray           Orlando          14    .                 147a-37
Gray           Persifer         2     .                 147a-39
Gray           Sally Ann        17    .                 147a-36
Gray           Watson           49    800               147a-33
Gray           William          18    .                 147a-35
Greder         Lewis            28    Germany           40b--31
Greder         Louisa           25    Germany           40b--32
Green          Ader             17    Penn              150b-10
Green          Basheba E.       20    Penn              150b--7
Green          Catharine        26    NY                113b-38
Green          Catharine L.     7     Ohio              112b--2
Green          Catharine R.     33    N Hampshire       112b--1
Green          Charles E.       5     .                 112b--3
Green          Elizah           29    Ohio              108b--5
Green          Elizah N.        9     Ohio              108b--7
Green          Erben            40    NY                116b--4
Green          Esther           21    Ohio              120b-10
Green          Frances M.       16    Ohio              100a-23
Green          Gordon           21    Ohio              129b-30
Green          Joel             27    Mass              113b-37
Green          Josiah           49    Canada            150b--5
Green          Josiah           19    Penn              150b--8
Green          Lyman B.         7     Ohio              108b--8
Green          Mary             42    N Hampshire       100a-22
Green          Mary E.          4     .                 112b--4
Green          Mary Ette        1     Ohio              108b-10
Green          Milton A.        13    Ohio              100a-24
Green          Rosella          5     Ohio              108b--9
Green          Sally M.         28    NY                108b--6
Green          Samuel           18    Penn              150b--9
Green          Sarah            49    N.Y.              150b--6
Greenwood      Ann              50    England           52b---3
Greenwood      Ann              34    England           70b--14
Greenwood      Eliza Jones      15    England           70b--15
Greenwood      Elizabeth        10    England           70b--17
Greenwood      Hannah           21    Louisania         46a--21
Greenwood      John             22    NY                46a--20
Greenwood      Maria            7     England           70b--18
Greenwood      Mary             27    England           100b-15
Greenwood      Mary             25    England           52b---2
Greenwood      Mary Ann         12    England           70b--16
Greenwood      Richard          50    England           100b-14
Greenwood      William          26    England           70b--13
Gregory        Ann P.           29    Mass              3b---42
Gregory        Daniel L         29    Vermont           3b---41
Gregory        Edward H.        1     Ohio              4a----1
Gregorys       J. Manford       13    Vermont           8a---36
Gregorys       John J.          41    Vermont           8a---34
Gregorys       Julia H.         11    Vermont           8a---37
Gregorys       Neatthy P.       39    Conn              8a---35
Grering        Ann              7/12  Germany           16b--25
Grering        John             26    Germany           16b--23
Grering        Wife             23    Germany           16b--24
Grewing        Ann              20    Germany           15a--13
Gribbin        Anne             3     Ohio              94b--10
Gribbin        Edward           2     Ohio              94b--11
Gribbin        Fanny            7     Ohio              67a---1
Gribbin        Fanny            7     Ohio              94b---8
Gribbin        John             5     Ohio              94b---9
Gribbin        Mary Ann         28    Ireland           94b---7
Gribbin        Peter            33    Ireland           94b---6
Gribbin        Rosa             4/12  Ohio              94b--12
Griesol        Edward           6     Mich              54a--33
Griesol        Joseph           20    NY                54a--31
Griesol        Julia            24    Canada            54a--32
Griffin        Mrs.             23    Unknown           45b---8
Griffin        T.H.             28    Unknown           45b---7
Griffin        Wiler            1     Unknown           45b---9
Griffiths      James H.         6     Mich              4a---33
Griffiths      Lucy L.          32    Vermont           4a---32
Griffiths      Stephen          31    NY                4a---31
Grilleg        Cyrus            13    Ohio              44a---3
Grilleg        Joseph           1     Ohio              44a---5
Grilleg        Laura            9     Ohio              44a---4
Grilleg        Mary             36    England           44a---2
Grilleg        Samuel           38    Vermont           44a---1
Grimes         Enoch            30    Ohio              24a---5
Grimes         Sarah            24    Ohio              24a---6
Grimes         Sarah            1     Ohio              24a---7
Grims          Caroline P.      2     Ohio              133b--9
Grims          Frederic         33    Germany           133b--7
Grims          Frederica        23    Germany           133b--8
Grims          Louisa C.        1     Ohio              133b-10
Griswold       David            25    NY                72b--26
Griswold       Hermon           2     Ohio              2a---39
Griswold       Maria            9     Ohio              2a---37
Griswold       Maria V.         33    NY                2a---36
Griswold       Wm P.            5     Ohio              2a---38
Griswold       Wm. P.           34    Conn              2a---35
Groes          Martin           26    Germany           34a---1
Groesenbecker  Edward           11    Germany           57a--35
Groesenbecker  George           1/12  Ohio              57a--34
Groesenbecker  Mary             30    Germany           57a--32
Groesenbecker  Samuel           28    Germany           57a--31
Groesenbecker  Samuel           2     Ohio              57a--33
Groff          Adam             25    Germany           37b--21
Groop          John             35    Germany           20b--22
Gross          Eliza            24    Penn              40b--24
Gross          Ida Jane         1     Ohio              40b--26
Gross          Isabella         2     Ohio              40b--25
Gross          Robert E.        22    Vermont           40b--23
Groucher       Mary             29    NY                54b--14
Groucher       Mary Ann         3     Ohio              54b--16
Groucher       Phebe Ann        7     Ohio              54b--15
Groucher       Walter           17    Canada            87a--11
Groucher       Western          48    NY                54b--13
Grover         Abigal           37    .                 148a-22
Grover         Betsey           4     .                 148a-26
Grover         David            10    .                 148a-24
Grover         Emily            15    .                 148a-23
Grover         L                41    800               148a-21
Grover         Menzo            7     .                 148a-25
Groves         Harrison         30    NY                72b--27
Groves         James            28    NY                37a--18
Groves         Jerome           21    NY                37a--22
Groves         Levi             3     Mich              37a--21
Groves         Matilda          26    Canada            50b--40
Groves         Phebe            24    NY                37a--19
Groves         Seth             5     NY                37a--20
Gruber         Alfred           19    Penn              28b---1
Gruber         Enoch            43    Penn              28a--41
Gruber         Hiram            16    Ohio              28b---2
Gruber         James            6     Ohio              28b---5
Gruber         John             3/12  Ohio              28b---4
Gruber         Lydia            29    Ohio              28a--42
Gruber         William          3/12  Ohio              28b---3
Grun           Betsey Ann       1     .                 144b-26
Grun           Catharine        21    .                 144b-24
Grun           Henry            19    .                 144b-30
Grun           James            13    .                 144b-31
Grun           Joseph G         21    .                 144b-29
Grun           Mary             56    .                 144b-28
Grun           Mary C           2     .                 144b-25
Grun           Nathan S         75    500               144b-27
Grun           S G              26    300               144b-23
Guig           James            10    NY                11b--10
Guig           John             37    Ireland           11b---8
Guig           Mary             25    England           11b---9
Guig           Mirinda          6     NY                11b--11
Guire          Adaline          3     Ohio              81b--28
Guire          Benjamin         8     Ohio              81b--25
Guire          Catharine        5     Ohio              81b--27
Guire          Elizabeth        7     Ohio              81b--26
Guire          Isadore          10/12 Ohio              81b--29
Guire          Lucy             31    Mich              81b--23
Guire          Mary             11    Ohio              81b--24
Guire          Paul             36    Mich              81b--22
Gullin         Thomas M.        9     Ohio              25a---6
Gulmar         Joseph           45    Germany           49a--18
Gulmar         Joseph           10    Germany           49a--20
Gulmar         Mary             11    Germany           49a--19
Gunn           Albert D.        16    Ohio              123a-12
Gunn           Alfred           7/12  Ohio              127b-30
Gunn           Alfred           33    Mass              127b-26
Gunn           Alfred           13    Ohio              123a-13
Gunn           Amelia           18    Ohio              127b-24
Gunn           Asabel           20    Ohio              127b-23
Gunn           Eliza            44    NY                123a--8
Gunn           Elizabeth        58    Mass              127b-21
Gunn           Ellen            10    Ohio              127b-25
Gunn           Emeline          32    Mass              127b-27
Gunn           Eugene           6     Mass              127b-29
Gunn           Henry E.         24    Ohio              123a--9
Gunn           Leonard          10    Ohio              123a-14
Gunn           Luther           26    Ohio              26a---5
Gunn           Montague         21    Mass              127b-19
Gunn           Nancy A.         21    Ohio              123a-10
Gunn           Oscar            13    Mass              127b-28
Gunn           Osman            49    Mass              123a--7
Gunn           Williard         59    Mass              127b-20
Gunn           Williard         17    Ohio              127b-22
Gunn           Zehna C.         18    Ohio              123a-11
Gure           Anthony          27    Mich              72b---7
Gure           Dominic          1     Ohio              72b---9
Gure           Lydia            21    Mich              72b---8
Gure           Victoria         3     Ohio              72b--10
Gurgly         Ann              36    Ireland           139b-35
Gurgly         Bernard          11    Ohio              139b-38
Gurgly         Catharine        9     Ohio              139b-39
Gurgly         Edward           15    NY                139b-37
Gurgly         Patrick          40    Ireland           139b-34
Gurgly         Thomas           18    NY                139b-36
Gurrey         Jerimiah         23    Ireland           5b---37
Guyette        Fanny            41    Canada            15a---6
Guyette        Isadore N.       9     Ohio              15a---9
Guyette        Leandre A.       1     Ohio              15a---8
Guyette        Louis            50    Canada            15a---5
Guyette        Mary             8     Ohio              15a---7
Guyor          Charles L.       2     Ohio              11a---8
Guyor          Clerrissa        23    Mich              11a---4
Guyor          Eli              4     Ohio              11a---7
Guyor          Levis            32    Mich              11a---3
Guyor          Margaret         6     Ohio              11a---6

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