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Backus         Abner L.         31    Ohio              4b---17
Backus         Eliza            3     Ohio              4b---20
Backus         Elizabeth R.     26    Conn              4b---18
Backus         Samuel           1     Ohio              4b---21
Backus         William W.       4     Ohio              4b---19
Badgers        Alice            6/12  Ohio              38b---6
Badgers        Alonzo           40    NY                38b---1
Badgers        Alphens R.       11    Ohio              38b---3
Badgers        Ambrose J.       9     Ohio              38b---4
Badgers        Eliza M.         3     Ohio              38b---5
Badgers        Harriet          39    Ohio              38b---2
Badsworth      Derius           40    Vermont           30b--10
Badsworth      Emma L.          9     NY                30b--13
Badsworth      Fanny S.         17    Ohio              30b--14
Badsworth      Susan            38    NY                30b--11
Badsworth      Theresa M.       10    NY                30b--12
Bailey         Chloe            23    NY                74a--30
Bailey         Frances M.       6     Ohio              120a--8
Bailey         Frederic E.      32    Vermont           113a-15
Bailey         Harriet A.       9/12  Ohio              113a-17
Bailey         Mary             30    Vermont           113a-16
Bailey         Mary Ann         24    New Hampshire     120a--6
Bailey         Mary M.          8     Vermont           120a--7
Bailey         Princess         4     Ohio              120a--9
Bailey         Richard          31    Penn              120a--5
Baines         Emma A.          2     Ohio              119b-28
Baines         George           12    Ohio              119b-26
Baines         James            38    England           119b-24
Baines         Mary Ann         6     Ohio              119b-27
Baines         Susan            33    Penn              119b-25
Baird          Jonas D.         23    Ohio              129b-19
Baker          Abram            31    Penn              141a-28
Baker          Frank            22    NY                60b--34
Baker          James            40    England           77b---6
Baker          Mary H.          12    Germany           42b--24
Baker          Stephen          40    Germany           33a--21
Baker          Theresa          24    Germany           42b--23
Baker          Valentine        34    Germany           42b--22
Baker          William          31    NY                60b--33
Baker          William          2/12  Ohio              60b--35
Baldwin        Cornell R.       20    Ohio              95b--19
Baldwin        Deborah          29    NY                82a---6
Baldwin        Eliza            7     Ohio              67a--24
Baldwin        Eliza M.         38    NY                95b--18
Baldwin        Eliza T.         16    Ohio              95b--21
Baldwin        James            31    Ireland           76a--33
Baldwin        James            3/12  Ohio              76a--35
Baldwin        James M.         37    Ohio              82a---5
Baldwin        Jane             26    Mass              130a--9
Baldwin        Jim Thorp        25    Mich              67a--27
Baldwin        John A.          35    Ohio              67a--22
Baldwin        John L.          4     Ohio              67a--26
Baldwin        John W.          2     Ohio              82a---9
Baldwin        Marcus           41    Ohio              95b--17
Baldwin        Margaret O.      5     Ohio              82a---8
Baldwin        Mary             21    Ireland           76a--34
Baldwin        Mary Jane        9     Ohio              82a---7
Baldwin        Perry C.         34    North Carolina    130a--8
Baldwin        Phebe            67    Mass              103a-27
Baldwin        Sarah J.         25    Penn              67a--23
Baldwin        Uranier          18    Ohio              95b--20
Baldwin        Walter           6     Ohio              67a--25
Ball           Amelia           19    NY                92a--17
Ballahun       John             45    Ireland           137a--2
Ballard        Angeline         23    NY                8a---24
Ballard        Charles          25    NY                8a---23
Ballon         Amariah          32    Vermont           76b---8
Ballon         Emily            40    NY                136b--7
Ballon         Gilbert          16    Ohio              136b-10
Ballon         Orson            41    NY                136b--6
Ballon         Oscar            13    Ohio              136b-11
Ballon         Ozora            18    Ohio              136b--8
Ballon         Ozra             18    Ohio              136b--9
Bane           Thomas L.        50    Unknown           11a--35
Banfort        Nancy            40    Ireland           34a--14
Banfort        Richard          35    England           34a--13
Banks          Elizabeth        33    Ireland           34b--11
Banks          Elizabeth        28    Ireland           66a--21
Banks          Eugene           5     Ohio              66a--22
Banks          Eugene           4     Ohio              34b--12
Barathy        Bridget          28    Ireland           66b---9
Barber         Ann              20    Ohio              116b--2
Barber         Ephraim          29    NY                116b--1
Barber         Henry            3/12  Ohio              116b--3
Barber         Mercy            73    Conn              92b---7
Bardout        Jacob            15    Germany           130a--5
Barga          Valantine        27    NY                103b-26
Bark           James            9/12  Ohio              26b--41
Barker         Caroline         2     Ohio              88b---5
Barker         Christina        22    Germany           88b---7
Barker         Frederic         36    Germany           88b---1
Barker         Jeremiah         26    England           139b--1
Barker         Mary             60    Germany           88b---6
Barker         Mary             14    Germany           45a--23
Barker         Olivia W.        21    NY                10a--13
Barker         Rinehart         8     Germany           88b---3
Barker         Rosanna          22    Penn              139b--2
Barker         Salome           4     Germany           88b---4
Barker         Salome           34    Germany           88b---2
Barker         William H.       45    NY                10a--12
Barlow         Julius           22    Canada            140b-24
Barnard        Charles          33    Mich              3b---25
Barnard        Daniel           10    Ohio              3b---27
Barnard        Eliza            27    Penn              3b---26
Barnard        Henry            2     Ohio              3b---29
Barnard        Jonathan         2/12  Ohio              3b---30
Barnard        Mary             8     Ohio              3b---28
Barnes         Ann              42    Germany           63b--21
Barnes         Ben              13    Maine             25a---7
Barnes         Catharine        18    Ohio              25a---8
Barnes         Frederic         6     Germany           63b--23
Barnes         Henry            13    Germany           63b--24
Barnes         Jackson          16    Maine             28a--36
Barnes         Lacy Ann         9/12  Ohio              6a---13
Barnes         Mary             23    NY                6a---12
Barnes         Mary             17    Germany           63b--22
Barnes         Milton G.        32    Vermont           6a---11
Barnett        Adelaide         6     Ohio              131b-38
Barnett        Almira           4     Ohio              136a-24
Barnett        Charles S.       35    New Jersey        136a-18
Barnett        Christina        36    New Jersey        131b-34
Barnett        Frances          12    New Jersey        131b-36
Barnett        George           2     Ohio              131b-40
Barnett        George C.        30    New Jersey        131b-42
Barnett        Harriet          11    NY                136a-22
Barnett        John             3/12  Ohio              131b-41
Barnett        John F.          45    New Jersey        131b-33
Barnett        Justus           4     Ohio              131b-39
Barnett        Lorinda          2     Ohio              136a-25
Barnett        Louisa           9     New Jersey        131b-37
Barnett        Louisa           2     Ohio              136a-26
Barnett        Maria            30    New Jersey        136a-19
Barnett        Rachel A.        6     NY                136a-23
Barnett        Sarah            15    New Jersey        136a-20
Barnett        Sarah A.         14    New Jersey        135b-20
Barnett        William          14    New Jersey        136a-21
Barnett        William          13    New Jersey        131b-35
Barnham        Angeline         13    Ohio              126b-14
Barnham        Balear           8     Ohio              126b-17
Barnham        Charles          20    NY                126b-13
Barnham        Charlotte        10    Ohio              126b-16
Barnham        Easop            6     Ohio              126b-18
Barnham        Edward T.        3     Ohio              98b--26
Barnham        Elizabeth A.     4     Ohio              98b--25
Barnham        Joel             49    Vermont           126b-11
Barnham        Josephine        11    Ohio              126b-15
Barnham        Liola            8/12  Ohio              98b--27
Barnham        Mary Jane        30    NY                98b--24
Barnham        Orra             4     Ohio              126b-19
Barnham        Sally            47    NY                126b-12
Barnham        Thomas           36    Mass              98b--23
Barns          Bridget          19    Ireland           40a--15
Barns          James            25    Ireland           70a--34
Barns          Robert           23    Ireland           13a---8
Barrett        Annie B.         6     Ohio              12b--18
Barrett        Benjamin         21    Unknown           52a--32
Barrett        Branza           7     Ohio              114b-26
Barrett        Cornelia S.      24    Ohio              61a--32
Barrett        Edward A.        2     Ohio              61a--33
Barrett        Edward P.        31    NY                61a--31
Barrett        Ellen            4     Ohio              12b--19
Barrett        George           22    Ohio              51a--21
Barrett        H.L.             11    O                 155a-11
Barrett        James            2     Ohio              12b--20
Barrett        Milton           23    Ohio              50b--11
Barrett        Peggy            24    Ireland           12b--17
Barrett        Ruby S.          22    NY                50b--12
Barrett        Wesley           12    Ohio              114b-25
Barron         Almira           42    Vermont           112a--8
Barron         Edward           7     Ireland           44a--27
Barron         Judy             38    Ireland           44a--26
Barron         Michael          38    Ireland           44a--25
Barron         Royal            13    Vermont           112a-10
Barron         Woods            18    Vermont           112a--9
Barry          Robert           35    Ireland           62b--18
Bartlett       Elizabeth        22    NY                70b--32
Bartlett       Mr.              35    Vermont           73b--10
Bartley        John             69    Ireland           32a--20
Bartlow        Calvin           5     Ohio              26a--23
Bartlow        Mary             29    Ohio              26a--22
Bartlow        Rebecca          60    Pa                26a--25
Bartlow        Rebecca          1     Ohio              26a--24
Bartlow        Thomas           34    Penn              26a--21
Barton         John             28    O                 150b-17
Basom          Samuel           20    Ohio              140a-26
Bason          Henry            13    Ohio              27b--39
Bason          John             50    Penn              27b--36
Bason          Levi             10    Ohio              27b--40
Bason          Maria            5     Ohio              27b--41
Bason          Matilda          18    Ohio              27b--37
Bason          William          16    Ohio              27b--38
Bastwick       Elizabeth        36    Conn              1b---31
Bastwick       Ellen            12    Wis.              1b---32
Bastwick       J.B.             38    NY                1b---30
Bastwick       Samuel           5     Indiania          1b---34
Bastwick       Wheaton          10    Indiania          1b---33
Bateman        Andrew J.        15    O                 151a--3
Bateman        Ann S.           20    Ohio              104a-13
Bateman        Asa              14    Maryland          123a-17
Bateman        Asahel           7     Ohio              151a--1
Bateman        Caroline         38    Maryland          123a-16
Bateman        Cynthia          27    O                 150b-42
Bateman        Eliza J.         28    Ohio              26b---2
Bateman        Emma             6     Ohio              26b---3
Bateman        Eunice           7     Ohio              123a-21
Bateman        Hannah           12    Ohio              123a-18
Bateman        Johnson          10    Ohio              123a-19
Bateman        Johnson H.       35    NY                26b---1
Bateman        Peter            33    N.Y.              150b-41
Bateman        Peter C.         8     Ohio              123a-20
Bateman        William          3     O                 151a--2
Bateman        William D.       14    Mich              113b-35
Bates          Hannah C.        21    NY                7b---41
Bates          Mattis           38    Germany           14a--38
Bates          William          24    Ohio              7b---40
Bathrick       Amanda           43    New Hampshire     19a---7
Bathrick       Carlos           4     Ohio              19a---9
Bathrick       Euphemia         5/12  Ohio              19a--10
Bathrick       Julia M.         6     Ohio              19a---8
Bathrick       Zebrina          48    NY                19a---6
Beacher        Elizabeth        25    Ohio              51a--10
Beacher        John W.          22    Penn              51a---9
Beals          Caroline         6     Germany           117b-12
Beals          Caroline         33    Germany           117b--8
Beals          Catharine        61    Penn              123a-40
Beals          Charles          17    Unknown           61b--21
Beals          Easebia          11    Ohio              123a-38
Beals          Frederic         9     Germany           117b-11
Beals          George W.        3     Ohio              123a-39
Beals          Isaac            18    Ohio              123a-37
Beals          Jane             49    Virginia          123a-35
Beals          John             48    Penn              123a-34
Beals          John             36    Germany           117b--7
Beals          John             13    Germany           117b--9
Beals          Joseph           6/12  Ohio              117b-14
Beals          Lewis            11    Germany           117b-10
Beals          Mary             3     Ohio              117b-13
Beals          Rachel           16    Ohio              123a-41
Beals          William          24    Ohio              120a--4
Beals          William          23    Ohio              123a-36
Bean           Caleb            32    England           85b--16
Bean           Emily            8     England           85b--18
Bean           Laura            30    England           85b--17
Bean           Sarah            5     England           85b--19
Bean           Wesley           3     Ohio              85b--20
Beard          Clarrisa         25    Mich              72b--36
Beard          Julia            9     Ohio              72b--37
Beard          Louis            44    Unknown           72b--35
Beard          Mary             9     Ohio              72b--38
Beard          Samuel           7     Ohio              72b--39
Beattie        Joseph           28    Canada            14b--17
Beck           Jane             63    England           50b---1
Beck           Maria A.         22    England           50b---2
Beck           William          67    England           50a--42
Beckman        John             70    Germany           16b--16
Beda           Amanda           25    Ohio              6b---35
Beda           Samuel           6/12  Ohio              6b---36
Bedford        Abel             7/12  Ohio              78b---7
Bedford        Abel P.          46    NY                78b---1
Bedford        Caroline         30    Canada            78b---2
Bedford        Mary             2     Ohio              78b---6
Bedford        Phebe            4     Ohio              78b---5
Bedford        Wallace          7     Ohio              78b---4
Bedford        Walter           10    Mich              78b---3
Belden         Anna             10/12 Ohio              38a--18
Belden         Cyril            39    Mass              38a--15
Belden         Dwight           7     Ohio              38a--17
Belden         Mary             33    Penn              38a--16
Beler          Andrew           2     Ohio              48b--19
Beler          George           2     Ohio              48b--20
Beler          John             8     Ohio              48b--17
Beler          Joseph           5     Ohio              48b--18
Beler          Joseph           33    Germany           48b--15
Beler          Rickey           25    Germany           48b--16
Belknap        Asonath          40    Vermont           38b--20
Belknap        Augustus         41    Vermont           38b--19
Belknap        Elvira           18    Vermont           38b--21
Belknap        Henry            9     Ohio              38b--23
Belknap        James A.         2     Ohio              38b--25
Belknap        Julia A.         15    Vermont           38b--22
Belknap        Louisa           5     Ohio              38b--24
Bell           Delia A.         25    Ohio              62a--15
Bell           John             3     Ohio              62a--16
Bell           R.H.             28    Ohio              62a--14
Bell           William          18    England           98a--24
Bellamy        Aaron            7     Ohio              63b---2
Bellamy        Ann              27    NY                63a--42
Bellamy        Clarrisa A.      3     Ohio              65a--37
Bellamy        Henrietta        13    Mich              65a--35
Bellamy        Henry A.         10    Vermont           65a--34
Bellamy        J.W.             28    Vermont           63a--41
Bellamy        Jane E.          8     Ohio              65a--36
Bellamy        Joseph           5     Ohio              63b---3
Bellamy        Mary             3/12  Ohio              62b--35
Bellamy        Mary             19    Unknown           62b--34
Bellamy        Mary E.          2     Ohio              63b---4
Bellamy        Roderic          27    Unknown           62b--33
Bellamy        William H.       9     NY                63b---1
Bellman        Adolphus P.      13    Ohio              110b--1
Bellman        Ann              27    NY                110a-41
Bellman        Calista A.       5     Ohio              110b--3
Bellman        Charles N.       9     Ohio              110b--2
Bellman        John             40    Penn              110a-40
Bellman        Melissa J.       1     Ohio              110b--4
Bellman        Oscar            16    NY                110a-42
Belsam         Brinhart         27    Germany           33a--15
Bemis          Abel             52    Vermont           28b--31
Bemis          Abel             1     Ohio              28b--39
Bemis          Betsy            11    Ohio              28b--36
Bemis          Charles          9     Ohio              28b--37
Bemis          Esther           43    NY                28b--32
Bemis          Joseph           17    Ohio              28b--34
Bemis          Joseph           17    NY                116a-15
Bemis          Maria            15    Ohio              28b--33
Bemis          Nancy            14    Ohio              28b--35
Bemis          William          7     Ohio              28b--38
Bemla          John             36    Germany           79b--26
Bemla          Rosa             1     Ohio              79b--28
Bemla          Rosina           26    Germany           79b--27
Benedict       Amasa            34    NY                3a----1
Benedict       Elmira           33    NY                3a----2
Benedict       Emily M.         4     NY                3a----5
Benedict       Horace B.        7     NY                3a----4
Benedict       John             4/12  Ohio              3a----6
Benedict       Watson W.        11    NY                3a----3
Benedixen      Martin H.        25    Germany           65a--19
Bengher        Catharine        33    Penn              31a--15
Bengher        David            36    Ohio              31a--14
Benjamin       Catharine        62    NY                21b--11
Benjamin       Nathan           18    NY                21b--10
Bennet         Caroline M.      27    NY                96a--31
Bennet         Catharine        21    Ireland           68b--14
Bennet         George           6/12  Ohio              96a--30
Bennet         George           42    NY                96a--24
Bennet         Hepzibah         8     Ohio              96a--27
Bennet         Ira              12    Ohio              96a--26
Bennet         Marion L.        3     Ohio              96a--29
Bennet         Mary S.          34    NY                96a--25
Bennet         Philo            4     Ohio              96a--28
Bennett        Alanson          6     .                 146a-34
Bennett        Electa Ann       6     .                 146a-39
Bennett        Emeline          36    .                 146a-31
Bennett        Emeline          2     .                 146a-41
Bennett        Frank            13    Ohio              53a--15
Bennett        Henry            46    NY                53a--12
Bennett        Lavonia          33    .                 146a-38
Bennett        Lymon            4     .                 146a-35
Bennett        M                40    1000              146a-30
Bennett        Orrin            4     .                 146a-40
Bennett        Perry            9     .                 146a-33
Bennett        Sally            12    .                 146a-32
Bennett        Sarah            8     Ohio              53a--16
Bennett        Sarah            36    NY                53a--13
Bennett        William          22    NY                53a--14
Bennett        Wm L             34    300               146a-37
Bent           Mary             19    NY                29a---2
Bent           William          26    NY                29a---1
Bent           William H.       1     Ohio              29a---3
Bentham        Robert           40    England           82b--22
Bentham        Sarah            40    England           82b--23
Benton         Irusha           18    Ohio              108a-17
Berdan         Mary             20    Ohio              50b--26
Berdan         Pamelia          48    Mass              50b--25
Berdan         Peter F.         26    Ohio              50b--27
Bergher        Elizabeth F.     6     Mich              62b---6
Bergher        Ernest           28    Germany           65a--16
Bergher        Laura            12    Mich              62b---4
Bergher        Lucy Ann         8     Mich              62b---5
Bergher        Mary Ann         36    Nova Scotia       62a--41
Berkley        Christopher      22    Ohio              102a-28
Bernard        Christian        28    Mich              28a--28
Bernard        Christian        21    Mich              35b--38
Bernard        Helen            20    Mich              28a--29
Bernard        Hellen           20    Mich              35b--39
Bernard        Henry            30    Conn              39b--19
Bernard        Jason            40    Mich              82a--29
Bernard        Mary M.          21    Ohio              72b---5
Bernard        Sophia           41    Canada            82a--30
Bernard        Stephen          4/12  Ohio              28a--30
Bernard        Stephen          4/12  Ohio              35b--40
Berry          Franklin H.      1     Ohio              27b--12
Berry          Jacob Q.         24    NY                27b--13
Berry          Mary             23    Ohio              27b--10
Berry          Phebe Jane       3     Ohio              27b--11
Berry          William W.       33    NY                27b---9
Bertero        Jennette         60    Germany           15a---2
Bertero        Louis            65    Germany           15a---1
Berthoff       Almira           20    NY                110a-18
Berthoff       Almira           20    NY                109a--3
Berthoff       Catharine        58    New Jersey        110a-16
Berthoff       Eleanor          29    NY                99a--17
Berthoff       Eliza            11/12 Ohio              109a--2
Berthoff       Elizabeth        4     Ohio              109a--1
Berthoff       Eveline          19    Ohio              113a-22
Berthoff       Frances J.       9/12  Ohio              113a-23
Berthoff       Frederic         16    Ohio              110a-17
Berthoff       Horace           6     Ohio              108b-42
Berthoff       Israel           36    NY                108b-39
Berthoff       James            32    NY                99a--16
Berthoff       John             23    Ohio              113a-21
Berthoff       Margaret         10    Ohio              108b-40
Berthoff       Mary C.          12    Ohio              99a--18
Berthoff       Olive L.         7     Ohio              99a--19
Berthoff       Peter            67    New Jersey        110a-15
Berthoff       Peter            1     Ohio              99a--21
Berthoff       Ryal             8     Ohio              108b-41
Berthoff       William H.       3     Ohio              99a--20
Berthol        Anna             16    O                 153b-22
Berthol        Charlotte        18    Penn              153b-21
Berthol        Essenith         38    Penn              153b-20
Berthol        Henry            58    Md                153b-19
Berthol        Jacob N.         6     O                 153b-26
Berthol        James C.         1     O                 153b-27
Berthol        Malvina          13    O                 153b-24
Berthol        Mariah           8     O                 153b-25
Berthol        Mary             15    O                 153b-23
Best           Henry            19    Germany           102b-38
Best           Margaret         15    Germany           102b-39
Bettener       Charlotte T.     12    Germany           38b--35
Bettener       Conrad T.        13    Germany           38b--34
Bettener       Louisa C.        43    Germany           38b--33
Bettener       Nicholas         34    Germany           38b--32
Betts          Caroline         16    Germany           123b-37
Betts          Caroline         15    Germany           8a---32
Betts          Catharine        5     Germany           123b-41
Betts          Catharine        28    Germany           121a-23
Betts          Dolly            7     Germany           123b-40
Betts          Elizabeth        1     Ohio              123b-42
Betts          Faerner          34    Germany           123b-36
Betts          Fredrica         14    Germany           123b-38
Betts          Jacob            10    Germany           123b-39
Betts          Matthias         34    Germany           123b-35
Betts          Michael          30    Germany           121a-22
Bettys         Alcina           3     Ohio              101a-38
Bettys         Charity          46    Vermont           101a-40
Bettys         George           6     Ohio              101a-37
Bettys         Harlow           24    Vermont           101a-35
Bettys         Henry            17    Vermont           101a-41
Bettys         John             50    Canada            101a-39
Bettys         Mary Ann         25    NY                101a-36
Bettys         William          15    Ohio              101a-42
Bidond         James            30    England           87a--19
Bidond         Julia            23    Mich              87a--20
Bidwell        Austin           5     Mich              45b--36
Bidwell        Austin           46    Conn              45b--29
Bidwell        George           17    NY                45b--31
Bidwell        Harriet          15    NY                45b--32
Bidwell        John             9     NY                45b--34
Bidwell        Joseph           13    NY                45b--33
Bidwell        Laura            7     NY                45b--35
Bidwell        Laura Isabell    45    NY                45b--30
Bigelow        Alonzo           22    Unknown           52a--21
Bigelow        Jacob            43    Germany           65b--16
Billings       Caspar           8     Germany           127a-27
Billings       Conrad           41    Germany           127a-23
Billings       Conrad           11    Germany           127a-26
Billings       Eliza            8/12  Ohio              127a-29
Billings       Elizabeth        13    Germany           127a-25
Billings       Margaret         4     Germany           127a-28
Billings       Margaret         37    Germany           127a-24
Bimutt         Asenath T.       32    Penn              55a--29
Bimutt         Calvin K.        39    NY                55a--28
Birans         Ebenezer         36    NY                34b--31
Birans         George F.        6     Ohio              34b--33
Birans         Susan            31    Ohio              34b--32
Birbean        Julia Ann        19    NY                28a--38
Birbean        William          23    Germany           28a--37
Birch          Charles          13    NY                15a--41
Birch          Jesee            12    NY                15a--40
Birch          Louis            9     NY                15a--36
Birch          Marrienu         41    Canada            15a--38
Birch          Mary             7     NY                15a--42
Birch          Melissa          6     NY                15b---1
Birch          Merrion          3     NY                15b---2
Birch          Robert           5     NY                15a--37
Birch          Sarah            25    Canada            15a--35
Birch          Thadduas         30    NY                15a--34
Birchard       Elizah           36    Mass              128b--9
Birchard       Margaret         26    Penn              128b-10
Birchard       Mary             4     Ohio              128b-12
Birchard       Sarah            6     Ohio              128b-11
Birchfield     Aaron            8     Ohio              121a--4
Birchfield     Ann              12    Ohio              121a--3
Birchfield     Barbara          15    Ohio              120b-42
Birchfield     Eli              13    Ohio              121a--1
Birchfield     Frederic         20    Ohio              120b-40
Birchfield     Hetty            12    Ohio              121a--2
Birchfield     Jacob            19    Ohio              120b-41
Birchfield     Joshua           21    Ohio              120b-39
Birchfield     Lafayette        4     Ohio              121a--5
Birchfield     Mary             45    Penn              120b-38
Birchfield     Mehitabel        12    Ohio              7b---42
Bird           Jacob            12    O                 151b-20
Bird           Jane             4     O                 151b-22
Bird           Margaret         48    N.J.              151b-18
Bird           Martha           14    Penn              151b-19
Bird           Patrick          30    Ireland           140b-23
Bird           Peter            49    N.J.              151b-17
Bird           William          7     O                 151b-21
Birdsmayll     Adam             31    Germany           35a---1
Birdsmayll     Catharine        29    Germany           35a---2
Birdsmayll     Catharine        1     Ohio              35a---3
Bishop         Amasa            51    Conn              91b--27
Bishop         Amelia           11    Ohio              91b--29
Bishop         Austin           7     Ohio              91b--31
Bishop         Catharine        45    Mass              91b--28
Bishop         Edwin            9     Ohio              91b--30
Bishop         Timothy          30    Germany           51b--33
Bissell        Arthur           24    NY                35b--15
Bissell        Charlotte        19    NY                35b--17
Bissell        Edward           53    Conn              35b--12
Bissell        Edward, Jr.      26    NY                35b--14
Bissell        Elizabeth        21    NY                35b--16
Bissell        Fred             50    Conn              40b---8
Bissell        Harriet          18    NY                40b--10
Bissell        Henry            15    NY                35b--19
Bissell        Jane M.          50    Conn              35b--13
Bissell        Julia            36    Conn              40a--42
Bissell        Julia            13    NY                35b--20
Bissell        Leveret          43    Conn              40a--41
Bissell        Louisa           15    NY                40b--11
Bissell        Mary             17    NY                35b--18
Bissell        Sidney           47    Conn              40b---9
Bitters        Betsy            4     Germany           40a--39
Bitters        Christian        2     Ohio              40a--40
Bitters        Elizabeth        30    Germany           40a--38
Bitters        John             35    Germany           40a--37
Bixby          Benjamin         32    N Hampshire       57b--14
Bixby          Harriet          24    Ohio              57b--15
Bixby          Joseph           7     Ohio              57b--16
Black          Adam             49    Penn              26b--17
Black          Ann              33    Ohio              26b--18
Black          Benjamin         20    Ohio              134b--9
Black          Catharine        13    Ohio              26b--19
Black          Elizabeth        50    Maryland          134b--7
Black          Elizabeth        35    Ohio              55a--21
Black          Elizabeth J.     14    Ohio              134b-11
Black          Elizabeth M.     22    O                 151b-11
Black          Emily            8     France            82a--28
Black          George           53    Penn              134b--6
Black          George           24    O                 151b-10
Black          Ira              22    Ohio              134b--8
Black          James            4     Ohio              26b--23
Black          John             8     Ohio              26b--21
Black          Madison          1     Ohio              26b--24
Black          Mary             18    France            82a--25
Black          Mary C.          48    France            82a--24
Black          Mary R.          10    France            82a--27
Black          Milo             16    Ohio              134b-10
Black          Sarah            11    Ohio              26b--20
Black          Syd              49    France            82a--23
Black          Victoria         16    France            82a--26
Black          William          6     Ohio              26b--22
Blackbird      chloe            20    Canada            88a---6
Blackbird      Olvir            21    Canada            88a---5
Blackburn      Wade             20    Indiana           14b--16
Blair          Catharine        22    Canada            128a-32
Blair          Edward S.        28    Ohio              128a-31
Blaisdell      George E.        9/12  Ohio              108a--1
Blaisdell      Rosanna          21    Canada            107b-42
Blaisdell      William          24    Canada            107b-41
Blaker         Achilles         49    Penn              12b--27
Blaker         Caroline         9     Ohio              130b-20
Blaker         David            21    Penn              12b--32
Blaker         Eliza            39    England           12b--28
Blaker         Enoch            32    Penn              127b--1
Blaker         George           16    Ohio              130b-19
Blaker         George           14    Ohio              12b--29
Blaker         Hannah           45    Penn              130b-14
Blaker         Harriet          7     Ohio              130b-21
Blaker         Henrietta        4     Penn              127b--5
Blaker         Isabella         12    Ohio              12b--30
Blaker         Jacob            23    Penn              130b-15
Blaker         Jesse            47    Penn              130b-13
Blaker         Margaret         32    Penn              127b--2
Blaker         Margaret         3/12  Ohio              127b--6
Blaker         Martha Jane      18    Penn              130b-18
Blaker         Mary C.          18    Penn              130b-17
Blaker         Mary Ellen       8     Penn              127b--3
Blaker         Pierson          6     Penn              127b--4
Blaker         Sarah            20    Penn              130b-16
Blaker         William          9     Ohio              12b--31
Blanchard      Albert           17    NY                85b--26
Blanchard      Samuel           66    NY                7b----8
Blane          Gilbert          22    NY                111b-37
Blane          Sarah            70    New Jersey        111b-36
Blatter        John             34    Germany           140b-26
Blatter        Sarah Ann        19    Ohio              140b-27
Blirans        Charles          15    NY                36b--35
Blirans        Jonathan         40    Rhode Island      36b--33
Blirans        Louisa           35    NY                36b--34
Blirans        Robert           7     Ohio              36b--36
Bliss          Ann              18    NY                31b--29
Bliss          Augustas         16    Germany           31b--28
Bliss          Ezra             33    Vermont           31b--25
Bliss          Jane             26    Canada            18a--30
Bliss          Jane             20    Ireland           31b--30
Bliss          John             25    Germany           31b--27
Bliss          Mary N.          30    Ohio              31b--26
Bliss          Perez E.         40    Conn              27a--37
Bliss          Robert           9     Ohio              27a--39
Bliss          William          10    Ohio              27a--38
Blodgett       Amaret           18    Mass              74a--23
Blodgett       Clark            25    Conn              75a--27
Blodgett       Eliza            30    Conn              75a--24
Blodgett       Henry            9     Ohio              75a--25
Blodgett       Jane             10    Conn              74a--26
Blodgett       John             15    Conn              74a--25
Blodgett       Loren            43    Mass              74a--20
Blodgett       Mary E.          1     Ohio              75a--28
Blodgett       Naomia           20    Mass              74a--22
Blodgett       Sophrinia        40    Conn              74a--21
Blodgett       Susan            17    Conn              74a--24
Blodgett       Wittiam C.       35    Conn              75a--23
Bloomfield     Charles          3     Ohio              11b---5
Bloomfield     George           1     Ohio              11b---6
Bloomfield     Mary             24    NY                11b---4
Bloomfield     Robert           29    NY                11b---3
Blower         Annis            46    Penn              91b--40
Blower         Selah            39    Penn              91b--39
Blumma         Victor           29    France            88a--32
Bodet          Clementine       4     Ohio              73a--21
Bodet          Clements         30    Mich              73a--19
Bodet          Clements         1     Ohio              73a--22
Bodet          Mary             26    Ireland           73a--20
Bodie          Dorico           1     Ohio              89a--24
Bodie          Harriet J.       35    Ohio              89a--21
Bodie          Michael          40    Mich              89a--20
Bodie          Sally            3     Ohio              89a--23
Bodie          Solomon          6     Ohio              89a--22
Bogse/Boyse    Bud              18    NY                38b--29
Bogse/Boyse    Harlow           6     Ohio              38b--30
Bogse/Boyse    Henry            20    NY                38b--28
Bogse/Boyse    John P.          42    NY                38b--26
Bogse/Boyse    Mary             1     Ohio              38b--31
Bogse/Boyse    Sarah            86    Vermont           38b--27
Bohannan       Bridget          21    Ireland           37b--26
Boker          Auks             29    Germany           34a--18
Boker          Charlotte        30    Germany           34a--19
Bond           Ann Eliza        27    NY                51b--20
Bond           Charles          6     Ohio              51b--21
Bond           Edward           22    Unknown           37a--27
Bond           John R.          29    NY                51b--19
Bond           Mary             2     Ohio              51b--23
Bond           William          5     Ohio              51b--22
Boorst         William          30    Germany           60a--41
Border         Charles          32    England           44b--32
Border         Edwin H.         7     Ohio              44b--34
Border         Persis           23    Mich              44b--33
Border         William W.       3     Ohio              44b--35
Borgen         Edward           47    Germany           72b--40
Borgen         Elizabeth        18    Germany           73a---1
Borgen         Henry            20    Germany           72b--42
Borgen         Joseph           7     Ohio              73a---3
Borgen         Mary             40    Germany           72b--41
Borgen         Mary             15    Germany           73a---2
Borlie*        Antoine          29    Mich              41a---7
Borlie*        Elizabeth        5     Mich              41a--11
Borlie*        Margaret         7     Mich              41a---9
Borlie*        Mary             27    Mich              41a---8
Borlie*        Sarah            6     Mich              41a--10
Boshaw         Caroline         11    Ohio              22b--33
Bossard        Sarah            25    NY                3b---24
Bostwick       Edgar M.         9     Ohio              53a--21
Bostwick       Francis L.       4     Ohio              53a--22
Bostwick       Helen A.         71    Ohio              53a--20
Bostwick       Ophelia          38    Ohio              53a--19
Boucher        Amos             4/12  Ohio              132b--7
Boucher        Caroline         7     Ohio              132b--5
Boucher        David            2     Ohio              132b--6
Boucher        Jacob            10    Ohio              132b--4
Boucher        Margaret         12    Ohio              132b--3
Boucher        Mary             34    Penn              132b--2
Boucher        Solomon          36    Penn              132b--1
Bowen          Celestia         2     .                 146b-22
Bowen          Esther           25    .                 146b-21
Bowen          Geo L            27    1000              146b-20
Bowen          Mr.              25    Unknown           67b--39
Bowerman       Adaline          17    Ohio              139b--4
Bowerman       Andrew           18    .                 136a-33
Bowerman       Aton             16    Penn              136a-34
Bowerman       Edwin            16    Penn              136a-35
Bowerman       James            52    NY                136a-31
Bowerman       James            14    Ohio              136a-36
Bowerman       Josiah           25    NY                139b--3
Bowerman       Mary M.          18    Ohio              118b-40
Bowerman       Phebe            6/12  Ohio              136a-40
Bowerman       Phebe            50    NY                136a-32
Bowerman       Phebe M.         20    NY                136a-37
Bowerman       Sarah E.         4     Ohio              136a-39
Bowerman       Servia E.        7     Ohio              136a-38
Bowerman       Silas            22    NY                136a-41
Bowers         Helen            28    England           68a--39
Bowers         John             38    Unknown           71a--24
Bowers         Joseph           5     Ohio              68a--41
Bowers         Mary             9/12  Ohio              68a--42
Bowers         Salter           25    England           68a--38
Bowers         William H.       6     England           68a--40
Bowler         John             9     Ohio              46a--18
Bowler         Nancy            45    Ireland           46a--17
Bowman         Ann Elizabeth    2     .                 147b--5
Bowman         Jeremiah         4     .                 147b--3
Bowman         L                36    .                 147b--1
Bowman         Mary Ann         29    .                 147b--2
Bowman         Rebecca Jane     3     .                 147b--4
Bowse          Angeline         20    Ohio              3b---16
Bowser         Josiah           4     Ohio              124a-15
Box            Catherine        30    Ohio              142b-25
Box            Eve M            3     Ohio              142b-28
Box            Jacob            28    Penn              142b-24
Box            Mary E           7/12  Ohio              142b-29
Box            Susan            6     Ohio              142b-26
Box            William          4     Ohio              142b-27
Boy            Dutch            23    Germany           40b--18
Boyce          Asa              26    NY                30b--28
Boyce          Polly            21    NY                30b--29
Boyd           Alice            7     Ohio              9a---12
Boyd           Amos             23    NY                9a---16
Boyd           Andrew           16    NY                9a---17
Boyd           Arthur R.        2     Ohio              9a---14
Boyd           Lucy A.          32    NY                9a---11
Boyd           Philo W.         38    NY                9a---10
Boyd           Wesley J.        4     Ohio              9a---13
Boyon          Eliza            3     Mich              94b--16
Boyon          Eliza            20    Mich              94b--15
Boyon          Joseph           28    Mich              94b--14
Boyse          Robert           58    England           55b--23
Bradbury       Harriet A.       43    NY                30b--21
Bradbury       Thomas N.        40    NY                30b--20
Bradley        Levi W.          33    NY                114a-16
Bragton        .                22    NY                72a--31
Brainard       Annette L.       4     Ohio              130a-18
Brainard       Byrenius C.      29    NY                130a-17
Brainard       Norman           63    Conn              130a-20
Brainard       Sarah S.         19    NY                130a-19
Brainerd       Christina        49    Germany           133b-40
Brand          Mr.              30    Germany           58a--22
Brant          Rudolphas        40    Germany           65a--20
Breed          Arda             1     Ohio              75b---5
Breed          Athaline         28    Ohio              75b---2
Breed          Cyrus            6     Ohio              75b---3
Breed          George           3     Ohio              75b---4
Breed          Henry            30    Ohio              75b---1
Breeman        Joanna           28    Ireland           48a--13
Breeman        John             41    Ireland           48a--12
Breeman        Mary             2     Ohio              48a--15
Breeman        Thomas           4     Ohio              48a--14
Brendall       Catharine        21    Germany           82a--39
Brendall       John             28    Germany           82a--38
Brennan        Annie            8     Ireland           77b--42
Brennan        Betsy            54    Ireland           74b---4
Brennan        Bridget          3     Ohio              57a---2
Brennan        Catharine        10    Ireland           74b---5
Brennan        James            5     Ireland           57a---1
Brennan        John             12    Ireland           77b--41
Brennan        Owen             38    Ireland           77b--39
Brennan        Patrick          55    Ireland           74b---3
Brennan        Rosa             36    Ireland           77b--40
Brenner        Caroline         18    Germany           124b-25
Brenner        Mary             4     Ohio              124b-26
Brenor         John             18    Ohio              82a---3
Brenor         Joseph           50    Mich              82a---1
Brenor         Madaline         56    Mich              82a---2
Brenor         Mary             16    Ohio              82a---4
Brenster       Elizabeth        31    England           71b--37
Brenster       Richard          40    England           71b--36
Brethrick      Susan            46    Germany           99b---3
Brewer         Robert           18    Penn              23b--30
Brian          Mary             36    Ireland           45b--14
Brick          John             48    .                 145b-22
Brick          Rosa             2     .                 145b-24
Brick          Stephen          4     .                 145b-23
Bridasom       Elizabeth        16    Germany           4b---22
Bridgewater    Mary             32    England           130a-42
Bridgewater    Thomas           10    England           130a-41
Brien          Catharine O.     38    Ireland           36a--38
Brien          John             18    Ireland           36a--39
Brien          Mary A.          27    Ireland           64b--32
Brien          Owen             25    Ireland           64b--31
Brigan         Jacob            2     Ohio              42b--27
Brigan         Jacob *          30    Germany           42b--25
Brigan         Mary             19    Germany           42b--26
Brigdwater     Ann              8     England           129b--1
Brigham        Ann              30    Vermont           128b--3
Brigham        Catharine        2     Ohio              49b--41
Brigham        Charles C.       11    Mich              49b--38
Brigham        George M.        1     Ohio              49b--42
Brigham        Harriet E.       19    NY                49b--37
Brigham        Helen C.         4     Ohio              49b--40
Brigham        Henry            17    Germany           33a--14
Brigham        James M.         31    NY                128b--2
Brigham        Julia            5     Ohio              128b--4
Brigham        Mavor            41    NY                49b--35
Brigham        Melinda P.       28    NY                49b--36
Brigham        Stanly F.        5     Ohio              49b--39
Brimer         John G.          45    Germany           59b--14
Brimer         Mary C.          40    Germany           59b--15
Brimfield      Elizabeth        16    Penn              1a----9
Brindley       Welhelmina       22    Germany           154b-21
Brindley       Wm.              26    Germany           154b-20
Brindly        Catharine        5     O                 149a--5
Brindly        Jacob            37    Germany           149a--1
Brindly        Mariah           32    Germany           149a--2
Brindly        Mary             9     O                 149a--3
Brindly        Sarah            7     O                 149a--4
Brindly        William          3     O                 149a--6
Brink          Jacob            26    Germany           15a--33
Broadswood     Absolam          16    Penn              151a--9
Broadswood     Betsy            23    Penn              128a-39
Broadswood     Daniel           24    Penn              151a--6
Broadswood     Elizabeth        44    Penn              151a--5
Broadswood     Elizabeth        21    Penn              151a--7
Broadswood     P.               46    Penn              151a--4
Broadswood     Peter            14    Penn              151a-10
Broadswood     Susan            18    Penn              151a--8
Brock          Almon            4/12  Ohio              122b-22
Brock          Catharine        47    England           96b--24
Brock          Christina        36    Germany           122b-17
Brock          George           5     Ohio              122b-20
Brock          George N.        41    Germany           122b-16
Brock          Joseph           7     Ohio              122b-19
Brock          Mary             2     Ohio              122b-21
Brock          Mary Ann         10    Ohio              122b-18
Brock          William          58    England           96b--23
Brock          William          27    England           96b--25
Brogbanks      Edward           8     Ohio              100b--3
Brogbanks      Elizabeth        17    England           100b--2
Brogbanks      Isabella         41    England           100a-42
Brogbanks      John             48    England           100a-41
Brogbanks      Sarah            70    England           100b--4
Brogbanks      Sarah            20    England           100b--1
Bromer         Susan            16    Germany           38b---7
Bromley        Charity          78    NY                56a--38
Brooks         Charles          21    Ohio              92a--16
Brooks         Ellen R.         18    NY                66a--12
Brooks         Frances C.       1     Ohio              65b--30
Brooks         Frances C.       1     Ohio              66a--15
Brooks         Helen R.         19    Penn              65b--29
Brooks         Maria            18    Hanover           61a--13
Brooks         Thomas           27    NY                66a--11
Brooks         Thomas P.        27    Ohio              65b--28
Broomar        Jacob            49    Germany           98b--15
Brophy         Ellen            3     Ohio              138b-41
Brophy         Mary             6     Ohio              139a-37
Brophy         Thomas           40    Ireland           139a-38
Bross          Tracy            26    Germany           69a--17
Brothers       Frederic         22    Germany           33a--22
Brothers       Frederic         2/12  Ohio              33a--24
Brothers       Margaret         20    Germany           33a--23
Brown          Aaron            3     .                 148b-38
Brown          Abigal           23    .                 148b-37
Brown          Agnes            4     NY                48b--13
Brown          Agnes            30    Scotland          48b--11
Brown          Alanson          26    Mass              84b--14
Brown          Alfred           12    NY                62b---3
Brown          Allen            16    NY                100b-30
Brown          Almon            24    Unknown           52a--23
Brown          Amanda           27    Canada            84b--11
Brown          Amos             30    Mich              84b---3
Brown          Ann              29    England           92b--11
Brown          Arthur H.        4     Ohio              87a--24
Brown          Audine           10    O                 156a-17
Brown          Augusts          20    Germany           36b--38
Brown          Barbara          9/12  Ohio              143a-41
Brown          Bart             21    NY                117a-37
Brown          Benjamin         40    NY                66a--16
Brown          Casper           22    Germany           156a-15
Brown          Catharine        52    NY                98a--40
Brown          Catharine        34    Ireland           47b---1
Brown          Catharine        17    Germany           156a-16
Brown          Charles          8     Ohio              89b--11
Brown          Charles          25    NY                87a--18
Brown          Charles          24    NY                116a-23
Brown          Charlotte        64    Vermont           84b---9
Brown          Clarsille        4     Ohio              84b---6
Brown          Clive            10    Ohio              98a--42
Brown          Cornelia F.      55    NY                32b--19
Brown          Cyrus            34    Canada            84b--10
Brown          Cyrus            1     .                 148b-39
Brown          Daniel           52    NY                114b-28
Brown          Daniel P.        33    NY                5a---26
Brown          David            30    Ireland           26b---6
Brown          Dewitt           16    NY                66a--19
Brown          Edward           6     Ohio              9a---27
Brown          Egbert B.        33    NY                52b---4
Brown          Egbert D.        5     Ohio              54b--25
Brown          Elizabeth        6     O                 154a-22
Brown          Elizabeth        36    England           154a-19
Brown          Elizabeth        28    Ireland           26b---7
Brown          Elizabeth        26    Penn              9a---25
Brown          Ellen            3     Ohio              84b--13
Brown          Ellen            11    Ohio              100b-32
Brown          Emily            22    NY                100b-28
Brown          Emma J.          19    NY                62b---1
Brown          Frederic H.      16    NY                49b--29
Brown          Geo.             46    Germany           156a-13
Brown          George           39    Germany           143a-36
Brown          George           3     Ohio              143a-39
Brown          George           27    England           54b--23
Brown          George W.        9/12  Ohio              41b--13
Brown          George W.        5     Ohio              5a---31
Brown          Hannah P.        10    Ohio              91a--16
Brown          Harriet E.       9     NY                66a--20
Brown          Henrietta        2     Ohio              84b---7
Brown          Henry            18    NY                100b-29
Brown          Hiram            55    Vermont           87a--16
Brown          Hiram            39    NY                91a--13
Brown          Hiram F.         14    Ohio              91a--15
Brown          Isaac            1     Ohio              26b---8
Brown          Jabe             24    Canada            54b--24
Brown          James            7/12  Indiana           48b--14
Brown          James            54    Vermont           98a--39
Brown          James            4     Ireland           47b---4
Brown          Jane             40    NY                66a--17
Brown          Jaspar           6     Ohio              84b---5
Brown          John             54    New Hampshire     41b--11
Brown          John             5     Ohio              143a-38
Brown          John             36    NY                89b---8
Brown          John             30    .                 148b-36
Brown          John             26    NY                91b--32
Brown          John             2     Ireland           47b---5
Brown          John W.          8     O                 154a-21
Brown          Jonathan         23    NY                100b-42
Brown          Jone             12    Mich              32b--21
Brown          Joseph           36    Ireland           47b---3
Brown          Joseph           1     Ohio              52b---7
Brown          Joseph W.        56    Penn              32b--18
Brown          Joseph W.        30    NY                92b--10
Brown          Josephine        25    NY                32b--20
Brown          Julia            55    NY                87a--17
Brown          Julia            22    NY                42a--23
Brown          Julia Ann        28    Canada            87a--23
Brown          Loren            1     Ohio              89b--14
Brown          Louisa           5     Ohio              89b--12
Brown          Lucius           7     Ohio              100b-34
Brown          Lucy A.          56    England           62a--42
Brown          Lucy H.          18    NY                49b--28
Brown          Magdelena        49    Germany           156a-14
Brown          Margaret         1     O                 154a-24
Brown          Maria            50    Conn              100b-27
Brown          Martha           14    Ohio              133a-33
Brown          Mary             9     Scotland          48b--12
Brown          Mary             8     O                 156a-18
Brown          Mary             37    Germany           143a-37
Brown          Mary             34    Ohio              41b--12
Brown          Mary             2     Ohio              143a-40
Brown          Mary             17    Ohio              87b---8
Brown          Mary Ann         39    NY                49b--27
Brown          Mary Ann         10    O                 154a-20
Brown          Mary E.          13    NY                66a--18
Brown          Mary J.          1     Ohio              54b--26
Brown          Mary Jane        2     .                 92b--13
Brown          Mary S.          31    NY                52b---5
Brown          Mathew           45    NY                49b--26
Brown          Melancton        25    Ohio              87b---7
Brown          Myron R.         4     Ohio              92b--12
Brown          Nancy            36    NY                89b---9
Brown          Nelson           13    Ohio              100b-31
Brown          Orlando          50    NY                100b-35
Brown          Phebe            38    N Hampshire       91a--14
Brown          Rachel           20    Germany           122b-37
Brown          Rosalia          9     Ohio              100b-33
Brown          Rosilla          6     Ohio              84b--12
Brown          Sarah            3     Ohio              52b---6
Brown          Sarah            26    Canada            84b---4
Brown          Sebastian        22    Germany           122b-36
Brown          Stephane C.      63    Mass              84b---8
Brown          Susan S.         2     Ohio              89b--13
Brown          Sylvester        42    NY                100b-40
Brown          Sylvester        28    NY                87a--22
Brown          Ursula           56    Conn              100b-41
Brown          William          30    Scotland          48b--10
Brown          William          3     O                 154a-23
Brown          William          13    NY                89b--10
Brown          William          1     Ohio              26b---9
Brown          William B.       27    NY                62b---2
Brown          Wm. S.           42    England           154a-18
Brownell       Sarah            49    Unknown           19a---2
Browning       Emma Jane        19    Ohio              129a-38
Browning       Jacob S.         23    NY                129a-37
Browning       Samuel           28    NY                67b--13
Brownlee       Alex B.          1     Ohio              40a--14
Brownlee       Alexander B.     37    Scotland          40a--10
Brownlee       Catharine        30    England           47b---7
Brownlee       Isabella         4     Ohio              40a--13
Brownlee       James            7     Ohio              40a--12
Brownlee       Jane             36    Scotland          40a--11
Brownlee       John             34    Scotland          69a--19
Brownlee       Joseph           24    Scotland          47b---6
Brownsberger   Catharine        20    Germany           40a--35
Brownsberger   Jacob            25    Germany           40a--34
Brownsberger   Margaret         3/12  Ohio              40a--36
Brownsberger   William          24    Ny                8b---42
Brun           Elizabeth        22    .                 148a-33
Brun           George           2     .                 148a-34
Brun           John             30    500               148a-32
Brunt          Daniel           5     Ohio              36b--25
Brunt          Daniel           49    England           36b--20
Brunt          Elizabeth        8     Ohio              36b--24
Brunt          Grace            30    England           36b--21
Brunt          John             15    England           36b--22
Brunt          Joseph           3/12  Ohio              36b--27
Brunt          Mary             3     Ohio              36b--26
Brunt          William          10    England           36b--23
Buck           Abigal           47    Ct.               150a-40
Buck           Alice            5     Ohio              71a--32
Buck           Alice            26    Penn              71a--30
Buck           Amanda           7     O                 150b--4
Buck           Ebenezer W.      16    O                 150b--1
Buck           George N.        18    O                 150a-42
Buck           James T.         2     Mich              71a--33
Buck           Lewis            50    Ct.               150a-39
Buck           Miles            6     Ohio              71a--31
Buck           Miles            40    Penn              71a--29
Buck           Ralston A.       22    O                 150a-41
Buck           Rosalia E.       2     Ohio              111b-14
Buck           Roxania          1     Ohio              111b-16
Buck           Thomas J.        9     O                 150b--3
Buck           Wm. H.           13    O                 150b--2
Buel           Sheldon          21    NY                25a--31
Bulger         Almira           3     Ohio              122b-28
Bulger         Ben              30    Ohio              122b-23
Bulger         Ben F.           4     Ohio              122b-27
Bulger         Charlotte        26    Ohio              122b-24
Bulger         Jeremiah         9     Ohio              122b-25
Bulger         John F.          22    Ohio              122b-30
Bulger         Matthew          2     Ohio              122b-29
Bulger         William          7     Ohio              122b-26
Bull           Albert           8     Indiana           120b--7
Bull           Franklin         9     Ohio              120b--6
Bull           George           6/12  Ohio              120b--9
Bull           Horatio          13    Ohio              120b--4
Bull           Lavinia          11    Ohio              120b--5
Bull           Martha           2     Ohio              120b--8
Bull           Nancy Ann        34    NY                120b--2
Bull           Nelson           14    Ohio              120b--3
Bull           Thomas           40    NY                120b--1
Bult           John P.          45    France            72a--38
Bult           Joseph           1     Ohio              72a--41
Bult           Josephine        8     Ohio              72a--40
Bult           Mary             26    Ohio              72a--39
Bunce          Austin H.        28    Ohio              31b--31
Bunce          Elizabeth        25    Penn              31b--32
Bunce          John             24    Mass              85b--15
Bunce          Robert           72    Mass              85b--14
Bung           August           1     Ohio              89a--34
Bung           Catharine        3/12  Ohio              89a--30
Bung           Catharine        22    Germany           89a--33
Bung           Emily            4     Germany           89a--28
Bung           George           35    Germany           89a--32
Bung           George           2     Ohio              89a--29
Bung           Jacob            32    Germany           89a--25
Bung           Mary             27    Germany           89a--26
Bungway        Helen            3     Ohio              74b--26
Bungway        John             10    Ohio              74b--27
Bungway        Joseph           40    Canada            74b--23
Bungway        Mary             37    Canada            74b--24
Bungway        Matilda          6     Ohio              74b--28
Bungway        Sophia           12    Canada            74b--25
Bunnels        Alonzo           10    Ohio              138b-22
Bunting        Alonzo           7     .                 148b--8
Bunting        Eli              30    .                 148b--6
Bunting        Francis          5     .                 148b--9
Bunting        Mary             25    .                 148b--7
Bunting        Mathew           2     .                 148b-10
Bunting        Melissa          1     .                 148b-11
Bur            Jonathan         21    Ohio              35b--33
Burdo          Albert           1     Ohio              15a--27
Burdo          Clarrisa         6     Ohio              15a--25
Burdo          Electa           8     Ohio              15a--24
Burdo          Electa           32    NY                15a--20
Burdo          Elizabeth Ann    7     Ohio              32b--30
Burdo          Franklin         5     Ohio              119b--9
Burdo          George           4     Ohio              15a--26
Burdo          John             38    Mich              119b--5
Burdo          Lavoisa          12    Ohio              15a--22
Burdo          Louisa Ann       14    Ohio              119b--7
Burdo          Louise           10    Ohio              15a--23
Burdo          Mahala           34    NY                119b--6
Burdo          Mary             32    England           32b--29
Burdo          Mary A.          2     Ohio              119b-10
Burdo          Noah             14    Ohio              15a--21
Burdo          Peter            43    Mich              15a--19
Burdo          Philip           35    Mich              32b--28
Burdo          Sophia           13    Ohio              119b--8
Burdo          Susannah         76    Canada            119b-11
Burfett        James            43    Maryland          32a--27
Burk           Catharine        36    NY                26b--39
Burk           Enoch D.         27    Ohio              110b-41
Burk           Lewis            25    Ohio              26b--38
Burk           Nancy            24    NY                110b-42
Burke          Jane             30    .                 144b-36
Burke          John             30    65                144b-35
Burke          Mary             2     .                 144b-38
Burke          Robert           8     .                 144b-37
Burke          William W B      1     .                 144b-39
Burnett        Naomi            65    New Jersey        128a-42
Burnett        Stephen          70    New Jersey        128a-41
Burnett        Stephen          20    New Jersey        128b--1
Burnor         Abel             17    Ohio              94a---5
Burnor         Alexander        19    Mich              94a---4
Burnor         Arclay           21    Mich              94a---3
Burnor         Clemence         2/12  Ohio              94a--15
Burnor         Eli              5     Ohio              94a--14
Burnor         Eliza            9     Ohio              94a--13
Burnor         Elizabeth        44    Mich              94a---2
Burnor         Elizabeth        11    Ohio              94a---8
Burnor         Ellen            8     Ohio              94a---9
Burnor         Ezekiel          11    Ohio              94a--12
Burnor         Gabriel          45    Mich              94a---1
Burnor         Henry            15    Ohio              94a---6
Burnor         Maxom            13    Ohio              94a---7
Burnor         Monic            34    Mich              94a--10
Burnor         William          15    Ohio              94a--11
Burns          Catharine        5     Ireland           63a--24
Burns          Daniel           10    Ohio              101b-30
Burns          David            37    Ireland           101b-28
Burns          Eliza            28    England           44b--21
Burns          Elizabeth        36    Penn              36a--21
Burns          Ellen            4     Ohio              101b-33
Burns          Garrett          19    Mich              69a--15
Burns          James            8     Ohio              101b-31
Burns          John             26    Ireland           56a--18
Burns          John             13    Ireland           56b--10
Burns          John W.          16    Alabama           36a--22
Burns          Joseph           28    Ireland           44b--20
Burns          Margaret         6     Ohio              101b-32
Burns          Mary             26    Ireland           63a--23
Burns          Mary             18    Penn              59a--33
Burns          Mary A.          2     Ohio              101b-34
Burns          Mary Alice       4     Mich              44b--22
Burns          Mary Ann         35    Ireland           101b-29
Burns          Matthew H.       13    Penn              36a--23
Burns          Patrick          30    Ireland           63a--22
Burt           Betsy            26    Ohio              74a--34
Buryes         Caroline         26    O                 150a-26
Buryes         John             1     O                 150a-29
Buryes         Laura Ann        8     O                 150a-28
Buryes         Loena            1     O                 150a-30
Buryes         Mary Ann         10    O                 150a-27
Buryes         Wm.              28    O                 150a-25
Bush           Ann E.           6     Ohio              100a--7
Bush           Blakesler H.     49    NY                100a--3
Bush           Frances C.       11    Ohio              100a--6
Bush           Frances E.       39    Mass              100a--4
Bush           John             34    Germany           132a-36
Bush           Jonathen         77    Conn              100a--9
Bush           Mary Ette S.     17    NY                100a--5
Bush           Perces M.        77    Conn              100a-10
Bush           Perces M.        4     Ohio              100a--8
Bushel         Margaret         9     Ohio              2b----3
Butledge       Ann              25    Ireland           66a--35
Butledge       James            24    Ireland           66a--36
Butledge       John E.          28    Ireland           66a--34
Butler         Mary             28    Ireland           6b----8
Buttell        Sarah            19    Mich              42a--24
Butter         Ann W.           37    Ireland           33a--26
Butter         Edward M.        13    Ireland           33a--27
Butter         Thomas           41    Ireland           33a--25
Butterpila     Mrs.             40    NY                76a--17
Butts          Jane Ann         23    NY                109b--5
Butts          Letitia          13    Kentucky          4b---16
Butts          Talma E.         1     Ohio              109b--6
Butts          William          28    NY                109b--4
Byer           John             29    Germany           37b--20
Byern          Clark H.         45    Vermont           59a--14
Byern          Maria            42    NY                59a--15
Byers          David            30    Ireland           56a--19
Byers          Electa           2     Ohio              137a-13
Byers          Henry            22    Penn              137a--9
Byers          Jerome           3     Ohio              137a-12
Byers          Mary E.          6     Ohio              137a-11
Byers          Sophia           28    Penn              137a-10
Bymell         Joseph           32    England           103b-32

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