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Name of Head of Family         ENUMERATION   LEFT     RIGHT
Hack           William         Wabash        186a  8   186b
Hadan          Jonathan J.     Richland      244a  6   244b
Hagsly         Jacob           Troy          178a  4   178b
Haines         John            Jackson       193a  27  193b
Hall           Adam            Cain          208a  3   208b
Hall           Charles         Davis         228a  6   228b
Hall           Edward          Fulton        199a  30  199b
Hall           John            Shawnee       216a  1   216b
Hall           John M.         Shawnee       219a  28  219b
Hall           William         Shawnee       218a  5   218b
Hallett        John D.         Wabash        189a  6   189b
Haman          Samuel          Davis         229a  27  229b
Hamilton       Barbara         Troy          175a  14  175b
Hamilton       James           Cain          203a  28  203b
Hamilton       John            Troy          180a  11  180b
Hamilton       John            Richland      240a  6   240b
Hancock        Joseph          Jackson       194a  19  194b
Hancock        Sanford         Jackson       195a  4   195b
Hand           Nancy           Wabash        189a  22  189b
Handy          Thomas          Richland      249a  18  249b
Hannegan       Edward A.       Troy          179a  14  179b
Hanshaw        James B.        Shawnee       217a  23  217b
Harbert        Hezekiah        Troy          183a  19  183b
Harbert        Richard         Cain          203a  12  203b
Harbert        Samuel          Troy          175a  11  175b
Hardesty       Caleb           Troy          178a  22  178b
Hardesty       Joseph          Logan         232a  18  232b
Hardy          John            Shawnee       220a  2   220b
Harlan         Ellis           Logan         235a  1   235b
Harlin         Samuel          Logan         235a  8   235b
Harlow         Jeremiah        Cain          206a  11  206b
Harr           Samuel          Logan         234a  18  234b
Harrington     Eliza           Richland      242a  4   242b
Harris         James           Richland      244a  21  244b
Harrison       Jemima          Jackson       195a  29  195b
Harshberger    Abram           Wabash        187a  10  187b
Harshberger    Jacob           Wabash        187a  7   187b
Harshberger    John            Wabash        187a  30  187b
Hartman        Adam            Fulton        199a  24  199b
Hartman        George          Fulton        198a  2   198b
Hartman        Jacob, Sr       Shawnee       222a  25  222b
Hartman        John P.         Fulton        199a  7   199b
Harvey         Joshua          Fulton        198a  30  198b
Harvey         Levi            Fulton        198a  29  198b
Hasbrig        Charles         Richland      242a  11  242b
Hatfield       Robert          Troy          179a  25  179b
Hathey         William         Richland      244a  18  244b
Hathway        Nimrod          Fulton        200a  16  200b
Hathway        William         Fulton        201a  23  201b
Hatt           Joseph          Jackson       196a  19  196b
Hatten         James           Logan         236a  18  236b
Hatten         Lestle          Logan         235a  19  235b
Hatten         William         Logan         236a  16  236b
Hatten         Wilson          Logan         236a  19  236b
Hawk           Jacob           Richland      246a  6   246b
Hawkins        Aaron           Shawnee       216a  3   216b
Hawkins        Alexander       Wabash        190a  3   190b
Hawkins        Darby           Richland      243a  18  243b
Hawkins        Edward          Richland      247a  16  247b
Hawkins        George          Wabash        191a  5   191b
Hawkins        James           Fulton        198a  7   198b
Hawkins        Matilda         Cain          208a  20  208b
Hawkins        Westley W.      Richland      247a  3   247b
Hawkins        William         Logan         233a  15  233b
Haydon         William         Richland      244a  10  244b
Haywood        Abram           Davis         226a  22  226b
Haze           Samuel N.       Richland      244a  30  244b
Head           Truxton         Shawnee       221a  21  221b
Headley        John            Fulton        199a  18  199b
Headly         John            Wabash        188a  10  188b
Headly         Perry           Wabash        188a  5   188b
Heath          Jeremiah        Troy          177a  1   177b
Hefley         John            Logan         233a  14  233b
Hefley         Samuel          Cain          208a  13  208b
Heisler        Gideon          Cain          206a  25  206b
Heiston        Catharine       Cain          204a  7   204b
Hellems        George          Cain          209a  15  209b
Hellems        Rhoda           Cain          209a  19  209b
Helms          Elisa           Richland      246a  8   246b
Helms          John            Richland      248a  1   248b
Helms          William         Troy          178a  30  178b
Helms          William         Shawnee       222a  22  222b
Hemphill       Andrew          Davis         227a  15  227b
Hemphill       Elizabeth       Shawnee       221a  30  221b
Hemphill       John            Logan         232a  2   232b
Hemphill       Thomas          Davis         227a  3   227b
Henderson      Albert          Troy          180a  17  180b
Henderson      Jacob           Troy          182a  29  182b
Henderson      John            Troy          179a  19  179b
Henderson      John            Fulton        201a  17  201b
Henderson      Martha          Troy          182a  30  182b
Henderson      Nathaniel       Troy          182a  6   182b
Hendeson       Nathaniel       Troy          183a  21  183b
Hendly         Nancy           Shawnee       223a  13  223b
Hendrick       David           Cain          202a  29  202b
Hendricks      Daniel          Troy          181a  7   181b
Hendricks      Eli             Troy          177a  5   177b
Hendricks      Lewis           Troy          182a  28  182b
Hendrix        Phebe           Fulton        199a  23  199b
Hendrix        Phebe           Davis         229a  16  229b
Herryman       Levett          Cain          206a  5   206b
Hesler         Jacob           Cain          205a  27  205b
Hesler         William         Cain          207a  30  207b
Hetfield       Harriet         Shawnee       217a  3   217b
Hetfield       Isabella        Richland      241a  29  241b
Hetfield       Solomon         Shawnee       221a  17  221b
Heviat         Richard         Davis         228a  25  228b
Hibbs          Henry           Wabash        186a  6   186b
Hibbs          Isaac           Wabash        186a  2   186b
Hibbs          Isaac           Wabash        186a  25  186b
Hibbs          John            Wabash        188a  15  188b
Hibbs          Joseph          Wabash        185a  5   185b
Hibbs          Joseph          Wabash        189a  14  189b
Hibbs          William         Wabash        188a  16  188b
Hickman        Enoch           Troy          184a  6   184b
Hickman        Jesse           Shawnee       222a  5   222b
Hicks          George          Richland      241a  13  241b
Hicks          S. R.           Richland      248a  13  248b
Higbee         Andrew          Troy          181a  6   181b
Hill           Isaac           Richland      247a  5   247b
Hill           William         Troy          180a  1   180b
Hillary        Henry           Troy          179a  26  179b
Hillis         Jefferson D.    Davis         226a  17  226b
Hilton         Andrew          Logan         234a  17  234b
Hinds          James           Cain          205a  18  205b
Hinds          Moses F.        Cain          205a  15  205b
Hinebaugh      Jonas           Troy          183a  17  183b
Hines          Michael         Logan         232a  26  232b
Hinton         William         Jackson       195a  26  195b
Hixon          Nathaniel       Richland      250a  3   250b
Hixson         Enoch           Richland      244a  15  244b
Hixson         Robt            Davis         228a  13  228b
Hobart         Thomas          Troy          175a  25  175b
Hobert         Isaac           Fulton        200a  13  200b
Hobert         John W.         Fulton        201a  5   201b
Hobert         Thos. M.        Fulton        201a  6   201b
Hodson         Zachariah       Richland      242a  22  242b
Hoffman        Jacob N.        Logan         234a  9   234b
Hoffman        William         Logan         233a  16  233b
Hoffman        William F.      Logan         234a  12  234b
Hole           Jay             Wabash        189a  9   189b
Hole           Joseph          Wabash        189a  11  189b
Hole           William         Wabash        189a  8   189b
Holland        Henry           Fulton        199a  10  199b
Hollow         Henry           Logan         232a  20  232b
Hollow         John            Logan         232a  24  232b
Holloway       Levi            Logan         234a  3   234b
Holmes         George          Richland      249a  1   249b
Hoobler        George          Cain          205a  9   205b
Hoobler        Jacob           Cain          210a  22  210b
Hoobler        William         Cain          209a  24  209b
Hoover         Abram           Shawnee       216a  11  216b
Hopkins        John            Shawnee       219a  18  219b
Hopkins        Shadric         Shawnee       223a  16  223b
Hopkins        Wm              Richland      245a  3   245b
Horn           James           Jackson       196a  9   196b
Hosler         John            Shawnee       224a  4   224b
Hossleton      Joseph          Troy          179a  30  179b
Houts          Jacob           Shawnee       219a  12  219b
Houts          John            Shawnee       219a  11  219b
Howard         Job             Richland      242a  28  242b
Howard         Robert          Logan         236a  23  236b
Hudson         Isaac           Troy          183a  1   183b
Hudson         William         Richland      246a  9   246b
Hughes         Ogden           Jackson       194a  20  194b
Hughs          John            Logan         233a  7   233b
Hughs          Washington      Troy          183a  3   183b
Hull           Daniel          Troy          175a  16  175b
Huly           George          Troy          177a  17  177b
Humbert        Emanuel         Troy          183a  8   183b
Hunt           Jesse           Logan         232a  8   232b
Hushaw         Henry           Shawnee       217a  14  217b
Hushaw         Philip          Shawnee       217a  13  217b
Hushaw         Samuel          Shawnee       217a  12  217b
Hushaw         Solomon         Shawnee       221a  19  221b
Husten         Robt            Shawnee       219a  22  219b
Hutson         William         Cain          204a  16  204b
Hutts          Michael         Jackson       195a  2   195b
Huxford        Cyrus P.        Wabash        190a  15  190b
Hybarger       Abram           Jackson       192a  27  192b
Hybarger       John            Jackson       192a  25  192b
Hybarger       Samuel L.       Jackson       194a  16  194b
Ingersol       Van.            Jackson       194a  21  194b
Ingersol       William         Jackson       194a  24  194b
Insley         Abram           Fulton        199a  5   199b
Insley         Edward          Fulton        200a  9   200b
Insley         James C.        Fulton        199a  4   199b
Ireland        William         Shawnee       219a  13  219b
Isler          George          Shawnee       219a  17  219b
Isler          George, Sr      Shawnee       220a  19  220b
Isler          Nathaniel       Shawnee       220a  21  220b
Isley          Jacob           Cain          202a  12  202b
Isley          Solomon         Cain          202a  5   202b
Jack           John            Cain          209a  23  209b
Jarred         Arthur          Wabash        185a  8   185b
Jarrett        Eli             Wabash        190a  20  190b
Jarrett        John            Wabash        190a  14  190b
Jarrett        John            Wabash        190a  26  190b
Jarrett        Jonathan        Wabash        190a  13  190b
Jefferson      Susanna         Davis         227a  8   227b
Jenkins        Absolom         Troy          184a  1   184b
Jenne          Eber            Fulton        201a  4   201b
Johns          Ira             Troy          180a  29  180b
Johnson        Allen           Logan         237a  12  237b
Johnson        Andrew          Shawnee       223a  14  223b
Johnson        Ellington       Logan         235a  16  235b
Johnson        George          Shawnee       223a  22  223b
Johnson        Harry           Cain          207a  10  207b
Johnson        James           Shawnee       218a  1   218b
Johnson        John            Wabash        185a  19  185b
Johnson        John            Fulton        200a  18  200b
Johnson        John            Cain          206a  8   206b
Johnson        John            Logan         235a  15  235b
Johnson        Joseph          Wabash        189a  26  189b
Johnson        Joseph          Shawnee       220a  16  220b
Johnson        Levi            Fulton        198a  13  198b
Johnson        Samuel B.       Shawnee       218a  25  218b
Johnson        Samuel C.       Shawnee       223a  12  223b
Johnston       John            Richland      239a  22  239b
Jones          Alfred          Cain          209a  1   209b
Jones          Hamson          Troy          184a  8   184b
Jones          Hiram           Shawnee       218a  13  218b
Jones          Horatio         Richland      248a  5   248b
Jones          Isaih           Shawnee       217a  7   217b
Jones          J. G.           Troy          181a  4   181b
Jones          Jesse           Jackson       194a  30  194b
Jones          Joel            Shawnee       221a  23  221b
Jones          John R.         Richland      244a  25  244b
Jones          Mary            Troy          181a  30  181b
Jones          Morgan          Shawnee       222a  21  222b
Jones          Rachael         Davis         226a  27  226b
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  This index was transcribed by Marsha Thompson
and proofread by Connie Burkett

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