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Name of Head of Family         ENUMERATION   LEFT     RIGHT
Nave           Hiram           Shawnee       222a  19  222b
Nave           Margaret        Logan         236a  14  236b
Neal           Nathan          Richland      246a  19  246b
Nebeker        George          Troy          177a  29  177b
Nebeker        Hannah          Troy          177a  23  177b
Nebeker        John            Troy          177a  18  177b
Nebeker        Richard M.      Troy          177a  26  177b
Neighbors      Henry           Troy          178a  11  178b
Neighbors      Rebecca         Troy          178a  12  178b
Neighbors      Thomas          Troy          180a  15  180b
Nelson         James           Richland      240a  30  240b
Nelson         John            Logan         232a  16  232b
Nelson         Thomas          Fulton        199a  22  199b
Newell         Curtis          Richland      239a  15  239b
Newell         Daris           Logan         232a  30  232b
Newell         Jane            Troy          175a  19  175b
Newer          Samuel          Richland      241a  18  241b
Newkerk        John            Jackson       196a  13  196b
Newlin         Joseph          Davis         226a  25  226b
Newman         William         Fulton        198a  10  198b
Newport        Jesse           Richland      239a  23  239b
Newton         Phinias         Shawnee       220a  25  220b
Nicely         David           Richland      242a  15  242b
Nicely         Samuel          Richland      243a  27  243b
Nichols        James           Troy          177a  7   177b
Nichols        Levi            Troy          177a  6   177b
Nigh           Benjamin        Richland      246a  21  246b
Nixon          Samuel          Shawnee       217a  16  217b
Noland         James           Jackson       194a  2   194b
Noland         Thos.           Jackson       192a  22  192b
Norris         Barton          Troy          182a  8   182b
Norris         George          Fulton        198a  17  198b
Norris         Hiram S.        Fulton        198a  16  198b
Northcraft     Ed              Davis         229a  24  229b
Nowels         Samuel          Shawnee       221a  4   221b
Nowland        James B.        Jackson       193a  30  193b
Nugent         Jeremiah        Troy          178a  23  178b
Nullinger      Andrew I        Wabash        188a  11  188b
Obingen        Amos M.         Wabash        190a  23  190b
Odell          Stephen         Davis         228a  8   228b
Odell          William         Davis         228a  10  228b
Ogden          Annias          Richland      243a  15  243b
Ogden          Cornelius       Richland      248a  14  248b
Ogden          John            Richland      248a  19  248b
Ogden          Joseph          Richland      243a  21  243b
Ogle           Ana             Richland      249a  6   249b
Ogle           David           Richland      249a  5   249b
Ogle           James C.        Richland      249a  8   249b
Ogle           William         Richland      249a  7   249b
Ohise          Wineford        Shawnee       223a  26  223b
Oliver         John            Richland      244a  22  244b
Olmstead       Warren M.       Logan         232a  1   232b
onebrake       Jacob, Jr       Cain          210a  13  210b
Orr            James, Sr       Shawnee       216a  12  216b
Orr            Timothy         Jackson       194a  7   194b
Orr            William R.      Shawnee       222a  8   222b
Orten          Martha          Shawnee       216a  17  216b
Osborn         Abner           Troy          183a  26  183b
Osborn         Daniel          Richland      245a  25  245b
Osborn         Elizabeth       Troy          182a  2   182b
Osborn         Huld            Richland      245a  10  245b
Osborn         Richard         Troy          182a  22  182b
Osborn         Richard         Wabash        186a  13  186b
Osborn         Thezoah         Troy          182a  23  182b
Osborn         Thomas          Jackson       192a  20  192b
Osborn         William         Troy          181a  17  181b
Osborn         Wm S.           Richland      247a  21  247b
Overby         Absalom         Wabash        186a  18  186b
Oxford         Jesse           Troy          181a  28  181b
P*             David           Richland      249a  25  249b
Pailen         Ezrum N.        Richland      240a  4   240b
Paine          F. C.           Shawnee       221a  24  221b
Parke          Micajah         Fulton        201a  10  201b
Parke          Thomas          Fulton        201a  11  201b
Parker         Charles         Davis         229a  10  229b
Parker         Eliza           Davis         229a  8   229b
Parker         Philip          Fulton        201a  8   201b
Parker         Wright          Davis         229a  9   229b
Parrot         Edmund          Shawnee       222a  13  222b
Parson         Mathias         Cain          208a  24  208b
Parson         William         Cain          208a  25  208b
Pate           Amster          Fulton        200a  7   200b
Patterson      George          Richland      241a  6   241b
Patterson      Peter H.        Troy          181a  2   181b
Patterson      William         Troy          179a  13  179b
Patton         Thomas          Wabash        187a  2   187b
Paugh          Ayns            Wabash        187a  18  187b
Paugh          Michael         Wabash        187a  17  187b
Paxton         James           Richland      244a  16  244b
Pearce         Joseph B.       Davis         226a  4   226b
Pearson        Enoch           Logan         235a  21  235b
Pearson        John            Cain          207a  25  207b
Pearson        Johnathan       Cain          207a  26  207b
Pearson        Oliver          Logan         237a  7   237b
Peck           Daniel          Shawnee       220a  9   220b
Pemberton      James           Cain          204a  1   204b
Pender         Josiah          Wabash        187a  12  187b
Penner         John            Wabash        186a  4   186b
Penner         William         Fulton        201a  2   201b
Pennoy         William         Shawnee       216a  10  216b
Perkins        Daniel          Davis         228a  22  228b
Perry          Joseph S.       Richland      244a  1   244b
petro          Jesse           Davis         226a  10  226b
Phebus         Cyrus           Wabash        186a  15  186b
Phebus         Lewis           Troy          178a  13  178b
Phebus         Lewis           Wabash        187a  13  187b
Philips        Michael         Cain          203a  18  203b
Phillips       James           Wabash        186a  19  186b
Philpott       John            Cain          208a  16  208b
Philpott       Stephen         Jackson       195a  23  195b
Piatt          William         Troy          180a  9   180b
Pickel         William         Fulton        199a  11  199b
Pickens        Robert          Davis         228a  24  228b
Pierce         Hugh            Cain          205a  16  205b
Pierce         John            Davis         226a  18  226b
Pierce         Lewis M.        Davis         226a  19  226b
Pierson        John W.         Wabash        190a  25  190b
Pike           John            Richland      250a  5   250b
Piner          Christian       Fulton        200a  25  200b
Pitigrue       Robt            Richland      248a  15  248b
Poiner         Mary            Richland      248a  9   248b
Pollock        Joseph G.       Logan         232a  12  232b
Pool           John            Troy          180a  27  180b
Porter         John B          Logan         233a  30  233b
Porter         Matthew         Richland      239a  2   239b
Potter         William         Shawnee       219a  2   219b
Powal          Thomas          Cain          207a  3   207b
Powel          James           Fulton        201a  21  201b
Powell         Isaac           Fulton        199a  8   199b
Powell         William B.      Davis         227a  16  227b
Prevo          Alexander       Wabash        191a  7   191b
Prevo          James           Wabash        190a  10  190b
Prevo          John            Wabash        190a  11  190b
Prevo          Samuel          Wabash        186a  10  186b
Prevo          Thomas W.       Wabash        186a  11  186b
Pribble        Amelia          Shawnee       221a  5   221b
Pribble        John G.         Richland      248a  26  248b
Price          Edmund          Troy          180a  4   180b
Primby         James           Cain          209a  18  209b
Pugh           Erwin           Shawnee       220a  11  220b
Pugh           Samuel          Shawnee       220a  13  220b
Purnell        Samuel          Cain          207a  23  207b
Putnam         Reuben, Jr      Logan         236a  17  236b
Putnam         Reuben, Sr      Richland      242a  8   242b
Raines         Elisha          Shawnee       216a  5   216b
Rairden        George          Fulton        199a  17  199b
Rairden        Timothy         Fulton        200a  4   200b
Rairdon        Timothy         Fulton        199a  12  199b
Randolph       Aaron           Fulton        201a  7   201b
Rariden        Jesse B.        Wabash        185a  11  185b
Rariden        John L          Wabash        185a  9   185b
Ratlaff        Thomas          Fulton        199a  20  199b
Ratlaff        Thomas, Sr      Fulton        199a  19  199b
Rawlis         David           Troy          180a  12  180b
Ray            Jefferson       Richland      243a  1   243b
Ray            William         Troy          175a  12  175b
Read           Stephen         Cain          205a  17  205b
Reason         Cornelius       Shawnee       223a  2   223b
Redden         Daniel          Wabash        186a  17  186b
Redden         Polly           Cain          202a  25  202b
Redden         William         Cain          202a  28  202b
Redding        Isaac           Troy          178a  10  178b
Reed           Amelia          Troy          177a  30  177b
Reed           Curtis          Troy          178a  18  178b
Reeve          Paul            Cain          206a  10  206b
Reeves         Wm              Davis         227a  27  227b
Rennicks       George W.       Fulton        201a  22  201b
Rennicks       John            Fulton        200a  22  200b
Rennicks       Samuel          Fulton        201a  1   201b
Reynolds       William         Cain          208a  2   208b
Rhoades        Jacob           Wabash        188a  18  188b
Rice           David           Troy          176a  22  176b
Rice           Henry           Cain          210a  19  210b
Rice           William M.      Richland      242a  24  242b
Richardson     Aaron           Fulton        199a  27  199b
Richardson     Daniel          Fulton        200a  24  200b
Richardson     Jane            Logan         233a  2   233b
Richardson     John B.         Fulton        200a  2   200b
Richmond       Henry           Wabash        185a  1   185b
Ricketts       William         Wabash        190a  6   190b
Riddlebaw      George          Jackson       196a  1   196b
Ridge          George          Shawnee       216a  16  216b
Ridgway        Joshua G.       Shawnee       218a  20  218b
Rifle          John            Richland      240a  7   240b
Right          John            Richland      244a  13  244b
Rinierson      Rinier          Cain          203a  6   203b
Ristine        Barnet          Troy          176a  7   176b
Ristine        Catharine       Troy          176a  4   176b
Ristine        Hiram           Troy          176a  9   176b
Ristine        Joseph          Richland      241a  22  241b
Ritchey        Samuel W.       Richland      242a  3   242b
Ritchie        James H.        Troy          175a  3   175b
Ritchie        John            Troy          179a  6   179b
Ritchie        John L.         Troy          181a  22  181b
Rive           Josiah          Cain          203a  9   203b
Rive           Marcus          Cain          203a  7   203b
Rivers         William         Richland      244a  4   244b
Rivers         Wm              Davis         229a  23  229b
Roach          Henry           Jackson       193a  29  193b
Roads          Adam            Davis         226a  1   226b
Robb           Cinthy          Shawnee       220a  28  220b
Robb           Johnson         Wabash        188a  29  188b
Roberts        Archibald       Davis         228a  30  228b
Roberts        John            Davis         228a  28  228b
Roberts        John            Richland      239a  21  239b
Robertson      Joel            Wabash        186a  7   186b
Robinson       William         Cain          208a  28  208b
Robison        Moses           Davis         228a  3   228b
Rodgers        Clement         Troy          178a  5   178b
Rodgers        Isaac           Shawnee       216a  22  216b
Romaine        Isaac           Troy          184a  5   184b
Romaine        Smith           Troy          184a  4   184b
Ronal          James           Richland      246a  30  246b
Roop           John            Troy          180a  28  180b
Ross           Clement         Shawnee       219a  15  219b
Ross           Daniel          Shawnee       220a  12  220b
Ross           Nancy           Wabash        191a  1   191b
Ross           Nancy           Shawnee       220a  14  220b
Ross           William         Shawnee       220a  3   220b
Rowlen         Thomas          Cain          209a  8   209b
Rowles         David           Troy          177a  16  177b
Rowley         Ezra            Shawnee       222a  24  222b
Rowlin         Joshua          Troy          176a  25  176b
Rush           Abner           Cain          204a  28  204b
Rush           Jacob           Richland      239a  18  239b
Rush           John            Richland      247a  30  247b
Rush           Samuel B.       Wabash        187a  4   187b
Rush           Sarah           Richland      246a  12  246b
Rusing         Aguilla         Wabash        190a  19  190b
Russell        Henry           Davis         230a  4   230b
Rynierson      Ezekiel         Cain          203a  20  203b
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  This index was transcribed by Marsha Thompson
and proofread by Connie Burkett

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