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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
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Name of Head of Family
LACKLAND       Nathan                   59a  25   59b
LACOUNT        Wm.                      82a  15   82b
LAKE           James                    55a  12   55b
LAKE           Ruben                    32a  16   32b
LANCASTER      Jn.o                     15a  24   15b
LANCASTER      William                  13a  12   13b
LANGLAND       Giles S.                102a  19  102b
LANGLIN        Peter                   103a   1  103b
LANGLIN        Sarah                   102a  22  102b
LAROU          Jacob                    95a   9   95b
LAWSON         John                     57a   6   57b
LEE            Ann                      85a   8   85b
LEE            Charles                 100a  14  100b
LEE            James                    63a  14   63b
LEE            John                     49a   9   49b
LEE            Nethan                   25a   2   25b
LEE            Samuel                   84a  15   84b
LEMON          Jn.o                     46a  17   46b
LEMON          Tho.s                    41a  19   41b
LEONARD        Will.m                   46a  14   46b
LESLEY         Racheal                  99a  25   99b
LEWIN          Pompy                    85a   3   85b
LEWIS          Catherine                65a  14   65b
LEWIS          George                   34a   8   34b
LEWIS          Peter                    25a  12   25b
LEWIS          Rob.t                     7a   8    7b
LIASON         Jeremiah                 30a   9   30b
LIGHTNER       Ge.o W.                  50a  21   50b
LILLEY         Henry                    61a   2   61b
LILLY          Milly                     3a  13    3b
LILLY          Will.m                   44a  26   44b
LINCH          Minty                    10a  14   10b
LINCOLN        John                    101a  20  101b
LINSAY         Andrew                   78a  22   78b
LINSAY         Wm.                      95a  26   95b
LINSMORE       Squire                   80a   6   80b
LISLE          Elizabeth                81a  12   81b
LISLE          Ornel                    58a   2   58b
LITTLE         Anne                     59a  15   59b
LITTLE         Christopher              65a  26   65b
LITTLE         William                  55a  25   55b
LITTLE         Wm.                      88a   4   88b
LOGAN          Haselet                  59a  11   59b
LOGAN          Robert                   80a   8   80b
LOGAN          Thomas                   68a   5   68b
LOGAN          William                  65a  27   65b
LOGAN          William                  70a  20   70b
LONG           Rich.d                   16a   3   16b
LONGFELLOW     David R.                  2a  24    2b
LORT           Joseph                   55a   4   55b
LOTMAN         Levi                     27a  15   27b
LOVE           Bennett                  94a  19   94b
LOVE           Elizabeth                91a   7   91b
LOVE           John                     93a  20   93b
LOVE           Robert                   80a  15   80b
LOVE           Sam.l                   104a   2  104b
LOW            Jesse                    95a  17   95b
LOWERY         John                     68a   8   68b
LOWERY         Robert                   62a   9   62b
LOWERY         William                  64a  24   64b
LOWRY          Ja.s                     45a   4   45b
LOWRY          James                    26a  20   26b
LOYD           Frisby                   12a  22   12b
LUCAS          Benj.n                    2a   1    2b
LUCAS          Jn.o                     14a  20   14b
LUM            Cook                     25a   1   25b
LUM            Miceal                   58a   9   58b
LUM            Samson                   55a  22   55b
LUM            Tom                      40a  15   40b
LUMSMEN        John                     72a   7   72b
LUSBY          Gideon                    8a  16    8b
LUSBY          Jn.o H.                   5a  15    5b
LUSBY          Rob.t C.                 31a   8   31b
LUSBY          Sarah                     3a   3    3b
LUSBY          Wm.                       3a   7    3b
LUSBY          Zeb.n                    10a  10   10b
LUZ            Henry                     2a  11    2b
LYNCH          Ason                     69a  15   69b
LYNCH          John                     61a   3   61b
LYNCH          John                     61a   8   61b
LYNCH          Margaret                 22a   9   22b
LYNCH          Perry                     3a  10    3b
LYNCH          Racheal                  68a  21   68b
LYON           Ann                      80a  13   80b
LYON           Elizabeth                80a  12   80b
LYON           Elizabeth                82a  14   82b
MACKEY         David                    45a   6   45b
MACKEY         James                    44a  14   44b
MACKEY         Jn.o                     44a  12   44b
MACKEY         Will.m                   44a  15   44b
MADDEN         Rane                     60a   3   60b
MAFATT         Thomas                   57a  22   57b
MAFFET         Elizabeth                65a  11   65b
MAFFETT        Jn.o S.                  48a  11   48b
MAFFITT        Charles                  65a   9   65b
MAGARITY       James                    83a   1   83b
MAGEE          Charles                   8a   1    8b
MAGEE          Sylvester                 7a  26    7b
MAHINEY        Stephen                  46a   7   46b
MAHON          Joseph                   22a   8   22b
MAHON          Reese                    49a  22   49b
MAHON          Will.m                   47a   2   47b
MAHON          William                  23a   6   23b
MAHONEY        Stephen                  60a  24   60b
MAHONY         Jeremia                  42a  27   42b
MAHONY         John                     78a   8   78b
MAHUR          Isaac                     9a  16    9b
MAHUR          Perry                     9a  24    9b
MAKINSON       John                     88a   9   88b
MAKISON        George                   89a  21   89b
MALONE         Mary                     64a  21   64b
MANLEY         Nicholas                 58a  17   58b
MANLEY         William                  58a   3   58b
MANLIEF        Ebenezar                 31a  25   31b
MANLOVE        Jn.o                      2a  13    2b
MARCUS         William                  29a  13   29b
MARNES         Andrew                   88a   1   88b
MARNES         Sam.l                    90a   3   90b
MARNES         Sohaga                   60a  22   60b
MARNS          Abel                     90a   7   90b
MARNS          Hugh                     87a  25   87b
MARNS          James                   105a   7  105b
MARNS          Margaret                 87a  26   87b
MARRISON       Robert                  101a   5  101b
MARSHAL        Jn.o                     42a   7   42b
MARSHAL        John                     93a  26   93b
MARTIN         James                    80a  19   80b
MARTIN         Perrygrine               63a   9   63b
MARTIN         Wm A.                    31a  14   31b
MASSEY         Ebr.m                    32a  10   32b
MATHEWS        David                    49a   8   49b
MATHEWS        James                    21a   6   21b
MATHIAS        John                     39a   8   39b
MAULDEN        Aramanta                 56a   6   56b
MAULDEN        John                     56a   7   56b
MAULDEN        Zebulon R.               55a  24   55b
MAULTING       Wm.                      82a  11   82b
MAULTON        Evan                     80a  20   80b
MAXSWELL       James                   101a   2  101b
MAXWELL        Allen                    37a   5   37b
MAXWELL        James L.                 67a   3   67b
MAXWELL        Sam.l                    38a   7   38b
MAXWELL        Will.m                   38a   4   38b
MAXWELL        William                  69a  21   69b
MAY            Jemima                    2a  10    2b
MAYERS         Wm.                       5a  12    5b
MCALLWELL      John                     91a  25   91b
MCBRIDE        Will.m                   49a  18   49b
MCCABE         Ja.s                     50a   3   50b
MCCAIG         Jn.o                     26a  16   26b
MCCALL         James                    65a  13   65b
MCCALL         James                    69a   4   69b
MCCALL         Hugh                     90a   1   90b
MCCALLAH       John                     60a  12   60b
MCCARTNEY      Robert                   85a   9   85b
MCCAULEY       Ann                      47a   7   47b
MCCAULEY       Dan.l                    47a   8   47b
MCCAULEY       Dan.l                    48a   7   48b
MCCAULEY       Dan.l Jr.                47a   9   47b
MCCAULEY       Jn.o                     48a   3   48b
MCCAULEY       Margret                  47a  10   47b
MCCAY          James                    88a  21   88b
MCCAY          Jonathan                 71a  16   71b
MCCEL***       Elizabeth J.             71a   9   71b
MCCHAIN        John                     91a  26   91b
MCCHEW         Andrew                   85a  14   85b
MCCLAERY       Jn.o & Mrs. Wilson       23a  27   23b
MCCLAY         Isaac                    47a  17   47b
MCCLEERY       Jn.o                     44a  13   44b
MCCLELAND      Sarah                    43a  22   43b
MCCLELLEN      William                  61a   5   61b
MCCLENAHAN     Nely                     49a  21   49b
MCCLINTOCK     John                     90a  23   90b
MCCLUER        Christopher              56a  21   56b
MCCLURGH       John                     93a   3   93b
MCCOLLOUGH     Williams                 87a   1   87b
MCCORDEL       Johnathan                90a  20   90b
MCCORMICK      James                    89a  16   89b
McCOWEN        Eliza                    38a   8   38b
MCCOY          Eliza                    47a  15   47b
MCCOY          Ja.s                     47a  23   47b
MCCRACKEN      Ja.s                     46a  16   46b
MCCRACKING     John                     58a  19   58b
MCCREA         Jn.o                     22a  16   22b
MCCREA         Rob.t                    48a  13   48b
MCCREERY       Jean                     49a  12   49b
MCCREERY       Sam.l                    44a   4   44b
MCCREERY       Sarah                    49a  14   49b
MCCREERY       Thomas                   36a  17   36b
MCCULLOGH      Ja.s                     45a  11   45b
MCCULLOUGH     Alex.r                   93a  10   93b
MCCULLOUGH     George                   61a  10   61b
MCCULLOUGH     James                    94a  18   94b
MCCULLOUGH     John                     80a  10   80b
MCCULLOUGH     John                     86a  18   86b
MCCULLOUGH     Johnathon                86a  19   86b
MCCULLOUGH     Martha                   94a   8   94b
MCCULLOUGH     Sam.l                    91a   4   91b
MCCUMMINS      Joseph                  101a  23  101b
MCDONALD       Martha                   99a  15   99b
MCDONALD       Wm.                      99a  11   99b
MCDONNEL                  37a   4   37b
MCDONNEL       Minney                    4a  17    4b
MCDOWEL        Sam.l                    61a  16   61b
MCDOWEL        William                  61a  15   61b
MCFARLAND      Rob.t                    15a  21   15b
MCGALRICK      John                     91a  14   91b
MCGALRICK      Patrick                  95a  18   95b
MCGAW          John                     99a  17   99b
MCGEE          Ja.s                      6a  21    6b
MCGILTON       Daniel                   87a  11   87b
MCGOWAN        John S.                  81a  18   81b
MCGOWAN        Mary                     62a  13   62b
MCGOWAN        Sameul                   62a  12   62b
MCGOWAN        Samuel                   64a  13   64b
MCGRAW         James                    89a  10   89b
MCGRAW         Wm.                      48a  23   48b
MCGRAYDY       Daniel                   82a   3   82b
MCGREDY        John                     69a   3   69b
MCHURD         Isaac                    13a   6   13b
MCINTIRE       Andrew                   29a   8   29b
MCKENNEY       John                     56a  10   56b
MCKINNEY       Benjamin                 90a  18   90b
MCKINNEY       John                     96a  12   96b
MCKINNEY       Sarah                    55a   7   55b
MCKINNEY       Stephen                  55a   8   55b
MCKINSEY       Benj.n                   21a  14   21b
MCKINSEY       Benj.n                   34a  17   34b
MCMASTER       Robert                   79a  21   79b
MCMULLEN       Sam.L                     2a  17    2b
MCMULLIN       Edward                   84a  21   84b
MCMULLIN       James                    78a  23   78b
MCMULLIN       Joseph                   83a   2   83b
MCMULLIN       Robert                   64a   3   64b
MCMULLIN       Sarah                    70a  26   70b
MCNAMARRA      Francis                  90a  21   90b
MCNIT          James                    16a   9   16b
MCNIT          Rob.t                    13a  15   13b
MCVAY          Amy                      67a  20   67b
MCVAY          Ann                      67a  26   67b
MCVAY          James                    68a  19   68b
MCVAY          William                  68a  10   68b
MCVETTY        Alice                    58a   1   58b
MCVEY          Absalom                  87a  19   87b
MCVEY          Benl.n                   46a   6   46b
MCVEY          James                    90a   2   90b
MCVEY          Pasmore                  47a  24   47b
MECALL         Benj.n                   50a  12   50b
MENDINE        Rich.d                    4a   9    4b
MERCER         Benj.n                   11a  14   11b
MERCER         George                   15a   2   15b
MERCER         George                   83a  11   83b
MERCER         James                    56a   1   56b
MERCER         James                    58a  25   58b
MERCER         Jn.o                     11a   9   11b
MERIT          Ja.s                     50a  23   50b
MERRIT         Reese                     5a   3    5b
MEYERS         John                     14a   1   14b
MILBURN        Benj.n                   27a  19   27b
MILBURN        Levi                     27a  10   27b
MILBURN        Tho.s                    27a  17   27b
MILLAR         Cha.s                    40a   7   40b
MILLAR         Edw.d                    49a  25   49b
MILLAR         Henry D.                 36a   4   36b
MILLAR         Jn.o                     50a   2   50b
MILLAR         Joseph                   26a  22   26b
MILLAR         Lancy                    48a  17   48b
MILLAR         Sam.l                    22a  22   22b
MILLAR         Susan                    39a  22   39b
MILLAR         Tho.s                    22a  24   22b
MILLAR         Tho.s                    47a  11   47b
MILLER         Cesar                    85a   1   85b
MILLER         Henry                    63a   5   63b
MILLER         Sophia                   69a  22   69b
MILLER         Tony                     84a  19   84b
MILLINGTON     Nich.s                   41a   3   41b
MILLS          Jos.h                    15a   9   15b
MILLS          Richard                  63a   3   63b
MILTON         Plato                    79a  11   79b
MILURUM        David                     2a   2    2b
MINCH          Thomas                   70a  16   70b
MINGLEN        Fredrick                 37a   7   37b
MINOR          Jasana                   99a  24   99b
MITCHEL        Abr.m                    42a  23   42b
MITCHEL        Ge.o E.                  42a  26   42b
MITCHEL        James                     5a  24    5b
MITCHEL        Oliver                   31a   6   31b
MITCHELL       Ann B.                   21a  16   21b
MOFFET         William                  68a   2   68b
MONEY          Ann                       9a  17    9b
MONEY          Mary                     12a  18   12b
MONTGOMERY     Jahu                     93a   1   93b
MONTGOMREY     Hanah                    36a  10   36b
MOODY          Leah                     21a  20   21b
MOODY          Tho.s                    40a  25   40b
MOORE          Alex.r                   48a  18   48b
MOORE          David                    85a  19   85b
MOORE          Geo. H.                  55a  13   55b
MOORE          George                   96a  15   96b
MOORE          Harvey                   49a   2   49b
MOORE          James                    43a  20   43b
MOORE          James                    56a   4   56b
MOORE          James                    67a  18   67b
MOORE          Jn.o                     26a  11   26b
MOORE          John                     67a  15   67b
MOORE          John                     96a  24   96b
MOORE          Joseph                   86a   1   86b
MOORE          Joseph                   90a  14   90b
MOORE          Stephen (biestns mell)   11a  12   11b
MOORE          Susan                     9a  21    9b
MOORE          Tho.s                    27a   1   27b
MOORE          Will.m                   48a  19   48b
MOORE          William                  71a  23   71b
MOORE          Wm.                      85a  25   85b
MOORE          Wm.                      96a  10   96b
MOORE          Wm.                      96a  14   96b
MORGAN         Edw.d                    51a   4   51b
MORGAN         Jn.o W.                   9a   7    9b
MORGAN         John                     80a  21   80b
MORGAN         Tho.s                    22a  21   22b
MORGAN         William                  10a   3   10b
MORRIS         Isaac                    92a  24   92b
MORRIS         John                     90a  10   90b
MORRIS         John                     93a   7   93b
MORRIS         Rebecca                  72a  23   72b
MORRIS         Thadius                  92a  23   92b
MORROW         James                    23a  26   23b
MORROW         James                   104a   8  104b
MORTEN         Jn.o                     24a  11   24b
MORTEN         Jn.o B.                   2a  15    2b
MORTEN         Samuel                   79a   3   79b
MORTON         David                    82a   6   82b
MOUNT          Adam                     30a  19   30b
MULLEN         Barny                    23a   2   23b
MULLIN         Ned                      51a   1   51b
MURPHY         James                    59a   9   59b
MURPHY         Jn.o C.                   4a   3    4b
MURPHY         Nicholas                 62a  19   62b
MURPHY         Owen                     59a  10   59b
MURPHY         Tho.s                    13a  10   13b
MUSGROVE       Thomas                  105a   8  105b
MYERS          Jn.o                     43a  25   43b
NAUDIEN        Jn.o A.                   3a  17    3b
NELSON         Robert                   84a  10   84b
NESBETT        Robert                   83a  15   83b
NESBETT        Sam.l                    83a  14   83b
NESBITT        Alexander                88a  15   88b
NESBITT        Elizabeth                88a   6   88b
NESBITT        John                     88a  11   88b
NESBITT        Robert                   88a   5   88b
NESBITT        Samuel                   81a  23   81b
NEWTON         Robert                   59a  18   59b
NICHOL         Andrew                   89a   4   89b
NICHOL         Sam.l                    89a   3   89b
NICHOL         Wm.                      89a   2   89b
NICHOL         Wm.                      89a   5   89b
NICHOLS        Levin                    85a  21   85b
NOBLE          Charles                  86a   4   86b
NOLAN          Lambert                  32a   2   32b
NOLAN          Lydia                    87a  24   87b
NOLAN          Mary                     16a   1   16b
NOLAND         Benoni                   60a  26   60b
NORRIS         Carles                   29a  26   29b
NORRIS         Wm.                      81a  10   81b
NOWLAND        Alfred C.                 4a  25    4b
NOWLAND        Isaac                    71a  19   71b
NOWLAND        John                     97a  14   97b
NUGENT         Sylvester                27a   8   27b
NULER          Charles                  81a   5   81b
NYCENS         Henry                    92a  15   92b
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This index was transcribed by Norman Corkran
and proofread by Charlotte Corkran

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