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Name of Head of Family         ENUMERATION   LEFT     RIGHT
Daly           John            Logan         232a  22  232b
Daning         Phebe           Richland      241a  8   241b
Danner         Tobias          Richland      243a  16  243b
Darrin         Edwin           Cain          205a  25  205b
Daugerty       James           Cain          203a  11  203b
Daugherty      Hugh            Richland      243a  25  243b
Davidson       Fleming         Richland      246a  17  246b
Davidson       James           Troy          178a  25  178b
Davidson       John            Logan         234a  6   234b
Davidson       Robert          Richland      246a  7   246b
Davis          Daniel          Richland      245a  17  245b
Davis          Henry           Cain          206a  20  206b
Davis          James C.        Wabash        188a  22  188b
Davis          Jepthy          Cain          209a  20  209b
Davis          John H.         Richland      241a  20  241b
Davis          Mary            Wabash        186a  23  186b
Davis          Samuel          Cain          206a  14  206b
Davis          Samuel R.       Wabash        188a  19  188b
Davis          Sarah           Cain          209a  25  209b
Davis          Stephen         Cain          206a  19  206b
Davis          Thomas          Cain          209a  3   209b
Davis          Wm              Richland      245a  18  245b
Davy           William         Logan         233a  3   233b
Dawson         William         Wabash        190a  16  190b
Day            John M.         Richland      239a  14  239b
Death          Aaron           Richland      247a  22  247b
Death          John            Richland      246a  14  246b
Dehaven        Jacob           Troy          183a  27  183b
Dehaven        Nancy           Troy          181a  15  181b
Dehaven        Rebecca         Troy          181a  16  181b
Dehaven        William         Troy          181a  14  181b
Dell           Elizabeth       Jackson       194a  8   194b
Deneen         Joab            Troy          179a  17  179b
Dennis         William         Troy          180a  24  180b
Denton         Isaac           Troy          184a  15  184b
Denton         James           Troy          184a  14  184b
Devereaux      William         Shawnee       219a  4   219b
Devore         Christopher     Cain          203a  29  203b
Devore         Wilson          Cain          203a  27  203b
Dewey          W.W.            Cain          206a  29  206b
Dial           John            Richland      248a  21  248b
Diall          Samuel          Richland      248a  17  248b
Dice           George          Cain          202a  8   202b
Dice           John, Sr        Cain          202a  4   202b
Dickens        Abram           Troy          181a  19  181b
Dickerson      Isaac           Wabash        189a  21  189b
Dickson        Caleb           Jackson       194a  13  194b
Dickson        Noah            Fulton        200a  28  200b
Diekson        Aaron           Cain          205a  28  205b
Digart         James           Richland      242a  25  242b
Digert         Mary            Richland      242a  26  242b
Dillener       Clement         Troy          182a  7   182b
Dixon          William         Shawnee       217a  17  217b
Dodge          David           Richland      250a  4   250b
Dodge          John            Cain          205a  29  205b
Dodson         Elias           Fulton        200a  5   200b
Donalson       David           Troy          176a  10  176b
Donalson       Jacob           Troy          176a  14  176b
Donalson       Thomas          Cain          207a  24  207b
Donolson       James           Cain          207a  29  207b
Donovan        Richard         Richland      241a  5   241b
Dorthety       William         Logan         234a  11  234b
Dove           Abraham         Cain          203a  5   203b
Dove           James           Richland      239a  8   239b
Dove           John            Richland      247a  28  247b
Dove           Jonathan        Shawnee       216a  7   216b
Dowlin         Thomas          Logan         236a  15  236b
Downing        Jane            Shawnee       222a  1   222b
Drake          J. S.           Troy          180a  5   180b
Drake          James P.        Shawnee       223a  24  223b
Draper         Daniel          Logan         236a  2   236b
Drullingen     Abraham         Wabash        190a  30  190b
Drullingen     Henry           Wabash        187a  24  187b
Drullinger     Daniel          Cain          205a  19  205b
Drullinger     Henry           Cain          202a  13  202b
Dry            Michael         Jackson       195a  20  195b
Dry            Valentine       Jackson       195a  19  195b
Dubois         William         Troy          180a  3   180b
Dudley         Moses           Richland      247a  2   247b
Duncan         Thomas H.       Logan         232a  6   232b
Dunkelberger   George          Shawnee       219a  5   219b
Dunkerly       James           Troy          176a  18  176b
Dunkerly       Joseph          Wabash        185a  28  185b
Dunkerly       Luke            Wabash        188a  30  188b
Dunkin         David, Jr       Richland      249a  28  249b
Dunkin         David, Sr       Richland      249a  29  249b
Dunkin         Herticlus       Davis         226a  5   226b
Dunkin         John            Richland      249a  19  249b
Dunkin         Joseph          Davis         228a  5   228b
Dunkin         Joshua          Davis         226a  6   226b
Dunkin         Joshua          Davis         228a  2   228b
Dunkin         Samuel          Davis         227a  11  227b
Dunkleberger   John            Shawnee       219a  10  219b
Dyre           William         Wabash        189a  16  189b
Eakins         Arthur          Richland      243a  17  243b
Earet          John            Richland      249a  22  249b
Eastwood       Peter           Cain          207a  2   207b
Eckols         Evan            Troy          177a  19  177b
Elder          James           Troy          176a  23  176b
Eldridge       Joseph G.       Logan         232a  19  232b
Elegy          Henry           Jackson       194a  14  194b
Ellett         Thomas          Logan         235a  23  235b
Ellis          George          Cain          207a  17  207b
Ellitt         Martin          Richland      240a  28  240b
Elston         Jesse           Troy          176a  28  176b
Elwell         Charles         Fulton        200a  6   200b
Elwell         George          Davis         229a  12  229b
Elwell         John            Fulton        198a  21  198b
Emmons         Cassia          Logan         236a  1   236b
Ennis          William W.      Richland      244a  14  244b
Ensley         Aaron           Richland      239a  1   239b
Ensley         Ellis           Richland      239a  13  239b
Ensworth       Andrew          Wabash        189a  18  189b
Eperson        Benjamin        Fulton        201a  3   201b
Epperson       Asa             Fulton        200a  27  200b
Epperson       Calvin          Davis         229a  6   229b
Epperson       Ira             Wabash        186a  5   186b
Epperson       William         Fulton        200a  26  200b
Erwin          Jacob           Cain          210a  6   210b
Erwin          John            Richland      245a  2   245b
Erwin          Sarah           Richland      246a  18  246b
Etherington    John            Richland      245a  24  245b
Euhl           David           Logan         236a  9   236b
Evans          Erasmus         Logan         234a  4   234b
Evans          Jesse           Troy          183a  5   183b
Evans          John            Troy          183a  7   183b
Evans          John            Logan         234a  7   234b
Evans          Morgan          Troy          179a  18  179b
Evans          Thomas J.       Troy          179a  20  179b
Evans          William         Wabash        187a  25  187b
Evans          William         Shawnee       216a  18  216b
Ewart          William         Richland      242a  10  242b
Ewing          Joseph          Shawnee       220a  5   220b
Fakes          Thornton        Cain          204a  29  204b
Fennel         Thomas          Logan         235a  12  235b
Ferrell        Peter           Richland      239a  9   239b
Ferroll        John            Troy          175a  4   175b
Fidler         George          Jackson       194a  17  194b
Fields         John            Troy          180a  14  180b
Fine           Jacob           Jackson       196a  22  196b
Fine           John            Jackson       196a  21  196b
Fine           Levi            Jackson       193a  15  193b
Fine           Peter, Jr       Jackson       196a  23  196b
Fine           Peter, Snr      Jackson       196a  20  196b
Firebaugh      Adam            Logan         236a  8   236b
Fisher         Clement         Troy          181a  1   181b
Fisher         George          Cain          208a  15  208b
Fisher         John            Richland      242a  7   242b
Fisher         William         Shawnee       219a  6   219b
Fitsgerald     George          Davis         227a  6   227b
Fleming        George S.       Shawnee       221a  26  221b
Fleming        Reuben          Logan         233a  13  233b
Flick          Philip          Cain          206a  6   206b
Flora          Joseph          Richland      249a  15  249b
Flowers        Seth            Richland      240a  12  240b
Ford           Johnston        Davis         228a  14  228b
Foreman        Michael         Shawnee       219a  7   219b
Foreman        William A.      Logan         232a  11  232b
Forman         Ucul            Cain          204a  24  204b
Formby         Elizabeth       Troy          183a  6   183b
Foster         Benjamin        Shawnee       217a  19  217b
Foster         John            Shawnee       217a  10  217b
Fostr          James           Shawnee       217a  27  217b
Fowler         Joshua D.       Cain          206a  2   206b
Foxworthy      Alexander       Cain          205a  1   205b
Frazier        Elizabeth       Cain          208a  6   208b
Freeman        Daniel          Richland      244a  28  244b
Fridley        Andrew          Davis         229a  18  229b
Fry            Joshua          Cain          206a  23  206b
Fulton         John            Troy          181a  24  181b
Funk           Elijah          Davis         226a  24  226b
Funk           Hiram           Davis         227a  1   227b
Funk           Jacob           Davis         226a  21  226b
Furguson       Isaac           Fulton        199a  25  199b
Furguson       James           Wabash        185a  15  185b
Furguson       James           Wabash        190a  1   190b
Furguson       Joseph          Shawnee       221a  10  221b
Furguson       Thomas          Wabash        185a  25  185b
Furguson       Zechariah       Wabash        185a  16  185b
Furr           Alexander       Cain          208a  30  208b
Furr           Jacob           Cain          208a  27  208b
Furr           William, Jr     Cain          208a  29  208b
Furr           William, Sr     Cain          208a  23  208b
Gabriel        Abram           Troy          176a  17  176b
Gaff           Aaron D.        Fulton        198a  11  198b
Gaily          Samuel          Jackson       195a  8   195b
Galbraith      Joseph          Richland      241a  4   241b
Galimore       Nathaniel       Richland      247a  15  247b
Galloway       John            Shawnee       223a  23  223b
Galloway       Samuel          Richland      246a  20  246b
Gardner        Jerome P.       Richland      242a  20  242b
Gardner        Thomas P.       Richland      243a  28  243b
Garrison       Thompson        Richland      241a  21  241b
Garrow         Francis         Shawnee       218a  16  218b
Garver         Samuel          Wabash        189a  10  189b
Gass           Martha          Jackson       193a  28  193b
Gaton          Mary            Shawnee       221a  1   221b
Gay            Joseph          Fulton        201a  20  201b
Gay            Robert          Troy          177a  4   177b
Gay            Samuel          Wabash        191a  6   191b
Gephart        Philip          Cain          203a  22  203b
German         Catharine       Troy          176a  1   176b
Gibbens        Thomas          Cain          206a  15  206b
Gibbs          Ed H.           Shawnee       223a  5   223b
Gilbert        Asa             Shawnee       216a  29  216b
Gilbert        Timothy C.      Shawnee       221a  28  221b
Gilbraith      William         Shawnee       216a  20  216b
Gilfellow      John            Davis         228a  27  228b
Gilman         John            Wabash        186a  21  186b
Gish           Abram           Wabash        188a  3   188b
Gishow         John            Davis         228a  29  228b
Glascock       Daniel          Cain          209a  21  209b
Glascock       Dempsey         Cain          209a  2   209b
Glascock       Francis         Cain          209a  9   209b
Glascock       George          Richland      247a  29  247b
Glascock       Joseph          Cain          205a  2   205b
Glascock       William         Cain          203a  2   203b
Glover         Claiborne       Troy          175a  6   175b
Glover         Edmond          Cain          202a  14  202b
Glover         Elizabeth       Cain          208a  18  208b
Glover         William         Richland      245a  1   245b
Goans          Canaan          Richland      245a  7   245b
Gorden         Mary            Jackson       193a  23  193b
Gorman         James           Richland      245a  4   245b
Goss           Jane            Logan         233a  18  233b
Grady          Rewben          Troy          181a  18  181b
Graham         George          Troy          180a  20  180b
Graham         James           Wabash        188a  20  188b
Graham         Washington      Wabash        188a  24  188b
Grant          John            Logan         232a  7   232b
Grant          Martin          Logan         236a  11  236b
Gray           William         Jackson       194a  29  194b
Green          Robert          Wabash        190a  8   190b
Greenwood      Harley          Shawnee       222a  27  222b
Greenwood      William         Logan         233a  29  233b
Gregory        William         Richland      243a  14  243b
Grey           Adam W.         Shawnee       224a  3   224b
Griffith       James           Shawnee       222a  26  222b
Griffith       Rebecca         Shawnee       222a  20  222b
Griffith       William         Shawnee       218a  17  218b
Grimes         Andrew          Jackson       196a  28  196b
Grimes         George          Jackson       196a  11  196b
Grimes         Noah W.         Jackson       192a  30  192b
Groves         Henry           Fulton        201a  15  201b
Guilliams      George L.       Jackson       195a  17  195b
Guilliams      John            Jackson       192a  14  192b
Gullion        Jeremiah        Cain          207a  22  207b
Gumert         John A.         Shawnee       218a  27  218b
Gustin         William         Cain          203a  24  203b
Guthill        Jabez           Logan         232a  14  232b
Guthrie        John            Shawnee       222a  7   222b
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  This index was transcribed by Marsha Thompson
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