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Sachapell      Theophil         18     Wisconsin            Ramsey       40b--02
Safe           John H           20     Ohio                 Ramsey       47b--31
Sagan          Michel           25     Canada               Washington   67b--19
Sage           Henry            22     Ohio                 Ramsey       43b--21
Salter         Ery A D          15     Maine                Ramsey       55b--27
Sanderson      John             22     Penn                 Washington   74b--03
Sandy          Francois         22     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28b--20
Sandy          Julie            22     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28b--22
Sandy          Therese          17     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28b--21
Sansing        Henry            24     N York               Ramsey       43b--03
Sargent        John             43     Massachusetts        Benton       05b--02
Sarvey         Ellen            2      Minnesota            Ramsey       61a--22
Sarvey         Louis            6/12   Minnesota            Ramsey       61a--23
Sarvey         Louis            38     Canada               Ramsey       61a--19
Sarvey         Mary             3      Minnesota            Ramsey       61a--21
Sarvey         Nancy            28     Minnesota            Ramsey       61a--20
Saville        Louis            25     Canada               Dakota       08a--38
Saw            Edward           23     Canada               Wahnahta     65a--30
Sawyer         Henry S          22     New York             Benton       01b--32
Sawyer         S M              27     Maine                Washington   71b--27
Say            George W         30     Virginia             Mankahta     16a--08
Scanlin        William          28     Ireland              Wahnahta     65a--26
Schindler      Henry            17     Germany              Ramsey       41b--18
Schneider      Nicholas         32     Switzerland          Wabasha      64b--08
Scinlia        Henry            22     New York             Wahnahta     65b--09
Scofield       Derius           22     New York             Ramsey       36a--23
Scofield       Ellis            23     New York             Ramsey       36a--22
Scofield       Mary Augusta     22     New York             Ramsey       42b--25
Scott          Amanda           20     Maine                Ramsey       58a--21
Scott          Emma             7      Maine                Ramsey       58a--23
Scott          Frances G        48     Maine                Ramsey       58a--20
Scott          George           22     Illinois             Washington   75a--33
Scott          Howard           14     Maine                Ramsey       58a--27
Scott          Ira              22     Maine                Washington   68b--11
Scott          Joel             50     Maine                Ramsey       58a--19
Scott          Willis           9      Maine                Ramsey       58a--22
Scwartz        William          35     New York             Ramsey       45b--06
Searer         George           25     France               Dakota       12a--01
Seely          Harry            27     New York             Washington   71b--39
Seitzinger     Levina           21     Pennyslvania         Ramsey       37b--40
Selby          J W              30     Ohio                 Ramsey       43b--35
Selby          Sophia           5      Ohio                 Ramsey       43b--37
Selby          Stella B         27     Ohio                 Ramsey       43b--36
Sellars        B L              30     Ohio                 Ramsey       48b--02
Sellery        L                22     Mass                 Washington   73a--32
Sentell        John             3      New York             Ramsey       55a--26
Sentell        Mary             27     New York             Ramsey       55a--25
Sentell        Mary             1/12   New York             Ramsey       55a--27
Sentell        Thomas Y         36     New York             Ramsey       55a--24
Sergent        Burton H         8      Michigan             Ramsey       38a--40
Sergent        Martha           31     Ohio                 Ramsey       38a--39
Sergent        Miron            24     Vermont              Ramsey       52a--42
Sergent        Samuel H         38     Massachusetts        Ramsey       38a--38
Setler         Henry N          26     Mo                   Washington   67a--34
Shadrick       Wm               28     Ohio                 Ramsey       47b--38
Shaffer        John             30     Germany              Mankahta     16b--10
Sharp          Atilda           28     Penn                 Washington   73b--19
Sharriar       Andy             25     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       39b--15
Sharry         Owen             23     Ireland              Washington   78b--17
Shato          David            24     Ohio                 Washington   77b--21
Shato          Maria            20     Ohio                 Washington   77b--24
Shato          Simon            28     Ohio                 Washington   77b--23
Shaw           Geo W            22     Missouri             Ramsey       41a--09
Shelley        E Y              23     Pennyslvania         Ramsey       37a--18
Shemen         John             21     Switzerland          Washington   74b--04
Shepard        Louis            35     Canada               Washington   67a--30
Shepard        Zebede           23     Canada               Washington   67a--29
Shepherd       Euphrates        22     Illinois             Ramsey       45a--13
Shepherd       Margaret         18     Illinois             Ramsey       45a--14
Sherburne      Charles          36     Maine                Washington   73b--08
Sherburne      Charles E        4      Maine                Washington   73b--10
Sherburne      Lucinda          28     Maine                Washington   73b--09
Sherrer        James            29     Boston               Washington   78b--41
Sherrier       Madeline         16     Wisconsin            Ramsey       52a--24
Shetson        Frederick        17     Ohio                 Washington   77b--42
Shibous        Alexis           13     Leponite Wisconsin   Pembina      19b--30
Shibous        Charles          40     Red River British    Pembina      19b--28
Shibous        Charles          9      Red Lake Min Ter     Pembina      19b--32
Shibous        Josette          31     Keposin River        Pembina      19b--29
Shibous        Mary             7      Red Lake Min Ter     Pembina      19b--33
Shibous        Nancy            1      Red Lake Min Ter     Pembina      19b--34
Shibous        Rose             11     Leponite Wisconsin   Pembina      19b--31
Shingledecker  Margeritte       21     New York             Washington   79a--02
Shingledecker  Simon            30     Germany              Washington   79a--01
Shinvar        Francis          35     Canada               Benton       05a--41
Shively        Christian        40     Ohio                 Wabasha      63a--37
Shively        Levina           38     Pennsylvania         Wabasha      63a--38
Sholl          Nickolas         27     Prussia              Mankahta     16b--09
Shoolts        Harrison         26     New York             Ramsey       61a--39
Shoots         Hanson           25     New York             Washington   72b--23
Shoots         Jerome           28     New York             Washington   72b--24
Short          A J              35     Tenn                 Washington   72b--13
Shortwell      Thomas           35     Scotland             Washington   68b--07
Shroundy       Christopher      25     Germany              Washington   72a--08
Shroundy       Jacob            29     Germany              Washington   72a--04
Shroundy       Mary Louisa      28     Wisconsin            Washington   72a--05
Shufrin        Adam             35     Germany              Dakota       10b--38
Shumway        John             45     Maine                Ramsey       52a--03
Shumway        Maria            19     Maine                Ramsey       52a--02
Shumway        Nathan           22     Maine                Ramsey       52a--04
Shumway        Penniwell        70     Maine                Ramsey       52a--06
Shumway        Penniwell        23     Maine                Ramsey       52a--01
Sibly          Hellen           8      Minnesota            Washington   80a--35
Simmons        Hazen            23     Canada East          Wabasha      64b--29
Simond         George           52     Germany              Ramsey       40a--28
Simonds        Chas             35     Scotland             Ramsey       44a--38
Simons         Orlando          27     New York             Ramsey       43a--23
Simpson        Albert           33     Maine                Washington   75a--14
Simpson        Emeline          25     Maine                Washington   75a--15
Simpson        Emma             8/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       39a--32
Simpson        George           2      Min Terry            Ramsey       39a--31
Simpson        J W              28     Virginia             Ramsey       39a--29
Simpson        Mary             30     Missouri             Ramsey       39a--30
Simpson        Robert           30     England              Washington   71b--33
Simpson        Sarah Jane       17     Wisconsin            Ramsey       44a--34
Sincyr         Alex             8      Iowa                 Wahnahta     66a--04
Sincyr         Auguste          12     Wisconsin            Wahnahta     66a--02
Sincyr         Edward           4      Iowa                 Wahnahta     66a--06
Sincyr         Elizabeth        5      Iowa                 Wahnahta     66a--08
Sincyr         John             10     Wisconsin            Wahnahta     66a--03
Sincyr         Mary             7      Iowa                 Wahnahta     66a--07
Sincyr         Michel           38     Wisconsin            Wahnahta     65b--42
Sincyr         Michel Jr        14     Wisconsin            Wahnahta     66a--01
Sincyr         Moses            6      Iowa                 Wahnahta     66a--05
Sincyr         Terisine         7/12   Minnesota            Wahnahta     66a--09
Skara          Estnin           19     Norway               Dakota       12a--02
Slater         Margaret         25     Ireland              Mankahta     16b--19
Slaven         Wm               34     Ireland              Dakota       12a--03
Sleiger        John             26     Germany              Dakota       12a--04
Sloan          David T          35     New York             Benton       01a--17
Sloan          Edmund P         16     New York             Ramsey       44b--15
Sloan          Edward           28     Unknown              Mankahta     18a--12
Sloan          Edward B         50     New York             Ramsey       44b--13
Sloan          Elizabeth        19     Indiana              Ramsey       43b--05
Sloan          Emma             10     Indiana              Ramsey       44b--17
Sloan          Galena           6      Iowa                 Ramsey       44b--19
Sloan          John             4      Iowa                 Ramsey       44b--20
Sloan          John R           23     Illinois             Wahnahta     65a--17
Sloan          Levi             25     N York               Ramsey       43b--04
Sloan          Olive            1      Min Terry            Ramsey       43b--06
Sloan          Ruth Ann         15     New York             Ramsey       44b--16
Sloan          Sarah            7      Wisconsin            Ramsey       44b--18
Sloan          Sarah T          40     New York             Ramsey       44b--14
Sloan          Strong G         1      Minnesota            Benton       05a--36
Sloan          Wm               3      Iowa                 Ramsey       44b--21
Sloman         Thomas           30     Canada               Benton       05a--07
Smawzir        Jacob            27     Germany              Ramsey       52a--41
Smith          A A              25     Connecticutt         Ramsey       37b--16
Smith          Ann              50     Maine                Ramsey       60a--04
Smith          Baptiste         19     Red River British    Pembina      22a--34
Smith          C K              51     Ohio                 Ramsey       46a--29
Smith          Debora           17     Maine                Ramsey       60a--07
Smith          Electa           26     New York             Benton       03a--33
Smith          Emily            25     Red River British    Pembina      22a--33
Smith          Esther           12     Maine                Ramsey       60a--09
Smith          George           25     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       52a--27
Smith          George           25     Mass                 Washington   72b--40
Smith          George           18     Kentucky             Ramsey       46b--08
Smith          Helen            23     Illinois             Wabasha      63a--20
Smith          John             5/12   Minnesota            Wabasha      63a--21
Smith          John             20     Kentucky             Ramsey       46b--07
Smith          Joseph           17     Red River British    Pembina      22a--35
Smith          Laura            8      Maine                Ramsey       60a--10
Smith          Louis            35     Red River British    Pembina      22a--32
Smith          Margaritte       11     Red River British    Pembina      22a--37
Smith          Martin           33     Prussia              Dakota       12b--36
Smith          Mary             15     Maine                Ramsey       60a--08
Smith          Melard           28     New York             Ramsey       55b--39
Smith          Nathaniel        59     Maine                Ramsey       60a--05
Smith          Nathaniel        20     Maine                Ramsey       60a--06
Smith          Richard          10     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      22a--38
Smith          Rossilee         14     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      22a--36
Smith          Stephen H        21     Maine                Ramsey       54b--31
Smith          Thomas           25     Ireland              Wabasha      63a--19
Smith          Warren           19     New Hampshire        Ramsey       44a--26
Smith          William A        26     Maine                Washington   71a--15
Smith          Wm C             20     Ohio                 Ramsey       46a--30
Smothers       William          30     Pennsylvania         Wabasha      63b--02
Snider         Geo H            21     New York             Ramsey       42a--42
Snow           Dianthy          48     Connecticut          Wabasha      64a--09
Snow           Elizabeth        20     England              Ramsey       43b--32
Snow           John             48     Connecticut          Wabasha      64a--08
Snow           John G           15     Pennsylvania         Wabasha      64a--10
Snowden        Ann              19     Missouri             Ramsey       41a--27
Snyder         H                30     Germany              Mankahta     17a--17
Snyder         John             25     Germany              Dakota       11a--27
Sommerville    John             35     Vermont              Ramsey       43b--20
Sones          Henry            24     Germany              Ramsey       44a--20
Soule          Abel             25     Maine                Washington   67a--41
Soumerville    J C              33     Vermont              Ramsey       48a--04
Souyard        Alixis           4      Red River British    Pembina      19a--42
Souyard        Louise           35     Red River British    Pembina      19a--40
Souyard        Norbert          2      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      19b--01
Souyard        Pierre           49     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      19a--39
Souyard        Pierre           17     Red River British    Pembina      19a--41
Spangler       J R              30     Wisconsin            Ramsey       41a--13
Sparks         Mary L           40     Mo                   Washington   70b--21
Sparks         William          6      Mo                   Washington   70b--22
Spater         Hope             1      Minnesota            Itasca       14b--26
Spater         Larah            2      Minnesota            Itasca       14b--25
Spater         Samuel           36     Kentucky             Itasca       14b--23
Spater         Sarah Ann        28     Ill                  Itasca       14b--24
Spears         Jackson          22     Wisconsin            Ramsey       43b--08
Spence         Elizabeth        17     New York             Ramsey       39a--13
Spence         George           46     Scotland             Ramsey       39a--10
Spence         George           5      New York             Ramsey       39a--14
Spence         John             2      Missouri             Ramsey       39a--15
Spence         Lillis           36     Scotland             Ramsey       39a--11
Spence         William          20     England              Ramsey       39a--12
Spencer        David R          29     New York             Washington   67b--09
Spencer        Henry T          2      Indiana              Ramsey       40b--06
Spencer        J B              28     Kentucky             Ramsey       40b--03
Spencer        James H          28     New York             Washington   67b--10
Spencer        John A           7      Indiana              Ramsey       40b--05
Spencer        Mr               38     Connecticut          Itasca       14b--27
Spencer        Nancy            26     Indiana              Ramsey       40b--04
Spencer        Sarah            25     Connecticut          Itasca       14b--28
Spencer        Sarah Ann        1      Connecticut          Itasca       14b--29
Spencer        Spear            23     Kentucky             Ramsey       40b--07
Spicer         Nathan           22     Ohio                 Ramsey       39b--35
Spore          David            21     New York             Ramsey       44b--33
St Anne        Francois         18     Canada               Ramsey       39a--42
St Antoine     Pierre           21     Wisconsin            Ramsey       38a--26
St Cyr         Abner            15     Wisconsin            Ramsey       44a--05
St Cyr         Adamini          15     Canada               Ramsey       43b--41
St Cyr         Hyacinth         25     Wisconsin            Ramsey       43b--40
St Cyr         Julie            16     Wisconsin            Ramsey       44a--06
St Cyr         Melami           49     Wisconsin            Ramsey       44a--04
St Cyr         Michael          38     Wisconsin            Ramsey       44a--11
St Martin      Arine            27     Canada               Ramsey       49b--16
St Martin      Chaurette        75     Canada               Ramsey       50b--04
St Martin      Eloize           6/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       49b--06
St Martin      Felicite         59     Canada               Ramsey       50b--03
St Martin      Francois         22     Min Terry            Ramsey       50a--39
St Martin      Francois         8      Canada               Ramsey       49b--01
St Martin      Francois         2      Min Terry            Ramsey       50a--41
St Martin      Joseph           7      Canada               Ramsey       49b--02
St Martin      Lauvere          2      Canada               Ramsey       49b--05
St Martin      Lauvert          25     Canada               Ramsey       50b--01
St Martin      Marie            9/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       50a--42
St Martin      Marie            9      Canada               Ramsey       49a--42
St Martin      Marieone         34     Canada               Ramsey       49a--41
St Martin      Martin           6      Min Terry            Ramsey       50a--40
St Martin      Noel             22     Canada               Ramsey       50b--02
St Martin      Oliver           39     Canada               Ramsey       49a--40
St Martin      Paschal          31     Canada               Ramsey       50a--38
St Martin      Pierre           26     Canada               Ramsey       49b--15
St Martin      Pierre           4      Canada               Ramsey       49b--04
St Martin      Pierre           5/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       49b--17
St Martin      Seraphine        5      Canada               Ramsey       49b--03
St Pierre      Angelie          5      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21b--09
St Pierre      Francois         49     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21b--05
St Pierre      Francois         14     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21b--07
St Pierre      Isabella         3      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21b--10
St Pierre      Louis            20     Red River British    Pembina      28b--01
St Pierre      Mary             37     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21b--06
St Pierre      Mary             15     Red River British    Pembina      28b--02
St Pierre      Mary             6      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21b--08
Staples        Josiah           23     Maine                Washington   71a--14
Statelar       Sylvester        33     Ohio                 Mankahta     18a--05
Stclair        Henry            30     Canada               Benton       03a--35
Stclair        Mary             2/12   Minnesota            Benton       03a--38
Stclair        Susan B          20     Minnesota            Benton       03a--36
Stclair        William          1      Minnesota            Benton       03a--37
StCyr          Belond           50     Canada               Benton       05a--22
StCyr          Femina           16     Canada               Benton       05a--16
StCyr          H                22     Wisconsin            Benton       05a--15
StCyr          Joseph           50     Canada               Benton       04b--23
StCyr          Joseph           24     Minnesota            Benton       04b--21
StCyr          Julia            16     Wisconsin            Benton       05a--18
StCyr          Louiza           5      Iowa                 Benton       05a--21
StCyr          Moses            7      Iowa                 Benton       05a--20
StCyr          Van S            25     Minnesota            Benton       04b--22
Stearn         William          30     Germany              Washington   73a--26
Stearns        Caroline M       11     Missouri             Ramsey       59b--29
Stearns        Cornelia         3      Illinois             Ramsey       59b--31
Stearns        Elizabeth N      17     Massachusetts        Ramsey       59b--28
Stearns        Emily J          42     Massachusetts        Ramsey       59b--27
Stearns        Laura V          5/12   Illinois             Ramsey       59b--30
Stearns        Margaret B       5/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       59b--32
Stearns        Seaton           47     Massachusetts        Ramsey       59b--26
Steele         Anna E           26     Maryland             Dakota       10a--31
Steele         Charlote         33     Red Lake Min Ter     Pembina      19b--37
Steele         Daniel           35     New York             Ramsey       37b--09
Steele         Franklin         37     Pennyslvania         Dakota       10a--30
Steele         Franklin         1      Minnesota            Dakota       10a--35
Steele         Hart             9      Red Lake Min Ter     Pembina      19b--38
Steele         Kate             4      Minnesota            Dakota       10a--33
Steele         Mary             30     Penn                 Dakota       08a--16
Steele         Mary             7      Minnesota            Dakota       10a--32
Steele         Mrs. Mary H      50     Penn                 Dakota       08a--15
Steele         Rachel           30     Pennyslvania         Dakota       10a--37
Steele         Rosa             2      Minnesota            Dakota       10a--34
Steers         Wm               24     Pennyslvania         Ramsey       37a--15
Stein          Martha           20     Germany              Wabasha      64b--05
Stein          Peter            25     Germany              Wabasha      64b--04
Stephen        Arthur           22     Scotland             Ramsey       47a--31
Stephen        Robert           19     Scotland             Ramsey       47a--32
Stephens       William          38     Maine                Washington   79a--03
Steven         Charles          34     Germany              Dakota       11a--22
Stevens        Hellen           26     New York             Dakota       10a--24
Stevens        John H           29     Vermont              Dakota       10a--23
Stewart        Duncan           26     Scotland             Benton       01b--21
Stickfield     D                27     Maine                Ramsey       56b--34
Stiles         Emily            18     Illinois             Ramsey       47a--09
Stiles         Wm H             22     New York             Ramsey       47a--08
Stillwell      John             26     New York             Benton       01a--41
Stimpson       Charles F        20     Maine                Ramsey       54b--28
Stimpson       Olivia           28     Maine                Ramsey       54b--29
Stimpson       Sylvanus         25     Maine                Ramsey       54b--30
Stimson        David            24     Maine                Ramsey       52b--40
Stiner         Catharine        10     Germany              Ramsey       45a--33
Stinson        Albion           6      Maine                Ramsey       55b--21
Stinson        Chas             4      Maine                Ramsey       55b--22
Stinson        Holiday          10     Maine                Ramsey       55b--20
Stinson        John             8      Maine                Ramsey       55b--40
Stinson        Matilda          42     Maine                Ramsey       55b--15
Stinson        Matilda          14     Maine                Ramsey       55b--18
Stinson        Melvina          13     Maine                Ramsey       55b--19
Stinson        Sylvanus         15     Maine                Ramsey       55b--17
Stinson        Waterman         47     Maine                Ramsey       55b--14
Stinson        William          17     Maine                Ramsey       55b--16
Stockdale      Joseph           31     England              Ramsey       42b--01
Stockton       Jane             20     Illinois             Ramsey       56b--01
Stone          Elizabeth        53     Maine                Ramsey       54b--13
Stone          Ezekiel          16     Maine                Ramsey       54b--17
Stone          Jacob            29     Maine                Ramsey       54b--14
Stone          John             30     Ireland              Dakota       11a--24
Stone          Joshua           18     Maine                Ramsey       54b--16
Stone          Leonard          25     Maine                Ramsey       54b--15
Stone          Lewis            54     Maine                Ramsey       54b--12
Stone          Lewis            11     Maine                Ramsey       54b--19
Stone          Rhodence         14     Maine                Ramsey       54b--18
Stone          Wallace          8      Maine                Ramsey       54b--20
Stongeon       Peter            34     Canada               Ramsey       38b--25
Stotman        Nicholas         30     Germany              Washington   69a--18
Stough         A J              21     New York             Ramsey       57b--42
Stough         Jane             19     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       57a--03
Stough         Martha           17     Ohio                 Ramsey       57a--04
Stough         Mary F           38     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       57a--02
Stough         Matilda          9      Ohio                 Ramsey       57a--05
Stough         Samuel           45     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       57a--01
Stough         Sarah            8      Missouri             Ramsey       57a--06
Stoughton      Edway            45     New York             Ramsey       46b--42
Stout          John             22     Pennsylvania         Benton       02a--40
Strat          Joseph           25     Wisconsin            Mankahta     18a--15
Straugh        Jane             20     Ohio                 Washington   74a--07
Strickland     Daniel           55     Ohio                 Ramsey       41a--11
Strickland     Sanford          50     Ohio                 Ramsey       41a--20
Stricklin      John             25     New York             Washington   73a--12
Strong         Martin           46     Vermont              Ramsey       57b--17
Strong         Mary Ann         34     Connecticut          Ramsey       57b--18
Stuart         Kenneday         20     England              Ramsey       44a--36
Sturgiss       D J              24     Vermont              Benton       05a--02
Sturgiss       Jane             4      Iowa                 Benton       05a--04
Sturgiss       Jenett           6      Iowa                 Benton       05a--03
Sturgiss       John             6/12   Minnesota            Benton       05a--05
Sturgiss       William          33     Canada               Benton       05a--01
Sullivan       Martin           27     Ireland              Dakota       12a--05
Sullivan       Patrick          32     Ireland              Dakota       12b--35
Sullivan       Patrick          24     Ireland              Dakota       12a--27
Summers        Paul             25     Ireland              Ramsey       56b--28
Summerville    John             39     Vermont              Benton       05a--40
Swain          Alexander        1      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      22b--26
Swain          John             32     Red River British    Pembina      22b--20
Swain          John             15     Red River British    Pembina      22b--22
Swain          Mary             30     Red River British    Pembina      22b--21
Swain          Therese          2      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      22b--25
Swain          Thomas           5      Red River British    Pembina      22b--24
Swain          William          12     Red River British    Pembina      22b--23
Swalen         Haley            23     Germany              Ramsey       39a--28
Swazey         Hazen            38     Massachusetts        Ramsey       57b--32
Swazey         Mary Ann         34     Maryland             Ramsey       57b--33
Swazey         Melissa          12     Iowa                 Ramsey       57b--34
Swazey         Orlando          9      Iowa                 Ramsey       57b--35
Sweat          Joseph B         21     New York             Dakota       12a--06
Sweaton        J                35     Germany              Ramsey       37b--21
Sweeney        Edmund           27     Ireland              Ramsey       41b--31
Sweeney        Emily            5      Illinois             Ramsey       47a--03
Sweeney        Maria            20     Ohio                 Ramsey       47a--02
Sweeney        Wm               35     Pa                   Ramsey       47a--01
Sweeney        Wm               1      Illinois             Ramsey       47a--04
Sweeny         Edward           50     Ireland              Ramsey       59b--36
Sweitzer       John             24     Germany              Dakota       12a--07
Sylvester      John             28     Penn                 Washington   74a--41
Synclair       Robert           47     Ireland              Washington   74b--31

Tainter        Richard          9      Wisconsin            Washington   79b--08
Taisey         Albert H         13     Michigan             Washington   71b--11
Taisey         Elizabeth        7      Michigan             Washington   71b--13
Taisey         Hellen           10     Michigan             Washington   71b--12
Taisey         Jane             31     Vermont              Washington   71b--10
Taisey         Mathias          38     Vermont              Washington   71b--09
Taisey         Milton           5      Michigan             Washington   71b--14
Talbot         Mr               32     Ohio                 Washington   70b--32
Talfston       Aley             29     Norway               Wahnahta     65b--13
Talfston       Isabelle         2      Iowa                 Wahnahta     65b--16
Talfston       Nelson           4      Iowa                 Wahnahta     65b--15
Talfston       Sarah            28     Norway               Wahnahta     65b--14
Talmadge       H A              20     Ohio                 Ramsey       47b--09
Tanner         Alfred           10     New York             Ramsey       44b--02
Tanner         Catharine        44     New York             Ramsey       44a--40
Tanner         George           8      Wisconsin            Itasca       14b--37
Tanner         H G              23     New York             Benton       05a--27
Tanner         James            40     Wisconsin            Itasca       14b--34
Tanner         James            14     New York             Ramsey       44b--01
Tanner         Jane             30     Wisconsin            Itasca       14b--35
Tanner         John             47     New York             Ramsey       44a--39
Tanner         Josephine        10     New York             Ramsey       44a--41
Tanner         Louisa           3      Wisconsin            Itasca       14b--38
Tanner         Mark             10     Wisconsin            Itasca       14b--36
Tapper         Joseph           30     England              Dakota       10a--42
Tarpin         Alie             42     Missouri             Ramsey       38b--02
Tarpin         Armable          69     Canada               Ramsey       38b--01
Tayler         Margarette       18     Illinois             Washington   73b--14
Taylor         Abigail          23     New York             Washington   71a--36
Taylor         Adelene          27     District Columbia    Ramsey       39b--23
Taylor         Agnes V          34     NY                   Ramsey       44a--28
Taylor         Alexia           2      New Brunswick        Ramsey       52a--11
Taylor         Alvira E         11/12  Minnesota            Washington   71a--38
Taylor         Cynthia H        3      Min Terr             Ramsey       44a--31
Taylor         D C              33     Massachusetts        Ramsey       44a--27
Taylor         Elias B          29     Virginia             Mankahta     16b--11
Taylor         H W              32     Maine                Ramsey       52a--07
Taylor         James            28     Illinois             Ramsey       59b--20
Taylor         Jesey            44     Kentucky             Washington   71a--35
Taylor         John             24     Ireland              Dakota       12a--08
Taylor         Mary Augusta     10     NY                   Ramsey       44a--29
Taylor         Nancy Latitia    5      Pennsylvania         Ramsey       44a--30
Taylor         Nathan C D       38     New Hamps            Washington   69a--17
Taylor         Robinson W       6      New Brunswick        Ramsey       52a--09
Taylor         Sophrone M       4      New Brunswick        Ramsey       52a--10
Taylor         Susan            27     New Brunswick        Ramsey       52a--08
Taylor         William          5      Minnesota            Washington   71a--37
Taylor         Wm B             29     Kentucky             Ramsey       39b--22
Teacueay       John             31     Ireland              Benton       05b--08
Techuty        John             47     Germany              Ramsey       36b--17
Teeple         O                45     Canada               Washington   73a--01
Tehan          H                23     Maryland             Ramsey       46a--41
Teirney        Mary Ann         20     Ireland              Ramsey       59a--20
Terentine      Samuel           30     New York             Dakota       10b--39
Terry          J O              24     New York             Ramsey       42a--41
Teshon         Martin           28     Ireland              Wabasha      63a--09
Tesrow         Joseph           26     Missouri             Benton       02b--07
Tetus          Jane             23     Minnesota            Dakota       06b--16
Tetus          Moses S          30     Conn                 Dakota       06b--15
Tew            Clara            3/12   Minnesota            Benton       04b--40
Tew            G W              21     New York             Benton       04b--38
Tew            Phebe A          20     New York             Benton       04b--39
Thatcher       Catharine P      13     Maine                Ramsey       59a--24
Thatcher       Elizabeth        40     New Hampshire        Ramsey       59a--23
Thatcher       Elizabeth        8      Maine                Ramsey       59a--26
Thatcher       Orvil D          11     Maine                Ramsey       59a--25
Thatcher       Samuel Jr        43     Maine                Ramsey       59a--22
Thomas         Charles          1      Minnesota            Dakota       11a--42
Thomas         Edward K         35     Pennsylvania         Dakota       11a--38
Thomas         Isaac            35     Penn                 Ramsey       48a--01
Thomas         James            21     Maine                Benton       01b--34
Thomas         Lewis C          10     New York             Dakota       11a--40
Thomas         Mary             28     England              Dakota       11a--39
Thomas         Mary             6      New York             Dakota       11a--41
Thompson       Belond           20     Wisconsin            Benton       05a--17
Thompson       Benj             34     Pa                   Ramsey       47b--11
Thompson       Elizabeth        18     Ohio                 Ramsey       36a--28
Thompson       Ellen            26     Wisconsin            Wahnahta     66a--10
Thompson       George           7      Min Terry            Ramsey       38b--16
Thompson       James            49     Virginia             Ramsey       38b--13
Thompson       James            21     Pennyslvania         Ramsey       37a--38
Thompson       Janie            25     Pennsylvania         Dakota       09b--33
Thompson       John             17     Ohio                 Ramsey       36a--29
Thompson       Joseph           35     Ohio                 Ramsey       35b--11
Thompson       Keturah          19     Ohio                 Benton       02b--06
Thompson       Kitura           21     Ohio                 Ramsey       36a--27
Thompson       Mary             33     Min Terry            Ramsey       38b--14
Thompson       Mary             4      Minnesota            Dakota       09b--35
Thompson       Mary             3/12   Wisconsin            Benton       05a--24
Thompson       Melvina          2      Iowa                 Ramsey       35b--14
Thompson       Milla            6      Wisconsin            Benton       05a--25
Thompson       Norsis           4      Wisconsin            Benton       05a--23
Thompson       Rinaldo          25     Sea                  Wahnahta     65b--04
Thompson       Rinaldo          22     Ohio                 Ramsey       36a--30
Thompson       Samuel           34     Pennsylvania         Dakota       09b--32
Thompson       Samuel           6      Pennsylvania         Dakota       09b--34
Thompson       Sarah            12     Min Terry            Ramsey       38b--15
Thompson       Sarah Jane       28     N Y                  Ramsey       35b--12
Thompson       Sidney A         4      Iowa                 Ramsey       35b--13
Thompson       Socrates         24     Ohio                 Ramsey       39b--34
Thompson       William          2      Minnesota            Dakota       09b--36
Throw          Augustus         27     Germany              Dakota       11a--23
Thyer          Sylvanus         23     New York             Washington   68a--18
Tibballs       James W          24     Maine                Benton       04b--19
Tibballs       Joshua A         19     Maine                Benton       04b--20
Tibballs       Nathan           27     Maine                Benton       04b--18
Tibbets        James            24     Maine                Washington   67b--16
Tibbets        Joshua           22     Maine                Washington   67b--18
Tibbets        Nathaniel        26     Maine                Washington   67b--17
Tibot          Francois         21     Canada               Ramsey       39a--40
Tilden         A P              23     Ohio                 Ramsey       37b--33
Tilden         Elizabeth        46     New York             Washington   68a--20
Tilden         Helen            5      Ohio                 Ramsey       37b--34
Tilden         Henry L          37     Connecticutt         Ramsey       37b--32
Tilden         Henry S          4      Ohio                 Ramsey       37b--35
Tilden         John H           60     Mass                 Washington   68a--19
Tilten         John             40     Pa                   Ramsey       47a--42
Timson         Eugene C         9/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       60a--30
Timson         Louis C          26     Vermont              Ramsey       60a--28
Timson         Lydia            29     New Hampshire        Ramsey       60a--29
Tinker         Elizabeth        36     Connecticutt         Ramsey       36a--20
Tinker         Wm H             37     Connecticutt         Ramsey       36a--19
Tiron          Baptiste         17     Canada               Ramsey       34b--20
Tiron          Bazil            10     Canada               Ramsey       34b--22
Tiron          David            13     Canada               Ramsey       34b--21
Tiron          Joseph           19     Canada               Ramsey       34b--19
Tiron          Pierre           45     Canada               Ramsey       34b--17
Tiron          Terese           46     Canada               Ramsey       34b--18
Todd           Catherine        28     New York             Mankahta     16a--02
Todd           Elizabeth        6/12   Minnesota            Mankahta     16a--04
Todd           J B S            36     Kentucky             Mankahta     16a--01
Todd           Kate             4      Arkansas             Mankahta     16a--03
Tomanes        Jas H            21     Missouri             Ramsey       47b--26
Tompkins       Wm               41     England              Ramsey       40b--41
Towiskie       Alie             24     Wisconsin            Ramsey       44a--07
Towiskie       Amelie           5      Wisconsin            Ramsey       44a--08
Towiskie       Daniel           37     Wisconsin            Ramsey       44a--42
Towiskie       Josephene        6      Wisconsin            Ramsey       44a--13
Towiskie       Nana             7      Wisconsin            Ramsey       44a--12
Towiskie       Nana             5/12   California           Ramsey       44a--10
Towiskie       Narcisse         4      Wisconsin            Ramsey       44a--09
Townsend       George           36     England              Ramsey       41a--04
Townsend       John             25     Maine                Ramsey       59b--09
Tracy          Chas F           28     Missouri             Ramsey       41a--22
Tracy          Edward Jr        2      Missouri             Ramsey       41a--24
Tracy          George M         9/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       41a--25
Tracy          Henry            21     Missouri             Ramsey       38b--04
Tracy          Jane             19     England              Washington   72b--41
Tracy          Sophia           20     Missouri             Ramsey       41a--23
Tramp          D                35     Conn                 Washington   74b--17
Trask          Sylvanus         33     New York             Washington   75a--10
Travelter      Samuel           30     Canada               Washington   72b--39
Traverse       Alfred           17     Ohio                 Wabasha      64b--27
Trott          Abigail          10     Maine                Ramsey       57a--11
Trott          Esther           30     Maine                Ramsey       57a--09
Trott          Joseph           42     Maine                Ramsey       57a--08
Trott          Maria            8      Maine                Ramsey       57a--12
Trott          Vilena           6      Maine                Ramsey       57a--13
Trott          Zilpha           12     Maine                Ramsey       57a--10
Trotta         Baptiste         26     Red River British    Pembina      20b--13
Trotta         Catherine        20     Red River British    Pembina      20b--15
Trotta         Joseph           60     Pembina M Terr       Pembina      20b--11
Trotta         Margaritte       22     Red River British    Pembina      20b--14
Trotta         Marie            60     Pembina M Terr       Pembina      20b--12
Trotter        Andre'           66     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      25a--11
Trotter        Antoine          14     Red River British    Pembina      25a--15
Trotter        Charles          10     Red River British    Pembina      25a--16
Trotter        Joseph           22     Red River British    Pembina      25a--13
Trotter        Margaritte       50     Red River British    Pembina      25a--12
Trotter        Michel           19     Red River British    Pembina      25a--14
Trower         John             24     Kentucky             Ramsey       37b--22
Troy           Mathew           30     Ireland              Ramsey       37a--40
Trueax         Abraham          26     New York             Washington   79a--08
Trueax         Caleb            55     New York             Washington   79a--05
Trueax         Caleb Jr         24     New York             Washington   79a--09
Trueax         Christiane       9      New York             Washington   79a--14
Trueax         Daniel           20     New York             Washington   79a--10
Trueax         Elizabeth        45     Ireland              Washington   79a--06
Trueax         Elizabeth        17     New York             Washington   79a--11
Trueax         George W         7      Illinois             Washington   79a--15
Trueax         Gershan          13     New York             Washington   79a--12
Trueax         John C           27     New York             Washington   79a--07
Trueax         Richard          11     New York             Washington   79a--13
Turner         Charles          23     Conn                 Washington   68b--41
Turner         E Inman          30     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       46b--33
Turner         L Winslow        10     Maine                Ramsey       55b--25
Turner         Margaret         33     Maine                Ramsey       55b--24
Turner         Seth             54     Maine                Ramsey       55b--23
Turpien        Adaline          15     Minnesota            Benton       04a--37
Turpien        Amab             20     Minnesota            Benton       04a--36
Turpien        Angelic          51     Canada               Benton       04a--33
Turpien        Angelic          4      Minnesota            Benton       04b--02
Turpien        Baptiste         28     Minnesota            Benton       04a--39
Turpien        Baptiste         8      Minnesota            Benton       04a--41
Turpien        Charat           26     Minnesota            Benton       04a--40
Turpien        Ellen            3/12   Minnesota            Benton       04a--38
Turpien        Francis          25     Minnesota            Benton       04a--28
Turpien        Jannane          11     Minnesota            Benton       04a--42
Turpien        Joseph           70     Canada               Benton       04a--32
Turpien        Joseph           17     Canada               Benton       04a--34
Turpien        Josette          9      Minnesota            Benton       04b--01
Turpien        Mab              1      Minnesota            Benton       04a--31
Turpien        Mary             22     Minnesota            Benton       04a--29
Turpien        Mary A           8/12   Minnesota            Benton       04b--03
Turpien        Savere           12     Minnesota            Benton       04a--35
Turpien        Zebidee          4      Minnesota            Benton       04a--30
Tuttle         Arthur M         2      Min Terry            Ramsey       60a--20
Tuttle         Calvin A         39     Connecticut          Ramsey       60a--17
Tuttle         Charlotte M      31     New York             Ramsey       60a--18
Tuttle         Luella M         5      Illinois             Ramsey       60a--19
Twigg          David            19     Wisconsin            Wahnahta     66a--30
Tyler          Joel F           31     New York             Washington   67a--16
Tyler          William          15     New York             Washington   77a--11
  The free display of the 1850 Minnesota Territory census images in the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of Elizabeth Kelly and the permission of S-K Publications.

Benton, Dakota, Itasca, Mankahta, Pembina, Ramsey, Wabasha, Wahnahta, and Washington counties.
  This index was transcribed by Sandy Sterling
and proofread by the following Team of volunteers - -
Connie Burkett, Jamie Lee Foot, Robin Locke, April Phillips, and Marsha Thompson

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