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Name of Head of Family         ENUMERATION   LEFT     RIGHT
Sallsbury      John            Richland      244a  2   244b
Sammons        Randolph        Wabash        190a  18  190b
Sample         William H.      Fulton        200a  1   200b
Sams           David           Jackson       193a  18  193b
Sams           Lewis           Jackson       193a  16  193b
Sams           Mathias         Jackson       194a  10  194b
Sams           Michael         Jackson       194a  9   194b
Sams           Valentine       Jackson       194a  5   194b
Sanders        Robert          Shawnee       224a  6   224b
Sanders        William         Shawnee       223a  27  223b
Saul           Peter           Troy          179a  16  179b
Sawyer         James           Richland      246a  28  246b
Sayres         Isaac           Troy          175a  15  175b
Schafer        Daniel          Logan         233a  11  233b
Schafer        George          Logan         232a  4   232b
Schokey        George          Troy          179a  15  179b
Scott          Benjamin        Davis         227a  12  227b
Scott          Chauncy         Shawnee       221a  25  221b
Scott          Ellen           Troy          182a  25  182b
Scott          James C.        Richland      246a  26  246b
Scott          Jonathan        Logan         237a  9   237b
Scott          Samuel          Richland      242a  13  242b
Scott          Smith           Richland      242a  5   242b
Scott          William         Jackson       192a  3   192b
Seely          Montrovill      Richland      247a  6   247b
Sergeant       George          Logan         233a  19  233b
Sevim          John            Richland      239a  16  239b
Sewell         Elijah          Richland      239a  7   239b
Sewell         James           Richland      242a  17  242b
Shade          John            Richland      246a  22  246b
Shafer         Daniel          Cain          210a  9   210b
Shafer         John            Cain          210a  2   210b
Shaff          Frederick       Troy          176a  5   176b
Shaff          Thomas          Troy          176a  6   176b
Shannon        John            Troy          181a  5   181b
Shelby         Edwin A.        Cain          208a  10  208b
Shelby         Gustavus        Richland      241a  7   241b
Shelby         Isaac N.        Davis         227a  24  227b
Shelby         Joseph          Troy          177a  28  177b
Shelby         Moses           Davis         229a  3   229b
Sheller        Jacob           Jackson       196a  15  196b
Sherrill       James           Troy          182a  9   182b
Sherry         William         Davis         229a  21  229b
Shewey         David           Cain          204a  15  204b
Shewey         George          Cain          204a  21  204b
Shewy          John            Cain          209a  28  209b
Shields        John            Logan         236a  27  236b
Shipman        Henry           Cain          209a  29  209b
Shipman        Stephan         Cain          209a  30  209b
Shoafstall     Thomas          Troy          176a  20  176b
Shoemaker      Samuel          Cain          204a  9   204b
Shoemaker      Solomon         Richland      242a  27  242b
Short          Aaron           Richland      244a  5   244b
Shoveley       John            Richland      245a  16  245b
Shuler         John            Jackson       192a  26  192b
Shultz         Abbot G.        Richland      249a  9   249b
Shultz         David J.        Shawnee       218a  2   218b
Shultz         Joseph          Richland      240a  24  240b
Shultz         Peter           Richland      240a  10  240b
Shumbley       John            Cain          202a  6   202b
Sidives        John            Richland      248a  16  248b
Silvens        Fanny           Davis         229a  11  229b
Simmons        David           Jackson       195a  30  195b
Simpson        James           Cain          202a  26  202b
Simpson        Nicholas        Cain          209a  12  209b
Sinerbaugh     John            Jackson       193a  17  193b
Sines          Joseph          Cain          208a  7   208b
Sloan          John            Troy          179a  21  179b
Sloan          Joseph L.       Troy          180a  18  180b
Sloan          William         Wabash        188a  17  188b
Slushen        Elias           Logan         232a  29  232b
Slushen        Henry           Logan         233a  8   233b
Sly            Cornelius       Richland      243a  4   243b
Sly            John            Richland      243a  3   243b
Smally         John            Richland      240a  13  240b
Smawley        David           Logan         232a  9   232b
Smith          Abner           Cain          204a  19  204b
Smith          Ardelia         Cain          206a  22  206b
Smith          Asa             Troy          182a  13  182b
Smith          Asa             Troy          182a  18  182b
Smith          Benjamin        Troy          182a  19  182b
Smith          Benjamin        Davis         230a  7   230b
Smith          Cleaveland      Troy          182a  17  182b
Smith          Collins         Richland      245a  20  245b
Smith          David B.        Richland      248a  8   248b
Smith          Dexter          Richland      245a  19  245b
Smith          Fielding        Troy          181a  26  181b
Smith          Henry           Logan         234a  25  234b
Smith          Jacob           Wabash        188a  2   188b
Smith          Martin          Troy          182a  10  182b
Smith          Nelson          Richland      246a  3   246b
Smith          Rhodes          Troy          182a  16  182b
Smith          Samuel          Wabash        185a  17  185b
Smith          Samuel          Davis         229a  15  229b
Smith          Silas           Richland      243a  5   243b
Smith          Silass          Richland      245a  21  245b
Smith          William         Jackson       192a  12  192b
Smith          William         Cain          203a  1   203b
Smith          William H.      Richland      239a  28  239b
Smith          Wm              Richland      245a  22  245b
Snook          John            Jackson       192a  16  192b
Snook          Peter           Jackson       192a  17  192b
Snook          William         Jackson       192a  19  192b
Snuff          Jacob           Wabash        186a  14  186b
Soap           Adam            Troy          176a  27  176b
Songer         George          Cain          202a  2   202b
Sours          Andrew          Jackson       196a  25  196b
Sours          Henry           Jackson       196a  24  196b
Sowers         Alfred          Fulton        199a  15  199b
Sowers         George          Jackson       196a  26  196b
Sowers         George          Fulton        199a  14  199b
Sowers         Solomon         Fulton        199a  16  199b
Spence         Baker           Troy          180a  30  180b
Spinning       Isaac           Richland      245a  29  245b
Spinning       Joel            Richland      247a  20  247b
Spinning       Matthew W.      Troy          176a  30  176b
Spragg         James           Jackson       195a  1   195b
Spray          George L.       Richland      243a  23  243b
Spray          Jesse           Richland      244a  12  244b
Spray          Jonas           Richland      243a  22  243b
Spray          Thomas          Richland      244a  9   244b
Stafford       James           Richland      240a  11  240b
Stafford       John            Richland      242a  19  242b
Stafford       Thomas          Logan         236a  13  236b
Stale          Michael         Shawnee       218a  18  218b
Stancer        George          Davis         226a  29  226b
Stanford       Rodolphus       Jackson       194a  28  194b
Statten        George          Logan         233a  23  233b
Steenbaugh     Henry           Shawnee       220a  29  220b
Stenbaugh      Frederic        Richland      245a  9   245b
Stephens       David           Shawnee       217a  8   217b
Stephens       Ebednigo        Richland      249a  12  249b
Stephens       Edward          Richland      246a  1   246b
Stephens       Evans           Richland      249a  23  249b
Stephens       James           Richland      239a  5   239b
Stephens       John            Richland      249a  13  249b
Stephens       Julaney         Richland      245a  27  245b
Stephens       Lodoc           Richland      239a  19  239b
Stephens       Richard         Richland      239a  11  239b
Stephens       Robert          Cain          202a  24  202b
Stephens       William S.      Richland      248a  3   248b
Stephenson     John            Logan         235a  6   235b
Sternes        Elizabeth       Jackson       194a  11  194b
Sternes        John            Jackson       194a  12  194b
Stevenson      Jonathan J.     Troy          183a  30  183b
Stewart        George          Shawnee       222a  9   222b
Stewart        James           Cain          205a  14  205b
Stewart        James C.        Troy          179a  8   179b
Stewart        John, Jr        Fulton        200a  19  200b
Stewart        John, Sr        Fulton        200a  17  200b
Stewart        Mary            Richland      247a  7   247b
Stewart        Smith           Shawnee       224a  5   224b
Stibuns        Horam           Richland      242a  2   242b
Stidman        John            Troy          175a  24  175b
Stighner       Joseph          Fulton        198a  14  198b
Stiner         David           Jackson       195a  22  195b
Stingley       Abraham         Logan         233a  22  233b
Stoap          Andrew          Wabash        187a  23  187b
Stout          Job             Fulton        200a  23  200b
Stout          Johnathan       Fulton        199a  29  199b
Strader        Henry           Richland      246a  29  246b
Strader        Jacob           Richland      248a  23  248b
Strader        John            Richland      248a  25  248b
Strader        Mary            Richland      246a  10  246b
Straight       Ephraim         Troy          175a  8   175b
Strayer        John            Cain          209a  11  209b
Stribling      James           Richland      243a  29  243b
Stroust        James W.        Davis         229a  19  229b
Stucker        James           Cain          204a  11  204b
Summerman      James           Richland      245a  15  245b
Summers        Able            Fulton        200a  8   200b
Sumner         Edward          Richland      240a  26  240b
Sumner         Silby           Shawnee       220a  22  220b
Sunrigan       Patrick         Shawnee       220a  30  220b
Swank          William         Shawnee       217a  22  217b
Sweat          James           Troy          177a  13  177b
Swigert        Jacob           Richland      248a  22  248b
Swine          William         Wabash        185a  7   185b
Swope          Andrew          Jackson       196a  5   196b
Tague          Daniel          Wabash        187a  21  187b
Tague          John            Cain          202a  19  202b
Tagues         Thomas          Wabash        186a  3   186b
Talford        John W.         Davis         229a  22  229b
Tanner         Robert          Richland      243a  20  243b
Tanner         William         Richland      241a  9   241b
Tayler         William         Logan         233a  25  233b
Taylor         Charles         Richland      239a  25  239b
Taylor         Jacob           Richland      243a  2   243b
Tegarden       James           Fulton        198a  8   198b
Templeton      Adolphus        Richland      240a  3   240b
Thackill       Thomas          Logan         233a  10  233b
Thelby         William         Fulton        201a  24  201b
Themp          Edward          Cain          207a  7   207b
Thewy          Magdalene       Cain          204a  13  204b
Thomas         Hartsome        Cain          209a  22  209b
Thomas         John            Logan         234a  2   234b
Thomas         Moburn          Fulton        201a  13  201b
Thomas         Phineas         Cain          206a  7   206b
Thomas         William         Troy          178a  7   178b
Thompson       Andrew          Shawnee       221a  22  221b
Thompson       Daniel          Richland      244a  17  244b
Thompson       David           Troy          181a  27  181b
Thompson       James A.        Troy          178a  28  178b
Thompson       James L.        Logan         232a  25  232b
Thompson       John            Cain          206a  1   206b
Thompson       John            Cain          208a  21  208b
Thorough***    Crawford        Richland      240a  25  240b
Tice           Jacob           Troy          179a  9   179b
Tiggate        James           Cain          207a  13  207b
Tiggate        William         Cain          207a  14  207b
Tighty         Elizabeth       Richland      248a  12  248b
Timmons        John H.         Wabash        191a  3   191b
Timmons        Peter R.        Davis         228a  12  228b
Titus          Elizabeth       Richland      241a  25  241b
Titus          Stephen         Fulton        198a  27  198b
Toms           Lewis           Logan         232a  27  232b
Town           Griffin A.      Logan         236a  3   236b
Town           Jacob           Logan         236a  5   236b
Town           John            Logan         236a  4   236b
Town           William H.      Shawnee       223a  7   223b
Townsby        James L.        Wabash        189a  24  189b
Townsley       James           Wabash        185a  22  185b
Townsley       John            Wabash        185a  26  185b
Trinkle        Frederick       Cain          204a  26  204b
Trinkle        Samuel          Cain          204a  25  204b
Trott          Abraham         Shawnee       221a  9   221b
Trott          John            Troy          175a  1   175b
Truett         Julia           Troy          181a  29  181b
Truit          Thomas          Davis         226a  12  226b
Trullinger     Abram K.        Shawnee       218a  8   218b
Trullinger     Adam            Cain          202a  11  202b
Trullinger     John M.         Cain          202a  15  202b
Truman         Silas           Logan         237a  11  237b
Truman         Susan           Logan         237a  8   237b
Tryon          Andrew          Richland      241a  16  241b
Tuly           John            Shawnee       218a  4   218b
Tumblin        Berkley         Shawnee       216a  25  216b
Turner         Nathan          Cain          205a  5   205b
Tuthill        Ava             Logan         234a  14  234b
Tuthill        Chister         Davis         229a  28  229b
Tweedy         Isaac           Richland      244a  19  244b
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  This index was transcribed by Marsha Thompson
and proofread by Connie Burkett

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