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Underwood      Vander           23     New York             Dakota       12a--09
Upton          Wm               29     Maine                Ramsey       58b--08
Vadna          Jean             39     Canada               Ramsey       34b--41
Vadna          John Baptiste    8      Canada               Ramsey       42a--03
Vadna          Joseph           18     Canada               Ramsey       41b--41
Vadna          Julie            8/12   Min Tery             Ramsey       35a--07
Vadna          Lisette          33     Canada               Ramsey       34b--42
Vadna          Margaret         16     Canada               Ramsey       42a--01
Vadna          Margaret         7      Canada               Ramsey       35a--05
Vadna          Marie            9      Canada               Ramsey       35a--04
Vadna          Mary Ann         46     Canada               Ramsey       41b--40
Vadna          Merance          12     Canada               Ramsey       42a--02
Vadna          Pierre           4      Min Tery             Ramsey       35a--06
Vadna          Rene             47     Canada               Ramsey       41b--40
Valance        Lenson           24     Canada               Ramsey       44a--03
Valance        Maxime           30     Canada               Ramsey       44a--02
Valier         Abraham          1      Red River British    Pembina      27b--01
Valier         Alexis           6      Red River British    Pembina      27a--40
Valier         Antoine          2      Red River British    Pembina      27a--42
Valier         Baptiste         40     Red River British    Pembina      27a--35
Valier         Baptiste         12     Red River British    Pembina      27a--38
Valier         Francois         3      Red River British    Pembina      25a--33
Valier         Joseph           36     Red River British    Pembina      25a--27
Valier         Joseph           26     Red River British    Pembina      23b--01
Valier         Juliea           2      Red River British    Pembina      23b--04
Valier         Leagas           8      Red River British    Pembina      27a--39
Valier         Louisa           13     Red River British    Pembina      27a--37
Valier         Louise           30     Red River British    Pembina      25a--28
Valier         Lousanta         17     Red River British    Pembina      25a--29
Valier         Magdalane        23     Red River British    Pembina      23b--02
Valier         Margaritte       13     Red River British    Pembina      25a--31
Valier         Marie            31     Red River British    Pembina      27a--36
Valier         Mary             4      Red River British    Pembina      27a--41
Valier         May              15     Red River British    Pembina      25a--30
Valier         Moyese           5      Red River British    Pembina      23b--03
Valier         Philemon         1      Red River British    Pembina      25a--34
Valier         Rossile          9      Red River British    Pembina      25a--32
Vallaurno      Joseph           38     France               Ramsey       43b--14
Van Dozier     Jeremiah         70     New York             Washington   78b--42
Vanberg        P                25     New York             Ramsey       37a--14
Vance          Charles          1      Missouri             Ramsey       33a--41
Vance          George           17     Missouri             Ramsey       33a--30
Vance          Hugh             4      Missouri             Ramsey       33a--32
Vance          Hugh             32     Maryland             Ramsey       33a--28
Vance          John             6      Missouri             Ramsey       33a--31
Vance          Serles           27     Kentucky             Ramsey       33a--29
Vandale        Antoine          69     Lower Canada         Pembina      27b--02
Vandale        Antoine          25     Red River British    Pembina      22b--27
Vandale        Gustavis         24     Red River British    Pembina      27b--03
Vandale        Isabella         19     Red River British    Pembina      22b--28
Vandale        Pierre           2      Red River British    Pembina      22b--29
Vandall        Ann              12     Red River British    Pembina      29a--19
Vandall        Baptise          6      Red River British    Pembina      28a--15
Vandall        Catherine        4      Red River British    Pembina      28a--16
Vandall        Clouie           8      Red River British    Pembina      28a--14
Vandall        Eliza            1      Red River British    Pembina      28a--17
Vandall        Francois         1      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      29a--24
Vandall        John             3      Red River British    Pembina      29a--23
Vandall        Joseph           30     Red River British    Pembina      28a--12
Vandall        Julia            30     Red River British    Pembina      29a--17
Vandall        Louise           28     Red River British    Pembina      28a--13
Vandall        Marguritte       16     Red River British    Pembina      28a--20
Vandall        Marguritte       5      Red River British    Pembina      29a--22
Vandall        Mary             18     Red River British    Pembina      28a--19
Vandall        Mary Ann         8      Red River British    Pembina      29a--21
Vandall        May              40     Red River British    Pembina      28a--18
Vandall        Pierre           36     Red River British    Pembina      29a--16
Vandall        Pierre           14     Red River British    Pembina      29a--18
Vandall        Rossilie         10     Red River British    Pembina      29a--20
Vandosier      Jerymiah         70     New York             Washington   79a--04
Vanlasfell     Ellen            25     Wisconsin            Itasca       15a--14
Vanlasfell     Franklin         1      Wisconsin            Itasca       15a--15
Vanlasfell     J                40     Wisconsin            Itasca       15a--13
Vannett        Eliza            26     Minnesota            Ramsey       61a--35
Vannett        Henry            2      Minnesota            Ramsey       61a--36
Vannett        James            27     Kentucky             Ramsey       61a--34
Vannoses       Landre           24     Canada               Benton       01a--40
VanPickerel    Gerord           31     Belgium              Dakota       12a--15
Vanvohis       Abraham          51     Penn                 Washington   71a--04
Vanvohis       Henry C          10     Ohio                 Washington   71a--08
Vanvohis       Louisa           15     Ohio                 Washington   71a--06
Vanvohis       Maria            13     Ohio                 Washington   71a--07
Vanvohis       Mary             49     New Jersey           Washington   71a--05
Vasseur        Louis            55     Canada               Dakota       09a--37
Vasseur        Louis Jr         10     Minnesota            Dakota       09a--38
Vean           Camel            22     Canada               Benton       01b--38
Veil           charles A        32     Bavaria              Mankahta     16b--14
Vendall        Clermont         24     Canada               Ramsey       42a--04
Veurge         Allice           14     Minnesota            Itasca       14a--15
Veurge         Gabriel          45     Canada               Itasca       14a--12
Veurge         Hellen           10     Minnesota            Itasca       14a--16
Veurge         Joshua           3      Minnesota            Itasca       14a--18
Veurge         Misses           38     Minnesota            Itasca       14a--13
Veurge         Olliver          7      Minnesota            Itasca       14a--17
Veurge         Susan            16     Minnesota            Itasca       14a--14
Vickers        Charles          34     Germany              Mankahta     16b--12
Vieul          Joseph           50     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      29b--41
Vieul          Mary             37     Red River            Pembina      29b--42
Vincent        James W          30     Pa                   Ramsey       47b--05
Vivan          Antoine          3      Red River British    Pembina      31a--21
Vivan          Francois         31     Red River British    Pembina      31a--15
Vivan          Josette          10     Red River British    Pembina      31a--19
Vivan          Leville          8      Red River British    Pembina      31a--20
Vivan          Louis            12     Red River British    Pembina      31a--18
Vivan          Mary             14     Red River British    Pembina      31a--17
Vivan          Sarah            33     Red River British    Pembina      31a--16
Vogel          Peter            26     Prussia              Dakota       11a--26
Voss           John             29     Germany              Mankahta     16b--13
Voss           Theodore         30     Germany              Washington   67a--28
Wadell         Chas             37     Kentucky             Ramsey       37b--20
Wainer         Sarah            21     Ireland              Ramsey       56b--02
Wait           W S              20     New York             Ramsey       46a--35
Wakefield      Eliza            51     Kentucky             Ramsey       42a--28
Wakefield      Eliza J          19     Illinois             Ramsey       42a--31
Wakefield      John A           14     Illinois             Ramsey       42a--33
Wakefield      John H           53     South Carolina       Ramsey       42a--27
Wakefield      Martha Ann       24     Illinois             Ramsey       42a--29
Wakefield      Thos Jeff        12     Illinois             Ramsey       42a--34
Wakefield      Wm Harrison T    16     Illinois             Ramsey       42a--32
Waldo          Wallace          18     New York             Ramsey       57a--37
Walker         Absalom          30     Tenn                 Washington   67a--42
Walker         Georgeanna       30     Penn                 Washington   68a--14
Walker         Harvey           52     Vermont              Washington   67a--15
Walker         Isabella         28     Ireland              Dakota       10b--13
Walker         John B           27     Missouri             Dakota       10a--25
Walker         Michael          23     Ireland              Dakota       12a--10
Walker         Orange           48     Vermont              Washington   68a--13
Wallace        Charles          20     New Brunswick        Washington   74b--22
Wallace        Charles M        20     New York             Washington   67b--30
Wallace        John             28     Ireland              Ramsey       56b--07
Walls          Thomas           28     Germany              Washington   67a--10
Walter         George           29     England              Dakota       12b--37
Walton         Samuel           35     Kentucky             Ramsey       56b--08
Ward           J B              30     Ireland              Mankahta     17a--13
Ward           Orson B H        26     New York             Mankahta     16b--21
Warmer         Joshua           30     Virginia             Washington   77b--37
Warner         Clark            27     Vermont              Ramsey       60a--22
Warnert        Francis          27     Germany              Dakota       12b--38
Warren         Alfred A         6      Wisconsin            Mankahta     18a--08
Warren         Charlotte        19     Wisconsin            Mankahta     16a--06
Warren         Cordelia H       4      Wisconsin            Mankahta     18a--09
Warren         Elizabeth        20     Minnesota            Benton       03b--11
Warren         James            28     Tenn                 Wahnahta     65a--34
Warren         Matilda          25     Wisconsin            Mankahta     18a--07
Warren         Sophia           13     Wisconsin            Mankahta     16a--07
Warren         Truman A         24     Minnesota            Benton       03b--10
Warren         William V        2      Wisconsin            Mankahta     18a--10
Warren         Wm W             25     Wisconsin            Mankahta     18a--06
Warwick        Thomas           22     Nova Scotia          Washington   79b--28
Waterhouse     Miss             6      Maine                Washington   75a--02
Watson         George           32     Ireland              Wabasha      64b--06
Watson         James            25     England              Dakota       11a--03
Watson         John             24     England              Dakota       12b--39
Watson         Robert           22     Ohio                 Washington   80a--38
Watson         Samuel           25     Pennsylvania         Wabasha      64b--02
Watson         William          25     Ohio                 Washington   80a--37
Wayman         Mary Ann         22     Iowa                 Ramsey       44a--33
Weater         George B         24     Indianna             Washington   69a--11
Weaver         James            25     Maine                Mankahta     17a--40
Weaver         James            25     Maine                Mankahta     17a--16
Webster        Davis            39     Massachusetts        Wabasha      63a--08
Welch          Abby             15     Maine                Washington   76b--21
Welch          Abby             15     Maine                Washington   70a--33
Welch          Augustus         22     Maine                Washington   76b--18
Welch          Calvin           13     Maine                Washington   76b--20
Welch          Edmund Rice      4      Michigan             Ramsey       54a--14
Welch          Elizabeth        51     Maine                Washington   76b--19
Welch          Elizabeth        17     Maine                Washington   76b--22
Welch          Henrietta E      9      Michigan             Ramsey       54a--12
Welch          Henrietta E      38     Ohio                 Ramsey       54a--10
Welch          James            37     Ireland              Ramsey       53a--09
Welch          Jerry            20     Maine                Washington   76b--24
Welch          John             10     Michigan             Ramsey       54a--11
Welch          Lucy             11     Min Terry            Ramsey       37b--30
Welch          Lutha Irene      2      Michigan             Ramsey       54a--15
Welch          William          19     Maine                Washington   76b--23
Welch          Wm H             44     Connecticut          Ramsey       54a--09
Welch          Wm Henry         7      Michigan             Ramsey       54a--13
Wellington     Henry            26     Ohio                 Ramsey       40b--40
Wells          Alfred           11     Minnesota            Wabasha      64a--27
Wells          Boyd             3      Red River British    Pembina      24a--21
Wells          Catharine        25     New York             Ramsey       36b--05
Wells          Donald           9      Red River British    Pembina      24a--20
Wells          Edward           38     Red River British    Pembina      24a--17
Wells          Edward           13     Red River British    Pembina      24a--19
Wells          Elizabeth        5      Minnesota            Wabasha      64a--30
Wells          Geo              34     New York             Ramsey       36b--04
Wells          George           6      New York             Ramsey       36b--06
Wells          Henry            3/12   Minnesota            Wabasha      62b--33
Wells          Henry            2/12   Minnesota            Washington   68a--05
Wells          Issabella        31     Red River British    Pembina      24a--18
Wells          James            46     New Jersey           Wabasha      64a--24
Wells          Jane             29     Minnesota            Wabasha      64a--25
Wells          Jane             18     N York               Ramsey       36a--40
Wells          John             1      Red River British    Pembina      24a--22
Wells          Lucy Ann         3      Minnesota            Wabasha      64a--32
Wells          Mark             7      Minnesota            Wabasha      64a--29
Wells          Martin           24     New York             Ramsey       36a--38
Wells          Orman            9      Minnesota            Wabasha      64a--28
Wells          Samuel           28     Indiana              Wabasha      62b--31
Wells          Samuel           26     Mass                 Washington   68a--03
Wells          Sarah C          13     Minnesota            Wabasha      64a--26
Wells          Susan            22     Iowa                 Washington   68a--04
Wells          Susannah         21     Illinois             Wabasha      62b--32
Wells          Theadore         28     New York             Benton       03b--40
Wells          Virginia         19     Wisconsin            Ramsey       36a--39
Wells          Wallace          4      Minnesota            Wabasha      64a--31
Welsh          Theodore         30     Vermont              Benton       05b--07
Wentworth      David            39     Penn                 Washington   78a--01
Wentworth      David Jr         1      Minnesota            Washington   78a--05
Wentworth      Elizabeth        26     Penn                 Washington   78a--03
Wentworth      John             6      Penn                 Washington   78a--04
Wentworth      Mary             2      Minnesota            Washington   78a--06
Wentworth      Sarah E          9      Penn                 Washington   78a--02
West           Edward           21     NY                   Ramsey       47b--19
West           Elizabeth        18     Illinois             Washington   68a--07
West           Mary G           1/12   Minnesota            Washington   68a--08
West           William          20     Illinois             Washington   68a--06
Wheeler        Amos             52     Penn                 Washington   67b--29
Wheeler        William          23     Mo                   Washington   73a--10
Whelock        John             27     New Brunswick        Ramsey       46a--33
Whipple        Nancy            6      Ohio                 Ramsey       33a--13
White          Ann E            5/12   Minnesota            Washington   79b--07
White          Asa              30     Pennsylvania         Benton       05a--37
White          Harley           37     Vermont              Washington   79b--06
White          Margaret         26     Canada               Benton       04a--03
White          Mary             2      Wisconsin            Benton       05a--38
White          Wallace B        26     Massachusetts        Ramsey       38a--06
Whitehill      Ellis G          22     New York             Ramsey       57b--41
Whitehill      William          25     Tenn                 Washington   77b--12
Whitiker       Ephrena          30     Kentucky             Washington   78b--32
Whitmarsh      William          32     England              Wabasha      63b--01
Whitmore       Charles          24     Ohio                 Mankahta     17a--23
Whitmore       Oliver P         29     Ohio                 Mankahta     17a--22
Whitney        Eliza B          23     Penn                 Washington   70a--06
Whitney        Joseph C         32     Vermont              Washington   70a--05
Whitney        Winona           1/12   Minnesota            Washington   70a--07
Wier           Thomas E         46     Ireland              Dakota       11a--01
Wilcox         A                27     New York             Washington   72b--25
Wilcox         Abel             25     New York             Washington   77a--15
Wilcox         Alfred           23     New York             Washington   67b--28
Wilcox         Mary             22     New York             Washington   77a--16
Wilcox         N Green          40     Conn                 Washington   70b--28
Wiley          Hiram            33     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       56a--18
Wiley          Hiram F          4      Iowa                 Ramsey       56a--20
Wiley          Mary Ann         21     Ohio                 Ramsey       56a--19
Wiley          Mary P           1      Min T                Ramsey       56a--21
Wilker         Agate            9      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      25b--38
Wilker         Agusta           21     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      25b--33
Wilker         Alexander        19     Red River British    Pembina      25b--34
Wilker         Amelle           42     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      25b--32
Wilker         Antoine          3      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      25b--41
Wilker         Baptiste         47     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      25b--31
Wilker         Baptiste         24     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28a--01
Wilker         Catherine        16     Red River British    Pembina      25b--35
Wilker         Cecila           7      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      25b--39
Wilker         Elizabeth        11     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      25b--37
Wilker         Magdelane        13     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      25b--36
Wilker         Margaritte       5      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      25b--40
Wilker         Marie            16     Red River British    Pembina      28a--02
Wilker         Mary             1      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      25b--42
Wilkinson      Richard          32     Ireland              Mankahta     16b--15
Willey         Thomas H         23     New Hampshire        Dakota       12a--14
Williams       Aaron            32     Vermont              Ramsey       53a--10
Williams       Edward           30     Wales                Dakota       12a--11
Williams       Eleanor          22     New York             Ramsey       53a--11
Williams       Eli              25     Virginia             Ramsey       46b--04
Williams       George           29     Michigan             Dakota       12a--34
Williams       George           2      Min Terry            Ramsey       53a--12
Williams       H                21     Penn                 Washington   73a--31
Williams       L                23     Virginia             Ramsey       46b--05
Williams       Mary             21     Virginia             Ramsey       46b--06
Williams       Patrick          23     New York             Ramsey       41a--06
Williams       Samuel           40     Pennsylvania         Mankahta     16b--16
Williams       Samuel           24     Massachusetts        Ramsey       43b--18
Williamson     Andrew W         13     Minnesota            Dakota       07b--34
Williamson     James L          47     South Carolina       Dakota       07b--38
Williamson     Loren            43     Sweiden              Dakota       11a--15
Williamson     Margarette       45     Kentucky             Dakota       07b--33
Williamson     Martha           5      Minnesota            Dakota       07b--37
Williamson     Nancy Jane       11     Minnesota            Dakota       07b--35
Williamson     Smith B          8      Minnesota            Dakota       07b--36
Williamson     Thomas           50     South Carolina       Dakota       07b--32
Willoughby     Amherst          39     Vermont              Ramsey       39b--38
Willoughby     Inaphine         25     France               Ramsey       39b--39
Willoughby     John             1      Min Terry            Ramsey       39b--41
Willoughby     Mary             2      Illinois             Ramsey       39b--40
Wilmoth        A M              25     Mass                 Washington   69b--29
Wilson         Allen            6      Illinois             Ramsey       45a--38
Wilson         Clareny Jane     30     Maine                Washington   72a--16
Wilson         Elizabeth        29     Virginia             Ramsey       45a--36
Wilson         George           25     Pennsylvania         Benton       05a--31
Wilson         Harvey           23     New York             Washington   70a--38
Wilson         J P              27     New Jersey           Ramsey       57b--37
Wilson         James            8      Illinois             Ramsey       45a--37
Wilson         Mary             17     Ohio                 Ramsey       57b--38
Wilson         Sarah A          25     Ohio                 Dakota       06b--17
Wilson         William          28     England              Washington   72a--15
Wilson         William          25     Ohio                 Washington   80a--34
Wilthanse      Mary Jane        22     England              Washington   68a--30
Wilthanse      Mathias          32     Penn                 Washington   68a--29
Winegarber     George           27     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       43a--05
Winters        William          25     Germany              Washington   69a--15
Wipple         Nancy            35     Ohio                 Washington   79a--26
Wirman         Adolphus         23     Germany              Mankahta     17a--33
Wonderly       Laven            30     Germany              Dakota       12a--12
Wood           Clayoina         21     Maryland             Dakota       10a--39
Wood           Eric             18     New York             Washington   67a--19
Wood           Samuel           38     Indiana              Dakota       10a--38
Woodbury       Homer            1      Min Terry            Ramsey       37b--29
Woodbury       Mary             23     Min Terry            Ramsey       37b--28
Woodbury       Warren           30     New York             Ramsey       37b--27
Woodruff       Alfred G         24     Ohio                 Washington   79a--32
Woodruff       James            30     Ohio                 Washington   79a--30
Woodruff       Samuel           30     Ohio                 Washington   69a--07
Woodruff       William          52     Ohio                 Washington   79a--29
Woodruff       William          28     Ohio                 Washington   79a--31
Woods          Joel             42     Vermont              Washington   72b--31
Woodward       Thomas           30     Vermont              Washington   72b--36
Wooley         Martin           35     Canada               Benton       01a--09
Woolsey        Uri              22     Canada               Wahnahta     65a--15
Works          John             21     Illinois             Mankahta     17a--06
Worthingham    Elmore           11     Illinois             Ramsey       56b--12
Worthingham    Emory            14     Illinois             Ramsey       56b--11
Worthingham    Francis          5      Illinois             Ramsey       56b--13
Worthingham    Jeannette        36     New York             Ramsey       56b--10
Worthingham    Mary             3      Illinois             Ramsey       56b--14
Worthingham    Wm               44     England              Ramsey       56b--09
Wrigate        Almira           1/12   Minnesota            Washington   73b--25
Wrigate        Charles          29     Canada               Washington   73b--23
Wrigate        Sophia           18     Germany              Washington   73b--24
Wright         Ann              1      Red Lake M Ter       Pembina      30a--08
Wright         Charles          1      Red Lake M Ter       Pembina      30a--07
Wright         Clutille         3      Red Lake M Ter       Pembina      30a--06
Wright         Emily L          28     New York City        Pembina      30a--05
Wright         Isaac P          27     Kentucky             Ramsey       48a--06
Wright         Josephine        25     Mo                   Washington   79a--17
Wright         Revd S G         33     New York City        Pembina      30a--04
Wright         William          38     Illinois             Washington   79a--16
Yartin         Francoise        12     Minnesota Territory  Wabasha      62a--42
Yartin         J Bt             48     Canada East          Wabasha      62a--39
Yartin         J Bt Jr          15     Minnesota Territory  Wabasha      62a--41
Yartin         Susan            36     Minnesota Territory  Wabasha      62a--40
Yost           P                31     Germany              Ramsey       37b--12
Young          Aaron            27     New Jersey           Dakota       12a--41
Young          Eliza Mrs.       24     Ohio                 Dakota       10a--14
Young          Hester           2      Ohio                 Dakota       10a--20
Young          Isabella         8      Indiana              Dakota       10a--18
Young          Peter            25     Canada               Ramsey       40a--14
Young          Robert           6      Ohio                 Dakota       10a--19
Yow            Antoine          28     Canada               Dakota       09a--22
Yow            Antoine Jr       1      Minnesota            Dakota       09a--24
Yow            Mary             22     Minnesota            Dakota       09a--23
Zanger         Benjamin         36     France               Ramsey       43b--33
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Benton, Dakota, Itasca, Mankahta, Pembina, Ramsey, Wabasha, Wahnahta, and Washington counties.
  This index was transcribed by Sandy Sterling
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Connie Burkett, Jamie Lee Foot, Robin Locke, April Phillips, and Marsha Thompson

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