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Hackett        Isaac            33     Maine                Benton       02a--05
Hagan          Daniel           32     Ireland              Dakota       12b--14
Hagan          Michael          30     Ireland              Dakota       12b--13
Hagenais       George           13     Minnesota            Dakota       09b--25
Hagenais       Joseph           60     Canada               Dakota       09b--24
Hagnaut        Joseph           23     Red River British    Pembina      25b--29
Hagnaut        Margaritte       20     Red River British    Pembina      25b--30
Haig           Charles          27     Germany              Mankahta     16a--34
Haig           Valentine        29     Germany              Mankahta     16a--36
Hale           Emma C           17     Maine                Washington   78a--15
Hale           Juliette         23     Missouri             Ramsey       42b--26
Hale           Mary Price       6      Iowa                 Ramsey       42b--28
Hale           Nathan           28     Kentucky             Ramsey       42b--27
Hale           Phebe            57     Maine                Washington   78a--14
Haley          Edward           24     Vermont              Ramsey       37b--42
Hall           John             22     Penn                 Washington   67b--20
Hall           Joseph           35     Maryland             Ramsey       52a--22
Hall           Mary             55     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       43b--12
Hall           Mrs              55     Penn                 Washington   73b--31
Hames          Elizabeth        63     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       38a--21
Hamilton       J B              51     Scotland             Benton       02a--38
Hancock        Joseph W         34     New Hampshire        Wabasha      64a--04
Hancock        Joseph W Jr      1      Minnesota            Wabasha      64a--07
Hancock        Martha M         30     Vermont              Wabasha      64a--05
Hancock        Martha P         2      New York             Wabasha      64a--06
Handel         Elizabeth        18     England              Washington   67b--14
Handel         Hannah           10     England              Washington   67b--15
Handscom       David            22     Maine                Benton       02a--42
Haney          John             27     Illinois             Ramsey       43a--18
Hanf           William Karl     22     Germany              Mankahta     16b--01
Hanks          David            30     Kentucky             Washington   72b--10
Hanks          Stephen B        24     Kentucky             Washington   72b--30
Hanks          W W              22     Kentucky             Washington   72b--09
Hanley         John             27     Ohio                 Benton       01b--23
Hanley         Michael          29     Ireland              Mankahta     16a--35
Hanolin        Edward           24     Ireland              Ramsey       37a--39
Hansen         Daniel           26     Vermont              Wahnahta     65b--08
Hanson         Charles          24     New Bruns            Washington   71a--19
Hapt           Oliver           20     Red River British    Pembina      31a--33
Hardin         Thomas           28     Alabama              Benton       05b--12
Hardy          Frederic         35     England              Ramsey       43b--27
Hareton        Francis          28     Canada               Washington   69b--36
Harington      Ann              3      Illinois             Washington   68a--27
Harington      Caroline         1      Minnesota            Washington   68a--28
Harington      James            39     New York             Washington   70b--08
Harington      James            18     New York             Washington   70b--10
Harington      Julia            11     New York             Washington   70b--14
Harington      Mary Ann         20     Illinois             Washington   68a--24
Harington      Myrah Ann        14     New York             Washington   70b--12
Harington      Olive            3      New York             Washington   70b--13
Harington      Orilla           40     Vermont              Washington   70b--09
Harington      Orilla           18     New York             Washington   70b--11
Harington      Thankful         5      Illinois             Washington   68a--26
Harington      W C D            26     New York             Washington   68a--23
Harington      Wesley           12     New York             Washington   70b--15
Harington      William W        9      Illinois             Washington   68a--25
Harmen         Allen            36     Maine                Ramsey       55b--30
Harmen         Chandler         11     Maine                Ramsey       55b--34
Harmen         Charlotte        34     Maine                Ramsey       55b--31
Harmen         Chas F           2      Maine                Ramsey       55b--38
Harmen         Eliza A          9      Maine                Ramsey       55b--35
Harmen         Eliza E          6      Maine                Ramsey       55b--36
Harmen         Lucy J           13     Maine                Ramsey       55b--33
Harmen         Mary A           4      Maine                Ramsey       55b--37
Harmen         Wm               15     Maine                Ramsey       55b--32
Harnish        Atoine           6/12   Minnesota            Washington   76b--09
Harnish        Caroline         2      Minnesota            Washington   76b--08
Harnish        Christiana       17     Germany              Washington   73b--04
Harnish        Edward           4      Minnesota            Washington   76b--07
Harnish        Henrietta        27     Germany              Washington   76b--05
Harnish        John N           42     Germany              Washington   76b--04
Harnish        Mary C           16     Germany              Washington   76b--06
Harper         Marion           21     Missouri             Benton       02a--37
Harris         Albert           40     Maine                Washington   74a--25
Harris         Elizabeth        29     Maine                Washington   74a--26
Harris         Frederick        1      Minnesota            Washington   74a--30
Harris         George           25     Mo                   Washington   71b--30
Harris         George           23     New York             Ramsey       42a--36
Harris         George           19     Canada               Wahnahta     65a--37
Harris         Henry            21     Canada               Wahnahta     65a--36
Harris         J B              25     Indiana              Benton       01b--10
Harris         John             14     Maine                Washington   74a--27
Harris         Martha           12     Maine                Washington   74a--28
Harris         Mary Jane        2      Minnesota            Washington   74a--29
Harris         Nancy            29     Ireland              Ramsey       47a--34
Harris         Robert           45     England              Washington   72b--21
Harrison       Joseph           26     Kentucky             Ramsey       57a--35
Harrison       William H        12     Wisconsin            Benton       01a--07
Hartz          Francisca        57     Germany              Washington   74a--34
Harvey         Elizabeth        29     New Hampshire        Washington   67a--02
Harvey         Franklin L       6      Illinois             Washington   67a--04
Harvey         James            34     Maine                Washington   67a--01
Harvey         Maria E          9      Maine                Washington   67a--03
Harvie         John             32     Scotland             Mankahta     16a--37
Hary           Adam             32     Germany              Mankahta     16a--16
Haskins        Robert           45     Pennsylvania         Dakota       12b--03
Hastin         Louis            18     Canada               Ramsey       50b--05
Hastings       Aaron V          52     New York             Washington   67a--05
Hasty          Margerette       25     New Bruns            Washington   71a--13
Hasty          Robert           27     Maine                Washington   71a--12
Hatch          E A C            25     New York             Ramsey       43a--21
Hattan         M A              20     Vermont              Ramsey       46a--42
Haul           Antoine          30     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28b--03
Haul           Julie            40     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28b--04
Haus           Jacob            30     Germany              Ramsey       46b--01
Hawkins        Patrick          35     Scotland             Dakota       12b--15
Hawlett        Michael          26     Canada               Benton       01b--40
Hawley         Nathan           30     Illinois             Ramsey       37b--17
Haycock        Abner            3/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       33a--17
Haycock        Fanny            21     New Brunswick        Ramsey       33a--16
Haycock        John             25     Maine                Ramsey       33a--15
Haynes         Maria            32     Wisconsin            Ramsey       57b--27
Hays           John             7      Ireland              Ramsey       45a--18
Hays           Mary             12     Ireland              Ramsey       45a--17
Hays           Michael          42     Ireland              Ramsey       45a--15
Hays           Mike             3      Ireland              Ramsey       45a--19
Head           Catherine A      30     Massachusetts        Mankahta     16a--10
Head           J Frasier        30     Massachusetts        Mankahta     16a--09
Hearsey        Paul             21     Switzerland          Washington   72b--07
Heart          Charles          28     Illinois             Washington   72b--42
Heart          Mr               32     New York             Washington   75a--32
Hearthorn      Alvira E         18     Mo                   Washington   70b--17
Hearthorn      Augustus         9/12   Minnesota            Washington   70b--20
Hearthorn      Lyla             45     Mass                 Washington   70b--19
Hearthorn      William          53     Mass                 Washington   70b--18
Hearthorn      William E        22     Mass                 Washington   70b--16
Heath          Charles B        1      Maine                Washington   77b--08
Heath          John W           26     Pennsylvania         Wahnahta     65a--24
Heath          Lucy             20     Maine                Washington   77b--07
Heath          Osman            22     Maine                Benton       04b--17
Heath          Thomas J         29     Mass                 Washington   77b--06
Heatherington  Ann              5      Canada               Washington   79a--21
Heatherington  Jennette         29     Scotland             Washington   79a--19
Heatherington  Mary             9      Canada               Washington   79a--20
Heatherington  Thomas           32     England              Washington   79a--18
Hedges         George           1      Canada               Washington   70a--17
Hedges         Marcus           22     Ohio                 Ramsey       44b--05
Hedges         Maria            20     Canada               Washington   70a--16
Hedges         Robert           25     England              Washington   70a--15
Hefner         France           25     Germany              Washington   73a--18
Hefner         Fred             26     Germany              Washington   73a--19
Heighwarden    James            36     Virginia             Washington   71a--02
Helery         Wm               41     Ireland              Dakota       12a--42
Heley          William          35     Ireland              Dakota       10b--41
Henderson      G M              32     Wisconsin            Benton       03b--05
Henderson      George           6      Wisconsin            Benton       03b--08
Henderson      John             8      Wisconsin            Benton       03b--07
Henderson      John S           30     Kentucky             Ramsey       36a--17
Henderson      Sophia           30     Wisconsin            Benton       03b--06
Hendley        Erbury           50     Ireland              Ramsey       37a--25
Hendley        Jane             10     Illinois             Ramsey       37a--23
Hendley        John             55     Ireland              Ramsey       40a--34
Hendley        John             24     Virginia             Ramsey       37a--26
Hendley        Robert           7      Iowa                 Ramsey       40a--36
Hendley        Sarah            44     New Jersey           Ramsey       40a--35
Hendricks      George           1      Minnesota            Dakota       10b--19
Hendricks      Mary             32     Wisconsin            Dakota       10b--18
Henri          Daniel           4      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      24b--30
Henri          Marie            25     Red River British    Pembina      24b--28
Henri          Michel           30     Red River British    Pembina      24b--27
Henri          Michel           6      Red River British    Pembina      24b--29
Henri          Susana           1      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      24b--31
Henrie         Andrie           20     Red River British    Pembina      25a--20
Henrie         Isabella         6      Red River British    Pembina      25a--21
Henrie         Margaritte       56     Red River British    Pembina      25a--18
Henrie         Margaritte       28     Red River British    Pembina      25a--19
Henrie         Marie            4      Red River British    Pembina      25a--22
Henrie         Michel           54     Red River British    Pembina      25a--17
Henry          Alexis           37     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      29b--10
Henry          Alexis           13     Red River British    Pembina      29b--13
Henry          Angelie          7      Red River British    Pembina      29b--16
Henry          Charles          20     Minnesota            Itasca       15a--07
Henry          Erbray           47     Ireland              Ramsey       35b--28
Henry          Hannah           8      Minnesota            Itasca       15a--12
Henry          Jacob            18     Minnesota            Itasca       15a--08
Henry          Jonathan         16     Minnesota            Itasca       15a--09
Henry          Joseph           50     Wisconsin            Itasca       15a--05
Henry          Joseph L         12     Minnesota            Itasca       15a--11
Henry          Levi N           14     Minnesota            Itasca       15a--10
Henry          Mackiel          5      Red River British    Pembina      29b--17
Henry          Marguritte       9      Red River British    Pembina      29b--15
Henry          Mary             40     Minnesota            Itasca       15a--06
Henry          Mary             31     Red River British    Pembina      29b--11
Henry          Mary             15     Red River British    Pembina      29b--12
Henry          Morace           2      Red River British    Pembina      29b--18
Henry          Pierre           12     Red River British    Pembina      29b--14
Herman         Baptiste         3/12   Pembina M Ter        Pembina      25a--10
Herman         Edward           45     Red River British    Pembina      25a--06
Herman         Francois         19     Red River British    Pembina      25a--08
Herman         Madaline         7      Red River British    Pembina      25a--09
Herman         Marguritte       24     Red River British    Pembina      25a--07
Hermin         Benjamin         30     Ohio                 Dakota       10b--30
Hertickay      Co*ns            40     Wisconsin            Wahnahta     66b--34
Hertzell       Alice            2      Minnesota            Washington   79b--03
Hertzell       Levi             34     Penn                 Washington   79b--01
Hertzell       Rhonda           20     New York             Washington   79b--02
Hertzell       Theodore         9/12   Minnesota            Washington   79b--04
Hesenfelt      D                35     Germany              Washington   74a--36
Heskett        Hellen           11/12  Minnesota            Washington   77a--03
Heskett        Joseph           43     Maine                Washington   77a--01
Heskett        Olive            28     Maine                Washington   77a--02
Hestich        Charles          28     Missouri             Wahnahta     66a--23
Hestich        Joseph           32     Missouri             Wahnahta     66a--24
Hickerson      John             23     Ohio                 Washington   69a--05
Hickley        John             21     Ohio                 Washington   71a--20
Hicklin        Mr               31     New York             Washington   73a--23
Higby          (no given name)  4      **                   Washington   79b--41
Higby          George B         7      Illinois             Washington   79b--40
Higby          James            43     New York             Washington   79b--38
Higby          Martha P         44     Vermont              Washington   79b--39
Highhouse      Christopher      19     Germany              Benton       05a--28
Hildreth       Franklin         27     Maine                Ramsey       58b--28
Hildreth       Margaret         22     Maine                Ramsey       58b--29
Hill           Joshua           27     New Bruns            Washington   75a--11
Hill           Philip           32     New York             Washington   79b--17
Hillborne      Charles          26     Maine                Ramsey       52b--41
Hinchfield     Georgianna       8      Maine                Washington   70a--36
Hinchfield     Mary M           27     Maine                Washington   70a--35
Hinchfield     William          31     Maine                Washington   70a--34
Hinckley       John             34     Connecticutt         Ramsey       40b--39
Hines          James            18     Illinois             Ramsey       37a--33
Hinksten       Baldwin B        14     New York             Ramsey       55a--01
Hinksten       Charles          12     New York             Ramsey       55a--02
Hinksten       John             40     Ireland              Ramsey       54b--41
Hinksten       Ruth             41     Vermont              Ramsey       54b--42
Hinman         Carlton          17     New York             Ramsey       37b--36
Hinton         James            30     New York             Ramsey       57a--32
Hitchcock      E R              25     Mo                   Washington   69a--13
Hitchens       James            22     Pennsylvania         Benton       05a--26
Hizencraft     William          40     Ohio                 Washington   79a--35
Hobert         Chauncey         38     Vermont              Ramsey       36a--08
Hobert         Joseph C         7      Illinois             Ramsey       36a--10
Hobert         Kitren           33     New York             Ramsey       36a--09
Hobert         Mary E           2      Wisconsin            Ramsey       36a--11
Hoff           James            20     New York             Ramsey       53a--17
Hoffman        Frederick        32     Pennsylvania         Dakota       12b--16
Hoffman        Samuel E         37     Canada               Ramsey       37a--31
Holcomb        Edwin V B        17     Ohio                 Washington   73a--39
Holcomb        Henrietta        40     Mass                 Washington   73a--37
Holcomb        William          45     New Jersey           Washington   73a--36
Holcomb        William Jr       20     Ohio                 Washington   73a--38
Holden         Frederic D       19     New York             Ramsey       42a--40
Holen          James            28     Vermont              Benton       04b--36
Holen          Newel            27     Vermont              Benton       04b--35
Holland        Daniel           29     New York             Ramsey       57a--33
Holland        Elizabeth        40     England              Ramsey       59a--19
Holland        John             45     England              Ramsey       59a--18
Holmes         Jacob            22     Germany              Dakota       12a--24
Holmes         Mary             20     Minnesota            Washington   68b--06
Holmes         Robert           40     Mass                 Washington   73a--07
Holmes         Samuel           37     Virginia             Benton       04b--34
Holmes         Thomas A         47     New York             Benton       03b--42
Holmes         William          31     New York             Washington   68b--05
Holstein       Alfred           29     Virginia             Wahnahta     65b--31
Holsterk       John D           25     New York             Ramsey       44b--30
Holt           Dorcas           20     Ohio                 Itasca       14a--20
Holt           Eliza            1      Minnesota            Itasca       14a--21
Holt           George           28     Kentucky             Washington   67a--33
Holt           John             30     Kentucky             Washington   67a--25
Holt           Samuel           35     Ohio                 Itasca       14a--19
Holton         David            21     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       51a--42
Holton         John             53     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       51a--40
Holton         Sarah            53     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       51a--41
Hone           David            42     New York             Washington   79b--12
Hone           Edwin            13     New York             Washington   79b--14
Hone           Emmett           4      Minnesota            Washington   79b--15
Hone           John H           13     Illinois             Washington   79b--16
Hone           Mary             32     New York             Washington   79b--13
Hood           John             25     Canada               Mankahta     17a--07
Hopkins        Agnes            25     Ohio                 Dakota       06a--26
Hopkins        Agnes            24     Ohio                 Wabasha      62a--10
Hopkins        Daniel           55     New Hampshire        Ramsey       38a--36
Hopkins        Mary             6      Lac qui Parle Minn   Wabasha      62a--11
Hopkins        Mary F           6      Minnesota            Dakota       06a--27
Hopkins        Peter            27     New Hampshire        Ramsey       38a--37
Hopkins        Robert           34     Ohio                 Wabasha      62a--09
Hopkins        Robert           34     Ohio                 Dakota       06a--25
Hopkins        Sarah Jane       1      Minnesota            Dakota       06a--29
Hopkins        Sarah Jane       1      Travers des Sioux MN Wabasha      62a--13
Hopkins        William J        4      Travers des Sioux MN Wabasha      62a--12
Hopkins        William J        4      Minnesota            Dakota       06a--28
Hopper         Daniel           40     Maine                Ramsey       52a--05
Horn           Henry            30     Ireland              Benton       04a--04
Houl           Antoine          12     Red River British    Pembina      30b--07
Houl           Catherine        40     Red River British    Pembina      30b--04
Houl           Catherine        8      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      30b--09
Houl           Charles          52     Red River British    Pembina      30b--03
Houl           Charles          18     Red River British    Pembina      30b--05
Houl           Gabriel          5      Red River British    Pembina      30b--11
Houl           Gabriel          2      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      30b--12
Houl           Helen            14     Red River British    Pembina      30b--06
Houl           Laphilla         6      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      30b--10
Houl           Louis            11     Red River British    Pembina      30b--08
Howard         A P              38     Vermont              Benton       01a--16
Howard         Freedom          47     New York             Benton       02a--39
Howard         John             23     Illinois             Washington   70a--18
Howard         Mary             4/12   Minnesota            Washington   70a--20
Howard         Phebe            23     Tenn                 Washington   70a--19
Howe           George           21     Mo                   Washington   73a--17
Howe           John             32     Ohio                 Mankahta     16a--38
Howe           Samuel           27     Ohio                 Mankahta     16a--39
Hoyt           Albert           29     Maine                Ramsey       55b--41
Hoyt           Anthony          11     Illinois             Ramsey       35b--07
Hoyt           B F              49     Connecticutt         Ramsey       35b--01
Hoyt           Cynthia          13     Illinois             Ramsey       35b--06
Hoyt           Elizabeth        46     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       35b--02
Hoyt           Emily            21     Maine                Ramsey       55b--42
Hoyt           Franklin         19     Illinois             Ramsey       35b--04
Hoyt           Freeborn         16     Ohio                 Ramsey       35b--05
Hoyt           George           2      Illinois             Ramsey       35b--10
Hoyt           Hanna            5      Illinois             Ramsey       35b--09
Hoyt           Henry            7      Illinois             Ramsey       35b--08
Hoyt           Herbert          8/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       58a--01
Hoyt           Lorenzo          22     Illinois             Ramsey       35b--03
Huate          Louis            25     Canada               Ramsey       56a--10
Hudson         Edward           8      Minnesota            Wabasha      63a--30
Hudson         Mary Jane        10     Minnesota            Wabasha      63a--29
Hudson         Thomas           29     Canada               Washington   67a--18
Hudson         Thomas           29     Canada               Washington   72b--35
Hudson         Wm B             21     Indiana              Mankahta     16b--37
Hues           William          24     Ireland              Washington   74b--10
Hugganin       Daniel           21     Ohio                 Wabasha      64b--13
Huggins        Adnoris          17     Ohio                 Dakota       06a--33
Huggins        Alexander        48     North Carolina       Wabasha      62a--15
Huggins        Alexander        48     N Carolina           Dakota       06a--31
Huggins        Amos             17     Ohio                 Wabasha      62a--17
Huggins        Elijah           8      Minnesota Territory  Wabasha      62a--21
Huggins        Eliza            13     Minnesota            Dakota       06a--35
Huggins        Eliza            13     Minnesota Territory  Wabasha      62a--19
Huggins        Eliza            8      Minnesota            Dakota       06a--37
Huggins        Francis          2      Minnesota            Dakota       06a--39
Huggins        Francis          2      Minnesota Territory  Wabasha      62a--23
Huggins        Jane             15     Ohio                 Wabasha      62a--18
Huggins        Jane             15     Ohio                 Dakota       06a--34
Huggins        Lydia            38     Ohio                 Dakota       06a--32
Huggins        Lydia            38     Ohio                 Wabasha      62a--16
Huggins        Mary Ann         10     Minnesota Territory  Wabasha      62a--20
Huggins        Mary Ann         10     Minnesota            Dakota       06a--36
Huggins        Rufus            4      Minnesota Territory  Wabasha      62a--22
Huggins        Rufus            4      Minnesota            Dakota       06a--38
Huggins        Wm               25     Ohio                 Ramsey       36a--12
Hughes         Alvira           42     Maine                Ramsey       58b--14
Hughes         C E              2      Wisconsin            Benton       05b--27
Hughes         E V              24     Wisconsin            Benton       05b--26
Hughes         Eveline          14     Maine                Ramsey       58b--16
Hughes         George           21     Maine                Ramsey       58b--17
Hughes         H S A            1      Wisconsin            Benton       05b--28
Hughes         Jane             16     Maine                Ramsey       58b--15
Hughes         Robert Street    47     Wales                Ramsey       41b--07
Hughes         Sanford          24     Maine                Ramsey       58b--18
Hukill         Jas              20     Ohio                 Ramsey       41a--14
Humphrey       Ellen            23     Ohio                 Ramsey       43b--38
Humphrey       George           40     England              Ramsey       39a--07
Humphrey       James K          25     Ohio                 Ramsey       43a--42
Huot           M                40     Canada               Ramsey       40a--11
Hutchison      B E              21     New York             Ramsey       37a--16
Imes           Michel           35     Missouri             Ramsey       39b--21
Iouigain       Eustache         30     Minnesota            Benton       02b--18
Irvine         Amanda M         17     NY                   Ramsey       47a--26
Irvine         Cleopatra        8      Wisconsin            Ramsey       47a--29
Irvine         Cythera          10     Wisconsin            Ramsey       47a--28
Irvine         Harriet          8/12   Min Territory        Ramsey       47a--30
Irvine         John R           40     Pa                   Ramsey       47a--24
Irvine         Mary             14     NY                   Ramsey       47a--27
Irvine         Nancy            35     Pa                   Ramsey       47a--25
Irvine         Teresa           20     Missouri             Ramsey       38a--33
Jabot          Angelique        22     Min Terry            Ramsey       51a--31
Jabot          Isabelle         6/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       51a--32
Jabot          Joseph           30     Canada               Ramsey       51a--30
Jackins        Alvira           18     Maine                Washington   70a--37
Jackins        Gordon           25     Maine                Ramsey       56b--37
Jackson        Adam             1      Minnesota            Dakota       11a--14
Jackson        Angeline         36     New York             Ramsey       41a--29
Jackson        Charlotte        57     England              Washington   77b--15
Jackson        Emma             12     Missouri             Dakota       11a--09
Jackson        Henry            45     Virginia             Ramsey       41a--28
Jackson        Henry            28     Maine                Washington   75a--13
Jackson        Jack             28     New York             Wabasha      64b--28
Jackson        Jesey            58     England              Washington   77b--14
Jackson        Mary             10     Missouri             Dakota       11a--10
Jackson        Mary Ann         30     Canada               Dakota       11a--08
Jackson        Norma            8      Arkansas             Dakota       11a--11
Jackson        R L              41     England              Dakota       11a--07
Jackson        Robert           6      Arkansas             Dakota       11a--12
Jackson        Robert           30     England              Washington   77b--16
Jackson        St Cloud         4      Missouri             Dakota       11a--13
Jackson        Wm C             3      Min Terry            Ramsey       41a--32
Jacobs         J Francis        19     Virginia             Washington   70b--34
Jacoter        Francois         1      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28a--42
Jacoter        Isabella         3      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28a--41
Jacoter        Joseph           40     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28a--34
Jacoter        Joseph           29     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28a--36
Jacoter        Louise           16     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28a--37
Jacoter        Marguritte       13     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28a--38
Jacoter        Mary Ann         40     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28a--35
Jacoter        Philemon         4      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28a--40
Jacoter        Rossilie         5      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28a--39
Jacquez        Susan            17     New York             Ramsey       54b--27
Jacquez        Wm               25     New York             Ramsey       54b--26
Jaillard       Fortish          41     Canada               Ramsey       40b--19
Jaillard       Francois         16     Canada               Ramsey       40b--20
Jaillard       Mary J           5      Canada               Ramsey       40b--21
Jaillard       Noel             41     Canada               Ramsey       40b--18
James N        Hale             42     Kentucky             Washington   67b--06
Janarse        Maxime           28     Canada               Ramsey       40a--20
Jarvis         Henry            8      Maryland             Ramsey       37b--03
Jarvis         Sarah            37     Maryland             Ramsey       37b--02
Jarvis         Wm H             49     New York             Ramsey       37b--01
Jebb           Wm               18     Ireland              Ramsey       43b--25
Jenkins        Herman           24     New York             Ramsey       54b--05
Jenkins        Mary             30     Virginia             Ramsey       41a--41
Jenkinson      John             23     Canada               Mankahta     16a--41
Jenks          C C              43     New York             Ramsey       57b--03
Jenks          Edwin            13     Wisconsin            Ramsey       57b--04
Jenks          Francis          10     Wisconsin            Ramsey       57b--05
Jenks          Helen            8      Wisconsin            Ramsey       57b--07
Jenks          Henry            7      Wisconsin            Ramsey       57b--06
Jenks          Mary             60     Vermont              Ramsey       57b--12
Jerome         Andre'           22     Red River British    Pembina      23a--33
Jerome         Daniel           9      Red River British    Pembina      23a--39
Jerome         David            13     Red River British    Pembina      23a--38
Jerome         Elie             8      Red River British    Pembina      23a--40
Jerome         Elizabeth        41     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      23a--32
Jerome         Jerome           15     Red River British    Pembina      23a--37
Jerome         Joseph           19     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      23a--34
Jerome         Josette          2      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      23b--36
Jerome         Louis            17     Red River British    Pembina      23a--35
Jerome         Marie            16     Red River British    Pembina      23a--36
Jerome         Martin           50     Red River British    Pembina      23a--31
Jewette        John             23     Maine                Washington   68b--25
Johnson        Antoinette       2      Illinois             Washington   74a--12
Johnson        Emerlin          26     Vermont              Washington   74a--11
Johnson        Gertrude         1      Minnesota            Washington   74a--13
Johnson        James            37     Maine                Dakota       10b--40
Johnson        John B           26     New Jersey           Mankahta     16a--17
Johnson        Lurtz            29     Sweden               Washington   73b--39
Johnson        R B              34     New Hamp             Washington   74a--10
Johnson        R W Lieut        25     Kentucky             Dakota       12a--37
Johnson        Stephen S        .      Maine                Benton       04b--16
Jones          Asa              22     New York             Washington   73a--21
Jones          D H              27     NY                   Ramsey       48a--05
Jones          James S          32     New York             Wahnahta     65a--27
Jones          Philip           23     Kentucky             Ramsey       45b--07
Jones          Thomas P         33     Ohio                 Mankahta     16a--40
Jonnette       Francois         75     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      22b--18
Jonnette       Josette          70     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      22b--19
Jonson         Elizabeth        30     Vermont              Ramsey       51b--15
Jonson         Ellen            3      Min Terry            Ramsey       51b--14
Jonson         Francis          25     Virginia             Ramsey       39b--16
Jonson         Frederick        31     Germany              Ramsey       42a--38
Jonson         Geo W            2      Wisconsin            Ramsey       55b--02
Jonson         Jane             37     Rhode Island         Ramsey       51b--12
Jonson         John             50     Germany              Ramsey       55a--40
Jonson         John             8      Wisconsin            Ramsey       55a--42
Jonson         John H           46     Maryland             Ramsey       42a--35
Jonson         Josephine        9      Massachusetts        Ramsey       51b--13
Jonson         Laura            28     New York             Ramsey       41a--31
Jonson         Manuel           25     Massachusetts        Ramsey       41a--40
Jonson         Martha           4      Wisconsin            Ramsey       55b--01
Jonson         P K              30     New York             Ramsey       41a--30
Jonson         R W              4*     Vermont              Ramsey       51b--11
Jonson         Sarah            34     Kentucky             Ramsey       55a--41
Jourdain       Alexis           24     Lapointe Wis         Pembina      28b--28
Jourdain       Allen            2      Red Lake             Pembina      30a--22
Jourdain       Angelie          55     Red Lake M Ter       Pembina      30a--31
Jourdain       Angelie          22     Lapointe Wis         Pembina      28b--29
Jourdain       Angelie          4      Red Lake M Ter       Pembina      30a--29
Jourdain       Bozel            10     Red Lake M Ter       Pembina      30a--26
Jourdain       Francois         8      Red Lake M Ter       Pembina      30a--27
Jourdain       Isabella         1      Red Lake             Pembina      30a--23
Jourdain       Joseph           26     Red River British    Pembina      30a--19
Jourdain       Josette          30     Red River British    Pembina      30a--25
Jourdain       Josette          22     Red Lake Min Ter     Pembina      19b--36
Jourdain       Josette          6      Red Lake M Ter       Pembina      30a--28
Jourdain       Marguritte       20     Red Lake Min Ter     Pembina      19b--35
Jourdain       Marguritte       2      Red Lake M Ter       Pembina      30a--30
Jourdain       Pierre           31     Red River British    Pembina      30a--24
Jourdain       Russelie         15     Red Lake M Ter       Pembina      30a--32
Jourdain       Susanna          21     Red River British    Pembina      30a--20
Jourdain       Susanna          3      Red Lake             Pembina      30a--21
Jourdan        Eustuche         30     Minnesota            Mankahta     18a--11
Junant         Baptiste         18     New York             Ramsey       56a--28
Junant         Isada            5      Canada               Ramsey       56a--31
Junant         Laflact          20     Canada               Ramsey       56a--27
Junant         Louis            16     Canada               Ramsey       56a--29
Junant         Louis            1      Min Tery             Ramsey       56a--32
Junant         Lucien           23     Canada               Ramsey       56a--26
Junant         Philamen         15     Canada               Ramsey       56a--30
Junant         Pierre           48     Min Tery             Ramsey       56a--24
Junant         Vitoile          38     Canada               Ramsey       56a--25
Kain           John             35     New York             Dakota       10b--37
Katenberg      Anna             45     Germany              Washington   72a--29
Katenberg      Peter            54     Germany              Washington   72a--28
Katenburg      Charles          6      Germany              Washington   73b--22
Katenburg      Christiana       28     Germany              Washington   73b--21
Katenburg      Henry            29     Germany              Washington   73b--20
Kavenaugh      Peter            30     Michigan             Washington   68b--08
Kaya           Angelique S      20     Capozia Minnesota    Wabasha      62b--23
Kaywood        Hiram            36     Alabama              Ramsey       45a--08
Kaywood        Lucina           14     Indiana              Ramsey       45a--10
Kaywood        Mary             35     Kentucky             Ramsey       45a--09
Kaywood        Wm Eugene        4      Wisconsin            Ramsey       45a--11
Keigan         Ann              22     Ireland              Ramsey       59b--38
Keigan         Jane             60     Ireland              Ramsey       59b--37
Keigan         Owen             21     Maine                Ramsey       59b--39
Kellan         Joseph           25     England              Ramsey       58b--38
Keller         Bruno            6      Illinois             Ramsey       44a--17
Keller         Eheitnis         36     Germany              Ramsey       44a--14
Keller         Julia            3      Illinois             Ramsey       44a--18
Keller         Julia Ann        34     Germany              Ramsey       44a--15
Keller         Lucy             7      Illinois             Ramsey       44a--16
Kelley         John             30     Ireland              Dakota       06b--20
Kellogg        Martin           28     New York             Dakota       11a--19
Kelly          Bridgett         19     Mass                 Washington   75a--17
Kelly          George           36     New York             Wahnahta     65b--05
Kelly          H                22     New York             Ramsey       43a--02
Kelly          Isaac            22     Vermont              Benton       01b--33
Kelly          James            45     Vermont              Wabasha      64a--33
Kelly          James            21     Virginia             Washington   70b--36
Kelly          Lucy E           19     Ohio                 Benton       04a--07
Kelly          Mary             18     Ireland              Washington   73a--28
Kelly          O H              24     Massachusetts        Benton       04a--06
Kenedy         Duncan           27     Canada               Dakota       07a--40
Kenedy         Wm               19     Ireland              Dakota       11b--32
Kenneday       Charles          8      Wisconsin            Ramsey       41b--12
Kenneday       Edward           12     Wisconsin            Ramsey       41b--11
Kenneday       Francis B        35     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       41b--09
Kenneday       Franklin J       3      Min Terry            Ramsey       41b--13
Kenneday       Henry            18     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       41b--10
Kenneday       Robert           46     Virginia             Ramsey       41b--08
Kent           Elizabeth        33     England              Benton       05b--30
Kent           Elizabeth        6      New York             Benton       05b--32
Kent           Henrietta        5      New York             Benton       05b--33
Kent           Henry H          7      New York             Benton       05b--31
Kent           John             35     England              Benton       05b--29
Kent           Lewis            45     Alabama              Benton       01b--25
Kent           William          1      Illinois             Benton       05b--34
Kentland       Clara E          28     New York             Ramsey       58b--04
Kentland       Wm H             28     Canada               Ramsey       58b--03
Kentland       Wm H Jr          5      Michigan             Ramsey       58b--05
Kenzie         Albert K         25     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       54b--06
Kepler         Abigail          50     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       46b--24
Kepler         Catharine        12     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       46b--25
Kepler         Hannah           6      Pennsylvania         Ramsey       46b--27
Kepler         Henriette        9      Pennsylvania         Ramsey       46b--26
Kepler         Philip           52     Germany              Ramsey       46b--23
Kerkmer        Francis          43     Germany              Dakota       11a--25
Kern           Alexander        26     Minnesota            Dakota       09a--25
Kerrigan       Lawrence         28     Ireland              Dakota       11b--33
Kertley        Isabella         25     Ohio                 Dakota       10b--29
Keyser         G                28     Germany              Washington   74a--40
Keyser         Henry            26     Germany              Washington   74a--39
Kimbrook       Dock             30     Ohio                 Washington   74b--23
King           Hugh             31     Ireland              Dakota       12b--17
Kinman         James            30     Maine                Ramsey       59b--16
Kinny          Emily            3      Minnesota            Washington   70a--10
Kinny          John             37     Mass                 Washington   70a--08
Kinny          John Jr          2      Minnesota            Washington   70a--11
Kinny          Mary Jane        20     Mass                 Washington   70a--09
Kirkham        Julia E          2      Minnesota            Dakota       10b--33
Kirkham        Kate E           25     Distr of Columbia    Dakota       10b--32
Kirkham        R W Capt         29     Massachusetts        Dakota       10b--31
Kirkpatrick    Isabella         1      Min Terry            Ramsey       37a--03
Kirkpatrick    James            27     Ohio                 Ramsey       36b--42
Kirkpatrick    Jane             27     Ohio                 Ramsey       37a--01
Kirkpatrick    Wm               3      Wisconsin            Ramsey       37a--02
Kiser          George           30     Germany              Washington   69a--16
Kisker         James            20     Penn                 Washington   71b--19
Kitzen         John             8      Min Terry            Ramsey       35b--22
Kitzen         Rosalie          10     Min Terry            Ramsey       35b--21
Klayne         Francois         31     Red River British    Pembina      31a--37
Klayne         Francois         2      Red River British    Pembina      31a--39
Klayne         George           25     Red River British    Pembina      31a--04
Klayne         George           20     Red River British    Pembina      23a--41
Klayne         Islain           26     Red River British    Pembina      31a--38
Klayne         Oliva            1/12   Red River British    Pembina      24a--42
Klayne         William          1      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      31a--40
Kloyne         Besheman         5      Red River British    Pembina      24a--34
Kloyne         Eliza            1/12   Pembina M Ty         Pembina      24a--35
Kloyne         Henry            12     Red River British    Pembina      24a--31
Kloyne         Magdalane        32     Red River British    Pembina      24a--30
Kloyne         Mary             7      Red River British    Pembina      24a--33
Kloyne         Michael          10     Red River British    Pembina      24a--32
Kloyne         Michal           31     Red River British    Pembina      24a--29
Knorr          Wm               32     Canada               Ramsey       55b--13
Knorr          Wm T             25     Maine                Ramsey       58b--27
Knowles        William          28     Virginia             Benton       05b--40
Knox           R C              26     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       44b--03
Kough          James            34     Ireland              Benton       05b--21
Kripp          Bertha           3      Illinois             Wabasha      64b--16
Kripp          Catherine        26     Germany              Wabasha      64b--15
Kripp          Christian        30     Germany              Wabasha      64b--19
Kripp          Georgiana        1/12   Minnesota            Wabasha      64b--18
Kripp          John             42     Germany              Wabasha      64b--14
Kripp          Phillipine       2      Illinois             Wabasha      64b--17
  The free display of the 1850 Minnesota Territory census images in the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of Elizabeth Kelly and the permission of S-K Publications.

Benton, Dakota, Itasca, Mankahta, Pembina, Ramsey, Wabasha, Wahnahta, and Washington counties.
  This index was transcribed by Sandy Sterling
and proofread by the following Team of volunteers - -
Connie Burkett, Jamie Lee Foot, Robin Locke, April Phillips, and Marsha Thompson

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