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Madison        Fanny            30     New York             Washington   71b--16
Madison        Luella           2      Minnesota            Washington   71b--17
Madison        Mary             6/12   Wisconsin            Washington   71b--18
Madison        Stephen          30     New York             Washington   71b--15
Mahan          Ellen            4      Mo                   Washington   68a--15
Mahan          Patrick          24     Ireland              Wabasha      63b--03
Mahoney        Eliza            31     Pennsylvania         Dakota       12a--31
Mahoney        Ellen            34     Ireland              Dakota       11b--14
Mahoney        James            35     Ireland              Dakota       11b--13
Mahoney        Jeremiah         33     Ireland              Dakota       12a--30
Mahoney        John             21     Ireland              Dakota       12a--18
Mahoney        Maryon           5      Illinois             Dakota       12a--33
Mahoney        Virginia         1      Minnesota            Dakota       11b--15
Mahoney        William          7      Arkansas             Dakota       12a--32
Mainter        Alexander        11     Red River British    Pembina      31a--28
Mainter        Antoine          8      Red River British    Pembina      31a--29
Mainter        Finias           5      Red River British    Pembina      31a--31
Mainter        Gabriel          20     Red River British    Pembina      31a--24
Mainter        Isabella         31     Red River British    Pembina      31a--23
Mainter        Isabella         15     Red River British    Pembina      31a--26
Mainter        Joseph           17     Red River British    Pembina      31a--25
Mainter        Josette          13     Red River British    Pembina      31a--27
Mainter        Louis            1      Red River British    Pembina      31a--32
Mainter        Sarah            6      Red River British    Pembina      31a--30
Mainter        Solomon          38     Red River British    Pembina      31a--22
Mallary        Asa              31     New York             Ramsey       56b--21
Mallary        Charles          3      Iowa                 Ramsey       56b--24
Mallary        Hanna            29     New York             Ramsey       56b--22
Mallary        Mary             6      Ohio                 Ramsey       56b--23
Malo           Louis            32     Canada               Dakota       09a--01
Malo           Louis            3      Minnesota            Dakota       09a--03
Malo           Sophia           21     Minnesota            Dakota       09a--02
Malty          Ceasar           4      Switzerland          Washington   75a--41
Malty          Elizabeth        24     Switzerland          Washington   75a--40
Malty          Frederick        46     Switzerland          Washington   75a--42
Malty          Jacob            28     Switzerland          Washington   75a--39
Managre        Alcange          8      Wisconson            Wahnahta     65a--20
Managre        Charles          22     Wisconson            Wahnahta     65a--19
Managre        Charles          3      Iowa                 Wahnahta     65a--22
Managre        Margaret         6      Iowa                 Wahnahta     65a--21
Managre        Peter            30     Wisconson            Wahnahta     65a--18
Managre        Polite           5/12   Wisconson            Wahnahta     65a--23
Mancomb        Ezra             25     Maine                Ramsey       59b--13
Maney          Lawrence         28     Ireland              Dakota       12b--02
Manisette      Catherine        17     Red River British    Pembina      32a--33
Manisette      Fegine           2      Pembina M Terr       Pembina      32a--39
Manisette      Isabella         21     Red River British    Pembina      32a--32
Manisette      Jacque           57     Red River British    Pembina      32a--29
Manisette      Jacque           7      Red River British    Pembina      32a--37
Manisette      Joseph           5      Red River British    Pembina      32a--38
Manisette      Louis            25     Red River British    Pembina      32a--31
Manisette      Magdelane        11     Red River British    Pembina      32a--36
Manisette      Marguritte       13     Red River British    Pembina      32a--35
Manisette      Mary             9      Red River British    Pembina      32a--40
Manisette      Mary Ann         48     Red River British    Pembina      32a--30
Manisette      Mary Ann         15     Red River British    Pembina      32a--34
Manley         Crane            4      Minnesota            Dakota       11a--31
Manley         James            43     Kentucky             Dakota       11a--29
Manley         James            1      Minnesota            Dakota       11a--32
Manley         Madeline         30     Missouri             Dakota       11a--30
Mann           Caroline         11     Germany              Ramsey       52b--03
Mann           Elizabeth        28     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       52b--02
Mann           John S           33     Vermont              Ramsey       52b--01
Mann           Mary Jane        2      Wisconsin            Ramsey       52b--04
Manon          Baptiste         30     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      22a--01
Manon          Josette          1      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      22a--05
Manon          Margaritte       9      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      22a--03
Manon          Mary             20     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      22a--02
Manon          Mary             2      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      22a--04
Mantz          John G           31     Germany              Dakota       12b--21
Marks          Isaac            27     Russia               Benton       05b--03
Marley         James            39     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       44b--29
Marond         Lewis            26     Canada               Benton       03a--39
Marond         Madaline         22     Minnesota            Benton       03a--40
Marshall       Abigail          62     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       59a--36
Marshall       Clara M          17     New York             Ramsey       59a--39
Marshall       J H W            20     Missouri             Ramsey       59a--35
Marshall       Rebecca L        18     Missouri             Ramsey       59a--37
Marshall       W R              23     Missouri             Ramsey       59a--34
Martele        Angelie          14     Red River British    Pembina      21b--40
Martele        Baptiste         40     Red River British    Pembina      21b--36
Martele        Baptiste         4      Red River British    Pembina      21b--41
Martele        Clouise          1      Red River British    Pembina      21b--42
Martele        Josette          30     Red River British    Pembina      21b--37
Martele        Lanquite         9      Red River British    Pembina      21b--39
Martele        Mary             12     Red River British    Pembina      21b--38
Martell        Angelie          13     Red River British    Pembina      23a--04
Martell        Eliza            42     Red River British    Pembina      22b--30
Martell        Joseph           12     R River British      Pembina      22b--34
Martell        Louis            19     R River British      Pembina      22b--31
Martell        Margaritte       7      R River British      Pembina      22b--36
Martell        Mary             14     R River British      Pembina      22b--33
Martell        Mayeso           9      R River British      Pembina      22b--35
Martell        Philemon         6      R River British      Pembina      22b--37
Martell        Susan            16     R River British      Pembina      22b--32
Martin         Adam             13     Germany              Washington   75a--16
Martin         Agnes            7      Minnesota            Dakota       08b--39
Martin         Claudia          41     France               Dakota       08b--34
Martin         Cole             22     Iowa                 Ramsey       47b--06
Martin         Elizabeth        29     Ohio                 Ramsey       38b--10
Martin         Elizabeth Mrs    30     Pennsylvania         Dakota       10b--14
Martin         Emily            17     Ohio                 Ramsey       38b--11
Martin         Hypolete         47     Canada               Dakota       08b--13
Martin         Joseph           98     Canada               Dakota       06a--07
Martin         Joseph           46     Wisconsin            Dakota       06a--09
Martin         Joseph           19     Minnesota            Dakota       08b--36
Martin         Lavina           10     Minnesota            Dakota       06a--10
Martin         Louis            48     Canada               Dakota       08b--33
Martin         Louis Jr         23     Minnesota            Dakota       08b--35
Martin         Madaline         28     Minnesota            Dakota       08b--21
Martin         Margaret E       4      Iowa                 Benton       05a--14
Martin         Mary             14     Minnesota            Dakota       08b--37
Martin         Mary A           25     Ohio                 Benton       05a--13
Martin         Mary R           3      Minnesota            Dakota       08b--22
Martin         Patrick          34     Ireland              Ramsey       56b--15
Martin         Rose             9      Minnesota            Dakota       08b--38
Martley        Ambrose          20     Kentucky             Washington   69a--21
Martley        Edward           2      Wisconsin            Washington   69a--22
Martley        Jacob            29     Canada               Washington   69a--20
Massey         Charles          27     Canada               Washington   77a--08
Masson         Francois         40     Red River British    Pembina      19a--36
Masson         Therese          40     Red River British    Pembina      19a--37
Masson         Therese          10     Red River British    Pembina      19a--38
Masterman      Abigail          26     Maine                Washington   71a--10
Masterman      Albion           27     Maine                Washington   69b--17
Masterman      Eliza            30     Ireland              Washington   69b--18
Masterman      Eliza Ann        11/12  Minnesota            Washington   69b--19
Masterman      Joseph           36     Maine                Washington   71a--09
Masterson      Henry F          26     New York             Ramsey       43a--24
Mathews        Buford           1      Illinois             Ramsey       36b--01
Mathews        Ira              22     Connecticutt         Ramsey       36b--03
Mathews        Linas            25     Connecticutt         Ramsey       36a--41
Mathews        Permele          30     Connecticutt         Ramsey       36b--02
Mathews        Sarah            22     Connecticutt         Ramsey       36a--42
Mathews        Wm               24     Ohio                 Ramsey       47b--30
Mathias        Thornton         23     Ohio                 Ramsey       39a--27
Matrous        J                31     Ohio                 Itasca       14b--05
Matrous        Martha           21     Ohio                 Itasca       14b--06
Matwein        Angelie          27     Red River British    Pembina      19a--23
Matwein        Charles          10     Pembina Minnesota    Pembina      19a--19
Matwein        J Baptiste       25     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      19a--22
Matwein        J Baptiste R     64     Pembina Minnesota    Pembina      19a--14
Matwein        Marguritte       61     Pembina Minnesota    Pembina      19a--15
Matwein        Marguritte       3      Pembina Min Terr     Pembina      19a--21
Matwein        Mary             32     Pembina Minnesota    Pembina      19a--16
Matwein        Mary             23     Pembina Minnesota    Pembina      19a--18
Matwein        Mitchel          8      Red River British    Pembina      19a--20
Matwein        Pierre           25     Pembina Minnesota    Pembina      19a--17
Maupin         James H          38     Kentucky             Ramsey       57b--08
Maupin         Jean             3      Wisconsin            Ramsey       57b--11
Maupin         Lucinda          26     New York             Ramsey       57b--09
Maupin         Mary C           11     Wisconsin            Ramsey       57b--10
Mauran         Helena           22     France               Ramsey       43b--39
Mayer          Ann              29     Ireland              Ramsey       46a--27
Mayer          James            24     England              Washington   77b--09
Mayer          James            2/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       46a--28
Mayer          John             1      Mass                 Washington   77b--05
Mayer          Lucy             3      Mass                 Washington   77b--04
Mayer          Nancy            21     Mass                 Washington   77b--03
Mayer          Patrick          34     Ireland              Ramsey       46a--26
Mayer          William          29     England              Washington   77b--02
Maynard        H                26     New York             Ramsey       43a--01
Mayrand        John             35     Wisconsin            Wahnahta     65b--38
Mayrand        Julia            38     Wisconsin            Wahnahta     65b--39
McAlister      Alice            3/12   Minnesota            Washington   75a--23
McAlister      Elizabeth        38     Maine                Washington   75a--19
McAlister      Hariett          10     Iowa                 Washington   75a--21
McAlister      Homer            44     Vermont              Washington   75a--18
McAlister      Thomas           3      Minnesota            Washington   75a--22
McAlister      Wilson M         14     Ohio                 Washington   75a--20
McBoal         James            45     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       41a--34
McCain         James            9/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       33a--42
McCalpine      J M              22     Canada               Mankahta     17a--01
McCann         Amelia           12     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       39a--19
McCann         Eliza Jane       14     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       39a--18
McCann         Hugh             37     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       39a--16
McCann         Hugh L           4      Ohio                 Ramsey       39a--23
McCann         John C           10     Ohio                 Ramsey       39a--20
McCann         Matilda          8      Ohio                 Ramsey       39a--21
McCann         Sarah Ann        35     Delaware             Ramsey       39a--17
McCann         Wm Henry         6      Ohio                 Ramsey       39a--22
McCarn         Bridget          17     Ireland              Ramsey       33a--03
McCarn         Charles          47     Ireland              Ramsey       33a--01
McCarn         Ellen            6      Pennsylvania         Ramsey       33a--06
McCarn         Francis          9/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       33a--07
McCarn         John             12     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       33a--04
McCarn         Margaret         46     Ireland              Ramsey       33a--02
McCarn         Mary             8      Maryland             Ramsey       33a--05
McCarron       Bridget          18     Ireland              Mankahta     16a--11
McCartie       Sarah            3      Minnesota            Washington   77b--30
McCartin       Wm               28     Ireland              Mankahta     16b--36
McCarty        Florence         12     Michigan             Ramsey       52a--37
McCarty        John             24     New York             Washington   67a--22
McCarty        Margaret         29     Ireland              Ramsey       52a--36
McCarty        Owen             35     Ireland              Ramsey       52a--38
McCaulass      Martin           25     Pennsylvania         Mankahta     17a--34
McCauslon      Minerva          19     Illinois             Washington   70b--06
McCleod        A R              32     Canada               Ramsey       47b--20
McCleod        Nancy            21     Min Territory        Ramsey       47b--21
McCloud        E West           22     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       41b--04
McCloud        John Jr          25     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       41b--03
McClure        Baptiste         44     Canada               Benton       05b--36
McClure        Baptiste         5/12   Minnesota            Benton       05b--38
McClure        Margaret         22     Minnesota            Benton       05b--37
McClure        Nancy            14     Minnesota            Dakota       07a--24
McComb         James D          24     Penn                 Washington   72a--32
McComb         John             21     Penn                 Washington   72b--27
McConnell      James            30     Ireland              Dakota       12b--26
McConnell      James            22     New York             Dakota       12b--27
McConnell      Mary Ann         25     Ireland              Dakota       10b--04
McCormack      Rachel           56     Ireland              Washington   78a--39
McCormick      James            82     Masachusetts         Dakota       06b--26
McCormick      John             50     New York             Mankahta     17b--06
McCue          Wm               22     Ireland              Dakota       12a--21
McCullough     Venice B         20     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       44a--35
McCumber       John             21     Ohio                 Ramsey       44a--37
McCune         C                24     Ireland              Washington   74b--02
McDermott      John             40     Ireland              Ramsey       52a--29
McDonald       Ann E            34     Ireland              Washington   78b--25
McDonald       Catharine        16     Minnesota            Benton       03a--10
McDonald       Donald           45     Canada               Benton       03a--05
McDonald       Elizabeth        18     Minnesota            Benton       03a--09
McDonald       Hellen           14     Mo                   Washington   78b--26
McDonald       Hugh             15     Ireland              Ramsey       47b--04
McDonald       Hugh             2      Minnesota            Washington   78b--28
McDonald       Jareat           37     Minnesota            Benton       03a--06
McDonald       John             5      Minnesota            Benton       03a--12
McDonald       John             42     Pennsylvania         Wabasha      64b--01
McDonald       Margaret         14     Minnesota            Benton       03a--11
McDonald       Mary             22     Minnesota            Benton       03a--07
McDonald       Nancy            20     Minnesota            Benton       03a--08
McDonald       Thomas           7      Mo                   Washington   78b--27
McDonald       Thomas           35     Ireland              Washington   78b--24
McDonald       William          2      Minnesota            Benton       03a--13
McDonough      John             45     Maine                Ramsey       60a--13
McDonough      Joseph           14     Maine                Ramsey       60a--16
McDonough      Lewis            16     Maine                Ramsey       60a--15
McDonough      Sylpa            46     Maine                Ramsey       60a--14
McElroy        M                30     Maine                Benton       04b--42
McFall         Eliza Ann        24     Maine                Washington   75b--37
McFall         James            30     Scotland             Washington   75b--36
McFarlane      Chas             31     New Brunswick        Ramsey       55a--12
McFarlane      Elizabeth        26     New Brunswick        Ramsey       55a--13
McFarlane      Helena           5      New Brunswick        Ramsey       55a--14
McFarlane      Margaret         22     Illinois             Ramsey       48a--21
McGee          Alise            35     Ireland              Dakota       11b--02
McGee          Ann              12     Ireland              Dakota       11b--03
McGee          James            34     Ireland              Dakota       11b--01
McGee          John             1      Minnesota            Dakota       11b--06
McGee          Richard          5      Wisconsin            Dakota       11b--05
McGee          William          6      Wisconsin            Dakota       11b--04
McGillis       Agnes            6      Michigan             Benton       01a--33
McGillis       Charlotte        16     Minnesota            Benton       01a--29
McGillis       Edward           11     Minnesota            Benton       01a--31
McGillis       Eliza            2      Minnesota            Benton       01a--34
McGillis       Frances          32     Minnesota            Benton       01a--35
McGillis       John             44     Michigan             Benton       01a--28
McGillis       Michael          9      Michigan             Benton       01a--32
McGillis       Zanee            14     Minnesota            Benton       01a--30
McGirk         Brunette         35     Kentucky             Ramsey       41a--03
McGlauflin     John             25     Ireland              Washington   77a--14
McGrath        Elizabeth        40     Canada               Mankahta     17a--31
McGrath        Michael          40     Ireland              Mankahta     17a--30
McGrath        Michel           49     Canada               Mankahta     17a--32
McGraw         Kelso            12     Penn                 Washington   77b--33
McGregor       David W          3      Min Terry            Ramsey       40b--13
McGregor       Henry            5      Min Terry            Ramsey       40b--12
McGregor       John T           36     Scotland             Ramsey       40b--10
McGregor       Mary Ann         30     England              Ramsey       40b--11
McGregor       Mary Ann         10/12  Min Terry            Ramsey       40b--14
McGregor       Oliver           18     Min Terry            Ramsey       39b--08
McHatie        Alexander        39     Scotland             Washington   77b--38
McHatie        Jane             2      Minnesota            Washington   77b--40
McHatie        Margeritte       24     Ireland              Washington   77b--39
McHatie        William          10/12  Minnesota            Washington   77b--41
McHatt         Mr               30     Ohio                 Washington   74b--33
McHattye       Ann              2      Minnesota            Washington   77b--36
McHattye       Jane             25     Ireland              Washington   77b--35
McHattye       John             40     Scotland             Washington   77b--34
McHepin        Joseph           35     England              Ramsey       59b--21
McHepin        Louisa           20     England              Ramsey       59b--22
McIntire       George           28     Ireland              Benton       05a--30
McIntire       John             30     New York             Mankahta     16a--12
McIntire       Mary Ann         27     Massachusetts        Mankahta     16b--17
McIntire       Mary E           8      Arkansas             Mankahta     16b--18
McIntosh       Abigail          18     New York             Ramsey       58a--39
McIntosh       E                27     Maine                Ramsey       58a--38
McJunes        John             28     Scotland             Dakota       12b--28
McKay          Andrew           40     Ireland              Washington   77b--10
McKay          Antoine          22     Red River            Washington   79b--31
McKay          Christian        4      Red River British    Pembina      22a--22
McKay          Francis          3      Minnesota            Washington   79b--35
McKay          Francis Jr       32     Red River            Washington   79b--33
McKay          Francis R        68     Red River            Washington   79b--29
McKay          Joseph           19     Minnesota            Washington   79b--32
McKay          Josette          24     Red River British    Pembina      22a--21
McKay          Louisa           19     Red River            Washington   79b--34
McKay          Margeritte       50     Red River            Washington   79b--30
McKay          Ruth             36     Virginia             Washington   77b--11
McKay          William          28     Red River British    Pembina      22a--20
McKean         Elias            31     Penn                 Washington   71b--28
McKee          John             28     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       46a--40
McKenny        Cheekqua         2      Minnesota            Mankahta     17b--13
McKenny        Francis          5      Iowa                 Mankahta     17b--11
McKenny        J H              33     Virginia             Mankahta     17b--08
McKenny        Mary             28     Iowa                 Mankahta     17b--09
McKenny        Mary             8      Iowa                 Mankahta     17b--10
McKenny        Sylvanus         3      Iowa                 Mankahta     17b--12
McKensey       John             30     Scotland             Washington   74b--15
McKenzie       John             47     Scotland             Mankahta     16b--32
McKenzie       Mary             35     Ireland              Mankahta     16b--28
McKenzie       Patrick          35     Ireland              Mankahta     16b--27
McKenzie       Sarah Jane       3      Arkansas             Mankahta     16b--29
McKing         Henry            31     Penn                 Washington   73b--07
McKinney       Andrew           21     Maine                Ramsey       57a--14
McKinney       Patrick          25     Ireland              Washington   78b--16
McKinsty       Aderlaid D       11     Illinois             Washington   71b--24
McKinsty       Catherine O      9      Wisconsin            Washington   71b--25
McKinsty       Delvira E        40     Conn                 Washington   71b--21
McKinsty       Eliza Jane       17     New York             Washington   71b--22
McKinsty       Horace           39     New York             Washington   71b--20
McKinsty       John L           14     Illinois             Washington   71b--23
McKinsty       Virginia M       6      Mo                   Washington   71b--26
McKnight       Henry            3/12   Minnesota            Washington   76b--28
McKnight       Jane             21     Minnesota            Washington   76b--26
McKnight       Joseph           30     Maine                Washington   76b--25
McKnight       Joseph Jr        4      Minnesota            Washington   76b--27
McKusick       Daniel           12     Maine                Washington   70a--26
McKusick       Elizabeth        9      Maine                Washington   70a--24
McKusick       Gilman           13     Maine                Washington   70a--23
McKusick       Helena           7      Maine                Washington   70a--25
McKusick       Henry S          1      Minnesota            Washington   70a--27
McKusick       Ivory E          23     Maine                Washington   75a--09
McKusick       John             34     Maine                Washington   75a--06
McKusick       Jonathan E       38     Maine                Washington   70a--21
McKusick       Minerva          32     New Brunsw           Washington   70a--22
McKusick       Noah             26     Maine                Washington   75a--08
McKusick       Servid C         23     Maine                Washington   75a--07
McKusick       William          23     Maine                Washington   70a--29
McLagan        Alice            19     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       39b--32
McLagan        Edward           22     Louisiana            Ramsey       39b--31
McLagan        Richard          4/12   Illinois             Ramsey       39b--33
McLane         Henry            24     Maine                Washington   71a--18
McLaren        A N              39     Scotland             Dakota       10b--07
McLaren        Eliza A          28     Massachusetts        Dakota       10b--08
McLaughlin     Dennis           35     Ireland              Ramsey       47b--39
McLaughlin     Wm               28     Ireland              Ramsey       47b--40
McLean         Arabella         25     Ohio                 Dakota       10a--13
McLean         Henry            27     New York             Mankahta     17a--28
McLean         Hester           58     Pennyslvania         Dakota       10a--12
McLean         Martha           16     Ohio                 Dakota       10a--17
McLean         Mary             20     Ohio                 Dakota       10a--16
McLean         Nathaniel        63     N Jersey             Dakota       10a--11
McLean         Nathaniel Jr     22     Ohio                 Dakota       10a--15
McLeod         Martin           36     Canada               Dakota       06b--38
McMann         Joseph           28     Ohio                 Wabasha      64b--12
McMannis       Michael          28     Ireland              Dakota       10a--01
McMillan       John             22     Ireland              Washington   73a--30
McMillen       J                15     Illinois             Dakota       12a--38
McMullin       James            29     Maine                Ramsey       55b--26
McNab          James            28     Scotland             Washington   74b--24
McNiff         Brigette         30     Ireland              Washington   78b--22
McNiff         John             34     Ireland              Washington   78b--21
McNiff         Mary Ann         1      Minnesota            Washington   78b--23
McPherson      John             23     New York             Washington   67a--14
McPherson      John             23     New York             Washington   73a--02
McShane        John             30     Missouri             Ramsey       37a--32
McSweet        George W         27     Connecticut          Benton       05b--22
Mead           Jacob            39     New York             Wabasha      64a--16
Meadly         Henry B          3      Mo                   Washington   74a--18
Meadly         Joseph           26     Indiana              Washington   74a--16
Meadly         Nathaniel        1      Iowa                 Washington   74a--19
Meadly         Sophia           21     Ohio                 Washington   74a--17
Means          John             36     Ireland              Ramsey       47a--20
Means          W                35     New York             Ramsey       47a--21
Mehecan        Ann Eliza        2      Illinois             Ramsey       41b--25
Mehecan        Mary             4      New York             Ramsey       41b--24
Mehecan        Mary             20     Ireland              Ramsey       41b--23
Mehecan        Timothy          34     Ireland              Ramsey       41b--22
Meily          J B              22     England              Ramsey       43b--26
Meland         Amanda           2      Canada               Ramsey       56a--38
Meland         Amelia           20     Canada               Ramsey       56a--37
Meland         Bridgette        22     Ireland              Ramsey       41b--29
Meland         Joseph           30     Canada               Ramsey       56a--36
Meland         Limat            7/12   Canada               Ramsey       56a--39
Meland         Louis            25     Canada               Ramsey       56a--40
Meland         Patrick          21     Ireland              Ramsey       41b--28
Melander       Henry            28     Sweden               Wahnahta     65b--01
Menary         Harriet          26     Wisconsin            Dakota       06a--02
Menton         Catherine        24     Ireland              Wabasha      63a--11
Menton         Thomas           24     Ireland              Wabasha      63a--10
Mercer         Stephen          22     New York             Washington   71a--17
Meredith       Ellen            24     Kentucky             Washington   67b--32
Meredith       James            33     New York             Washington   67b--31
Meredith       Martha Jane      2      Minnesota            Washington   67b--33
Meredith       Sofrena E        1      Illinois             Washington   67b--34
Merricle       Abraham          30     Pennsylvania         Wahnahta     65b--32
Messinger      John             25     England              Washington   72b--26
Messner        Dagebert         24     Wisconsin            Ramsey       46a--31
Meyotte        Francois         76     Red River British    Pembina      29a--35
Meyotte        Joseph           28     Red River British    Pembina      29a--38
Meyotte        Marguritte       1      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      29a--40
Meyotte        Mary             60     Red River British    Pembina      29a--36
Meyotte        Mary             60     Red River British    Pembina      29a--37
Meyotte        Mary             20     Red River British    Pembina      29a--39
Michael        Charles          31     Wisconsin            Ramsey       57b--26
Michee         Abram            50     Canada               Ramsey       39a--41
Michel         Antoine          26     Red River British    Pembina      31a--34
Michel         Eliza            23     Red River British    Pembina      31a--35
Michel         Eliza            2      Red River British    Pembina      31a--36
Middleton      Catherine        26     Ireland              Washington   77b--29
Middleton      James            60     Ireland              Washington   77b--25
Middleton      James            17     Ireland              Washington   77b--27
Middleton      Jane             60     Ireland              Washington   77b--28
Middleton      Samuel           28     Ireland              Washington   77b--22
Middleton      William          30     Ireland              Washington   77b--26
Miles          James            22     Nova Scotia          Washington   71b--40
Milkin         Alexander        29     New York             Ramsey       38b--06
Milkinson      Mary             6      Illinois             Ramsey       38b--42
Milkinson      Norton L         31     New York             Ramsey       38b--40
Milkinson      Sarah A          25     New York             Ramsey       38b--41
Miller         C F              21     Indiana              Ramsey       57b--40
Miller         Catharine        27     Pennyslvania         Ramsey       37b--05
Miller         Charles          5      Pennyslvania         Ramsey       37b--07
Miller         Christopher      28     Germany              Dakota       12b--22
Miller         Clementine       9/12   Iowa                 Washington   72a--27
Miller         Eliza            14     Pennyslvania         Dakota       10a--26
Miller         Eliza Ann        14     Pennyslvania         Ramsey       37b--06
Miller         Elizabeth        5      Wisconsin            Washington   72a--25
Miller         Italian          40     Virginia             Washington   72a--23
Miller         J Q A            35     Ohio                 Washington   71a--01
Miller         John P           40     Pennyslvania         Ramsey       37b--04
Miller         Lucretia         4      Ohio                 Ramsey       37b--08
Miller         Margarette       20     Ohio                 Washington   72a--24
Miller         Wilson           3      Iowa                 Washington   72a--26
Mincharla      William          43     Spain                Dakota       11a--37
Mini           Armadi           25     Switzerland          Ramsey       43b--15
Mini           Mary             22     Wisconsin            Ramsey       43b--16
Mitchell       A M              40     North Carolina       Ramsey       47b--14
Mitchell       John             23     Ireland              Ramsey       56b--03
Mitchell       John Jr          30     Canada               Ramsey       59b--18
Mitchell       Nancy            23     Ireland              Ramsey       56b--04
Mitichelle     Mrs              27     Canada               Washington   73a--35
Mitichelle     N                30     Canada               Washington   73a--34
Mixon          William          21     Tennessee            Dakota       11b--37
Mollen         Lamez            26     England              Washington   74b--14
Mollen         Moses            40     Canada               Washington   67a--23
Monesitte      Assenean         25     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      30b--13
Monesitte      Assenean         5      Red River British    Pembina      30b--15
Monesitte      Eliza            1      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      30b--16
Monesitte      Julie            20     Red River British    Pembina      30b--14
Monin          Bozil            1      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28b--19
Monin          Francois         36     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28b--14
Monin          Henrie           22     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      30b--25
Monin          Isavia           3      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28b--18
Monin          John             12     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28b--16
Monin          Marie            20     Red River British    Pembina      30b--26
Monin          Mary             30     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28b--15
Monin          Mary             6      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28b--17
Monison        George D         23     Canada British       Pembina      19a--05
Monroe         J Capt           30     Virginia             Dakota       10b--10
Monroe         Virginia         20     Georgia              Dakota       10b--11
Monroe         William          1      Minnesota            Dakota       10b--12
Montaigne      Alexis F         55     Canada               Ramsey       46a--22
Monti          F                24     Switzerland          Ramsey       43b--13
Montoir        Abraham          19     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      23b--06
Montoir        Bonam            75     Red River British    Pembina      23b--05
Montoir        Isabella         3      Red River British    Pembina      23b--12
Montoir        Magdalain        5      Red River British    Pembina      23b--11
Montoir        Magdalane        26     Red River British    Pembina      23b--10
Montoir        Magdalane        1      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      23b--08
Montoir        Pascal           28     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      23b--09
Montoir        Sophia           17     Red River British    Pembina      23b--07
Montour        Angelique        27     Wisconsin            Ramsey       40a--38
Montour        Charles          1      Wisconsin            Ramsey       40b--01
Montour        Emily            7      Wisconsin            Ramsey       40a--40
Montour        Joseph           39     Canada               Ramsey       40a--37
Montour        Joseph           9      Wisconsin            Ramsey       40a--39
Montour        Lyman            6      Wisconsin            Ramsey       40a--41
Montour        Marie L          2      Wisconsin            Ramsey       40a--42
Montreau       Alexis           21     Red River British    Pembina      24b--19
Montreau       Elenor           8      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      24b--25
Montreau       Francies         6      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      24b--26
Montreau       Francois         10     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      24b--24
Montreau       Isabella         33     Red River British    Pembina      24b--16
Montreau       Isabella         25     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      24b--18
Montreau       John             18     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      24b--20
Montreau       Joseph           42     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      24b--15
Montreau       Joseph           26     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      24b--17
Montreau       Madelane         12     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      24b--23
Montreau       Margaritte       16     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      24b--21
Montreau       Mary             15     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      24b--22
Montreulle     Joseph           98     Montreal C E         Wabasha      62b--07
Montreulle     Joseph Jr        46     Prairie du Chien Wis Wabasha      62b--09
Montreulle     Laurent          10     Minnesota Territory  Wabasha      62b--10
Montreulle     Susan            10     Lake Travers Minn    Wabasha      62b--24
Montrille      Antoine          16     Minnesota            Benton       03a--32
Montrille      Joseph           45     Minnesota            Benton       03a--30
Montrille      Susan            46     Minnesota            Benton       03a--31
Monts          Hiram            22     New York             Ramsey       38b--37
Moody          Phinea           23     New Hampshire        Ramsey       47a--39
Moon           George W         26     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       42b--06
Moons          John             30     Blue Fountain Minn   Wabasha      62b--11
Moore          Hazen            55     New York             Dakota       09b--26
Moore          Jane             20     Minnesota            Dakota       09b--27
Moran          Edward           32     Ireland              Dakota       12b--23
Morara         Jacob            23     S Carolina           Dakota       12a--13
Moray          Eliz             20     New York             Ramsey       43a--03
Moray          Ely              21     New York             Ramsey       44b--04
Moren          P A              28     New Brunswick        Benton       02b--04
Morgan         Bridget          46     Ireland              Dakota       11a--34
Morgan         Georgiana        1      Minnesota            Washington   73b--03
Morgan         Hanah            20     Germany              Washington   73b--02
Morgan         John             30     Penn                 Washington   73b--01
Morgan         Samuel           19     Ireland              Dakota       12b--24
Morgan         William          58     Ireland              Dakota       11a--33
Moriarty       Daniel           27     Ireland              Dakota       11b--36
Morin          Aimable          40     .                    Ramsey       51a--35
Morin          Maria            22     Min Terry            Ramsey       51a--36
Morin          Marie            2      Min Terry            Ramsey       51a--37
Morisette      Amounette        11     Canada               Ramsey       34b--02
Morisette      Anna             4      Canada               Ramsey       34b--05
Morisette      David            1      Min Terry            Ramsey       34b--07
Morisette      Henriette        31     Canada               Ramsey       34a--42
Morisette      Henry            4      Canada               Ramsey       34b--25
Morisette      Henry            2      Min Terry            Ramsey       34b--27
Morisette      Jean             57     Canada               Ramsey       34a--41
Morisette      Joseph           30     Canada               Ramsey       34b--23
Morisette      Joseph           2      Min Terry            Ramsey       34b--26
Morisette      Malie            6      Canada               Ramsey       34b--04
Morisette      Margaret         21     Canada               Ramsey       34b--24
Morisette      Marie            3      Min Terry            Ramsey       34b--06
Morisette      Matilda          12     Canada               Ramsey       34b--01
Morisette      Michael          21     Canada               Ramsey       34b--08
Morisette      Zoe              8      Canada               Ramsey       34b--03
Morrison       Alice            4      Wisconsin            Ramsey       36a--35
Morrison       Allen            47     Canada               Benton       02b--09
Morrison       Allen            2      Minnesota            Benton       02b--16
Morrison       Annette          6      Wisconsin            Ramsey       36a--34
Morrison       Caroline         10     Minnesota            Benton       02b--14
Morrison       Charlotte        14     Minnesota            Benton       02b--11
Morrison       Daniel           7      Wisconsin            Ramsey       36a--33
Morrison       Francis          2      Wisconsin            Ramsey       36a--36
Morrison       Jane             8      Minnesota            Mankahta     17b--17
Morrison       Jane             11     Minnesota            Benton       02b--12
Morrison       John G           8      Minnesota            Benton       02b--13
Morrison       Mary             30     Ireland              Ramsey       36a--32
Morrison       Mary             18     Minnesota            Benton       02b--10
Morrison       Mary Ann         5/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       36a--37
Morrison       Rachel           5      Minnesota            Benton       02b--15
Morrison       Wm C             30     New York             Ramsey       36a--31
Morrisson      Albert           10     Wisconsin            Itasca       14a--05
Morrisson      Jane E           6      Wisconsin            Itasca       14a--07
Morrisson      John             15     Wisconsin            Itasca       14a--04
Morrisson      Joseph           41     Canada               Itasca       14a--02
Morrisson      Mary             35     Canada               Itasca       14a--03
Morrisson      Susan            8      Wisconsin            Itasca       14a--06
Morse          Edward           52     Massachusetts        Wabasha      63a--33
Morse          Emily O          8      Illinois             Wabasha      63a--35
Morse          Esther P         42     New York             Wabasha      63a--34
Morse          Henry            27     Virginia             Washington   70b--41
Morse          Minnesota        7/12   Minnesota            Wabasha      63a--36
Mortimer       Elizabeth        48     Nova Scotia          Washington   78b--03
Mortimer       Elizabeth        47     Nova Scotia          Ramsey       36b--14
Mortimer       George F         12     Minnesota            Washington   78b--04
Mortimer       Mary Ann         9      Minnesota            Washington   78b--05
Mortimer       Mary Jane        9      Min Terry            Ramsey       36b--16
Mortimer       Wm               14     Min Terry            Ramsey       36b--15
Morton         L S              34     New York             Washington   68b--30
Moses          Martha Ann       10     Indiana              Ramsey       42b--29
Moshen         Jacob            22     Canada               Washington   78a--40
Mosher         Jacob            30     Canada               Washington   78a--24
Moshgrave      John             35     England              Washington   74a--37
Moshier        Cornelia         27     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       41a--38
Moshier        George           3      Missouri             Ramsey       41a--39
Moshier        Joseph           31     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       41a--37
Mosie          Rosana           29     Indiana              Ramsey       42b--30
Moss           Amanda H         28     Vermont              Washington   73a--40
Moss           Henry L          35     Mass                 Washington   70b--29
Mott           John             30     Minnesota            Dakota       06a--11
Moulton        Elijah           23     Maine                Ramsey       59a--11
Mountrell      Abba             35     Minnesota            Itasca       14b--18
Mountrell      Charles          18     Minnesota            Itasca       14b--19
Mountrell      Joseph           42     Minnesota            Itasca       14b--17
Mountrell      Louis            16     Minnesota            Itasca       14b--20
Mountrell      Mary             14     Minnesota            Itasca       14b--21
Mountrell      Susan            6      Minnesota            Itasca       14b--22
Mousseau       Antoine          10     Min Terry            Ramsey       59a--07
Mousseau       Charles          32     Canada               Ramsey       59a--02
Mousseau       Charles          16     Min Terry            Ramsey       59a--04
Mousseau       David            12     Min Terry            Ramsey       59a--06
Mousseau       Fanny            32     France               Ramsey       59a--03
Mousseau       Henry            14     Min Terry            Ramsey       59a--05
Mousseau       Marianne         8      Min Terry            Ramsey       59a--09
Mousseau       Michel           4      Min Terry            Ramsey       59a--08
Mousseau       Sophie           2      Min Terry            Ramsey       59a--10
Mower          Albert           7      Iowa                 Washington   69b--22
Mower          Candice          23     Illinois             Washington   67a--07
Mower          Ellen            6      Wisconsin            Washington   69b--23
Mower          Emily            3      Minnesota            Washington   69b--24
Mower          Frank            25     New York             Washington   75b--13
Mower          Gratia Ann       25     Maine                Washington   69b--21
Mower          Infant           3/12   Minnesota            Washington   69b--25
Mower          James R          24     Illinois             Washington   67a--06
Mower          John E           32     Maine                Washington   69b--20
Mower          Louis            22     New York             Washington   68b--27
Mower          Martin           29     Maine                Washington   69b--26
Mulholtan      Christopher      27     Ireland              Dakota       12b--25
Mullen         John             24     Ireland              Ramsey       48a--09
Muller         Peter            35     Illinois             Ramsey       41a--17
Munn           S                28     New York             Benton       01b--24
Murkey         William          31     Canada               Washington   73a--24
Murphy         Catharine        28     Ireland              Ramsey       36b--08
Murphy         Edward           23     Illinois             Washington   74b--25
Murphy         Ella             2      New York             Ramsey       36b--09
Murphy         Ellen            30     Ireland              Ramsey       47a--40
Murphy         John             3/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       36b--10
Murphy         John H           26     New Jersey           Ramsey       58b--41
Murphy         Luke             32     Ireland              Ramsey       36b--07
Murphy         Mary A           25     New Jersey           Ramsey       58b--42
Murphy         Mary E           18     New Jersey           Ramsey       59a--01
Murphy         Morris           40     Ireland              Mankahta     17a--04
Murray         Charles          3/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       40b--36
Murray         Clinten          19     Ills                 Ramsey       40b--30
Murray         D C              42     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       40b--28
Murray         Elijah           53     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       40b--37
Murray         Hanna            28     Canada               Ramsey       40b--29
Murray         Harriet          8      Ohio                 Ramsey       40b--34
Murray         Jane             2      Illinois             Ramsey       40b--35
Murray         Melvina          13     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       40b--32
Murray         Orsen            5      Illinois             Ramsey       40b--33
Murray         Susana           17     Ills                 Ramsey       40b--31
Murray         Wm P             24     Ohio                 Ramsey       39b--29
Murry          Dusette          35     Minnesota            Benton       04a--17
Murry          Joseph           40     Canada               Benton       04a--16
Murry          Joseph           3      Minnesota            Benton       04a--18
Murry          Louisa           1      Minnesota            Benton       04a--19
Mussbourn      Samuel           34     Germany              Dakota       12b--29
Myer           Catharine        80     Wisconsin            Wahnahta     66b--06
Myer           Narcisse         27     Canada               Ramsey       38b--27
Myers          George           17     Virginia             Washington   67a--20
Myers          Henry            25     Germany              Washington   69a--14
Myers          Jacob            31     Virginia             Washington   67a--21
Myet           Paul             21     Canada               Dakota       08a--42
Myotte         Charles          21     Canada               Dakota       09b--03
Myre           H                20     Germany              Washington   74b--13
Myrick         Laura            2      Wisconsin            Ramsey       44b--36
Myrick         Louisa           2      Wisconsin            Ramsey       44b--37
Myrick         Matilda          7/12   Minn Terr            Ramsey       44b--38
Myrick         Nathan           28     New York             Ramsey       44b--34
Myrick         Rebecca          25     New York             Ramsey       44b--35
  The free display of the 1850 Minnesota Territory census images in the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of Elizabeth Kelly and the permission of S-K Publications.

Benton, Dakota, Itasca, Mankahta, Pembina, Ramsey, Wabasha, Wahnahta, and Washington counties.
  This index was transcribed by Sandy Sterling
and proofread by the following Team of volunteers - -
Connie Burkett, Jamie Lee Foot, Robin Locke, April Phillips, and Marsha Thompson

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