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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
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Name of Head of Family
*EATON         Amus                     79a  12   79b
.no last name  Parrot                   28a   5   28b
.Poorhouse     .                        50a  16   50b
ABERNETHY      Ja.s                     43a   4   43b
ABRAMS         James C.                 69a  12   69b
ABRAMS         Richard                  69a  13   69b
AGAN           James                   104a  21  104b
AGEN           Andrew                   70a   5   70b
AGEN           Walentine                86a  16   86b
AKIN           Wm.                      46a   2   46b
ALBERTSON      John.n                   97a   8   97b
ALDRIGE        Jn.o                     28a  27   28b
ALDRIGE        Rebeca                   25a  17   25b
ALEXANDER      Alex.r                   43a  13   43b
ALEXANDER      Ann                      26a  25   26b
ALEXANDER      Ann                      67a  23   67b
ALEXANDER      Arthur                   60a  23   60b
ALEXANDER      David                    24a   8   24b
ALEXANDER      David                    40a  14   40b
ALEXANDER      Francis                  56a  19   56b
ALEXANDER      James                    71a   8   71b
ALEXANDER      Jane                     87a  22   87b
ALEXANDER      Jean                     24a  10   24b
ALEXANDER      Joseph                   38a  16   38b
ALEXANDER      Joseph                   68a  16   68b
ALEXANDER      London                   60a  13   60b
ALEXANDER      Love                     96a   2   96b
ALEXANDER      Maria                    71a  12   71b
ALEXANDER      Tho.s                    44a  22   44b
ALEXANDER      Wm.                      98a   3   98b
ALEXANDER      Wm.                     103a   6  103b
ALLEN          Jn.o                      6a  11    6b
ALLEN          Robert                   64a   6   64b
ALLEN          Robert                   96a  23   96b
ALLEN          Sam.l                    10a   2   10b
AMES           Stilman                  39a  25   39b
ANDERSON       Abe                       4a   8    4b
ANDERSON       Abe                      32a  19   32b
ANDERSON       Adam                     91a  15   91b
ANDERSON       Alicia                   22a  20   22b
ANDERSON       Ben                       6a  26    6b
ANDERSON       George                   29a   2   29b
ANDERSON       Ja.s                     46a   9   46b
ANDERSON       Jacob                    24a   3   24b
ANDERSON       Jo.n                      8a   2    8b
ANDERSON       Martha                   61a   4   61b
ANDERSON       Robert                   87a  13   87b
ANDERSON       Samuel                   87a  15   87b
ANDREWS        Ge.o                     15a   3   15b
ANDREWS        Henry                    25a  14   25b
ARCHIBALD      Mary                     79a  23   79b
ARCHIBALD      Robert                   88a  14   88b
ARMOUR         John                     57a  17   57b
ARMOUR         Sam.l                   104a  18  104b
ARMSTRONG      Lydia                    87a  12   87b
ARMSTRONG      Sarah                   102a   2  102b
ARMSTRONG      Wm.                      45a   7   45b
ARRANTS        Martha                   26a   5   26b
ARRENTS        Joehannas                57a  27   57b
ARRENTS        Sarah                    59a   7   59b
ARRISON        Jacob                    85a  20   85b
ASH            Cha.s                    42a  19   42b
ASH            Jacob                    37a  27   37b
ASH            John                     32a   3   32b
ASH            Joseph                   23a   3   23b
ATHERTON       Rob.t                    41a  12   41b
ATKIL          Samuel                   69a  18   69b
ATKINSON       Eliza                    46a   5   46b
ATKINSON       Francis                  68a   6   68b
ATKINSON       Henry                    83a   5   83b
ATKINSON       Henry                    83a  16   83b
AYLWARD        John                     92a   9   92b
BAILY          John                     80a   4   80b
BAKER          Henry                    70a  19   70b
BAKER          Jeremiah                 65a  22   65b
BAKER          John                     68a  14   68b
BAKER          Mary                     62a  23   62b
BAKER          Mary                     72a  21   72b
BALDING        John                     56a  24   56b
BALDWIN        Levi                     38a  12   38b
BALDWIN        Will.m                   38a  23   38b
BALDWIN        Wm.                      38a  25   38b
BANBURY        Ann                       8a  15    8b
BANNISTER      John                     57a   7   57b
BARCLAY        John                     37a  21   37b
BARCLAY        Thomas                   34a  21   34b
BARD           Gabr.l                   13a   3   13b
BARNABY        Jn.o                      9a  12    9b
BARNABY        Rich.d                    6a   3    6b
BARNES         Ann                      81a   6   81b
BARNES         Becky                     7a  12    7b
BARNES         Sam.l                    59a  26   59b
BARNETT        John                     94a  20   94b
BARNS          Elizabeth                90a  22   90b
BARNS          Grace                     7a  11    7b
BARNS          James                    81a  15   81b
BARR           Josh                     27a  27   27b
BARRETT        Andrew                   28a  26   28b
BARRY          Ja.s                      6a  15    6b
BARRY          Jn.o                     22a   4   22b
BARRY          John                     70a  22   70b
BATEMAN        Benj.n                    7a  23    7b
BATEMAN        Peregrine                 5a   5    5b
BATEMAN        Rich.d                    7a  22    7b
BATES          James                    23a  17   23b
BATES          Jn.o                     41a   9   41b
BATTEN         Thomas                   79a  17   79b
BAYARD         David                     7a   3    7b
BAYARD         Pegy                     14a  12   14b
BAYARD         Tho.s                    16a   4   16b
BAYARD         Tho.s                    32a  11   32b
BAYARD         Thomas                    5a   8    5b
BAYNARD        David                    31a   4   31b
BAYNARD        Tho.s                    15a   6   15b
BEARD          David                    89a  23   89b
BEATY          Sam.l                    86a   6   86b
BEATY          Sam.l                    88a  24   88b
BECK           David                    39a   5   39b
BEDDY          George                   85a  10   85b
BEEKS          Jn.o Lin                 31a  20   31b
BEESTON        George                    5a   2    5b
BEESTON        Sarah                    31a  27   31b
BEHO           Thomas                   65a  18   65b
BELL           Ab.m                     88a  13   88b
BELL           George                  103a  14  103b
BENAN          Sam.l                    43a  26   43b
BENETT         Abr.m                    51a   8   51b
BENJAMINE      George                   67a  12   67b
BENJAMINE      Isaac                    66a  13   66b
BENNETT        Ann                      31a  17   31b
BENNETT        Henry                    21a  10   21b
BENNETT        John                     56a  23   56b
BENNETT        John                     65a   3   65b
BENNETT        Joshua                   62a  17   62b
BENNETT        Rudulph                  21a   5   21b
BENSON         James H. smith at Church  8a  19    8b
BENSON         Tho.s S.                  7a  25    7b
BERAM          Henry                    16a  15   16b
BERNARD        Parker                   31a   9   31b
BERRY          Hanah                     6a   8    6b
BERRY          John                     92a   3   92b
BERRY          Sandy                     9a  15    9b
BERWICK        Jn.o                     14a  24   14b
BEZZEL         James                   100a  11  100b
BIBBEE         Jn.o                     41a  11   41b
BIDDLE         Bolden                   29a  23   29b
BIDDLE         George                    3a  18    3b
BIDDLE         George                   29a  12   29b
BIDDLE         Jacob                    32a  27   32b
BIDDLE         Jacob (Turnpike)         30a  16   30b
BIDDLE         Jn.o                     11a  18   11b
BIDDLE         Jn.o                     30a  13   30b
BIDDLE         Jn.o                     31a  26   31b
BIDDLE         Noble                    29a   4   29b
BIDDLE         Ransler                  29a  25   29b
BIDDLE         Rich.d                    2a  25    2b
BIDDLE         Spencer                  32a  24   32b
BIDDLE         Tho.s                    31a  13   31b
BIDDLE         Tho.s A.                 22a  19   22b
BIDDLE         Tobias                  105a   1  105b
BIDDLE         William                   6a   9    6b
BIDDLE         William                  31a  11   31b
BIGGS          Joseph                    9a  23    9b
BILES          Wm. B.                   97a  19   97b
BINER          Jean (Hechs        12a   5   12b
BIRDSHELL      Ja.s                     32a   9   32b
BLACK          Charles G.               65a  10   65b
BLACK          John N.                  64a  14   64b
BLACKBIRD      James                    84a  13   84b
BLACKBURN      Mary                     45a   5   45b
BLACKISTON     George                   11a  11   11b
BLACKISTON     Jacob                     3a   4    3b
BLAIDEN        Richard                  84a  23   84b
BLAKE          John                     57a   4   57b
BLAKE          Nathan                   99a   3   99b
BLAKE          Solomon                  72a  19   72b
BLANSFIELD     Cha.s                     4a   2    4b
BLUNKALL       William                  59a  13   59b
BODLEY         Abram                     8a   3    8b
BODLY          Cyrus                     5a  10    5b
BOLDEN         Jesse                    40a   4   40b
BOLDEN         Mary                     32a  21   32b
BOLDEN         Richard                  31a   7   31b
BOLDEN         Thomas                   34a  10   34b
BOLLOCK        Simon                    95a  15   95b
BOLTEN         Ja.s                     50a  22   50b
BOLTEN         Jn.o                     30a  23   30b
BOLTEN         Wm.                      30a  25   30b
BOOTS          Eve                      16a  12   16b
BORGON         Wm.                      51a   9   51b
BORLAND        Ebr.m                    42a  18   42b
BOSTICK        Cezar                    29a  19   29b
BOSTICK        Phillip                  36a   9   36b
BOWEN          Benj.n                   36a   3   36b
BOWEN          Jn.o                     31a  21   31b
BOWEN          Levi                      6a  10    6b
BOWEN          Thomas                   71a  14   71b
BOWLEY         Loyd                     81a  14   81b
BOWMAN         Ben                      40a  27   40b
BOWMAN         Michael                  24a  18   24b
BOYD           Alexander                72a  12   72b
BOYD           Ben                      46a  22   46b
BOYD           Elizabeth                62a   1   62b
BOYD           Francis                  70a  14   70b
BOYD           Henry                    79a  19   79b
BOYD           Hugh                     79a  16   79b
BOYD           James                    71a   2   71b
BOYD           Jane                     70a   6   70b
BOYD           Thomas                   61a  26   61b
BOYD           William                  61a  27   61b
BOYER          Charles                  86a   3   86b
BOYER          Mary                      7a   4    7b
BOYER          Michael                  26a   4   26b
BOYER          Reymond                  24a  20   24b
BOYER          Stephen                  24a   1   24b
BOYES          Josiah                   72a  10   72b
BOYL           Patrick                  94a  25   94b
BOYL           Patrick                  95a   1   95b
BOYLE          Ben                      50a   9   50b
BRADFORD       Flasky                   88a  16   88b
BRADFORD       Moses                     7a   9    7b
BRADLY         Francis                  43a   9   43b
BRADSEN        Tho.s                   100a   9  100b
BRATTEN        Henry B.                 80a   3   80b
BRECKINS       Charles                  69a  16   69b
BRICKLEY       John                     83a   9   83b
BRICKLEY       Sam.l                   104a  19  104b
BRICKLY        Andrew                   78a   2   78b
BRICKLY        Jah.m                    78a   1   78b
BRICKLY        Joaccomb                 69a   8   69b
BRICKLY        John                     78a   3   78b
BRICKLY        Martha                   78a   4   78b
BRIERLY        Sam.l                    13a  14   13b
BRIGS          Joseph                   13a  20   13b
BRISCO         Peter                   104a  12  104b
BRISCOE        Wary                      2a  20    2b
BRISTOW        Gabe                     40a  13   40b
BRISTOW        Lewis                    31a  24   31b
BRISTOW        Rich.d                   28a  22   28b
BRISTOW        Rob.t                    51a   6   51b
BRISTOW        Wm. Jr.                  28a  25   28b
BROOKS         Jn.o                     36a  27   36b
BROOKS         Wm. G.                  102a  16  102b
BROOMFIELD     Lydia                    61a  25   61b
BROOMFIELD     William                  62a  26   62b
BROTTEN        James                    88a  12   88b
BROWN          Allice                   65a   6   65b
BROWN          Aveline                  57a  25   57b
BROWN          Caleb                    97a  23   97b
BROWN          Caleb                    97a  24   97b
BROWN          Dan.l                    28a   2   28b
BROWN          David                    85a  26   85b
BROWN          Edw.d                    30a   1   30b
BROWN          Elisha                   80a   1   80b
BROWN          Elisha                  101a   8  101b
BROWN          George                  100a   3  100b
BROWN          Hannah                   93a   8   93b
BROWN          Hugh                     58a  13   58b
BROWN          Isaac                    93a   9   93b
BROWN          Isaac                    97a   2   97b
BROWN          Isaac                   101a  14  101b
BROWN          Jeihu                   100a   1  100b
BROWN          Jeihu                   100a   2  100b
BROWN          Jn.o                     24a  21   24b
BROWN          John                    101a  16  101b
BROWN          Joseph                   97a  22   97b
BROWN          Joshua                   82a  24   82b
BROWN          Mary                     99a   5   99b
BROWN          Mentilien               105a   6  105b
BROWN          Nelley                   81a  21   81b
BROWN          Rebecca                 100a   5  100b
BROWN          Rob.t                    96a  25   96b
BROWN          Robert                   97a  26   97b
BROWN          Robert                   98a   5   98b
BROWN          Ruben                   101a  13  101b
BROWN          Sam.l                    91a   6   91b
BROWN          Sam.l                   101a   7  101b
BROWN          Sam.l                   101a  19  101b
BROWN          Sam.l                   102a   4  102b
BROWN          Sarah                    92a  20   92b
BROWN          Silva                    92a  16   92b
BROWN          Syrus                    61a   1   61b
BROWN          Tho.s                    98a  23   98b
BROWN          Thomas                  101a  15  101b
BROWN          Wm.                     101a  12  101b
BROWN          Wm. N.                  100a  26  100b
BRUICE         Charles                  83a  26   83b
BRUICE         John                     96a   9   96b
BRUMBER        Elizabeth                79a  26   79b
BRYAN          Albert G.                15a  13   15b
BRYAN                  43a  16   43b
BRYAN          Guy                      14a  22   14b
BRYAN          Jesse                    15a  17   15b
BRYAN          Jn.o                     36a  18   36b
BRYAN          Joel                     15a  18   15b
BRYAN          Joseph                   15a  19   15b
BRYAN          Sam.l                    15a  16   15b
BRYSON         Tho.s                    27a   3   27b
BUCHWORTH      Sam.l                    14a   5   14b
BUCK           Edward                   59a   3   59b
BUCKLER        Benj.n                  103a  18  103b
BUCKLEY        Nathan                  101a  21  101b
BURCHALL       Rob.t                    22a  18   22b
BURGOYNE       Ja.s                     50a  17   50b
BURGOYNE       Kerin                    41a  25   41b
BURK           John                     56a  22   56b
BURK           William                  28a  14   28b
BURKS          John                     86a   7   86b
BURLIN         John                     89a  17   89b
BURLING        Jane                     89a  13   89b
BURNES         Thomas                   68a  20   68b
BURNETT        Sam.l                    37a  16   37b
BURNITE        Daniel                   55a  16   55b
BURRIS         John                     63a  11   63b
BURRIS         John R.                  67a  10   67b
BURRIS         Leah                     63a  22   63b
BURROSS        John                     62a  25   62b
BUSHELL        Peter                    16a  18   16b
BUSHELL        Tho.s                    16a  17   16b
BUSTLER        Peter                    80a  17   80b
BUTLER         Elizabeth                67a  14   67b
BUTLER         Nethan                   41a  21   41b
BUTLER         Tom                      40a   8   40b
BYNARD         Luther                   30a  22   30b
BYNARD         Sam.l                    30a  20   30b
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This index was transcribed by Norman Corkran
and proofread by Charlotte Corkran

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