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  Because of the many age‑range columns of the 1840 census, each page has two microfilmed pages. The left-side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page, and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.  
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Name of Head of Family         ENUMERATION   LEFT     RIGHT
Underwood      Hiram           Cain          207a  6   207b
Underwood      John            Fulton        201a  19  201b
Underwood      William         Shawnee       223a  6   223b
Van Doren      Jacob           Troy          183a  18  183b
Van Doren      William         Troy          175a  26  175b
Van Kook       Benjamin        Wabash        185a  29  185b
Van Kook       Nancy           Wabash        185a  27  185b
Van Kook       Samuel          Wabash        186a  12  186b
Van Sickle     John            Troy          177a  2   177b
Van Sickle     Samuel          Troy          176a  26  176b
Vanballa       Tyler           Troy          177a  21  177b
Vandoren       Hezekiah        Wabash        190a  21  190b
Vangundy       David           Shawnee       217a  6   217b
Vangundy       John            Cain          208a  22  208b
Vangundy       Peter           Cain          208a  5   208b
Vangundy       Samuel          Shawnee       217a  4   217b
VanKirk        Mordicah        Logan         234a  22  234b
Vanminton      William         Davis         229a  7   229b
Vickers        Christian       Troy          179a  22  179b
Vickers        Elias           Wabash        190a  2   190b
Vickery        Daniel          Wabash        185a  2   185b
Voliva         Jefferson       Richland      249a  21  249b
Voliva         Nathaniel       Richland      239a  6   239b
Voliva         William         Richland      248a  18  248b
Vorass         David D.        Richland      250a  1   250b
Vorass         Stephen         Richland      247a  25  247b
Wade           Andrew J.       Cain          203a  10  203b
Wade           Greensberry     Richland      243a  30  243b
Wade           James T.        Wabash        190a  27  190b
Wade           John            Wabash        189a  29  189b
Wade           Pinkston        Logan         235a  24  235b
Wade           Sarah           Cain          203a  19  203b
Wade           William         Richland      244a  3   244b
Waggoner       Michael         Davis         229a  5   229b
Waldron        Owen            Shawnee       220a  1   220b
Waldrop        Isaac           Davis         226a  14  226b
Walker         James           Cain          205a  13  205b
Walker         John            Cain          210a  24  210b
Walker         John            Shawnee       222a  30  222b
Walker         John F.         Cain          205a  24  205b
Walker         Philip F.       Cain          207a  12  207b
Wallace        Erwine          Fulton        201a  16  201b
Wallace        John            Jackson       194a  6   194b
Wallis         John            Richland      248a  4   248b
Walls          Drury           Cain          205a  6   205b
Walls          John            Cain          209a  6   209b
Walls          Mathew          Cain          209a  4   209b
Ward           Dudley          Troy          184a  9   184b
Ward           John            Troy          182a  5   182b
Ward           John            Davis         226a  23  226b
Ward           William         Troy          182a  12  182b
Ward           William         Troy          183a  28  183b
Warren         Deloss          Richland      241a  23  241b
Warric         Samuel          Richland      245a  14  245b
Wasburn        Ann             Cain          206a  9   206b
Watson         Esquire         Troy          176a  2   176b
Watson         Jonathan        Cain          202a  17  202b
Watts          John            Shawnee       216a  28  216b
Waur           William         Richland      249a  14  249b
Waymire        Absalom         Logan         235a  25  235b
Weaver         Philip          Logan         232a  5   232b
Webb           Harrison        Richland      241a  15  241b
Webb           Jesse           Wabash        185a  24  185b
Webb           Peter           Richland      242a  14  242b
Webb           Robert          Wabash        185a  23  185b
Webb           William         Wabash        189a  19  189b
Webster        Aloa            Richland      241a  30  241b
Webster        William         Cain          202a  27  202b
Welch          Samuel          Troy          176a  8   176b
Welsh          Joseph          Shawnee       222a  16  222b
Werden         George          Davis         228a  15  228b
West           Elizabeth       Shawnee       221a  27  221b
West           Lysander        Logan         232a  17  232b
Westfall       Jacob           Wabash        187a  16  187b
Wheatly        Henry           Troy          175a  27  175b
Whiciar        Perry           Logan         237a  6   237b
White          Alexander       Wabash        185a  21  185b
White          Benjamin        Logan         236a  20  236b
White          John            Troy          183a  10  183b
White          Joseph          Shawnee       218a  30  218b
White          Mary Ann        Troy          183a  13  183b
White          Phebe           Troy          178a  6   178b
Whitehall      Alexander       Richland      250a  2   250b
Whitehurst     James           Richland      241a  14  241b
Wiggans        Joseph          Logan         234a  29  234b
Wiggans        Stephen         Logan         234a  26  234b
Wikoff         Allen           Fulton        200a  12  200b
Wilcox         Levi V.         Shawnee       219a  1   219b
Wilkenson      James           Fulton        198a  12  198b
Wilkerson      Aaron           Richland      249a  2   249b
Wilkerson      John            Richland      239a  12  239b
Wilkerson      Lewis           Richland      242a  12  242b
Wilkerson      Rizon           Richland      242a  16  242b
Wilkinson      Hiram           Shawnee       217a  20  217b
Williams       Abram           Shawnee       219a  21  219b
Williams       Daniel          Jackson       192a  15  192b
Williams       Jane H.         Troy          179a  11  179b
Williams       John J.         Cain          203a  15  203b
Williams       Martin          Jackson       192a  7   192b
Williams       Milburn C.      Jackson       193a  10  193b
Williams       Moses           Davis         226a  28  226b
Williamson     Asa             Jackson       194a  27  194b
Williamson     William         Wabash        185a  12  185b
Willson        Andrew          Davis         228a  21  228b
Willson        George          Davis         226a  13  226b
Wilson         Adam            Shawnee       218a  24  218b
Wilson         Asa             Jackson       193a  4   193b
Wilson         Daniel          Troy          177a  27  177b
Wilson         Edward          Logan         236a  29  236b
Wilson         James           Richland      241a  24  241b
Wilson         John            Troy          175a  7   175b
Wilson         Mary            Logan         234a  28  234b
Wilson         Nathaniel       Logan         233a  12  233b
Wilson         Samuel          Shawnee       220a  24  220b
Wilson         Sarah           Troy          177a  8   177b
Wimore         John            Jackson       196a  16  196b
Wolf           Jacob           Wabash        186a  9   186b
Wolf           John            Troy          176a  19  176b
Wolfington     Jennet          Troy          179a  2   179b
Woll           John            Davis         230a  3   230b
Wood           Isaac           Shawnee       223a  10  223b
Wood           Wornit          Shawnee       223a  9   223b
Woodrough      Aaron           Davis         227a  20  227b
Woodrough      Margaret        Davis         226a  8   226b
Woodward       Braxton         Wabash        190a  24  190b
Woolf          James           Cain          202a  21  202b
Woolf          Jonathan        Fulton        198a  22  198b
Work           Joseph          Cain          207a  16  207b
Workman        Jacob           Richland      245a  8   245b
Worthington    William         Davis         227a  9   227b
Worts          Henry           Jackson       194a  26  194b
Wrath          Jacob           Shawnee       221a  20  221b
Wright         David           Richland      246a  11  246b
Wright         Robt            Richland      248a  29  248b
Wright         Thomas          Troy          182a  21  182b
Wriley         James           Richland      246a  23  246b
Wykoff         Jacob T.        Troy          177a  10  177b
Yale           Daniel          Logan         233a  1   233b
Yazel          Aner            Richland      248a  11  248b
Yazel          Henry           Wabash        189a  28  189b
Yonts          William         Jackson       196a  7   196b
Yorks          Jacob           Wabash        187a  14  187b
Young          Abram           Davis         227a  4   227b
Young          Andrew          Davis         230a  2   230b
Young          Jacob           Davis         229a  14  229b
Young          Jacob           Logan         236a  12  236b
Young          James           Cain          207a  19  207b
Young          John            Davis         227a  5   227b
Young          John            Logan         233a  26  233b
Young          John            Logan         235a  2   235b
Young          John B.         Jackson       195a  3   195b
Young          Lewis           Cain          208a  11  208b
Young          Philip          Logan         235a  22  235b
Young          Samuel          Logan         233a  24  233b
Young          Thomas          Jackson       195a  16  195b
Young          William         Logan         237a  1   237b
Youngblood     Peter           Cain          208a  17  208b
Zigler         Frederick       Shawnee       217a  2   217b
Zimmerman      Philip          Logan         234a  16  234b
Zumwalt        Joseph          Cain          206a  30  206b
Zumwalt        Leah            Cain          203a  13  203b
  The free display of the 1840 Fountain County, Indiana census images in the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of Lincoln Wolverton and the permission of S-K Publications.
  This index was transcribed by Marsha Thompson
and proofread by Connie Burkett

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