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Name of Head of Family
OCHER          William                  65a  24   65b
ODONEL         Andrew                   43a  21   43b
OGUE           William B.               71a  21   71b
OLD            Joseph                   27a  25   27b
OLDEN          Ebenez.r                 38a  15   38b
OLDHAM         Ann                      65a   5   65b
OLDHAM         Caleb                    26a   6   26b
OLDHAM         Cha.s                    14a  17   14b
OLDHAM         Edw.d                    15a  20   15b
OLDHAM         Elizabeth                65a   8   65b
OLDHAM         John                     62a  18   62b
OLDHAM         Melche                   97a  21   97b
OLDHAM         Syrus                   100a  13  100b
OLIVER         Sarah                    43a  23   43b
ONEIL          Bernard                   5a   4    5b
ORR            Ja.s                     39a   9   39b
ORR            Jane                     89a  22   89b
ORR            Mary                     89a  18   89b
OTERSEN        Jn.o                      7a   2    7b
OTERSON        Elsey                    12a  10   12b
OWENS          Bartholemew              87a  20   87b
OWENS          David                    70a  18   70b
OWENS          Elizabeth                65a  21   65b
OWENS          Fredus P.               100a  17  100b
OWENS          Hannah                   64a  19   64b
OWENS          Haselett                 67a   9   67b
OWINGS         Nethan                   34a  24   34b
OWINGS         Polo                     29a  18   29b
OWINGS         Rebeca                   27a  20   27b
OWINGS         Stephen                  24a   4   24b
OWINGS         Thomas                   48a   1   48b
OWNS           Jacob                    56a  25   56b
PACKER         Jonathan                 78a  15   78b
PAKIR          Peter                    57a  14   57b
PALMER         Jacob                   100a   4  100b
PARIDEE        Jn.o                     13a   9   13b
PARKER         Caleb                    23a  11   23b
PARKER         Cha.s                    42a   5   42b
PARKER         Jn.o                     48a   4   48b
PARKER         Samuel                   56a   8   56b
PARKER         Thomas                   95a  14   95b
PARROT         Jn.o                     29a  20   29b
PARROT         Stephen                  15a   1   15b
PATEN          James                    49a  15   49b
PATERSON       Hugh                      9a   4    9b
PATERSON       Will.m                    9a   1    9b
PATRIGE        Jn.o                     21a  18   21b
PATTEN         Elenor                   89a  15   89b
PATTEN         Joseph                   86a   2   86b
PATTEN         Wm.                      82a  17   82b
PATTERSON      Jane                     63a  23   63b
PATTERSON      John                     80a   2   80b
PATTERSON      Tobias                   42a  20   42b
PATTERSON      William                  32a  12   32b
PATTERSON      William                  63a  24   63b
PATTERSON      William                  66a   1   66b
PATTESON       Elizabeth                87a   6   87b
PATTON         David                    86a  22   86b
PATTON         John                     99a   9   99b
PAULSON        Polly                    24a  12   24b
PAWLEY         John                     78a  13   78b
PEACOCK        George                   21a  26   21b
PEARCE         Margret                  51a   3   51b
PEARCE         Mathew                   10a  19   10b
PEARCE         Tho.s                    30a   7   30b
PEARCE         Wm.                       4a  26    4b
PEARSON        Jacob                    47a  26   47b
PEERY          Jn.o D.                  44a   9   44b
PEETERS        Benj.n                   14a  26   14b
PEIRCE         Davidson                 30a   5   30b
PENICK         Benj.n                   55a  10   55b
PENICK         Solomon                  45a  16   45b
PENINGTON      Abr.m F.                 11a  21   11b
PENINGTON      Amelia                   25a  20   25b
PENINGTON      Azarias                  57a   1   57b
PENINGTON      Edw.d                     8a  18    8b
PENINGTON      Elias                    94a   5   94b
PENINGTON      Holand B.                 7a  21    7b
PENINGTON      Rebeca                    9a  22    9b
PENINGTON      Robt                     31a   3   31b
PENNEL         Hugh                     64a  20   64b
PENNEL         William                  72a  16   72b
PENNOCK        William                  57a   5   57b
PENOCK         Dan.l                    56a  15   56b
PENOCK         Robert                   56a  16   56b
PERNEL         Bedwell                  71a  26   71b
PERNUL         William                  62a  15   62b
PERRY          Cathrine                 26a   8   26b
PETERS         John                     62a  14   62b
PHANSLEY       Syney                    62a   8   62b
PHILIPS        Sam.l                    58a   5   58b
PHILLIPS       Johnson                  39a   7   39b
PHILLIPS       Levin                    32a  25   32b
PHILLIPS       Wm.                     100a  23  100b
PHYSIC         Edmond                   63a  27   63b
PIERCE         Andrew                   85a  24   85b
PIERCE         Benj.n                  101a  22  101b
PIERCE         Edward                   57a  26   57b
PIERCE         Wm.                      98a  13   98b
PIERNER        John                     79a  14   79b
PIERSON        Benj.n                   87a   3   87b
PIERSON        John                     87a  10   87b
PIERSON        William                  55a  18   55b
PINER          Phillip                  36a   8   36b
PINK           Jn.o                     45a   2   45b
PITT           Jn.o B.                  42a   3   42b
PLEAMAN        John                     78a  12   78b
PLUCK          Jacob                    34a  12   34b
PLUMER         Eady                     14a   2   14b
POE            James                    55a  17   55b
POGUE          Jim                       8a  17    8b
POGUE          Jim                      11a   1   11b
POKE           Cyrus                    41a  15   41b
POKE           Martha                   43a  10   43b
POLKE          James                    40a   2   40b
PORTAR         William                  32a   5   32b
PORTER         Jane                     92a   6   92b
PORTER         John                     98a   8   98b
PORTER         John H.                  91a  10   91b
PORTER         Martha                   93a  15   93b
PORTER         Mary                     89a  11   89b
PORTER         Wm.                      79a  24   79b
POWELL         Abe                      27a  12   27b
PRESTON        Jonas                    92a   5   92b
PRESTON        Wm.                      91a   5   91b
PRICE          David                     8a   6    8b
PRICE          Eliza H.                  7a  24    7b
PRICE          Freohes                   8a  10    8b
PRICE          George                    4a   1    4b
PRICE          Highland                105a   4  105b
PRICE          Highland                105a   5  105b
PRICE          Jacob                   104a  25  104b
PRICE          James                    11a  16   11b
PRICE          Jn.o B.                   6a  18    6b
PRICE          Jn.o F.                  12a  11   12b
PRICE          Jn.o V.                   6a  22    6b
PRICE          Jn.o X.                   4a   6    4b
PRICE          Lewis                     6a  19    6b
PRICE          Lilburn                  12a  20   12b
PRICE          Morgan A.                12a  12   12b
PRICE          Rob.t                     5a  13    5b
PRICE          Sam.l                     2a   7    2b
PRICE          Sary                     32a  14   32b
PRICE          William C.               25a   6   25b
PROCTER        James                     5a  26    5b
PROSTEN        Thomas                   68a  17   68b
PRYAR          William                  57a   3   57b
PUGH           James                    21a  12   21b
PURNELL        Ja.s                     25a   8   25b
PURVIS         Wm.                      90a   6   90b
QUARREL        Hannah                   78a  24   78b
QUILEN         Nethan                   43a  19   43b
QUINBY         And.w                    40a  24   40b
RADLEY         William                  70a  15   70b
RALINGS        Elizabeth                91a  18   91b
RAMSAY         Andrew                   86a  10   86b
RAMSAY         John                     86a  13   86b
RAMSAY         Sam.l                    90a   9   90b
RAMSAY         William                  61a  13   61b
RAMSAY         Wm.                      93a  12   93b
RARICK         Jn.o                     22a  17   22b
RATTOE         Mary                     94a  26   94b
RAWLINS        Jn.o                     15a  22   15b
RAY            Elizabeth                62a   3   62b
RAY            George                   97a   3   97b
READ           Amy                      95a   3   95b
READ           William                  67a  21   67b
RECEY          Jesse                    94a  10   94b
REDGRAVE       Huriet                   55a  11   55b
REDING         Edw.d                    14a  15   14b
REDMON         Thomas                   95a  13   95b
REED           Caleb                     9a   2    9b
REED           George                   11a  25   11b
REED           Jn.o                     48a   9   48b
REESE          Tho.s                    14a   7   14b
REEVES         Deby                     45a  21   45b
REFFITTS       Wm.                      78a   6   78b
REMINGTON      George                   23a  19   23b
REYNOLDS       Benj.n                   28a   1   28b
REYNOLDS       Benj.n                   45a  15   45b
REYNOLDS       Elis                    103a   5  103b
REYNOLDS       Elisha                   67a   5   67b
REYNOLDS       Elisha                   72a  22   72b
REYNOLDS       Hayns                   103a  19  103b
REYNOLDS       Henry                    95a  19   95b
REYNOLDS       Hetty                   102a  15  102b
REYNOLDS       Isaac                    96a  16   96b
REYNOLDS       Israel                   91a   3   91b
REYNOLDS       Jacob                   102a  26  102b
REYNOLDS       John                    103a  13  103b
REYNOLDS       John                    104a   3  104b
REYNOLDS       Johnathan               103a  10  103b
REYNOLDS       Joseph                  103a  16  103b
REYNOLDS       Leonard                 104a  11  104b
REYNOLDS       Racheal                  86a  14   86b
REYNOLDS       Samuel                   85a  18   85b
REYNOLDS       Taylor                  102a  25  102b
REYNOLDS       Thomas                   97a  16   97b
REYNOLDS       Will.m                   42a  15   42b
RICARDSON      Joseph                   51a  11   51b
RICE           Cha.s                    24a  27   24b
RICE           George                   66a  18   66b
RICHARDS       Isaac                    91a   1   91b
RICHARDS       Jacob                    90a  26   90b
RICHARDS       Thomas                   91a   2   91b
RICHARDSON     Josua                    25a  15   25b
RICHERSON      Henry                    65a   1   65b
RICHERSON      Mary                     57a  24   57b
RICHERSON      Thomas                   62a   5   62b
RICHERSON      William                  69a  19   69b
RICKETS        David                    34a  19   34b
RICKETS        Jn.o                     15a  12   15b
RICKETS        Thomas                   40a   1   40b
RICKETS        William                  29a  21   29b
RICKETS        William                  34a  20   34b
RIDDLE         Humphrey                 58a   4   58b
RIDDLE         Humphry                  68a  13   68b
RIDDLE         John                     67a  13   67b
RIDDLE         Mary                     61a   9   61b
RIEF           Caleb                    95a   4   95b
RIENHOLT       Jacob                    41a  23   41b
RIGBY          Milly                    10a  12   10b
RIGGID         James                    60a  16   60b
RIGHT          Amrey                     7a  16    7b
RIGHT          Dan.l                    15a  10   15b
RIGHT          Edw.d                    27a  26   27b
RIGHT          Mathew                    5a   7    5b
RIGILY         Catherine                85a   7   85b
RIGLEY         Cassey                   95a   5   95b
RIKER          John                     92a  18   92b
RILES          Elihu                    98a  17   98b
RINGOLD        David                    48a  16   48b
RINGOLD        George                   11a   8   11b
RION           John                     63a  17   63b
RITTICKER      George P.                58a  24   58b
ROACH          Burton                   16a  11   16b
ROBB           George                   38a  22   38b
ROBB           John                     38a  21   38b
ROBERTS        John                     12a  17   12b
ROBERTS        Tho.s A.                  5a  14    5b
ROBINSON       John                     28a  21   28b
ROBINSON       Margret                  43a  11   43b
ROBINSON       Soylus                   11a  19   11b
ROBINSON       William                  27a   9   27b
ROBINSON       William                  55a  19   55b
ROBISON        Rob.t                     5a  21    5b
ROCHESTER      William                  21a  25   21b
ROCK           Francis                  98a  22   98b
ROCK           George                   87a  21   87b
RODGERS        Cathrine                 48a  22   48b
RODGERS        Levi                     36a  20   36b
ROGERS         Jeremiah                104a  26  104b
ROGERS         Thomas                   99a  12   99b
ROGERS         Wm.                      99a  13   99b
ROLIN          James                    83a  10   83b
ROLINS         Francis                  42a  12   42b
ROLLINS        Greenberry               81a  13   81b
ROMAN          Joseph                   84a   9   84b
ROMAN          Thomas                   84a  17   84b
RONIENS        Simp                     56a   3   56b
ROSS           John                     94a   1   94b
ROTH           Wm.                      92a  13   92b
ROWLIN         Samuel                   85a  13   85b
RUDULPH        Maria                    50a  20   50b
RUDULPH        Zeb.n                    24a  15   24b
RULY           Jn.o                     12a  16   12b
RULY           Sara                     12a   9   12b
RUSAM          Ja.s                     14a  10   14b
RUSSEL         Ann                      65a  23   65b
RUSSEL         James                    68a   3   68b
RUSSEL         Mary                     59a  22   59b
RUSSEL         Mathew                   61a  14   61b
RUSSEL         Rob.t                    34a  26   34b
RUSSELL        Joyce                    39a  12   39b
RUSSELL        Tho.s                    48a   5   48b
RUTTER         Ann                      83a   7   83b
RUTTER         Charles                  63a  18   63b
RUTTER         Howard                   27a   2   27b
RUTTER         Isabela                  27a  16   27b
RUTTER         John                     28a  17   28b
RUTTER         John                     57a  16   57b
RUTTER         John                     70a   3   70b
RUTTER         Richard                  89a  25   89b
RUTTER         Thomas                   70a   2   70b
RUTTER         William                  70a   1   70b
RYDER          James                    34a   5   34b
RYLAND         Edw.d                    12a   3   12b
SANDERS        Ge.o H.                   6a  12    6b
SANDERS        Ja.s                     41a  24   41b
SANDERS        Margret                   8a   5    8b
SAVAN          Jn.o                      2a  14    2b
SAVAN          Stephen                   4a   5    4b
SAVIN          Thomas L.                72a   2   72b
SCANLIN        Edw.d                    31a  12   31b
SCARBROUGH     Enos                     47a  21   47b
SCARBROUGH     Jn.o                     47a  19   47b
SCARBROUGH     Jn.o Jun.r               47a  18   47b
SCARBROUGH     Joseph                   47a  20   47b
SCATTEN        Joshua                   85a  22   85b
SCOT           James                    34a  13   34b
SCOTT          Alex                     21a   1   21b
SCOTT          Ja.s                     39a  19   39b
SCOTT          James                    69a  25   69b
SCOTT          Jn.o                     37a   8   37b
SCOTT          Jn.o                     38a  13   38b
SCOTT          Moses                    29a  11   29b
SCOTT          Sam.l                   103a   3  103b
SCOTT          Tho.s                    37a  17   37b
SCOTT          Violet                   39a   3   39b
SCOTT          Will.m                   37a  18   37b
SCOTT          Will.m                   38a   6   38b
SECAR          Jn.o                     24a  23   24b
SEERS          Jn.o                     38a  19   38b
SEGAN          Samuel                   67a  27   67b
SEGARS         Francis                  61a  24   61b
SEGARS         Ruben                    37a   1   37b
SEMPERS        March                    28a   4   28b
SERGANT        Rob.t                    99a   8   99b
SERGESON       Tho.s                    46a  10   46b
SERJANT        Benj.n                  102a   1  102b
SERVICEON      John                     62a  10   62b
SERVISON       Isaac                     4a  16    4b
SERVISON       Jn.o                      8a  25    8b
SERVISON       Sam.l                     9a  10    9b
SEWALL         Ben                       5a   6    5b
SEWALL         James                    25a  16   25b
SEWALL         Ned                       4a   7    4b
SHANE          Moses                    66a  27   66b
SHANNON        Samuel                   70a   4   70b
SHAUCK         Jacob H.                 96a  17   96b
SHAW           Isabella                 70a  21   70b
SHELDS         George                   79a   2   79b
SHEPHERD       David                   100a  18  100b
SHERMISER      Mary                     23a  18   23b
SHIELDS        Wm.                      81a  20   81b
SHOCKLEY       Jn.o                     30a  14   30b
SHOCKLY        Levin                    36a   5   36b
SHORT          Adam                     57a  13   57b
SHORT          David                    27a   5   27b
SHORT          John                     27a   4   27b
SHORT          William                  26a  13   26b
SIDWELL        Jesse                   104a  14  104b
SIDWELL        Joseph                   99a  20   99b
SIDWELL        Joseph                  103a  23  103b
SIDWELL        Levi                    103a  24  103b
SILETO         Edw.d                    37a   2   37b
SILIVAN        Mathia                   71a  24   71b
SIMCO          William                  65a  25   65b
SIMMONS        Dina                     13a   8   13b
SIMMONS        Ja.s                     15a   4   15b
SIMMONS        Josua                    10a   4   10b
SIMMONS        Sarah                    24a  17   24b
SIMMONS        Thomas                   71a   3   71b
SIMONS         Benj.n                   10a  22   10b
SIMONS         William                  67a   6   67b
SIMPERS        Hanah                    56a  27   56b
SIMPERS        Isaac                    26a  12   26b
SIMPERS        Isaac                    30a   2   30b
SIMPERS        Jean                     40a   6   40b
SIMPERS        Jesse                    48a  14   48b
SIMPERS        John                     58a  21   58b
SIMPERS        John B.                  58a   7   58b
SIMPERS        John E.                  59a   8   59b
SIMPERS        Johnston                 58a  22   58b
SIMPERS        Rich.d                   49a  16   49b
SIMPERS        Richards                 59a  14   59b
SIMPERS        Ruben                    26a  18   26b
SIMPERS        Tho.s                    40a   5   40b
SIMPERS        Thomas                   58a  11   58b
SIMPERS        Will.m                   48a  12   48b
SIMPERS        William                  57a  19   57b
SIMPERS        William                  58a   8   58b
SIMPSON        Daniel                   72a   9   72b
SIMPSON        Elin.r                   99a   6   99b
SIMPSON        George                   61a   6   61b
SIMPSON        Henry                    49a  19   49b
SIMPSON        Ja.s                     49a   7   49b
SIMPSON        John                     68a  25   68b
SIMPSON        Mary                     60a  27   60b
SIMPSON        William                  61a   7   61b
SINTON         John                     70a  12   70b
SIRRS          Simon                    79a   1   79b
SISCOE         Ja.s                      4a  12    4b
SISLIR         George                   88a  19   88b
SLACK          Amos                     28a  23   28b
SLACKHOUSE     Jn.o                     41a  16   41b
SLEGIL         Fredrick                 28a  15   28b
SLEGIL         Will.m                   28a  20   28b
SLICER         Thomas                  105a   9  105b
SLOOP          Joseph                   22a  23   22b
SLYTOR         Benj.n F.                16a   2   16b
SMALL          Frances                  58a  20   58b
SMITH          And.w C.                  2a  26    2b
SMITH          Anderson                 43a  18   43b
SMITH          Ann                      34a   1   34b
SMITH          Arimin                  103a  17  103b
SMITH          Francis                  92a  14   92b
SMITH          George                   49a  23   49b
SMITH          James                    48a  21   48b
SMITH          Josua                    49a  24   49b
SMITH          Margarit                 93a  16   93b
SMITH          Ruth                     85a   4   85b
SMITH          Solomon                  84a  25   84b
SMITH          William                  42a   4   42b
SMITH          Jn.o                     23a  16   23b
SMITHERS       Nathan                   16a   5   16b
SMYTH          Cornelis                 72a   1   72b
SMYTH          Dinor                    79a  10   79b
SMYTH          James                    82a  23   82b
SMYTH          James                    95a  23   95b
SMYTH          John                     78a  26   78b
SMYTH          Joseph                   64a  27   64b
SMYTH          Joshua                   91a   9   91b
SMYTH          Peter H.                 89a   9   89b
SMYTH          Sam.l                    83a  25   83b
SMYTH          Sarah                    92a   8   92b
SMYTH          Thomas                   64a   1   64b
SMYTH          William                  63a  12   63b
SMYTH          Wm.                      90a  15   90b
SMYTH          Wm. K.                  101a  24  101b
SNIDER         John F.                  83a  12   83b
SNOWDEN        Mary                     72a  14   72b
SPENCE         Henry                    42a  10   42b
SPENCE         Jn.o                     41a   1   41b
SPENCE         Jn.o                     49a  20   49b
SPENCE         John                     94a   7   94b
SPENCE         Tho.s                    50a   4   50b
SPENCE         William                  50a   1   50b
SPRATT         Sam.l                    23a  20   23b
SPRINGER       Abram                   102a  12  102b
SPRINGER       David C.                 96a   6   96b
SPRINGER       Harry                    25a  10   25b
SPRINGER       Mary                     34a  25   34b
SPROUL         Francis                  94a  14   94b
STABBING       George                   66a  14   66b
STALCUP        And.w                    50a  14   50b
STAR           Moses                    36a   2   36b
STARRETT       John                     80a   9   80b
STAUFES        Thomas S.                58a  12   58b
STEEL          Alex.r                   46a  20   46b
STEEL          Caleb                    48a  20   48b
STEEL          David                    46a   1   46b
STEEL          David                    49a  11   49b
STEEL          George A.                31a  18   31b
STEEL          Ja.s                     46a  18   46b
STEEL          Jery                     47a  16   47b
STEEL          John                     80a   5   80b
STEEL          Milington                98a  18   98b
STEEL          Sam.l                    46a  19   46b
STEEL          Wm.                     100a   6  100b
STEPHENS       Jacob                     2a  23    2b
STEPHENS       John                      4a  20    4b
STEPHENS       Sam.l                     3a  16    3b
STEPHENSON     Dan.l                    50a  26   50b
STEPHENSON     William                  63a   4   63b
STEPHENSON     Wm.                      14a  11   14b
STEPTOR        Will.m                   41a   7   41b
STERLING       Ephrim                    2a   3    2b
STERLING       Henry                    10a  21   10b
STERLING       Michael                  60a   2   60b
STERLING       William                   7a  10    7b
STETON         Harry                    51a   7   51b
STEVISON       Ann                      95a   6   95b
STEVISON       Margaret                103a   4  103b
STEWART        Ann                      39a  24   39b
STEWART        Eliza                    40a  18   40b
STEWART        Henry                    24a   2   24b
STEWART        Judy                      5a  19    5b
STEWART        Wm. F.                   22a  26   22b
STILES         Henry S.                 72a   5   72b
STOOP          Gust                     55a   1   55b
STRADLY        Tho.s                    12a  19   12b
STRAUDE        John                     59a  17   59b
STRICKLEN      Joseph                  104a  13  104b
STRICTLEY      Mary                     79a   8   79b
STUMP          John                     66a  12   66b
STURGES        Patric                  102a   9  102b
STURGION       Thomas                   58a  16   58b
SUMMER         Thomas                   82a  20   82b
SUMPTER        Nicholas                 90a  12   90b
SURVISON       Sm.l                     57a  18   57b
SUTTON         Jerry                    10a   5   10b
SUTTON         Rob.t                    36a  24   36b
SWAGERT        Andrew                   96a   8   96b
SWAGGET        Elizabeth                95a  12   95b
SWAIN          John K.                  99a   4   99b
SWISER         John                     84a  12   84b
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This index was transcribed by Norman Corkran
and proofread by Charlotte Corkran

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