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Name of Head of Family         ENUMERATION   LEFT     RIGHT
*              Joh*            Richland      249a  26  249b
*amlea         *               Richland      249a  27  249b
Abbott         Joel            Richland      242a  23  242b
Abernathy      Kellom          Wabash        185a  18  185b
Abernathy      Samuel          Wabash        190a  5   190b
Abott          Jacob           Richland      248a  24  248b
Adams          Daniel          Logan         232a  21  232b
Adams          James           Shawnee       219a  16  219b
Adams          Mary            Shawnee       216a  21  216b
Adams          Robert          Davis         229a  20  229b
Adams          Roger           Shawnee       218a  22  218b
Adkinson       Edward          Richland      241a  19  241b
Albert         John            Richland      242a  1   242b
Alcott         Israel          Logan         236a  22  236b
Aldrige        John            Davis         227a  19  227b
Alekire        Harmonius       Troy          183a  20  183b
Alenduff       Frederic        Davis         227a  30  227b
Alexander      James           Cain          208a  26  208b
Alexander      Mary            Richland      249a  10  249b
Alexander      Robert          Troy          178a  16  178b
Alexander      William H.      Logan         233a  21  233b
Alkire         Joseph          Troy          177a  20  177b
Allen          Isaac           Jackson       197a  5   197b
Allen          John            Troy          180a  19  180b
Allen          John            Fulton        199a  6   199b
Allen          Margaret        Jackson       197a  4   197b
Allen          Thomas          Jackson       194a  15  194b
Allen          Valentine       Wabash        190a  7   190b
Allwood        Ira             Jackson       195a  24  195b
Ames           Orran           Logan         233a  20  233b
Anderson       David           Troy          182a  1   182b
Anderson       Elizabeth       Troy          182a  24  182b
Anderson       John            Wabash        187a  9   187b
Anderson       John C.         Logan         232a  3   232b
Anderson       Thomas          Davis         227a  23  227b
Anthern        Mayhew          Davis         227a  2   227b
Applegate      Aaron           Richland      247a  27  247b
Applegate      John            Logan         236a  21  236b
Applegate      Peter           Davis         227a  13  227b
Archer         Jane            Richland      243a  13  243b
Archer         Jesse W.        Jackson       192a  1   192b
Armstrong      William         Jackson       195a  5   195b
Arrowhood      Isaac           Wabash        190a  9   190b
Arrowhood      Job             Wabash        191a  2   191b
Arrowhood      Philip          Wabash        185a  30  185b
Arrowhood      Thomas          Wabash        190a  29  190b
Asbury         Benjamin        Cain          205a  20  205b
Atkins         Granville       Troy          181a  13  181b
Atkins         James           Troy          181a  21  181b
Atkinson       John            Troy          184a  7   184b
Authern        Jethro          Davis         226a  30  226b
Ayres          Heziah          Troy          183a  2   183b
Bable          George L.       Wabash        187a  3   187b
Bable          Peter           Wabash        186a  29  186b
Bailey         John            Wabash        186a  28  186b
Bailey         Wilson          Richland      246a  25  246b
Baily          Charles C.      Cain          208a  1   208b
Baily          Hiram           Jackson       196a  6   196b
Baily          Samuel          Shawnee       223a  29  223b
Baily          Thomas          Jackson       195a  7   195b
Baitman        Alexander       Logan         236a  7   236b
Bake           Christopher     Richland      239a  29  239b
Baker          Andrew          Fulton        199a  2   199b
Baker          David           Fulton        201a  18  201b
Baker          David           Cain          210a  15  210b
Baker          Jacob           Cain          210a  16  210b
Baker          Samuel          Cain          210a  20  210b
Balger         James           Shawnee       216a  2   216b
Balis          Elisha          Jackson       192a  5   192b
Ball           Amri            Richland      246a  4   246b
Ballard        Cloyse          Troy          181a  3   181b
Bamage         John            Wabash        187a  5   187b
Barcus         Jacob           Troy          177a  25  177b
Barnes         Charles L.      Cain          202a  10  202b
Barnett        Huckens A.      Logan         235a  30  235b
Barnett        Jesse           Logan         235a  28  235b
Barnett        John            Logan         235a  29  235b
Barracalo      Henry           Cain          207a  18  207b
Barrens        Jesse           Wabash        188a  4   188b
Basham         George          Jackson       192a  28  192b
Bassam         Archibald       Jackson       192a  2   192b
Bassam         George          Jackson       194a  4   194b
Bath           Benjamin        Cain          210a  5   210b
Baum           Jonas           Troy          183a  14  183b
Beauford       Clarissa        Shawnee       223a  11  223b
Beaver         Henry           Cain          206a  16  206b
Beaver         John            Cain          206a  4   206b
Beaver         John            Cain          206a  26  206b
Beaver         Joseph          Cain          204a  8   204b
Beaver         Michael, Jr     Cain          204a  6   204b
Beaver         Michael, Sr     Cain          204a  5   204b
Beaver         Samuel          Cain          206a  27  206b
Beaver         Simon           Cain          206a  17  206b
Beaver         William         Troy          175a  23  175b
Becklehammer   Benj.           Wabash        185a  13  185b
Beedle         Aaron T.        Richland      244a  24  244b
Beedle         Abram           Davis         227a  25  227b
Beedle         Isaac           Richland      240a  9   240b
Beedle         John            Richland      240a  2   240b
Beedle         Juda T.         Richland      241a  26  241b
Beedle         Mary W.         Richland      244a  20  244b
Bell           Aaron           Shawnee       222a  2   222b
Bell           Thomas          Richland      240a  21  240b
Bellsland      John            Troy          178a  1   178b
Bender         John            Troy          184a  10  184b
Bender         Jonathan        Troy          184a  11  184b
Benedict       Samuel S.       Shawnee       221a  6   221b
Bennet         Hirum           Fulton        201a  14  201b
Bennet         James           Wabash        187a  20  187b
Bennit         Isaac T.        Richland      241a  10  241b
Bergan         Ruth            Cain          209a  26  209b
Berk           Hannah          Cain          203a  23  203b
Berkshire      Jackson         Shawnee       218a  29  218b
Bethel         George W.       Logan         232a  15  232b
Bever          Christian       Cain          204a  4   204b
Bever          Jacob           Cain          204a  3   204b
Bever          William         Cain          204a  2   204b
Billsland      James           Troy          183a  11  183b
Billsland      John            Troy          180a  16  180b
Billsland      William         Troy          183a  12  183b
Birch          George          Logan         236a  30  236b
Birch          Harrison        Davis         226a  9   226b
Birch          Jesse           Davis         227a  14  227b
Birch          Jonathan        Richland      247a  8   247b
Birch          Thomas          Logan         235a  20  235b
Bixler         Christian       Shawnee       221a  3   221b
Black          Michael E.      Cain          203a  14  203b
Blackburn      Joseph          Jackson       194a  18  194b
Blackford      Nathan          Cain          207a  15  207b
Blackford      Stephen         Cain          207a  11  207b
Blair          James           Shawnee       222a  28  222b
Blair          John            Wabash        186a  27  186b
Blodgett       Henry           Wabash        187a  6   187b
Blue           Richard         Troy          182a  3   182b
Blue           William         Troy          182a  4   182b
Board          Elijah          Richland      245a  5   245b
Bodley         John, Sr        Shawnee       220a  6   220b
Bodley         Thomas          Shawnee       217a  1   217b
Bodly          John            Troy          183a  4   183b
Bogart         Cornelius       Wabash        188a  27  188b
Boggs          Ellett          Logan         233a  5   233b
Bonebrake      Adam            Cain          202a  9   202b
Bonebrake      David           Cain          210a  11  210b
Bonebrake      Jacob, Sr       Cain          210a  18  210b
Bonebrake      Jesse           Cain          202a  16  202b
Bonebrake      John            Cain          210a  17  210b
Bonebrake      John M.         Cain          202a  7   202b
Bonebrake      Wm              Cain          210a  14  210b
Bonwell        John            Richland      240a  22  240b
Boo            Benjamin        Jackson       193a  14  193b
Boo            Jacob           Jackson       193a  2   193b
Boo            John            Jackson       193a  3   193b
Boo            Joseph          Jackson       193a  13  193b
Boo            Lorenzo D.      Jackson       193a  11  193b
Boo            William         Jackson       193a  9   193b
Booth          Nathan          Troy          176a  16  176b
Boston         Washington L.   Troy          180a  8   180b
Bouford        Benj            Richland      241a  3   241b
Bowlen         Enoch           Troy          183a  29  183b
Bowlin         Willis P.       Shawnee       221a  16  221b
Bowman         Dennis          Jackson       192a  11  192b
Bowman         Jacob           Jackson       195a  13  195b
Bowman         Jacob, Sr       Jackson       192a  24  192b
Bowman         John            Jackson       192a  29  192b
Bowman         Rebecca         Jackson       193a  19  193b
Bowman         Samuel          Jackson       194a  3   194b
Brackett       Alfred          Wabash        189a  23  189b
Brackney       Benjamin        Logan         234a  27  234b
Bradley        Matthew         Troy          176a  12  176b
Bradley        William         Davis         229a  4   229b
Brady          James           Logan         234a  5   234b
Brady          John            Logan         233a  27  233b
Brandenburg    Enoch           Shawnee       223a  30  223b
Brandenburg    Joel            Shawnee       222a  23  222b
Brant          Martin          Shawnee       217a  30  217b
Brawner        Thomas          Cain          202a  22  202b
Brent          James           Jackson       193a  21  193b
Brewer         Briant          Wabash        189a  13  189b
Brewer         Martin          Troy          176a  29  176b
Brewer         Robert          Wabash        191a  4   191b
Brian          Lewis           Wabash        187a  29  187b
Briar          Elizabeth       Fulton        201a  12  201b
Bridleman      David           Shawnee       217a  15  217b
Brier          David           Troy          180a  10  180b
Brier          George W.       Shawnee       221a  12  221b
Brier          Mary            Shawnee       218a  12  218b
Brier          Samuel          Shawnee       220a  27  220b
Briggs         Augustus        Fulton        200a  14  200b
Briggs         Bartin          Wabash        188a  7   188b
Briggs         David           Troy          178a  8   178b
Briner         Peter           Cain          209a  27  209b
Brining        Mark            Troy          177a  24  177b
Briny          William         Shawnee       218a  11  218b
Britton        David           Logan         234a  20  234b
Brookwalter    David           Shawnee       217a  5   217b
Brookwalter    Jonathan        Shawnee       217a  28  217b
Brovner        Henry           Jackson       196a  10  196b
Brown          Achilles        Shawnee       222a  10  222b
Brown          Cinthia         Shawnee       223a  25  223b
Brown          Daniel          Shawnee       218a  6   218b
Brown          Daniel          Shawnee       218a  19  218b
Brown          Erastus         Shawnee       222a  11  222b
Brown          Harlem          Richland      246a  24  246b
Brown          Hiram           Davis         227a  21  227b
Brown          Jacob           Shawnee       223a  21  223b
Brown          James L.        Wabash        189a  5   189b
Brown          John            Jackson       194a  23  194b
Brown          John            Cain          207a  9   207b
Brown          John            Shawnee       223a  20  223b
Brown          John L.         Wabash        189a  4   189b
Brown          Joseph          Davis         227a  22  227b
Brown          Martha M.       Troy          176a  11  176b
Brown          Philip          Davis         230a  5   230b
Brown          Simon           Shawnee       219a  14  219b
Brown          Timothy         Logan         234a  24  234b
Brown          William         Jackson       194a  22  194b
Brown          William         Shawnee       223a  19  223b
Brown          William B.      Logan         236a  6   236b
Bruce          George          Cain          209a  7   209b
Bruce          Margaret        Richland      247a  4   247b
Brunt          Samuel          Richland      239a  10  239b
Brurnt         John            Cain          207a  5   207b
Bryant         John            Wabash        186a  26  186b
Bryant         John H.         Cain          207a  1   207b
Bunch          Ameverd         Logan         235a  11  235b
Burdoin        William         Wabash        189a  1   189b
Burgess        Archibald       Shawnee       220a  17  220b
Burget         Henry           Fulton        198a  20  198b
Burgin         Jane            Troy          177a  11  177b
Burk           Early           Troy          181a  23  181b
Burk           John            Davis         226a  7   226b
Burnsides      William         Fulton        200a  21  200b
Burntrager     Margaret        Shawnee       224a  2   224b
Burton         George W.       Troy          179a  1   179b
Burton         Joseph          Cain          202a  18  202b
Bushing        John            Wabash        189a  15  189b
Buskirk        Ralph           Richland      240a  15  240b
Butt           John            Cain          202a  1   202b
Butt           Philip          Cain          210a  3   210b
Butt           Vintal          Cain          204a  30  204b
Button         William         Richland      245a  28  245b
Byres          Michael         Shawnee       221a  8   221b
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  This index was transcribed by Marsha Thompson
and proofread by Connie Burkett

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