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Name of Head of Family
GAILY          John                    103a  21  103b
GAINER         John                     95a  21   95b
GAINER         Sarah                    55a   9   55b
GALAGHER       Jn.o                     26a  27   26b
GALAGHER       Rob.t                    36a  22   36b
GALE           George                   63a  16   63b
GALE           James                    29a   6   29b
GALE           Levin                    50a  11   50b
GALE           Tho.s                    29a   5   29b
GALE           Thomas                   11a   2   11b
GALLAGHER      Aram                    102a  24  102b
GALLAGHER      Francis                  88a  23   88b
GALLAGHER      John                     57a   8   57b
GALLAGHER      Unity                    94a  12   94b
GALLOWAY       James                    93a  21   93b
GALWAY         Lydia                    25a   9   25b
GAMBEL         John                     60a  15   60b
GAMBLE         Jn.o                     48a   6   48b
GANS           Clem                      9a  13    9b
GARBISON       Ezekiel                  42a  25   42b
GARNER         Jo. (Bh.a Ferry)         12a   2   12b
GARNER         John                    103a   2  103b
GARNER         Wm. (Colr.s Tho.s Place) 11a  22   11b
GARNET         Adam                     12a  24   12b
GARNET         Sam.l                     4a  18    4b
GARRETT        Jn.o                     43a  12   43b
GARRETT        Levi                     26a  21   26b
GARRETT        Sam.l                    41a   5   41b
GARRETT        Tho.s                    39a   2   39b
GARRETT        Wm.                      41a   4   41b
GARVAN         James                    83a  24   83b
GARVINE        Thomas                   95a   8   95b
GARY           George                   84a  16   84b
GARY           James                    83a  21   83b
GARY           John S.                  84a  14   84b
GATTS          Mary                     56a  11   56b
GAY            Samuel                   71a  10   71b
GAYHAM         Zacharia B.              64a  26   64b
GENIS          Sam.l Sr.                50a  15   50b
GEORGE         James                     2a  21    2b
GEORGE         Joseph                   27a   7   27b
GEORGE         Nicolas                  55a  20   55b
GEORGE         William                  60a  25   60b
GERVIN         John                     29a  10   29b
GERY           Hugh                     46a  24   46b
GIBBS          Hanna                    47a  22   47b
GIBSON         Andrew                   43a   6   43b
GIBSON         Jos.h                    43a   2   43b
GIBSON         Rachel                   46a  25   46b
GIDSOL                 98a  11   98b
GILBEATH       James                    89a  24   89b
GILBERT        Achiles                  44a  19   44b
GILES          Frank                    30a  10   30b
GILES          George                   39a  26   39b
GILES          John R.                  55a  23   55b
GILL           Jn.o                     49a  17   49b
GILLESPIE      Daniel                  104a  16  104b
GILLESPIE      George                   91a  16   91b
GILLESPIE      James                    85a   2   85b
GILLESPIE      John                     88a  17   88b
GILLESPIE      Levinia                  99a  22   99b
GILLESPIE      Mary                     91a  19   91b
GILLESPIE      Rebecca                  78a   9   78b
GILLESPIE      Robert                   88a  18   88b
GILLESPIE      Sam.l                    91a  17   91b
GILLESPIE      Samuel                   85a  15   85b
GILLISPIE      Danil                    67a   7   67b
GILLISPIE      James                    66a  19   66b
GILLISPIE      Jonathan                 66a  21   66b
GILMAN         David                    71a  18   71b
GILMOUR        Sarah                    71a  22   71b
GINN           John                     37a  20   37b
GITCHEL        Henry E.                 46a  23   46b
GLENN          Tho.s                    43a  27   43b
GLENN          Wm. C.                   34a  22   34b
GLOVER         Joseph                   66a  22   66b
GOFORTH        John                     69a  23   69b
GONCE          George                    5a  25    5b
GONCE          Jn.o                      8a  23    8b
GONCO          John                     57a  12   57b
GORDAN         Flors                    79a   5   79b
GORE           John                     60a  21   60b
GORL           Elizabeth                67a   4   67b
GORY           Rief                    102a   6  102b
GOTIER         Francis B.               25a  24   25b
GOTIER         Jn.o                     30a  24   30b
GOUGH          Lavinia                  63a   2   63b
GOVEN          Rich.d                    6a  20    6b
GRACE          William                  57a  11   57b
GRAHAM         Jn.o                     24a  19   24b
GRANT          George                   62a  11   62b
GRANT          Jn.o                     26a  19   26b
GRANT          Joseph                   68a  15   68b
GRANT          Joseph                   69a   7   69b
GRANT          Seaborn                  64a  22   64b
GRANT          William                  64a  11   64b
GRANT          William                  72a  15   72b
GRAYHAM        John                     84a  26   84b
GRAYHAM        John                     97a   1   97b
GREEN          Isbel                    42a  13   42b
GREEN          John                     69a   5   69b
GREEN          Josiah                  101a   3  101b
GREEN          Sarah                    68a   1   68b
GREEN          Stephen                  24a  26   24b
GREEN          Jerry                    13a  21   13b
GREEN          Perry                    10a   1   10b
GREENWOOD      Jonathan                  6a   6    6b
GREGG          Jn.o                     44a   8   44b
GREGG          Rob.t                    44a   7   44b
GREGG          Thomas                   92a   4   92b
GREY           Jerry                    29a  15   29b
GREY           Jonathan                 58a  26   58b
GREY           Nathan                   60a   4   60b
GREY           Zacharias                57a  23   57b
GRIFFAN        John                     92a  26   92b
GRIFFETH       Nathan                   98a  19   98b
GRIFFETH       Wm.                      98a  12   98b
GRIFFEY        John                     82a  22   82b
GRIFFEY        Mary                     82a  25   82b
GRIFFITH       Israel                   97a  20   97b
GRIFFITH       Samuel                   87a   9   87b
GRIST          John                    103a   8  103b
GROOME         Jn.o C.                  21a  19   21b
GROVES         Eliza                    32a  26   32b
GRUB           Alex.r E.                94a   4   94b
GRUB           Racheal                  93a  24   93b
GRUEY          Joseph                  101a  17  101b
GRUEY          Joseph                  101a  18  101b
GUINEA         Hannah                  104a  15  104b
GUY            Mathew                   48a  25   48b
HACKET         Joseph                   10a  11   10b
HACKET         Will.m                   10a   9   10b
HACKETT        Isaac                    43a  14   43b
HACKETT        Jn.o                      3a  25    3b
HADDOCK        James                    97a  13   97b
HAGUE          Michael                  10a  18   10b
HAINS          Jos                      98a  26   98b
HALEGAR        Jeremiah                 95a  25   95b
HALL           Adam                      6a   1    6b
HALL           And.w                    46a  26   46b
HALL           Andrew Jun.r             47a   1   47b
HALL           Jesse                    47a   3   47b
HALL           Jn.o                      5a  11    5b
HALL           John                     91a  22   91b
HALL           Joseph                   47a  13   47b
HALL           Mary                     47a   4   47b
HALL           Richard                  67a  22   67b
HALL           Rob.t                    10a  26   10b
HALL           Sam.l                    59a  19   59b
HALL           Washinton                92a   1   92b
HALL           Wm. A.                   89a  19   89b
HAMEL          Patrick                  93a   6   93b
HAMILTON       Sarah                    23a  14   23b
HAMMER         James                    97a  25   97b
HAMOND         Hugh                      7a   6    7b
HAND           Margaret                 82a  12   82b
HANES          Edwen                   102a  23  102b
HANES          Joseph                   84a  11   84b
HANLEN         Sam.l                    41a  10   41b
HANLIN         Sam.l                    38a   5   38b
HANNA          Sam.l                    49a   5   49b
HANSON         Joseph                    3a  11    3b
HARD           Benedict J.               7a  14    7b
HARDEN         Jacob                    24a  16   24b
HARDEN         Jim                      24a   7   24b
HARDING        Amelia                   22a   3   22b
HARDING        Silas                    37a  25   37b
HARGIN         Jn.o                     46a   3   46b
HARGOUR        John.n                   97a  11   97b
HARISON        Dick                     28a   3   28b
HARLAND        Joseph                   90a   8   90b
HARRAS         Charles                 104a   4  104b
HARRAS         Elijah                   96a  22   96b
HARRAS         John                     90a  25   90b
HARRAS         John                    104a   5  104b
HARRAS         MAry                     95a  20   95b
HARRASS        John                    104a  10  104b
HARRIS         Benj.n W.                16a   6   16b
HARRIS         Sam.l                    13a  13   13b
HARRISON       Joseph                   59a   2   59b
HARRY          Andrew                   83a   3   83b
HART           Nathan                   26a   7   26b
HARTLEY        James                   102a   8  102b
HARTSHORN      Moses                    91a  24   91b
HARVEY         And.w                    50a   8   50b
HARVEY         John                     50a   7   50b
HARVEY         Polly                    21a  11   21b
HASSEN         Samuel                   79a  18   79b
HASSEN         Wm.                      93a  25   93b
HASTAND        John H.                  85a  23   85b
HASTINGS       Henry                    39a  17   39b
HASTINGS       Sam.l                    39a  18   39b
HAWEL          Mary                     87a  23   87b
HAWKINS        Hanah                    64a   8   64b
HAWKINS        James                    64a   4   64b
HAWKINS        Jane                     64a   7   64b
HAWKINS        John                     89a  14   89b
HAWKINS        Johua                    81a  26   81b
HAWKINS        Samuel                   70a  11   70b
HAYES          George                   22a   6   22b
HAYES          James                     2a  16    2b
HAYES          Jn.o                     40a  20   40b
HAYES          John                      3a  20    3b
HAYES          Rachel                   28a  24   28b
HAYES          Rob.t                     8a  11    8b
HAYES          Rob.t                    50a   6   50b
HAYES          Sam.l                     4a  24    4b
HAYNES         Manuel                   48a   2   48b
HAYNS          Jacob                   102a  17  102b
HAYNS          Mary                    100a  21  100b
HAYNS          Prudence                102a   5  102b
HAZARD         Mary                      2a  18    2b
HEATH          John                     67a  16   67b
HEATH          Matty                    26a  26   26b
HEATH          Sarah                    68a   9   68b
HEMPHILL       Ja.s                     34a   7   34b
HENDERSON      David                    45a  26   45b
HENDERSON      Frisby                   22a  13   22b
HENDERSON      Henny                    59a  16   59b
HENDERSON      Jn.o                     30a  27   30b
HENDRICKSON    Joseph                   38a  20   38b
HERMAN         Sam.l                    39a   6   39b
HERRON         John B.                  81a   1   81b
HESSY          Will.m                    9a  11    9b
HEVEREN        James                    11a  20   11b
HEWITT         William                  21a   3   21b
HEWITT         Zeb.n                    25a  13   25b
HEYLAND        Stephen                  55a   5   55b
HICKINGS       Layor                    72a  25   72b
HIGHLAND       Easter                   70a  13   70b
HIGHLAND       Havonar                  57a  21   57b
HILL           Cesar                    81a  25   81b
HILL           James                    98a   4   98b
HILL           Larrett                  87a   5   87b
HILL           Sam.l                    26a  24   26b
HILL           Wm.                      86a   9   86b
HILL           Wm.                      91a  12   91b
HILL           John                    102a   3  102b
HILLEY         Charles                  80a  23   80b
HILLIS         Nathan                   97a   4   97b
HINCHY         Rebecca                  84a  20   84b
HINDMAN        Robert                   90a  16   90b
HINDMAN        Sam.l                    90a  17   90b
HINDS          Elizabeth                71a   5   71b
HINSEY         Wm.                      44a  11   44b
HINSON                  14a  18   14b
HINSON         Harry                     3a   8    3b
HINSON         James                    34a  23   34b
HINSON         Perry                     5a   9    5b
HINSON         Perry                     6a  17    6b
HINSON         William                   7a   7    7b
HIRONS         Jn.o                     11a  23   11b
HISER          Benj.n                   99a   7   99b
HITCHCOCK      Elasha                   59a  12   59b
HOCKINS        Joseph                   31a   5   31b
HOGAN          And.w                    13a  22   13b
HOGAN          Henry                    11a  17   11b
HOGAN          Jerry                    10a  25   10b
HOGG           Catherine                65a   7   65b
HOGG           Rob.t E.                 24a  14   24b
HOGG           Sam.l R.                 22a  15   22b
HOGG           Samuel                   64a  18   64b
HOGG           William                  62a   4   62b
HOLDEN         Jacob                    28a  18   28b
HOLDEN         Thomas                   38a  14   38b
HOLINGSWORTH   Ann                      21a  23   21b
HOLINGSWORTH   Jane                     21a  22   21b
HOLINGSWORTH   Sam.l                    21a  15   21b
HOLINGSWORTH   William                  21a   2   21b
HOLLAND        Jim                      14a   9   14b
HOLLAND        Jn.o                     32a  22   32b
HOLLAND        Perry                    30a   3   30b
HOLLAND        Sam.l                    37a  10   37b
HOLLER         James                    59a  20   59b
HOLLINGSWORTH  Isaac                   105a   3  105b
HOLLIS         Ann                       4a  19    4b
HOLLIS         George                    2a  12    2b
HOLLIS         Isaac                    42a  14   42b
HOLLOWDAY      Earlin                   63a   7   63b
HOLOWELL       Jn.o                     43a   8   43b
HOLT           Isaac Jr.                26a  14   26b
HOLT           Isaac Sr.                26a  15   26b
HOPKINS        John                     78a  19   78b
HOPKINS        John                     80a  18   80b
HOPKINS        John                     85a   5   85b
HOPKINS        Samuel                   81a  11   81b
HORNER         John                     84a  24   84b
HORNIGE        George                   45a  20   45b
HORTON         Thomas                   86a   5   86b
HOUK           And.w                    50a  25   50b
HOUSE          David                    96a  13   96b
HOWARD         Bob                      50a  19   50b
HOWARD         George R.                21a   4   21b
HOWARD         Jacob                    25a   5   25b
HOWARD         Mary                     72a  13   72b
HOWARD         Peter                    41a  14   41b
HOWARD         Robert                   72a   8   72b
HOWARD         Tho.s Jr.                23a  13   23b
HOWARD         Tho.s Sr.                23a  22   23b
HOWEL          Major                    79a   7   79b
HOWEL          Wm.                      86a  17   86b
HOWELL         Sam.l                    32a   1   32b
HUBERT         Julius                   25a   7   25b
HUDSON         Esse                     34a   4   34b
HUDSON         Josua                    15a   5   15b
HUDSON         Martha                   13a  23   13b
HUDSON         Rich.d                   15a  23   15b
HUDSON         Venas                    32a  17   32b
HUGAN          Easter                   86a  11   86b
HUGENS         And.w                    34a  16   34b
HUGHES         Henry                    63a  13   63b
HUGHES         Rob.t                    44a  24   44b
HUGHS          Andrew                   89a   8   89b
HUGINS         Tho.s                     9a  14    9b
HULL           John                     95a  24   95b
HUNTER         James                    43a  24   43b
HUSTON         Jn.o                     23a   7   23b
HUTCHISON      Andrew                   34a   3   34b
HYLAND                  55a  14   55b
HYLAND         Johnson                  25a  18   25b
HYLAND         Josua                    26a   1   26b
HYLAND         Nicholas                 55a  15   55b
HYLAND         Ruth                     25a  19   25b
IRWIN          Abner                    69a   9   69b
IVORY          Isaac                    30a  12   30b
J0NES          Nethan                   44a  10   44b
JACKSON        Barrett                  43a  17   43b
JACKSON        Caleb                    42a  24   42b
JACKSON        Charles                 100a  15  100b
JACKSON        Edward                   63a  20   63b
JACKSON        Edward                  101a   1  101b
JACKSON        Grace                    63a   6   63b
JACKSON        Hugh                     66a   3   66b
JACKSON        Ja.s                     40a  19   40b
JACKSON        James                    61a  18   61b
JACKSON        James                    61a  19   61b
JACKSON        James                   103a  26  103b
JACKSON        John                     61a  17   61b
JACKSON        John                    103a  22  103b
JACKSON        John                    104a   1  104b
JACKSON        Robert                   63a  15   63b
JACKSON        Samuel                   63a  21   63b
JACKSON        Samuel                   66a   8   66b
JACKSON        Samuel                   79a  15   79b
JACKSON        Sarah                    80a  22   80b
JACOBS         Levi                     37a  13   37b
JAMES          Edward                   66a  24   66b
JAMISON        George                   45a  14   45b
JAMISON        Sam.l                    48a  15   48b
JANES          Asiah                    43a   7   43b
JANNEY         Jesse                    59a  24   59b
JARVICE        James                    98a   7   98b
JAY            Hannah                   93a  19   93b
JEANS          Herom                   100a  16  100b
JEFRIES        Mick                     12a   1   12b
JENKINGS       Ebenezer                 70a  10   70b
JENNER         Eli                      69a  10   69b
JENNEY         John                     87a  17   87b
JENNEY         Margaret                 99a  23   99b
JENNEY         Mary                     87a  16   87b
JENNINGS       John                     64a  10   64b
JENNIS         David                    69a  20   69b
JENNIS         Jn.o                     40a  23   40b
JENNISS        Samuel                   96a   1   96b
JENNY          Jn.o                     48a   8   48b
JIMAR          Henry                    23a  21   23b
JOB            Ann                      99a  26   99b
JOB            Dan.l                   101a   9  101b
JOB            Daniel                   97a  17   97b
JOHN           Jehu                     43a   5   43b
JOHNS          Enoch                     3a   2    3b
JOHNS          Rob.t                    23a   1   23b
JOHNS          Robert                   88a   7   88b
JOHNSON        Abram                    66a   2   66b
JOHNSON        Cha.s                    27a  22   27b
JOHNSON        David                    51a   2   51b
JOHNSON        James                    27a  13   27b
JOHNSON        Mich                     13a   4   13b
JOHNSON        Sam.l                    16a  20   16b
JOHNSON        Silva                    82a  26   82b
JOHNSTON       Abram                    64a   5   64b
JOHNSTON       Benjamin                 60a  19   60b
JOHNSTON       Cha.s                     6a   2    6b
JOHNSTON       Charles                  57a  10   57b
JOHNSTON       Edward                   81a   2   81b
JOHNSTON       Enock                    59a  27   59b
JOHNSTON       Enock                    60a   9   60b
JOHNSTON       George                   39a   1   39b
JOHNSTON       James                    71a  11   71b
JOHNSTON       James                   103a  12  103b
JOHNSTON       Jethro                   60a  17   60b
JOHNSTON       Jn.o                     23a   5   23b
JOHNSTON       Jn.o M.                  34a  15   34b
JOHNSTON       Mary                     60a  18   60b
JOHNSTON       Mingo                    60a  14   60b
JOHNSTON       Ned                       4a  11    4b
JOHNSTON       Rob.t                    21a  21   21b
JOHNSTON       Tho.s                   103a  25  103b
JOHNSTON       William                  28a  13   28b
JOHNSTON       William                  62a  24   62b
JOICE          George H.                57a  15   57b
JONAS          Spencer                  66a  23   66b
JONES          Benedict                  7a  17    7b
JONES          Elis                     23a  10   23b
JONES          George                   21a  27   21b
JONES          George                   94a   9   94b
JONES          Isaac                    93a  22   93b
JONES          Jn.o                      8a  20    8b
JONES          July                      5a  20    5b
JONES          Maria                    28a   6   28b
JONES          Phenus                   62a   7   62b
JONES          Richard                 102a  14  102b
JONES          Sarah                    98a   9   98b
JONES          Will.m                   23a  23   23b
JONES          William                  68a  18   68b
JORDAN         John                     38a  27   38b
JORDAN         Perry                     3a   5    3b
JORDAN         Rebecca                  56a   2   56b
KANE           Jn.o                     22a   5   22b
KEACH          Arron                    82a  13   82b
KEATLEY        John                     96a   7   96b
KEATLEY        Richard                  96a  11   96b
KEATLY         Catherine                60a   7   60b
KEATLY         Joseph                   57a  20   57b
KEATLY         Julia                    56a  20   56b
KEATLY         Wm.                     103a  15  103b
KEETLY         John                     27a  21   27b
KELLY          C.harys                  60a  11   60b
KELLY          Mary                     70a   8   70b
KELLY          Rob.t                   103a   7  103b
KELLY          Samuel                   69a  27   69b
KELLY          Thomas                   70a   9   70b
KENSELO        Jn.o                     29a  16   29b
KERR           Elizabeth                94a  15   94b
KERR           Joseph                   78a  25   78b
KERR           Rob.t                    43a   1   43b
KERR           Robert                   78a  21   78b
KERR           Sam.l                    82a   8   82b
KERSHOC        Isaac                    37a  26   37b
KETO           Thomas                   99a  21   99b
KEY            Anna                     90a  13   90b
KEYS           James                   104a  22  104b
KEYS           Thomas                   93a  14   93b
KIDD           Andrew                   71a  17   71b
KIDD           George                   88a   8   88b
KIDD           Martha                   80a   7   80b
KIETH          Jn.o                     29a  24   29b
KILEN          William                  30a   8   30b
KILGORE        Cha.s                    46a   8   46b
KILMERY        Wm.                      44a   2   44b
KINARD         Tom                      12a  14   12b
KINCADE        Jn.o                     22a   7   22b
KINCADE        William                  22a  25   22b
KING           Francis                   9a   9    9b
KING           Francis                  12a   7   12b
KING           Prince                   24a  22   24b
KINSELO        Nethan                   29a  22   29b
KIRK           Allen                   101a   4  101b
KIRK           Amelia                  105a   2  105b
KIRK           Caleb                    97a  15   97b
KIRK           Eli                      99a  18   99b
KIRK           Elisha                   78a   7   78b
KIRK           Frances                  31a  23   31b
KIRK           Howel                   102a  20  102b
KIRK           John                     84a   1   84b
KIRK           John                    102a  11  102b
KIRK           Levi                     55a  21   55b
KIRK           Mary                    100a  25  100b
KIRK           Roger                    83a  23   83b
KIRK           Scott                    31a  19   31b
KIRK           Wm.                     100a  24  100b
KIRK           Alex.r                   31a  22   31b
KIRKPATRICK    John                     27a  23   27b
KIRKWOOD       Will.m                   39a  10   39b
KNIGHT         Amour                   101a  11  101b
KNIGHT         Aron                     97a  10   97b
KNIGHT         James                    71a  13   71b
KNIGHT         William                   8a   8    8b
KNIGHT         William                  29a   9   29b
KNOCK          Ann                      10a  15   10b
KNOTTS         William                  21a   8   21b
KNOXEN         J.                       24a  25   24b
KRAUSS         Leonard                 104a   6  104b
KRAUSS         Leonard                 104a   9  104b
KRAUSS         Thomas                  104a   7  104b
KUHN           Gustus J.                93a  23   93b
KYLE           Elanor                   29a  14   29b
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This index was transcribed by Norman Corkran
and proofread by Charlotte Corkran

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