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Jacklin        Joseph           66    Germany           142b--4
Jacklin        Mary             55    Germany           142b--5
Jacklin        Thomas           17    Germany           142b--7
Jacklin        Vincent          21    Germany           142b--6
Jackman        Ann              53    England           97b--34
Jackman        Ann              25    England           98b--38
Jackman        Ann              13    England           97b--38
Jackman        Elizabeth        22    England           114a--3
Jackman        Franklin G.      1     NY                98b--41
Jackman        George           23    England           97b--35
Jackman        George M.        1     NY                114a--4
Jackman        Grace            16    England           97b--37
Jackman        James            32    England           98b--37
Jackman        Samuel           20    England           97b--36
Jackman        Thomas           53    England           97b--33
Jackman        Thomas           3     England           98b--40
Jackman        Thomas           29    England           114a--2
Jackman        William          8     England           98b--39
Jackson        Abigail          2     Ohio              9b---29
Jackson        Amanda           14    NY                70a---9
Jackson        Charles A.       12    Ohio              24b--25
Jackson        James C.         7     Ohio              24b--26
Jackson        Luther           43    Penn              24b--23
Jackson        Margaret J.      30    Ohio              24b--24
Jackson        Salina           65    Ireland           5a---39
Jackson        Susanah          22    Tennesee          5a---41
Jackson        William H.       6     Ohio              9b---28
Jacobs         Clarissa         31    Mich              64a--29
Jacobs         Eli              10    Mich              64a--31
Jacobs         Ellen            25    Ireland           71b--27
Jacobs         Henry            5     Ohio              64a--33
Jacobs         Joseph           32    Mich              64a--28
Jacobs         Maxon            7     Mich              64a--32
Jacobs         Oliver           25    Mich              71b--26
Jacobs         Samuel           11    Mich              64a--30
Jacobs         Thomas           1     Ohio              71b--28
James          Amelia           14    Canada            103b-31
James          Ephraim          17    Canada            62a--10
James          Ephraim          17    Canada            136b--5
James          George           7     Ohio              136b-12
James          Thomas           42    NY                8b----4
James          William          30    Ireland           44a--28
Jarvis         Adaline          4     Ohio              9a---41
Jarvis         Amelia           25    NY                9a---40
Jarvis         Daniel           12    Ohio              25b---6
Jay            Ann              39    Penn              23b--29
Jay            Emeline          2     Ohio              119b-21
Jay            Euphemia         24    Penn              117b-16
Jay            George E.        7     Penn              117b-18
Jay            James            34    Penn              117b-15
Jay            John             66    New Jersey        23b--27
Jay            Mary             73    Del               23b--28
Jay            Mary E.          9     Penn              117b-17
Jay            Mary L.          4     Ohio              119b-20
Jay            Merrilla         1     Ohio              119b-22
Jay            Olivian          58    Penn              119b-18
Jay            Samuel           38    Penn              119b-17
Jay            Samuel R.        1     Ohio              117b-20
Jay            William          5     Penn              117b-19
Jay            William S.       6     Ohio              119b-19
Jeffers        Anrena           66    Canada            9a---18
Jeffers        William          18    Canada            103a-29
Jeffords       John             12    Mich              98b---1
Jegur          Dennis           33    Ohio              69a--39
Jenks          Charlotte        48    Conn              77b--32
Jennings       Francis          10    Ohio              20b--13
Jennings       Joseph H.        12    Ohio              20b--12
Jennings       Lucy Ann         27    Penn              20b--10
Jennings       Mary G.          14    NY                20b--11
Jennings       Rodolphus D.     2     Ohio              20b--14
Jennings       Willson          36    NY                20b---9
Jenson         Polly            35    NY                27a--42
Jenson         Samuel           42    NY                27a--41
Jerome         Ellen            5     Ohio              89b--24
Jerome         Francis          30    NY                89b--20
Jerome         Francis          1     Ohio              89b--26
Jerome         Gulen            10    NY                89b--22
Jerome         Jonethan H.      59    Conn              27a--40
Jerome         Margaret         8     NY                89b--23
Jerome         Mary             5     NY                76b--40
Jerome         Peter            3     Ohio              89b--25
Jerome         Sarah            25    NY                89b--21
Jervis         Ephraim          20    Ohio              26b---4
Jervis         Sarah            15    Ohio              18b--16
Jessup         Abram            32    NY                108b-12
Jessup         Esttella E.      2     Ohio              108b-18
Jessup         Foster           13    Ohio              108b-14
Jessup         Jedidiah         35    NY                108b-11
Jessup         Julia L.         10    Ohio              108b-15
Jessup         Lucina J.        7     Ohio              108b-16
Jessup         Margaret         31    NY                108b-13
Jessup         Mary E.          5     Ohio              108b-17
Jester         Mr.              22    Unknown           60a--21
Jewell         Theodore         18    Canada            108a-35
Jewett         George           25    NY                16b--26
Jewett         Rosamond         22    NY                16b--27
Jock           Caroline         7/12  Ohio              46b--33
Jock           Caroline         30    Germany           46b--31
Jock           John             38    Germany           46b--30
Jock           Robert           3     Mich              46b--32
Johns          Wiswall          35    Germany           9a----9
Johnson        Abigail          55    NY                4b---30
Johnson        Abraham          63    England           154a-14
Johnson        Abram            16    O                 154a-16
Johnson        Abram            14    Ohio              127b-38
Johnson        Albert           19    NY                26a--15
Johnson        Amanda E.        11    Ohio              25b--25
Johnson        Ann              63    England           154a-15
Johnson        Ann              1     O                 154a-11
Johnson        Arthur           1     NY                76a--24
Johnson        Betsy            36    NY                26a--12
Johnson        Bruce            9     Ohio              26a--17
Johnson        Caroline         20    Penn              21a---5
Johnson        Catharine        26    Ohio              65b--14
Johnson        Charlotte        38    Mass              103b-28
Johnson        Cordon           28    Vermont           76a--21
Johnson        Curtis           20    Mass              26a--13
Johnson        David            39    Penn              65b--13
Johnson        Elias S.         30    Ohio              61a---2
Johnson        Elizabeth        7     Ohio              26a--18
Johnson        Elizabeth        10    Penn              21a---6
Johnson        Expiriam         20    Ohio              25b--34
Johnson        Frederic         11    Ohio              5a---38
Johnson        George           13    NY                26a--16
Johnson        George W.        8     Penn              21a---8
Johnson        Harley           30    NY                114b-11
Johnson        Harriet          3     NY                76a--23
Johnson        Harriet          20    Ohio              56b--24
Johnson        Ira T.           7     Ohio              25b--26
Johnson        James            22    Ohio              21b--21
Johnson        James            21    Penn              154a-12
Johnson        James T.         19    Ohio              112b-14
Johnson        James V.         2     Ohio              103b-30
Johnson        Jane             27    NY                76a--22
Johnson        Jane             17    NY                65b---9
Johnson        Jane A.          16    NY                26a--14
Johnson        Jane E.          27    NY                89b---6
Johnson        Janiah           21    Ohio              89b---5
Johnson        John             29    Penn              154a--9
Johnson        John L.          9     Ohio              61a---4
Johnson        Joseph B.        37    Mich              103b-27
Johnson        Joshua           40    Mass              25b--33
Johnson        Kate             6/12  Ohio              56b--27
Johnson        Martha           16    England           154a-13
Johnson        Martin R.        29    Conn              56b--23
Johnson        Mary             14    Ohio              65b--15
Johnson        Mary J.          16    NY                18b--28
Johnson        Matthew          40    Penn              60b--40
Johnson        Nancy            21    Penn              154a-10
Johnson        Nelly            1     Ohio              61a---6
Johnson        Oscar S.         5     Ohio              25b--27
Johnson        Phebe            35    Ohio              25b--24
Johnson        Rebecca          4     Ohio              61a---5
Johnson        Rebecca A.       28    New Jersey        61a---3
Johnson        Rebecca C.       35    Ohio              60b--41
Johnson        Robert           13    Ireland           19b--17
Johnson        Sally Ann        8     O                 154a-17
Johnson        Samuel           37    Penn              21a---4
Johnson        Sarah            7     Penn              21a---7
Johnson        Soloman          60    NY                4b---29
Johnson        Susan            30    Ireland           33b--24
Johnson        Thomas           20    Ireland           65b--42
Johnson        Waterman         43    Mass              26a--11
Johnson        William          40    Unknown           139b-42
Johnson        William W.       4     Ohio              103b-29
Johnston       Cloa             33    N.Y.              155a-18
Johnston       D.               34    O                 155a-17
Johnston       Eli              7     O                 155a-21
Johnston       Geo G            26    320               145b--4
Johnston       Ira              5     O                 155a-22
Johnston       Jane             21    .                 145b--5
Johnston       Jas.             43    England           154a-26
Johnston       Lucy             10    O                 155a-19
Johnston       Mary             39    England           154a-27
Johnston       Rachel           8     O                 155a-20
Johnston       Rebecca J        1     .                 145b--6
Johnston       Sarah            2     O                 155a-23
Jones          Amanda A.        6     NY                131b--2
Jones          Anna             1     Ohio              18a--29
Jones          Apollos          38    NY                18a--23
Jones          Charity A.       27    New Jersey        131a-42
Jones          Charles          2     Ohio              23a--13
Jones          Christian        39    NY                53a---3
Jones          Elizabeth        29    England           24a---2
Jones          Ellen            4     Ohio              18a--28
Jones          Emeline          2     Ohio              131b--4
Jones          Harriet          16    NY                53a---4
Jones          Helen            7     Ohio              53a---6
Jones          Henry            4     England           24a---4
Jones          Henry            33    England           24a---1
Jones          James            14    NY                53a---5
Jones          James            10    Ohio              18a--25
Jones          John             32    NY                131a-41
Jones          John             27    New Jersey        63a--35
Jones          Joseph           47    NY                53a---2
Jones          Julia Ann        26    Ohio              18a--24
Jones          Louisa           4/12  Ohio              23a--14
Jones          Louisa           22    Ohio              23a--12
Jones          Mary Ann         13    England           67b--26
Jones          Mellissa J.      1     Ohio              63a--37
Jones          Merritt          4     NY                131b--3
Jones          Nancy            8     Ohio              18a--26
Jones          Nancy F.         8     NY                131b--1
Jones          Ruth Ann         21    NY                63a--36
Jones          Sarah            13    NY                127a-17
Jones          Thomas           6     Ohio              18a--27
Jones          W.W.             31    NY                69b---3
Jones          William          6     England           24a---3
Jones          William          26    NY                23a--11
Jose           Barbara          17    Germany           63b--20
Joslin         Edwin            21    Unknown           23b--15
Joslin         Ernstien         32    Germany           56b---3
Joslin         Jacob            31    Germany           56b---2
Jotter         Frank            34    Germany           42b--20
Jotter         Mary             29    Germany           42b--21
Jourdon        Frederic         14    NY                114a-22
Joy            Benjamin         45    NY                106b-35
Joy            Eliza            5/12  Ohio              106b-40
Joy            Ellen            9     Ohio              106b-38
Joy            Jane             43    NY                106b-36
Joy            Margaret         3     Ohio              106b-39
Joy            Mary E.          12    Ohio              106b-37
Judd           John             19    Unknown           64a--38
Judson         Augustas         26    NY                58a--27
Judson         Frederic         23    NY                58a--28
Judson         Jane             16    Canada            116a-22
Juliart        Catharine        57    Switzerland       82a--22
Jumbee         George           26    Germany           95b---2
                                                        00  0
Kalor          Ann              23    Ireland           65b--24
Kanaval        Andrew J         4     .                 145b--2
Kanaval        Jacob            34    .                 144b-41
Kanaval        Margaret L       2     .                 145b--3
Kanaval        Mary J           5     .                 145b--1
Kanaval        Polly            33    .                 144b-42
Kassus         George           20    England           65b--22
Kassus         Mrs.             21    England           65b--23
Kaufman        John             35    Penn              69b---1
Keagin         Catharine        37    Ireland           64b--33
Keagin         Margaret         2     Ireland           64b--36
Keagin         Michael          9     Ireland           64b--35
Keagin         Thomas           11    Ireland           64b--34
Keating        Ellen            13    NY                12b--36
Keber          Catharine        27    Germany           34a--12
Keber          Christian        31    Germany           34a--11
Keeler         Abby             18    Ohio              34b--23
Keeler         Bianca           5     Ohio              136a--8
Keeler         Catharine        7     Ohio              136a--7
Keeler         Catharine        7     Ohio              134a-24
Keeler         Charles G.       39    NY                34b--21
Keeler         Coleman J.       79    Conn              93a---3
Keeler         David            35    NY                136a--2
Keeler         Eliza Ann        11    Ohio              136a--5
Keeler         George           15    Ohio              93a---6
Keeler         Hannah           54    NY                93a---4
Keeler         Henry            12    Ohio              136a--4
Keeler         Jane             13    Ohio              34b--24
Keeler         Mary Ann         35    NY                136a--3
Keeler         Millicent        49    NY                93a---5
Keeler         Salmon           28    NY                51a---6
Keeler         Samuel           9     Ohio              136a--6
Keeler         Sarah            20    Ohio              51a---7
Keeler         Sarah A.         3/12  Ohio              136a--9
Keeler         Susan            6     Ohio              34b--25
Keeler         Susan            40    NY                34b--22
Keeler         William          9     Ohio              34b--26
Keep           Henry            17    Germany           38b--36
Kegan          Ellen            8     Ohio              137a--4
Keibler        Elizabeth        2/12  NY                135a-30
Keibler        Jacob            11    Switzerland       135a--9
Keibler        Madaline         49    Switzerland       135a--8
Keibler        Martin           9     Germany           135a-29
Keiser         John             14    Ohio              65b--33
Keiser         Louisa           10    Ohio              65b--32
Keiser         Sarah            17    Penn              65b--31
Keiser         Sarah            16    Penn              66a--10
Keith          Catharine        16    Ireland           65a--29
Keith          John             25    Unknown           52a--26
Kellam         James A.         38    Delaware          46a--35
Kellam         James H.         6/12  Ohio              46a--39
Kellam         Martha E.        5     Ohio              46a--38
Kellam         Mary L.          10    Mich              46a--37
Kellam         Phebe C.         37    NY                46a--36
Kellar         Emma             4     Ohio              19b--22
Kellar         Frances          10/12 Ohio              19b--23
Kellar         Harriet          30    NY                19b--20
Kellar         Jacob            35    Ohio              19b--19
Kellar         John             28    Ohio              19b---7
Kellar         Maria            28    NY                19b---6
Kellar         Mary             20    Ireland           39b--30
Kellar         Sophia           8     Ohio              19b--21
Kelley         Alex             18    Penn              31a--23
Kelley         Ann              13    Ireland           48a--28
Kelley         Ann              10    Ireland           69b--26
Kelley         Bridget          19    Ireland           48a--26
Kelley         Catharine        38    Ireland           48a--25
Kelley         Edward           5     Ohio              88b--17
Kelley         Edward           35    Ireland           88b--14
Kelley         George           21    Penn              31a--24
Kelley         Henry            6/12  Ohio              69b--29
Kelley         James            40    Ireland           48a--24
Kelley         Joseph           3     Mich              69b--28
Kelley         Julia            1     .                 88b--18
Kelley         Mary             33    Ireland           88b--15
Kelley         Mary             26    Ireland           69b--25
Kelley         Mary             15    Ireland           48a--27
Kelley         Mary Ann         10    Ohio              88b--16
Kelley         Nicholas         30    Ireland           69b--24
Kelley         Redina           7     Ireland           69b--27
Kellogg        Arthur E.        6     Mich              5b---30
Kellogg        Betsy Ann        37    Conn              116a-18
Kellogg        Caroline E.      11    Mich              5b---28
Kellogg        Catharine L.     2/12  Ohio              128a-21
Kellogg        Effie            34    Penn              135b-11
Kellogg        Eli              42    NY                5b---26
Kellogg        Eliza J.         26    NY                5b---27
Kellogg        Emma M.          8     Mich              5b---29
Kellogg        Harvey           37    Conn              116a-17
Kellogg        Henry H.         3     Mich              5b---32
Kellogg        Isaac B.         4     Ohio              116a-21
Kellogg        James            9     Ohio              116a-20
Kellogg        Jason C.         34    Penn              23b---4
Kellogg        John             3     Mich              23b---7
Kellogg        John C.          29    Vermont           128a-19
Kellogg        Joseph           11    Ohio              116a-19
Kellogg        Julia Ann        25    NY                23b---5
Kellogg        Lydia            7     Penn              135b-14
Kellogg        Martha D.        3     Mich              5b---31
Kellogg        Mary E.          9     Penn              135b-13
Kellogg        Philander S.     36    Vermont           135b-10
Kellogg        Sarah            16    Ohio              128a-20
Kellogg        Susan            5     Mich              23b---6
Kellogg        Thomas G.        4     Ohio              135b-15
Kellogg        William          51    Maine             14b--18
Kellogg        William H.       11    Ohio              135b-12
Kelly          Daniel           28    Unknown           64b---8
Kelly          James            19    Ireland           139b--7
Kelly          Mary             21    Ireland           34b--18
Kelsey         Joel W.          30    Maine             52b--16
Kelsey         Mary Jane        22    NY                52b--17
Kemp           Anna             9     Germany           35a---9
Kemp           Barbara          7     Germany           35a--10
Kemp           Christina        33    Germany           35a---8
Kemp           Cordelia Ann     23    NY                61a--41
Kemp           Elizabeth J.     5/12  Ohio              61b---1
Kemp           Fredora          3     Germany           35a--11
Kemp           James            29    NY                61a--40
Kemp           John             34    Germany           35a---7
Kemp           Mary M.          6/12  Ohio              35a--12
Kemp           William H.       2     Ohio              61a--42
Kendall        Emily            18    NY                39b---5
Kendall        Francis          14    Germany           36b--37
Kendall        Joseph           28    Unknown           39b---4
Kenigsley      Anna             3     Ohio              66b--19
Kenigsley      Hannah M.        35    NY                66b--18
Kenigsley      Stephen S.       32    NY                66b--17
Kennan         Julia            25    Ireland           54a--12
Kennan         Margaret         3     Ireland           54a--13
Kennan         Terence          32    Ireland           54a--11
Kenneth        Christian        11    England           53b--23
Kenneth        William          15    England           53b--24
Kent           Almira J.        23    New Jersey        133a--9
Kent           Frederic         51    New Jersey        133a--8
Kent           Isaac            21    New Jersey        133a-10
Kermon         Margaret         12    Ohio              142b-41
Kermon         Nancy            32    Ohio              142b-40
Kermon         Peter            36    Virginia          142b-39
Kermon         Thomas           2     Ohio              142b-42
Kerr           Benjamin F.      7     Ohio              25b--20
Kerr           Eliza            32    Penn              25b--18
Kerr           Jessee           33    Penn              25b--17
Kerr           John W.          9     Ohio              25b--19
Kerr           Mary             1     Ohio              25b--23
Kerr           Nancy M.         5     Ohio              25b--21
Kerr           Thomas B.        3     Ohio              25b--22
Kessler        Catharine        25    Germany           53b---2
Kessler        Joseph           3/12  Ohio              53b---3
Kessler        Joseph           26    Germany           53b---1
Ketcham        Eliza            19    New Jersey        56b--17
Ketcham        Frederic         20    Germany           62a--33
Ketcham        Henry            22    NY                62a--32
Ketcham        John             2     Ohio              62a--29
Ketcham        Mary             6     Ohio              62a--28
Ketcham        Rachel Ann       26    Ohio              62a--27
Ketcham        V. H.            32    NY                62a--26
Ketcharn       George           7     Ohio              100b-38
Ketcharn       Lavinia P.       33    NY                100b-37
Ketcharn       Samuel S.        38    NY                100b-36
Ketchum        Ambrose          14    Penn              115b--5
Ketchum        Benjamin         21    New Jersey        115b--3
Ketchum        Fountain         11    Penn              115b--6
Ketchum        Gideon           4     New Jersey        115b--9
Ketchum        Marshall         9     Penn              115b--7
Ketchum        Mary Ann         16    New Jersey        115b--4
Ketchum        Nancy            41    New Jersey        115b--2
Ketchum        Peter            42    New Jersey        115b--1
Ketchum        Peter            1     Ohio              115b-10
Ketchum        Sarah            7     Penn              115b--8
Keyer          Clements         7     Germany           72a--10
Keyer          Harmon           37    Germany           72a---8
Keyer          Maria            34    Germany           72a---9
Keyer          Matilda          4     Germany           72a--11
Keyes          Deborah          40    NY                8b---34
Keyes          Edward E.        21    NY                8b---35
Keyes          Jane A.          17    NY                8b---37
Keyes          John E.          7     NY                8b---39
Keyes          John F.          42    Vermont           8b---33
Keyes          Mary             4     Ohio              8b---40
Keyes          Sarah E.         14    NY                8b---38
Keyes          Senter G.        19    NY                8b---36
Keys           Catharine        19    Germany           56b--26
Keyser         Carl             23    Germany           63b--17
Kief           Honora           20    Ireland           47b--22
Kielock        Charles          30    England           41b--14
Kielock        Elizabeth        26    England           41b--15
Kielong        Ann Maria        5     Germany           57b--26
Kielong        Catharine        12    Germany           57b--22
Kielong        Jacob            38    Germany           57b--20
Kielong        Jacob            11    Germany           57b--23
Kielong        Joseph           6     Germany           57b--25
Kielong        Magdalene        40    Germany           57b--21
Kielong        William          8     Germany           57b--24
Kiern          Francis          48    Germany           15a---4
Kiern          John             49    Germany           22b---5
Kiern          Wm               45    Germany           15a---3
Kiff           Ann Maria        2     Penn              91b---8
Kiff           Caroline S.      2     Ohio              91b---9
Kiff           Esther           55    .                 146a-13
Kiff           Hiram            23    Penn              91b---7
Kiff           Jane             20    .                 146a-14
Kiff           John             53    400               146a-12
Kiff           John             18    .                 146a-16
Kiff           Sarah Jane       12    .                 146a-15
Kilbler        George           15    Switzerland       134b-29
Kilbler        Mary             7     Switzerland       134b-30
Kilbourn       Adaline          16    Ohio              9a---23
Kilbourn       Aurena           39    Mich              9a---19
Kilbourn       Joseph           22    Mich              9a---20
Kilbourn       Julia            18    Mich              9a---22
Kilbourn       Mary             21    Mich              9a---21
KillKellen     Ellen            23    Ireland           70b--25
KillKellen     Patrick          23    Ireland           70b--24
Killkenny      Mary             19    Ireland           58b--36
Killkenny      Patrick          24    Ireland           58b--35
Kimball        Catharine C.     4     Ohio              108b-22
Kimball        Deborah          67    NY                24b--39
Kimball        Deborah          21    NY                111b-40
Kimball        Elisha           29    Unknown           108b-19
Kimball        Esther M.        6/12  Ohio              108b-24
Kimball        Euphemia         32    Vermont           24b--41
Kimball        Eva              63    Germany           80a--31
Kimball        Francis          22    NY                111b-39
Kimball        Hannah           28    NY                108b-20
Kimball        Isaac L.         5     Mich              110b-20
Kimball        James L.         8     Ohio              24b--42
Kimball        Jasper           12    Ohio              111b-42
Kimball        John             64    Germany           80a--30
Kimball        John             22    Germany           80a--32
Kimball        John             15    Ohio              111b-41
Kimball        John F.          5     Ohio              25a---1
Kimball        Marcia           51    Conn              111b-38
Kimball        Marcia A.        2     Ohio              108b-23
Kimball        Mary E.          10    Ohio              112a--1
Kimball        Nora Ann         31    NY                110b-18
Kimball        Philip A.        2     Ohio              110b-21
Kimball        Richard          31    NY                110b-17
Kimball        Roswell          32    NY                24b--40
Kimball        Samuel L.        7     Ohio              108b-21
Kimball        Sarah A.         8     Ohio              110b-19
Kimber         Abigail D.       1     Ohio              131a-31
Kimber         Caroline         4     Ohio              131a-30
Kimber         Harvey           35    NY                131a-27
Kimber         Hetty M.         26    New Jersey        131a-28
Kimber         Sarah M.         6     Ohio              131a-29
Kimbull        .                40    Unknown           66a--30
Kimdall        Barbara          14    Germany           61a--37
Kimdall        Elizabeth        20    Germany           61a--38
Kinch          Barbara          67    .                 145a-15
Kinch          Margaret         8     .                 145a-16
Kinch          Peter            33    300               145a-14
King           Alveston         21    Ohio              83a--20
King           Amos             46    NY                83a--18
King           Antionette       5     Mich              52b--20
King           Charles A.S.     33    NY                37b---1
King           Daniel           5     Ohio              83a--28
King           Eliza            12    Ohio              80b--17
King           Ellen            1     Ohio              77a--11
King           Frances          52    NY                23b---2
King           Francis J.       30    NY                52b--18
King           George           16    NY                23b---3
King           George           1     Ohio              83a--30
King           Henry            39    South Carolina    36a--42
King           Jane             27    Ohio              80b--16
King           John             56    NY                23b---1
King           Lane             8     Ohio              83a--23
King           Laura            27    NY                52b--19
King           Lucy             30    England           83a--26
King           Manama           42    Penn              83a--19
King           Martin           35    Ireland           77a---9
King           Mary             33    Ireland           77a--10
King           Mary B.          21    NY                37b---3
King           Mary D.          23    Ohio              37b---2
King           Melissa          7     Ohio              83a--27
King           Myron            19    Ohio              83a--21
King           Peter            37    Mich              80b--15
King           Stephen          3     Ohio              83a--29
King           Timothy          35    Ohio              83a--25
King           Washington       16    Ohio              83a--22
King           William          41    NY                83a--24
King           William          12    Ireland           77a--12
Kingley        George           23    Germany           63b--27
Kingley        John             56    Germany           63b--26
Kingley        Joseph           25    Germany           63b--25
Kingley        Moses            21    Germany           63b--28
Kings          Adam             50    Germany           142b-14
Kings          Margaret         50    Germany           142b-15
Kings          Philip           17    Germany           142b-16
Kingsburg      Stuart           19    Ohio              47b--25
Kingsbury      Alonzo           18    Ohio              3a---30
Kingsbury      Harriet E.       33    NY                69b--10
Kingsbury      Henry D.         22    Mass              69b---9
Kingsbury      Louisa D.        20    Ohio              3a---29
Kingsbury      Mary C.          44    New Jersey        3a---28
Kingsbury      Mary S.          2     Ohio              69b--11
Kingsbury      William          54    Mass              3a---27
Kinney         Betsy            63    NY                106b-30
Kinney         James            14    Ohio              139a-21
Kirby          Reson            21    NY                113b-39
Kirk           Alice A.         3     Ohio              64b--41
Kirk           Castelan         5     Ohio              67a--21
Kirk           Ellen C.         7     Ohio              64b--39
Kirk           George           35    Ohio              67a--18
Kirk           George           20    Ohio              79a--27
Kirk           Huldah H.        26    NY                64b--38
Kirk           Isabella A.      9/12  Ohio              65a---1
Kirk           James            56    Penn              79a--19
Kirk           Jas              24    .                 148a--3
Kirk           John D.          40    Ohio              64b--37
Kirk           Louisa           24    .                 148a--4
Kirk           Mary             18    NY                79a--28
Kirk           Mary A.          5     Ohio              64b--40
Kirk           Melinda          47    Ohio              79a--20
Kirk           Nancy            18    Ohio              79a--21
Kirk           Sarah            31    Ohio              67a--19
Kirk           Sarah Ann        17    Ohio              79a--22
Kirk           Susan            10    Ohio              79a--23
Kirk           Walter           8     Ohio              67a--20
Kirk           William H.       4     Ohio              79a--26
Kirkherd       Barbara          5     Germany           20b--28
Kirkherd       Catharine        2/12  Ohio              20b--30
Kirkherd       Charlotte        10    Germany           20b--25
Kirkherd       Emma             27    Germany           20b--24
Kirkherd       George           32    Germany           20b--23
Kirkherd       Lawrence         7     Germany           20b--27
Kirkherd       Margaret         9     Germany           20b--26
Kirkherd       Mary             1     Ohio              20b--29
Kirtland       Ann              11    O                 149b-40
Kirtland       F.E.             40    O                 149b-38
Kirtland       Rebecca M.       33    Vt                149b-39
Kise           Margaret         32    Germany           58b---1
Kise           Michael          25    Germany           58a--42
Kittle         John             32    NY                7b---18
Klinck         Frances Amelia   7     .                 146b--4
Klinck         John G           29    3000              146b--1
Klinck         Julia Ann        18    .                 146b--3
Klinck         Laura B M        29    .                 146b--2
Klinck         Millard F        2     .                 146b--5
Kling          Rosalia          16    Germany           32b---9
Knaff          Mary             17    Germany           30b--15
Knaggs         Adaline          21    Ohio              93a--28
Knaggs         Edward           20    Mich              39b--32
Knaggs         Elizabeth        3     Ohio              137a-16
Knaggs         Elizabeth        19    Mich              39b--28
Knaggs         George B.        45    Mich              20a---1
Knaggs         Georgiania       3/12  Ohio              20a---3
Knaggs         Henry            16    Ohio              93a--29
Knaggs         James W.         45    Mich              39b--26
Knaggs         John             25    Ohio              137a-14
Knaggs         Laura            14    NY                20a---2
Knaggs         Maria            14    Ohio              93a--30
Knaggs         Mary             17    Mich              39b--29
Knaggs         Melinda          45    NY                93a--27
Knaggs         Sarah            3/12  Ohio              137a-17
Knaggs         Sophia           10    Ohio              93a--31
Knaggs         Theresa          40    Mich              39b--27
Knaggs         Wealthy          23    Ohio              137a-15
Knapp          Amos E.          6     Ohio              22b--24
Knapp          Charles          3     NY                79a---3
Knapp          Ephraim          38    Ohio              135a-32
Knapp          Henry H.         29    NY                79a---1
Knapp          Isabel           34    NY                22b--23
Knapp          Joseph           1     NY                79a---4
Knapp          Joseph E.        7     Ohio              135a-34
Knapp          Lovisa           2     Ohio              22b--25
Knapp          Martin           18    Germany           60a--40
Knapp          Millard F.       1     Ohio              22b--26
Knapp          Nancy Ann        27    Switzerland       135a-33
Knapp          Sarah            23    England           79a---2
Knapp          Wilson B.        31    NY                22b--22
Knaral         Angeline         23    Ohio              110b-37
Knaral         Eliza            3     Ohio              110b-39
Knaral         George W.        5     Ohio              110b-38
Knaral         Henry            22    Ohio              110b-36
Knaral         William H.       2     Ohio              110b-40
Knickabocker   Miss             25    NY                2a---41
Knight         George           27    England           74a---4
Knight         Hester           24    England           74a---5
Knowles        Margaret         10    Ohio              1a---17
Knox           N.A.             24    Unknown           68a---8
Kohler         Frederic         18    Germany           31a--13
Koler          Elizabeth        38    .                 144a-18
Koler          Elizabeth        13    .                 144a-19
Koler          Henrietta        1     .                 144a-23
Koler          Henry            43    300               144a-17
Koler          James A          4     .                 144a-22
Koler          Jeremiah         15    .                 144a-20
Koler          Susannah         6     .                 144a-21
Koontz         Ellen            26    Germany           156a--9
Koontz         Frederick W.     1     O                 156a-12
Koontz         John             5     O                 156a-10
Koontz         M.               29    Germany           156a--8
Koontz         Mary R.          3     O                 156a-11
Krahner        Barbara          52    Germany           44a--34
Krahner        Barbara          13    Germany           44a--35
Krahner        Mary             6     Ohio              44a--37
Krahner        Mary Ann         10    Ohio              44a--36
Krahner        Philip           46    Germany           44a--33
Kraus          Adaline          28    Germany           59a--23
Kraus          Adelaide         9     Germany           59b--40
Kraus          Adolphe          4     Germany           60a---1
Kraus          Fanny            7     Germany           59b--41
Kraus          Harriet          9     Ohio              75b--33
Kraus          Harriet          5     Ohio              59a--24
Kraus          Helena           3     Ohio              59a--25
Kraus          Helena           10    Germany           59b--39
Kraus          Jacob            42    Germany           59b--37
Kraus          Laura            1     Ohio              75b--35
Kraus          Lyman            30    Germany           59a--22
Kraus          Max              2     Germany           60a---2
Kraus          Mrs.             30    Germany           75b--32
Kraus          Rosa             6     Germany           59b--42
Kraus          Salina           5     Ohio              75b--34
Kraus          Sophia           38    Germany           59b--38
Kraus          Wittiam          35    Germany           75b--31
Kuhn           Ann Eliza        25    NY                15b---8
Kuhns          James            31    Penn              13a---4
Kuhns          Lana             2     Germany           16b--21
Kuhns          Rosa             23    Germany           16b--20
                                                        00  0
La Bean        Dommie           28    Mich              67a--29
La Bean        Mrs.             25    Mich              67a--30
La Fleur       Calista          6     Mich.             1b----1
La Fleur       Dominic          18    Michigan          1a---42
La Jureniss    Andrew           40    Canada            35b--21
Labords        Matilda          17    Canada            64a--35
Lacia          Anthony          4     Ohio              90a--36
Lacia          Augustus         48    Mich              90a--31
Lacia          Celestia         14    Mich              90a--33
Lacia          Christian        11    Ohio              90a--34
Lacia          Louisa           19    Mich              90a--32
Lacia          Mary             36    Mich              90a--37
Lacia          William          9     Ohio              90a--35
Lacklin        Timothy          22    Germany           140a-36
Lacter         Alexander        33    Ireland           71a--10
Lacter         Alexander        3     Ohio              71a--12
Lacter         Ann              31    Ireland           71a--11
Lacter         William          2/12  Ohio              71a--13
Laghalger      Agnes            1     Ohio              55b---9
Laghalger      Mary             34    Ireland           55b---8
Laghalger      Thomas           34    Ireland           55b---7
Laha           Agnes            5     Ohio              4a---29
Laha           Almira           40    NY                4a---27
Laha           Francis G.       42    France            4a---26
Laha           Henry            3     Ohio              4a---30
Laha           Kannet           14    Mich              4a---28
Lamb           Ann              19    Ireland           82b--25
Lamb           Anna C.          3     Ohio              1a----4
Lamb           Betsy            7     Ohio              82b--32
Lamb           Catharine        15    Ohio              82b--34
Lamb           Charles          32    Ohio              82b--27
Lamb           Charles A.       35    Conn              1a----1
Lamb           David            1     Ohio              82b--26
Lamb           Frances A.       1     Ohio              1a----5
Lamb           Frances B.       35    Conn              1a----2
Lamb           Frederic R.      5     Ohio              1a----3
Lamb           Hannah C.        4     Ohio              82b--33
Lamb           Henry            11    Ohio              82b--29
Lamb           John             24    Ohio              54a--26
Lamb           Lavinia          8     Ohio              82b--31
Lamb           Martha E.        9     Ohio              82b--30
Lamb           Mary Ann         30    Ohio              82b--28
Lamb           Reuben           31    NY                82b--24
Lamb           Thomas           22    Ireland           31a--29
Lambert        John             80    Mass              95a--36
Lambert        Lewis            30    NY                95a--38
Lambert        Phebe            29    Penn              95a--39
Lambert        Polly            61    Mass              95a--37
Laming         Huldah H.        24    Maine             25a--41
Laming         Thomas H.        36    NY                25a--40
Lamphnus       Lorenzo          24    Ohio              51a--23
Landmar        Mary             17    France            58b--24
Lane           Arletta          5     Ohio              92b--41
Lane           Bridget          6     Ohio              55b--31
Lane           Clarrissa        32    Vermont           92b--37
Lane           Eliza D.         6     Ohio              92b--40
Lane           James            1     Ohio              92b--42
Lane           John             9     Ohio              55b--30
Lane           John T.          12    Ohio              92b--38
Lane           Julia            30    Ireland           55b--29
Lane           Michael          32    Ireland           55b--28
Lane           Michael          2     Ohio              55b--32
Lane           Peter            33    Kentucky          92b--36
Lane           Solon            9     Ohio              92b--39
Lane           Thomas F.        7     Ohio              4b---14
Lanegan        Mary Ann         22    Ireland           112b-11
Lanegan        Patrick          28    Ireland           112b-10
Lang           Franklin         18    Unknown           37a--30
Lang           Mary             40    Ireland           62b--15
Lang           Michael          12    Ireland           62b--17
Lang           Patrick          14    Ireland           62b--16
Lang           Sarah            17    Ohio              62a--17
Lang           William          35    Ireland           35a--23
Lang/Langs     Ann              12    NY                35a--26
Lang/Langs     Bridget          33    Ireland           35a--24
Lang/Langs     Bridget          10    NY                35a--27
Lang/Langs     Edward           4     Ohio              35a--29
Lang/Langs     Ellen            6     Ohio              35a--31
Lang/Langs     Frank            15    NY                35a--25
Lang/Langs     Margaret         2     Ohio              35a--30
Lang/Langs     William          8     NY                35a--28
Langell        Richard          25    Nova Scotia       16b--32
Langell        Sophronia        20    Ohio              16b--33
Langendorf     Catharine        63    .                 145b-20
Langendorfer   Catharine        56    .                 145b-26
Langendorfer   Catharine        55    500               145b-28
Langendorfer   Henry            2     .                 145b-34
Langendorfer   Jacob            35    400               145b-31
Langendorfer   Mary             24    .                 145b-32
Langendorfer   Michael          4     .                 145b-33
Langendorfer   N                57    300               145b-25
Langendorfer   Nicholas         22    .                 145b-27
Langendorfer   Peter            18    .                 145b-30
Langendorfer   Stephen          22    .                 145b-29
Langin         Ann              23    Ireland           34b---6
Langin         Mary             7/12  Ohio              34b---7
Langin         Thomas           24    Ireland           34b---5
Langley        Ann              18    Ireland           66a---7
Langley        Caleb            30    Penn              66a---6
Langston       Abilona E.       2     Ohio              121a-12
Langston       Belinda M.       8/12  Ohio              121a-13
Langston       Elizabeth        33    Penn              121a--7
Langston       George           9     Penn              121a--9
Langston       Harriet A.       4     Ohio              121a-11
Langston       Isaac            6     Penn              121a-10
Langston       Madison          34    Penn              121a--6
Langston       Sarah            10    Penn              121a--8
Lanison        Ezra             24    N.Y.              154b-18
Lanison        Harriet          24    N.Y.              154b-19
Lanning        Edward           30    Ohio              16a---3
Lanning        Eleanor          8/12  Ohio              16a---5
Lanning        Emily            20    Ohio              16a---4
Lant           Mary             49    Vermont           3b---23
Lant           Shila            24    NY                3b---22
Lant           W. S.            33    NY                3b---21
Lanton         Elizabeth        6     Ohio              32b---7
Lanton         George           14    R. Island         32b---5
Lanton         Maria            3     Ohio              32b---8
Lanton         Robert N.        34    R. Island         32b---3
Lanton         Susan A.         31    Conn              32b---4
Lanton         William          8     Ohio              32b---6
Large          Elizabeth        47    England           6a---27
Large          Peter            46    England           6a---26
Large          Rhoda            17    England           6a---28
Large          Thomas           8     Ohio              6a---29
Large          William          4     Ohio              6a---30
Larkin         Catharine        22    Ireland           28b--41
Larkin         Mary             1     Ohio              28b--42
Larkin         William          37    Ireland           28b--40
Larrie         Peter            24    Canada            72b---6
Laryd          James            20    O                 154a-25
Larzilaus      Jane             30    New Jersey        61a---8
LaSalle        John             23    Mich              84a--36
Laselle        Jane             20    Mich              52b--10
Laskee         John             22    Unknown           67b--15
Laskey         Ann              56    England           94b--17
Laskey         Ann Jane         1     Ohio              95a---5
Laskey         George W.        4     Ohio              95a---4
Laskey         Henry            17    England           94b--19
Laskey         John             22    England           112b-30
Laskey         Lewis            8     Ohio              94b--21
Laskey         Mary             24    England           95a---3
Laskey         Olive            21    NY                94b--24
Laskey         Stephen          14    Ohio              94b--20
Laskey         Thomas           24    England           95a---2
Laskey         William          3/12  Ohio              94b--25
Laskey         William          29    England           94b--18
Laskey         William          24    England           94b--26
Lathrop        A                56    1000              147b--9
Lathrop        A D              29    300               146a--8
Lathrop        Adelia           13    Ohio              8a----9
Lathrop        Betsy            14    NY                8a----8
Lathrop        CC               27    400               146b-38
Lathrop        Elisha           6     Ohio              8a---13
Lathrop        Francis          6/12  Ohio              8a---15
Lathrop        Hellen           11    Ohio              107b-10
Lathrop        Jerome           14    Ohio              107b--9
Lathrop        Joshua           7     Ohio              8a---12
Lathrop        L                23    1200              148a--6
Lathrop        Laciun B.        50    Vermont           107b--7
Lathrop        Larissa          45    Mass              107b--8
Lathrop        Louisa O         2     .                 148a--8
Lathrop        Lucian           10    Ohio              8a---10
Lathrop        Lucian B         18    .                 147b-12
Lathrop        Lucy             56    .                 147b-10
Lathrop        Luther           20    .                 148a--9
Lathrop        Mariah           38    .                 146b-36
Lathrop        Mary Ann         33    .                 146a--9
Lathrop        Mary L.          9     Ohio              8a---11
Lathrop        Miles            19    .                 148a-10
Lathrop        Miranda          38    Vermont           8a----7
Lathrop        P                47    2500              146b-35
Lathrop        Sarah Ann        21    .                 148a--7
Lathrop        Susan            21    .                 147b-11
Lathrop        Walter           44    Vermont           8a----6
Lathrop        Walter           3     Ohio              8a---14
Lathrop        William          15    .                 147b-13
Lathrop        Wilson           8     .                 146b-37
Lathrop        Zuba             33    Mass              107b-11
Laughlin       Eliza            35    Virginia          75b--39
Laughlin       Harriet B.       6/12  Ohio              76a---1
Laughlin       James H.         8     Ohio              75b--41
Laughlin       John B.          12    Ohio              75b--40
Laughlin       Kate             25    Ireland           46a--19
Laughlin       Margaretta B.    5     Ohio              75b--42
Laughlin       William          40    Penn              75b--38
Lauman         Jacob            25    NY                58a--19
Lavrence       Catharine        55    Germany           53b--16
Lawrence       Barbara          17    Germany           53a--34
Lawton         Catharine        33    NY                4b---34
Lawton         George           43    NY                4b---35
Lawton         George           1     Ohio              4b---38
Lawton         Manty M.         12    Ohio              4b---36
Le Far         Catharine        33    Canada            49a--23
Le Fleur       Adaline          12    Michigan          1a---41
Le Fleur       Antonio          14    Michigan          1a---40
Le Fleur       Clarisa          40    Canada            1a---37
Le Fleur       Dominic          40    Canada            1a---36
Le Fleur       Margaret         15    Michigan          1a---39
Le Fleur       Oliver           16    Michigan          1a---38
Le Valle       Alexander        5     Ohio              79b---7
Le Valle       Jane             25    Ohio              79b---6
Le Valle       Jane             1     Ohio              79b---8
Le Valle       Joseph           31    Mich              79b---5
Le Valle       William          19    NY                78b--19
Leach          Aham             56    New Hampshire     21b---2
Leach          Benjamin         58    Mass              23a---5
Leach          Catharine        29    Ohio              23a---6
Leach          Elizabeth        49    Vermont           21b---3
Leach          Peter D.         7     Ohio              23a---7
Leach          Talma C.         2     Ohio              23a---8
Leary          Daniel           6     O                 149a-27
Leary          Hannah           28    Ireland           56a--15
Leary          John             8     O                 149a-26
LeBlaw         Arvilla          36    Canada            81b--13
LeBlaw         Catharine        2     Ohio              81b--20
LeBlaw         Cyril            10    Ohio              81b--17
LeBlaw         Francis          5     Ohio              81b--19
LeBlaw         Jane             39    Mich              81b--14
LeBlaw         Margaret         15    Indiana           81b--15
LeBlaw         Mary             12    Ohio              81b--16
LeBlaw         Tabitha          8     Ohio              81b--18
Lechlin        Eliza            28    NY                12b---2
Lechlin        George           1     Ohio              12b---4
Lechlin        Mary E.          6     Ohio              12b---3
Lechlin        Samuel W.        32    NY                12b---1
Lee            Francis          21    NY                3a---37
Lee            John E.          28    NY                69b---7
Lees           Chloe            57    Mass              120a-10
Lees           Edmund           28    Conn              120a-11
Lees           Robert           25    Conn              120a-13
Lees           Simeon           26    Conn              120a-12
Lefferts       Edward           35    Unknown           67b---9
Lefferts       Mary             25    NY                67b--10
Leflie         George           28    Germany           107a--1
Leflie         Margaret         27    Germany           107a--2
Legore         Dommic           53    Mich              83b--32
Legore         Edward           20    Mich              83b--34
Legore         Eli              15    Ohio              83b--36
Legore         Fabia            10    Ohio              83b--37
Legore         Julius           19    Ohio              83b--35
Legore         Minie            52    Mich              83b--33
Legore         Peter            7     Ohio              83b--38
Lehan          Ann              16    Ireland           137a--6
Lehan          Daniel           41    Ireland           135a-15
Lehan          Dennis           19    Ireland           135a-20
Lehan          Joanna           24    Ireland           135a-19
Lehan          Margaret         7     Ohio              135a-18
Lehan          Mary             9     Ohio              135a-17
Lehan          Mary             40    Ireland           135a-16
Lehmenski      Charles          1     Ohio              17b--22
Lehmenski      Charles B.       40    Poland            17b--18
Lehmenski      Eliza            28    Tennesee          17b--19
Lehmenski      John             4     Tenn              17b--21
Lehmenski      Joseph R.        11    Miss              17b--20
Leith          John             21    England           92b---6
Leith          Sarah            13    England           92b---9
Leitzen        Elizabeth        25    Mich              64b--23
Leitzen        Martin L.        33    Vermont           64b--22
Leitzen        Susanah T.       6     Ohio              64b--24
Lemphur        Sarah Ann        10    Ohio              36a--30
Lenahan        Alice            5     Ohio              68a--27
Lenahan        Betty            34    Ireland           68a--25
Lenahan        Elizabeth        11    Ohio              68a--26
Lenahan        John             3     Ohio              68a--28
Lenahan        Pat              35    Ireland           68a--24
Lennox         Mary             13    Canada            119a-17
Lennox         Samuel           11    Canada            25b--15
Leonard        Daniel           58    Mass              16a--12
Leonard        John             18    NY                61b--15
Leonard        Joseph           3     NY                100a-40
Leonard        Lafayette        24    NY                4b---10
Leonard        Margaret J.      20    Penn              4b----8
Leonard        Minerva          1     Penn              4b----9
Leonard        Mirron           55    NY                16a--13
Leonard        S.W.             27    NY                4b----7
Leonardson     Abby L.          28    NY                109b-33
Leonardson     Abram            13    Ohio              109b-38
Leonardson     Alfred           7     Ohio              109b-39
Leonardson     Calvin           16    Ohio              109b-18
Leonardson     Clarrisa         12    Ohio              109b-20
Leonardson     Ellsworth        6/12  Ohio              109b-40
Leonardson     Esther           16    NY                109a-41
Leonardson     Frederic         44    NY                109b-15
Leonardson     Jane             10    Ohio              109b-21
Leonardson     John S.          28    NY                109b-32
Leonardson     Lydia Ann        8     Ohio              109b-22
Leonardson     Magdalene        64    NY                109a-38
Leonardson     Margaret         5     Ohio              109b-23
Leonardson     Margaret         40    NY                109b-16
Leonardson     Maria            24    NY                109b-36
Leonardson     Martha           18    NY                109a-40
Leonardson     Mary             14    Ohio              109b-19
Leonardson     Matilda          8/12  Ohio              109b-24
Leonardson     Nelson           21    NY                109b-17
Leonardson     Oliver           14    NY                109b-37
Leonardson     Washington       20    NY                109a-39
Leonardson     William L.       34    NY                109b-35
Leonaruson     Elias            23    NY                113b--2
Leonaruson     Jaronia          17    Ohio              113b--3
Lester         Elsie            20    NY                114a-13
Lester         Maria            9/12  Ohio              106b-16
Lester         Maria            24    Mich              106b-15
Lester         Mary Jane        15    NY                106b-19
Lester         Peter            55    NY                106b-17
Lester         Polly            55    NY                106b-18
Lester         Richardson       28    Ohio              106b-14
Letcher        Isaac            23    NY                11a--37
LeValle        Charlotte        14    NY                80b---9
Levett         Ellen            15    Ohio              68a---1
Levi           Henry            24    Germany           62b--31
Levi           Sarah            17    Ohio              62b--32
Levis          Harriet          16    Ohio              54b---3
Lewis          Adelbert         2     Ohio              104a-10
Lewis          Ann Jane         2     Ohio              46b--16
Lewis          Anna             1     Ohio              12a---7
Lewis          Asher            5     Ohio              108b-37
Lewis          Ben C.           17    Ohio              98a--41
Lewis          Benjamin S.      30    NY                12a---1
Lewis          Caroline         34    NY                108b-34
Lewis          Catharine        65    NY                98b--11
Lewis          Catharine        26    England           46b--15
Lewis          Charles C.       18    Ohio              135a-12
Lewis          Clarrissa N.     11    Penn              96b--26
Lewis          Cornelia         35    Ohio              98b--14
Lewis          David            43    England           135a-10
Lewis          David            16    Ohio              104a--7
Lewis          Edward           6     Ohio              12a---5
Lewis          Eli              17    Ohio              108b-35
Lewis          Elizabeth        10    Ohio              104a--8
Lewis          Emiline          8     Ohio              98b--32
Lewis          Emma             3     Ohio              108b-38
Lewis          Gains            24    Vermont           65b--11
Lewis          George           35    Vermont           65b---7
Lewis          Harriet          17    Ohio              65b--12
Lewis          Harriet L.       8     Ohio              98b--33
Lewis          James            27    England           46b--14
Lewis          James L.         16    Ohio              135a-13
Lewis          Jane             20    NY                104a--5
Lewis          John             21    Ohio              67b--23
Lewis          John             20    NY                98b---3
Lewis          John P.          29    NY                98b---8
Lewis          Lorny Ann        10    Ohio              98b--31
Lewis          Lucina           27    NY                76b--41
Lewis          Lyman            23    Unknown           67b---5
Lewis          Margaret         20    NY                98b--35
Lewis          Maria            18    NY                104a--6
Lewis          Martha           4     Ohio              12a---6
Lewis          Martha           14    Ohio              112b-26
Lewis          Martin           6     Ohio              104a--9
Lewis          Mary             6     Germany           98b--10
Lewis          Mary             45    England           135a-11
Lewis          Nancy            27    NY                98b---9
Lewis          Nancy            20    Canada            5a---14
Lewis          Nancy            14    Ohio              108b-36
Lewis          Peter C.         34    NY                98b--29
Lewis          Polly            21    NY                99a--11
Lewis          Rachel           64    New Jersey        98b--34
Lewis          Samuel G.        25    NY                99a--10
Lewis          Sarah            34    NY                104a--4
Lewis          Sarah            28    NY                65b---8
Lewis          Sarah E.         14    Virginia          135a-14
Lewis          Sarah J.         28    NY                98b--30
Lewis          Susan            24    NY                12a---2
Lewis          William          55    Vermont           65b--10
Lewis          William D.       43    NY                104a--3
Lewis          William H.       25    NY                98b---2
Leybonsu       Anthony          41    England           98a--15
Leybonsu       Caroline         6     Ohio              98a--23
Leybonsu       Eliza            19    Ohio              98a--18
Leybonsu       Eveline          17    Ohio              98a--19
Leybonsu       Jane             45    England           98a--16
Leybonsu       Mary             12    Ohio              98a--21
Leybonsu       Mellissa         8     Ohio              98a--22
Leybonsu       Stephen          14    Ohio              98a--20
Leybonsu       William          16    Canada            98a--17
Leybourn       John             7/12  Ohio              103a-22
Leybourn       Samuel           24    Canada            103a-20
Leybourn       Sarah Ann        22    NY                103a-21
Lidy           Michael          45    Ireland           56a--12
Liebrich       John             6     Ohio              8a---18
Liebrich       Mary             35    NY                8a---17
Liebrich       William          39    NY                8a---16
Ligfeet        Hannah           19    Germany           86a---7
Ligfeet        Mary             23    Germany           86a---8
Ligfeet        Samuel           32    Germany           86a---6
Linahan        Alice            1     O                 149a-19
Linahan        Dennis           32    Ireland           149a-20
Linahan        Eliza            6     O                 149a-18
Linahan        Elizabeth        10    O                 149a-22
Linahan        James            35    Ireland           149a-14
Linahan        John             6     O                 149a-24
Linahan        Mary             35    Ireland           149a-15
Linahan        Mary             31    Ireland           149a-21
Linahan        Mary Ann         8     Ohio              149a-17
Linahan        Thomas           3     O                 149a-25
Linahan        Timothy          9     Indiana           149a-16
Linahan        Timothy          8     O                 149a-23
Linch          Henry            28    Ireland           80a---1
Linch          Henry E.         */12  Ohio              80a---3
Linch          Jane             26    England           80a---2
Lindsey        Cyrena Ann       4     Indiana           24b--22
Lindsey        James            15    England           71a---9
Lindsey        Jane             7     Ohio              71a---8
Lindsey        Joseph           10    Ohio              71a---7
Lindsey        Maria            23    NY                24b--21
Lindsey        Robert           40    Ireland           71a---5
Lindsey        Solomon          34    Conn              76a--20
Lindsey        Solomon          28    Ohio              24b--20
Lindsey        Susanna          40    Ireland           71a---6
Linear         Edward           27    England           31b---1
Linear         Peter            20    England           31a--42
Lines          Cornelius        35    Ireland           51a--36
Lines          Mr.              60    England           93b---9
Link           Ingaer           36    Germany           32b--39
Link           John             36    Germany           32b--38
Link           Mary             6     Germany           32b--40
Link           Mr.              22    Germany           58a--23
Linnenborer    Elizabeth        24    Germany           31a---9
Linnenborer    Francis          21    Germany           31a---8
Litchfield     Benjamin         41    England           10b--18
Litchfield     Elizabeth        2/12  Ohio              10b--22
Litchfield     Ellen            36    England           10b--19
Litchfield     James            3     Ohio              10b--21
Litchfield     Thomas           7     England           10b--20
Livingston     W.C.             21    Vt                150b-15
Loack          Elizabeth        46    Germany           151b--1
Loack          John             46    Germany           151a-42
Loack          Leonard          5     Germany           151b--2
Logan          Margaret         28    Ireland           55b--34
Logan          Peter            29    Ireland           55b--33
Loker          Henry            60    Germany           49b--34
Londriet       Arsilla          64    Canada            11a---5
Long           Andrew           58    Germany           143b--1
Long           Catharine        24    O                 150b-19
Long           Emily            4     O                 150b-20
Long           George           23    Germany           143b--3
Long           Isaac            22    Unknown           34b--41
Long           James            30    O                 150b-18
Long           Mary             55    Germany           143b--2
Long           Samuel           2     O                 150b-21
Long           William          50    Unknown           140a-31
Longadoffer    Margaret         20    Germany           4a---10
Longadoffer    Maria            20    Germany           13a--30
Longadoffer    Peter            20    Germany           13a--33
Longaduffer    Barbara          18    Germany           11b--36
Longaduffer    Joseph           25    Germany           11b--35
Longedaffer    Maria            19    Germany           15a--14
Longenderfer   Caroline         4     .                 145a-27
Longenderfer   L                8     .                 145a-26
Longenderfer   Mary             3     .                 145a-28
Longouger      Frank            27    Germany           34a---8
Longstreet     Aaron            28    NY                75a--41
Lonsley        James            69    Ct.               152a--7
Lor*ainir      Antoinette       13    Ohio              98b--13
Lor*ainir      Helen            38    NY                98b--12
Lorifer        Henry            31    Germany           61a--24
Lounsbury      Angeline         9     Ohio              55a--18
Lounsbury      Eveline          4     Ohio              55a--20
Lounsbury      John             11    Ohio              55a--17
Lounsbury      Levi             6     Ohio              55a--19
Lounsbury      Levi S.          47    NY                55a--14
Lounsbury      Mary Ann         32    NY                55a--15
Lounsbury      Mary E.          14    NY                55a--16
Love           Ann              27    Penn              79b--41
Love           Catharine        49    Canada            56a--36
Love           Frances          9     Mich              56a--37
Love           James            52    Rhode Island      56a--35
Love           Josiah           28    Penn              79b--40
Love           Margaret         45    Penn              79b--42
Love           Thos. P.         22    Penn              155a-10
Lovett         Dennis           3     Ohio              60b--18
Lovett         John             10    Ohio              60b--16
Lovett         Mary             6     Ohio              60b--17
Lovett         Mary             38    Ireland           60b--15
Lovett         Michael          28    Ireland           60b--14
Loyd           Anna             45    England           142b-13
Loyd           Edward           33    England           8b---14
Loyd           John             59    England           142b-12
Loyd           Margaret         38    England           5b---42
Loyd           Martha           29    England           8b---15
Loyd           Martha           2     Ohio              8b---18
Loyd           Mary             7     Ohio              8b---16
Loyd           Samuel           5     Ohio              8b---17
Loyd           William          28    England           5b---41
Lozier         Christopher      21    Ohio              87a---1
Lozier         Samuel           25    Mich              86b--42
Lucas          Alice            65    Unknown           71a--28
Lucas          Catharine        35    Penn              134a-41
Lucas          David            36    Penn              134a-40
Lucas          Eliza            5     Ohio              134b--3
Lucas          Elizabeth        3     Ohio              134b--4
Lucas          James M.         9     Ohio              134b--1
Lucas          Louisa           13    Ohio              134a-42
Lucas          Mary             1     Ohio              134b--5
Lucas          Ranattus M.      8     Ohio              134b--2
Ludd           Catharine        16    Ohio              28a--26
Ludd           George W.        24    NY                28a--25
Ludwig         Barbara          35    Germany           43b--35
Ludwig         Charles          2     Penn              139a-11
Ludwig         Franklin         5     Penn              139a--9
Ludwig         Isaac            30    Penn              139a--7
Ludwig         Jane             31    Penn              139a--8
Ludwig         John             38    Germany           43b--34
Ludwig         Mary             4     Penn              139a-10
Lundy          Caroline A.      28    NY                80b---6
Lundy          Jay              5     Ohio              80b---7
Lundy          Jonathan         50    New Jersey        80b---5
Lundy          Morris           3     Ohio              80b---8
Luttle         D.               40    Unknown           64b---4
Lynch          Ellen            21    Ireland           12a--32
Lynch          Ellen            11    Ireland           33a--36
Lynch          Henry            40    Ireland           71b--29
Lynch          John             16    Ireland           74b---8
Lynch          Julia            49    Ireland           74b---7
Lynch          Mary             25    Ireland           48a--29
Lynch          Mary             15    Ireland           36a--19
Lynch          Michael          50    Ireland           74b---6
Lynch          Nicholas         20    Ireland           48a--30
Lynn           Hannah           14    Ireland           31a---7
Lyons          Henry            4     Ohio              140a-13
Lyons          James            36    Ohio              140a-11
Lyons          James            2     Ohio              140a-14
Lyons          Sarah            24    Ohio              140a-12
Lytle          Elizabeth        63    Ireland           131a-40
Lytle          James            1     Ohio              134b-33
Lytle          John             23    Ireland           134b-31
Lytle          Sarah            18    Ohio              134b-32
Lytle          William          39    Ireland           135b-22

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