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Dabril         Eliza            12     Canada               Ramsey       46a--04
Dabril         George           14     Canada               Ramsey       46a--03
Dagger         Eliza Jane       20     Wisconsin            Washington   71b--06
Dagger         Francis Jane     5/12   Wisconsin            Washington   71b--07
Dagger         Hellen           5      Wisconsin            Washington   71b--08
Dagger         Loranza          36     New York             Washington   71b--05
Daily          C P              24     New York             Washington   72b--22
Dallas         Jonathan         23     Ohio                 Ramsey       52a--30
Dallas         Wm               22     Ohio                 Ramsey       52a--31
Damaree        Jane             12     Minnesota            Dakota       08b--11
Damont         Joseph           38     New York             Washington   79a--36
Dana           N T              30     Unknown              Mankahta     17b--14
Dana           Nana             25     Unknown              Mankahta     17b--15
Dana           NN               2      Minnesota            Mankahta     17b--16
Danbury        John             20     Conn                 Washington   69a--01
Danfine        Henrietta        5      Minnesota            Washington   77a--06
Danfine        Mary             20     Red River            Washington   77a--05
Danfine        Michele          30     Canada               Washington   77a--04
Danford        Edward J         24     Georgia              Ramsey       43b--22
Danford        Emma             24     England              Ramsey       43b--23
Daniel         Mary             20     Min Terry            Ramsey       56a--16
Daniel         Peter            7      Min Terry            Ramsey       56a--17
Daniel         Peter            30     Canada               Ramsey       56a--15
Daniels        George           28     Vermont              Ramsey       43a--06
Daniels        George           21     Maine                Benton       02b--02
Daniels        Joseph           30     Vermont              Ramsey       43a--07
Darling        Joel M           20     New York             Washington   75b--12
Darning        James            31     Ireland              Washington   72a--17
Davis          A S              30     Maine                Ramsey       57a--22
Davis          Alonzo           18     Maine                Ramsey       57a--24
Davis          Anna             49     Maine                Ramsey       57a--16
Davis          Baptiste         28     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      27a--25
Davis          Baptiste         18     Red River British    Pembina      29b--26
Davis          Baptiste         4      Red River British    Pembina      27a--31
Davis          Baptiste         1      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      29b--32
Davis          Catherine        17     Red River British    Pembina      29b--27
Davis          Catherine        8      Red River British    Pembina      27a--29
Davis          Charles          25     England              Benton       01a--19
Davis          Chloe            21     Maine                Ramsey       54b--22
Davis          Christopher      27     Maine                Ramsey       54b--21
Davis          Christopher      24     Maine                Benton       04b--32
Davis          Cloe             19     Maine                Benton       04b--33
Davis          David            77     Upper Canada         Pembina      29b--24
Davis          Ebin             17     Maine                Ramsey       57a--19
Davis          Graham F         13     Maine                Washington   75b--28
Davis          Helen            12     Red River British    Pembina      27a--27
Davis          Hellen           34     Mass                 Washington   78a--34
Davis          James            36     Mass                 Washington   78a--33
Davis          James            30     Maryland             Ramsey       47b--07
Davis          Jerome           3      Red River British    Pembina      29b--31
Davis          John             35     Illinois             Dakota       10b--01
Davis          John             35     Georgia              Benton       05b--01
Davis          John             24     New York             Washington   67b--12
Davis          Jonathan         58     Ohio                 Washington   79b--36
Davis          Joseph           27     Maine                Ramsey       57a--17
Davis          Josette          60     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      29b--25
Davis          Josette          6      Red River British    Pembina      27a--30
Davis          Julie            25     Red River British    Pembina      27a--26
Davis          Julie            10     Red River British    Pembina      27a--28
Davis          Marie            20     Red River British    Pembina      27a--33
Davis          Marie            20     Red River British    Pembina      29b--29
Davis          Mary             19     Red River            Washington   79b--37
Davis          Mary             10     Maine                Ramsey       57a--20
Davis          Mary Ann         27     Maine                Ramsey       57a--23
Davis          Richard          50     Maine                Ramsey       57a--15
Davis          Sylvester        5      Maine                Ramsey       57a--21
Davis          William          27     Red River British    Pembina      29b--28
Davis          William          26     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      27a--32
Davis          William          6      Red River British    Pembina      29b--30
Davis          William          6      Red River British    Pembina      27a--34
Davis          Winthrop         22     Maine                Ramsey       57a--18
Dawly          Richard S        26     New York             Mankahta     16a--28
Day            David            25     Virginia             Ramsey       38a--34
Day            Elizabeth        14     Maine                Ramsey       58a--05
Day            Ellen            21     Kentucky             Ramsey       39b--03
Day            Francis E        15     Maine                Ramsey       58a--04
Day            Geo W            1      Wisconsin            Ramsey       39b--05
Day            George W         36     Indiana              Washington   79a--34
Day            Guncela          7      Maine                Ramsey       58a--09
Day            Helen G          10     Maine                Ramsey       58a--07
Day            Horatio V        12     Maine                Ramsey       58a--06
Day            James            31     Virginia             Ramsey       39b--02
Day            Lucy             8      Maine                Ramsey       58a--08
Day            Mary             5      Maine                Ramsey       58a--10
Day            Mary Ann         34     Maine                Ramsey       58a--03
Day            Patrick          35     Ireland              Mankahta     16a--14
Day            Wm B             7      Wisconsin            Ramsey       39b--04
Day            Wm P             37     Maine                Ramsey       58a--02
Daylen         John             24     Ireland              Dakota       10b--09
Dayton         Lyman            40     Connecticutt         Ramsey       47a--11
Dayton         Lyman C          19     Rhode Island         Ramsey       47a--13
Dayton         Maria            39     Rhode Island         Ramsey       47a--12
Dayton         Mr               25     Ohio                 Washington   72b--16
Dean           Reuben           34     Pennsylvania         Dakota       11a--20
Deane          Jeremiah         26     Kentucky             Ramsey       45b--04
Deane          Joseph           25     Ireland              Ramsey       45a--34
Deane          Nancy H          25     New York             Ramsey       45a--35
Decamp         Edwin            22     Ohio                 Ramsey       48b--01
Decamp         J Warren         24     Ohio                 Ramsey       48a--42
Decatiar       Agustine         1      Red River British    Pembina      20a--36
Decatiar       Josette          28     Red River British    Pembina      20a--33
Decatiar       Margaritte       9      Red River British    Pembina      20a--35
Decatiar       Pierre           37     Red River British    Pembina      20a--32
Decatiar       Pierre           11     Red River British    Pembina      20a--34
Dechallais     Bazil            12     Min Terry            Ramsey       52b--28
Dechallais     Charles          5      Min Terry            Ramsey       52b--32
Dechallais     David            10     Min Terry            Ramsey       52b--30
Dechallais     Frances          40     Min Terry            Ramsey       52b--27
Dechallais     Louis            40     Min Terry            Ramsey       52b--26
Dechallais     Marie            7      Min Terry            Ramsey       52b--31
Dechallais     Pierre           21     Min Terry            Ramsey       52b--29
Dechallais     Rose             3      Min Terry            Ramsey       52b--33
Decotier       Baptiste         5      Red River British    Pembina      19b--08
Decotier       Gloria           3      Pembina M Ter y      Pembina      19b--09
Decotier       Joseph           47     Red River British    Pembina      19b--02
Decotier       Joseph           18     Red River British    Pembina      19b--04
Decotier       Madeline         7      Red River British    Pembina      19b--07
Decotier       Marguritte       15     Red River British    Pembina      19b--05
Decotier       Marie            40     Red River British    Pembina      19b--03
Decotier       Marie            10     Red River British    Pembina      19b--06
Decotier       Moyeso           1      Pembina M Ter y      Pembina      19b--10
Dee            Joseph           30     Canada               Washington   71b--38
Defon          Bozil            14     Red River British    Pembina      28b--34
Defon          Isabella         36     Red River British    Pembina      28b--31
Defon          Joseph           8      Red River British    Pembina      28b--37
Defon          Josette          12     Red River British    Pembina      28b--35
Defon          Louis            46     Red River British    Pembina      28b--30
Defon          Louis            19     Red River British    Pembina      28b--32
Defon          Lucy             17     Red River British    Pembina      28b--33
Defon          Manville         6      Red River British    Pembina      28b--38
Defon          Mary             1      Red River British    Pembina      28b--39
Defon          Thomas           10     Red River British    Pembina      28b--36
Defough        James            20     Canada               Benton       05a--08
Degarman       R H              25     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       46a--37
Dejarlais      Antoine          54     Canada British       Pembina      19a--24
Dejarlais      Antoine          25     Red River British    Pembina      19a--27
Dejarlais      Francois         19     Red River British    Pembina      19a--28
Dejarlais      Francois         6      Red River British    Pembina      19a--29
Dejarlais      Susanna          58     Red River British    Pembina      19a--25
Dejarlais      Susanna          28     Red River British    Pembina      19a--26
Delain         Antoine          10     Red Lake M Ter       Pembina      20b--10
Delain         Francois         40     Red Lake M Ter       Pembina      20b--07
Delain         Joseph           12     Leach Lake M Ter     Pembina      20b--09
Delain         Satain           38     Red Lake M Ter       Pembina      20b--08
Delaney        Michel           25     Ireland              Ramsey       59a--21
Delany         Mr               22     Ireland              Washington   73a--25
Delille        Agnes            1/12   Minnesota            Benton       04a--15
Delille        Catharine        30     Ireland              Benton       04a--11
Delille        Frances          4      Canada               Benton       04a--13
Delille        Francis          45     Canada               Benton       04a--10
Delille        Isaac            2      Canada               Benton       04a--14
Delille        Mary             6      Canada               Benton       04a--12
Delmar         Ann              9      Red River British    Pembina      26a--12
Delmar         Bozil            47     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      25b--01
Delmar         Elizabeth        7      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      26a--13
Delmar         Isabella         32     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      26a--09
Delmar         Isabella         14     Red River British    Pembina      26a--10
Delmar         Joseph           35     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      26a--08
Delmar         Joseph           24     Red River British    Pembina      25b--16
Delmar         Joseph           13     Red River British    Pembina      26a--11
Delmar         Louis            3/12   Pembina M Ter        Pembina      26a--16
Delmar         Margaritte       43     Red River British    Pembina      25b--02
Delmar         Sarah            5      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      26a--14
Delmar         William          3      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      26a--15
Delonner       Michael          13     Wisconsin            Ramsey       44a--01
Demanas        Margaret         14     Min Terry            Ramsey       46a--20
Demanas        Marie            9      Min Terry            Ramsey       38b--22
Demarais       Josette          21     Min Terry            Ramsey       50a--06
Demarais       Madeline         22     Min Terry            Ramsey       49a--18
Demarais       Rosalie          1      Min Terry            Ramsey       50a--08
Demarais       Seviene          26     Min Terry            Ramsey       49a--17
Demarais       Xavier           28     Min Terry            Ramsey       50a--05
Demarais       Xavier           4      Min Terry            Ramsey       50a--07
Demarce        Amare            4      Canada               Ramsey       33b--06
Demarce        Caroline         13     Canada               Ramsey       33b--42
Demarce        Dominique        43     Canada               Ramsey       33a--37
Demarce        Dominique        16     Canada               Ramsey       33b--41
Demarce        George           13     Canada               Ramsey       33b--01
Demarce        Helizo           8      Canada               Ramsey       33b--04
Demarce        John B           50     Canada               Ramsey       33b--38
Demarce        John B Jr        17     Canada               Ramsey       33b--40
Demarce        Lambert          12     Canada               Ramsey       33b--02
Demarce        Margaret         10     Canada               Ramsey       33b--03
Demarce        Marie            36     Canada               Ramsey       33a--38
Demarce        Massilin         40     Canada               Ramsey       33b--39
Demarce        Octave C         17     Canada               Ramsey       33a--39
Demarce        Olesime          2      Canada               Ramsey       33b--07
Demarce        Vanette          16     Canada               Ramsey       33a--40
Demarce        Zephier          6      Canada               Ramsey       33b--05
Demarrah       Joseph Jr        12     Minnesota            Benton       03b--22
Demarrah       Joseph Sr        40     Minnesota            Benton       03b--21
Demarrah       Margaret         14     Minnesota            Benton       03b--24
Demarrah       Mary             3      Minnesota            Benton       03b--25
Demarrah       Narses           10     Minnesota            Benton       03b--23
Demonay        Francois         50     Red River British    Pembina      30b--37
Demonay        Francois         14     Red River British    Pembina      30b--39
Demonay        Margaritte       50     Red River British    Pembina      30b--38
Demonay        Marie            12     Red River British    Pembina      30b--40
Demoney        Hevia            6      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      31a--01
Demoney        Polette          4      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      31a--02
Demoney        Sophia           2      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      31a--03
Dennis         Danl             22     Canada               Washington   67b--07
Dennis         Felix            31     Canada               Benton       03b--02
Dennis         John             1      Minnesota            Benton       03b--04
Dennis         Josaphine        25     Canada               Benton       03b--03
Dennoye        Mary             40     Ireland              Ramsey       53a--06
Dennoye        Stephen          50     Canada               Ramsey       53a--05
Denss          Gabriel          6      Red River British    Pembina      22a--19
Denss          Harriet          14     Red River British    Pembina      22a--17
Denss          Isabella         20     Red River British    Pembina      22a--15
Denss          Louis            11     Red River British    Pembina      22a--18
Denss          Michel           47     Red River British    Pembina      22a--14
Denss          Pierre           18     Red River British    Pembina      22a--16
Dent           Samuel H         27     Kentucky             Ramsey       46a--39
Denton         Albert           12     Min Terry            Ramsey       51b--03
Denton         Daniel           3      Min Terry            Ramsey       51b--06
Denton         Francis          10     Min Terry            Ramsey       51b--04
Denton         Francois         42     Switzerland          Ramsey       51b--01
Denton         Lucius           8      Min Terry            Ramsey       51b--05
Denton         Persis           42     Canada               Ramsey       51b--02
Deoan          John B**         28     Canada               Wahnahta     65a--35
Depew          Allen            6      Ohio                 Benton       03b--14
Depew          Catharine        44     New York             Benton       03b--16
Depew          John             34     Ohio                 Benton       03b--12
Depew          Mary E           4      Ohio                 Benton       03b--15
Depew          Morris           11     Ohio                 Benton       03b--13
DePuis         Agnes            6      Minnesota            Dakota       08b--18
DePuis         Anglesie         37     Minnesota            Dakota       08b--15
DePuis         George H         1      Minnesota            Dakota       08b--20
DePuis         Hypolete         43     Canada               Dakota       08b--14
DePuis         Louisa           8      Minnesota            Dakota       08b--17
DePuis         Margarette       10     Minnesota            Dakota       08b--16
DePuis         William          3      Minnesota            Dakota       08b--19
DeRocher       John B           15     Canada               Ramsey       40a--07
DeRocher       Lewis E          3/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       40a--04
DeRocher       Marie            55     Canada               Ramsey       40a--08
DeRocher       Rosalie          18     Iowa                 Ramsey       40a--03
DeRocher       Wm               31     Canada               Ramsey       40a--02
Desair         Couzac           1      Min Terry            Ramsey       49a--25
Desair         Elizabeth        7      Min Terry            Ramsey       49a--23
Desair         James            3      Min Terry            Ramsey       49a--24
Desair         Josephine        8      Min Terry            Ramsey       49a--22
Desair         Marianne         11     Min Terry            Ramsey       49a--21
Desair         Melinda          24     Illinois             Ramsey       49a--20
Desair         Peter            40     Canada               Ramsey       49a--19
Deshain        Azure            1      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      23b--17
Deshain        Elenor           7      Red River British    Pembina      22b--40
Deshain        Francois         26     Red River British    Pembina      23b--13
Deshain        Francois         3      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      23b--16
Deshain        Genevie          3/12   Red River British    Pembina      22b--42
Deshain        Joseph           5      Red River British    Pembina      22b--41
Deshain        Josette          25     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      22b--39
Deshain        Marie            22     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      23b--14
Deshain        Philemon         5      Red River British    Pembina      23b--15
Deshain        Pierre           31     Red River British    Pembina      22b--38
Desmond        John             23     New York             Washington   74b--09
Desmond        Thomas           27     Ireland              Washington   78b--20
Deszrlies      Peter            18     Canada               Benton       03b--32
Detour         Amelia           4      Wisconsin            Washington   76b--39
Detour         Angelique        24     Pumbina              Washington   76b--38
Detour         Elaine           2      Minnesota            Washington   76b--40
Detour         Felix            32     Canada               Washington   76b--37
Devilin        John             25     Ireland              Ramsey       37a--37
Deway          Caroline         26     New York             Ramsey       58a--40
Deweber        Isaiah B         40     New York             Ramsey       39b--19
Deweber        Nancy            34     Missouri             Ramsey       39b--20
Dewey          Joel             25     New York             Washington   79b--19
Dewey          John J           28     New York             Ramsey       38b--38
Dewhurst       John             22     Illinois             Washington   67b--23
Deyers         Thomas           22     Missouri             Ramsey       60a--24
Dibble         James            25     New York             Washington   73a--03
Dillend        William          34     England              Washington   74b--19
Dilly          John             22     Germany              Washington   71a--24
Ditche         John             30     Germany              Ramsey       53a--08
Divine         Dyer             38     New York             Ramsey       38a--42
Dixon          John             36     Ireland              Mankahta     16a--26
Dodge          Sylvester        34     New Hamps            Washington   72b--06
Doffinais      Alexis           10     Red River British    Pembina      26b--23
Doffinais      Baptise          22     Red River British    Pembina      26b--29
Doffinais      Caroline         5      Red River British    Pembina      26b--33
Doffinais      Catherine        10     Red River British    Pembina      26b--32
Doffinais      Delciede         15     Red River British    Pembina      26b--30
Doffinais      Francois         36     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      26b--21
Doffinais      Francois         5      Red River British    Pembina      26b--25
Doffinais      Francoise        34     Red River British    Pembina      26b--22
Doffinais      Lesciner         4      Red River British    Pembina      26b--26
Doffinais      Mary             7      Red River British    Pembina      26b--24
Doffinais      Michel           78     Upper Canada         Pembina      26b--28
Doffinais      Pierre           2      Red River British    Pembina      26b--27
Doffinais      Susann           12     Red River British    Pembina      26b--31
Dolan          James            32     Ireland              Dakota       11b--28
Donelly        Elizabeth        60     Vermont              Ramsey       42a--26
Donet          David            13     Min Terr             Ramsey       45b--24
Donet          Elizabeth        40     Min Terr             Ramsey       45b--21
Donet          Isabelle         18     Min Terr             Ramsey       45b--23
Donet          Margaret         14     Min Terr             Ramsey       45b--26
Donet          Marie            11     Min Terr             Ramsey       45b--28
Donet          Mary Ann         12     Min Terr             Ramsey       45b--27
Donet          Michel           58     Canada               Ramsey       45b--20
Donet          William          17     Min Terr             Ramsey       45b--22
Donet          Xavier           9      Min Terr             Ramsey       45b--25
Dongard        A F              30     Louisiana            Ramsey       43a--36
Dongard        Melinda H        25     Virginia             Ramsey       43a--37
Donley         Charles          28     Maine                Benton       04b--04
Donley         Isaac O          5      Wisconsin            Benton       04b--06
Donley         Jemima           23     Maine                Benton       04b--05
Donley         Mary E           3      Wisconsin            Benton       04b--07
Donnat         Baptiste         70     Canada               Ramsey       33b--26
Donnat         Bazil            3/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       33b--25
Donnat         Francois         18     Canada               Ramsey       33b--27
Donnat         Genevieve        22     Minn Terry           Ramsey       33b--21
Donnat         Joseph           30     Minn Terry           Ramsey       33b--20
Donnat         Julien           5      Canada               Ramsey       33b--23
Donnat         Lucy             3      Canada               Ramsey       33b--24
Donnat         Marie            7      Canada               Ramsey       33b--22
Donnat         Olivier          16     Canada               Ramsey       33b--28
Donvit         James            6      Prairie du Chien Wis Wabasha      64b--25
Dooly          Morris           30     Ireland              Dakota       12b--08
Dorr           Albert           28     Maine                Ramsey       58b--06
Dorr           Caleb D          26     Maine                Ramsey       58b--10
Dorr           Celestia V       22     Maine                Ramsey       58b--11
Dorr           Sarah            27     Maine                Ramsey       58b--07
Dortheck       Alvary           21     Ohio                 Ramsey       33a--14
Doty           Dolly Maria      3      Illinois             Ramsey       42b--36
Doty           Ellen M          40     New York             Ramsey       42b--32
Doty           George H         6      Pennsylvania         Ramsey       42b--35
Doty           Harriet Ann      10     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       42b--34
Doty           Hiram            39     New York             Ramsey       42b--31
Doty           John Wesley      16     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       42b--33
Doucheme       Alexander        8      Canada               Ramsey       48b--10
Doucheme       C Alexander      31     Canada               Ramsey       48b--09
Doucheme       John             1      Canada               Ramsey       48b--11
Doucheme       Rosalie          2      Canada               Ramsey       48b--12
Dougherty      John             39     Ireland              Mankahta     16a--27
Douglass       Francis          23     Virginia             Ramsey       41a--36
Douglass       George           23     New York             Ramsey       41a--35
Dow            Joseph B         22     New Hampshire        Ramsey       42b--05
Dowe           Wesley           27     Maine                Mankahta     17a--25
Downey         Archibald        26     Canada               Benton       01a--13
Downs          George B         45     Maine                Ramsey       58a--25
Downs          Louisa           30     Maine                Ramsey       58a--26
Doyle          Peter            25     Ireland              Ramsey       56b--29
Draper         Isaac G          25     New York             Ramsey       54a--26
Draper         John             38     New York             Ramsey       56a--33
Draper         Joshua           66     Massachusetts        Ramsey       54a--28
Draper         Olney Ann        22     Ohio                 Ramsey       56a--34
Draper         Rufus E          27     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       54a--27
Dresser        Frank            25     Maine                Washington   67a--39
Dresser        Horace           36     New York             Ramsey       51b--16
Dresser        James E          26     Maine                Dakota       10b--42
Dresser        Joshua           30     Maine                Washington   67a--38
Drew           Carter H         30     New York             Ramsey       46a--32
Drury          Charles          23     Illinois             Mankahta     17a--36
Dubois         Francois         35     Canada               Ramsey       40a--21
Ducharme       Louis            32     Canada               Ramsey       33b--08
Ducharme       Louis A Jr       5      Minn Terry           Ramsey       33b--10
Ducharme       Modeste          3/12   Minn Terry           Ramsey       33b--11
Ducharme       Roselle          26     Canada               Ramsey       33b--09
Ducros         Antoine          52     Canada East          Wabasha      64a--41
Dudley         Taylor           39     Kentucky             Benton       05b--25
Dufevere       Morice           45     Canada               Ramsey       35a--17
Dugal          Joseph           38     Canada               Ramsey       56a--23
Dulray         John             35     Canada               Washington   74b--01
Dumarce        Camille          1      Min Tery             Ramsey       35a--03
Dumarce        Candelle         6      Canada               Ramsey       35a--02
Dumarce        Isabelle         8      Canada               Ramsey       35a--01
Dumas          Maxime           28     Canada               Ramsey       38b--26
Duncan         Thomas           27     New York             Dakota       11b--27
Dunn           David            28     Penn                 Washington   79b--18
Dunn           John             34     Canada               Washington   67b--24
Dunn           Lawrence         38     Ireland              Dakota       12b--09
Dunn           Lucien           21     Maine                Dakota       10a--22
Dunn           Thomas           24     Ireland              Washington   70b--37
Dunwell        William          30     Connecticut          Mankahta     17a--26
Dupre          Francois         22     Canada               Ramsey       34a--28
Dupre          Merace           7/12   Min Tery             Ramsey       34a--31
Dupre          Sophie           3      Canada               Ramsey       34a--30
Dupre          Sophie           23     Canada               Ramsey       34a--29
Dupuis         Baptiste         30     Canada               Ramsey       50b--06
Dupuis         Louis            2      Min Terry            Ramsey       50b--09
Dupuis         Mary             24     Min Terry            Ramsey       50b--07
Dupuis         Pascal           4      Min Terry            Ramsey       50b--08
Durand         Francis          18     Canada               Benton       05b--19
Durinells      Eliza Jane       19     Maine                Ramsey       47b--34
Durinells      Wm M             30     Vermont              Ramsey       47b--33
Durniere       Alexis           5      Minnesota            Dakota       07b--29
Durniere       Baptiste         4      Minnesota            Dakota       07b--30
Durniere       Francois         46     Canada               Dakota       07b--24
Durniere       Francois         8      Minnesota            Dakota       07b--28
Durniere       Genevrelie       1      Minnesota            Dakota       07b--31
Durniere       Louise           27     Minnesota            Dakota       07b--25
Durniere       Madeline         10     Minnesota            Dakota       07b--27
Durniere       Rosalee          12     Minnesota            Dakota       07b--26
Dusette        Edward S         17     Minnesota            Benton       02a--19
Dusette        Elexy            3      Minnesota            Benton       02a--23
Dusette        Jerome           36     Canada               Benton       02a--17
Dusette        Lewis            9      Minnesota            Benton       02a--20
Dusette        Margaret         36     Minnesota            Benton       02a--18
Dusette        Mary             7      Minnesota            Benton       02a--21
Dusette        Peter            5      Minnesota            Benton       02a--22
Dusette        Susan            2/12   Minnesota            Benton       02a--24
Dutton         Albert           2      New York             Ramsey       55a--32
Dutton         Charles          1      Vermont              Ramsey       55a--31
Dutton         George           8      Vermont              Ramsey       55a--30
Dutton         George B         31     New Hampshire        Ramsey       55a--28
Dutton         May H            30     Massachusetts        Ramsey       55a--29
Dwyer          Francis          30     Ireland              Dakota       12a--23
Dyer           John             28     New York             Dakota       10a--27
Dyer           William          18     New York             Dakota       10a--29
Dyer           Wm H             32     Conn                 Mankahta     17a--38
Dyonne         Benjamin         32     Prairie du Chien Wis Wabasha      64a--17
Dyonne         Benjamin J       3      Minnesota            Wabasha      64a--19
Dyonne         Emily            27     Minnesota            Wabasha      64a--18
Dyonne         Marie Louise     4/12   Minnesota            Wabasha      64a--20
Ealley         Eliza            1      Maine                Ramsey       61a--18
Ealley         Henry            8      Wisconsin            Ramsey       61a--14
Ealley         John             10     Wisconsin            Ramsey       61a--13
Ealley         Joseph           6      Wisconsin            Ramsey       61a--15
Ealley         Mary             3      Wisconsin            Ramsey       61a--12
Ealley         Mary Ann         2      Wisconsin            Ramsey       61a--17
Ealley         Mr               42     New York             Ramsey       61a--11
Ealley         Orange           4      Wisconsin            Ramsey       61a--16
Earle          Amanda           20     New York             Ramsey       54a--36
Earle          James            20     New York             Ramsey       54a--35
Earll          Sciota           9      Ohio                 Benton       04a--09
Early          Elizabeth        32     Germany              Washington   72a--13
Early          Esetta           5      Germany              Washington   72a--14
Early          John             35     Germany              Washington   72a--12
Easton         Semantha         40     Atlantic Ocean       Ramsey       35b--26
Eastwood       Lydia            4      England              Washington   77b--19
Eastwood       Machael          24     England              Ramsey       36a--18
Eaton          Adelaide         3      Wisconsin            Ramsey       48a--29
Eaton          Alonzo           33     NY                   Ramsey       47b--28
Eaton          Amelia           5      Wisconsin            Ramsey       48a--28
Eaton          Ann              29     England              Ramsey       48a--26
Eaton          Benj B           39     England              Ramsey       48a--25
Eaton          Cecelia          2      Wisconsin            Ramsey       48a--30
Eaton          Mary             7      Wisconsin            Ramsey       48a--27
Ebinger        Jacob            30     Germany              Ramsey       44a--19
Eddy           Franklin         24     Maine                Washington   67a--32
Eddy           Joshua           35     Ohio                 Wahnahta     65b--03
Edwards        Bettie           28     New York             Washington   71a--26
Edwards        Clarisa          56     New York             Washington   72a--03
Edwards        Clarissey        56     Tenn                 Washington   72b--03
Edwards        H Perry          36     New York             Washington   71a--25
Edwards        Jonathan         28     Pennsylvania         Benton       02b--01
Edwards        Mary             4/12   Minnesota            Washington   71a--28
Edwards        Rosetta          2      New York             Washington   71a--27
Egbert         George           29     Pennsylvania         Benton       04b--30
Eldridge       Arial            36     Vermont              Washington   71a--29
Eldridge       Sarah L          35     Conn                 Washington   71a--30
Elfelt         Abraham          24     Penn                 Washington   72b--15
Elfelt         Abram            24     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       48a--23
Elfelt         C D              22     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       48a--22
Elfelt         Edwin            28     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       48a--24
Elfelt         Louis            23     Penn                 Washington   70b--35
Elfelt         Simon            18     Penn                 Washington   72b--14
Ellis          Samuel           21     New York             Ramsey       41a--19
Ellison        James C          35     Ohio                 Dakota       07b--39
Ellison        Wm W             30     Ohio                 Dakota       07b--40
Eskeltson      Eliza            34     Ireland              Dakota       11b--17
Eskeltson      Eliza            1      Minnesota            Dakota       11b--20
Eskeltson      George W         34     Ireland              Dakota       11b--16
Eskeltson      Henry J          12     England              Dakota       11b--18
Eskeltson      Robert           6      New York             Dakota       11b--19
Ester          Levi             22     Maine                Ramsey       59a--12
Evans          Evin             22     New South Wales      Ramsey       47b--29
Evans          Jacob            32     Pennsylvania         Dakota       11b--29
Evans          John             45     Ireland              Ramsey       48a--41
Ewing          William          28     Ohio                 Wabasha      64b--10
Eypstile       Charles          20     England              Washington   70b--26
  The free display of the 1850 Minnesota Territory census images in the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of Elizabeth Kelly and the permission of S-K Publications.

Benton, Dakota, Itasca, Mankahta, Pembina, Ramsey, Wabasha, Wahnahta, and Washington counties.
  This index was transcribed by Sandy Sterling
and proofread by the following Team of volunteers - -
Connie Burkett, Jamie Lee Foot, Robin Locke, April Phillips, and Marsha Thompson

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