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Name of Head of Family         ENUMERATION   LEFT     RIGHT
Kearns         Aaron           Wabash        185a  3   185b
Keeland        James           Cain          210a  7   210b
Keeland        James, Jr       Cain          210a  8   210b
Keep           Elizabeth M.    Wabash        190a  28  190b
Keep           Jane S.         Shawnee       219a  25  219b
Keland         John            Cain          209a  13  209b
Keller         Christopher     Wabash        188a  6   188b
Keller         George          Fulton        200a  29  200b
Keller         Henry           Jackson       193a  22  193b
Keller         Jacob           Cain          203a  16  203b
Keller         John            Jackson       192a  8   192b
Keller         Mary            Jackson       195a  10  195b
Keller         Michael         Wabash        188a  8   188b
Kellog         Ezra            Richland      243a  19  243b
Kelly          Eli             Shawnee       220a  10  220b
Kelly          Joseph          Troy          180a  6   180b
Kelly          Robert          Troy          177a  14  177b
Kelly          William F.      Fulton        200a  3   200b
Kepner         Jacob           Cain          203a  17  203b
Kerns          John M.         Wabash        190a  12  190b
Kiff           Ambrose B.      Logan         232a  10  232b
Kiff           D. C.           Richland      250a  6   250b
Kiff           William         Richland      249a  20  249b
Kiger          James           Wabash        189a  30  189b
Kiger          John            Fulton        198a  28  198b
Kiger          Peter           Jackson       194a  1   194b
Kilby          George          Troy          179a  29  179b
Killin         James           Logan         235a  27  235b
Killin         William         Logan         235a  26  235b
Kimball        Peter B.        Richland      248a  7   248b
Kindell        James           Richland      248a  10  248b
King           Caleb           Troy          183a  9   183b
King           Jackson         Richland      239a  3   239b
King           Samuel          Cain          202a  3   202b
King           Thomas          Fulton        199a  21  199b
King           William         Richland      249a  3   249b
Kingori        John            Shawnee       222a  3   222b
Kinkade        Alexander       Fulton        200a  11  200b
Kinney         Jacob           Troy          178a  14  178b
Kinnon         James           Richland      239a  30  239b
Kinon          John            Shawnee       218a  7   218b
Kite           Edwin           Shawnee       220a  26  220b
Knowden        Allan           Richland      241a  2   241b
Kofflinger     James           Shawnee       216a  30  216b
Labane         Benj B.         Shawnee       219a  9   219b
Lacy           Fielding        Troy          177a  3   177b
Lamb           Pliney          Richland      241a  28  241b
Lambert        Mordiza         Richland      240a  8   240b
Lang           James           Richland      245a  12  245b
Lang           Wm              Richland      245a  11  245b
Latterett      John            Wabash        188a  25  188b
Layton         Jeremiah        Troy          178a  3   178b
Layton         Nimrod          Davis         229a  1   229b
Layton         Samuel          Richland      242a  9   242b
Layton         Tilghman        Troy          175a  13  175b
Leas           George          Richland      245a  6   245b
Leatherman     John            Richland      247a  1   247b
Leatherman     Stephen         Richland      241a  27  241b
Leister        Samuel          Cain          209a  5   209b
Lemon          Henry C.        Fulton        199a  26  199b
Lemon          John            Troy          183a  23  183b
Lenne          Job             Fulton        200a  15  200b
Lewellan       Samuel          Wabash        186a  24  186b
Lewis          Merrick         Cain          210a  12  210b
Lewis          Nancy           Richland      244a  11  244b
Lightfoot      James           Cain          205a  26  205b
Lightfoot      John            Cain          205a  30  205b
Lightley       Coorod          Cain          204a  17  204b
Lightley       Philip          Cain          204a  18  204b
Lindley        Rebecca         Fulton        198a  25  198b
Lindsey        Abram           Fulton        199a  3   199b
Linebaugh      Chrisley        Jackson       195a  11  195b
Ling           James           Troy          175a  9   175b
Linsey         John            Wabash        186a  22  186b
Lister         Elias           Cain          205a  8   205b
Litle          Barsheba        Fulton        198a  23  198b
Livengood      Crimley         Jackson       195a  12  195b
Livengood      Elisha          Jackson       195a  25  195b
Livengood      Levi            Jackson       192a  4   192b
Livengood      Noah            Jackson       195a  15  195b
Livengood      Thomas          Jackson       192a  9   192b
Lock           Eli             Davis         228a  11  228b
Lockert        James           Davis         226a  26  226b
Lockhart       Henry           Shawnee       220a  7   220b
Lockhart       John            Davis         227a  7   227b
Logan          Alexander       Richland      243a  10  243b
Logan          John M.         Richland      244a  26  244b
Logry          George          Shawnee       222a  12  222b
Loid           Leonard L.      Cain          204a  27  204b
Loister        David           Wabash        187a  27  187b
Long           Harrison        Davis         226a  3   226b
Long           John            Cain          205a  7   205b
Long           Lewis           Davis         228a  1   228b
Longin         Adam            Wabash        187a  11  187b
Longmire       Charles         Richland      246a  27  246b
Longmire       George          Richland      248a  20  248b
Lopp           Catharine       Shawnee       223a  18  223b
Lopp           Ensley          Shawnee       223a  17  223b
Lopp           James           Shawnee       221a  11  221b
Lopp           William         Shawnee       221a  18  221b
Lott           Hamilton        Shawnee       218a  23  218b
Love           David           Logan         234a  21  234b
Love           George          Jackson       192a  13  192b
Loveless       John V.         Davis         226a  20  226b
Low            James R.        Davis         230a  1   230b
Low            Samuel          Richland      241a  11  241b
Lucus          John            Cain          202a  23  202b
Lucus          Joseph          Cain          202a  30  202b
Ludlow         Samuel          Troy          184a  2   184b
Luke           John            Troy          176a  15  176b
Luke           Peter           Troy          181a  20  181b
Lumebaugh      Jacob           Jackson       195a  9   195b
Lutz           Isaac C.        Logan         234a  19  234b
Luzader        Mary            Wabash        186a  20  186b
Lyman          James           Cain          209a  14  209b
Lyman          Warren          Richland      247a  11  247b
Lyons          Jacob           Wabash        188a  28  188b
Lyons          James P.        Troy          180a  22  180b
Lyons          Thomas          Troy          181a  25  181b
Lyons          Umberson        Troy          182a  27  182b
Mackay         Joshua          Shawnee       220a  20  220b
Mahon          Michael         Logan         232a  28  232b
Mallock        Dicy            Cain          210a  10  210b
Malone         Samuel          Logan         235a  17  235b
Manlove        W. E.           Shawnee       219a  8   219b
Marbatt        Abram           Shawnee       217a  11  217b
Marbatt        George          Shawnee       216a  13  216b
Marble         Hiram L.        Wabash        188a  26  188b
Markle         Nelson          Shawnee       222a  6   222b
Marlatt        Benjamin        Shawnee       218a  9   218b
Marlatt        George          Wabash        189a  2   189b
Marlatt        Jacob           Wabash        189a  7   189b
Marquiss       Thomas          Shawnee       216a  24  216b
Marquiss       William         Shawnee       216a  23  216b
Marr           John            Logan         234a  8   234b
Marshall       Alfred          Fulton        198a  24  198b
Marshall       Isaac           Fulton        198a  19  198b
Marshall       Robt            Davis         226a  2   226b
Marshall       William         Fulton        198a  1   198b
Martin         Ambrose         Cain          209a  16  209b
Martin         Ephraim         Richland      240a  18  240b
Martin         Fielding        Davis         228a  7   228b
Martin         Hetfield        Shawnee       219a  20  219b
Martin         Isaac           Logan         234a  10  234b
Martin         James H.        Shawnee       221a  14  221b
Martin         John            Troy          178a  15  178b
Martin         John            Logan         232a  23  232b
Martin         John T.         Wabash        187a  15  187b
Martin         Nathaniel B.    Shawnee       218a  28  218b
Martin         Winston         Richland      245a  13  245b
Martman        George          Wabash        187a  28  187b
Marvin         Jesse           Davis         227a  17  227b
Massey         Charles         Jackson       194a  25  194b
Masterton      Mary            Troy          182a  11  182b
Mathews        David           Davis         227a  29  227b
Mathews        George W.       Davis         228a  16  228b
Mathews        Washington      Davis         227a  26  227b
Matthews       John            Shawnee       216a  8   216b
Matthewson     Matthew         Troy          175a  22  175b
Maxwell        John            Wabash        187a  19  187b
Maxwell        Mary A.         Shawnee       218a  3   218b
May            Allen           Troy          178a  26  178b
May            George          Shawnee       217a  29  217b
May            George, Jr      Cain          208a  12  208b
Mayhall        John R.         Shawnee       219a  23  219b
Mayhew         John            Fulton        198a  9   198b
Mc Ilroy       Samuel          Fulton        198a  15  198b
McAlister      John W.         Cain          203a  25  203b
McAllister     Archibald       Richland      247a  14  247b
McBroom        Edward          Cain          206a  13  206b
McBroom        Elizabeth       Cain          203a  30  203b
McBroom        John            Cain          206a  18  206b
McCall         Michael         Shawnee       221a  15  221b
McClain        George          Jackson       192a  23  192b
McClain        George          Cain          206a  21  206b
McClelland     Alexander       Shawnee       221a  7   221b
McClelland     John            Shawnee       219a  29  219b
McClure        Elizabeth       Cain          204a  23  204b
McClure        James           Richland      243a  11  243b
McClure        John            Wabash        185a  20  185b
McClure        Wm              Richland      243a  12  243b
McComas        William D.      Troy          180a  2   180b
McCormick      J. H.           Troy          179a  23  179b
McCormick      Joseph          Cain          208a  9   208b
McCormick      M. D.           Cain          208a  8   208b
McCulloch      Elijah          Wabash        185a  10  185b
McDaniel       Fuldah          Fulton        198a  6   198b
McDonald       Daniel          Fulton        200a  20  200b
McEwen         John S.         Shawnee       218a  14  218b
McFarlin       Rachel          Richland      242a  21  242b
McGee          William         Wabash        188a  12  188b
McGlocling     Charles         Richland      243a  9   243b
McGlocling     George          Richland      243a  7   243b
McGonegal      Chales          Troy          179a  10  179b
McGrath        Morris          Shawnee       218a  26  218b
McGrew         Blackburn       Cain          207a  20  207b
McGriggs       John            Richland      244a  27  244b
McGumblett     John            Fulton        200a  30  200b
McIntosh       Saml            Jackson       193a  5   193b
McIntyre       James           Wabash        187a  8   187b
McKinney       John            Troy          178a  27  178b
Mckinney       Thompson P.     Richland      244a  29  244b
McLain         Henry           Cain          206a  24  206b
McManimy       John            Troy          183a  24  183b
McManimy       William         Troy          183a  25  183b
McMannie       John            Logan         235a  4   235b
McMaster       Joshua          Fulton        200a  10  200b
Mcmiller       E. F.           Shawnee       216a  26  216b
McMurtry       Joseph          Logan         235a  3   235b
McSpadden      John            Jackson       195a  21  195b
McSpadden      Samuel          Jackson       192a  10  192b
Meek           Abner           Troy          175a  20  175b
Meek           Daniel          Richland      240a  20  240b
Meek           John G.         Richland      244a  8   244b
Meek           John, Sr        Richland      240a  19  240b
Meek           Mary            Troy          175a  21  175b
Meek           Richard         Troy          175a  18  175b
Meek           William         Troy          175a  17  175b
Meeker         Charles         Richland      240a  17  240b
Meeker         Jacob           Shawnee       218a  10  218b
Meeker         Usual           Richland      246a  16  246b
Mendenhall     Absolem         Cain          206a  12  206b
Mendenhall     Luna M.         Richland      243a  8   243b
Mentzer        Samuel          Logan         233a  6   233b
Meridith       Elizabeth       Cain          205a  11  205b
Merritt        John            Richland      239a  17  239b
Michael        Abram           Richland      242a  30  242b
Mick           *, Jr           Richland      248a  27  248b
Mick           Charles         Davis         228a  19  228b
Miles          Gabriel         Troy          179a  3   179b
Miles          Gabriel         Troy          184a  13  184b
Milford        Robert          Logan         235a  10  235b
Miller         Abram           Davis         226a  11  226b
Miller         Daniel          Richland      246a  5   246b
Miller         Daniel, Jr.     Troy          175a  30  175b
Miller         Daniel, Sr.     Troy          175a  29  175b
Miller         Eliphalet       Shawnee       222a  14  222b
Miller         George          Wabash        185a  4   185b
Miller         Henry           Logan         233a  4   233b
Miller         Israel          Richland      242a  29  242b
Miller         James           Shawnee       222a  18  222b
Miller         James F.        Davis         228a  4   228b
Miller         John            Troy          177a  12  177b
Miller         John            Cain          210a  21  210b
Miller         John            Shawnee       216a  14  216b
Miller         John H.         Troy          182a  15  182b
Miller         Nathl N.        Richland      240a  5   240b
Miller         Robert          Logan         235a  7   235b
Miller         Robert          Logan         235a  18  235b
Miller         Rosanna         Shawnee       221a  2   221b
Miller         Samuel          Richland      241a  17  241b
Miller         Watson          Logan         235a  9   235b
Miller         William         Fulton        199a  1   199b
Miller         William         Shawnee       222a  17  222b
Millinger      Abram           Richland      247a  26  247b
Mills          Margaret        Troy          178a  9   178b
Milom          Joseph          Fulton        199a  9   199b
Mingle         John            Troy          180a  25  180b
Minier         George          Shawnee       218a  21  218b
Minier         Margaret        Logan         237a  4   237b
Minor          Christopher     Cain          203a  4   203b
Mitchael       Isaac           Cain          208a  19  208b
Mitchell       Elijah          Troy          179a  27  179b
Mitchell       Fergus          Richland      246a  13  246b
Moffett        Christiana      Jackson       193a  7   193b
Moffett        Henry           Jackson       193a  6   193b
Molier         Enoch           Shawnee       221a  29  221b
Montgomery     George          Troy          178a  29  178b
Moody          Simon S.        Wabash        187a  26  187b
Moore          Abraham         Davis         229a  25  229b
Moore          Charles L.      Shawnee       221a  13  221b
Moore          George          Troy          182a  26  182b
Moore          Nathan          Fulton        199a  28  199b
Moore          Newbold         Wabash        190a  22  190b
Moore          William         Troy          178a  21  178b
Morehouse      David           Richland      247a  24  247b
Morehouse      Nathan B.       Richland      247a  23  247b
Morfett        Samuel          Richland      249a  30  249b
Morford        David           Shawnee       217a  18  217b
Morford        John            Logan         233a  17  233b
Morgan         David           Richland      249a  16  249b
Morgan         Harrison        Cain          210a  1   210b
Morgan         Jane            Wabash        188a  23  188b
Morgan         John            Jackson       193a  26  193b
Morgan         John            Richland      249a  24  249b
Morgan         John W.         Shawnee       220a  4   220b
Morgan         Nathaniel       Jackson       193a  25  193b
Morgan         Richard         Cain          207a  4   207b
Morgan         Samuel          Richland      249a  17  249b
Morgan         William         Cain          208a  14  208b
Morris         Benedict        Troy          180a  13  180b
Morris         Charles         Richland      247a  12  247b
Morris         Elizabeth       Troy          177a  22  177b
Morris         James           Troy          183a  22  183b
Morris         John            Logan         232a  13  232b
Morrison       John P.         Davis         227a  18  227b
Morrow         Thomas          Jackson       192a  21  192b
Morse          Erwin           Fulton        198a  26  198b
Mortman        William         Davis         229a  30  229b
Mosier         George          Fulton        198a  3   198b
Mosier         Jacob           Logan         236a  10  236b
Mosier         John            Richland      242a  6   242b
Mosier         Robert          Logan         234a  1   234b
Motherly       Montford        Jackson       193a  1   193b
Muckleever     Susan           Jackson       196a  2   196b
Mullinix       John            Troy          178a  2   178b
Mullinix       Richard         Troy          180a  26  180b
Murbin         William         Shawnee       216a  27  216b
Murphy         William         Jackson       196a  3   196b
Murry          George          Troy          179a  5   179b
Murry          Rebecca         Richland      243a  24  243b
Murry          Samuel          Troy          175a  5   175b
Murry          Simpson         Cain          206a  3   206b
Murry          William         Troy          175a  2   175b
Murry          William         Troy          179a  7   179b
Mussleman      John            Davis         228a  9   228b
Myers          Abram           Jackson       193a  8   193b
Myers          Abram           Cain          205a  10  205b
Myers          Christian       Jackson       196a  27  196b
Myers          Daniel          Shawnee       216a  15  216b
Myers          Eli             Jackson       197a  1   197b
Myers          Isaac           Jackson       193a  12  193b
Myers          Jacob           Jackson       197a  6   197b
Myers          John            Jackson       197a  8   197b
Myers          Joseph          Jackson       196a  29  196b
Myers          Noah            Jackson       197a  9   197b
Myers          Sarah           Jackson       195a  18  195b
Myers          William         Cain          208a  4   208b
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  This index was transcribed by Marsha Thompson
and proofread by Connie Burkett

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