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Cadboi         Baptiste         22     Canada               Mankahta     17a--11
Cadboi         Enos             28     Canada               Mankahta     17a--10
Cadotte        Joseph           35     Red River British    Pembina      27a--01
Cadotte        Joseph           16     Red River British    Pembina      27a--03
Cadotte        Josette          4      Red River British    Pembina      27a--05
Cadotte        Julie            2/12   Pembina M Ter        Pembina      27a--06
Cadotte        Louise           26     Red River British    Pembina      27a--02
Cadotte        Pierre           6      Red River British    Pembina      27a--04
Caigher        John             42     Germany              Washington   67b--26
Califf         Henry            27     New Brunswick        Ramsey       37b--18
Califf         Peter            21     New Brunswick        Ramsey       37b--19
Calvin         John             28     Penn                 Washington   73a--04
Calvin         Mrs              25     Penn                 Washington   73a--05
Calvin         R C              28     Ohio                 Washington   71b--34
Camer          Walter           30     New York             Washington   69a--02
Camoyer        Joseph           42     Canada               Ramsey       49b--07
Campbel        Margarette       13     Minnesota            Washington   72a--07
Campbell       Alexander        13     Minnesota            Dakota       09b--02
Campbell       Amelia           4      Min Terry            Ramsey       50b--34
Campbell       Baptiste         19     Min Terry            Ramsey       50b--28
Campbell       Catherine        2      New York             Washington   78b--40
Campbell       Cecelia M        2      Min Terry            Ramsey       50b--35
Campbell       D                25     New Bruns            Washington   73a--14
Campbell       David            11     Minnesota            Wabasha      63a--26
Campbell       Duncann          34     Minnesota            Dakota       09b--21
Campbell       Elizabeth        11     New York             Washington   78b--36
Campbell       George           23     Minnesota            Wabasha      63a--14
Campbell       George           13     Canada               Washington   78b--35
Campbell       George Jr        4      Minnesota            Wabasha      63a--18
Campbell       George W         32     New York             Washington   78b--33
Campbell       Harriete         33     Canada               Washington   78b--34
Campbell       Henrietta        7      New York             Washington   78b--38
Campbell       Isabel           7      Minnesota            Wabasha      63a--17
Campbell       James            25     Penn                 Washington   69b--31
Campbell       James            25     Scotland             Ramsey       50b--40
Campbell       Jennetta         5      New York             Washington   78b--39
Campbell       Jerry            17     Minnesota            Wabasha      63a--25
Campbell       John             60     Ireland              Wabasha      63a--22
Campbell       John             17     Min Terry            Ramsey       50b--29
Campbell       John Jr          20     Minnesota            Wabasha      63a--24
Campbell       Joseph           23     Min Terry            Ramsey       50b--32
Campbell       Joseph           2      Minnesota            Dakota       09b--23
Campbell       Margaret         45     Min Terry            Ramsey       50b--26
Campbell       Margaret         13     Min Terry            Ramsey       50b--30
Campbell       Margarette       24     Minnesota            Dakota       09b--22
Campbell       Margerite        45     Minnesota            Wabasha      63a--12
Campbell       Margerite        45     Red River North      Wabasha      63a--23
Campbell       Marie            12     Min Terry            Ramsey       50b--31
Campbell       Mary Ann         22     Indiana              Ramsey       50b--33
Campbell       Paul             21     Minnesota            Wabasha      64a--21
Campbell       Robert T         9      New York             Washington   78b--37
Campbell       Scott            52     Min Terry            Ramsey       50b--25
Campbell       Scott Jr         22     Min Terry            Ramsey       50b--27
Campbell       Therese          17     Minnesota            Wabasha      63a--16
Campbell       Thomas           14     Minnesota            Wabasha      63a--15
Campbell       William          25     Minnesota            Wabasha      63a--13
Canardy        John             26     Ireland              Washington   72a--18
Cane           Nancy            19     New York             Washington   72a--02
Cane           William          30     Ohio                 Washington   72a--01
Cannon         Charles          16     Ohio                 Ramsey       39a--33
Canon          Hannah           21     Ireland              Ramsey       38a--22
Caplette       Antoine          8      Red River British    Pembina      21b--13
Caplette       Isabella         28     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21b--12
Caplette       Julie            2      Red River British    Pembina      21b--15
Caplette       Louis            36     Red River British    Pembina      21b--11
Caplette       Margaritte       6      Red River British    Pembina      21b--14
Caprote        James            19     France               Ramsey       39a--37
Caran          Thomas           42     England              Ramsey       41b--02
Cardinal       Adelaide         11     Red River British    Pembina      19a--11
Cardinal       Genevie          17     Red River British    Pembina      19a--09
Cardinal       J Baptiste       63     Canada British       Pembina      19a--06
Cardinal       J Baptiste       5      Red River British    Pembina      19a--13
Cardinal       John             12     Red River British    Pembina      19a--10
Cardinal       Joseph           2      Minnesota            Dakota       08a--35
Cardinal       Josette          8      Red River British    Pembina      19a--12
Cardinal       Josette          45     Pembina Minnesota    Pembina      19a--07
Cardinal       Pierre           19     Red River British    Pembina      19a--08
Cardinal       Pine             25     Canada               Dakota       08a--33
Cardinal       Sophia           23     Canada               Dakota       08a--34
Cardiniat      Eloize           2/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       50a--02
Cardiniat      Pierre           23     Canada               Ramsey       49b--41
Cardiniat      Pierre           2      Min Terry            Ramsey       50a--01
Cardiniat      Sophie           19     Min Terry            Ramsey       49b--42
Cardwell       Peter            18     Minnesota            Benton       05b--39
Carey          Joanna           3      Maryland             Ramsey       56b--27
Carey          Margaret         27     Ireland              Ramsey       56b--26
Carey          Patrick          30     Ireland              Ramsey       56b--25
Carlie         Christopher      39     Germany              Washington   73b--32
Carlie         John             7      Illinois             Washington   73b--36
Carlie         Joseph           14     Illinois             Washington   73b--34
Carlie         Louise           6      Minnesota            Washington   73b--37
Carlie         Lydia Ann        32     Penn                 Washington   73b--33
Carlie         Maria            12     Illinois             Washington   73b--35
Carlie         Rosalde          4      Minnesota            Washington   73b--38
Carlton        John             30     Vermont              Ramsey       56b--42
Carlton        Peter            30     Canada               Washington   74b--21
Carofils       Antoine          25     Canada               Ramsey       40a--16
Caron          Louis            22     Canada               Ramsey       40a--23
Carpenter      Abram            28     New York             Ramsey       57b--13
Carpenter      Edabert          4      New York             Ramsey       57b--15
Carpenter      John B           40     New York             Wabasha      64b--11
Carpenter      Margaret Mrs     18     New York             Dakota       10b--28
Carpenter      Maria            23     New York             Ramsey       57b--14
Carpenter      Stephen          15     New York             Ramsey       57a--38
Carr           J B              24     Canada               Benton       03b--09
Carrington     Anna E           22     New York             Ramsey       52a--33
Carrington     Gilbert W        1      Virginia             Ramsey       52a--34
Carrington     Theodore         27     Virginia             Ramsey       52a--32
Carroll        Dennis           51     Ireland              Ramsey       59b--33
Carroll        James B          17     Ohio                 Benton       04a--08
Carroll        Margaret B       35     Ireland              Ramsey       59b--34
Carroll        Thomas           10/12  Missouri             Ramsey       59b--35
Carson         Henrietta        5      Wisconsin            Washington   74a--08
Cart           Alexander        10     Red River British    Pembina      21a--42
Cart           Angelie          29     Red River British    Pembina      21a--41
Cart           Baptiste         40     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21a--40
Cart           Baptiste         7      Red River British    Pembina      21b--01
Cart           Margaritte       5      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      21b--02
Cart           Mary Ann         50     Red River British    Pembina      21b--04
Cart           Mary Ann         2      Red River British    Pembina      21b--03
Carter         Eliza            40     New York             Washington   79b--21
Carter         Elizabeth        21     Virginia             Ramsey       33a--19
Carter         George W         4      Virginia             Ramsey       33a--20
Carter         Georgianna       30     New York             Itasca       14a--30
Carter         Henry            38     New York             Itasca       14a--29
Carter         Mary E           11/12  Min Terry            Ramsey       33a--21
Carter         Wm G             28     Virginia             Ramsey       33a--18
Cartman        Catherine        22     Mo                   Washington   68a--10
Cartman        Martin H         25     Kentucky             Washington   68a--09
Cartman        Mary V           3      Iowa                 Washington   68a--11
Cartman        Sarah Ann        10/12  Iowa                 Washington   68a--12
Caster         Thomas F Lieut   27     Pennsylvania         Dakota       10b--36
Castner        J M              32     Maine                Ramsey       40b--38
Cathcart       Thomas           23     Pennsylvania         Benton       02b--08
Cavalier       Chas             31     Ohio                 Ramsey       38b--39
Cave           Charles S        24     Maryland             Ramsey       38b--17
Cavender       A H              37     New Hampshire        Ramsey       36a--13
Cavender       Charles          4      Ohio                 Ramsey       36a--16
Cavender       Elmira           32     New Hampshire        Ramsey       36a--14
Cavender       Sarah            7      New Hampshire        Ramsey       36a--15
Cazeau         Caroline         11     N York               Ramsey       35b--36
Cazeau         Clermont         2      Missouri             Ramsey       35b--40
Cazeau         Delvina          3      Illinois             Ramsey       35b--39
Cazeau         Eliza            28     Canada               Ramsey       35b--35
Cazeau         Francis          8      Missouri             Ramsey       35b--37
Cazeau         Freeman          38     Canada               Ramsey       35b--34
Cazeau         Lewis            5      Illinois             Ramsey       35b--38
Cecil          Trifle           22     Canada               Ramsey       56a--13
Chace          Emily            21     Illinois             Ramsey       42a--30
Chadwick       Hellen N         15     New York             Washington   76a--02
Chamberlain    J P              22     Illinois             Washington   72a--36
Chamberlain    S L              21     Illinois             Washington   72a--37
Champaigne     Abraham          2      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      31b--37
Champaigne     Angelie          5      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      31b--36
Champaigne     July             1      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      31b--38
Champaigne     Manvil           27     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      31b--33
Champaigne     Mary             26     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      31b--34
Champaigne     Mary             7      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      31b--35
Champigny      Joseph           38     Prairie du Chien Wis Wabasha      63b--33
Chanette       Baptiste         18     Canada               Dakota       09a--21
Chanon         Louis            27     Canada East          Wabasha      64a--03
Chanpee        Adelene          17     Missouri             Ramsey       40a--18
Chanpee        Antoine          52     Canada               Ramsey       40a--17
Chapman        Alexander M      21     New York             Benton       01a--22
Chapman        David P          34     Connecticut          Benton       01a--20
Chapman        Elizabeth        6/12   Minn Tery            Ramsey       47b--37
Chapman        John T           35     Connecticut          Benton       01a--21
Chapman        Mary A           28     Penn                 Ramsey       47b--36
Chapman        Warren           31     NY                   Ramsey       47b--35
Charette       Antoine          2      Minnesota            Benton       03a--04
Charette       Charles          30     Canada               Benton       02b--42
Charette       Francis          6      Minnesota            Benton       03a--03
Charette       Lesette          26     Minnesota            Benton       03a--01
Charette       Lewis            10     Minnesota            Benton       03a--02
Charker        John             34     Germany              Washington   74b--08
Charlefor      Angelique        2      Minnesota            Wahnahta     66a--41
Charlefor      Charles          45     Canada               Wahnahta     66a--35
Charlefor      Louise           13     Wisconsin            Wahnahta     66a--37
Charlefor      Margaret         4      Wisconsin            Wahnahta     66a--40
Charlefor      Narcisse         8      Wisconsin            Wahnahta     66a--39
Charlefor      Sorvay           10     Wisconsin            Wahnahta     66a--38
Charlefor      William          16     Wisconsin            Wahnahta     66a--36
Charrette      George           6      Minnesota            Itasca       14a--40
Charrette      James            11     Minnesota            Itasca       14a--39
Charrette      Joseph           30     Minnesota            Itasca       14a--37
Charrette      Mary Ann         2      Minnesota            Itasca       14a--41
Charrette      Nancy            23     Minnesota            Itasca       14a--38
Chase          James            26     Ohio                 Washington   71b--36
Chasley        John             33     England              Washington   70b--23
Chasley        Rachel R         31     England              Washington   70b--24
Chattell       Mary             30     France               Dakota       06b--19
Chattell       Victor           40     France               Dakota       06b--18
Chawer         Geo W            28     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       46b--03
Cheesboro      Palmer           52     New York             Wabasha      64b--33
Cheesboro      William          45     New York             Wabasha      64b--32
Cheever        Albert N         2/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       60a--27
Cheever        Louisa M         27     Maine                Ramsey       60a--26
Cheever        Wm H             38     Massachusetts        Ramsey       60a--25
Chemeck        Conrad           45     Germany              Washington   71a--23
Chemeck        Norpar           25     Germany              Washington   71a--21
Chemeck        Susan            25     Germany              Washington   71a--22
Chenverth      Bernot           27     Canada               Ramsey       39b--17
Chequette      Joseph           46     Canada               Ramsey       57b--36
Cherrier       Denny            33     Wisconsin            Ramsey       39b--06
Cherrier       Emily            31     Min Terry            Ramsey       39b--07
Cherrier       Emily            2      Min Terry            Ramsey       39b--13
Cherrier       Madeline         1/12   Min Terry            Ramsey       39b--14
Cherrier       Timothy          5      Min Terry            Ramsey       39b--12
Chesley        Hannah           26     Vermont              Washington   74b--39
Chesley        Henry S          4      Minnesota            Washington   74b--40
Chesley        Henry W          30     New York             Washington   74b--38
Chevellier     Francis          38     Canada               Dakota       08a--19
Chever         George           22     Missouri             Ramsey       47b--24
Chevereux      George           4      Min Terry            Ramsey       50b--12
Chevereux      Marie            40     Min Terry            Ramsey       50b--11
Chevereux      Paul             35     Canada               Ramsey       50b--10
Chevereux      Rose             2      Min Terry            Ramsey       50b--13
Chilo          Louis            23     Canada               Dakota       09a--12
Chisel         George           27     Tennessee            Ramsey       45a--12
Chiverdefrese  Victor           20     Canada               Wahnahta     65a--31
Chlorvert      Julia            12     Wisconsin            Ramsey       52b--22
Chouenard      Ann              35     Cannada              Itasca       14b--09
Chouenard      Eliza            4      Minnesota            Itasca       14b--13
Chouenard      Ellen            20     Minnesota            Itasca       14b--15
Chouenard      Jerome           15     Cannada              Itasca       14b--11
Chouenard      Louis            25     Canada               Itasca       14b--14
Chouenard      Louis            1      Minnesota            Itasca       14b--16
Chouenard      Michael          18     Cannada              Itasca       14b--10
Chouenard      Nancy            13     Cannada              Itasca       14b--12
Chouenard      Peter            42     Minnesota            Itasca       14b--08
Christle       Mr               40     Penn                 Washington   74b--28
Christmas      Amanda           14     Ohio                 Ramsey       54a--41
Christmas      C W              50     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       54a--37
Christmas      Gerorgiana       19     Ohio                 Ramsey       54a--39
Christmas      Henry Charles    6      Ohio                 Ramsey       54b--02
Christmas      Horace K         5      Ohio                 Ramsey       54b--03
Christmas      Joanna           17     Ohio                 Ramsey       54a--40
Christmas      John             17     Ohio                 Ramsey       39b--42
Christmas      John H           17     Ohio                 Ramsey       54b--04
Christmas      Maria R          12     Ohio                 Ramsey       54a--42
Christmas      Mary Ann         40     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       54a--38
Christmas      Mary G           8      Ohio                 Ramsey       54b--01
Chrysler       John             40     Ohio                 Washington   73a--20
Chunette       Alexander        10     Red River British    Pembina      24a--10
Chunette       Angelica         29     Red River British    Pembina      24a--09
Chunette       Baptiste         40     Pembina Minnesota    Pembina      24a--08
Chunette       Baptiste         7      Red River British    Pembina      24a--11
Chunette       Margarette       5      Pembina Minnesota    Pembina      24a--12
Chunette       Marngan          2      Pembina Minnesota    Pembina      24a--13
Chunette       Moyese           5      Red River British    Pembina      24a--14
Church         Celius           29     New York             Ramsey       58b--12
Church         Harrison         14     Ill                  Ramsey       61a--06
Church         Hester Ann       22     Maine                Ramsey       58b--13
Clade          Ira              45     Canada               Washington   73a--27
Clark          Alpheus          6      Pennsylvania         Ramsey       50b--38
Clark          Francis          27     Min Terry            Ramsey       52b--35
Clark          Harriet          2      Min Terry            Ramsey       52b--36
Clark          Isaac            25     Mo                   Washington   72b--38
Clark          John W           25     New York             Washington   69a--06
Clark          Levi             39     Maine                Ramsey       52b--34
Clark          Mary             27     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       50b--37
Clark          Mary             1      Pennsylvania         Ramsey       50b--39
Clark          Mr.              35     New York             Washington   73a--29
Clark          Robert           30     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       50b--36
Clark          William          31     New Bruns            Washington   70b--39
Clement        Eliza            21     Canada               Ramsey       59b--12
Cleveland      D W              18     New York             Benton       03b--01
Click          Abraham          23     Switzerland          Washington   74b--05
Click          Moses            23     Iowa                 Washington   73a--08
Cloney         James            22     Ireland              Ramsey       47b--03
Close          Simeon P         23     NY                   Ramsey       47b--27
Close          Solomon          28     New York             Mankahta     17a--37
Closson        Michael          22     Germany              Benton       05b--06
Clou Rice      Angelique        12     Min Terry            Ramsey       48b--04
Clou Rice      Antoine          10     Min Terry            Ramsey       48b--05
Clou Rice      Auguste          16     Min Terry            Ramsey       49a--11
Clou Rice      Catherine        2      Min Terry            Ramsey       48b--08
Clou Rice      Francois         56     Canada               Ramsey       48b--03
Clou Rice      Francois         24     Min Terry            Ramsey       49a--10
Clou Rice      Genevieve        8      Min Terry            Ramsey       48b--06
Clou Rice      Rosalie          4      Min Terry            Ramsey       48b--07
Cloutier       Alexis           64     Min Terry            Ramsey       57b--23
Cloutier       Alexis           37     Canada               Ramsey       57b--19
Cloutier       Antoine          21     Red River British    Pembina      20b--03
Cloutier       Bernard          5      Canada               Ramsey       57b--21
Cloutier       Eloysel          3      Canada               Ramsey       57b--22
Cloutier       Francois         11     Red River British    Pembina      20b--06
Cloutier       Harriet          11/12  Canada               Ramsey       57b--24
Cloutier       Heline           20     Red River British    Pembina      20b--04
Cloutier       J Baptiste       50     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      20b--01
Cloutier       Josith           49     Red River British    Pembina      20b--02
Cloutier       Margaritte       12     Red River British    Pembina      20b--05
Cloutier       Teodouse         22     Canada               Ramsey       57b--20
Clyde          John E           51     Ireland              Dakota       12a--40
Coak           Alexis           3      Red River British    Pembina      22b--07
Coak           Beligne          6      Red River British    Pembina      22b--06
Coak           Joseph           36     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      22b--01
Coak           Joseph           12     Red River British    Pembina      22b--04
Coak           Jousette         45     Red River British    Pembina      22b--02
Coak           Louisa           10     Red River British    Pembina      22b--05
Coak           Margaritte       16     Red River British    Pembina      22b--03
Cobb           Stephen          16     Maine                Ramsey       52b--05
Coe            Elizabeth        3      Red Lake M Ter       Pembina      30a--17
Coe            Harriet          5      Red Lake M Ter       Pembina      30a--16
Coe            Lucy             30     Ohio                 Pembina      30a--15
Coe            Luneson          1      Red Lake M Ter       Pembina      30a--18
Coe            Orin             32     Ohio                 Pembina      30a--14
Cogswell       Daniel           22     Ireland              Washington   72b--19
Cogswell       Theadore         28     New York             Washington   70a--39
Colbart        George F         25     Illinois             Washington   72b--20
Colby          Catherine        11     Virginia             Washington   68b--22
Colby          Charles          12     Virginia             Washington   68b--23
Colby          George           10     Illinois             Washington   68b--24
Colby          Henry            21     Germany              Washington   74a--38
Colby          Salina           18     Virginia             Washington   68b--21
Colby          William          30     Maine                Washington   68b--20
Cole           Hiram O          3      Illinois             Wabasha      63a--41
Cole           J B              31     New York             Wabasha      63a--39
Cole           Lucy Ann         2      Illinois             Wabasha      63a--42
Cole           Mary Ann         32     New York             Wabasha      63a--40
Collins        Antoine          22     Red River British    Pembina      23a--07
Collins        Baptiste         19     Red River British    Pembina      23a--09
Collins        Elizabeth        40     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      23a--06
Collins        J Baptiste       56     Red River British    Pembina      23a--05
Collins        Louise           17     Red River British    Pembina      23a--10
Collins        Margaritte       12     Red River British    Pembina      23a--11
Collins        Maxim            6      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      23a--13
Collins        P G              35     Ireland              Washington   68b--12
Collins        Rossilie         8      Red River British    Pembina      23a--12
Collins        Susane           25     Red River British    Pembina      23a--08
Colton         Charles          1      Wisconsin            Washington   70a--14
Colton         Ebenezer K       35     Vermont              Washington   70a--12
Colton         Jane             23     New York             Washington   70a--13
Columbe        Francois         29     Red River British    Pembina      30a--33
Columbe        Josette          25     Red River British    Pembina      30a--34
Columbe        Rossilia         7      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      30a--35
Columbus       John             42     Italy                Washington   73a--33
Colver         Elizabeth        5      Illinois             Washington   73b--13
Colver         Jacob            1/12   Illinois             Washington   73b--15
Colver         Jane             28     Tenn                 Washington   73b--12
Colver         John             37     Tenn                 Washington   73b--11
Comer          Francis          20     Wisconsin            Washington   68b--19
Comer          George           22     Minnesota            Washington   68b--16
Comer          Mary             18     Minnesota            Washington   68b--17
Comer          Patrick          24     Wisconsin            Washington   68b--18
Comer          Susan            50     Wisconsin            Washington   68b--15
Cominis        Agustis          25     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      30a--36
Cominis        Angelie          18     Red River British    Pembina      30a--37
Cominis        Baptiste         1      Pembina M Ter        Pembina      30a--38
Comptious      Jo               9      Minnesota            Benton       03a--16
Comptious      Joseph           43     Minnesota            Benton       03a--14
Comptious      Joseph           11     Minnesota            Benton       03a--15
Comptious      Josette          1      Minnesota            Benton       03a--18
Comptious      Margaret         1      Minnesota            Benton       03a--19
Comptious      Mary             4      Minnesota            Benton       03a--17
Conavar        Sarah            20     New Jersey           Ramsey       47a--05
Condin         John             32     Ireland              Ramsey       48a--08
Connell        Patrick          25     Ireland              Ramsey       52a--39
Connell        William          26     Ireland              Benton       01a--23
Connelly       Timothy          23     Ireland              Dakota       12b--07
Connely        John             5      Minnesota            Washington   78b--14
Connely        Martin           45     Ireland              Washington   78b--12
Connely        Thomas           3      Minnesota            Washington   78b--15
Connely        William          7      Minnesota            Washington   78b--13
Conner         E H              26     Maine                Ramsey       60a--11
Conner         Patrick          60     Ireland              Washington   68b--14
Connolly       Alexander        58     Tennessee            Ramsey       36a--24
Connolly       Delyla           48     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       36a--25
Connolly       Ellen            4      Maine                Ramsey       54b--39
Connolly       John             10     Ireland              Ramsey       54b--37
Connolly       Mary             2      Maine                Ramsey       54b--40
Connolly       Mary D           29     Ireland              Ramsey       54b--36
Connolly       Russell          16     Illinois             Ramsey       36a--26
Connolly       Thomas           40     Ireland              Ramsey       54b--35
Connolly       Wm               8      Maine                Ramsey       54b--38
Connoyer       Baptiste         26     Canada               Ramsey       51a--12
Connoyer       Delayaide        7      Min Terry            Ramsey       51a--14
Connoyer       Edward           10     Min Terry            Ramsey       51a--21
Connoyer       George           6      Min Terry            Ramsey       51a--15
Connoyer       George           41     Min Terry            Ramsey       51a--17
Connoyer       Josephine        20     Min Terry            Ramsey       51a--13
Connoyer       Margaret         8      Min Terry            Ramsey       51a--22
Connoyer       Mary Rose        2      Min Terry            Ramsey       51a--16
Connoyer       Peter            7      Min Terry            Ramsey       51a--23
Connoyer       Sophie           3      Min Terry            Ramsey       51a--20
Connoyer       Sophie           25     Min Terry            Ramsey       51a--18
Connoyer       Thephin          1      Min Terry            Ramsey       51a--19
Constance      Philip           19     France               Ramsey       38b--18
Constance      Wm               21     France               Ramsey       46a--23
Conway         Chas             28     Indiana              Ramsey       35b--42
Conway         Jane             21     New York             Ramsey       36a--01
Cook           Harriet          20     Ohio                 Dakota       08a--05
Cook           Sylvester C      27     Canada               Dakota       08a--04
Coon           John             16     Min Terry            Ramsey       37b--26
Cooper         David            33     Penn                 Washington   70b--27
Cooper         Joseph O         24     N S                  Washington   77b--31
Cooper         Mr               29     New York             Washington   74b--12
Coray          Vesmith          59     Canada               Ramsey       34a--27
Corbett        W N              15     Ohio                 Ramsey       57b--39
Corbey         Homene           5      Canada               Washington   67b--40
Corbey         Julia            33     Canada               Washington   67b--37
Corbey         Moses            34     Canada               Washington   67b--36
Corbey         Sophi            11     Canada               Washington   67b--38
Corbey         Virginia         9      Canada               Washington   67b--39
Corbitt        Wm F             40     Pa                   Ramsey       47b--13
Corbray        H W              22     Mass                 Washington   72b--08
Cordin         Perie            25     Canada               Dakota       08a--39
Cormack        John             28     Illinois             Washington   67b--25
Cornir         Oliver           29     Canada               Mankahta     16b--39
Cornwall       John C           52     London               Wahnahta     65a--08
Coterelle      George           44     New York             Wabasha      64a--42
Coty           John B           31     Canada               Ramsey       36b--20
Coty           Joseph           3      Wisconsin            Ramsey       36b--22
Coty           Julia            18     Min Terry            Ramsey       36b--21
Coulter        Chas             30     Ireland              Ramsey       37a--27
Coulter        James            1      Maine                Ramsey       37a--30
Coulter        Jonson           3      New Brunswick        Ramsey       37a--29
Coulter        Mary Ann         27     New Brunswick        Ramsey       37a--28
Cournyer       Agnes            2      Minnesota            Dakota       09a--09
Cournyer       Clode            35     Canada               Dakota       09a--06
Cournyer       Mary             33     Canada               Dakota       09a--07
Cournyer       Mary             4      Minnesota            Dakota       09a--08
Coursalle      Joseph           21     Minnesota            Dakota       08b--12
Courtney       Godfrey          26     Minnesota Territory  Wabasha      62b--17
Cousineau      Joseph           58     Canada East          Wabasha      63b--11
Couter         Louis            18     Pembina M Ter        Pembina      28b--23
Couvrette      Joseph           25     Minnesota            Benton       02b--17
Cowan          Miller           30     Germany              Washington   74a--35
Cowens         Margerite        31     Germany              Washington   73b--27
Cowens         Shots            35     Germany              Washington   73b--26
Cowley         Charles          21     Isle of Man          Dakota       11b--26
Crage          William          23     Scotland             Washington   74b--11
Craig          J L              40     Scotland             Benton       01b--37
Craig          John H           31     Canada               Washington   79a--37
Craig          John M           27     Maryland             Mankahta     16a--25
Craig          Robert           25     Ireland              Washington   76a--04
Craig          Thomas           14     Ireland              Washington   76a--05
Crasby         Charles          9/12   Minnesota            Washington   75a--01
Crasie         Richard          37     Maine                Ramsey       58a--24
Cratte         Frank            4/12   Minnesota            Wabasha      63a--06
Cratte         Isabel           12     Minnesota            Wabasha      63a--02
Cratte         Jane             25     Minnesota            Wabasha      62b--42
Cratte         Lucy Ann         1 5/12 Minnesota            Wabasha      63a--05
Cratte         Olivier          49     Nova Scotia          Wabasha      62b--41
Cratte         Olivier Jr       2 3/12 Minnesota            Wabasha      63a--04
Cratte         Scholastic       15     Minnesota            Wabasha      63a--01
Cratte         William          4      Minnesota            Wabasha      63a--03
Crawford       Albert           2      Maine                Benton       04b--13
Crawford       Anson            5      Maine                Benton       04b--11
Crawford       Francis          11     New Jersey           Ramsey       42b--20
Crawford       Hiram            44     New Hampshire        Benton       04b--14
Crawford       John             43     New Hampshire        Benton       04b--08
Crawford       Narcisse         9      New Jersey           Ramsey       42b--21
Crawford       Rhoda            33     Maine                Benton       04b--10
Crawford       Robt H           7      Maine                Benton       04b--09
Crawford       Roena            4      Maine                Benton       04b--12
Crawford       Sarah T          39     Maine                Benton       04b--15
Crawford       Wenona           42     New Jersey           Ramsey       42b--19
Crawford       William          40     Maine                Washington   69a--12
Cressey        Almira           20     Minnesota            Dakota       11b--11
Cressey        Bernard B        31     New Hampshire        Dakota       11b--10
Cressey        John             35     NY                   Ramsey       47b--41
Cressey        Wm Henry         1      Minnesota            Dakota       11b--12
Crevier        Pierre           31     Canada               Ramsey       35b--18
Crevier        Pierre           2      Min Terry            Ramsey       35b--20
Crevier        Sophie           30     Switzerland          Ramsey       35b--19
Crisineau      Aimable          41     Canada               Ramsey       52a--21
Criswell       Lewis C          6      Iowa                 Benton       01a--27
Crittenden     J Dougs          26     District Columbia    Ramsey       54b--10
Crocker        C                30     New York             Washington   68b--13
Crosby         John             35     New York             Ramsey       44b--12
Crow           Martin           30     Illinois             Ramsey       37b--11
Crowell        Henry C          16     Massachusetts        Ramsey       55a--09
Crowell        J L              42     Massachusetts        Ramsey       55a--07
Crowell        Phebe            35     Massachusetts        Ramsey       55a--08
Cruk           Charles          57     Ireland              Ramsey       41b--05
Cruk           William          14     Ireland              Ramsey       41b--06
Cudd           Abel             21     Kentucky             Washington   68a--01
Cudd           Martha           19     Ohio                 Washington   68a--02
Culver         Ellen M          22     Tenn                 Wahnahta     65a--10
Culver         George           31     New York             Wahnahta     65a--09
Culver         George S         7/12   Iowa                 Wahnahta     65a--12
Culver         Joshua           21     New York             Wahnahta     65b--26
Culver         Mary             3      Iowa                 Wahnahta     65a--11
Cummings       Robert           24     Pennsylvania         Ramsey       54b--11
Cummins        John             30     New York             Ramsey       46a--21
Cummmings      Lindsey          35     Penn                 Washington   78a--07
Cuniff         Ellen            21     Ireland              Dakota       11b--08
Cuniff         Mary Ann         1      Minnesota            Dakota       11b--09
Cuniff         Patrick          27     Ireland              Dakota       11b--07
Curdee         John B           35     Canada               Dakota       09a--15
Curdee         Louis            4      Minnesota            Dakota       09a--17
Curdee         Rose             21     Minnesota            Dakota       09a--16
Currey         Adeline          17     Illinois             Mankahta     16a--05
Currier        Jagne            50     Canada               Benton       02b--32
Cursant        Wm               35     Ireland              Ramsey       47a--23
Curtis         Almira           43     New Hamp             Washington   75a--26
Curtis         Bridgett         20     Ireland              Washington   72a--21
Curtis         Catherine        2/12   Minnesota            Washington   72a--22
Curtis         Emma             12     New York             Washington   75a--27
Curtis         Frederick        25     Ireland              Washington   72a--20
Curtis         Harley           50     New York             Washington   75a--25
Curtiss        Lucretia         24     New York             Mankahta     17a--21
Cutineau       Abraham          11     Canada               Ramsey       49b--10
Cutineau       Edward           3      Canada               Ramsey       49b--13
Cutineau       Joseph           5      Canada               Ramsey       49b--12
Cutineau       Kin Ren          29     Canada               Ramsey       49b--08
Cutineau       Paul             1      Min Terry            Ramsey       49b--14
Cutineau       Pierre           9      Canada               Ramsey       49b--11
Cutineau       Terese           33     Canada               Ramsey       49b--09
Cyphens        John             31     Virginia             Ramsey       41b--01
Cyphers        Bernard          37     Virginia             Washington   71b--01
Cyphers        Georgianna       5/12   Minnesota            Washington   71b--03
Cyphers        John             38     Penn                 Washington   70b--33
Cyphers        Maria            24     Kentucky             Washington   71b--02
  The free display of the 1850 Minnesota Territory census images in the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of Elizabeth Kelly and the permission of S-K Publications.

Benton, Dakota, Itasca, Mankahta, Pembina, Ramsey, Wabasha, Wahnahta, and Washington counties.
  This index was transcribed by Sandy Sterling
and proofread by the following Team of volunteers - -
Connie Burkett, Jamie Lee Foot, Robin Locke, April Phillips, and Marsha Thompson

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