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S**babin       William          35    Canada            13a--15
S*tina         Samuel           19    Germany           58a--21
Saffick        Anna Maria       49    Germany           93a--17
Saffick        Jacob            50    Germany           93a--16
Sagar          Ann              1     Ohio              10a--10
Sagar          John             5     Ohio              10a---9
Sagar          John G.          36    Germany           10a---6
Sagar          Mary             37    Germany           10a---7
Sagar          Mary             26    Germany           10a---8
Sage           Dennis           55    Mass              119b-33
Sage           George           6     Ohio              119b-36
Sage           Helen            1     Ohio              119b-38
Sage           Herbert          4     Ohio              119b-37
Sage           Mary Jane        11    Ohio              119b-35
Sage           Sarah            31    NY                119b-34
Sager          Almira           11    Ohio              3a---18
Sager          Edna             13    Ohio              3a---17
Sager          George           21    Canada            3a---14
Sager          Jackson          19    NY                3a---15
Sager          Louisa           8     Ohio              3a---19
Sagur          John             26    Ohio              75b---8
Salisbury      Cyrus            18    Ohio              123b-29
Salisbury      David            9     Ohio              123b-32
Salisbury      Eli              23    Ohio              123b-28
Salisbury      Elizabeth        12    Ohio              123b-31
Salisbury      Esther           47    Canada            86a--11
Salisbury      Esther           20    Mich              86a--12
Salisbury      Fraener          48    Penn              123b-27
Salisbury      John             27    Mich              86a---9
Salisbury      Lathe            21    Mich              86a--10
Salisbury      Lydia            2     Ohio              123b-33
Salisbury      Lyman            17    .                 86a--13
Salisbury      Maria            14    .                 86a--15
Salisbury      Mary             23    Ohio              85b--30
Salisbury      Nancy            16    Ohio              123b-30
Salisbury      Richard          14    .                 86a--14
Salisbury      Samuel           6/12  Ohio              123b-34
Salisbury      Sarah            9     .                 86a--16
Salisbury      Solomon          50    Penn              123b-26
Salisbury      Warren           28    NY                85b--29
Salor          .                20    Unknown           66a--31
Saltonstall    Dudley E.        4     Ohio              61b--31
Saltonstall    Dudley J.        38    Conn              61b--29
Saltonstall    Gordon W.        2     Ohio              61b--32
Saltonstall    Sophia A.        30    NY                61b--30
Sampson        Absum            28    Mass              28b--14
Sampson        Clarrissa        17    Germany           62a---4
Sampson        Eliza            10    Germany           49b--25
Sampson        Samuel           38    NY                65b--34
Sanborn        Calvin           26    NY                114a-21
Sanderson      Albert           5     .                 148a-39
Sanderson      C                1     .                 148b--1
Sanderson      D                34    600               148a-35
Sanderson      Eliza Ann        39    .                 148a-36
Sanderson      J D              26    .                 148a-41
Sanderson      James            6     .                 148a-38
Sanderson      Lucy             19    .                 148a-42
Sanderson      Myron            8     .                 148a-37
Sanderson      P                63    1000              148b--2
Sanderson      William          23    .                 148a-40
Sanford        Edward           7     Ohio              40b--37
Sanford        Eliza            14    Unknown           40b--35
Sanford        Nathaniel        4     Ohio              40b--38
Sanford        William G.       9     Ohio              40b--36
Sargent        Edward E.        42    NH                129a--7
Sargent        Frederic         18    NY                129a--9
Sargent        Rowena           40    England           129a--8
Sargent        Rowena           11    Ohio              129a-10
Sargent        W W              29    400               146b--6
Sath           Michael M.       23    Ireland           51a--26
Sawdie         Charles H.       2     Ohio              41a--41
Sawdie         Louisa           5/12  Ohio              41a--42
Sawdie         Mary             25    Ohio              41a--40
Sawdie         Zebina           28    Penn              41a--39
Sawyer         Abner            8/12  Ohio              13b--42
Sawyer         Abner            31    NY                13b--14
Sawyer         Calvin           40    Unknown           121b--9
Sawyer         Eliza            23    NY                13b--27
Sawyer         George           25    NY                54a--25
Sawyer         John             27    NY                13b--26
Sawyer         Louisa           26    Maine             13b--15
Sawyer         Margaret         21    Canada            13b--17
Sawyer         Mary             7     Ohio              13b--16
Saxton         Caroline         2     Ohio              38a--32
Saxton         Cornelia         11    Ohio              38a--30
Saxton         Eunice           32    NY                38a--28
Saxton         Henry            6     Ohio              38a--31
Saxton         Horace           42    Conn              38a--27
Saxton         Louisa           14    Ohio              38a--29
Sayle          Barbara          13    Germany           46b--34
Schaunfiffell  Augustus         14    Germany           31b--21
Schaunfiffell  Conrad           52    Germany           31b--18
Schaunfiffell  Henry            6     Ohio              31b--23
Schaunfiffell  Isabella         1     Ohio              31b--24
Schaunfiffell  John B.          17    Germany           31b--20
Schaunfiffell  Madaline         38    Germany           31b--19
Schaunfiffell  Martin           10    Germany           31b--22
Schlesman      D.               24    Germany           69a--13
Schmidt        Sarah R.         20    Penn              10b--24
Schmidt        Wm. F. Woffen    28    Germany           10b--23
Schnaffer      George           27    Germany           124b-24
Scholl         Augustus         20    Germany           37b--12
Scholl         Catharine        30    Germany           37b---6
Scholl         Charles          24    Germany           37b--10
Scholl         Charles H.       40    Germany           37b---5
Scholl         Emma E.          4     Ohio              37b---7
Scholl         Frederic         22    Germany           37b---9
Scholl         John             30    Penn              8b---12
Scholl         Louisa           21    Germany           37b--11
Scholl         Louisa           2     Ohio              37b---8
Scholl         Matilda          27    Penn              8b---13
Schomer        James            63    Unknown           18a---3
Schomer        Mary Ann         2     Ohio              18a---4
Schooner       Magdalen         26    Ohio              17b--42
Schooner       William          26    NY                17b--41
Schoonmaker    Catharine        4     Germany           43a---1
Schoonmaker    Catharine        30    Germany           42b--42
Schoonmaker    Catharine Sophia 5/12  Germany           43a---2
Schoonmaker    John             34    Germany           42b--41
Schram         Adam             16    Germany           103a--9
Schram         Balgar           10    Germany           103a-12
Schram         Catharine        17    Germany           103a--8
Schram         Margaret         47    Germany           103a--7
Schram         Mary             14    Germany           103a-10
Schram         Philip           46    Germany           103a--6
Schram         Philip           12    Germany           103a-11
Scotchman      Janie            37    Scotland          28a--40
Scotchman      Sandy            34    Scotland          28a--39
Scott          Albert E.        6     Ohio              59a--10
Scott          Amelia           7     Ohio              57b---9
Scott          Ann              17    Ohio              57b---7
Scott          Ann E.           12    Ohio              18b--12
Scott          Barbara Ann      21    Canada            87b--10
Scott          Barnett          4     Ohio              57b--11
Scott          Charles B.       7     Ohio              18b--13
Scott          Charles J.       32    NY                61a--25
Scott          Chester          58    N.Y.              149b-27
Scott          Clara J.         29    NY                61a--26
Scott          Cora             3     Ohio              61a--28
Scott          David B.         46    Conn              18b--11
Scott          Eliza            8     O                 149b-23
Scott          Eliza            41    NY                57b---6
Scott          Elizabeth        60    .                 148b--4
Scott          Elizabeth        36    NY                37a---6
Scott          Emelia           43    N.Y.              149b-20
Scott          Frances          6     Ohio              37a---7
Scott          Frank            10/12 Ohio              61a--29
Scott          Frank A.         2     Ohio              18b---3
Scott          Frank H.         3     Ohio              59a--11
Scott          George           41    Conn              57b---5
Scott          Harriet          10    Ohio              57b---8
Scott          Henry            4     Ohio              57b--10
Scott          Henry B.         2     Canada            87b--12
Scott          Isabel           17    O                 149b-21
Scott          Isaiah           5     Ohio              61a--27
Scott          J. Austin        41    Conn              18b---1
Scott          Jessup A.        4     Ohio              18b--15
Scott          John             28    Canada            87b---9
Scott          Joseph           23    .                 148b--5
Scott          Julia M.         5     Ohio              18b--14
Scott          M                59    .                 148b--3
Scott          Margaret         18    Ohio              122b-11
Scott          Margaret         16    Canada            2a---40
Scott          Marion L.        37    NY                59a---8
Scott          Michael          4     Canada            87b--11
Scott          P.B.             49    N.Y.              149b-19
Scott          Percis           52    N.Y.              149b-28
Scott          Rufus            4     O                 149b-22
Scott          Samuel B.        37    NY                59a---7
Scott          Sarah            24    Mass              18b---2
Scott          Sarah Ann        1     Ohio              87b--13
Scott          Seymour          12    Ohio              59a---9
Scott          William C.       39    Ireland           37a---5
Scott          Winfield         1     O                 149b-24
Scoville       Mary             30    England           94b--22
Scoville       Mary L.          10    Ohio              94b--23
Scrook         Catharine        11    O                 149a-41
Scrook         Josiah           13    O                 149b--2
Scrook         Levi             30    Penn              149a-39
Scrook         Lila             26    Penn              149a-40
Scrook         Mary Ann         7     O                 149b--1
Scrook         Susan            9     O                 149a-42
Scrook         Unknown          2     O                 149b--3
Seaman         Jimima           1     Ohio              18b--37
Seaman         John             50    Penn              18b--33
Seaman         Jonathan         10    Penn              18b--35
Seaman         Mary             34    Penn              18b--34
Seaman         Sarah A.         7     Penn              18b--36
Seaman         Sebastian        43    France            52b--33
Searles        Augustus         9     NY                116a--7
Searles        Catharine        27    NY                116a--6
Searles        William          34    NY                116a--5
Searles        William          10/12 Ohio              116a--8
Sears          Benjamin         6     Mich              44b--26
Sears          Lucinda          41    Canada            44b--23
Sears          Martha           15    Mich              44b--24
Sears          William          10    Mich              44b--25
Secor          Benjamin         22    NY                62a--31
Secor          Joseph           25    NY                62a--30
Segue          Cornelius D.     40    NY                106a-26
Segue          Eunice           18    Penn              106a-28
Segue          Francis M.       9     Ohio              106a-31
Segue          Hezekiah T.      1     Ohio              106a-33
Segue          Mary Ann         38    Mass              106a-27
Segue          Perry D.         16    Ohio              106a-29
Segue          Philo C.         14    Ohio              106a-30
Segue          William T.       5     Ohio              106a-32
Seigler        Barbara          16    Germany           124b-22
Seigler        Betha            29    Germany           124b-18
Seigler        Catharine        10    Germany           124b-23
Seigler        Jacob            19    Germany           124b-21
Seigler        John             57    Germany           124b-17
Seigler        John             27    Germany           124b-19
Seigler        Mary             20    Germany           124b-20
Seliland       Ann              38    Wales             49a--35
Seliland       Cecilia          7     Ohio              49a--39
Seliland       George W.        9     Ohio              49a--38
Seliland       Margaret         11    Louisiana         49a--37
Seliland       Marriane         13    Louisiana         49a--36
Seliland       Martha           9/12  Ohio              49a--41
Seliland       Nelson L.        44    Denmark           49a--34
Seliland       Rosser           4     Ohio              49a--40
Semis          Harriet M.       21    NY                60b--12
Semph          Anna B.          39    Germany           97a---2
Semph          Barbara          16    Germany           97a---3
Semph          Chistrick        7     Germany           97a---5
Semph          Christian        49    Germany           97a---1
Semph          Winihart         12    Germany           97a---4
Sena           Austin           3     Mich              54b--39
Sena           George           29    Ohio              54b--37
Sena           Hannah E.        23    Ohio              54b--38
Senner         William          26    Germany           140a-20
Serift         Anna L           44    .                 146a-20
Serift         C**ol            23    .                 146a-21
Serift         Charles          13    .                 146a-24
Serift         George           18    .                 146a-23
Serift         Julia            9     .                 146a-26
Serift         Nelson           21    .                 146a-22
Serift         Pheobe Ann       4     .                 146a-27
Serift         Selim            56    1000              146a-19
Serift         Viletta          11    .                 146a-25
Seuman         Arebella         6     Ohio              18b--41
Seuman         George W.        4     Ohio              18b--42
Seuman         Isaac N.         30    New Jersey        18b--38
Seuman         Isaac N.         2     Ohio              19a---1
Seuman         Julia Ann        30    NY                18b--39
Seuman         Samuel J.        8     Ohio              18b--40
Sewring        Caleb            22    Ohio              2b---10
Sewring        Martha           20    Germany           2b---11
Sewring        Martha M.        5/12  Ohio              2b---12
Sewring        Samuel           15    Ohio              2b---13
Shaffer        Elizah           42    Penn              27a--23
Shaffer        Fred             24    Germany           31a--18
Shaffer        Frederic         20    Germany           73a---8
Shaffer        John A.          5/12  Ohio              27a--28
Shaffer        Martha Jane      12    Ohio              27a--25
Shaffer        Mary             56    Germany           73a---7
Shaffer        Mary Ann         10    Ohio              27a--26
Shaffer        Matilda L.       8     Ohio              27a--27
Shaffer        Rhoda Ann        35    Ohio              27a--24
Shandler       Bridget          26    Ireland           46b--41
Shandler       Frank            34    Ireland           46b--40
Shandler       Joseph           1     Ohio              46b--42
Shantio        Antonie          15    Ohio              78b--30
Shantio        Charles          25    Mich              78b--28
Shantio        Clarrisa         22    Mich              78b--26
Shantio        Dominic          31    Mich              78b--25
Shantio        Francis          8     Ohio              78b--32
Shantio        John E.          7/12  Ohio              78b--27
Shantio        Joseph           13    Ohio              78b--31
Shantio        Sarah            53    Canada            78b--33
Shantio        Thomas           18    Ohio              78b--29
Sharat         Agnes            37    Scotland          64a--37
Sharat         Peter            36    Canada            64a--36
Shaw           John             7     Iowa              129a-39
Shean          Mary             17    Ireland           36a--15
Shearer        Caroline         5     Ohio              93b---6
Shearer        Christian        7     Ohio              93b---5
Shearer        Christian        4     Germany           93b---1
Shearer        Elizabeth        33    Germany           93b---2
Shearer        Elizah K.        11    Ohio              93b---3
Shearer        Maria            2/12  Ohio              93b---8
Shearer        Mary             9     Ohio              93b---4
Shearer        Willinina        3     Ohio              93b---7
Sheets         Battzer          40    Germany           142b-17
Sheets         Jacob            13    Germany           142b-20
Sheets         John             15    Germany           142b-19
Sheets         Josephina        10    Germany           142b-21
Sheets         King             4/12  .                 142b-23
Sheets         Lena             39    Germany           142b-18
Sheets         Philip           4     Ohio              142b-22
Sheghan        Catharine        21    Ireland           32b--26
Sheghan        Cornelius        19    Ohio              121b-16
Sheghan        Elizabeth        50    Ireland           121b-13
Sheghan        John             37    Ireland           121b-12
Sheghan        John             26    Ireland           32b--25
Sheghan        Mary             54    Ireland           32b--24
Sheghan        Mary             18    Ireland           32b--27
Sheghan        Mary             15    Ireland           121b-14
Sheghan        Michael          13    Canada            121b-15
Sheghan        Patrick          20    Ireland           57b--41
Sheghan        Timothy          55    Ireland           32b--23
Shegun         Mary             40    Ireland           27b--42
Sheldon        Alonzo           21    Conn              58a--24
Shelly         Mary             22    Germany           52b--40
Shepard        Abigail          43    Ireland           99b--30
Shepard        Betsy            35    Conn              17a--35
Shepard        Charles G.       3     Ohio              17a--38
Shepard        Chester          14    Ohio              17a--36
Shepard        Eveline          7     Ohio              17a--37
Shepard        James            67    Ireland           99b--29
Shepard        James            15    Ohio              99b--32
Shepard        James F.         40    Conn              17a--34
Shepard        Mary Ann         20    Maine             99b--33
Shepard        William          13    Ohio              99b--31
Shephard       Andrew           35    Scotland          32a--22
Shepherd       Arvilla          4     Ohio              102a-40
Shepherd       David            1     Ohio              102a-41
Shepherd       James            27    Ireland           102a-38
Shepherd       Jemima           23    Ireland           102a-39
Shepler        Abram            61    Penn              132b-34
Shepler        Abram            27    Ohio              132b-36
Shepler        Margaret         17    Ohio              132b-37
Shepler        Mary             61    Penn              132b-35
Sheriden       Bridget          22    Ireland           12b--14
Sheriden       Mary             20    Ireland           6b----3
Sheriden       Owen             25    Ireland           5b---21
Sherman        Caroline         1     Ohio              7a---29
Sherman        Charles          3     Ohio              7a---28
Sherman        Charlotte M.     7     Ohio              7a---27
Sherman        Joel             37    Mass              7a---24
Sherman        Lovina Ann       8     NY                7a---26
Sherman        Sarah J.         26    Penn              7a---25
Shesh          Andrew           27    Germany           47b--29
Shesh          Barbara          2     Ohio              47b--31
Shesh          Elizabeth        26    Germany           47b--30
Shesh          Nicholas         4/12  Ohio              47b--32
Shetinger      Henry            45    Germany           103b--7
Shetinger      John             9     Germany           103b-10
Shetinger      Laon             45    Germany           103b--8
Shetinger      Michael          7     Germany           103b-11
Shetinger      Peter            18    Germany           103b--9
Shick          Edwin            1     Ohio              47b--28
Shick          Mina             25    Germany           47b--27
Shick          Philip           27    Germany           47b--26
Shields        Ann              25    Ohio              52a--31
Shields        John P           2     Ohio              138b-28
Shields        Michael          7     Ohio              138b-27
Shields        Michael          47    Ireland           138b-25
Shields        Ruby             37    NY                138b-26
Shiely         Andrew           35    Germany           65a--17
Shinebar       John             22    Canada            76b---9
Shiplar        ***              6     O                 151a-21
Shiplar        Amy              2     O                 151a-22
Shiplar        Eliza            43    Penn              151a-16
Shiplar        Elizabeth        19    O                 151a-24
Shiplar        Jackson          9     O                 151a-20
Shiplar        John             50    Penn              151a-15
Shiplar        John             11    O                 151a-19
Shiplar        Mariah           15    Penn              151a-18
Shiplar        Mathias          20    O                 151a-17
Shiplar        W.               27    Penn              151a-23
Shire          Asel             8     Germany           62b--23
Shire          Madaline         14    Germany           62b--22
Shire          Margaret         47    Germany           62b--21
Shire          Martin           34    Germany           62b--20
Shirts         Henry            15    NY                59b--16
Shits          Anna             46    Germany           150b-23
Shits          Bizer            2     Germany           150b-26
Shits          Henry            6     Germany           150b-25
Shits          Henry            44    Germany           150b-22
Shits          John             9     Germany           150b-24
Shoke          Evilina          39    Virginia          66b--13
Shoke          Henry            10    Germany           66b--15
Shoke          Henry Sam        33    Germany           66b--16
Shoke          John             42    Virginia          66b--12
Shoke          Virginia         8     Ohio              66b--14
Shomaker       Angiline         17    Germany           59b--25
Shomaker       Catharine        35    Penn              130b-35
Shomaker       Charles W.       5     Ohio              130b-38
Shomaker       Eliza Jane       26    NY                15b--10
Shomaker       Francis M.       11    Ohio              130b-37
Shomaker       Henry            29    NY                15b---9
Shomaker       James M.         13    Ohio              130b-36
Shomaker       John V.          1     Ohio              130b-39
Shomaker       Margaret         5     Ohio              15b--12
Shomaker       Mary             2     Ohio              15b--13
Shomaker       Thomas           47    Penn              130b-34
Shomaker       William          6     NY                15b--11
Shoman         Josiah           35    NY                2b---21
Shonacker      Catharine        24    Germany           64b--10
Shonacker      Michael          6/12  Ohio              64b--11
Shonacker      Michael          47    Germany           64b---9
Shonocker      Elizabeth        3     Ohio              61a--36
Shonocker      Frances          24    Germany           61a--35
Shonocker      John             26    Germany           61a--34
Showler        George           35    England           115b-39
Showler        John             35    England           107b--2
Showler        Lucy             31    NY                107b--3
Showler        Lucy S.          9     Mich              107b--4
Showler        Rosette          4     Ohio              107b--6
Showler        Sophia           20    England           53a--17
Showler        Wilbur           7     Ohio              107b--5
Shrinell       Ann              26    Germany           10a--22
Shrinell       Barbara          1     Ohio              10a--23
Shrinell       Nicholas         37    Germany           10a--21
Shulley        Claiborne G      6     Ohio              140b-31
Shulley        George           56    Penn              140b-28
Shulley        Mary             50    Penn              140b-29
Shulley        Singleton S      10    Ohio              140b-30
Shurtz         Andrew           31    Ohio              53b--11
Shurtz         Harriet E.       5     Ohio              53b--12
Shutzen        Maria            14    Germany           5a---29
Sigin          Mary Ann         19    Germany           64b--20
Sill           David            30    NY                52b---8
Sillinda       Adam             50    Germany           124a-36
Sillinda       Mary             3     Ohio              124a-38
Sillinda       Sahana           42    Germany           124a-37
Silverthorn    Isaac            18    Penn              65b--26
Simers         Enoch R.         53    New Jersey        6b----9
Simers         Mary             33    Ireland           6b---10
Simmons        Sidney           28    Unknown           59a--21
Simpson        .                43    Unknown           71b---9
Simpson        Egbert           35    NY                76a--15
Simpson        Eliza            38    Ireland           140b-17
Simpson        James            46    Ireland           140b-16
Simpson        James            45    Ireland           138b-30
Sims           Margaret         31    Scotland          101a-13
Sims           Richard          21    England           101a-12
Sinclair       John             24    Ireland           36b---3
Sink           Alfred           12    Ohio              98a---9
Sink           Elizabeth        11    Ohio              98a---7
Sisson         Adelia           13    NY                30b--35
Sisson         George           11    NY                30b--36
Sisson         Joseph H.        7     NY                30b--37
Sisson         Louisa           47    NY                30b--34
Sisson         William          50    R. Island         30b--33
Sizer          Louisa E.        26    NY                61b--34
Sizer          Mary W.          58    New Jersey        61b--33
Sizer          William L.       22    NY                61b--35
Skinner        Harriet J.       4     Ohio              13b--11
Skinner        Henry C.         47    Penn              13b---7
Skinner        Henry R.         7     Ohio              13b---9
Skinner        Lois R.          30    Conn              13b---8
Skinner        Mary Q.          5     Ohio              13b--10
Slaughter      Conrod           25    Germany           149a-38
Sloan          Ann M.           44    England           129a-26
Sloan          William J.       16    NY                129a-27
Sloto          Barbara          49    Germany           45a--35
Sloto          Jacob            48    Germany           45a--34
Sloto          Jacob            17    Germany           45a--36
Sloughton      William          19    Unknown           76a--25
Sluts          James            4     O                 151b--9
Sluts          Jeremiah         45    O                 151b--3
Sluts          Livi             9     O                 151b--8
Sluts          Maria A.         15    O                 151b--7
Sluts          Martha           18    O                 151b--6
Sluts          Merriman         20    O                 151b--5
Sluts          Sarah            42    O                 151b--4
Slythe         Catharine        16    Germany           40b--15
Slythe         Josephine        15    Germany           40b--16
Slythe         Margaret         34    Germany           40b--14
Slythe         Nicholas         48    Germany           40b--13
Smales         Adaline          13    Ohio              4a---42
Smead          Lafayette        95    NY                13a--17
Smith          Adam             5     Ohio              97b---2
Smith          Alonzo           40    Vermont           44a---8
Smith          Amasa            25    NY                95b--16
Smith          Amos             4     Ohio              95b--14
Smith          Andrew           47    Germany           97a--39
Smith          Ann              16    NY                116b-37
Smith          Ann              14    Germany           81b---1
Smith          Arabella         39    Mass              61b--39
Smith          Ashler           4     Ohio              101a-24
Smith          Barbara          8     Germany           81b---4
Smith          Betsy C.         37    Ohio              36a---7
Smith          Bradley          22    NY                28a--33
Smith          Bridget          28    Ireland           101a-19
Smith          Calvin           39    Mass              61b--38
Smith          Catharine        32    NY                103a-31
Smith          Catharine        16    Germany           81a--42
Smith          Charles B.       78    England           116b--7
Smith          Charles F.       2     Maine             49a--14
Smith          Clarissa         6     Unknown           58a---6
Smith          Clarrisa         19    NY                28a--34
Smith          Daria            32    Scotland          59a---2
Smith          David            49    Mass              128a-26
Smith          Dennis           13    Mich              36a---9
Smith          Dennison B.      32    Mass              47a--24
Smith          Dinah            26    Germany           42b---9
Smith          Dorothy          48    Germany           133b--6
Smith          E.C.             6     N.Y.              154b-25
Smith          Ebenezer         16    Ohio              94b--13
Smith          Electa W.        1     Ohio              95b--15
Smith          Eliza            50    Vermont           28a--31
Smith          Eliza            50    Vermont           35b--41
Smith          Eliza            40    NY                113a-40
Smith          Eliza            13    Ohio              28a--35
Smith          Elizabeth        50    Penn              72a--23
Smith          Elizabeth J.     39    NY                6b---38
Smith          Elizabeth S.     15    Ohio              6b---39
Smith          Elizar           35    NY                103a-30
Smith          Emiline          34    NY                73a--14
Smith          Emma             4     Ohio              97b---5
Smith          Emma             2     Ohio              101a-25
Smith          Ethrick          56    .                 145b-41
Smith          Frances P.       10    Ohio              6b---40
Smith          Francis          6     Ohio              101a-23
Smith          Frank            1     Ohio              47a--28
Smith          Franklin         6     Mich              36a--11
Smith          Frederic         49    Germany           133b--5
Smith          Frederic         20    Germany           97b---3
Smith          George           5     Mich              71b--24
Smith          George           37    NY                73a--13
Smith          George           25    Canada            71b--22
Smith          George           24    Unknown           14b--10
Smith          George           14    Germany           97a--42
Smith          Gertrude B.      6     Mich              59a---5
Smith          Gilbert          15    Canada            36a---8
Smith          H.L.             28    Ohio              14a--26
Smith          Hannah           47    Ireland           116b-33
Smith          Hannah           22    New Jersey        46b--28
Smith          Harriet          8     Ohio              101a-22
Smith          Harriet          14    Mich              95b---8
Smith          Helen            16    Mich              95b---7
Smith          Henry            27    Germany           28a--16
Smith          Horace           9     NY                73a--15
Smith          Ida              4     Ohio              128a-29
Smith          J.               38    NY                69b---5
Smith          James            27    Ireland           55b--36
Smith          James            20    NY                13a--10
Smith          James            16    Unknown           58a---4
Smith          James            15    Penn              72a--24
Smith          James            15    Penn              116b-16
Smith          James            10    Ohio              101a-21
Smith          James F.         40    N.Y.              149b-41
Smith          James P          21    1000              144b-13
Smith          Jane             18    NY                116b-36
Smith          Jason            8     Mich              36a--10
Smith          Jefferson        10    Mich              95b--11
Smith          John             49    .                 145b-40
Smith          John             40    Germany           81a--39
Smith          John             28    Germany           42b---8
Smith          John             18    Ny                8b---41
Smith          John             10    Ohio              37a---8
Smith          John W.          41    Mass              6b---37
Smith          Joseph           37    NY                101a-18
Smith          Julia            47    NY                95b---4
Smith          June             16    NY                128a-28
Smith          Langdon          6     Ohio              128a-30
Smith          Louisa           25    Nova Scotia       49a--12
Smith          Lydia            39    NY                128a-27
Smith          Madaline         40    Germany           81a--40
Smith          Madaline         18    Germany           81a--41
Smith          Margaret         49    Germany           97a--40
Smith          Margaret         12    Germany           97b---1
Smith          Maria            10    Germany           81b---3
Smith          Mary             43    NY                133b-22
Smith          Mary             25    Germany           97b---4
Smith          Mary             18    Ohio              101a-20
Smith          Mary             14    Ohio              116b-38
Smith          Mary             12    Germany           81b---2
Smith          Mary             10    NY                133b-23
Smith          Mary             1     Indiana           73a--18
Smith          Mary Ann         19    NY                95b---5
Smith          Mary G.          5     Ohio              47a--26
Smith          Mary Jane        15    NY                44a---9
Smith          Matthew W.       8     Ohio              116b-39
Smith          Michael          18    Germany           97a--41
Smith          Mr.              50    Unknown           56a--32
Smith          Mr.              41    Unknown           58a---2
Smith          Mrs.             31    Unknown           58a---3
Smith          Nancy            22    Canada            71b--23
Smith          Olive S.         6     Ohio              95b--13
Smith          Olivia           70    Conn              40b--12
Smith          Ovid             12    Mich              95b---9
Smith          Patience         60    NY                107b-33
Smith          Peter            65    Ireland           116b-32
Smith          Peter            20    NY                73b--27
Smith          Peter            19    NY                116b-35
Smith          Phebe Jane       8     Mich              95b--12
Smith          Rebecca          20    Penn              10a--38
Smith          Roxa             7     NY                73a--16
Smith          Samuel L.        18    NY                44a--10
Smith          Sarah            58    Conn              116b--8
Smith          Sarah            5     NY                73a--17
Smith          Sarah            28    Maine             73b--26
Smith          Sarah            17    Mich              95b---6
Smith          Sarah B.         35    NY                59a---3
Smith          Sarah M.         3     Maine             49a--13
Smith          Sarah T.         8     Ohio              6b---41
Smith          Silas            56    Vermont           95b---3
Smith          Sophia           27    Ohio              47a--25
Smith          Stephen          18    Ohio              129b-32
Smith          Theodore         47    NY                133b-21
Smith          Thomas           20    NY                116b-34
Smith          Washington       10    Mich              95b--10
Smith          William          8     Unknown           58a---5
Smith          William          45    Vermont           36a---6
Smith          William          45    Virginia          72a--22
Smith          William          35    NY                35b--42
Smith          William          30    NY                28a--32
Smith          William          28    Unknown           14b--14
Smith          William          26    Ireland           140a-17
Smith          William          1     Mich              71b--25
Smith          William          1     Ohio              103a-32
Smith          William H.       10    Mich              59a---4
Smith          William S.       52    Unknown           49a--11
Smith          Wm               19    .                 144a-37
Smithlin       Angeline         30    Germany           90b--26
Smithlin       Catharine        8     Germany           90b--28
Smithlin       George           2     NY                90b--29
Smithlin       John             11    Germany           90b--27
Smithlin       Matthias         32    Germany           90b--25
Smithlin       Matthias         1     Ohio              90b--30
Smyth          Anson            37    Penn              40b--19
Smyth          Caroline A.      31    Conn              40b--20
Smyth          Mrs.             23    Unknown           60a--24
Smyth          Peter            28    Unknown           60a--23
Smyth          Rufus            2     Ohio              60a--25
Smyth          Sarah L.         7     Conn              40b--21
Snider         Ann              37    .                 147a--2
Snider         Henry            4     .                 147a--6
Snider         John             10    .                 147a--4
Snider         Mathias          13    .                 147a--3
Snider         Mathias J        2     .                 147a--7
Snider         Michael          8     .                 147a--5
Snider         Peter            38    250               147a--1
Snyder         Catharine        7     Ohio              101a--4
Snyder         Charles          21    Unknown           93a---7
Snyder         Charlotte        31    Germany           133a-39
Snyder         Charlotte        3     Ohio              133b--1
Snyder         Dorothy          7     Ohio              133a-41
Snyder         Elizabeth        20    Germany           50b---4
Snyder         Elizabeth        2     Ohio              101a--7
Snyder         Frances E.       10    Ohio              133a-40
Snyder         George           58    NY                99a--30
Snyder         George           36    Germany           101a--1
Snyder         George           21    Germany           69a--20
Snyder         George           20    Germany           50b---3
Snyder         George           12    Ohio              122a-42
Snyder         Israel           6     Ohio              121b-41
Snyder         Jacob            45    Germany           122b--1
Snyder         Jeremiah         15    Ohio              99a--32
Snyder         John             4     Ohio              133a-42
Snyder         John             26    Unknown           46b--39
Snyder         John G.          40    Germany           133a-38
Snyder         Joseph           7     Ohio              64b--17
Snyder         Joseph           28    Germany           64b--15
Snyder         Lewis            2     Ohio              133b--2
Snyder         Madaline         29    Germany           64b--16
Snyder         Madaline         2     Ohio              64b--19
Snyder         Madaline         17    Germany           64b--21
Snyder         Margaret         4     Ohio              101a--6
Snyder         Margaret         34    Germany           101a--2
Snyder         Maria            43    Penn              122b--2
Snyder         Martha           11    Ohio              121b-42
Snyder         Mary             6     Ohio              101a--5
Snyder         Mary Ann         5     Ohio              64b--18
Snyder         Rosanna          1     Ohio              101a--8
Snyder         Sophia           9     Ohio              101a--3
Snyder         Susan            49    NY                99a--31
Snyder         William          6/12  Ohio              133b--3
Solemen        Charles          5     Ohio              8a----5
Solemen        Garrett          29    Germany           8a----2
Solemen        Henry            7     Ohio              8a----4
Solemen        Maria            26    Germany           8a----3
Soler          .                45    Germany           49b--11
Soler          William          14    Germany           49b--12
Somers         Amos             18    Penn              6b---17
Somes          Amos             19    NY                11a--40
Sourk          Barbara          44    Germany           142a-13
Sourk          Elizabeth        46    Germany           133b-35
Sourk          George           1     Ohio              142a-16
Sourk          John             46    Germany           133b-34
Sourk          John M           49    Germany           142a-12
Sourk          Leonard          4     Ohio              133b-36
Sourk          Louisa           2     Ohio              142a-15
Sourk          Maria E          4     Ohio              142a-14
Sourk          Mary             1     Ohio              133b-37
Southard       Ann              22    England           94b--30
Southard       Ann Eliza        2     Ohio              95a--30
Southard       Betsy            18    England           94b--31
Southard       Caroline         2     Ohio              53b--38
Southard       Charles W.       8     Ohio              96b--31
Southard       Charlotte        27    NY                95a--29
Southard       Eleanor          5     Ohio              53b--37
Southard       Elizabeth        8     Ohio              53b--36
Southard       Elizabeth        28    New Jersey        96b--28
Southard       Elizabeth        10    Ohio              96b--30
Southard       Emily            7     Ohio              94b--34
Southard       Emily J.         10    Ohio              53b--35
Southard       Henry J.         4     Ohio              96b--33
Southard       Isabella         12    Ohio              96b--29
Southard       James            55    England           94b--27
Southard       James            28    England           94b--29
Southard       James H.         78    England           95a--27
Southard       James H.         7/12  Ohio              95a--31
Southard       Jane             47    NY                100b--6
Southard       John             10    Ohio              94b--33
Southard       Joseph           26    England           96b--27
Southard       Letitia          6     Ohio              96b--32
Southard       Martha J.        6/12  Ohio              96b--34
Southard       Mary             50    England           94b--28
Southard       Mary P.          6     Ohio              100b-11
Southard       Priscilla        16    Ohio              95a--34
Southard       Rhoda            13    Ohio              94b--32
Southard       Rhoda Ann        12    Ohio              53b--34
Southard       Samuel           39    England           95a--28
Southard       Sanford          4     Ohio              100b-12
Southard       Sarah            36    England           53b--32
Southard       Theodore         18    NY                53b--33
Southard       Thomas           9     Ohio              100b-10
Southard       Thomas           47    England           100b--5
Spalding       Adin             8     Ohio              28b--22
Spalding       Adin             54    Vermont           28b--15
Spalding       Ann              17    England           14b--40
Spalding       Avery            7     Ohio              79b---1
Spalding       Edward A.        3     Ohio              28b--24
Spalding       Ephraim          4     Ohio              79b---2
Spalding       Erastus          19    Ohio              79a--40
Spalding       George           9     Ohio              14b--42
Spalding       George           2     Ohio              79b---3
Spalding       Harriet J.       16    NY                28b--18
Spalding       Henry            27    NY                79b---4
Spalding       Jonathan         23    Unknown           25a--30
Spalding       Joseph A.        5     Penn              28b--23
Spalding       Julia S.         14    Ohio              28b--19
Spalding       Lucy Ann         12    Ohio              28b--20
Spalding       Lydia            20    Ohio              79a--39
Spalding       N.N.             19    Unknown           11a--36
Spalding       Nancy            41    NY                79a--38
Spalding       Solomon          12    Ohio              79a--42
Spalding       Sophia           38    Vermont           28b--16
Spalding       Sumner W.        18    NY                28b--17
Spalding       Susan            38    England           14b--39
Spalding       Thomas           42    England           14b--38
Spalding       William          12    Canada            14b--41
Spalding       William H.H.     10    Ohio              28b--21
Spalding       Willis           57    NY                79a--37
Spalding       Willis           15    Ohio              79a--41
Spangler       Ann              37    Nova Scotia       8b---24
Spangler       Calvin           12    Ohio              8b---26
Spangler       Eliza            8     Ohio              8b---28
Spangler       Emily            7/12  Ohio              8b---31
Spangler       Henry D.         7     Ohio              8b---29
Spangler       J. Elliott       10    Ohio              8b---27
Spangler       Jacob            41    Penn              8b---23
Spangler       Jane             5     Ohio              8b---30
Spangler       Mary S.          13    Ohio              8b---25
Spare          Adam             36    Germany           43b---8
Spare          David            3     Ohio              43b--12
Spare          Eliza            31    Germany           43b---9
Spare          George           5     Ohio              43b--11
Spare          John             10    Ohio              43b--10
Spear          George           26    Tennessee         65b--27
Spease         John             27    Germany           126a-42
Specht         Adaline          8     Ohio              44a--20
Specht         George           5     Ohio              44a--21
Specht         Jacob Binnie     47    Germany           44a--16
Specht         John             10    Ohio              44a--19
Specht         Joseph           12    Ohio              44a--18
Specht         Mary Ann         42    Germany           44a--17
Specht         Mary Ann         1     Ohio              44a--22
Spencer        Charles          5     Ohio              7b---29
Spencer        Charles          2     Ohio              117b--5
Spencer        Edward           1     Ohio              117b--6
Spencer        Eliza M.         6     Ohio              7b---28
Spencer        Emeline          42    Conn              7b---26
Spencer        George           42    Conn              7b---25
Spencer        George F.        9     Ohio              7b---27
Spencer        John             55    New Jersey        117a-42
Spencer        Joseph           4/12  Ohio              7b---30
Spencer        Joseph           24    Conn              28a--17
Spencer        Josephine        4     Ohio              117b--4
Spencer        Mary Ann         38    Penn              117b--1
Spencer        Robert B.        9     Ohio              117b--3
Spencer        William W.       11    Ohio              117b--2
Spoonhour      Gabriel          6     Penn              32a--26
Spoonhour      Martha           8     Penn              32a--25
Spoonhour      Sarah            30    Penn              32a--24
Spore          Thomas           25    Ireland           47a--10
Spore          William          20    Ireland           47a---9
Sprague        Alvira           3     O                 152a--1
Sprague        Charles          36    Vermont           75a--34
Sprague        James B.         3/12  Ohio              75a--36
Sprague        Marie            27    Canada            75a--35
Springer       Joseph           58    Ohio              72a--12
Springer       Leandre B.       6     Ohio              72a--13
Squires        Abigail          15    NY                107b-22
Squires        Edgar            8     NY                107b-24
Squires        Edward           5     Ohio              107b-25
Squires        Laura E.         13    NY                107b-23
Squires        Lucy Ann         17    NY                107b-21
Squires        Mary Jane        3     Ohio              107b-26
Squires        Rufus            38    NY                107b-20
St. Aubin      Alma Ann         4     Ohio              17a---9
St. Aubin      Antoine          28    Canada            17a---7
St. Aubin      Francis          35    Canada            14b--33
St. Aubin      Francis          3     Ohio              14b--35
St. Aubin      George           80    France            14b--37
St. Aubin      Rosanna          23    Ohio              14b--34
St. Aubin      Rosanna          1     Ohio              14b--36
St. Aubin      Susan            30    Mich              17a---8
St. Clair      Eliza Ann        43    New Jersey        5b---34
St. Clair      Franklin         6     O                 150a-10
St. Clair      Jefferson        8     O                 150a--9
St. Clair      Madison W.       14    Ohio              5b---35
St. Clair      William          45    Maine             5b---33
St. Clair      Wm.              10    O                 150a--8
Stachin        Henry            33    Germany           65a--11
Stachin        Mary             24    Ireland           65a--12
Stacy          Samuel           25    NY                13a---7
Stahl          Carolina         33    Germany           126a-11
Stahl          Elizabeth        31    Germany           126a--6
Stahl          Emily            4     Ohio              126a--9
Stahl          Frederic         38    Germany           126a--5
Stahl          Lewis            2     Ohio              126a-10
Stahl          Louisa           8     Ohio              126a--7
Stahl          Theodore         6     Iowa              126a--8
Stair          Mahala           4     Ohio              120a-36
Stair          Susanna          26    Ohio              120a-35
Stair          William          30    Virginia          120a-34
Stanberry      Henry            26    England           100b-16
Stannard       Abner            45    Vermont           84b--15
Stannard       Erastus          37    Vermont           90b--32
Stannard       Sally            37    NY                84b--16
Stannard       Sarah Maria      8     Ohio              84b--17
Stanton        Harriet          18    Tenn              52b--24
Stanton        Henry            26    Penn              36a--32
Stanton        Nancy J.         24    Tennessee         36a--33
Stark          Catharine        3     Ohio              34b---3
Stark          Ellen            8     Germany           34b---1
Stark          George           7     Germany           34b---2
Stark          Mary             6/12  Ohio              34b---4
Starkweather   .                35    Unknown           73b--28
Stebbins       Adaline          13    NY                103a-37
Stebbins       Catharine        39    NY                128b-24
Stebbins       Charles          4     NY                103a-39
Stebbins       Cornelia         8     Ohio              103a-38
Stebbins       Cuyler           5     Ohio              128b-28
Stebbins       Daniel R.        42    NY                18b--24
Stebbins       Edward           2     NY                103a-40
Stebbins       George B.        2     Ohio              128b-30
Stebbins       Gilbert          6     Ohio              128b-27
Stebbins       Henry            16    NY                103a-36
Stebbins       Madison W.       1     Ohio              128b-31
Stebbins       Mary             32    NY                18b--25
Stebbins       Mary Jane        10    Ohio              128b-25
Stebbins       Rachel A.        37    NY                103a-35
Stebbins       Rial             44    NY                128b-23
Stebbins       Sarah C.         9     Ohio              18b--26
Stebbins       Silas            5     Ohio              128b-29
Stebbins       Solomon          40    NY                103a-34
Stebbins       William          8     Ohio              128b-26
Stedbaucher    Anna             37    Switzerland       22b---9
Stedbaucher    Jacob            38    Switzerland       22b---8
Steedman       George M D       4     Ohio              139a-19
Steedman       James B.         32    Penn              136a-27
Steedman       Lewis C.         2     Ohio              136a-29
Steedman       Marion           2     Ohio              139a-20
Steedman       Mary Ann         23    NY                139a-17
Steedman       Rebecca          5     Ohio              139a-18
Steedman       Samuel H         41    Penn              139a-16
Steedman       Sarah M.         32    New Jersey        136a-28
Steel          C                26    600               145a--9
Steel          Catherine        1     .                 145a-13
Steel          Elizabeth        23    .                 145a-10
Steel          Mary Ann         3     .                 145a-12
Steel          Nicholas         4     .                 145a-11
Steele         Alice Jane       3     Ohio              59b--24
Steele         Charlotte A.     6     Ohio              59b--23
Steele         Dennison         34    NY                59b--20
Steele         Hetty B.         30    NY                59b--21
Steele         Julia E.         8     Ohio              59b--22
Steele         Mr.              21    Penn              62a---9
Stella         Jacob            24    Germany           46a--14
Stemringer     Fraener          30    Germany           44b--10
Stemringer     Frank            2/12  Ohio              44b--11
Stemringer     Philip J.        36    Germany           44b---9
Stephan        Amelia           12    Ohio              68b--32
Stephan        Andrew           35    Germany           68b--30
Stephan        Edward           9     Ohio              68b--34
Stephan        Elizabeth        40    Germany           68b--31
Stephan        Joseph           3     Ohio              68b--36
Stephan        Josephine        11    Ohio              68b--33
Stephan        Louisa           6     Ohio              68b--35
Stephens       Abram            11    Penn              121a-20
Stephens       Catharine        17    Ohio              87b--17
Stephens       Edward           30    NY                80a---4
Stephens       Hannah S.        43    Conn              95b--40
Stephens       Henry            26    Penn              124a-21
Stephens       Jerome B.        14    Ohio              96a---2
Stephens       Joseph           22    Penn              121a-16
Stephens       Laura            19    NY                87b--16
Stephens       Lavinia          49    NY                87b--15
Stephens       Martin           50    Penn              121a-14
Stephens       Mary             46    Penn              121a-15
Stephens       Mary             30    Ireland           80a---5
Stephens       Mary Jane        12    Ohio              96a---3
Stephens       Oliver           49    NY                87b--14
Stephens       Peggy            17    Ohio              124a-22
Stephens       Philo M.         9     Ohio              96a---4
Stephens       Philo M.         45    Conn              95b--41
Stephens       Redmond          9     Penn              121a-21
Stephens       Revilla H.       16    Ohio              96a---1
Stephens       Samuel           18    Ohio              121a-18
Stephens       William          14    Ohio              121a-19
Stephens       Wm.              21    Penn              121a-17
Stermon        Wm               17    .                 145b--7
Stetes         Almeda           8     O                 150b-12
Stetes         Amos B.          24    N. J.             150b-11
Stetes         James            6     O                 150b-13
Stetson        Elizabeth        11    Ohio              8a---38
Stetson        Mary E.          2     Ohio              8a---39
Steveson       Enoch            30    Ohio              141a-40
Steveson       John P           27    Ohio              141b--1
Steveson       Joseph           14    Ohio              141b--3
Steveson       Mary             57    Penn              141a-41
Steveson       Philip           11    Ohio              141b--4
Steveson       Sylvester        9/12  Ohio              141a-42
Steveson       William          16    Ohio              141b--2
Stewig         Catherine        52    Penn              20a--34
Stewig         Daniel           53    Penn              20a--33
Stewig         David            25    Penn              20a--36
Stewig         Isaac            19    Penn              20a--37
Stewig         Samuel S.        26    Penn              20a--35
Stewig         Susan            17    Ohio              20a--38
Stickner       .                30    Germany           74b---1
Stickner       Mrs.             19    Germany           74b---2
Stickney       Benj F.          77    Mass              32b---1
Stickney       Malcom           3     .                 85b--25
Stickney       Mary M.          61    Maryland          32b---2
Stickney       Matilda          36    NY                85b--22
Stickney       One              47    Unknown           85b--21
Stickney       Stark            5     .                 85b--24
Stickney       Two              35    Ohio              80a--18
Stickney       Victoria         7     Ohio              85b--23
Stiles         J.M.             22    New Jersey        128a-40
Stine          Daniel           19    Ohio              19b--35
Stine          Darkena          33    Penn              19b--33
Stine          Henrietta        6     Ohio              19b--39
Stine          John             21    Ohio              19b--34
Stine          Margaret         4     Ohio              19b--40
Stine          Mary             14    Ohio              19b--36
Stine          Rebecca          1     Ohio              19b--41
Stine          Samuel           48    Penn              19b--32
Stine          Selinda          11    Ohio              19b--37
Stine          William          8     Ohio              19b--38
Stinger        Antoine          26    Germany           12b--37
Stinger        Catharine        22    Germany           12b--38
Stinger        John             1     Ohio              12b--39
Stirk          Elizabeth        42    Germany           44b--12
Stirk          Henry            9     Germany           44b--13
Stirk          John             26    Germany           32b--41
Stirk          Louisa           16    Germany           33a---1
Stirk          Mary             31    Germany           32b--42
Stirk          Nicholas         64    Germany           33a---2
Stoats         Amelia Ann       10    Ohio              65a--39
Stoats         Catharine        34    NY                65a--38
Stoats         Mary E.          7     Ohio              65a--40
Stockman       Augustus         26    NY                60a--37
Stockman       Jane             28    NY                60a--35
Stockman       Richard S.       7     Ohio              60a--36
Stockman       Theodore L.      40    NY                60a--34
Stoddard       Thomas           22    Unknown           75a---2
Stoger         John             16    Germany           133b--4
Stohl          Daniel           29    Germany           47b---8
Stohl          Henrietta        25    Germany           47b---9
Stohl          Sophia           8/12  Ohio              47b--10
Stone          Elizabeth        24    Penn              18a--18
Stone          Homer B.         28    NY                18a--17
Stone          Isaac            27    Penn              37a--40
Stone          Laura            2     Ohio              18a--19
Stone          Mary             19    NY                37a--41
Stoner         William          34    Ireland           51a--42
Stout          Catharine        20    NY                108a-19
Stout          D.B.             42    New Jersey        108a-18
Stout          Josephine C.     7/12  Ohio              108a-22
Stow           D.F.             48    Mass              56b--12
Stow           Margaret L.      27    Penn              56b--14
Stow           Sophia           45    Penn              56b--13
Stowe          Alfaretta        7/12  Ohio              75b--30
Stowe          Alfred E.        3     Ohio              75b--29
Stowe          Alfred F.        34    Vermont           75b--25
Stowe          Augusta M.       6     Ohio              75b--28
Stowe          Clarence W.      4     Ohio              76b---6
Stowe          Cynthia S.       40    Vermont           76b---4
Stowe          Eliza D.         13    Ohio              76b---5
Stowe          Lewis C.         1     Ohio              76b---7
Stowe          Maria            30    Vermont           75b--26
Stowe          Mary A.          9     Ohio              75b--27
Stowe          R.C.             43    Vermont           76b---3
Strader        Eliza            28    Kentucky          36a--41
Strader        Leonard          29    Kentucky          36a--40
Strager        Amanda           7     Ohio              24a--30
Strager        Anna             45    Penn              24a--22
Strager        Anna Maria       13    Ohio              24a--28
Strager        Catharine        16    Ohio              24a--27
Strager        Christina        14    Ohio              24a--26
Strager        Daniel           52    Penn              24a--21
Strager        Jacob            21    Ohio              24a--25
Strager        Lafayette H.     9/12  Ohio              24a--31
Strager        Michael          24    Ohio              24a--23
Strager        Nathaniel        23    Ohio              24a--24
Strager        William H.       10    Ohio              24a--29
Straight       Augusta E.       15    Mich              79b--32
Straight       George W.        36    NY                79b--36
Straight       Harriet B.       32    NY                79b--37
Straight       Helem M.         16    Mich              79b--31
Straight       Joseph V.        34    NY                79b--30
Straight       Josephine        8/12  Ohio              79b--38
Straight       Sarah            37    NY                79b--33
Strain         Hugh             41    Ireland           16a--22
Strain         Hugh             2/12  Ohio              16a--24
Strain         Mary             32    Ireland           16a--23
Straits        Dorothy          60    Germany           20b--31
Strayer        Barbara          5     Ohio              138b-36
Strayer        Barbara          31    Penn              141a-35
Strayer        Barbara          27    Penn              138b-35
Strayer        Catherine        8     Penn              141a-37
Strayer        Daniel           10    Ohio              124b-12
Strayer        Elizabeth        54    Penn              124a-17
Strayer        Emily B          1     Ohio              141a-39
Strayer        Fanny            26    Penn              124a-40
Strayer        Henry            6     Ohio              124b-14
Strayer        Henry            29    Penn              141a-34
Strayer        Jacob            26    Penn              138b-34
Strayer        Jacob H          5     Ohio              141a-38
Strayer        Jessee           12    Ohio              124b-11
Strayer        John             39    Penn              124b--7
Strayer        John             1     Ohio              124a-42
Strayer        John E.          4     Ohio              124b-15
Strayer        John W.          25    Ohio              124a-39
Strayer        Joseph           21    Ohio              124a-18
Strayer        Letty Ann        8     Ohio              124b-13
Strayer        Martin           19    Ohio              124a-19
Strayer        Mary Ann         10    Ohio              124a-20
Strayer        Mary M.          3     Ohio              124a-41
Strayer        Melissa J        2     Ohio              138b-38
Strayer        Peter            51    Penn              124a-16
Strayer        Peter            14    Ohio              124b-10
Strayer        Rebecca          3     Ohio              138b-37
Strayer        Sarah Ann        16    Ohio              124b--9
Strayer        Susan            9     Penn              141a-36
Strayer        Susan            37    Ohio              124b--8
Strayer        Wesley           2     Ohio              124b-16
Strong         Biddy            37    Ireland           76a--39
Strong         Biddy            12    Ireland           76a--42
Strong         C.E.             26    Unknown           69a--29
Strong         Fam              37    NY                25b--39
Strong         Margaret         16    Ireland           76a--40
Strong         Margaret         14    Ireland           77b--22
Strong         Mary             14    Ireland           76a--41
Strong         Pat              41    Ireland           76a--38
Strong         Soloman          21    NY                25b--40
Strow          John             30    Ohio              2b---20
Stryker        Catharine        42    Germany           99b--24
Stryker        Elizabeth        23    Germany           99b--20
Stryker        George           44    Germany           99b--17
Stryker        George           30    Germany           54a--27
Stryker        George           1     Ohio              99b--21
Stryker        John             20    Germany           99b--25
Stryker        Joseph           46    Germany           99b--23
Stryker        Joseph           1     Ohio              54a--30
Stryker        Julia            16    Germany           99b--28
Stryker        Madaline         42    Germany           99b--18
Stryker        Martin           26    Germany           99b--19
Stryker        Mary             4     Germany           54a--29
Stryker        Mary             28    Germany           54a--28
Stryker        Michael          18    Germany           99b--26
Stryker        Nancy            8     Germany           99b--27
Stuart         Edwin E.         28    NY                126b-34
Stuart         Mary             27    Germany           126b-35
Stubbick       Ann              3/12  Ohio              58a--40
Stubbick       Ann              22    Germany           58a--39
Stubbick       William          21    Germany           58a--38
Stunson        Charles          14    O                 155a-15
Stunson        Douglas          12    O                 155a-16
Stunson        Rebecca          54    Ireland           155a-13
Stunson        Walter           18    O                 155a-14
Stunson        Wm.              63    Ireland           155a-12
Sugar          George           50    Germany           10a---5
Sulivan        Dennis           22    Ireland           140a-24
Suller         Anthony          31    Germany           53a--37
Sullivan       Betsy            3     Penn              32a---6
Sullivan       Bridget          39    Ireland           68a--30
Sullivan       Daniel           22    Ireland           33a--29
Sullivan       Daniel           10    Ireland           31a--33
Sullivan       David            17    Ireland           31a--36
Sullivan       Ellen            8     Ireland           31a--34
Sullivan       James            14    Ireland           32a---3
Sullivan       Jeremiah         40    Ireland           68a--29
Sullivan       Margaret         46    Ireland           32a---2
Sullivan       Margaret         32    Ireland           31a--31
Sullivan       Mary             2/12  Ohio              68a--32
Sullivan       Mary             13    Ireland           31a--32
Sullivan       Mary             12    Ireland           33a--35
Sullivan       Mary             10    NY                32a---4
Sullivan       Patrick          11    Ohio              68a--31
Sullivan       Thomas           8     Penn              32a---5
Sullivan       Thomas           49    Ireland           32a---1
Sullivan       Thomas           2     Ireland           31a--35
Sullivan       Timothy          40    Ireland           31a--30
Sure           Francis          30    Germany           34a---5
Sureman        John E.          20    NY                46b---2
Suter          Peter            21    Germany           126b-27
Sutton         Sarah            25    NY                49b--22
Swartz         Henry            33    Germany           63b--38
Swartz         Maria            24    Germany           63b--39
Swartz         Osceala          10    Germany           63b--40
Swat           Andrew D.        29    Canada            6b---18
Swat           Eliza            24    Ireland           6b---19
Swat           George           4     Canada            6b---20
Swat           Mary Ann         1     Canada            6b---21
Sweener        Bennett          29    Germany           93a--32
Sweener        Catharine        21    Ohio              93a--33
Sweener        John             3/12  Ohio              93a--34
Sweet          Harriet          28    NY                71b--30
Swift          Albert           40    Mass              74a---6
Swift          Arma             15    Rhode Island      74a---9
Swift          Catharine        39    Rhode Island      74a---7
Swift          Charles J.       8     Ohio              60b--21
Swift          Emily            16    Rhode Island      74a---8
Swift          Hannah           24    .                 146a-29
Swift          John             13    Ohio              28a--14
Swift          Julia A.         39    NY                60b--19
Swift          Mary             11    Ohio              60b--20
Swift          William          29    160               146a-28
Swigert        Matthew          18    Germany           58a--41
Swigert        William          28    Germany           58a--31
Swok           Sarah            18    England           107a-25
Swutzer        George           10    Germany           150b-31
Swutzer        Jack             14    Germany           150b-29
Swutzer        John             42    Germany           150b-27
Swutzer        Mary             40    Germany           150b-28
Swutzer        Mary             12    Germany           150b-30
Sylvester      Ann              15    NY                39b--20
Sylvester      Esther Ann       10    Ohio              79a--18
Sylvester      Irena            41    Unknown           79a--12
Sylvester      James            16    Ohio              79a--15
Sylvester      John             18    Ohio              79a--14
Sylvester      Mary             12    Ohio              79a--17
Sylvester      Matilda          20    Ohio              79a--13
Sylvester      Oscar            14    Ohio              79a--16
Sylvester      William B.       45    New Jersey        79a--11

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