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Babcock        Frances          23     Vermont              Ramsey       39a--05
Babcock        Joseph W         30     Connecticutt         Ramsey       43b--07
Babcock        Lorenzo A        27     Vermont              Ramsey       39a--04
Babcock        Meran H          5      Vermont              Ramsey       39a--06
Bagnelle       Catharine        25     Ireland              Ramsey       40b--16
Bagnelle       Margaret         2      New Jersey           Ramsey       40b--17
Bagnelle       Thos             26     Ireland              Ramsey       40b--15
Baguette       Moses            21     Wisconsin            Wahnahta     66a--32
Bailey         Gabriel          15     Illinois             Benton       01a--15
Bailey         John             33     France               Ramsey       50b--41
Bailey         Mercy J          5      Iowa                 Wahnahta     66b--09
Bailey         Raney            3      Min Terry            Ramsey       53a--02
Bailey         Victor           10/12  Min Terry            Ramsey       53a--03
Bailey         Victorie         20     France               Ramsey       50b--42
Bailly         Alexis           52     Michigan             Wabasha      62b--18
Bailly         Alexis P         23     Minnesota Territory  Wabasha      62b--26
Bailly         David B          10     Prairie du Chien Wis Wabasha      62b--21
Bailly         Elizabeth        20     New York             Wabasha      62b--27
Bailly         Lucy             41     Prairie du Chien Wis Wabasha      62b--19
Bailly         Lucy Ann         14     Prairie du Chien Wis Wabasha      62b--20
Bailly         Marie Louise     5      Wabashaw Minnesota   Wabasha      62b--22
Baily          Elionore         37     Canada               Washington   80b--02
Baily          Elionore E       7      Canada               Washington   80b--06
Baily          Hester           2      Canada               Washington   80b--09
Baily          John             40     Canada               Washington   80b--01
Baily          John V           17     Canada               Washington   80b--03
Baily          Levi             15     Canada               Washington   80b--04
Baily          Margerite        13     Canada               Washington   80b--05
Baily          Olive J          8      Canada               Washington   80b--07
Baily          Robert           5      Canada               Washington   80b--08
Baishe         Baptiste         25     British Poss         Wahnahta     65b--37
Baker          Abraham          23     New York             Ramsey       44b--06
Baker          Harriet          3      Wisconsin            Ramsey       53a--15
Baker          Martha           23     New Hampshire        Ramsey       53a--14
Baker          Robert           12     Minnesota            Wabasha      64a--02
Baker          Susan            40     Maine                Benton       04b--31
Baker          W                27     Maine                Ramsey       46a--34
Baker          Wyman            28     New Hampshire        Ramsey       53a--13
Baldwin        George           21     New York             Mankahta     16b--33
Baldwin        J                40     New York             Ramsey       51a--38
Baldwin        Nancy            35     New York             Ramsey       51a--39
Bamber         John             43     England              Dakota       11a--16
Banfill        John             38     New York             Ramsey       44b--39
Banfill        Nancy            38     New York             Ramsey       44b--40
Bantly         B                25     Ohio                 Washington   74a--42
Bantwell       Basile           9/12   Minnesota            Washington   69b--07
Bantwell       Catherine A      3      Minnesota            Washington   69b--05
Bantwell       Hester A         1      Minnesota            Washington   69b--06
Bantwell       Hester C         34     New Hampshire        Washington   69b--02
Bantwell       Rodny C          5      Minnesota            Washington   69b--04
Bantwell       William T        47     New Hampshire        Washington   69b--01
Bantwell       William T Jr     7      Minnesota            Washington   69b--03
Baptiste       Catharine        20     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21a--06
Baptiste       Henry            24     Red River British    Pembina      21a--05
Barber         Elizabeth        25     Kentucky             Ramsey       41b--20
Barber         John H           8      Iowa                 Ramsey       41b--21
Barber         Nehemiah         50     New York             Ramsey       41b--19
Barker         D                44     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       33a--08
Barker         Daniel           44     Ohio                 Washington   79a--22
Barker         Hariette         11     Ohio                 Washington   79a--25
Barker         Harriet          11     New York             Ramsey       33a--11
Barker         Jannette         7      Ohio                 Ramsey       33a--12
Barker         Mary             13     New York             Ramsey       33a--10
Barker         Mary             13     Ohio                 Washington   79a--24
Barker         Salie            35     Ohio                 Washington   79a--23
Barker         Sarah            34     New York             Ramsey       33a--09
Barlow         Augustus         21     Canada               Washington   72b--34
Barlow         Caroline         7      Vermont              Washington   68b--36
Barlow         John L           3      Mo                   Washington   68b--38
Barlow         Louis            37     Mass                 Washington   68b--35
Barlow         Roxanna          5      Wisconsin            Washington   68b--37
Barnard        Adolphus         24     Germany              Mankahta     17a--18
Barnard        Anna E           5      Red Lake Min Ter     Pembina      19b--41
Barnard        Caroline         28     Mass                 Itasca       14b--40
Barnard        Ema              2      Ohio                 Pembina      19b--42
Barnard        Mr.              38     Mass                 Itasca       14b--39
Barnard        Revd Alenzo      33     Vermont-City         Pembina      19b--39
Barnard        Susan Jane       2      Minnesota            Itasca       14b--41
Barnard        Telsa            30     Vermont-City         Pembina      19b--40
Barnes         Arthur           12     Ohio                 Ramsey       48a--34
Barnes         Christopher      47     Ireland              Mankahta     16a--24
Barnes         Comfort          36     Ohio                 Ramsey       48a--31
Barnes         Emily            10/12  Min Terry            Ramsey       48a--36
Barnes         George W         14     Ohio                 Ramsey       48a--33
Barnes         Hugh             27     Ireland              Washington   70a--28
Barnes         John D           5      Wisconsin            Ramsey       48a--35
Barnes         Mary             35     New York             Ramsey       48a--32
Barney         M Mrs            65     Maryland             Dakota       10a--36
Barnum         Julia A          24     Connecticutt         Ramsey       36a--21
Barnum         Mary             12     Ohio                 Ramsey       47a--10
Barnum         Nancy            38     New York             Ramsey       47a--07
Barnum         V B              39     Connecticutt         Ramsey       47a--06
Barrett        Anthony          35     Ireland              Ramsey       56b--05
Barrett        Bridget          25     Ireland              Ramsey       56b--06
Bartlett       Catharine        23     Kentucky             Ramsey       39b--26
Bartlett       F J              38     Kentucky             Ramsey       39b--25
Bartlett       Franklin J       1      Ills                 Ramsey       39b--28
Bartlett       Fred K           33     Maine                Washington   70b--31
Bartlett       Josephine        50     Canada               Ramsey       46a--19
Bartlett       Lewis            51     Canada               Ramsey       46a--18
Bartlett       Lewis            26     Louisiana            Ramsey       59a--16
Bartlett       Wm P H           1      Ills                 Ramsey       39b--27
Barton         Catharine        13     Indiana              Ramsey       33a--25
Barton         Jimima           36     Kentucky             Ramsey       33a--24
Barton         Sarah Jane       9      Iowa                 Ramsey       33a--26
Barton         Thomas           40     Ohio                 Ramsey       33a--23
Barton         Wm F             1      Min Terry            Ramsey       33a--27
Bashnold       Alexis           21     Red River British    Pembina      22a--39
Bass           Edgar            6      Wis                  Ramsey       38a--03
Bass           Franklin         1      Min Terry            Ramsey       38a--04
Bass           J W              35     Vermont              Ramsey       38a--01
Bass           Martha           23     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       38a--02
Bass           Mary             25     Vermont              Ramsey       38a--05
Basset         Charles A        4      New Hamp             Washington   79b--26
Basset         Emilia           22     Canada               Washington   78a--37
Basset         George F         2      Minnesota            Washington   79b--27
Basset         Hannah           22     New York             Washington   79b--24
Basset         Joel B           32     New York             Washington   79b--25
Basset         John             39     New Hamp             Washington   78a--36
Basset         Philip           27     New York             Washington   79b--23
Basset         Silas W          1      Minnesota            Washington   78a--38
Bassett        E                16     Michigan             Ramsey       55a--11
Bassett        F B              25     Massachusetts        Ramsey       55a--10
Bassett        P B              .      Maine                Ramsey       59b--08
Bates          Margaret         19     England              Ramsey       41a--26
Bates          William          21     Scotland             Ramsey       39a--09
Bation         Curtis           9      Red River British    Pembina      21a--38
Bation         Francois         37     Red River British    Pembina      21a--34
Bation         Francois         14     Red River British    Pembina      21a--36
Bation         Josette          37     Red River British    Pembina      21a--35
Bation         Margaritte       5      Red River British    Pembina      21a--39
Bation         Mary             12     Red River British    Pembina      21a--37
Batnon         Baptiste         46     Red River British    Pembina      26a--19
Batnon         Baptiste         10     Red River British    Pembina      26a--24
Batnon         Isadore          22     Red River British    Pembina      26a--21
Batnon         Mary Ann         5      Red River British    Pembina      26a--25
Batnon         Phelista         14     Red River British    Pembina      26a--23
Batnon         Philesta         32     Red River British    Pembina      26a--20
Batnon         Therese          15     Red River British    Pembina      26a--22
Batoch         Antoine          10     Red River British    Pembina      24b--12
Batoch         Baptiste         60     Red River British    Pembina      24b--08
Batoch         Baptiste         25     Red River British    Pembina      31b--21
Batoch         Baptiste         11     Red River British    Pembina      32a--17
Batoch         Caroline         1/12   Pembina M Ter        Pembina      24b--14
Batoch         Heloin           4      Red River British    Pembina      32a--18
Batoch         Henry            12     Red River British    Pembina      32a--16
Batoch         Julie            25     Red River British    Pembina      31b--22
Batoch         Louis            49     Red River British    Pembina      32a--13
Batoch         Louis            17     Red River British    Pembina      32a--15
Batoch         Margaritte       40     Red River British    Pembina      24b--09
Batoch         Margaritte       22     Red River British    Pembina      24b--10
Batoch         Mary             49     Red River British    Pembina      32a--14
Batoch         Mary Ann         13     Red River British    Pembina      24b--11
Batoch         Mary Ann         5      Red River British    Pembina      32a--20
Batoch         Rossilie         1      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      31b--23
Batoch         Sarah            7      Red River British    Pembina      24b--13
Batoch         Sophia           80     Red River British    Pembina      32a--19
Battleford     William          22     Canada               Ramsey       42b--07
Battles        Catherine        18     New York             Washington   71a--32
Battles        G W              26     Penn                 Washington   71a--31
Batz           Adolph           21     Germany              Dakota       12a--22
Baurette       Delphine         9/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       45b--36
Baurette       Joseph           23     Canada               Ramsey       45b--34
Baurette       Margaret         16     Min Terry            Ramsey       45b--35
Baurette       Margaret         11     Min Terry            Ramsey       45b--37
Bays           Matilda          22     Canada               Washington   68b--39
Bays           Silas            3      Canada               Washington   68b--40
Bazil          Anna J           18     Min Terry            Ramsey       38b--20
Bazil          Charles          33     Canada               Ramsey       38b--19
Bazil          John             2      Min Terry            Ramsey       38b--21
Bean           Adolphine        4      Maine                Ramsey       55b--12
Bean           Andrew J         19     Maine                Ramsey       55b--09
Bean           Benj F           22     Maine                Ramsey       59a--13
Bean           Emily            20     Maine                Ramsey       55b--08
Bean           John             7      Maine                Ramsey       55b--11
Bean           John             32     Canada               Mankahta     17a--12
Bean           John R           20     Maine                Ramsey       59a--14
Bean           Joseph           48     Maine                Washington   77b--20
Bean           Joseph           40     New York             Dakota       10a--28
Bean           Reuben           55     Maine                Ramsey       55b--06
Bean           Rhoda            45     Maine                Ramsey       55b--07
Bean           Rhoda            9      Maine                Ramsey       55b--10
Beardly        David            22     Ohio                 Washington   72b--11
Beardsy        Francis          46     France               Wahnahta     66a--34
Beaton         Catharine        3      Illinois             Dakota       09b--40
Beaton         Daniel           33     Canada               Dakota       09b--37
Beaton         Elizabeth        25     Maryland             Dakota       09b--38
Beaton         Mathias          5      Illinois             Dakota       09b--39
Beatty         James            33     Indiana              Benton       03b--41
Beauchamp      Angelique        28     Min Tery             Ramsey       35a--12
Beauchamp      Angelique        6      Min Tery             Ramsey       35a--15
Beauchamp      Antoine          37     Min Tery             Ramsey       35a--11
Beauchamp      David            10     Min Tery             Ramsey       35a--13
Beauchamp      Felex            8      Min Tery             Ramsey       35a--14
Beauchamp      Marie            8/12   Min Tery             Ramsey       35a--16
Beaufore       Jacques          24     Red River North      Dakota       07b--23
Beaufrey       Charles          34     Wisconsin            Wahnahta     66a--21
Beaupier       Charles          7      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      19b--25
Beaupier       Jacque           18     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      19b--23
Beaupier       Joseph           71     Canada British       Pembina      19b--19
Beaupier       Joseph           24     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      19b--21
Beaupier       Joseph           2      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      19b--26
Beaupier       Josette          69     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      19b--20
Beaupier       Marguritte       11     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      19b--24
Beaupier       Marie            16     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      19b--22
Beaupier       Paul             1      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      19b--27
Beauprey       Aitkin           25     Canada               Benton       03b--19
Beaupry        Philip           26     Canada               Benton       01a--36
Beautemps      Caroline         2      Min Terry            Ramsey       52b--39
Beautemps      Jean             30     Canada               Ramsey       52b--37
Beautemps      Margaret         22     Min Terry            Ramsey       52b--38
Beautinau      Amable           22     Red River British    Pembina      27b--23
Beautinau      Angelie          26     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21b--23
Beautinau      Angelie          10     Red River British    Pembina      27b--27
Beautinau      Angelie          9      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21b--26
Beautinau      Charles          3      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21b--30
Beautinau      Helen            4      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      27b--30
Beautinau      Isabell          13     Red River British    Pembina      27b--26
Beautinau      John             4      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21b--29
Beautinau      Joseph           7      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21b--27
Beautinau      Joseph           30     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21b--22
Beautinau      Josette          70     Red River British    Pembina      21b--31
Beautinau      Josette          42     Red River British    Pembina      27b--22
Beautinau      Josette          15     Red River British    Pembina      27b--24
Beautinau      Josette          14     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21b--25
Beautinau      Margritte        14     Red River British    Pembina      27b--25
Beautinau      Marguritte       9      Red River British    Pembina      27b--28
Beautinau      Mary             16     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21b--24
Beautinau      Mary             6      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      27b--29
Beautinau      Michel           44     Red River British    Pembina      27b--21
Beautinau      Philemon         3      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      27b--31
Beautinau      Ressian          5      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21b--28
Becker         George L         21     New York             Ramsey       43a--10
Becker         Samuel           33     Pennsylvania         Dakota       12a--35
Behr           Peter            23     Canada               Dakota       08a--40
Belancher      Abraham          30     Red River British    Pembina      27a--09
Belancher      Abraham          1      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      27a--14
Belancher      Eliza            7      Red River British    Pembina      27a--12
Belancher      Isabella         3      Red River British    Pembina      27a--13
Belancher      Mary Ann         27     Red River British    Pembina      27a--10
Belancher      Mary Ann         8      Red River British    Pembina      27a--11
Belanger       John B           22     Canada               Ramsey       40a--09
Belcourt       Gustis A         47     Lower Canada         Pembina      31a--08
Belgard        Charles          47     Red River British    Pembina      24a--15
Belgard        Susan            27     Red River British    Pembina      24a--16
Belknap        W H              25     New York             Ramsey       46b--10
Bell           William          24     Ireland              Dakota       12b--06
Bellair        Amanda           4      Wisconsin            Itasca       14b--04
Bellair        Charles          8      Wisconsin            Itasca       14b--03
Bellair        Joseph           30     Wisconsin            Itasca       14b--01
Bellair        Mary             21     Wisconsin            Itasca       14b--02
Belland        Catharine        7      Minnesota            Dakota       08a--26
Belland        Henry            35     Canada East          Wabasha      62a--34
Belland        Henry            32     Canada               Dakota       08a--22
Belland        Henry            11     Minnesota            Dakota       08a--24
Belland        Jenny            2      Minnesota            Dakota       08a--27
Belland        Marie            9      Minnesota            Dakota       08a--25
Belland        Mary             28     Minnesota            Dakota       08a--23
Bellanger      Elizabeth        35     Wisconsin            Itasca       14a--23
Bellanger      J B              42     Wisconsin            Itasca       14a--22
Bellanger      Jane             12     Wisconsin            Itasca       14a--27
Bellanger      Martin           20     Wisconsin            Itasca       14a--24
Bellanger      Nathaniel        17     Wisconsin            Itasca       14a--25
Bellanger      Olliver          9      Wisconsin            Itasca       14a--28
Bellanger      Peter            14     Wisconsin            Itasca       14a--26
Bellcore       Baptiste         35     Minnesota            Benton       03b--26
Bellcore       Tresse           25     Minnesota            Benton       03b--27
Bellcour       Cecil            8/12   Minnesota            Benton       04a--27
Bellcour       Eustache         5      Minnesota            Benton       04a--25
Bellcour       Josette          24     Canada               Benton       04a--22
Bellcour       Margaret         10     Minnesota            Benton       04a--23
Bellcour       Millie           7      Minnesota            Benton       04a--24
Bellcour       Pascal           3      Minnesota            Benton       04a--26
Bellcour       Wescot           30     Canada               Benton       04a--21
Bellgard       Alexis           50     Canada British       Pembina      29a--01
Bellgard       Alexis           28     Red River British    Pembina      22a--27
Bellgard       Alix             1      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      22a--31
Bellgard       Baptiste         8      Red River British    Pembina      22a--29
Bellgard       Curtis           13     Red River British    Pembina      29a--07
Bellgard       Jean             43     Red River British    Pembina      25a--23
Bellgard       Joseph           15     Red River British    Pembina      29a--06
Bellgard       Joseph           11     Red River British    Pembina      25a--25
Bellgard       Louis            19     Red River British    Pembina      29a--04
Bellgard       Louise           17     Red River British    Pembina      29a--05
Bellgard       Margarette       28     Red River British    Pembina      25a--24
Bellgard       Margarette       6      Red River British    Pembina      25a--26
Bellgard       Margaritte       53     Red River British    Pembina      29a--02
Bellgard       Mary             3      Red River British    Pembina      22a--30
Bellgard       Sophia           10     Red River British    Pembina      29a--08
Bellgard       Susanna          27     Red River British    Pembina      22a--28
Bellgard       Theodore         23     Red River British    Pembina      29a--03
Bellin         Celeste          9      Min Tery             Ramsey       46a--14
Bellin         Estele           32     Canada               Ramsey       46a--11
Bellin         Francis          51     Min Tery             Ramsey       46a--10
Bellin         Henrisime        8      Min Tery             Ramsey       46a--15
Bellin         John             12     Min Tery             Ramsey       46a--12
Bellin         Joseph           10     Min Tery             Ramsey       46a--13
Bellin         Maxime           5      Min Tery             Ramsey       46a--16
Bellin         Rosalie          3      Min Tery             Ramsey       46a--17
Bellou         Peter            26     Canada               Dakota       08a--41
Bellows        Curtis           48     Vermont              Benton       05a--32
Belonger       Augustine        72     Canada               Benton       02b--38
Belonger       Augustine Jr     44     Minnesota            Benton       03a--20
Belonger       Charlotte        36     Minnesota            Benton       03a--21
Belonger       Charlotte        8      Minnesota            Benton       03a--28
Belonger       Frances          14     Minnesota            Benton       03a--26
Belonger       Francis          4      Minnesota            Benton       03a--29
Belonger       Henry            20     Minnesota            Benton       03a--23
Belonger       Henry            7      Minnesota            Benton       02b--39
Belonger       Joseph           20     Minnesota            Benton       02b--37
Belonger       Joseph           10     Minnesota            Benton       03a--27
Belonger       Josette          18     Minnesota            Benton       03a--24
Belonger       Josette          10/12  Minnesota            Benton       02b--41
Belonger       Lewis            4      Minnesota            Benton       02b--40
Belonger       Madaline         16     Minnesota            Benton       03a--25
Belonger       Peter            22     Minnesota            Benton       03a--22
Benard         Josette          2      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      23b--33
Benard         Louise           29     Red River British    Pembina      23b--29
Benard         Louise           9      Red River British    Pembina      23b--30
Benard         Philemon         4      Red River British    Pembina      23b--32
Benard         Pierre           28     Red River British    Pembina      23b--28
Benard         Sarah            7      Red River British    Pembina      23b--31
Bend           Baptiste         11     Red River British    Pembina      21a--32
Bend           Eliza            4      Red River British    Pembina      21a--33
Bend           Genevie          15     Red River British    Pembina      21a--30
Bend           Jonsette         13     Red River British    Pembina      21a--31
Bend           Julie            40     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21a--29
Bend           Narcis           18     Red River British    Pembina      21a--28
Beng           Sophia           17     Wisconsin            Ramsey       43b--42
Bennett        George           31     New York             Washington   74b--34
Bennett        George           4      Illinois             Washington   74b--36
Bennett        Hannah           2      Wisconsin            Wabasha      64a--12
Bennett        Jane             27     Tenn                 Washington   74b--35
Bennett        Josephine        9/12   Minnesota            Washington   74b--37
Bennett        Mary             8/12   Minnesota            Wabasha      64a--13
Bennett        Sarah A          23     Pennsylvania         Wabasha      64a--11
Bennoit        Antoine          20     Minnesota            Benton       02b--31
Benson         Elizabeth        10/12  Michigan             Ramsey       42b--40
Benson         Francis M        3      Michigan             Ramsey       42b--39
Benson         L L              29     Vermont              Ramsey       42b--37
Benson         Maria S          23     New York             Ramsey       42b--38
Benson         Sarah            17     Norway               Wabasha      64a--40
Benton         James B          26     Kentucky             Dakota       12a--20
Benvais        Edward           30     Canada               Ramsey       36b--33
Berard         Antoine          23     Canada               Ramsey       38b--03
Berdeau        Gravelin         24     Canada               Ramsey       49b--23
Berger         Indigne          37     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      23a--15
Berger         Isari            6      Red River British    Pembina      23a--17
Berger         Isedore          4      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      23a--18
Berger         J Baptiste       1      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      23a--19
Berger         Narciss          20     Red River British    Pembina      23a--20
Berger         Pierre           34     Red River British    Pembina      23a--14
Berger         Pierre           9      Red River British    Pembina      23a--16
Berron         Norbert          22     Canada               Ramsey       53a--07
Berry          David            22     Maine                Ramsey       53a--01
Berry          James            21     Kentucky             Ramsey       61a--37
Berry          Jerome           27     Maine                Ramsey       56b--36
Berry          John             28     England              Washington   74b--07
Berry          John             28     England              Washington   77b--13
Berthsine      Louis            25     Canada               Washington   67b--08
Bertineau      Charles          25     Canada               Benton       03b--29
Besoin         Antoine          25     Canada               Benton       02b--30
Beulieu        C H              38     Wisconsin            Benton       02b--19
Beulieu        Catharine        5      Minnesota            Benton       02b--29
Beulieu        Charles          10     Minnesota            Benton       02b--22
Beulieu        Clemar           9      Minnesota            Benton       02b--21
Beulieu        Clement          7      Minnesota            Benton       02b--28
Beulieu        Elizabeth        32     Canada               Benton       02b--20
Beulieu        Henry H          21     Wisconsin            Benton       02b--24
Beulieu        John             9      Minnesota            Benton       02b--27
Beulieu        Julia            2      Minnesota            Benton       02b--23
Beulieu        Mariah           27     Minnesota            Benton       02b--26
Beulieu        Paul             35     Wisconsin            Benton       02b--25
Bevans         C D              23     Ohio                 Ramsey       43a--41
Bevans         Harriet E        21     Ohio                 Ramsey       43a--40
Bevans         Henry L          27     Ohio                 Ramsey       43a--38
Bevans         Julia Ann        23     Ohio                 Ramsey       43a--39
Bibot          Charles          9      Canada               Ramsey       34a--37
Bibot          Christine        6      Canada               Ramsey       34a--39
Bibot          David            8      Canada               Ramsey       34a--38
Bibot          Marie            12     Canada               Ramsey       34a--36
Bibot          Paul             58     Canada               Ramsey       34a--32
Bibot          Pierre           22     Canada               Ramsey       34a--34
Bibot          Prudence         4      Canada               Ramsey       34a--40
Bibot          Varoanette       45     Canada               Ramsey       34a--33
Bibot          Xavier           14     Canada               Ramsey       34a--35
Biddlecomb     M Morey          26     New York             Ramsey       46b--09
Bigford        J                50     Maine                Ramsey       56b--20
Bingeman       Jacob            22     At Sea               Ramsey       52a--40
Birch          Franklin         1      New York             Ramsey       57b--31
Birch          Harson           7      New York             Ramsey       57b--30
Birch          Mary             35     New Hampshire        Ramsey       57b--29
Birch          Rector           36     New Hampshire        Ramsey       57b--28
Bird           Levi             37     Red River Canada     Dakota       07a--29
Bird           Levi Jr          7      Minnesota            Dakota       07a--31
Bird           Mary             24     Minnesota            Dakota       07a--30
Bird           Miss             27     Maine                Washington   72a--33
Bird           Nancy            2      Illinois             Washington   72a--35
Bird           Peter            5      Illinois             Washington   72a--34
Birdsley       George           23     New Brunswick        Benton       02b--05
Bishop         Abigail          22     Minnesota            Washington   68b--02
Bishop         B P              26     Vermont              Ramsey       43b--02
Bishop         Charles          3      Minnesota            Washington   68b--04
Bishop         George           22     New York             Washington   77a--10
Bishop         Harriet          22     Vermont              Ramsey       46a--36
Bishop         Henry            4      Minnesota            Washington   68b--03
Bishop         Sarah            50     New York             Washington   77a--09
Bishop         Thorton          30     New York             Washington   68b--01
Bisorman       Orman            28     Canada               Washington   71b--37
Bissel         Elijha           33     Canada               Washington   76b--16
Bissel         Mary Jane        18     Ohio                 Washington   76b--17
Black          Mahlon           25     Ohio                 Washington   74a--05
Blackaby       John             24     Virginia             Mankahta     16a--23
Blackburn      John             22     Illinois             Washington   67a--40
Blackman       Ella             26     Pennsylvania         Benton       05b--35
Blair          Antoine          21     Minnesota            Benton       02a--25
Blair          Charlotte        16     Minnesota            Benton       02a--26
Blair          Josette          4/12   Minnesota            Benton       02a--27
Blair          William          35     Scotland             Washington   69a--10
Blake          John             24     Maine                Ramsey       59b--19
Blake          William          26     New York             Wahnahta     65b--06
Blake          Wm J             32     New York             Ramsey       43a--25
Blakney        James            22     Ireland              Wahnahta     65a--28
Bleau          Aikin            4      Min Terry            Ramsey       50a--22
Bleau          Antoine          60     Min Terry            Ramsey       50a--18
Bleau          Delagais         7      Min Terry            Ramsey       50a--24
Bleau          Felicite         2      Min Terry            Ramsey       50a--23
Bleau          Joseph           13     Min Terry            Ramsey       50a--21
Bleau          Margaret         45     Min Terry            Ramsey       50a--19
Bleau          Margaret         26     Min Terry            Ramsey       50a--20
Bliss          S S              30     Vermont              Benton       02a--41
Bloomer        Samuel           14     Germany              Washington   75a--38
Boggs          John             26     Ohio                 Washington   72b--28
Bolinskey      Benjamin         1      Min Terry            Ramsey       33a--36
Bolinskey      Ellen            20     Missouri             Ramsey       33a--34
Bolinskey      Emily            2      Min Terry            Ramsey       33a--35
Bolinskey      Stanislaus       45     New York             Ramsey       33a--33
Bolten         Louis            40     Canada               Dakota       10a--41
Bonah          M                32     Penn                 Washington   74b--30
Bonin          Batiste          38     Canada East          Wabasha      63a--07
Bonley         William          25     Pennsylvania         Dakota       06b--21
Bonstall       A E              25     Pennsylvania         Benton       05b--10
Booth          Charles          21     Missouri             Ramsey       41b--17
Booth          Elijah           39     Virginia             Ramsey       41b--14
Booth          Sylvester        14     NY                   Ramsey       48a--10
Boots          Elizabeth F      31     Indiana              Benton       02a--31
Bordean        Antoine          18     Canada               Benton       05b--18
Bordean        Joseph           19     Canada               Benton       05b--17
Bordette       Joseph           33     Canada               Ramsey       40b--22
Bordette       Maxime           33     Canada               Ramsey       40b--23
Bordreau       Baptiste         28     Canada               Ramsey       36b--25
Bordreau       Bazilie          18     Canada               Ramsey       36b--26
Bordreau       Christine        17     Canada               Ramsey       36b--27
Bordreau       Edonise          15     Canada               Ramsey       36b--28
Bordreau       Helen            2      Min Terry            Ramsey       36b--32
Bordreau       Joseph           58     Canada               Ramsey       36b--23
Bordreau       Joseph           4      Canada               Ramsey       36b--31
Bordreau       Josette          57     Canada               Ramsey       36b--24
Bordreau       Leoner           23     Canada               Ramsey       36b--29
Bordreau       Merance          6      Canada               Ramsey       36b--30
Bordrous       Francis          20     Canada               Wahnahta     65a--33
Borega         George           15     Min Terry            Ramsey       43a--20
Borrette       August           10     Wisconsin            Wahnahta     66b--05
Borriss        Augustus         9      Wisconsin            Ramsey       38a--12
Borriss        Chas W           42     Denmark              Ramsey       38a--07
Borriss        Elizabeth        33     Wisconsin            Ramsey       38a--08
Borriss        Julia            3      Wisconsin            Ramsey       38a--14
Borriss        Marcus           1      Min Terry            Ramsey       38a--15
Borriss        Marion           5      Wisconsin            Ramsey       38a--13
Borriss        Sophia           15     Wisconsin            Ramsey       38a--10
Borriss        Theodore         17     Wisconsin            Ramsey       38a--09
Borriss        Virginia         13     Wisconsin            Ramsey       38a--11
Bostwick       E                25     Ireland              Ramsey       55a--04
Bostwick       L                35     Canada               Ramsey       55a--03
Bostwick       L                6      Illinois             Ramsey       55a--05
Bostwick       L                4      Illinois             Ramsey       55a--06
Botineau       Daniel           5      Min Terry            Ramsey       56a--06
Botineau       Francis          29     Wisconsin            Ramsey       56a--08
Botineau       Geneva           7      Min Terry            Ramsey       56a--05
Botineau       Geneva           33     Min Terry            Ramsey       56a--02
Botineau       John             12     Min Terry            Ramsey       56a--03
Botineau       Peter            9      Min Terry            Ramsey       56a--04
Botineau       Pierre           34     Min Terry            Ramsey       56a--01
Botineau       Rosalie          2      Min Terry            Ramsey       56a--07
Botineaux      Sevier           36     British Possessions  Wahnahta     65b--34
Bouchemien     Baptiste         26     Canada               Ramsey       51a--33
Bouchemien     Susan            20     Canada               Ramsey       51a--34
Bouquet        A                18     Minnesota            Dakota       07a--33
Bouquet        J B              1      Minnesota            Dakota       07a--34
Bouquet        Jean B           25     Red River            Dakota       07a--32
Bourcier       Antoine          3      Min Terry            Ramsey       51a--28
Bourcier       Isabelle         1      Min Terry            Ramsey       51a--29
Bourcier       Joseph           45     Canada               Ramsey       51a--24
Bourcier       Margaret         34     Min Terry            Ramsey       51a--25
Bourcier       Mauline          10     Min Terry            Ramsey       51a--26
Bourcier       Olivia           8      Min Terry            Ramsey       51a--27
Bourett        Shell            22     Wisconsin            Benton       05a--42
Bourshane      Aintoine         18     Canada               Wahnahta     65b--24
Bower          Andrew           24     Mass                 Washington   69b--30
Bowers         M                35     Germany              Washington   69a--19
Bowles         Benjamin         52     Pennsylvania         Mankahta     16b--34
Bowles         Limuel           55     Conn                 Washington   77b--01
Bowles         William          37     England              Mankahta     16a--22
Boyer          Joseph A         23     Mo                   Washington   70b--30
Bradden        David            30     NY                   Ramsey       47b--32
Bradley        David            38     New York             Ramsey       43b--19
Bradley        Joseph B         22     Ireland              Dakota       12a--16
Bradley        William          28     Wisconsin            Mankahta     18a--14
Bradly         Faby             30     Ireland              Mankahta     17a--41
Bradly         James            32     Michigan             Mankahta     16a--15
Bradt          G F              25     New York             Ramsey       54b--32
Brady          Francis          6      Virginia             Ramsey       42a--08
Brady          John             8      Virginia             Ramsey       42a--07
Brady          Mary             31     Ireland              Ramsey       42a--06
Brady          Mary             2      Wisconsin            Ramsey       42a--09
Brady          Patrick          33     Ireland              Ramsey       42a--05
Brady          Peter            1/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       42a--10
Bragden        Ann C            39     Maine                Washington   75b--07
Branch         George W         23     New Brunswick        Ramsey       52a--12
Branon         George           21     Louisiana            Dakota       11b--24
Brawley        Daniel F         32     Ohio                 Ramsey       44a--21
Brawley        Franklin         7      Illinois             Ramsey       44a--23
Brawley        Lydia Jane       4      Wisconsin            Ramsey       44a--24
Brawley        Mary J           30     New Hampshire        Ramsey       44a--22
Brawley        Wentworth        8/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       44a--25
Brewster       Ann A            7      New York             Ramsey       42b--24
Brewster       Hester           44     New York             Ramsey       42b--23
Brewster       J R              44     New York             Ramsey       42b--22
Brewster       John H           30     Penn                 Washington   72a--31
Bricken        Henry            18     France               Mankahta     16a--21
Bridges        Thomas           22     Missouri             Mankahta     16a--20
Brinckman      John             30     Baltimore            Mankahta     16b--30
Brinckman      John H           21     Germany              Dakota       11b--25
Brinsmaid      Ann              2/12   Minn Terr            Ramsey       44b--11
Brinsmaid      Ann Sophia       24     Maryland             Ramsey       44b--08
Brinsmaid      John W           35     Connecticutt         Ramsey       44b--07
Brinsmaid      Julia            2      Iowa                 Ramsey       44b--10
Brinsmaid      Mary Francis     3      Iowa                 Ramsey       44b--09
Brisbois       Isabelle         20     Wisconsin            Wahnahta     65b--41
Brisbois       Lewis            27     Wisconsin            Wahnahta     65b--40
Brisette       Aimable          18     Min Terry            Ramsey       54a--22
Brisette       Alfred           7      Min Terry            Ramsey       54a--20
Brisette       Ambrose          1      Min Terry            Ramsey       54a--23
Brisette       Edmond           12     Min Terry            Ramsey       54a--24
Brisette       Edmund           37     Canada               Ramsey       54a--16
Brisette       Joseph           12     Min Terry            Ramsey       54a--19
Brisette       Louise           40     Min Terry            Ramsey       54a--17
Brisette       Lucy             4      Min Terry            Ramsey       54a--21
Bronson        Hiram            20     Vermont              Benton       05a--39
Brown          Amanda           3      New Jersey           Ramsey       42b--16
Brown          Angus            12     New Jersey           Ramsey       42b--12
Brown          Augusta          1      New Jersey           Ramsey       42b--18
Brown          Charles          23     New York             Wabasha      64b--31
Brown          Conrad           47     Germany              Washington   73b--16
Brown          Dowty            34     Germany              Washington   73b--17
Brown          Elizabeth P      22     Ohio                 Washington   80a--33
Brown          Ellen            9      New Jersey           Ramsey       42b--14
Brown          Emily            3      New Jersey           Ramsey       42b--17
Brown          Jacob            6      Kentucky             Washington   73b--18
Brown          James            36     New York             Washington   68a--15
Brown          James            35     England              Dakota       11a--02
Brown          Job              26     New York             Wabasha      64b--30
Brown          John             36     New York             Washington   68b--09
Brown          John             33     Ohio                 Ramsey       57a--34
Brown          John W           30     Minnesota            Dakota       09b--28
Brown          Joseph           32     New York             Benton       01b--22
Brown          Joseph           1      Minnesota            Dakota       09b--30
Brown          Joseph R         45     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       42b--08
Brown          Lydia            13     New Jersey           Ramsey       42b--11
Brown          Margaret         15     New Jersey           Ramsey       42b--10
Brown          Martha           32     Maine                Washington   80a--32
Brown          Mary             28     New York             Washington   68b--10
Brown          Mary             22     Minnesota            Dakota       09b--29
Brown          Mary             11     New Jersey           Ramsey       42b--13
Brown          N H              17     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       43b--11
Brown          Nathan           30     New York             Wabasha      64b--07
Brown          Nathaniel R      23     Pennsylvania         Dakota       09b--31
Brown          S F              28     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       43b--10
Brown          Samuel           30     Massachusetts        Mankahta     17a--24
Brown          Samuel J         8      New Jersey           Ramsey       42b--15
Brown          Susan            29     New Jersey           Ramsey       42b--09
Brown          Thomas           25     Canada               Ramsey       37a--36
Brown          William R        33     Virginia             Washington   80a--31
Brown          Wm               40     Ireland              Ramsey       37a--41
Brown          Wm               25     Michigan             Ramsey       43a--19
Bruer          Joseph           12     Ohio                 Dakota       10a--21
Bruillot       Mrs              35     Wisconsin            Ramsey       57b--16
Bruise         Gaspar           70     Red Lake             Washington   76a--09
Bruise         Jane             21     Red Lake             Washington   76a--12
Bruise         Levine           35     Red Lake             Washington   76a--11
Bruise         Margeritte       60     Red Lake             Washington   76a--10
Bruise         Margeritte       19     Red Lake             Washington   76a--13
Bruise         Marian           15     Red Lake             Washington   76a--14
Brumley        Benjn O          5      Michigan             Ramsey       36a--04
Brumley        Elsina           25     New York             Ramsey       36a--03
Brumley        Francis F        1      Min Terry            Ramsey       36a--06
Brumley        Lydia            3      Wisconsin            Ramsey       36a--05
Brumley        Orin B           21     New York             Ramsey       36a--02
Brunell        Augustine        21     Michigan             Benton       03b--30
Brunelle       Alexander        12     Minnesota            Washington   76b--34
Brunelle       Angelique        45     Lake Superior        Washington   76b--30
Brunelle       Antoine          8      Minnesota            Washington   76b--36
Brunelle       Antoine          6      Minnesota            Washington   78a--20
Brunelle       Francis          18     Minnesota            Washington   76b--32
Brunelle       Genvieve         10     Minnesota            Washington   76b--35
Brunelle       Genvieve         8      Minnesota            Washington   78a--19
Brunelle       Harry            1      Minnesota            Washington   78a--22
Brunelle       Hypolite         13     Minnesota            Washington   76b--33
Brunelle       Isibella         3      Minnesota            Washington   78a--21
Brunelle       Joseph           29     Sandy Lake           Washington   78a--16
Brunelle       Louis            59     Canada               Washington   76b--29
Brunelle       Louis            10     Minnesota            Washington   78a--18
Brunelle       Peter            19     Minnesota            Washington   76b--31
Brunelle       Suzette          20     Red River            Washington   78a--17
Bruner         John             35     England              Dakota       11b--22
Brunet         Aintoine         20     Wisconsin            Mankahta     17a--02
Brunette       Angelic          8      Minnesota            Benton       02a--11
Brunette       Baptiste         17     Minnesota            Benton       02a--08
Brunette       Charlotte        6      Minnesota            Benton       02a--12
Brunette       Francis          24     Selkirk              Benton       02a--14
Brunette       Joseph           50     Michigan             Benton       02a--06
Brunette       Joseph           4/12   Minnesota            Benton       02a--13
Brunette       Josette          3      Minnesota            Benton       02a--15
Brunette       Josette L        30     Selkirk Co*          Benton       02a--07
Brunette       Judith           5/12   Minnesota            Benton       02a--16
Brunette       Lavette          15     Minnesota            Benton       02a--09
Brunette       Lewis            12     Minnesota            Benton       02a--10
Brunnel        Angel            7      Minnesota            Wabasha      63b--37
Brunnel        Bellonie         3      Minnesota            Wabasha      63b--39
Brunnel        Joseph           32     Canada East          Wabasha      63b--35
Brunnel        Joseph Jr        5      Minnesota            Wabasha      63b--38
Brunnel        Louise           23     Red River North      Wabasha      63b--36
Brunnel        Marie            5/12   Minnesota            Wabasha      63b--40
Brunson        Benj B           27     Michigan             Ramsey       38b--07
Brunson        Charles B        2      Min Terry            Ramsey       38b--09
Brunson        Martha J         20     Ohio                 Ramsey       38b--08
Brusette       Josette          16     Canada               Ramsey       51a--11
Brusette       Louis            25     Canada               Ramsey       51a--10
Bryan          Cynthia          23     Ohio                 Ramsey       35b--30
Bryan          Edward C         26     Ireland              Ramsey       48a--07
Bryan          Martha           4      Wisconsin            Ramsey       35b--31
Bryan          Mary             2      Wisconsin            Ramsey       35b--32
Bryan          Patrick          24     Ireland              Mankahta     17a--09
Bryan          Wm               31     New Jersey           Ramsey       35b--29
Bryan          Wm Jr            5/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       35b--33
Bryant         James            23     England              Wahnahta     65b--33
Brydon         George           35     Scotland             Washington   77b--32
Bryer          Thomas           28     Ireland              Washington   78a--26
Buchanan       Elizabeth        38     England              Ramsey       45a--41
Buchanan       James            4      Iowa                 Ramsey       45b--02
Buchanan       Mary             10     Alabama              Ramsey       45a--42
Buchanan       Thomas           8      Wisconsin            Ramsey       45b--01
Buchanan       William          2      Wisconsin            Ramsey       45b--03
Buchanan       Wm               40     England              Ramsey       45a--40
Buck           Chancellor       9      Indiana              Ramsey       53a--23
Buck           Ida L            2      Indiana              Ramsey       53a--24
Buck           Joanna           35     Massachusetts        Ramsey       53a--19
Buck           Julia A          9      Indiana              Ramsey       53a--20
Buck           Maria L          8      Indiana              Ramsey       53a--21
Buck           Orville          7      Indiana              Ramsey       53a--22
Buck           Waterman         38     Massachusetts        Ramsey       53a--18
Buckholder     Clarissa         33     New Hampshire        Ramsey       45a--02
Buckholder     Florence         2      Wisconsin            Ramsey       45a--03
Buckholder     George W         39     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       45a--01
Buckingham     T A              19     Massachusetts        Benton       05a--06
Buford         Louis            34     Alabama              Washington   72b--01
Buford         Louis C          2      Iowa                 Washington   72b--05
Buford         Mary Ann         19     New York             Washington   72b--02
Buford         Thomas P         3      Tenn                 Washington   72b--04
Bugan          Baptiste         3      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21a--03
Bugan          Francois         25     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21a--01
Bugan          J Savira         1      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21a--04
Bugan          Marie            20     Red River British    Pembina      21a--02
Buisson        Antoine          10     Minnesota            Wabasha      63b--29
Buisson        Cyprien          2      Minnesota            Wabasha      63b--32
Buisson        Harriet          14     Minnesota            Wabasha      63b--27
Buisson        Henry            11     Minnesota            Wabasha      63b--28
Buisson        Joseph           38     Canada East          Wabasha      63b--25
Buisson        Joseph Jr        4      Minnesota            Wabasha      63b--31
Buisson        Louise           6      Minnesota            Wabasha      63b--30
Buisson        Nancy            35     Minnesota            Wabasha      63b--26
Buler          Ben              22     Canada               Wahnahta     65a--16
Bullard        Levina           23     Ohio                 Wabasha      64a--23
Bullard        N                23     New York             Wabasha      64a--22
Bullingham     Hiram            23     Maine                Ramsey       60a--12
Bunnel         David P          6      Wisconsin            Wabasha      64a--36
Bunnel         Francis          20     New York             Wabasha      64a--39
Bunnel         John B           4      Wisconsin            Wabasha      64a--37
Bunnel         Louise Ann       2      Wisconsin            Wabasha      64a--38
Bunnel         Matilda          23     Michigan             Wabasha      64a--35
Bunnel         William          36     New York             Wabasha      64a--34
Burke          Johanna          25     Ireland              Ramsey       35b--17
Burke          Patrick          30     Ireland              Ramsey       35b--16
Burkelos       Henry            3      Minnesota            Washington   70b--04
Burkelos       Orange           4      Minnesota            Washington   70b--03
Burkelos       Samuel           43     Delaware             Washington   70b--01
Burkelos       Samuel           1      Minnesota            Washington   70b--05
Burkelos       Susan            23     Tenn                 Washington   70b--02
Burkey         Hiram            38     Penn                 Washington   67a--36
Burman         Daniel           24     Ohio                 Benton       05b--11
Burnes         Christopher      27     Canada               Benton       02a--01
Burris         Almira           20     New York             Washington   79b--20
Burton         Anna             42     Massachusetts        Ramsey       38a--41
Bush           Charlotte        27     Michigan             Wabasha      64a--01
Bush           George           2      Wisconsin            Washington   69a--26
Bush           John             45     New York             Wabasha      63b--42
Bush           Thomas           12     Illinois             Washington   69a--27
Bush           William          28     New York             Washington   69a--24
Bush           Zoralda          25     Ohio                 Washington   69a--25
Bushaware      John             22     Min Terry            Ramsey       58b--30
Bushman        Baptiste         15     Red River British    Pembina      24b--04
Bushman        Beshen Mas       46     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      24b--01
Bushman        Caroline         9      Red River British    Pembina      24b--05
Bushman        Cecila           9      Red River British    Pembina      24b--06
Bushman        Isabella         17     Red River British    Pembina      24b--03
Bushman        Mary             40     Red River British    Pembina      24b--02
Bushman        Phillipe         2      Red River British    Pembina      24b--07
Butler         Henry C          22     New York             Ramsey       39b--30
Butler         Thomas           36     Ireland              Mankahta     16b--23
Button         William          24     England              Washington   72b--37
Butts          John C           21     Virginia             Dakota       11b--23
Byrne          Thomas           21     Ireland              Mankahta     16b--38
  The free display of the 1850 Minnesota Territory census images in the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of Elizabeth Kelly and the permission of S-K Publications.

Benton, Dakota, Itasca, Mankahta, Pembina, Ramsey, Wabasha, Wahnahta, and Washington counties.
  This index was transcribed by Sandy Sterling
and proofread by the following Team of volunteers - -
Connie Burkett, Jamie Lee Foot, Robin Locke, April Phillips, and Marsha Thompson

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