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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
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Name of Head of Family
TALBOT         Mary                     81a   4   81b
TALBOT         Paul                     48a  10   48b
TARRING        Edward                   82a  10   82b
TATMAN         Cyrus                    24a   9   24b
TATMAN         Jesse                    13a  19   13b
TAVELEY        Charles                  81a   3   81b
TAYLER         Solomon                  61a  21   61b
TAYLOR         Crispin                  44a   3   44b
TAYLOR         David                    63a   1   63b
TAYLOR         Jn.o                     23a  24   23b
TAYLOR         Rob.t                    37a  11   37b
TAYLOR         Sam.l                    93a  11   93b
TAYLOR         Sam.l                   102a   7  102b
TAYLOR         Tho.s                    10a   8   10b
TAYLOR         Thomas                   64a  15   64b
TAYLOR         Thomas                   78a  17   78b
TAYLOR         Wm.                      30a   4   30b
TEGERT         Alexander                89a  20   89b
TERGUSON       Wm.                       9a  20    9b
TERRY          Denis                    38a   3   38b
TERRY          Eli                      50a  13   50b
TERRY          Freeborn                100a  19  100b
TERRY          Upton                    99a  16   99b
THOMAS         Alfred B.                 7a  15    7b
THOMAS         Anne                     64a   9   64b
THOMAS         Fredrick                 24a   6   24b
THOMAS         George                   63a  26   63b
THOMAS         Jacob                    27a  14   27b
THOMAS         Jesse                    34a  14   34b
THOMAS         Jn.o                     44a   5   44b
THOMAS         John W.                  85a  11   85b
THOMAS         Jos.h                    97a  12   97b
THOMAS         June                     62a   6   62b
THOMAS         Lewis                    94a   3   94b
THOMAS         Mary                     34a   9   34b
THOMAS         Mikeal                   59a   4   59b
THOMAS         Phillip                   9a   3    9b
THOMAS         Rob.t                    26a   2   26b
THOMAS         Sam.l                    24a  13   24b
THOMAS         Sam.l                    40a   9   40b
THOMAS         Thomas                   29a   3   29b
THOMAS         Thomas S.                57a   9   57b
THOMAS         William                  60a   5   60b
THOMAS         Wm                       29a   7   29b
THOMPSON       Abram                     4a  10    4b
THOMPSON       Barney                    4a  14    4b
THOMPSON       Elizabeth                80a  11   80b
THOMPSON       Ezekiel                 104a  20  104b
THOMPSON       George                   39a  13   39b
THOMPSON       James                    86a  12   86b
THOMPSON       James                    86a  23   86b
THOMPSON       James                    86a  24   86b
THOMPSON       Jn.o                     44a   1   44b
THOMPSON       John                     58a   6   58b
THOMPSON       John                     68a  12   68b
THOMPSON       John                     95a  22   95b
THOMPSON       John W.                  87a   4   87b
THOMPSON       Robert                   64a  23   64b
THOMPSON       Sam.l                    32a   6   32b
THOMPSON       Sam.l                    86a  26   86b
THOMPSON       Stephen                  31a  15   31b
THOMPSON       Tiny                      5a  18    5b
THOMPSON       William                  61a  12   61b
THOMPSON       Wm.                      81a  16   81b
THOMPSON       Wm.                      86a  25   86b
THOMPSON       Wm.                      99a   2   99b
THORNTON       Robinson                 88a  20   88b
THORTON        David                    58a  10   58b
THUIMP         Abram                    83a  19   83b
TILLMAN        Hannah                   66a  25   66b
TOBIN          Tho.s                    49a  10   49b
TODD           Edward                   82a  18   82b
TODD           James                    82a  21   82b
TODD           Levi                     49a  13   49b
TOSH           Wm.                      90a  11   90b
TOUCHSTONE     John                    101a  26  101b
TOUCHSTONE     Wm.                      78a  18   78b
TOWNSEND       Jn.o                      3a  15    3b
TOWNSON        Granville S.            101a   6  101b
TOY            John                     92a  10   92b
TRENCHARD      Sam.l W.                 31a  10   31b
TRIMBLE        Elisha                   98a   1   98b
TRIMBLE        James                    99a  10   99b
TRIP           Dan.l                    56a  13   56b
TROY           John                     92a   7   92b
TRUMPH         Michael                  68a  26   68b
TUFRY          Jn.o                     16a   8   16b
TUMBLISON      John                     64a  12   64b
TURBET         Wm. B.                    4a  22    4b
TURNER         Jupiter                  93a  18   93b
TYRELL         George                   39a   4   39b
TYSON          Amelia                   47a  12   47b
TYSON          Benjamin                 68a  11   68b
TYSON          Catherine                61a  11   61b
TYSON          Levi                     47a   6   47b
TYSON          Levi                     78a  10   78b
TYSON          Levi Jr.                 37a  15   37b
TYSON          Mathias                  36a  11   36b
TYSON          Nethan                   44a  17   44b
TYSON          Wm.                      40a  16   40b
UNDERHILL                  98a  20   98b
UNDERWOOD      Joseph                   37a  19   37b
UPDEGROVE      Jesse                    30a  26   30b
VALEGNA        Peter                    86a  20   86b
VALENTINE      Ja.s                     45a  22   45b
VANCE          James                    32a   4   32b
VANCOURT       William                  44a   6   44b
VANDEGRIF      Jn.o                     14a  14   14b
VANDEGRIFF     Nicholas                 34a   2   34b
VANDIVER       Benj.n                   82a   4   82b
VANLOUDEN      Jacob                    38a   1   38b
VANZANT        Josua (smith for Tn)     11a  10   11b
VANZENT        Cornelus                  5a  22    5b
VANZENT        Dan.l                    10a   6   10b
VARNING        Samuel                   65a   4   65b
VEASEY         George                   65a  20   65b
VEEZY          Benj.n                   32a  15   32b
VEEZY          Edw.d H.                 13a   2   13b
VEEZY          Jn.o T. Dr.               8a  22    8b
VEEZY          Josia                    11a   6   11b
VEEZY          Perry                    11a  15   11b
VEEZY          Tho.s B.                 12a  25   12b
VEEZY          Tho.s W.                 12a  26   12b
VERNON         Thomas                   30a  18   30b
WABILTON       Thomas                   49a   1   49b
WAGNER         Jn.o                     39a  11   39b
WALKER         Elizabeth                94a  24   94b
WALKER         George E.                12a   8   12b
WALKER         John                     72a   3   72b
WALKER         Wm.                      83a   8   83b
WALLS          Dan.l                    39a  20   39b
WALLS          Wm.                      81a  22   81b
WALMSLEY       Benj.n                   11a  26   11b
WALMSLEY       Margret                   6a   7    6b
WALMSLY        George W.                 9a  19    9b
WALMSLY        Jn.o                     10a  23   10b
WALMSLY        Rob.t                    49a   6   49b
WALTON         James                    21a   9   21b
WAMBSLY        Robert                   59a  21   59b
WARD           Josua                     8a  12    8b
WARD           Perry                    26a  10   26b
WARD           Rachel                   30a  17   30b
WARD           Sam.l                     3a  21    3b
WARD           William                  10a   7   10b
WARD           Wm.                      30a  21   30b
WARNER         Eliphalet                94a   6   94b
WARNER         Harry                    25a   4   25b
WARRING        Thomas                   90a  19   90b
WATERS         Henry                     9a  25    9b
WATKINS        Gasaway                  15a  14   15b
WATSON         Abram                    70a  17   70b
WATSON         Isaac                    62a  20   62b
WATSON         John                     62a  21   62b
WATSON         William                  62a  22   62b
WATTERS        John C.                  79a   9   79b
WAY            Eleven                   66a  26   66b
WEAVER         George                   95a  16   95b
WEBB           Edward                   72a  11   72b
WEBB           Jn.o                      5a  16    5b
WEBB           Sam.l                    92a  25   92b
WEDKIN         Mansel                   71a  15   71b
WEEKS          Atethe                    8a   7    8b
WEEKS          Sam.l                    41a   2   41b
WEIGHT         James                    83a   4   83b
WEIR           Jane                     70a   7   70b
WELLS          David                    45a   9   45b
WELLS          James                    72a  20   72b
WELLS          Jn.o                     45a  10   45b
WELLS          Mary                     22a  11   22b
WERE           John                     69a  24   69b
WESTLEY        Hannah                   92a  21   92b
WESTWORTH      John                     81a   9   81b
WHANN          Adam                     23a   9   23b
WHERRY         Jn.o                     44a  16   44b
WHITACRE       Francis A.               36a  16   36b
WHITACUR       Abram                    71a   6   71b
WHITE          Bud                      67a   1   67b
WHITE          Eli                      81a   8   81b
WHITE          Ira                      83a   6   83b
WHITE          Jacob                    51a   5   51b
WHITE          John                     67a  17   67b
WHITE          John                     68a   7   68b
WHITE          Nicholas                 84a   3   84b
WHITE          Thomas                   78a  11   78b
WHITE          Wm.                      81a  19   81b
WHITE          Thomas                   64a  16   64b
WHITELOCK      Ann                      63a   8   63b
WHITELOCK      Edward                   63a  25   63b
WHITELOCK      Henry                    72a   4   72b
WHITELOCK      Joseph                   71a   7   71b
WHITELOCK      Rebecca                  66a  16   66b
WHITESIDE      Rob.t                    36a   6   36b
WHITLOCK       Sam.l                     4a  23    4b
WIER           Andrew                   79a  25   79b
WIER           Mathew                  102a  21  102b
WILCOX         Joseph                   37a  24   37b
WILES          Wm.                     103a  11  103b
WILEY          Jn.o                     34a  11   34b
WILEY          Jn.o                     43a  15   43b
WILEY          Thomas                   85a  16   85b
WILKINSON      Joseph                   66a  17   66b
WILKINSON      Robert                   60a  10   60b
WILLIAMS       Abr.m                    72a  24   72b
WILLIAMS       Ann                      87a   2   87b
WILLIAMS       Bob                      50a  18   50b
WILLIAMS       Ge.o                     40a  10   40b
WILLIAMS       Isaac                    32a   8   32b
WILLIAMS       Jacob                    80a  26   80b
WILLIAMS       James                    82a   7   82b
WILLIAMS       Jane                     89a   6   89b
WILLIAMS       Jesse                    69a  11   69b
WILLIAMS       Margaret                 80a  25   80b
WILLIAMS       Prince                   34a  27   34b
WILLIAMS       Sam.l                    90a   5   90b
WILLIAMS       Sarah                    48a  26   48b
WILLIAMS       William                  36a   1   36b
WILLIAMS       Wm.                      97a   7   97b
WILLIAMSON     Eliza                     5a  23    5b
WILLIAMSON     James A.                  6a  13    6b
WILLIAMSON     Jefferson                22a   1   22b
WILLIAMSON     John                     87a  14   87b
WILLIS         Hellen                   67a  19   67b
WILLIS         Jn.o                     36a  13   36b
WILMER         Abe                      25a  11   25b
WILSON         Alex.r                   37a  23   37b
WILSON         Andrew                   56a  26   56b
WILSON         Aron                     15a  25   15b
WILSON         David                    45a   8   45b
WILSON         Edw.d                    22a   2   22b
WILSON         Hannah                   97a  18   97b
WILSON         Henry                    98a  10   98b
WILSON         James                    60a   6   60b
WILSON         John                     72a  18   72b
WILSON         Margret                  68a   4   68b
WILSON         Phebe                    46a  12   46b
WILSON         Rob.t                    39a  15   39b
WILSON         Sam.l                    39a  16   39b
WILSON         Sam.l                    40a  17   40b
WILSON         Steve                     9a   6    9b
WILSON         Tho.s                    38a   2   38b
WILSON         Thomas                   67a  25   67b
WILSON         Thomas                   78a  16   78b
WILSON         Wm.                      48a  24   48b
WINCHESTER     John                     62a  27   62b
WINGATE        Joseph S.                58a  18   58b
WINGATE        Peter                    14a   8   14b
WINGATE        Rich.d                   14a  23   14b
WINGATE        Wm.                      21a  17   21b
WISER          Jacob                    42a   8   42b
WISER          Jacob                    42a   9   42b
WOLF           Jacob                    36a  12   36b
WOLIHAN        Jacob                    31a   2   31b
WOLINGHAM      Jas.                      3a   6    3b
WOOD           Simons                   11a  24   11b
WOODALL        William                   8a  13    8b
WOODROW        Benj.n                   96a  18   96b
WOODROW        Jacob                    98a   2   98b
WOODROW        Josiah                   83a  22   83b
WOODROW        Simeon                   90a  24   90b
WOODROW        Stephen                  83a  20   83b
WOODROW        Teaf*n                  104a  17  104b
WOODS          Richard                  58a  27   58b
WOOLLY         George                   87a  18   87b
WORK           David                    42a  17   42b
WORK           Henry                    36a  23   36b
WORREL         Tho.s                    44a  18   44b
WORTH          Ja.s                     46a  21   46b
WORTH          Joseph                   47a  25   47b
WRIGHT         Polard                   24a   5   24b
WROTH          Jn.o                     13a   7   13b
Y  (??WYE??)   Jacob                    32a  18   32b
YALE           Samuel                   72a  26   72b
YATES          Evan L.                  21a  13   21b
YEAMENS        John                     64a  25   64b
YERNAL         Abner                    38a  17   38b
YORK           Benj.n                   29a   1   29b
YORK           Dina                     45a  27   45b
YOUNG          Charity                  24a  24   24b
YOUNG          George                   56a   9   56b
YOUNG          Hosana                   13a   1   13b
YOUNG          Sam.l                    11a   7   11b
YOUNG          Sam.l                    56a  17   56b
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This index was transcribed by Norman Corkran
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