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Taft           Fanny            19    NY                107a-41
Taft           Fanny A.         6/12  Ohio              107b--1
Taft           Horace           23    NY                107a-40
Taft           Isaac            28    NY                107a-38
Taft           Mary             21    NY                107a-39
Talbot         Elizabeth        9     Ohio              107a-19
Talbot         George           7     Ohio              107a-20
Talbot         Henry            7/12  Ohio              107a-23
Talbot         Jane             3     Ohio              107a-22
Talbot         Mary             5     Ohio              107a-21
Talbot         Mary Ann         36    England           107a-17
Talbot         Richard          13    Ohio              107a-18
Talbot         Robert           36    England           107a-16
Talip          Antonie          23    Canada            107a-24
Tamick         Caroline         22    Germany           34a---9
Tanner         Elizabeth        25    Germany           34a--24
Tanner         George           25    Germany           34a--23
Tanner         Jacob            23    Germany           1b---35
Tanner         Samuel           5/12  Ohio              34a--25
Tappan         Mrs.             44    NY                6a---25
Tappan         Ranney           27    Unknown           67b---7
Tarbox         Annette M.       18    Conn              20a--11
Tarbox         Arthur D.        14    Conn              20a---9
Tarbox         Charles S.       17    Conn              20a---8
Tarbox         Frances          37    Conn              20a---7
Tarbox         Jasper B.        12    Conn              20a--10
Tarbox         Ralph            40    Conn              20a---6
Tark           Elizabeth C.     20    Ohio              13a---2
Tark           Mary             13    Ohio              11b---7
Tavena         Mary             63    England           99a--24
Tavena         William          67    England           99a--23
Taylor         Adelaide         4     Ohio              20a--21
Taylor         Alvira           33    NY                108a--3
Taylor         Amanda           8     O                 153a-12
Taylor         Amy              31    Ohio              20a--20
Taylor         Benjamin F.      71    New Hampshire     133a-34
Taylor         Benjamin G.      38    New Jersey        20a--19
Taylor         Caroline E.      1     Ohio              18a---8
Taylor         Charles          35    Mass              4b----1
Taylor         David H.         10    O                 153a-11
Taylor         Davies           42    NY                7a---30
Taylor         Deborah          20    Ohio              133a-37
Taylor         Deborah          19    Penn              123a--5
Taylor         Eliza            28    Va                153a-10
Taylor         Eliza            13    O                 153a--4
Taylor         Eliza            1     England           128a-18
Taylor         Eliza E.         3     O                 153a-14
Taylor         Elizabeth        62    England           110b-23
Taylor         Ellen            10    England           128a-15
Taylor         Emily            13    England           128a-13
Taylor         Francis          32    England           18a---5
Taylor         George           59    England           110b-22
Taylor         George           36    England           128a-11
Taylor         Harriet Ann      11    O                 153a--5
Taylor         Henry Clay       5     O                 153a-13
Taylor         Henry D          34    Ohio              141a-14
Taylor         Jane             20    Penn              123a--6
Taylor         Jane A.          27    England           18a---6
Taylor         Jessee           1     Ohio              4b----3
Taylor         John             45    NY                140b-18
Taylor         John             40    Ireland           138b-31
Taylor         John             35    Penn              122b-38
Taylor         John G.          21    Ohio              133a-36
Taylor         Julia Ette       55    NY                133a-35
Taylor         Justin B.        42    Vermont           108a--2
Taylor         Louisa           2/12  Ohio              141a-16
Taylor         Lucretia         1     O                 153a--8
Taylor         Maria            7     England           128a-16
Taylor         Mary             30    Ohio              122b-39
Taylor         Mary             24    Ohio              141a-15
Taylor         Mary Ann         8     Ohio              122b-41
Taylor         Mary Ann         4     England           128a-17
Taylor         Mary Ann         38    Penn              153a--2
Taylor         Mary Ann         29    England           128a-12
Taylor         Mary Jane        8     O                 153a--6
Taylor         Matilda          18    Ohio              4b----2
Taylor         Nancy            11    Ohio              122b-40
Taylor         O.               31    Canada            3b---34
Taylor         Ralph            11    England           128a-14
Taylor         Rhoda Ann        2     Ohio              20a--22
Taylor         Robert           15    O                 153a--3
Taylor         Sarah            40    N Hampshire       7a---31
Taylor         Sarah J.         1     Ohio              123a--1
Taylor         Sarah Jane       6     Ohio              18a---7
Taylor         Susan C.         6     O                 153a--7
Taylor         William          5     Ohio              122b-42
Taylor         William          23    Penn              26a---4
Taylor         William          22    Penn              123a--4
Taylor         Wm               40    Penn              153a--1
Teal           Ashur            2     Mich              51b--17
Teal           Matilda          19    NY                51b--16
Teal           Melancton        26    NY                51b--15
Teal           Melanton         30    NY                37a--29
Teichman       Jane             19    NY                28b---6
Templeton      Charles W.       11/12 Ohio              67b--33
Templeton      Jane L.          24    NH                67b--32
Templeton      Thomas W.        26    Mass              67b--31
Tenney         Catharine        23    Canada            70a---3
Tenney         Thomas           22    England           70a---2
Terry          Hannah           42    Ireland           52b--29
Tesick         Nicholas         21    Prussia           11b--42
Thacher        Alonzo           4     Ohio              84b--21
Thacher        Franceis G.      19    Penn              96b--12
Thacher        Francis G.       19    NY                97b--20
Thacher        Georeg D.        7     Mich              97b--22
Thacher        Horace           10    NY                104a-22
Thacher        James M.         32    Penn              104a-20
Thacher        Julia            6     Mich              104a-23
Thacher        Margaret         34    Penn              104a-21
Thacher        Melissa          13    Unknown           112b--5
Thacher        Robert           55    Vermont           97b--18
Thacher        Sally M.         40    NY                97b--19
Thacher        Therese          32    Canada            84b--19
Thacher        Thomas           43    NY                84b--18
Thacher        Thomas D.        14    Ohio              84b--20
Thacher        Watson B.        16    NY                97b--21
Thayer         Ann              5     NY                69a---3
Thayer         Ann              36    NY                69a---2
Thayer         Edward           3     Ohio              69a---4
Thayer         Lyman T.         40    NY                69a---1
Theghun        Ellen            27    Ireland           32a---7
Thomas         Alfred           9     Penn              116b-13
Thomas         Ama              61    NY                98a--13
Thomas         Ayran            32    Penn              116b-10
Thomas         Benjamin         23    Penn              98b--19
Thomas         Edwin            30    Ohio              98b--16
Thomas         Elizabeth        11    Penn              116b-12
Thomas         Harriet          22    Unknown           74a--11
Thomas         Harriet          2/12  Ohio              74a--13
Thomas         Henry            4/12  Ohio              116b-15
Thomas         Henry            26    Unknown           74a--10
Thomas         Hiram            3     Ohio              98a--14
Thomas         Laura            2     Ohio              74a--12
Thomas         Leonard          26    Ohio              98a--10
Thomas         Leonard          2/12  Ohio              98a--12
Thomas         Lucy             27    Penn              116b-11
Thomas         Maria            25    NY                98b--17
Thomas         Mary             40    Ireland           5b---24
Thomas         Rebecca          22    Ohio              98a--11
Thomas         Sarah Jane       4     Penn              116b-14
Thomas         Wallace          4     Ohio              98b--18
Thomes         Thomas D.        31    Ohio              59a--20
Thompson       Alice            12    NY                32a--17
Thompson       Ann              32    Ireland           83a--37
Thompson       Emma             17    England           60a--29
Thompson       Fidding          28    Virginia          74a--17
Thompson       Harriet          9     NY                32a--18
Thompson       Harriet          22    Ohio              74a--18
Thompson       John             38    England           60a--27
Thompson       John             23    Unknown           34b--40
Thompson       John             23    NY                69a---7
Thompson       John             10    Tennesee          60a--31
Thompson       Joseph           38    Ireland           83a--32
Thompson       Joseph           1     Ohio              83a--42
Thompson       Julia            15    England           60a--30
Thompson       Louisa           5     Ohio              74a--19
Thompson       Mary             40    England           83a--33
Thompson       Mary             20    Ireland           139a-41
Thompson       Mary             10    Ireland           83a--39
Thompson       Mary Ann         30    Scotland          60a--28
Thompson       Matilda          38    NY                32a--16
Thompson       Matthew          52    Ireland           83a--35
Thompson       Michael          4     Ohio              83a--41
Thompson       O.C.             26    NY                75a--12
Thompson       Patrick          35    Ireland           83a--36
Thompson       Peter            40    Sweden            41a--24
Thompson       Richard          8     Ohio              83a--40
Thompson       Rosana           18    England           61a---7
Thompson       Russel C.        40    Conn              32a--15
Thompson       Thomas           41    Ireland           139a-40
Thompson       Thomas           12    Ireland           83a--38
Thonn          James            30    NY                18a--20
Thorp          Amanda           3     Ohio              109b-31
Thorp          Clarke           9     NY                109b-30
Thorp          Haskell          11    NY                109b-29
Thorp          Isaac            17    NY                109b-28
Thorp          Isaac            15    Unknown           45b--38
Thorp          Jane             14    NY                109b-27
Thorp          Peter            53    NY                109b-25
Thorp          Phebe            47    NY                109b-26
Thrall         R.D.             25    Ohio              69a---6
Thresher       William          22    Unknown           67b--38
Thrusher       James            60    Ct.               149b-37
Tiernan        Ann              19    Ireland           45b--12
Tierney        Ellen            34    Scotland          30b--40
Tile           Lewis            30    Ireland           56a---5
Tillottson     Angeline         22    Canada            82b---9
Tillottson     Charles          5     Canada            82b--10
Tillottson     James            25    NY                82b---8
Timison        Anna             47    N.Y.              153a-40
Timison        Cole             22    N.Y.              153a-41
Timison        Susan            20    N.Y.              153a-42
Timison        Thos.            53    N.J.              153a-39
Timpany        Catharine        65    France            65a--22
Timpany        Isabella         5/12  Ohio              65a--24
Timpany        Jennette         3     Ohio              65a--23
Timpany        Robert H.        36    Nova Scotia       65a--21
Tine           Bridget          30    Ireland           75a--32
Tingley        Harm             19    Penn              123a--3
Tink           Catharine        13    Ohio              137a--5
Tinney         Edward           23    Unknown           68a---4
Tipton         Alsalom          20    Ohio              141b-21
Tipton         Charles          23    Ohio              141b-20
Tipton         Delilah          7     Ohio              141b-27
Tipton         Emily            24    Ohio              141b-15
Tipton         Ive              14    Ohio              141b-24
Tipton         John             6/12  Ohio              141b-17
Tipton         Lucy             16    Ohio              141b-23
Tipton         Luke             52    Maryland          141b-18
Tipton         Mary             48    Penn              141b-19
Tipton         Palmyra          12    Ohio              141b-25
Tipton         Richard          4     Ohio              141b-16
Tipton         Saul             18    Ohio              141b-22
Tipton         Theodore         10    Ohio              141b-26
Tipton         William          27    Ohio              141b-14
Titus          Adaline L.       32    NY                37a--10
Titus          Ann Eliza        35    NY                37a--11
Titus          Anna             13    Indiana           36a---4
Titus          Anna F.          43    NY                36a---1
Titus          Harriet A.       12    Indiana           37a--12
Titus          Henry W.         8     Indiana           36a---5
Titus          Mary             1     Ohio              37a--14
Titus          Mary A.A.        9     Indiana           37a--13
Titus          Mary E.          24    NY                36a---2
Titus          Robert W.        34    NY                37a---9
Titus          Walter A.        22    NY                36a---3
Tobin          John             31    Ireland           13b--29
Tobin          Mary             25    Ireland           13b--30
Todd           Alphonzo         13    O                 150a-16
Todd           Augustus         15    O                 150a-15
Todd           Elizabeth        1     O                 150a-21
Todd           George N.        6     O                 150a-19
Todd           Hannah           35    N.Y.              150a-13
Todd           Horace           44    Mass              150a-12
Todd           Horace           3     O                 150a-20
Todd           John             8     O                 150a-18
Todd           Luther           11    O                 150a-17
Todd           Perrinton        17    O                 150a-14
Tomley         Caroline         20    Germany           66b---8
Tooker         Cornelia         32    Holland           93a--14
Toomay         John             14    Germany           65a---8
Toomey         Catharine        47    Germany           11b--31
Toomey         Helen            16    Germany           11b--34
Toomey         Matthias         18    Germany           11b--33
Toomey         Peter            21    Germany           11b--32
Topping        Elenor           3     O                 155a--4
Topping        Robt.            26    N.Y.              155a--1
Topping        Rosena           6     Mich              155a--3
Topping        Sefrona          24    Vt                155a--2
Toppring       Betsey           50    N.Y.              153a-36
Toppring       Charles F.       23    N.Y.              153a-37
Toppring       Smith            21    N.Y.              153a-38
Tormey         Matthew          14    Germany           30b--16
Town           Mary Ann         28    Mich              37a--34
Town           Sannel           4     Mich              37a--35
Town           Wellman          38    Unknown           37a--36
Town           William A.       15    Mich              37a--37
Tracy          Ann              12    Rhode Island      59b---3
Tracy          Bridget          9     Rhode Island      59b---4
Tracy          Edward           30    Ireland           59b---1
Tracy          Elizabeth        31    Ireland           59b---2
Tracy          John             6     Ohio              59b---5
Trainir        William          40    Ireland           119b--4
Trapp          Aaron            5     Ohio              26a--38
Trapp          Amanda           10    Ohio              26a--36
Trapp          Andrew           12    Ohio              26a--35
Trapp          Barbara          38    Pa                26a--33
Trapp          David            25    Penn              124b--5
Trapp          Elias            8     Ohio              26a--37
Trapp          Elizabeth        49    Penn              124b--1
Trapp          Esther           19    Penn              124b--2
Trapp          Horace F.        2     Ohio              26a--39
Trapp          Isimiah          13    Penn              124b--3
Trapp          Jessee           14    Ohio              26a--34
Trapp          John             40    Pa                26a--32
Trapp          Joseph           21    Penn              124b--4
Trapp          Sarah            23    Penn              124b--6
Travis         John W.          10/12 Ohio              27b--20
Travis         Maria E.         3     Ohio              27b--19
Travis         Nancy M.         23    NY                27b--18
Travis         William          26    Ohio              27b--17
Treadway       Adna             10    .                 146a--4
Treadway       Almira           8     .                 146a--5
Treadway       Cornelia         6     .                 146a--7
Treadway       George           16    .                 146a--2
Treadway       Horace           9     .                 146a--6
Treadway       Meleson C        22    .                 148b-42
Treadway       Nancy            50    .                 148b-41
Treadway       R                47    900               148b-40
Treadway       S                18    .                 146a--1
Treadway       VanBuren         12    .                 146a--3
Trearey        Allen W.         13    NY                108a--6
Trearey        Delatus W.       43    Vermont           108a--4
Trearey        Elizabeth        40    NY                108a--5
Trearey        Sarah J.         10    Mich              108a--7
Treat          Charles          18    NY                80b---3
Treat          George           14    Ohio              89a--15
Treat          George D.        44    NY                89a--12
Treat          Julia            6     NY                80b---4
Treat          Julia            19    NY                89a--14
Treat          Lydia            46    Canada            80b---2
Treat          Mary             39    NY                89a--13
Treat          Samuel           49    NY                80b---1
Treat          Samuel           16    Ohio              89a--16
Tribo          Victoria         8     Ohio              74b--31
Tribold        Jane             11    Mich              39b--35
Triffs         Betsy            73    .                 144a--7
Triffs         Byron            11    .                 144a--3
Triffs         Cyrus            68    .                 144a--6
Triffs         Hapsy A          37    .                 144a--1
Triffs         Harriet          14    .                 144a--2
Triffs         Mary C           8     .                 144a--4
Triffs         Norman N         3     .                 144a--5
Tripp          Dayton           38    800               146a-42
Trombly        Alice            3     Ohio              2b---41
Trombly        Basil            23    Mich              2b---39
Trombly        Gilbert          25    Ohio              15a--10
Trombly        Larina           44    NY                17b--13
Trombly        Martha Jane      8     Ohio              17b--17
Trombly        Susan            20    Germany           15a--11
Trombly        Thomas           1     Ohio              2b---42
Trombly        Victoria         18    Ohio              2b---40
Trombly        William          2     Ohio              15a--12
Trombly        William A.       11    Ohio              17b--16
Trontridge     Anson            25    NY                91b--38
Truman         Bridget          21    Conn              17a--33
Truman         Horace           27    Conn              17a--32
Trumbull       Ann Maria        7     Ohio              119a--7
Trumbull       Calvin           37    NY                119a--4
Trumbull       Caroline         33    Vermont           119a-28
Trumbull       Charlotte        32    England           119a--5
Trumbull       David            59    Conn              119a-27
Trumbull       George S.        2     Ohio              119a--9
Trumbull       Hannah           26    NY                119a-16
Trumbull       Harriet A.       5     Ohio              119a--8
Trumbull       James            36    NY                119a-15
Trumbull       Letitia          13    Kentucky          119a-29
Trumbull       Mary             2     Ohio              119a-20
Trumbull       Mary             17    NY                119a-31
Trumbull       Oliver           4     Ohio              119a-19
Trumbull       Rufus            6     Ohio              119a-18
Trumbull       Rufus            20    NY                119a-30
Trumbull       William C.       8     Ohio              119a--6
Tubold         Adolphus         8     Mich              46b---9
Tubold         David R.         12    Ohio              46b---7
Tubold         Elizabeth        30    Ohio              46b---5
Tubold         Ellen            10    Mich              46b---8
Tubold         Gabriel          40    Mich              46b---4
Tubold         Lucy             13    Mich              47a--37
Tubold         Toe              15    Ohio              46b---6
Tunison        Charles          23    .                 147a-16
Tunison        John P.          14    N.Y.              156a--1
Tunison        Julia            49    .                 147a-15
Tunison        Philip           21    300               147a-17
Tunison        Sarah            17    .                 147a-18
Tunison        William          9     .                 147a-19
Tunison        Wm               53    1000              147a-14
Tupper         Gustunis         7     NY                60b--23
Tupper         Mary E.          30    NY                60b--22
Turk           Alexander D      41    Penn              138a-18
Turk           Davis            9     Ohio              138a-22
Turk           Julia            14    Ohio              138a-21
Turk           Lavina           38    Ohio              138a-19
Turk           Martha           17    Ohio              138a-20
Turk           Welcome          4/12  Ohio              138a-24
Turk           Wesley           7     Ohio              138a-23
Turner         Abel             50    England           111b--2
Turner         Abel             30    England           111b--3
Turner         Catharine B.     19    NY                18b--30
Turner         Edmund           17    England           75a--39
Turner         Madaline         22    Germany           58a--36
Turner         Martin           25    Germany           58a--35
Turner         Mary             9/12  Ohio              58a--37
Turner         Stroma           17    Ohio              35b--31
Turney         Patrick          18    Ireland           53a--31
Tuting         Henry            21    Germany           69a--22
Tyrell         Bridget          15    Ohio              101b-22
Tyrell         Catharine        40    Ireland           101b-21
Tyrell         Edward           6     Ohio              101b-24
Tyrell         James            8     Ohio              101b-23
Tyrell         Thomas           45    Ireland           101b-20
Tyrell         Thomas           3     Ohio              101b-25

Upham          Firman           10    New Jersey        74a---1
Upkars         Harmon           25    Holland           53b--14
Upkars         Mary Ann         24    Germany           53b--15
Upton          Algiria E.       9     Ohio              100a-37
Upton          Alva             4     Ohio              100a-39
Upton          David            19    Unknown           103a-33
Upton          Edward           23    NY                100a-35
Upton          Lydia            7     Ohio              100a-38
Upton          Lydia Ann        27    Vermont           100a-36

Valan          Catharine        9     Ireland           76b---1
Valan          James            6     Ireland           76b---2
Valentine      David            26    Ohio              8b---19
Valentine      George           62    Germany           84a--17
Valentine      Mary Jane        5     Ohio              8b---21
Valentine      Nancy            23    Mich              8b---20
Valentine      Rosanna          4     Ohio              8b---22
Valentine      Sophia           50    Germany           84a--18
Valentine      Sophia           30    Germany           84a--19
Vallad         James            16    .                 29a--21
Van Alstine    Abram            18    NY                111a-29
Van Alstine    Amaziah          6     Ohio              111a-34
Van Alstine    Amy              14    NY                111a-31
Van Alstine    Isaac            23    NY                65b--20
Van Alstine    Jacob            48    NY                111a-27
Van Alstine    Lydia            10    Ohio              111a-32
Van Alstine    Mary D.          4     .                 111a-35
Van Alstine    Prudence         8     Ohio              111a-33
Van Alstine    Rhoda            39    NY                111a-28
Van Alstine    William          16    NY                111a-30
Van Atta       Benjamin         13    NY                114a--8
Van Atta       Hiram            41    NY                114a--5
Van Atta       Lewis            15    NY                114a--7
Van Atta       Louisa           9     Mich              114a-10
Van Atta       Mary Jane        11    Mich              114a--9
Van Atta       Sarah            46    NY                114a--6
Van Bansalair  Esther           26    NY                140b-36
Van Bansalair  Harriet A        4/12  Ohio              140b-37
Van Bansalair  James            27    NY                140b-35
Van Bansalair  John             23    NY                140b-38
Van Blarcum    Mary             76    New Jersey        127a-40
Van Blarcum    Peter F.         24    NY                52a--14
Van Deusen     Hannah           50    NY                119b-39
Van Fleet      Charles          27    Ohio              126a-29
Van Fleet      Cornelius        32    Penn              12a--17
Van Fleet      Hannah           18    Penn              41a--28
Van Fleet      Harriet          15    Ohio              126a-27
Van Fleet      Helen            3     Ohio              126a-31
Van Fleet      Henry            8     Ohio              12a--20
Van Fleet      Henry F.         10/12 Ohio              126a-32
Van Fleet      Jane             21    Ohio              127a-42
Van Fleet      John             58    Penn              127a-37
Van Fleet      Julia Ann        30    Penn              12a--18
Van Fleet      Maha M.          10    Ohio              12a--19
Van Fleet      Margaret E.      18    Ohio              126a-33
Van Fleet      Martha           3     Ohio              12a--22
Van Fleet      Mary             38    NY                127a-38
Van Fleet      Mary             3/12  Ohio              12a--23
Van Fleet      Mary Ann         55    Penn              126a-25
Van Fleet      Mathias          57    Penn              22a--42
Van Fleet      Phiny O.         6     Ohio              12a--21
Van Fleet      Sarah            9     Ohio              127a-39
Van Fleet      Sarah            22    Ohio              126a-26
Van Fleet      Sarah            22    NY                126a-30
Van Fleet      William          29    Ohio              126a-28
Van Fleet      William          22    Penn              127a-41
Van Gunten     Ourich           22    Germany           96a---5
Van Guston     Ann Maria        22    Germany           44a--39
Van Guston     David W.         5     Ohio              44a--41
Van Guston     Jacob            3     Ohio              44a--42
Van Guston     John             40    Germany           44a--38
Van Guston     John             16    Germany           44a--40
Van Hellen     John A.          6     Ohio              114b-31
Van Hellen     Joseph           40    Penn              114b-29
Van Hellen     Susan            39    Penn              114b-30
Van Holton     Ralph            17    NY                101b-26
Van Horn       Henrietta        2     Ohio              22a---9
Van Horn       Henry            2     Ohio              22a---8
Van Horn       James            28    NY                22a---6
Van Horn       Leonora          20    Ohio              22a---7
Van Houton     Arichibald       13    Ohio              91b--16
Van Houton     Bradford         11    Ohio              91b--18
Van Houton     Bradley          11    Ohio              91b--17
Van Houton     Daniel           14    Ohio              91b--15
Van Houton     Doctor           6     Ohio              91b--19
Van Houton     Fanny            46    NY                91b--11
Van Houton     James            20    NY                91b--12
Van Houton     John E.          4     Ohio              91b--20
Van Houton     Ralph            16    Ohio              91b--14
Van Houton     Sally Ann        19    NY                91b--13
Van Houton     Van              45    NY                91b--10
Van Leiw       Catherine        54    New Jersey        47b--41
Van Leiw       Garratt          56    NY                47b--40
Van Leiw       Harriet          19    Mich              48a---1
Van Leiw       Henry J.         15    NY                48a---2
Van Leiw       James            30    NY                47b--42
Van Metre      George           9     Ohio              141b--9
Van Metre      Isaac            11    Ohio              141b--8
Van Metre      James            7     Ohio              141b-10
Van Metre      John             44    Ohio              141b--5
Van Metre      John             4/12  Ohio              141b-13
Van Metre      Joshua           6     Ohio              141b-11
Van Metre      Mary             12    Ohio              141b--7
Van Metre      Rachel           33    Ohio              141b--6
Van Metre      Susanna          2     Ohio              141b-12
Van Orden      Catharine        23    Maine             70b--41
Van Orden      Jacob            35    NY                70b--40
Van Ormond     Harriet          18    NY                111b-15
Van Pelt       Henry            39    NY                66b--10
Van Pelt       Louisa           24    NY                66b--11
Van Wert       Abram            37    NY                119a-38
Van Wert       Charlotte        6     Ohio              119a-41
Van Wert       Maria            31    NY                119a-39
Van Wert       Mary             4     Ohio              119a-42
Van Wert       Sarah J.         15    NY                119a-40
Van Wormer     George           19    NY                93a--26
Vanderhoof     Harriet          8     NY                22a--30
Vanderhoof     Helen            10    NY                22a--29
Vanderhoof     Mary             36    NY                22a--26
Vanderhoof     Mary E.          5     NY                22a--31
Vanderhoof     Melissa          4/12  Ohio              22a--32
Vanderhoof     Peter            47    NY                22a--25
Vanderhoof     Robert           14    NY                22a--27
Vanderhoof     Samuel           12    NY                22a--28
Vandermark     George           25    Unknown           68a---3
Vanhorn        John             28    Unknown           24a---8
Vanhorn        Mary             19    Unknown           24a---9
Vanorman       Aaron            30    .                 147b--8
Vanorman       H                26    400               147b--6
Vanorman       Mary             20    .                 147b--7
Vanormen       P                16    .                 148a--2
Vanvahsclear   John B.          22    Unknown           67b--34
VanVoorst      Aham             39    Penn              19b---8
Vaughan        Ann              21    NY                52a--18
Vaughan        Isaac C.         37    NY                4b---24
Vaughan        Jerome           24    NY                52a--20
Vaughan        Margaret D.      32    NY                4b---25
Vaughan        Mary A.          17    NY                52a--17
Vaughan        Milton           19    Unknown           67b--36
Vaughan        Rosattha         11    Ohio              4b---26
Vaughan        Rosattha M.      8     Ohio              4b---27
Vegas          Henry            13    Germany           112a-41
Vegas          Joseph           19    Germany           112a-42
Velan          Peggy            35    Ireland           76a--36
Velan          Thomas           7     Ireland           76a--37
Velar          Adaline          14    Mich              102b--5
Velar          David            17    Mich              102b--4
Velar          Esther P.        49    Canada            102b--2
Velar          Frances          55    Canada            102b--1
Velar          Francis          24    Mich              102b--9
Velar          Francis          2/12  Ohio              102b-12
Velar          Isabelle         2     Ohio              102b-11
Velar          Mary             20    Mich              102b-10
Velar          Sally            3     Ohio              102b--6
Velar          Stephan          19    Mich              102b--3
Vernance       Antoine          42    Germany           42a--10
Vernance       Antonie          11    Germany           42a--12
Vernance       Catharine        43    Germany           42a--11
Vernance       Catharine        33    Germany           42a--17
Vernance       John             5     Germany           42a--15
Vernance       John             2/12  Ohio              42a--20
Vernance       Joseph           16    Germany           42a--13
Vernance       Joseph           **    Germany           42a--18
Vernance       Nisi             8     Germany           42a--14
Vernance       Nisi             34    Germany           42a--16
Vernance       Oscar            3     Germany           42a--19
Vickey         Sally            17    .                 146b-19
Vickory        Angelina         42    .                 148a-15
Vickory        Angelina         12    .                 148a-17
Vickory        Eli              10    .                 148a-19
Vickory        Mary             4     .                 148a-20
Vickory        N                47    300               148a-14
Vickory        Polly            15    .                 148a-16
Vickory        William          10    .                 148a-18
Villars        Catharine        11    Ohio              80b--34
Villars        Mary             9/12  Ohio              80b--36
Villars        Matilda          27    Canada            80b--33
Villars        Thomas           42    Mich              80b--32
Villars        Victoria         7     Ohio              80b--35
Vinal          Almira           46    NY                87a--26
Vinal          Chauncey         15    Ohio              87a--27
Vinal          Hiram            45    NY                87a--25
Vinal          Joshua           13    Ohio              87a--28
Vincent        Charles          21    NY                11b--17
Vining         Betsy A.         51    Mass              101a-34
Vischer        Charles          42    Germany           75b--16
Vischer        Charles          1     Ohio              75b--22
Vischer        Edward           7     Ohio              75b--20
Vischer        Elenora          3     Ohio              75b--21
Vischer        Mary             22    Germany           75b--17
Vischer        Nainetta         13    Ohio              75b--19
Vischer        Otto             17    Germany           75b--18
Volmore        John             24    Germany           93a---1
Volmore        Margaret         20    Germany           93a---2
Von Gunter     Ann Maria        1     Ohio              97a--38
Von Gunter     Catharine        35    Germany           97a--33
Von Gunter     Christian        8     Ohio              97b--10
Von Gunter     Christian        65    Germany           99b---4
Von Gunter     Christian        26    Germany           99b---8
Von Gunter     Elizabeth        9     Germany           99b---7
Von Gunter     Henry            10    Germany           97a--34
Von Gunter     Jacob            6     Germany           97a--36
Von Gunter     Jacob            35    Germany           97a--32
Von Gunter     Jacob            13    Germany           99b---6
Von Gunter     John             20    Germany           99b---9
Von Gunter     Martha           4     Ohio              97a--37
Von Gunter     Mary             9     Ohio              97b--11
Von Gunter     Mary             50    Germany           99b---5
Von Gunter     Reid             7     Germany           97a--35
Von Gunter     Susanna          51    Germany           97b---9
Von Kissen     Henry            22    Holland           93a--15
Von Wormer     Aaron            43    NY                93b--10
Von Wormer     Aaron            15    NY                93b--14
Von Wormer     Calvin           12    NY                93b--15
Von Wormer     George           19    NY                93b--12
Von Wormer     James            5     NY                93b--17
Von Wormer     Philetta         42    NY                93b--11
Von Wormer     Sarah Ann        3     Indiana           93b--18
Von Wormer     William          17    NY                93b--13
Von Wormer     Williard         7     NY                93b--16
VonGunter      Mary             23    Germany           69b--12
Vroman         N.N.             23    NY                3a---36
Vrooman        Charles E.       2     Ohio              110a-23
Vrooman        Delia            12    Ohio              110a--8
Vrooman        Elizabeth        55    NY                110a--5
Vrooman        Garrett          32    1000              146b-31
Vrooman        George H.        4     Ohio              110a-22
Vrooman        Henry L          1     .                 146b-34
Vrooman        Hiram            5     .                 146b-33
Vrooman        Hiram P.         22    NY                110a--6
Vrooman        Jacob A.         19    NY                110a--7
Vrooman        John A.          59    NY                110a--4
Vrooman        Laura            26    NY                110a-20
Vrooman        Mary Ellen       7     Ohio              110a-21
Vrooman        Royal B.         28    NY                110a-19
Vrooman        Sally            22    .                 146b-32

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