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Dagen          Catharine        26    Ireland           24a--11
Dagen          Ellen            6     Ohio              24a--12
Dagen          James            4     Ohio              24a--13
Dagen          John             1     Ohio              24a--14
Dagen          Mathew           40    Ireland           24a--10
Daley          Bridget          36    Ireland           76b--28
Daley          Bridget          24    Ireland           60b---3
Daley          Ellen            12    Ireland           76b--31
Daley          Francis          40    Ireland           76b--27
Daley          John             15    Ireland           76b--30
Daley          John J.          1     Ohio              60b---5
Daley          Mary             3     Ohio              60b---4
Daley          Michael          18    Ireland           76b--29
Daley          Patrick          24    Ireland           60b---2
Damaw          Allen            42    NY                51a--24
Damschaker     Charlotte S.     7     Ohio              32b--33
Damschaker     Henry            2     Ohio              32b--35
Damschaker     John             33    Germany           32b--31
Damschaker     Louisa           4     Ohio              32b--34
Damschaker     Mary             26    Germany           32b--32
Dana           Gideon           44    N Hampshire       50a---2
Daniels        Albert           2/12  Ohio              4a---24
Daniels        Ella C.          3     Ohio              58b---9
Daniels        Kate             5     Ohio              58b---8
Daniels        Lucy             7     Ohio              58b---7
Daniels        Mary             9     Ohio              58b---6
Daniels        Mary             4     Ohio              4a---23
Daniels        Neil             30    Ohio              4a---21
Daniels        Rebecca          25    Ohio              4a---22
Daniels        Russill C.       44    Vermont           58b--18
Daniels        Thomas           14    Ireland           32a--14
Daniels        William J.       35    Vermont           58b---5
Daniels        Zerah            22    NY                114a-24
Danils         Mary             22    NY                52a---9
Danils         Thomas           27    Wales             52a---8
Danis          Margaret         28    Mich              32a--23
Dansonray      Conrad           46    France            86a--39
Dansonray      Louisa           33    Canada            86a--40
Darage         Esther           17    NY                12b---5
Darby          Mary             23    Ireland           69a--12
Darfer         Abram A.         21    NY                112b-35
Darfer         Daniel           52    NY                112b-33
Darfer         Josiah           15    NY                112b-37
Darfer         Louisa           17    NY                112b-36
Darfer         Lucy             50    Mass              112b-34
Darfer         Nancy E.         11    Ohio              112b-39
Darfer         Sophia           13    Ohio              112b-38
Darfer         William R.       7     Ohio              112b-40
Darling        Concurrene       41    Conn              25a--15
Darling        Cynthia W.       13    Mich              25a--18
Darling        Gilbert H.       18    NY                25a--16
Darling        Henry E.         13    Ohio              28a--12
Darling        Newton D.        3     Ohio              28a--13
Darling        Oliver P.        16    Penn              25a--17
Darling        Susan            29    NY                28a--11
Darling        William B.       8     Ohio              25a--19
Dart           David            27    Ohio              16b--31
Dart           Mary C.          16    Canada            16b--30
Dart           Petra            28    Ohio              16b--29
Dasey          Bridget          7     NY                136b-30
Dasey          Ellen            6/12  Ohio              136b-32
Dasey          Ellen            38    Ireland           136b-28
Dasey          Mary             10    NY                136b-29
Dasey          Michael          45    Ireland           136b-26
Dasey          Michael          3     NY                136b-31
Dasey          Timothy          42    Ireland           136b-27
Davenport      Charles H.       9     Ohio              15b--42
Davenport      Davis            16    Ohio              15b--39
Davenport      Dennis           15    Ohio              15b--40
Davenport      Francis          5     Ohio              16a---2
Davenport      Henry            7     Ohio              16a---1
Davenport      John             52    NY                15b--37
Davenport      Mary Ette        43    NY                15b--38
Davenport      Nelson           11    Ohio              15b--41
Davidson       D.A.             54    Vermont           82b--15
Davis          Almira           15    Ohio              3b---40
Davis          Alvira           15    Ohio              7a---17
Davis          Bishop           8     Ohio              79a--24
Davis          Bridget          28    Ireland           6b----2
Davis          Caroline         14    O                 151b-36
Davis          Christopher C.   18    O                 151b-35
Davis          Edgar            7     Ohio              90a--18
Davis          Eliza            1     Ohio              90a--20
Davis          Elizabeth        43    NY                131b-16
Davis          Elizabeth        25    NY                106a-19
Davis          Elizabeth        10    Ohio              133a-18
Davis          Emeline          13    NY                90a--15
Davis          Emily            3     Ohio              90a--19
Davis          Frank            20    Vermont           90a--14
Davis          George           20    England           68b---2
Davis          George           13    Ohio              80b--42
Davis          Harriet          13    NY                131b-17
Davis          Henry            9     NY                131b-19
Davis          Henry            17    Ohio              133a-15
Davis          Hester Ann       8     Ohio              133a-19
Davis          Hiram            5     NY                131b-21
Davis          Isaac            42    Penn              133a-12
Davis          Isaac            2     Ohio              133a-21
Davis          J.S.             43    N.Y.              151b-33
Davis          Jacob            12    Ohio              133a-17
Davis          James            3     Ohio              131b-22
Davis          Jeptha           37    Mich              106a-18
Davis          John             38    NY                7a---15
Davis          Joseph H.        34    NY                88b---9
Davis          Lucy             37    Vermont           90a--12
Davis          Maria            2     Mich              88b--11
Davis          Mary             15    Ohio              133a-16
Davis          Mary             1     Ohio              131b-23
Davis          Mary Ann         24    NY                88b--10
Davis          Mary Ann         11    Ohio              25b---7
Davis          Mary Ann         11    NY                131b-18
Davis          Mary E.          1     Mich              88b--12
Davis          Maynard          9     NY                90a--17
Davis          Miss             57    Conn              47b--21
Davis          Mrs.             27    NY                58b--19
Davis          Orpha            11    NY                90a--16
Davis          Otis             22    Vermont           90a--13
Davis          Pamelia          48    NY                7a---16
Davis          Pamelia          43    N.Y.              151b-34
Davis          Paul W.          50    Vermont           90a--11
Davis          Samuel           38    NY                131b-15
Davis          Samuel           20    Ohio              133a-14
Davis          Sarah            50    England           68b---1
Davis          Sarah            41    Penn              133a-13
Davis          Sarah C.         6     Ohio              133a-20
Davis          Sarah E.         3/12  Ohio              106a-21
Davis          Susan C.         3     NY                106a-20
Davis          Wilson           7     NY                131b-20
Davison        Andrew           22    Unknown           51b---7
Dawes          Nancy            19    Germany           9a---39
Day            Benjamin D.      20    England           57b--12
Day            Ellen            1     Ohio              41b--37
Day            Henry A.         19    NY                113a--7
Day            Henry H.         35    Conn              41b--32
Day            Joanna M.        20    Ireland           129b-29
Day            Martha           20    NY                41b--33
De Graw        Aaron            25    NY                3a---39
De Shay        Franklin H.      1     Ohio              106b-13
De Shay        Margaret         24    Germany           106b-12
De Shay        Robert           33    NY                106b-11
De Shuirway    Angeline         10    Ohio              21b--32
De Shuirway    Henry            8     Ohio              21b--33
De Shuirway    John             4     Ohio              21b--35
De Shuirway    Lafayette        1     Ohio              21b--36
De Shuirway    Lewis            32    Ohio              21b--30
De Shuirway    Maria M.         28    Germany           21b--31
De Shuirway    Mary             6     Ohio              21b--34
Dean           Albert           16    Ohio              118b-35
Dean           Caroline         7     Ohio              118b-39
Dean           Elizabeth        72    Conn              11a---2
Dean           Elizabeth        40    NY                118b-33
Dean           Emma J.          6     Ohio              11a---1
Dean           Harriet          37    Vermont           10b--41
Dean           Harriet A.       8     Ohio              10b--42
Dean           Henrietta        9     Ohio              118b-38
Dean           James            49    NY                118b-32
Dean           John             26    NY                81b--12
Dean           Leander H.       18    NY                118b-34
Dean           Martha A.        14    Ohio              118b-36
Dean           Mary             12    Ohio              118b-37
Dean           Seymour M.       45    Mass              10b--40
Deaner         Elizabeth        13    Germany           40b--27
Deboalt        Abner            16    Ohio              116b-23
Deboalt        Amos             10    Ohio              116b-26
Deboalt        Catharine        48    Virginia          116b-21
Deboalt        Charles          9     Ohio              116b-27
Deboalt        Elias            12    Ohio              116b-25
Deboalt        Esley            14    Ohio              116b-24
Deboalt        George W.        19    Ohio              116b-22
Deboalt        Michael          51    Penn              116b-20
Deboalt        Rosanna          7     Ohio              116b-28
Deboalt        Susanna          23    Ohio              116b-31
Debolt         Sulathiel        28    Penn              120b-32
Debolt         Susan            22    Ohio              60a--26
Deck           Ab               34    Penn              149b--4
Deck           Daniel           3     O                 149b-11
Deck           Joseph           13    O                 149b--6
Deck           Mary Ann         9     O                 149b--8
Deck           Samuel           7     O                 149b--9
Deck           Sarah            32    Penn              149b--5
Deck           Sarah            11    O                 149b--7
Deck           Thomas           5     O                 149b-10
Decker         Almira           44    NY                112a-12
Decker         Ann              26    NY                32a--21
Decker         Charlotte        27    Unknown           55a---1
Decker         Chester          5     NY                112a-18
Decker         Elizabeth        24    NY                64a--26
Decker         Fanny            10    NY                112a-15
Decker         Jacob            42    NY                112a-11
Decker         Jacob            13    NY                112a-14
Decker         Lester B.        2     NY                112a-16
Decker         Lewis A.         1     Ohio              112a-19
Decker         Mary             7     NY                112a-17
Decker         Samuel           16    NY                112a-13
Decker         Werease          6/12  Ohio              64a--27
Decker         Werease          39    NY                64a--25
Deforest       Abigail          27    NY                44b--37
Deforest       Abigail          1     NY                44b--40
Deforest       Almina           4     NY                44b--39
Deforest       Caroline         11    NY                44b--38
Deforest       Martin           34    NY                44b--36
Defoust        Caroline         12    Canada            60a---5
Defoust        Charles E.       11/12 Mich              60a---9
Defoust        Henrietta        3     Mich              60a---8
Defoust        Henry            35    Unknown           60a---3
Defoust        Lydia Ann        30    Unknown           60a---4
Defoust        Martin           5     Mich              60a---7
Defoust        Winthrup         10    Mich              60a---6
DeGarmo        Esther Ann       65    Conn              7b---10
DeGarmo        Paul             67    New Jersey        7b----9
Degnin         Elizabeth        34    Ireland           76b--22
Degnin         Elizabeth        18    Ireland           76b--23
Degnin         Michael          36    Ireland           76b--21
Deigert        Henry            23    .                 144b--3
Dekan          Alice            4     Ohio              138a-33
Dekan          Cornelia         8     Ohio              138a-32
Dekan          Harriet          35    Penn              138a-28
Dekan          Isaac            11    Ohio              138a-31
Dekan          Martha           14    Ohio              138a-29
Dekan          Mary             12    Ohio              138a-30
Dekan          Moses            40    Penn              138a-27
Delaney        Catharine        5/12  Ohio              119b-16
Delaney        Catharine        25    Ireland           119b-13
Delaney        James            2     Ohio              119b-15
Delaney        Mary             5     Ohio              119b-14
Delaney        Patrick          30    Ireland           119b-12
Delany         Ellen            12    Mich              40a--26
Delany         John             15    Mich              40a--27
Delany         Joseph           43    Ireland           40a--25
Deley          William          24    Ireland           33a--37
DeLisle        Rachel           13    Mich              60b--30
DeMay          Cornelia         18    NY                58b--25
Demmon         Albertina        4     Ohio              84a--11
Demmon         Anna             31    NY                84a--10
Demmon         Charles R.       10    Ohio              84a--35
Demmon         Electa Ann       21    New Jersey        84a--34
Demmon         Elizabeth        24    New Jersey        84a--33
Demmon         George           34    New Jersey        84a--31
Demmon         Jacob C.         32    New Jersey        84a---9
Demmon         Jane             55    New Jersey        84a--30
Demmon         Jane             13    NY                74b--15
Demmon         Luke M.          29    New Jersey        84a---6
Demmon         Robert           2     Ohio              84a--12
Demmon         Robert C.        57    New Jersey        84a--29
Demmon         Sarah            26    New Jersey        84a--32
Demmon         Sarah            25    NY                84a---7
Demon          Ann M.           15    Unknown           69a--26
Demon          Hannah F.        38    Unknown           69a--25
Demon          Henry            38    Unknown           69a--24
Demott         Adelbert         13    Ohio              117a--2
Demott         Barbara          38    Penn              116b-42
Demott         Charles          16    Ohio              117a--9
Demott         Delilah          12    Ohio              117a-10
Demott         Ellison          47    NY                117a--7
Demott         Eugenia          7/12  Ohio              117a-12
Demott         George           2     Ohio              117a--6
Demott         John             10    Ohio              117a--3
Demott         Lavinia          10    Ohio              117a-11
Demott         Matilda          40    NY                117a--8
Demott         Regana           15    Ohio              117a--1
Demott         Rowena           7     Ohio              117a--4
Demott         Samuel           5     Ohio              117a--5
Demott         William          38    NY                116b-41
Demuth         Caspar           6/12  Ohio              134a-33
Demuth         Catharine        33    Germany           134a-29
Demuth         Charles          4     Ohio              134a-37
Demuth         Christian        71    Penn              126b-33
Demuth         Diana            18    NY                134a-22
Demuth         Elizabeth        6     Ohio              135a-25
Demuth         Elizabeth        55    Penn              134a-26
Demuth         Elizabeth        33    Penn              135b-39
Demuth         Harriet          22    Ohio              135a-24
Demuth         John             7     Ohio              134a-31
Demuth         John             2     Ohio              134a-38
Demuth         Joseph E.        2     Ohio              135a-26
Demuth         Landy            37    Penn              135a-23
Demuth         Levi             24    Ohio              134a-21
Demuth         Lydia            23    NY                134a-36
Demuth         Lydia Ann        10    Ohio              134a-27
Demuth         Margaret         3     Ohio              134a-32
Demuth         Margaret         2     Ohio              135b-42
Demuth         Mary             9     Ohio              134a-30
Demuth         Mary Jane        6/12  Ohio              134a-23
Demuth         Moses            33    NY                135b-38
Demuth         Ranatus          32    Penn              134a-35
Demuth         Sarah            7     Ohio              135b-40
Demuth         Sidna Ann        5     Ohio              135b-41
Demuth         William          4/12  Ohio              136a--1
Demuth         William G.       59    Penn              134a-25
Demuth         William H.       29    Penn              134a-28
DeNay          Lewis            30    Mich              17b---2
DeNeal         Abigail E.       13    Indiana           80a--14
DeNeal         Eunice           48    Canada            80a--12
DeNeal         Francis C.       9     Indiana           80a--15
DeNeal         Helen A.         16    NY                80a--13
DeNeal         Jackson          7     Indiana           80a--16
DeNeal         James W.         55    Virginia          80a--11
DeNeal         Paulina          21    Mich              37a--38
DeNeal         Paulina          21    Unknown           45a---8
DeNeal         Theresa          3     Ohio              80a--17
DeNeal         William          30    NY                45a---7
DeNeal         William          28    Unknown           37a--39
Denlap         Jennette E.      25    NY                34b--28
Denlap         John             2     Ohio              34b--29
Denlap         Thomas           30    NY                34b--27
Denman         Horatio S.       45    NY                57a--27
Denman         Sabra            15    NY                57a--28
Dennett        Mr.              26    Unknown           60a--33
Dennis         Ann              20    Ireland           139b-21
Dennis         Charity          10    O                 155b-16
Dennis         Charles J.       12    O                 155b-15
Dennis         Cyrenius         11    Penn              111a-15
Dennis         D.               23    N.Y.              153a-15
Dennis         Eliza            49    England           12b--22
Dennis         Ephraim          16    N.Y.              155b-13
Dennis         George           15    Penn              111a-14
Dennis         Hannah J.        7     O                 155b-17
Dennis         J.               49    N.Y.              155b-11
Dennis         Jabez            8     Ohio              12b--26
Dennis         James            4/12  Ohio              139b-22
Dennis         John             35    Mass              111a-10
Dennis         Jonathan         54    England           12b--21
Dennis         Mary             49    N.J.              155b-12
Dennis         Melinda          49    Mass              111a-11
Dennis         Nelson           19    Penn              111a-12
Dennis         Oliver           15    O                 155b-14
Dennis         Robert           33    Ireland           139b-20
Dennis         Robert D.        12    Ohio              12b--25
Dennis         Sarah C.         18    NY                12b--23
Dennis         Shelman          24    NY                111a-16
Dennis         Thomas G.        16    NY                12b--24
Dennis         William          17    Penn              111a-13
Denniston      Andrew           7     Ohio              56a---2
Denniston      Ann              9     Ohio              56a---1
Denniston      Catharine        32    Ireland           55b--42
Denniston      Ellen            2     Ohio              56a---4
Denniston      William          5     Ohio              56a---3
Denniston      William          38    Ireland           55b--41
Denny          Ann Maria        38    Germany           28b--26
Denny          Bridget          26    Ireland           63a--31
Denny          Catharine        9     Germany           28b--29
Denny          Catharine        5/12  Ohio              63a--34
Denny          Edward           35    Ireland           13a---5
Denny          Margaret Ann     2     Ohio              63a--33
Denny          Mary Ann         4     Germany           28b--30
Denny          Mary Jane        3     Ohio              63a--32
Denny          Michael          26    Ireland           63a--30
Denny          Nicholas         12    Germany           28b--28
Denny          Peter            38    Germany           28b--25
Denny          Peter            14    Germany           28b--27
Denny          Wm.              11    Ireland           13a---6
Derean         Sarah            2/12  Ohio              35a--22
Derilin        Barney           26    Ireland           101b-27
Derman         Patrick          22    Ireland           31a---6
Derors         Samuel           22    Penn              31a--22
Desaye         Egodius          9     Holland           98a--29
Desaye         Isaac            11    Holland           98a--27
Desaye         Jacobas          10    Holland           98a--28
Desaye         Joseph           49    Holland           98a--25
Desaye         Lydia J.         41    Holland           98a--26
Desaye         Sara             6     Holland           98a--30
Desoron        Angeline         65    Canada            72b--17
Dethler        Mary             17    Germany           8a---33
Devian         James            28    NY                35a--17
Devian         Sarah            18    NY                35a--18
Deviar         Eliza Ann        8     Ohio              118a-29
Deviar         Emily            14    Ohio              118a-27
Deviar         Esther L.        5     Ohio              118a-30
Deviar         John             1     Ohio              118a-31
Deviar         Lucy             37    NY                118a-26
Deviar         Mary Jane        10    Ohio              118a-28
Deviar         Samuel           42    NY                118a-25
Devilin        Barney           30    Ireland           67a--36
Devilin        Henry            3     Canada            67a--41
Devilin        Mary             27    Ireland           67a--37
Devilin        Michael          5     Canada            67a--40
Devilin        Peter            33    Ireland           67a--38
Devilin        Peter            2/12  Canada            67a--42
Devilin        William J.       7     Canada            67a--39
Devins         Nicholas         35    Ireland           38b--10
Devins         Susan            27    Ireland           38b--11
Devor          Ellen            27    Ohio              133a-30
Devor          John             28    Ohio              133a-29
Devor          Nancy Ann        4/12  Ohio              133a-32
Devor          Sarah Jane       2     Ohio              133a-31
Devors         Daniel           26    Ohio              133a-24
Devors         David            50    Virginia          133a-22
Devors         David            16    Ohio              133a-26
Devors         Jackson          21    Ohio              133a-25
Devors         Johnson          6     Ohio              133a-28
Devors         Nancy            46    Ohio              133a-23
Devors         William H.       10    Ohio              133a-27
Dewey          Benjamin         18    Vermont           22b--18
Dewey          Catharine H.     6     Ohio              113b-36
Dewey          Eliza H.         47    NY                113b-34
Dewey          Martin           50    Vermont           22b--17
Dewey          Sarah            40    England           1a---24
Dewey          Silas            55    NY                1a---23
Dewey          William F.       53    Conn              113b-33
Dewine         Almira           17    NY                120a-27
Dewine         Samuel           9     Ohio              120a-28
Dewine         Selah            40    NY                120a-26
Dewny          Michael          33    Ireland           16b--37
Deyoe          Francis          21    NY                75b---7
Dickens        Albert           20    NY                88a--27
Dicks          Christina        36    Ohio              4a----6
Dicks          Julia            14    Ohio              4a----7
Dicks          Phebe            7     Ohio              4a----9
Dicks          William          12    Ohio              4a----8
Dicks          Wm. B.           44    Penn              4a----5
Dickson        Andrew           16    Ohio              16b--39
Dickson        Antionette       13    NY                70a--22
Dickson        Charles          10    Ohio              29a--25
Dickson        Francis          17    NY                29a--24
Dickson        Francis H.       53    NY                29a--22
Dickson        G. Thornton      13    Ohio              95b--25
Dickson        Gamaliel         7     Ohio              70a--24
Dickson        George           50    England           95b--23
Dickson        George L.        9     Ohio              95b--27
Dickson        James            9     Ohio              70a--23
Dickson        John             5     Ohio              95b--28
Dickson        John             37    NY                70a--20
Dickson        Mary             21    NY                34b--42
Dickson        Minerva          36    NY                70a--21
Dickson        Mrs. Sarah       38    Ohio              16b--38
Dickson        Rhoda            34    England           95b--24
Dickson        Samuel           11    Ohio              95b--26
Dickson        Sarah Ann        5     Ohio              95b--29
Dickson        Sarah M.         46    NY                29a--23
Diehn          John             28    Germany           33b--41
Dignan         Bridget          35    Ireland           77a--42
Dignan         Owen             33    Ireland           77a--41
Dike           Abiather         42    NY                29a---4
Dike           Abiather         2     Ohio              29a--11
Dike           Andrew           17    Canada            29a---6
Dike           Calvin           15    Canada            29a---7
Dike           Elizabeth        39    Penn              29a---5
Dike           Francis          8     Penn              29a---9
Dike           Louisa           5     Ohio              29a--10
Dike           William          12    Penn              29a---8
Dilgart        Adeline L.       17    NY                120a-24
Dilgart        Hannah           60    Penn              120a-22
Dilgart        Henry            60    Penn              120a-21
Dilgart        Henry C.         6/12  Ohio              120a-25
Dilgart        John             27    Penn              120a-23
Dille          Aurora           35    Ohio              101a--9
Dille          Catharine        22    Ireland           101a-10
Dille          Eugene           1/12  Ohio              101a-11
Dillon         Margaret         19    Ireland           38b---9
Dilts          Adam             41    Ohio              128b-41
Dilts          Adam             4     Ohio              129a--4
Dilts          Ellen            7     Ohio              129a--3
Dilts          Jane M.          17    Ohio              129a--1
Dilts          Martha           39    Canada            128b-42
Dilts          Martha Ann       17    Ohio              129a--2
Dings          Betsy            35    NY                109a--5
Dings          John             4/12  .                 109a-10
Dings          John             36    NY                109a--4
Dings          Malvina          2     Ohio              109a--9
Dings          Margaret         12    NY                109a--6
Dings          Mary             9     NY                109a--7
Dings          Morgan           13    NY                109a-11
Dings          Susan            7     NY                109a--8
Dinwiddie      Ann              24    England           44a---6
Dinwiddie      Michael          23    Germany           44a---7
Disbrow        Emma J.          3     NY                108a-15
Disbrow        Irenaus L.       5     NY                108a-14
Disbrow        Peter            27    NY                108a-12
Disbrow        Sarah            27    NY                108a-13
Disbrow        Susan            6/12  Ohio              108a-16
Disher         Christian        28    Switzerland       143b-10
Disher         Clarissa         4     Ohio              143b-12
Disher         Eliza            27    Penn              143b-11
Disher         Huldah           2     Ohio              143b-13
Ditmus         John W.          48    New Jersey        27b---8
Ditts          William          30    Maryland          140a-21
Dobbins        Mason            50    Mass              118b-30
Dobbins        Sarah            87    Mass              118b-31
Dobson         George           31    Ohio              11a--32
Dockra         Mary             10    Ireland           77b---1
Doctor         Catharine        53    Germany           100a--2
Doctor         John             56    Germany           100a--1
Dodd           Adaline          7     Ohio              128a-36
Dodd           Adaline          37    NY                54a--35
Dodd           Amanda           11    Ohio              128a-35
Dodd           Clarence         1     Ohio              128a-37
Dodd           E.B.             65    New Jersey        54a--34
Dodd           Edward           7     NY                54a--37
Dodd           Edward           6     NY                59a--16
Dodd           Elijah           44    New Jersey        128a-33
Dodd           Francis          12    NY                59a--17
Dodd           Harriett L.      18    NY                59a--18
Dodd           Harrison H.      26    NY                52b--12
Dodd           Harvey           10/12 Ohio              52b--14
Dodd           Henry            13    NY                54a--36
Dodd           Maria            22    NY                52b--13
Dodd           Mary             70    New Jersey        128a-38
Dodd           William          16    New Jersey        128a-34
Dodge          Charles          26    NY                58a--26
Dodge          Delia            17    Ohio              19a--20
Dodge          Horace           14    Ohio              19a--21
Dodge          Lucy             36    Canada            19a--19
Dodge          Luther           40    Mass              19a--18
Dodge          Mary             1     Ohio              19a--22
Dodge          Mary J.          18    Vermont           52a--30
Dodsworth      Charlotte        28    England           50b---6
Dodsworth      John             29    England           50b---5
Dodsworth      Samuel           4     NY                50b---7
Doff           Abda             38    NY                107a-29
Doff           Amelia           36    NY                107a-30
Doff           Augusta          2     Ohio              107a-36
Doff           De Witt          11    Ohio              107a-33
Doff           Ellen            13    NY                107a-32
Doff           Frances M.       9     Ohio              107a-34
Doff           George           16    NY                107a-31
Doff           Orlin            23    NY                107a-37
Doff           Sarah Jane       8     Ohio              107a-35
Doglston       Elizabeth        21    Germany           48b--22
Doglston       John             24    Germany           48b--21
Doherty        Bridget          17    Ireland           55a--41
Doherty        Daniel C.        35    Ireland           33a--28
Doherty        James            24    Canada            31b---8
Doherty        John             27    Ireland           65b--35
Doherty        Mary             54    Ireland           31b---6
Doherty        Mary             15    Ireland           55a--42
Doherty        Mary Ann         15    NY                31b---9
Doherty        Michael          40    Ireland           55a--40
Doherty        Patrick          53    Ireland           31b---5
Doherty        Susan            21    England           31b--11
Doherty        William          21    Mass              31b---7
Dohru          Catharine        12    Ireland           51a--16
Dolby          Albert           4     Ohio              96a--23
Dolby          David            10    Ohio              96a--19
Dolby          Elisha           13    Ohio              96a--15
Dolby          George           7     Ohio              96a--21
Dolby          Hester Ann       17    Ohio              96a--16
Dolby          Jason            9     Ohio              96a--20
Dolby          Louisa           32    NY                96a--14
Dolby          Margaret         14    Ohio              96a--17
Dolby          Mary L.          1     Ohio              96a--22
Dolby          Robert           42    England           96a--13
Dolby          Walter           11    Ohio              96a--18
Dolliver       Eda              30    Conn              13b--12
Dolliver       Sarah Jane       13    Ohio              13b--13
Dom            Conrad           5     Germany           42b--30
Dom            Maria            40    Germany           42b--28
Dom            Matthias         13    Germany           42b--29
Dombough       Catharine        28    Germany           42b--38
Dombough       Henry            3     Germany           42b--39
Dombough       John             6/12  Ohio              42b--40
Dombough       John             33    Germany           42b--37
Donahue        Bridget          25    Ireland           43b--14
Donahue        Dennis           2     Ohio              34a--28
Donahue        James            24    Ireland           43b--13
Donahue        Jeremiah         31    Ireland           34a--26
Donahue        John             30    Ireland           100a-30
Donahue        John             2     Ohio              43b--15
Donahue        Mary             24    Ireland           34a--27
Donchur        Cornelius        20    NY                14b--15
Donegan        Catharine        18    Ohio              34a--16
Donegan        Catharine        18    Canada            45a--19
Donegan        Eliza            6     Ohio              34a--17
Donegan        Robert           22    Ireland           34a--15
Donelly        John             40    Ireland           139b-17
Donley         Bridget          16    Mich              52b--11
Donnell        Patrick          14    Ireland           115b-31
Donovan        Ellen            8     NY                76b--35
Donovan        Ellen            30    Ireland           76b--34
Donovan        Jeremiah         17    Ireland           21a--40
Donovan        John             9     Ohio              21a--41
Donovan        John             5     NY                76b--36
Donovan        John             32    Ireland           130a-10
Donovan        John             12    Ireland           121b-23
Donovan        Margaret         3     NY                76b--37
Donovan        Mary             46    Ireland           21a--38
Donovan        Mary             22    Ireland           21a--39
Donovan        Patrick          43    Ireland           21a--37
Donovan        William          35    Ireland           76b--33
Doolittle      James C.         38    NY                58b---2
Doolittle      Jerome           25    NY                66a--33
Doolittle      Maria            38    NY                58b---3
Doolittle      Milton           18    NY                50b--13
Doolittle      Newton           20    Unknown           68a---6
Doolittle      Samuel           14    NY                50b--36
Doren          John             23    Penn              131a-33
Dormun         Edward           32    England           72a---3
Dormun         Jane             16    England           72a---6
Dormun         Maria            34    England           72a---4
Dormun         Theresa          12    Ohio              72a---7
Dormun         William          19    England           72a---5
Dorr           Caroline         6     Ohio              50a--22
Dorr           Caroline         28    Penn              50a--21
Dorr           Charles          6/12  Ohio              50a--25
Dorr           Charles M.       30    NY                50a--20
Dorr           Milton           3     Ohio              50a--24
Dorr           Myra             4     Ohio              50a--23
Dorun          Ann              27    Ireland           55a--37
Dorun          John             7     Ireland           55a--38
Dorun          Mary             3     Ireland           55a--39
Dorun          Peter            29    Ireland           55a--36
Doty           Andrew           30    Unknown           37a--31
Doty           Mr.              21    Unknown           68a---5
Doty           N.N.             40    NY                5a---21
Doughty        Caroline         15    Penn              64a--23
Douglass       Abram            26    Penn              74b--11
Douglass       George           8     Ohio              74b--13
Douglass       Matilda          26    Penn              74b--12
Douglass       Montgomery       4     Ohio              74b--14
Downing        Alex             26    NY                19a--26
Downing        Christina        5/12  Ohio              19a--28
Downing        Elizabeth        23    Ohio              19a--27
Downing        Nelson           30    Unknown           14b--13
Doyle          Caroline         5     NY                74a---3
Doyle          Catharine        5     Mich              43b--28
Doyle          Charles          35    NY                73b--41
Doyle          Deborah          40    New Jersey        73b--42
Doyle          Dennis           52    Ireland           63a---4
Doyle          Elizabeth        8     NY                74a---2
Doyle          Elizabeth        26    England           56b--22
Doyle          Ellen            40    Ireland           63a---5
Doyle          Ellen            2/12  Ohio              63a--10
Doyle          Ellen            2     Ohio              56a--11
Doyle          James            9     Ohio              56a---8
Doyle          James            15    NY                63a---6
Doyle          Joanna           24    Ireland           56a---7
Doyle          John             7     Ohio              56a---9
Doyle          John             7     Ireland           63a--14
Doyle          John             4     Ohio              63a---9
Doyle          John             14    Ireland           65a---7
Doyle          Larry            12    Ireland           63a--13
Doyle          Margaret         20    Ireland           35a--20
Doyle          Margaret         11    NY                63a---8
Doyle          Martin           40    Ireland           74b---9
Doyle          Martin           30    Ireland           35a--19
Doyle          Mary Ann         13    NY                63a---7
Doyle          Michael          50    Ireland           63a--11
Doyle          Michael          5     Ohio              56a--10
Doyle          Michael          32    Ireland           56a---6
Doyle          Michael          19    Ireland           65a--10
Doyle          Richard          23    Ireland           65a---4
Doyle          Thomas           15    Ireland           63a--12
Drago          Eliza            7     Ohio              79a--36
Drago          Jane             45    Canada            79a--34
Drago          John             10    Ohio              79a--35
Dragon         Antonie          21    Canada            72b--11
Dragon         Calista          23    Canada            72b--12
Drake          Brayton          24    NY                51a--19
Drake          Cyrus            48    NY                51a--12
Drake          Henry            18    NY                51a--14
Drake          Margaret         19    NY                51a--17
Drake          Mary             40    NY                51a--13
Drake          Oceola K.        15    NY                51a--15
Draper         Adelia           10/12 Ohio              25b--38
Draper         Harriet          55    Vermont           39b--40
Draper         James C.         34    NY                25b--35
Draper         Janette          2     Ohio              25b--37
Draper         Luke             59    Mass              39b--39
Draper         Marvin           21    NY                39b--42
Draper         Sophia Ann       19    Ohio              25b--36
Draper         Susan            22    England           4b---28
Draper         Warren           30    Penn              39b--41
Dressel        Adam             33    Germany           97b--12
Dressel        Catharine        1/12  Ohio              97b--14
Dressel        Margaret         17    Germany           97b--13
Drigan         Joseph           21    Mich              84a--37
Drigan         Sarah            19    Ohio              84a--38
Drigo          Mary J.          8     Mich              80a--21
Driscoll       Mary             18    Unknown           59a--19
Driver         Elizabeth        45    England           31a--38
Driver         Emma             15    England           31a--39
Driver         Henry            7     .                 31a--41
Driver         Henry            43    England           31a--37
Driver         Mary Ann         11    Ohio              31a--40
Drizen         Catharine        8     Germany           54a--16
Drizen         Catharine        34    Germany           54a--15
Drizen         George           40    Germany           54a--14
Drizen         John             3     Ohio              54a--17
Drogan         Cornelius        19    Ireland           91b---6
Drugo          Henry            13    Canada            103a-28
Drummond       Avery H.         31    NY                12a--34
Drummond       Calvin M.        28    NY                12a--35
Drummond       Emeline M.       13    Ohio              12a--39
Drummond       Francis A.       17    NY                12a--38
Drummond       Harriet E.       8     Ohio              12a--40
Drummond       Mary J.          15    Unknown           17a--10
Drummond       Phidelia         46    NY                12a--33
Drummond       Phidilia         26    NY                12a--36
Drummond       Recimey J.       23    NY                12a--37
Druyor         Amanda           8     Ohio              81a--31
Druyor         Catharine        8     Ohio              81a--32
Druyor         Joseph           6     Ohio              81a--33
Druyor         Margaret         25    Mich              81a--30
Druyor         Margaret         1     Ohio              81a--35
Druyor         Thomas           33    Mich              81a--29
Druyor         Victoria         3     Ohio              81a--34
Dryer          Sophia           15    Germany           51b--29
Dual           Hannah           20    Ohio              39b--34
Dual           Henry            33    NY                39b--33
Dual           Herbert          1     Ohio              39b--36
DuBard         Caroline         14    Mich              76b--42
DuBard         Cornelia         19    NY                77a---2
DuBard         Eleanor          44    Canada            76b--39
DuBard         John             57    Canada            76b--38
DuBard         John             15    Mich              77a---1
Duchat         Joseph           50    Canada            74b--37
Duff           Catharine        50    Ireland           62b--27
Duffey         Anna             3     Ohio              68a--22
Duffey         Eliza            30    Ireland           68a--20
Duffey         James            5     Ohio              68a--21
Duffey         Patrick          31    Ireland           68a--19
Duffey         William          5/12  Ohio              68a--23
Duffie         John             38    Ireland           130a-11
Dugan          Timothy          13    Mich              45b--11
Dukir          Anna             19    Germany           43b--40
Dukir          Eliza            13    Germany           43b--42
Dukir          Fraener          16    Germany           43b--41
Dukir          Francis          54    Germany           43b--36
Dukir          George           23    Germany           43b--38
Dukir          Jacob            21    Germany           43b--39
Dukir          Martin           25    Germany           43b--37
Duller         Christian        30    Switzerland       1b---12
Duller         James            3     Ohio              1b---15
Duller         John D.          5     Ohio              1b---14
Duller         Mary             26    Ohio              1b---13
Duller         Samual           1     Ohio              1b---16
Dumils         Ada              4     Wis               6a---37
Dumils         Thursday         23    NY                6a---36
Dunham         Betsy            66    Conn              129b-35
Dunham         Smith            73    NY                129b-34
Dunkiller      Nathaniel        34    NY                43b--29
Dunn           Ann              38    England           101b-13
Dunn           Joseph           4     England           101b-14
Dunn           William          9     England           41b--16
Duntice        Eda              4     Ohio              87a---9
Duntice        Marion           2     Ohio              87a--10
Duntice        Martha B.        31    Mass              87a---8
Duntice        William          43    NY                87a---7
Durall         Frances          3     Mich              48a---6
Durall         Mary             42    Mich              48a---5
Durell         Charles          25    Mich              43b---6
Durell         Elizabeth        7     Mich              43b---3
Durell         Jane             19    Mich              43b---7
Durell         Mary             5     Mich              43b---4
Durell         Sarah            27    Mich              43b---2
Durell         William          30    Mich              43b---1
Durell         William          3     Mich              43b---5
Durlap         Alexander        20    Ohio              13a---9
Dusenbury      Doras            38    NY                112a--2
Dusenbury      Mary E.          28    NY                112a--3
Dusenbury      Mary M.          2     Ohio              112a--5
Dusenbury      Priscilla        7     Ohio              112a--4
Dusenbury      Simeon           6/12  Ohio              112a--6
Dusenbury      Stephen D.       5     Ohio              112a--7
Dustin         Francis          20    Canada            28a--20
Dustin         Franklin         16    Canada            28a--23
Dustin         Moses            56    Vermont           28a--18
Dustin         Wilbur           7     Ohio              28a--24
Dutch          Andrew           36    Germany           128b-38
Dutch          Ann              19    Germany           49b--30
Dutch          Elizabeth        30    Germany           75b--37
Dutch          George           24    Germany           55b--24
Dutch          Henry            28    Germany           34b--20
Dutch          Henry            19    Germany           39a--41
Dutch          Jacob            16    Germany           18b---6
Dutch          John             26    Germany           18b--18
Dutch          Joseph           21    Germany           39b--25
Dutch          Lawrence         19    Germany           39b--24
Dutch          Margaret         31    Germany           139b-23
Dutch          Mary             24    Germany           60b--36
Dutch          Peter            24    Germany           63a---3
Dutch          William          19    Germany           77b--30
Dwight         Anna G.          5     Ohio              5a---32
Dwight         Mary             30    NY                5a---27
Dyer           Amarilla         65    Vermont           136a-17
Dyer           Amarilla         2/12  Ohio              134b-38
Dyer           Edmond M.        69    Rhode Island      136a-16
Dyer           Edmond R.        36    Vermont           130b--7
Dyer           Esek H.          32    Vermont           134b-34
Dyer           Esek M.          8     Ohio              130b-10
Dyer           Henry D.         9     NY                134b-36
Dyer           Julia E.         26    NY                134b-35
Dyer           Mary Jane        30    NY                130b--8
Dyer           Millard F.       2     Ohio              130b-12
Dyer           Oscar T.         2     Ohio              134b-37
Dyer           Philena          5     Ohio              130b-11
Dyer           Roxana           11    Ohio              130b--9
Dyer           William          23    Ohio              9a----2

Eagle          Henry            32    Unknown           69a--28
Earl           James            35    NY                117a-40
Earley         Jeremiah         31    NY                71b---7
Earley         Tillah           17    Canada            71b---8
Early          Mary             21    Ireland           47a--42
Early          Patrick          24    Ireland           65b--18
Earnest        John             29    Germany           49b--31
Earnest        Mary             32    Germany           49b--32
Earnest        Mary             1     Ohio              49b--33
Eastley        Charles          10/12 Germany           87b--23
Eastley        Louisa           6     Germany           87b--22
Eastley        Maria            28    Germany           87b--21
Eastley        Matinus          30    Germany           87b--20
Eastman        Edward           16    NY                128a--3
Eastwood       Amanda M.        40    NY                129b-23
Eastwood       Angeline         7     Ohio              129b-26
Eastwood       Ellen            11    Ohio              129b-24
Eastwood       John             9     Ohio              129b-25
Eastwood       Lewis            41    NY                129b-22
Eastwood       Sarah            2     Ohio              129b-28
Eastwood       Theresa          5     Ohio              129b-27
Eaton          Emerson H.       32    Vermont           6a---22
Eaton          Mrs.             21    NY                6a---23
Eaton          Theodore         1     Ohio              6a---24
Eber           Agatha           31    Germany           132a-32
Eber           Caroline         2     .                 132a-35
Eber           John             5     Ohio              132a-34
Eber           John             35    Germany           132a-31
Eber           Mary             8     Ohio              132a-33
Eckles         Annabella        40    Penn              9b---31
Eckles         Cynthia          37    Penn              9b---32
Eckles         Elizabeth        71    Penn              9b---30
Eckles         Harriet          25    Penn              9b---33
Eckles         Thomas           22    Mich              66a--26
Eckols         Jane             40    New Jersey        6a---19
Eddy           Azariah          47    NY                39b--10
Eddy           Azariah          16    Ohio              39b--13
Eddy           Edmund E.        5     Ohio              39b--16
Eddy           George           2     Ohio              39b--17
Eddy           Harriet M.       43    Conn              39b--11
Eddy           Harriet M.       11    Ohio              39b--15
Eddy           Mary C.          18    NY                39b--12
Eddy           Thomas H.        13    Ohio              39b--14
Edington       Abilona E.       26    Penn              120b-28
Edington       Elizabeth A.     5     Penn              120b-29
Edington       Sarah J.         3     Penn              120b-30
Edington       Semantha J.      7/12  Penn              120b-31
Edington       Thornton         34    Virginia          120b-27
Edom           Edward           33    England           88a--11
Edom           Elizabeth        6     Ohio              88a--14
Edom           James            4     Ohio              88a--15
Edom           Mary             27    Ohio              88a--12
Edom           Sarah            3     Ohio              88a--16
Edom           Thomas           1     Ohio              88a--17
Edom           William          8     Ohio              88a--13
Edsall         Deeniel V.       34    Penn              36b---2
Edson          Almira           20    NY                84a--24
Edson          Bernice          8     Ohio              84a--28
Edson          Elizabeth        40    NY                84a--23
Edson          Elizabeth        14    Mich              84a--26
Edson          John W.          12    Mich              84a--27
Edson          Nathan           52    NY                84a--22
Edson          Winfield         18    NY                84a--25
Edwards        Eliza            21    Ireland           77b---3
Edwards        Emeline          28    NY                21b---5
Edwards        George           23    Penn              56b--25
Edwards        James            4     Penn              21b---8
Edwards        James            3/12  Ohio              77b---4
Edwards        Jane             7     Penn              21b---7
Edwards        John N.          12    NY                21b---6
Edwards        Joseph           1     Ohio              21b---9
Edwards        Margaret         55    Ireland           76b--32
Edwards        Margaret         18    Ireland           52b---1
Edwards        Margaret         18    Ireland           47a--29
Edwards        Mary Ann         21    Ireland           52b--15
Edwards        Paul             25    Ireland           77b---2
Edwards        Tyler            37    NY                21b---4
Egen           Ann              21    Ireland           62b--29
Egen           Mary             2     Ireland           62b--30
Egen           William          30    Ireland           62b--28
Eggleston      Dennis           4     Ohio              35a--36
Eggleston      Lafayette        33    Ireland           35a--32
Eggleston      Margaret C.      34    Ireland           35a--33
Eggleston      Oscar            6     Ohio              35a--35
Eggleston      Richard          36    NY                86a--27
Eggleston      William          8     Ohio              35a--34
Egnew          Alice            7     O                 149a-34
Egnew          David            5     O                 149a-35
Egnew          Eliza Ann        8     O                 149a-32
Egnew          James            50    N.Y.              149a-28
Egnew          James            11    O                 149a-31
Egnew          Jane             36    O                 149a-29
Egnew          Lucena           1     O                 149a-37
Egnew          Sally            8     O                 149a-33
Egnew          Thomas           3     O                 149a-36
Egnew          William          25    O                 149a-30
Eichlor        Amanda           25    Ohio              20b---5
Eichlor        George           4     Ohio              20b---7
Eichlor        John             39    Penn              20b---4
Eichlor        Lenora           6     Ohio              20b---6
Eldair         Elizabeth        32    Germany           15a--29
Eldair         Elizabeth        11/12 Ohio              15a--32
Eldair         George           2     Ohio              15a--31
Eldair         Margaret         5     Ohio              15a--30
Eldair         Philip           31    Germany           15a--28
Eldrige        Alfred J.        39    NY                134a-18
Eldrige        Eleanor M.       41    NY                134a-19
Eldrige        Mary A.          4     Ohio              134a-20
Ellens         Frank            4     Ohio              61b--18
Ellens         Mary             18    Unknown           61b--19
Elliott        Andrew           34    Ireland           131a-34
Elliott        Ann              5     Ohio              131a-36
Elliott        Elizabeth        5     Ohio              131a-37
Elliott        Hannah           55    NY                33a---8
Elliott        Isaiah           17    Unknown           17b--27
Elliott        John             5     Ohio              118b-14
Elliott        John J.          2     Ohio              131a-38
Elliott        Joseph           4     Ohio              118b-15
Elliott        Martha           24    Ireland           131a-35
Elliott        Perry            23    Ohio              33a---9
Elliott        Sarah            25    Kentucky          118b-13
Elliott        Sarah J.         6/12  Ohio              131a-39
Elliott        William          35    N Hampshire       118b-12
Elliott        William          1     Ohio              118b-16
Ellis          Almon D.         29    NY                68a--17
Ellis          Ann              7     England           94b--41
Ellis          Ann              34    England           94b--37
Ellis          Charlotte        9     England           94b--40
Ellis          Clara            3     England           95a---1
Ellis          Eliza            28    NY                68a--18
Ellis          Emma             5     England           94b--42
Ellis          Foster A.        25    NY                105b-41
Ellis          John S.          20    NY                105b-39
Ellis          Lydia            25    .                 105b-42
Ellis          Maria            47    NY                105b-38
Ellis          Mary E.          13    England           94b--38
Ellis          Matilda          2     Ohio              106a--1
Ellis          Sarah            11    England           95a--35
Ellis          Sarah Ann        11    England           94b--39
Ellis          Townsend         52    NY                105b-37
Ellis          William          35    England           94b--36
Ellis          Zerlinda A.      17    NY                105b-40
Ellison        Ann D.           34    NY                104a-28
Ellison        Hamilton         12    NY                104a-29
Ellison        Jefferson        2/12  Ohio              104a-32
Ellison        Julia            5     Penn              104a-31
Ellison        Marietta         7     Penn              104a-30
Ellison        Thomas D.        36    N Hampshire       104a-27
Ells           C.B.             26    NY                69b---6
Ellsworth      John             14    Unknown           67b--42
Elorden        Isaac R.         98    Rhode Island      95b--35
Emerson        Almon            8     Ohio              79b--17
Emerson        Electa           32    Ohio              79b--15
Emerson        George W.        35    Ohio              79b--14
Emerson        Laura A.         10    Ohio              79b--16
Emerson        Lucy M.          9/12  Ohio              83a--14
Emerson        Mary Elizabeth   4     Ohio              79b--18
Emick          Frederica        44    Germany           43b--20
Emick          Frederick        48    Germany           43b--19
Emick          John R.          13    Germany           43b--21
Emory          Chloe            1     Ohio              4a---41
Emory          Henrietta        23    Ohio              4a---40
Emory          Samuel           24    Ohio              4a---39
Endicott       John             22    England           113b-10
Endicott       John R.          4/12  Ohio              113b-12
Endicott       Mary             23    England           113b-11
English        Mary             24    Ohio              29a--18
English        Richard          35    England           29a--17
English        Richard          1/12  .                 29a--20
English        Thomas R.        2     .                 29a--19
Ensign         Emma             25    England           45a--26
Ensign         Emma E.          1     Ohio              45a--27
Ensign         Hermon           23    NY                89a--11
Ensign         Sylvester        23    NY                45a--25
Erenbeck       Andrew           60    Germany           16b--17
Erenbeck       Benny            7     Germany           16b--19
Erenbeck       Lewis            25    Germany           16b--22
Erenbeck       Mary             53    Germany           16b--18
Ernonputsch    Anna B.          34    Germany           45b--28
Ernonputsch    Egbut            40    Germany           45b--27
Erosel         Angeline         28    Canada            71b--17
Erosel         Barnabas         10    Mich              71b--18
Erosel         George           48    Canada            71b--16
Erosel         Henry            15    Mich              71b--19
Erosel         Jane             7     Ohio              71b--20
Erosel         Matilda          1     Ohio              71b--21
Espy           John C.          26    Penn              47b--24
Estile         Almria           24    NY                86a--30
Estile         Channcey M.      2     .                 86a--32
Estile         Charles L.       4     Ohio              86a--31
Estile         David E.         38    Mass              86a--29
Estile         Elmore           6/12  .                 86a--33
Estile         J.               26    NY                69a--37
Estirling      Achilles         19    Ohio              28a---6
Estirling      Elizabeth        9     Ohio              28a---9
Estirling      Jessee           26    Penn              28a---3
Estirling      Levi             23    Penn              28a---5
Estirling      Mary             50    Penn              28a---2
Estirling      Mary             16    Ohio              28a---7
Estirling      Seneca           48    Penn              28a---1
Estirling      Seneca           12    Ohio              28a---8
Estirling      Thomas J.        21    Penn              28a---4
Evans          Alvin            13    Ohio              100a-14
Evans          Charles          42    NY                100a-11
Evans          Christian C.     8     Ohio              100a-15
Evans          Elizabeth T.     25    Penn              4b---32
Evans          Frances M.       16    Ohio              100a-13
Evans          Francis T.       28    Penn              4b---31
Evans          Mary             35    Penn              100a-12
Evans          William          1     Ohio              4b---33
Evarts         Ella             20    Ohio              31a--11
Evarts         Freeman C.       32    Vermont           31a--10
Evarts         Lucretia         16    Ohio              31a--12
Everden        George           12    Ohio              17b--12
Everden        Israel           77    Unknown           17b---5
Everden        Israel, Jr.      44    Conn              17b---6
Everden        Lois             41    NY                17b---7
Everden        Lois             3     Ohio              17b--10
Everden        Marriane         7     Ohio              17b---9
Everden        Mary             9     Ohio              17b---8
Everden        Milo             19    Ohio              65a---6
Everden        Syliva A.        3/12  Ohio              17b--11
Eylon          John             24    Germany           43b--16
Eylon          Maria            25    Germany           43b--17
Eylon          Mary Keis        56    Germany           43b--18

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Barbara Blackwell and the permission of S-K Publications. 
This index was transcribed and proofread
by a TEAM of volunteers

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