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Raeder         William          24    Germany           48b---9
Ragan          Bridget          27    Ireland           11b--26
Ragan          Bridget          21    Ireland           63a--28
Ragan          Catharine        6     Ohio              35a--37
Ragan          Corney           13    Canada            23b--20
Ragan          Dennis           21    Ireland           23b--19
Ragan          John             32    Ireland           11b--25
Ragan          John             1/12  Ohio              63a--29
Ragan          Margaret J.      4     Mich              11b--28
Ragan          Mary             27    Ireland           11b--30
Ragan          Michael          1     Mich              11b--29
Ragan          Patrick          22    Ireland           63a--27
Ragan          Timothy          7     Ohio              11b--27
Ragen          Ann              1     Ireland           63a--26
Ragen          Margaret         21    Ireland           63a--25
Ragen          Samantha         14    Mich              53a--25
Rager          O.V.             20    Germany           65a--18
Raglin         Thomas           26    Ireland           65a--31
Rakestram      Jason            20    Ohio              140a-19
Rakestraw      Emily            15    Ohio              131a-32
Rakestraw      Esther           24    NY                133b-32
Rakestraw      Florentine       2     Ohio              133b-33
Rakestraw      Yarnell          28    Penn              133b-31
Rakstraw       Adaline          14    Ohio              21b--19
Rakstraw       Mary Ann         10    Ohio              21b--20
Rale           Conrad           10    Germany           43b--22
Ramsey         Alma             42    NY                120b-22
Ramsey         Caroline         19    NY                120b-23
Ramsey         Frank            7     Ohio              120b-26
Ramsey         Jane             18    NY                120b-24
Ramsey         John E.          12    Ohio              120b-25
Randall        Amanda           10    Ohio              104a-17
Randall        Charles          12    Ohio              104a-16
Randall        Clarrisa         44    Penn              104a-15
Randall        Henry            7     Ohio              104a-18
Randall        Lyman            45    NY                104a-14
Randall        Mary             6     Ohio              104a-19
Ranick         Lucy Ann         24    O                 153b-13
Ranick         S.               26    Penn              153b-12
Ranke          Ann E.           27    Germany           48b--25
Ranke          Christian        28    Germany           48b--23
Ranke          Dorothy          23    Germany           48b--24
Ranney         Alice M.         1     Ohio              8b----9
Ranney         Charles L.       16    Mass              8b----8
Ranney         Nancy D.         32    Mass              8b---10
Ranney         O.D.             38    Mass              8b----6
Ranney         Phebe            40    Mass              8b----7
Rathbun        Anna             44    R. Island         32a--30
Rathbun        Elias            19    ***               32a--29
Rathbun        Eliza            1     Ohio              32a--34
Rathbun        Harriet          15    NY                136b-20
Rathbun        Mary Ann         8     Ohio              32a--33
Rathbun        Mary F.          49    NY                18b--29
Rathbun        Melissa          14    Ohio              32a--32
Rathbun        Sarah M.         21    NY                32a--31
Raymond        J                27    .                 147a-20
Raymond        Lydia Jane       4     .                 147a-22
Raymond        Mary             24    Unknown           30b--23
Raymond        Morton           3     Ohio              30b--24
Raymond        Rachel           25    .                 147a-21
Raymond        Samuel A.        26    Unknown           30b--22
Raymond        William H        2     .                 147a-23
Reagen         Ann              12    Ohio              136b-36
Reagen         Catharine        14    NY                136b-34
Reagen         Ellen            40    Ireland           136b-33
Reagen         Jane             5     Ohio              136b-39
Reagen         Mary E.          8     Ohio              136b-38
Reagen         Michael          17    NY                136b-35
Reagen         Rose             10    Ohio              136b-37
Ream           Isabella         1     Ohio              40b---7
Ream           John             31    Penn              40b---4
Ream           Minerva J.       21    NY                40b---5
Ream           William J.       5     Ohio              40b---6
Rechenwald     Altona           9     Ohio              10b--28
Rechenwald     Cecilia          5     Ohio              10b--30
Rechenwald     George           11    Germany           10b--27
Rechenwald     Mary             7     Ohio              10b--29
Rechenwald     Sarah            31    Germany           10b--26
Rechenwald     William          36    Germany           10b--25
Reckley        Ann Maria        5     Ohio              97a--31
Reckley        Ann Maria        41    Switzerland       97a--27
Reckley        Felix            51    Switzerland       97a--26
Reckley        Felix            11    Ohio              97a--29
Reckley        John             14    Ohio              97a--28
Reckley        Peter            9     Ohio              97a--30
Redding        Alexander        5     Ohio              43a--38
Redding        George           25    France            43a--35
Redding        John             23    Germany           37b--17
Redding        Philip           21    Germany           37b--18
Redding        Sarah M.         24    NY                43a--36
Redding        Sophia           14    Ohio              43a--37
Redfield       Adaline          10    O                 154a-33
Redfield       Charles          4     O                 154a-35
Redfield       Isaac            17    N.Y.              154a-30
Redfield       Louisa           6     O                 154a-34
Redfield       Mariah           35    N.Y.              154a-29
Redfield       Matilda          14    N.Y.              154a-31
Redfield       W.               50    N.H.              154a-28
Redfield       Willard          12    Mich              154a-32
Redinger       George           2     Ohio              143b--6
Redinger       John             1     Ohio              143b--7
Redinger       John D           31    Germany           143b--4
Redinger       Mary             24    Germany           143b--5
Redingouse     William          28    Germany           48b--26
Redington      Polly            46    Vermont           65b--17
Reed           Abram            37    Conn              130a--1
Reed           Adelaide         22    NY                130a--7
Reed           Adelaide         1     Ohio              16b---8
Reed           Albert           1     Ohio              127a-35
Reed           Alex             23    Conn              9a----1
Reed           Andrew           32    Germany           16b---6
Reed           Anson A.         11    Indiana           122a-30
Reed           B. Franklin      12    Ohio              127a-34
Reed           Caroline E.      6     Indiana           122a-32
Reed           Charles C.       10/12 Ohio              130a--4
Reed           Elias            31    Conn              127a-32
Reed           Eliza            23    NY                60a--22
Reed           Elizabeth        62    Conn              130a-33
Reed           Elizabeth        18    Penn              55b--38
Reed           Emeline          32    NY                75a---8
Reed           Emma C.          13    Ohio              75a---9
Reed           Franklin         26    NY                88a--31
Reed           Frederic         27    Conn              1a----7
Reed           George           25    Conn              130a--6
Reed           Hannah           57    Conn              60a--11
Reed           Hannah           35    Ohio              60a--17
Reed           Henry            66    Conn              127a-30
Reed           Hiram J.         32    NY                122a-28
Reed           Hitty            30    Vermont           122a-29
Reed           Ira B.           9     Indiana           122a-31
Reed           Isaac N.         4     Indiana           122a-33
Reed           James            11    NY                60a--16
Reed           Jane             10    Ohio              26a--42
Reed           Jared            13    NY                60a--15
Reed           Joel             43    NY                65b--19
Reed           Julia Ann        32    NY                130a--2
Reed           Julia E.         5     Ohio              130a--3
Reed           Lucy             21    NH                127a-33
Reed           Margaret         5     Ohio              55b--40
Reed           Maria            40    NY                26a--40
Reed           Mary             25    Germany           16b---7
Reed           Mary             23    Canada            2b---23
Reed           Mary             15    Ohio              26a--41
Reed           Minot W.         21    NY                75a--11
Reed           Reson B.         26    Ohio              55b--37
Reed           Richard          3     Ohio              2b---26
Reed           Saml B.          29    Conn              1a----8
Reed           Samuel S.        34    NY                75a---7
Reed           Sarah J.         11    Canada            75a--10
Reed           Temperence       64    Conn              127a-31
Reed           Truman E.        2     Ohio              122a-34
Reed           Virginia         3     Ohio              55b--39
Reed           Wesley           41    NY                129b-38
Reed           Wilbur           56    Conn              60a--10
Reed           William          18    NY                60a--14
Reenan         Dennis           46    Ireland           21b--29
Regenoh        A.               30    O                 149b-15
Regenoh        Eve              4     O                 149b-17
Regenoh        John             7     O                 149b-16
Regenoh        Reuben           24    O                 149b-18
Reginold       Andrew           60    Germany           25b--28
Reginold       Elizabeth        10    .                 25b--32
Reginold       Lophare          22    Ohio              25b--30
Reginold       Margaret         57    Germany           25b--29
Reginold       Samuel           15    Ohio              25b--31
Reidspach      Gotlieb          22    .                 63b--19
Reinhart       Barbara          36    Germany           126b--3
Reinhart       Elizabeth        19    Germany           99b--41
Reinhart       George           45    Germany           126b--2
Reinhart       John             10/12 Ohio              99b--42
Reinhart       Nicholas         26    Germany           99b--40
Reiser         John             15    Penn              66a--13
Reiser         Louisa           12    Penn              66a--14
Rellar         Mary             14    Ohio              19b---1
Rellogg        Bianca           9     Ireland           73a--26
Remp           *olley           20    Germany           32a--19
Renish         Esther           16    England           114a-41
Rennel         Barbara          32    Germany           33b--30
Rennel         Caroline         5     Germany           33b--32
Rennel         Ferdinand        10    Germany           33b--31
Rennel         Frank            28    Germany           33b--29
Rennel         Jacob            4     Germany           33b--33
Repint         Ellen            3/12  Ohio              93b--42
Repint         Mary             22    Mich              93b--39
Repint         Melinda          3     Ohio              93b--40
Repint         Samuel           2     Ohio              93b--41
Repint         William          23    Mich              93b--38
Repley         Helena           7     Germany           62b---9
Repley         John             34    Germany           62b---7
Repley         Sophronia        24    Germany           62b---8
Rerris         Jane             50    New Jersey        131b--5
Resigiue       Ralph            56    Conn              2a---15
Resture        Mary Ann         36    England           45b--37
Reynolds       Agnes            14    O                 149b-25
Reynolds       Charles          15    Miss              4a---13
Reynolds       Frances          11    Kentucky          4a---15
Reynolds       George           17    NY                29a--16
Reynolds       George           12    Miss              4a---14
Reynolds       George W.        41    NY                4a---11
Reynolds       Harriet E.       2     Ohio              116a-13
Reynolds       Henry            3/12  Ohio              116a-14
Reynolds       Jeremiah         28    Ohio              116a-11
Reynolds       Julia            5     Ohio              4a---17
Reynolds       Laura P.         36    Vermont           4a---12
Reynolds       Mary             2     Ohio              4a---18
Reynolds       Mary             13    Mich              108a-36
Reynolds       Merrick          7     Ohio              4a---16
Reynolds       Rhoda Ann        25    NY                116a-12
Reyser         Barbara          29    Germany           79b--25
Reyser         Elizabeth        1     Ohio              79b--29
Reyser         Philip           32    Germany           79b--24
Rice           Henry            25    Unknown           64a--20
Rice           Mr.              40    Unknown           67b--40
Rich           Ashley W.        9     Ohio              91b--37
Rich           Emma E.          18    Ohio              91b--36
Rich           Jacob            61    Germany           82b---6
Richards       Ellen            43    New Jersey        83a--16
Richards       Hiram            38    NY                83a--15
Richards       Ilan             29    Vermont           49a--24
Richards       Mary             5     Ohio              83a--17
Richards       Mary Ann         34    Ohio              79a--30
Richards       Mary S.          10    Ohio              79a--31
Richards       Matilda          19    England           49a--25
Richards       Melissa M.       4     Canada            79a--33
Richards       Orlando T.       7     Mich              79a--32
Richards       Seth T.          36    NY                79a--29
Richardson     Amelia           28    Canada            2b---28
Richardson     Elizabeth J.     6     NY                10a--19
Richardson     Francis          8     NY                10a--18
Richardson     George           7     Ohio              2b---30
Richardson     Harriet          9     Ohio              2b---29
Richardson     J                53    .                 146a-18
Richardson     Jacob            23    Ohio              14a--34
Richardson     Lucinda          24    NY                10a--16
Richardson     Mark             36    Ireland           10a--15
Richardson     Martha Ann       10    NY                10a--17
Richardson     Mary             5     Ohio              2b---31
Richardson     Mary             2     Ohio              10a--20
Richardson     William          27    Ohio              139a--1
Richmond       Adelia           1     Ohio              80a--10
Richmond       Alfred           30    Tennessee         70b--29
Richmond       Algeroy          10    Ohio              4a---25
Richmond       Catharine        22    Penn              70b--30
Richmond       David            1     Ohio              80a---9
Richmond       George           2     Ohio              80a---7
Richmond       George           14    Conn              35b---5
Richmond       Georgeinea       2     Ohio              80a---8
Richmond       James            10    Maine             80a---6
Richmond       Marcus A.        8     Indiana           70b--31
Rickey         Eliza            32    NY                37a---3
Rickey         Frances          12    Penn              37a---4
Rickey         W.W.             36    NY                37a---2
Rickman        Adam             52    Germany           123b--9
Rickman        Christian        8     Germany           123b-13
Rickman        Eliza            55    Germany           123b-10
Rickman        Eliza            14    Germany           123b-11
Rickman        Mary             12    Germany           123b-12
Riddle         Dorothy          24    Germany           126b-36
Riddlle        Mrs.             40    Ireland           16b--36
Ridell         Barbara          10    Ohio              18b--20
Ridell         Margaret         36    Ireland           18b--19
Ridell         Mary             6     Ohio              18b--22
Ridell         Thomas           8     Ohio              18b--21
Ridell         William          2     Ohio              18b--23
Ridout         Maria            39    England           89a---5
Ridout         Sarah            18    England           89a--19
Ridout         Stephen          43    England           89a---4
Riggs          Benjamin         7     Mich              111b-34
Riggs          Diantha          29    NY                111b-32
Riggs          Ellen            11    Mich              111b-33
Riggs          Sylvester        28    Ohio              111b-31
Rigs           Edwin            38    NY                72a--30
Rigs           Thomas           32    Ireland           77a--35
Riley          Bernard          22    Ireland           59a--42
Riley          Cecilia          12    Ohio              121b-27
Riley          Ellen            44    Ireland           121b-25
Riley          Ellen            12    Ohio              66a--37
Riley          Ellen A.         14    Ohio              121b-26
Riley          James            25    Scotland          56b--37
Riley          Jane             10    Ohio              77b---5
Riley          Josiah           29    Conn              61b--27
Riley          Margaret         10    Ohio              121b-28
Riley          Margaret         1     Ohio              7a---23
Riley          Mary             5     Ohio              121b-29
Riley          Mathew           50    Ireland           121b-24
Riley          N.N.             28    Unknown           14a--28
Riley          Peter            13    Ohio              75a--40
Rimelsvaker    Frances          16    Germany           61a---1
Rinear         Joseph           22    Mich              81b--30
Ring           Owen             45    Ireland           56a--16
Rinostock      Christian        28    Germany           92a--39
Ripinger       Catharine        9     Germany           99a--36
Ripinger       Madaline         35    Germany           99a--34
Ripinger       Margaret         7     Germany           99a--37
Ripinger       Martin           1     Ohio              99a--38
Ripinger       Nicholas         47    Germany           99a--39
Ripinger       Nicholas         15    Germany           99a--35
Ripinger       Peter            36    Germany           99a--33
Ripple         B.               38    Germany           150b-32
Ripple         Mary             37    Germany           150b-33
Ripple         Mary             2     Germany           150b-34
Rivers         Frank            30    Ohio              69a--40
Rivet          Maria            18    Canada            7a---38
Roach          Amelia           7     Ohio              139b-15
Roach          Eliza            14    Ohio              139b-13
Roach          Mary Ann         13    Ohio              139b-14
Roach          Samuel G         54    NY                139b-11
Roach          Susan            38    Ireland           139b-12
Roaley         William M.       29    Penn              24a--35
Robbins        Betsy            77    NY                129a-42
Robbins        David            47    Canada            129a-11
Robbins        Elizabeth        16    Ohio              129a-13
Robbins        Lucy             18    Ohio              129a-12
Robbins        Mary Ette        12    Ohio              129a-15
Robbins        Spencer          25    NY                129a-41
Robbins        Wellington       14    Ohio              129a-14
Roberts        Abunia           42    NY                111a--2
Roberts        Alden            24    NY                111a--3
Roberts        Alvinga          6     NY                111a--8
Roberts        Amy Jane         16    NY                111a--4
Roberts        Aurelia          19    NY                107a-14
Roberts        Byron            12    NY                111a--5
Roberts        Chester          21    NY                106b-42
Roberts        Christopher      49    NY                78b--21
Roberts        Cordelia         10    NY                111a--6
Roberts        Ebenezer         8     NY                111a--7
Roberts        George           2     Ohio              78b--23
Roberts        Hannah           24    New Jersey        78b--22
Roberts        James            48    NY                111a--1
Roberts        James            3/12  Ohio              111a--9
Roberts        Lee              17    Unknown           2b---14
Roberts        Mary E.          7/12  Ohio              107a-15
Roberts        Mr.              23    NY                107a-13
Roberts        Simon            11    Ohio              30b--32
Robertson      Briel C.         40    Ohio              7a---18
Robertson      Edwin            3     Ohio              3b---14
Robertson      Esther Ann       3     *a                7a---22
Robertson      Jane             4/12  Ohio              3b---15
Robertson      John H.          8     Ohio              7a---21
Robertson      Laretta          10    Ohio              7a---20
Robertson      Rebecca          34    NY                7a---19
Robertson      Sarah            23    England           3b---12
Robertson      William          4     Ohio              3b---13
Robertson      William          29    Scotland          3b---11
Robertson      Wm               40    .                 144b-40
Robins         Antionette       11    Ohio              89a--18
Robins         Maria            14    Ohio              89a--17
Robinson       Alfred           21    Maine             2b---35
Robinson       Allen C.         2/12  Ohio              73a--30
Robinson       Alpheus          20    NY                51a--18
Robinson       Ann              16    Maine             2b---36
Robinson       Catharine        4     Ohio              72b--33
Robinson       Clarance         3     Maine             2b---38
Robinson       Elhanan          14    Maine             2b---37
Robinson       Elizabeth        26    Mich              73a--29
Robinson       Felix            2     Ohio              72b--32
Robinson       Johnathan        48    Maine             2b---32
Robinson       Julia            7     Ohio              72b--34
Robinson       Lenora           20    Canada            72b--31
Robinson       Martha           23    Maine             2b---34
Robinson       Mary A           15    .                 146b-14
Robinson       Nicholas         29    Canada            73a--28
Robinson       Sarah            44    Maine             2b---33
Robinson       Thomas           27    Ireland           138b-42
Robinson       William          20    Mich              64a---1
Roble          Barbara          64    Germany           27b--15
Roble          John             44    Germany           27b--14
Roble          Julia Ann        14    Germany           27b--16
Robley         Auguste          6     Germany           62b--42
Robley         Christina        15    Germany           62b--40
Robley         Joseph           40    Germany           62b--36
Robley         Lalem            14    Germany           62b--41
Robley         Mary             18    Germany           62b--38
Robley         Mathias          16    Germany           62b--39
Robley         Theresa          20    Germany           62b--37
Robmit         Nancy            31    Ohio              74b--30
Robmit         Nir***           47    Canada            74b--29
Rock           Emma             12    Germany           44b---6
Rock           Frederic         44    Germany           44b---5
Rock           Frederic         10    Germany           44b---7
Rock           William          8     Germany           44b---8
Rodd           Alex             30    Mich              121a-25
Rodd           Charles          6     Ohio              22b--30
Rodd           David            35    Mich              22b--27
Rodd           David W.         2     Ohio              22b--31
Rodd           Dressa           25    Canada            22b--28
Rodd           Emily            7     Ohio              22b--29
Rodd           Franklin         3     Ohio              121a-27
Rodd           Mary             23    Ohio              121a-26
Rodd           Sarah Jane       1     Ohio              22b--32
Rodd           Timothy          23    Mich              22b--34
Rodd           Timothy          1     Ohio              121a-28
Rodebaugh      George           20    Unknown           59a--32
Rodenbach      Philip           30    Germany           97b---6
Rodett         Frances          2     Ohio              82b--13
Rodett         Franklin         27    Mich              82b--11
Rodett         Henry A.         7/12  Ohio              82b--14
Rodett         Mary             18    Germany           82b--12
Rodgers        Ambrose H.       34    NY                88a--19
Rodgers        Clarissa         33    NY                16a--32
Rodgers        Delia            9     Ohio              88a--22
Rodgers        Electa F.        2     Ohio              16a--36
Rodgers        Erasmas D.       10    Ohio              16a--34
Rodgers        George F.        2     .                 88a--23
Rodgers        Hannah           32    NY                88a--20
Rodgers        Lines            41    NY                16a--31
Rodgers        Mary E.          9     Ohio              16a--33
Rodgers        Mary L.          7     Ohio              88a--21
Rodgers        Olive E.         7     Ohio              16a--35
Rodgers        William J.       2/12  Ohio              16a--37
Roemer         Arabella         1     Ohio              66b---7
Roemer         Frances          29    Germany           66b---4
Roemer         Henry            6     Ohio              66b---5
Roemer         John             22    Germany           91a--17
Roemer         Joseph           36    Germany           66b---3
Roemer         Laura            4     Ohio              66b---6
Rolbies        Rinaldo          19    Ohio              7a---37
Rolfe          Ann              45    England           122b-13
Rolfe          Joseph           7     Ohio              122b-14
Rolfe          Mary             5     Ohio              122b-15
Ronco          Angelina         22    Mich              66a--39
Ronco          John             20    Mich              66a--40
Ronco          John             18    Mich              129b-31
Ronco          Joseph           17    Mich              66a--41
Ronco          Mary             9     Mich              66a--42
Ronco          Mary             43    Mich              66a--38
Rooney         Ann              37    Ireland           55b---1
Rooney         Frank            9     Ohio              55b---3
Rooney         John             13    Ohio              55b---2
Rooney         Margaret         6     Ohio              55b---4
Rooney         Mary Ann         15    Canada            37a--15
Rooney         Thomas           4     Ohio              55b---5
Roop           Alvin            20    Ohio              102a-13
Roop           Alvin            14    Ohio              115b-41
Roop           Burton           9     Ohio              116a--3
Roop           Clark            18    Ohio              115b-42
Roop           Jacob            23    Germany           143a-34
Roop           John             4     Ohio              116a--4
Roop           Joseph           45    Penn              115b-40
Roop           Nicholas         27    Germany           126b-28
Roop           Oscar            13    Ohio              116a--2
Roop           Sylvania         16    Ohio              116a--1
Roos           George           1     Ohio              61a--12
Roos           Margaret         30    Germany           61a--10
Roos           Matthias         36    Germany           61a---9
Roos           William          8     Ohio              61a--11
Root           Aurilla          2     Ohio              53a---1
Root           Mary             43    NY                52b--42
Root           Oliver           48    NY                52b--41
Ropham         Laru             14    NY                95a--21
Rose           James A.         21    NY                60b--13
Rose           Thomas           25    England           32b--12
Roselle        Frances          12    Switzerland       82a--14
Roselle        Joseph           51    Switzerland       82a--10
Roselle        Joseph           13    Switzerland       82a--13
Roselle        Rosa             14    Switzerland       82a--12
Roselle        Serephine        48    Switzerland       82a--11
Roselle        Sophia           5     Switzerland       82a--17
Roselle        Theresa          9     Switzerland       82a--16
Roselle        Victoria         11    Switzerland       82a--15
Roserkrans     Jane             26    Ohio              79a--25
Roseward       Ellen            18    England           35b---8
Ross           Robert           23    Unknown           44a--15
Rossling       Francis          28    Ireland           33a--34
Roth           John             2     Ohio              126b-25
Roth           Margaret         29    Ohio              126b-21
Roth           Mary Ann         7     Ohio              126b-23
Roth           Nicholas         30    Germany           126b-20
Roth           Peter            9     Ohio              126b-22
Roth           Susan            5     Ohio              126b-24
Rothbun        Ben              52    NY                138a-38
Rothbun        Benjamin F       7     Ohio              138b--3
Rothbun        Francis A        12    Ohio              138b--1
Rothbun        Harriet B        15    NY                138a-41
Rothbun        Laura A          9     Ohio              138b--2
Rothbun        Ledgewick P      17    NY                138a-40
Rothbun        Sebrina          48    NY                138a-39
Rousch         Adam             11    Ohio              124a-27
Rousch         Andrew           37    Penn              125b-27
Rousch         Catharine        40    Germany           124a-24
Rousch         Catharine        38    Penn              125b-28
Rousch         Elias            6     Penn              125b-32
Rousch         Francis          35    Germany           124a-23
Rousch         George           6     Ohio              124a-28
Rousch         George           13    Penn              125b-29
Rousch         Jerome           9     Penn              125b-31
Rousch         John             65    Penn              125b-33
Rousch         John             14    Penn              122b-35
Rousch         Matilda          12    Penn              125b-30
Rousch         Michael          23    Penn              26b--15
Rousch         Salma            64    Penn              125b-34
Rousch         Samuel           16    Germany           124a-25
Rousch         Sarah            24    Penn              26b--16
Rousch         Sophrana         12    Ohio              124a-26
Rouse          Birdsey          30    Conn              34b---8
Rouse          Eliza            24    NY                34b---9
Rouse          Walter           3/12  Ohio              34b--10
Roush          Amanda           8     Ohio              24b--34
Roush          Amelia           5     Ohio              24b--35
Roush          Henry J.         14    Ohio              24b--32
Roush          Maria            34    Penn              24b--31
Roush          Sarah E.         14    Ohio              24b--33
Roush          Thomas           37    Penn              24b--30
Roush          Washington       2     Ohio              24b--36
Rowe           Conrad           24    Germany           34a---7
Rowley         Amos             40    Ohio              84a---8
Rube           John             25    Ireland           51a--27
Ruckel         Agnes            19    Ireland           27a--13
Ruckel         Catharine        45    Ireland           27a--11
Ruckel         Catharine        17    Ireland           27a--14
Ruckel         Christopher      54    Ireland           27a--10
Ruckel         Christopher      4     Ireland           27a--22
Ruckel         Danial           15    Ireland           27a--16
Ruckel         David            10    Ireland           27a--19
Ruckel         Francis          21    Ireland           27a--12
Ruckel         George           18    Ireland           27a--15
Ruckel         Henry            5     Ireland           27a--21
Ruckel         John             8     Ireland           27a--20
Ruckel         Philip           14    Ireland           27a--17
Ruckel         Sarah            12    Ireland           27a--18
Rudd           Alfred           21    Unknown           34b--38
Rudd           America          2     Ohio              34b--36
Rudd           Americus         7/12  Ohio              34b--37
Rudd           Henry            33    NY                34b--34
Rudd           Jerome           24    Unknown           34b--39
Rudd           Martha           23    NY                34b--35
Ruist          Catharine        45    Germany           55a--31
Ruist          Hamer            22    Germany           55a--30
Ruist          Jared            10    Germany           55a--32
Ruler          Amelia           14    Ohio              14a--30
Ruler          Jane             42    NY                14a--29
Ruler          Ralph C.         9     Ohio              14a--31
Rumsey         Alfred           33    NY                119a-21
Rumsey         Charles C        3     Ohio              119a-25
Rumsey         Emerson          8     Ohio              119a-24
Rumsey         Lewis            2/12  Ohio              119a-26
Rumsey         Rosanna          30    NY                119a-22
Rumsey         Virginia         10    Ohio              119a-23
Runnion        Emeline          22    Penn              25b---4
Runnion        Harriet          20    Penn              25b---5
Runnion        Mary E.          62    Penn              25b---2
Runnion        Thomas B.        24    Penn              25b---3
Runnion        William L.       55    Penn              25b---1
Rusabach       Fred             9     Germany           60b--31
Ruse           Catharine        26    Germany           40a--29
Ruse           Catharine        1     Ohio              40a--30
Ruse           Jacob            25    Germany           40a--28
Ruse           Margaret         3/12  Ohio              40a--31
Rushong        Lavinia Ann      23    Penn              55a--23
Rushong        Samuel           24    Ohio              55a--22
Russell        Ann              14    Ohio              149b-34
Russell        Charles          17    Mich              8a----1
Russell        Charles          17    Mich              9b---41
Russell        Elizabeth        19    O                 149b-35
Russell        Eunice           25    NY                72a--27
Russell        Farmar           16    Ireland           14a--24
Russell        Jerome           4     Ohio              72a--28
Russell        Lynus            45    Canada            149b-33
Russell        Sarah            15    Ohio              5b---20
Russell        Susan            14    Ireland           6b---42
Russell        Warren           28    NY                72a--26
Russell        Wollcott         17    O                 149b-36
Ryan           Ann              63    Ireland           55b---6
Ryan           Catharine        33    Ireland           23b--17
Ryan           Catharine        28    Ireland           23b--25
Ryan           Daniel           39    Ireland           23b--24
Ryan           Daniel           1     Ohio              23b--26
Ryan           James            41    Ireland           23b--16
Ryan           Kate             19    Ireland           10b--35
Ryan           Kate             14    Ireland           46b---3
Ryan           Thomas           19    Ireland           61b--10
Ryan           Timothy          9     Ohio              23b--18
Ryder          Sophia B.        27    NY                62a--40
Ryley          John             34    Ireland           74b--10
Rynhart        Ann              48    N.J.              154b--2
Rynhart        Benjamin         25    N.J.              154b--3
Rynhart        Henrietta        18    N.Y.              154b--4
Rynhart        Henry            54    N.J.              154b--1
Rynhart        John             22    N.Y.              154b--5
Rynhart        William          20    N.Y.              154b--6

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