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Name of Head of Family
CA*NELY        William                  71a   1   71b
CAELSON        John                    101a  25  101b
CAL            Margaret E.              97a   5   97b
CALMERY        James                    55a   6   55b
CALPATRIC      John                     68a  24   68b
CALVERT        Thomas                   70a  23   70b
CALVERT        William                  23a  12   23b
CALWELL        David                    78a   5   78b
CAMEL          John                     86a  15   86b
CAMERON        James                    78a  14   78b
CAMERON        John                     69a   6   69b
CAMERON        John                     86a  21   86b
CAMERON        John C.                  90a   4   90b
CAMERON        John F.                  67a   2   67b
CAMERON        Mary                     64a  17   64b
CAMERON        Thomas H.                96a   4   96b
CAMERON        Wm.                      88a   2   88b
CAMERONE       James                    69a  26   69b
CAMLIN         Ja.s                     50a  10   50b
CAMMERINE      William                  69a   1   69b
CAMPBEL        Benj.n                   96a  21   96b
CAMPBEL        James                    65a  19   65b
CAMPBELL       Jn.o                     42a   1   42b
CAMPBELL       Jn.o                     49a  26   49b
CAMPBELL       Sam.l                    37a   3   37b
CAN            Gustine                  38a  24   38b
CANADA         David                    81a  17   81b
CANADA         George                  102a  13  102b
CANADA         Margaret                 94a  16   94b
CANERD         John                     94a  23   94b
CANHARD        Margaret                 95a   2   95b
CANON          Joseph                   84a   6   84b
CANTWELL       Jn.o                     40a  11   40b
CANTWELL       Polly                    21a   7   21b
CARELMAN       George                   98a  16   98b
CARMEL         John                     70a  27   70b
CAROL                  8a  14    8b
CAROL          Henry                    40a   3   40b
CARPENTER      Mary                     67a  11   67b
CARPENTER      Rich.d B.                51a  10   51b
CARROL         Wm.                      11a  13   11b
CARSNER        Daniel                   98a  25   98b
CARTER         Rob.t                    45a  18   45b
CARUTHERS      Francis                  41a  18   41b
CARUTHERS      Josia                    41a  20   41b
CARUTHERS      Sam.l                    41a  13   41b
CARUTHERS      Walter                   42a  22   42b
CASHNER        Jn.o                     14a  13   14b
CATHER         Martha                   42a  21   42b
CATHERS        Rebeca                   41a  22   41b
CATHERS        Robert                   81a  24   81b
CAURIER        Jonathan                 88a  10   88b
CAYSER         Sam F.                   58a  15   58b
CAZIER         Jn.o C.                  55a   2   55b
CEMERON        Robert                   62a   2   62b
CHACE          Henry                    13a   5   13b
CHAMBERLAIN    Wm.                      80a  24   80b
CHAMBERLAN     Henry                    66a  20   66b
CHAMBERS       Benj.n B.                32a  20   32b
CHEW           Margret M.               63a  19   63b
CHIERS         Benj.n (Grooms Me Ch)    30a  15   30b
CHOLESTON      Eli                      97a   6   97b
CHORD          Racheal                  68a  22   68b
CHORD          William                  68a  27   68b
CHRISTIE       Mary                     79a   4   79b
CLARK          Arthur                   56a  18   56b
CLARK          Elizabeth                65a  12   65b
CLARK          Gideon                    6a  23    6b
CLARK          James                    61a  22   61b
CLARK          Michael                  93a  13   93b
CLARK          Rebecca                  65a  15   65b
CLARK          Rebecca                  72a  17   72b
CLARK          Samuel                   65a  16   65b
CLAYTON        James                     8a   9    8b
CLAYTON        Jery                     13a  16   13b
CLAYTON        Tho.s                   102a  18  102b
CLAYTON        Tho.s E.                 16a   7   16b
CLEMENTS       Sam.l                    45a   3   45b
CLEMENTS       Tho.s                    44a  27   44b
CLENDENEN      Dan.l                    88a  25   88b
CLIFTON        Hudson                   14a  21   14b
CLIFTON        Jehu                     13a  11   13b
CLIFTON        Precila                  14a  16   14b
CLINTON        Peter                    57a   2   57b
CLOUD          Cha.s F.                 23a  25   23b
CLOUD          Enoch                    22a  14   22b
CLYNE          Mathew                   39a  14   39b
COCH           William S.               66a  15   66b
COCHRAN        Ja.s                     13a  18   13b
COCHRAN        Jeane                    36a  25   36b
COCHRAN        Mary                     36a  21   36b
COCHRAN        Will.m                   44a  21   44b
COCHRIN        George                   60a   8   60b
COELSTON       Elenor                   89a  12   89b
COHEE          Stephen                   3a   1    3b
COHEE          William                   6a  14    6b
COLEMAN        Aquila                    6a  24    6b
COLEMAN        Thomas                   97a   9   97b
COLLINS        Henry                    82a   2   82b
COLLINS        John                     84a   5   84b
COLLWELL       Thomas                   83a  18   83b
COLSON         Will.m                   15a  11   15b
COMEGIES       Sarah A.                  8a   4    8b
COMIGIES       Jn.o W.                  11a   3   11b
CONEY          Thomas                   94a  11   94b
CONGO          Stepny                   29a  17   29b
CONLEY         John                    104a  24  104b
CONNINGHAM     Isaac                    16a  16   16b
CONNINGHAM     Mary                     16a  19   16b
CONNINGHAM     Tho.s                    38a  18   38b
COOKE          Alice                    84a   4   84b
COOKE          Wm.                      93a  17   93b
COOLEN         John                     65a   2   65b
COOLEN         William                  62a  16   62b
COOLIN         Cervil                   84a  18   84b
COOLY          Cobbin                   82a  19   82b
COOPER         Edw.d                    14a   3   14b
COOPER         Harry                     4a  15    4b
COOPER         Isack                    60a   1   60b
COOPER         Isaiah                   93a   4   93b
COOPER         Jacob                    44a  25   44b
COOPER         John                     65a  17   65b
COPES          Jn.o                     11a   5   11b
COPPEN         Ann                       4a   4    4b
CORBIT         ATRASS                   69a  17   69b
CORK           Abe                      27a  24   27b
CORK           Jacob                     7a   5    7b
CORKRAN        Joseph W.                 2a   9    2b
CORLEN         Patric                   71a  25   71b
CORSWELL       Tobitha                  66a   7   66b
COSDEN         Alphonso                 12a  21   12b
COSDEN         Na.l                     16a  10   16b
COSGROVE       William                  69a  14   69b
COWAN          Wm.                      36a  26   36b
COWDEN         Joseph                   66a   9   66b
COWDEN         Mary                     39a  23   39b
COX            Benj.n                   10a  13   10b
COX            Nobel                    99a  14   99b
COX            Peregrine                 9a   5    9b
CRADOCK        Benedict                  3a  12    3b
CRADOCK        Rich.d                    8a  26    8b
CRADOCK        William                   7a  13    7b
CRAGE          Alexander                66a  10   66b
CRAGE          Philip                   66a  11   66b
CRAIG          Becky                    12a  23   12b
CRAIG          Ben                      26a   3   26b
CRAIG          Cyrus                    38a  11   38b
CRAIG          James                    15a   8   15b
CRAIG          Josua                    15a   7   15b
CRAIG          Levi                     12a   6   12b
CRAIG          Rich.d                   13a  24   13b
CRANDLE        Allison                  80a  16   80b
CRAPER         Wm. P.                   13a  17   13b
CRAWFORD       Rebeca                   41a  17   41b
CRAWFORD       Sam.l                    94a   2   94b
CRAWFORD       Wm.                      36a  14   36b
CRETHERS       Mary                     69a   2   69b
CRIPS          Benj.n                   45a  23   45b
CRIPS          Mathew                   42a   6   42b
CRISTIE        Rob.t                    43a   3   43b
CRISTMASS      Adam                     30a  11   30b
CROOKHAM       Ge.o A.                  36a  19   36b
CROOKSHANK     Margret                  40a  12   40b
CROOKSHANK     Tho.s C.                  5a  17    5b
CROSS          David                    36a   7   36b
CROSS          Henry                    30a   6   30b
CROUCH         Edw.d                    26a  23   26b
CROUCH         Nethan                   25a  22   25b
CROUCH         Phineas                  56a   5   56b
CROUCH         Stephen                  55a  26   55b
CROWL          Finlay                   45a  12   45b
CRUTHER        James                    87a   8   87b
CRUTHERS       Wm.                      87a   7   87b
CULBERSON      Tho.s                    55a   3   55b
CULLEY         Johnston                 93a   2   93b
CUMMINGS       James                    47a   5   47b
CUMMINGS       Levi                    103a  20  103b
CUNNEY         James                    92a  12   92b
CUNNINGHAM     David                    70a  24   70b
CUNNINGHAM     John                     81a   7   81b
CUNNINGHAM     John                     88a  22   88b
CUNNINGHAM     Margret                  70a  25   70b
CURCHMAN       David                    84a  22   84b
CURCHMAN       David                    85a  12   85b
CURRIER        Jeremiah                 67a   8   67b
CURRIOR        Jeremiah                 66a   5   66b
CURSWELL       Francis                  92a   2   92b
CURSWELL       John G.                  92a  19   92b
CURSWELL       Peter                    98a   6   98b
CUTLER         Mariem                   94a  22   94b
DAITH          Martha                   85a   6   85b
DALEY          James                    22a  12   22b
DARAS          James                     2a  22    2b
DAVIDSON       Eliza                    41a  26   41b
DAVIDSON       George                   64a   2   64b
DAVIDSON       Jn.o                     39a  27   39b
DAVIDSON       Leticia                  41a  27   41b
DAVIS          Benj.n                   32a  23   32b
DAVIS          David                     7a  20    7b
DAVIS                  37a   9   37b
DAVIS          George                    3a  19    3b
DAVIS          George                   59a   6   59b
DAVIS          Isaac                     3a  22    3b
DAVIS          James                    37a  14   37b
DAVIS          Jn.o                     27a  11   27b
DAVIS          Mary                     79a  13   79b
DAVIS          Moris                     3a  23    3b
DAVIS          Nathaniel                59a   5   59b
DAVIS          Noble                    12a  15   12b
DAVIS          Rachel                   22a  10   22b
DAVIS          Sam.l                     9a  18    9b
DAVIS          Will.m                   45a   1   45b
DAVISON        Edw.d                    49a   4   49b
DAVISON        Rob.t                    42a   2   42b
DAWSON         Jacob                   102a  10  102b
DAWSON         John                     98a  14   98b
DAWSON         Robert                   47a  14   47b
DAYETH         Joseph                   84a   8   84b
DEACAN         Jesse                    31a  16   31b
DEAN           Thomas                   96a   3   96b
DEANE          Jn.o                     40a  22   40b
DEANE          Rich.d                   50a   5   50b
DENBY          Rich.d                    9a  26    9b
DENNISON       Joseph                   61a  20   61b
DENNISON       William                  66a   4   66b
DEPUTY         Josua                     3a  14    3b
DEVLIN         Francis                  82a   9   82b
DICK           George                   91a  11   91b
DICKESON       Wm.                      15a  15   15b
DINACY         Robert                   91a   8   91b
DISNEY         Henry                    59a   1   59b
DITAWAY        Anthony                  39a  21   39b
DIVAL          John                     83a  17   83b
DIVENY         George                   37a  12   37b
DIVIRE         Jn.o B.                   6a   4    6b
DIXON          David                    91a  21   91b
DIXON          George                   56a  12   56b
DIXON          Hester                    7a   1    7b
DIXON          Thomas                   91a  20   91b
DOGEL          Nelle                    92a  17   92b
DONAHU         John                     99a  19   99b
DONALDSON      Rob.t                    27a  18   27b
DONALDSON      Will.m                   16a  13   16b
DORSAY         Francis                  95a  10   95b
DORSAY         Joshua H.                95a   7   95b
DORSET         Martha                    6a  16    6b
DORSEY         Nathaniel                94a  21   94b
DOUGHERTY      Hugh                     23a   8   23b
DOUGHERTY      Jn.o                     45a  17   45b
DOUGHERTY      Jn.o                     49a   3   49b
DOWTY          Henry                    82a   5   82b
DOYLE          James                    89a   7   89b
DRUMOND        Will.m                   45a  19   45b
DUDLEY         Man.l                     2a   6    2b
DUFOY          Martha                    6a   5    6b
DUGLAS         David                    92a  22   92b
DUKE           William                  23a   4   23b
DUMSON         Dan.l                     9a   8    9b
DUMSON         Mat                      10a  20   10b
DUMSON         Tom                      10a  16   10b
DUNBAR         Ann                      92a  11   92b
DUNBAR         William                  11a   4   11b
DUNLAP         Eli                      46a  15   46b
DYSERT         Ja.s                     34a   6   34b
DYSERT         Levi                     38a  10   38b
DYSERT         Will.m                   38a   9   38b
EDGAR          James                    98a  15   98b
EDMONSON       Calip                    68a  23   68b
EDMONSON       Wm.                      78a  20   78b
EGNER          Jacob                    37a  22   37b
ELIAS          Jonas                    34a  18   34b
ELLIOT         Benj.n                   26a  17   26b
ELLIS          Roland                   21a  24   21b
EMENDS         Edward                   71a  20   71b
EMINDS         Trey                     79a   6   79b
ENGLAND        Eliza                     2a   4    2b
ENGLAND        Elizabeth                99a   1   99b
ENGLAND        George                  100a   7  100b
ENGLAND        Hannah                  100a  20  100b
ENGLAND        Isaac                   100a  12  100b
ENGLAND        John                    100a   8  100b
ENGLAND        Sam.l                   100a  10  100b
ERWIN          James                    96a  26   96b
ERWIN          Jesse                    60a  20   60b
ERWIN          John                     67a  24   67b
ERWIN          William                  71a  27   71b
ESQUE          Peter                    98a  21   98b
ETHERINGTON    Joseph                   10a  17   10b
ETHERINGTON    Lambert                   8a  21    8b
ETHERINGTON    William                   7a  19    7b
EVANS          Amos A.                  23a  15   23b
EVANS          George                   41a   8   41b
EVANS          Isabella                 82a  16   82b
EVANS          James                    96a  20   96b
EVANS          Jn.o                     36a  15   36b
EVANS          Levi H.                  66a   6   66b
EVANS          Rob.t                    42a  16   42b
EVANS          Robert                   96a  19   96b
EVANS          Sara                     42a  11   42b
EVANS          William                  40a  26   40b
EVERIST        John S.                  84a   7   84b
EWING          Amos                     89a   1   89b
EWING          Henry                    45a  13   45b
EWING          James                    46a  13   46b
EWING          James                    83a  13   83b
EWING          Jn.o                     44a  20   44b
EWING          Moses                    46a  11   46b
EWING          Patric                   91a  23   91b
EWING          Sam.l                    88a  26   88b
EWING          Will.m                   44a  23   44b
FALLS          David (Warish)            2a   8    2b
FARREL         Jean                     12a  13   12b
FENN           Abijah                   93a   5   93b
FERGUSON       Rob.t                    40a  21   40b
FIELDS         Adam                      4a  13    4b
FIELDS         Isaac                    28a  16   28b
FILLINGHAM     George                   14a   6   14b
FILLINGHAM     Jn.o                     14a   4   14b
FINLY          John                     95a  11   95b
FISHER         Jacob                    84a   2   84b
FISHER         Jane                     79a  20   79b
FISHER         John                     71a   4   71b
FISHER         Robert                   82a   1   82b
FISHER         Sarah                    61a  23   61b
FISHER         Thomas                   79a  22   79b
FLINTHUM       George P.                12a   4   12b
FLINTHUM       Jn.o M.                   2a   5    2b
FLINTHUM       Rob.t                     6a  25    6b
FOARD          Ja.s                      4a  21    4b
FOARD          Joseph                    3a  26    3b
FOARD          Josia L.                  3a   9    3b
FOARD          Sam.l B.                 31a   1   31b
FORD           Ann B.                   16a  14   16b
FORD           Charles                  58a  23   58b
FORD           David                    46a   4   46b
FORD           Edw.d B.                 10a  24   10b
FORD                   27a   6   27b
FORD           Hary                     55a  27   55b
FORD           Hezekia                  14a  19   14b
FORD           Hezekia Jr.              15a  26   15b
FORD           Jacob                    59a  23   59b
FORD           James                    56a  14   56b
FORD           Jn.o H.                  25a  23   25b
FORD           John                     58a  14   58b
FORD           John                     96a   5   96b
FORD           John                    100a  22  100b
FORD           Rich.d                    7a  18    7b
FORD           Samuel                   72a   6   72b
FOREMAN        Perrygrine               63a  10   63b
FORMAN         Thomas N.                 8a  24    8b
FOSTER         Alisha                   50a  24   50b
FOSTER         Edward                   80a  14   80b
FOSTER         George                   28a   7   28b
FOSTER         Herman                   14a  25   14b
FOSTER         Jacob                    28a  19   28b
FOSTER         James                    28a  10   28b
FOSTER         James Jr.                28a  11   28b
FOSTER         Jefferson                28a   8   28b
FOSTER         Jesse                    28a   9   28b
FOSTER         Jn.o                     28a  12   28b
FOSTER         John J.                  89a  26   89b
FOSTER         Martha                   25a  21   25b
FOUNTAIN       Wm.                       3a  24    3b
FOX            Rebecca                  85a  17   85b
FOX            Tom                      29a  27   29b
FRANCIS        Jn.o R.                   5a   1    5b
FREED          George                  104a  23  104b
FREEMAN        George                   25a   3   25b
FREEMAN        Sam.l                    32a   7   32b
FREEMAN        Sam.l H.                 32a  13   32b
FREVIN         Wm.                      86a   8   86b
FRIED          Michael                  98a  24   98b
FULLER         James                   103a   9  103b
FULTON         Alex.r                   94a  17   94b
FULTON         Anna                     41a   6   41b
FULTON         David                     2a  19    2b
FULTON         David                    45a  25   45b
FULTON         Ge.o A.                  38a  26   38b
FULTON         Hugh                     37a   6   37b
FULTON         James                    26a   9   26b
FULTON         John                     91a  13   91b
FULTON         Thomas                   94a  13   94b
FULTON         Wm.                      45a  24   45b
FURGUSON       James                   101a  10  101b
FURGUSON       John                     88a   3   88b
FURNEY         Mathias                  22a  27   22b
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