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Habbell        Delia            13    Ohio              118a-17
Habbell        George           3/12  Ohio              118a-24
Habbell        Hannah           3     Ohio              118a-20
Habbell        Harrison         12    Ohio              118a-18
Habbell        Jane             7     Ohio              118a-19
Habbell        John             20    NY                118a-14
Habbell        Lucy             46    NY                118a-13
Habbell        Maria            16    Penn              118a-16
Habbell        Morritt          26    NY                118a-21
Habbell        Nancy Ann        18    NY                118a-15
Habbell        Sarah Jane       3     Ohio              118a-23
Habbell        Sarah Jane       19    Ohio              118a-22
Habbell        Vernon           45    Conn              118a-12
Haffelbower    Elizabeth        23    Penn              25b--42
Haffelbower    Soloman          27    Penn              25b--41
Haftill        Abram            5     O                 154b-16
Haftill        Ann              40    England           154b--8
Haftill        Anna Mary        3     O                 154b-17
Haftill        Benjamin         16    .                 154b-11
Haftill        Enoch            18    .                 154b-10
Haftill        Esilad           14    O                 154b-12
Haftill        J.               42    England           154b--7
Haftill        Joseph           7     O                 154b-15
Haftill        Martin           21    Penn              154b--9
Haftill        Susan            13    O                 154b-13
Haftill        William          10    O                 154b-14
Hagan          William          24    NY                139a-23
Hagelbaugh     Margaret         28    Germany           40a--32
Hagelbaugh     William          2     Ohio              40a--33
Hagenburg      Anna             8     Ohio              48b--36
Hagenburg      Catharine        5     Ohio              48b--37
Hagenburg      Emma             1     Ohio              48b--38
Hagenburg      Mary             14    Ohio              48b--34
Hagenburg      Mary Ann         30    Germany           48b--33
Hagenburg      Philip           32    Germany           48b--32
Hagenburg      William          10    Ohio              48b--35
Hager          Christina        5/12  Ohio              54b--12
Hager          George           38    Germany           54b---8
Hager          John             2     Germany           54b--11
Hager          Maria            40    Germany           54b---9
Hager          Nicholas         4     Germany           54b--10
Haggerty       Hugh             24    NY                129b--7
Haggerty       Sarah            18    NY                129b--8
Hagiman        Hermon           29    Germany           131a-13
Hagiman        Mary             10/12 Ohio              131a-15
Hagiman        Phebe            23    Penn              131a-14
Hagner         George           21    Germany           34a---2
Hahn           John             50    Germany           99b--22
Haight         Daniel           20    Ohio              65a---2
Haight         Kesiah           18    NY                65a---3
Haines         Alice A.         3     Ohio              118a-10
Haines         Anderson         32    Virginia          118a--4
Haines         Catharine J.     7     Ohio              118a--8
Haines         Charles          12    Mich              78b--39
Haines         George           21    Penn              78b--36
Haines         Harriet          42    Penn              78b--35
Haines         Harrison         15    Mich              78b--38
Haines         James H.         2/12  Ohio              118a-11
Haines         James M.         5     Ohio              118a--9
Haines         John             18    Penn              78b--37
Haines         Mary Ann         29    NY                118a--5
Haines         Oscar W.         10    Ohio              118a--6
Haines         Robert A.        9     Ohio              118a--7
Haines         Wade             6     Ohio              78b--41
Haines         William          10    Ohio              78b--40
Haines         Wilson           45    New Jersey        78b--34
Hains          Jacob            23    O                 153a-16
Hains          Nancy C.         21    N.Y.              153a-17
Hains          Semantha A.      2     O                 153a-18
Hale           William T.       28    England           69a---9
Haley          Catharine        36    Ireland           121b-31
Haley          Dennis           33    Ireland           121b-30
Haley          Mary             9     Ohio              121b-32
Hall           Abigail          81    Penn              123a--2
Hall           Alice Y.         5     Ohio              134b-18
Hall           Angeline         41    NY                11a--11
Hall           Anthusa          *1    NY                88b--20
Hall           Betsy            68    Conn              128a-25
Hall           Catharine        24    Ireland           79a---8
Hall           Charles          27    Kings Highway     79a---7
Hall           Clarrisa         5     Ohio              25a--23
Hall           Cora S.          24    NY                2a---33
Hall           Curtis           40    NY                19a--41
Hall           Elizabeth        9/12  Ohio              19b---5
Hall           Ellen            5     Ohio              19b---3
Hall           Francis          22    Ohio              19a--42
Hall           George           40    NY                97a--11
Hall           George           30    NY                102a-42
Hall           Hannah           38    NY                130a-34
Hall           Harriet          3     Ohio              25a---2
Hall           Helen S.         9     Mich              88b--22
Hall           Hudson B.        41    NY                88b--19
Hall           Huldah           23    NY                127b-40
Hall           Isabella R.      24    Ohio              134b-17
Hall           Jane             32    Conn              129b-11
Hall           Jane A.          15    NY                11a--13
Hall           John             2     Ohio              19b---4
Hall           Joseph E.        34    Ohio              129b-10
Hall           Julia M.         11    Mich              88b--21
Hall           Julia R.         7     Ohio              11a--14
Hall           Lyman            8     Ohio              19b---2
Hall           Martha           30    Penn              13a---1
Hall           Mary             6     Mich              79a---9
Hall           Mary             14    Ohio              128b-40
Hall           Matilda          1     Ill               79a--10
Hall           Menry M.         17    NY                11a--12
Hall           Newel C.         32    Ohio              134b-16
Hall           Orlando E.       3     Ohio              128a-24
Hall           Orlando F.       29    NY                127b-39
Hall           Pamelia C.       9     Ohio              129b-12
Hall           Philo            44    Mass              11a--10
Hall           Rachel           71    Penn              88b--23
Hall           Reuben           25    NY                128a-22
Hall           Rosaline         2     Ohio              127b-41
Hall           Sarah            32    NY                127b-42
Hall           Sarah            23    Ohio              54b---2
Hall           Sarah E.         2     Ohio              11a--15
Hall           Simeon           20    NY                70b--23
Hall           Susan            23    Ohio              128a-23
Hall           Susan T.         50    Conn              35b---4
Hall           Temperance L.    4/12  Ohio              129b-13
Hall           Virginia         9     NY                130a-35
Hall           Wm. H.           29    Mass              2a---32
Halpin         Ann              11    Ohio              33b---4
Halpin         James            5     Ohio              33b---6
Halpin         John             7     Ohio              33b---5
Halpin         John             27    Ireland           33b---2
Halpin         Mary             25    Ireland           33b---3
Halpin         Michael          2     Ohio              33b---7
Halsey         Betsy L.         33    NY                52a--41
Halsey         Emma A.          10    Ohio              52a--42
Halsey         Silas P.         45    NY                52a--40
Hamburg        Mark             25    Ireland           51a--41
Hames          Fanny            66    Vermont           112b--6
Hamilton       Adelia           4     O                 153a-27
Hamilton       Alfred           6/12  Ohio              51b--11
Hamilton       Alfred           38    Ohio              51b---8
Hamilton       Bertha           3     Ohio              3b---20
Hamilton       Clara            4     .                 123a-25
Hamilton       Eliza            32    N.Y.              153a-26
Hamilton       Eliza J.         4     Ohio              51b--10
Hamilton       Franklin         29    Ohio              123a-22
Hamilton       John             30    Mass              3b---18
Hamilton       Julia            2     O                 153a-28
Hamilton       Martha           24    Penn              3b---19
Hamilton       Mary             26    Maine             123a-23
Hamilton       Susan            28    Ohio              51b---9
Hamilton       T.               40    O                 153a-25
Hamilton       Wiley            8     Ohio              123a-24
Hammond        James            27    Maine             135a-39
Hammond        Mary A.          45    Maine             135a-40
Hammy          Jacob            25    N.J.              150b-39
Hammy          Mary M.          21    O                 150b-40
Hamott         Amanour E.       16    O                 149a--9
Hamott         Charlotte        5     O                 149a-13
Hamott         D.S.             47    N.Y.              149a--7
Hamott         Edwin            8     O                 149a-12
Hamott         Jane L.          13    O                 149a-10
Hamott         Mary E.          35    N.Y.              149a--8
Hamott         Wm. R.           10    O                 149a-11
Hancock        David            16    Ohio              3b---17
Hancock        Dewitt           28    NY                39b--38
Hancock        Elizabeth        18    Ohio              9a---42
Hancock        Elizabeth        18    NY                7b---31
Hancock        Esther           23    NY                10b--15
Hancock        John             23    England           130b-22
Hancock        Lydia            10/12 Ohio              10b--17
Hancock        Mary O.          3     Ohio              10b--16
Hancock        Peter            26    England           10b--14
Hancock        Sarah            54    Virginia          20b---8
Hancock        Susan            28    NY                39b--37
Hanks          Ann Eliza        23    NY                46a--42
Hanks          Charlotte E.     1     Ohio              46b---1
Hanks          Elizah S.        29    NY                46a--41
Hannahs        Christiana       1     .                 146b-18
Hannahs        Margaret         20    .                 146b-17
Hannahs        Olive            53    .                 146b-16
Hannahs        S                53    800               146b-15
Hardeman       Catharine        11/12 Ohio              73a---6
Hardeman       Mary             26    Germany           73a---5
Hardeman       William          25    Germany           73a---4
Hardesty       Mrs.             63    Maryland          52a---7
Hardy          Catharine        11    Germany           42a--42
Hardy          Elizabeth        45    Germany           42a--40
Hardy          Frederic         45    Germany           42a--39
Hardy          Sophia           14    Germany           42a--41
Hare           Elida            19    N Hampshire       107b-40
Hare           George           28    Unknown           41a--12
Hare           Harriet          26    Unknown           41a--13
Haremert       Henry            33    Germany           39a--35
Haremert       Leonard          1     Ohio              39a--37
Haremert       Marie            24    Germany           39a--36
Harigan        Andrew           7     Mich              19b--12
Harigan        Catherine        16    Mich              19b--18
Harigan        Daniel           11    Mich              19b--11
Harigan        Ellen            4     Ohio              19b--14
Harigan        John             5     Ohio              19b--13
Harigan        Margaret         39    Ireland           19b---9
Harigan        Margaret         14    Mich              19b--10
Harlbart       Sarah            21    Unknown           23a--41
Harlburt       Mahala           21    Ohio              14a--16
Harnett        Ann              3     Ohio              9b---11
Harnett        Margaret         22    Germany           9b----9
Harnett        Sarah            1     Ohio              9b---12
Harnett        William          5     Ohio              9b---10
Harnett        William          31    Ireland           9b----8
Harpell        Adelaide         21    Penn              9a---33
Harpell        Adelaide         19    Penn              117a-23
Harpell        Emeline          38    Penn              117a-21
Harpell        Emeline          10/12 Ohio              117a-29
Harpell        Henry            26    Penn              117a-22
Harpell        James            6     Ohio              117a-28
Harpell        John             15    Ohio              117a-25
Harpell        Joseph           55    Penn              117a-20
Harpell        Joseph A.        16    Penn              117a-24
Harpell        Mary O.          12    Ohio              117a-26
Harpell        Philip           8     Ohio              117a-27
Harran         Elizabeth        5/12  Ohio              10b--13
Harran         Esther           26    Ireland           10b--10
Harran         James            2     Ohio              10b--12
Harran         James            2     Ohio              139b-10
Harran         John             6     Ohio              10b--11
Harran         John             54    Ireland           139b--8
Harran         Mary             35    Ireland           139b--9
Harran         Patrick O.       27    Ireland           10b---9
Harrigan       Mary             18    Ireland           20a---4
Harrigan       William          10    Unknown           20a---5
Harrington     Bridget          6/12  Ohio              76a--28
Harrington     Daniel           9     Penn              12a--28
Harrington     Dennis           40    Ireland           12a--25
Harrington     Elizabeth        40    Ireland           121b-11
Harrington     Ellen            38    Ireland           135b--9
Harrington     Ellen            3     Ohio              12a--30
Harrington     George M.        33    NY                40a---5
Harrington     Joanna           30    Ireland           12a--26
Harrington     John             41    Ireland           121b-10
Harrington     John             11    NY                12a--27
Harrington     Margaret         4     Ohio              12a--29
Harrington     Mary             23    Nova Scotia       40a---6
Harrington     Michael          30    Ireland           76a--26
Harrington     Nancy            29    Ireland           76a--27
Harrington     Patrick          38    Ireland           135b--8
Harrington     Timothy          2/12  Ohio              12a--31
Harrington     William          30    Ireland           139b-32
Harris         Asahel           1     Ohio              90a---6
Harris         Elisha           30    NY                90a---2
Harris         Eliza            24    NY                60a--38
Harris         Elizabeth        23    England           40a--16
Harris         Francis          31    Conn              53b---9
Harris         George           15    Ohio              122a-17
Harris         Henry H.         3     Ohio              90a---5
Harris         Israel           22    .                 144a-38
Harris         James            21    England           56a--26
Harris         Jeremiah         17    NY                122b-12
Harris         John             24    NY                56a--24
Harris         John             20    Ohio              17a--17
Harris         Louisa           26    NY                90a---3
Harris         Margaret         23    Ohio              53b--10
Harris         Nathan           20    Ohio              140a-28
Harris         Philenda         5     NY                90a---4
Harris         William          24    Unknown           25a--38
Harrison       Caroline         23    NY                61b--12
Harrison       Elizabeth        44    Unknown           131b--7
Harrison       Elizabeth Ann    11    NY                33a---5
Harrison       Ellen            51    Penn              141a-29
Harrison       Ellen Jane       14    Ohio              141a-32
Harrison       Emeline E.       1     Ohio              61b--14
Harrison       George           34    NY                61b--11
Harrison       Hampton          18    Ohio              141a-31
Harrison       Hannah           1     Ohio              131b-14
Harrison       Ira              4     NY                33a---7
Harrison       Jane             35    New Jersey        33a---4
Harrison       John             34    New Jersey        33a---3
Harrison       John             21    Ohio              141a-30
Harrison       John W.          5     NY                33a---6
Harrison       Lucy A           9     Ohio              141a-33
Harrison       Mary Ann         16    NY                131b--9
Harrison       Mary Jane        3     NY                61b--13
Harrison       Matilda          11    Ohio              131b-11
Harrison       Melissa          8     Ohio              131b-12
Harrison       Nathan           21    NY                131b--8
Harrison       Priscilla        5     Ohio              131b-13
Harrison       Rebecca J.       13    Ohio              131b-10
Harrison       William H.       46    Unknown           131b--6
Harroon        Chester H.       21    NY                114b-22
Harroon        Clarissa         46    NY                114b-20
Harroon        David            51    Mass              114b-19
Harroon        Edwin            25    NY                114b-21
Harroon        Harriet          16    NY                114b-24
Harroon        Josiah B.        18    NY                114b-23
Harroon        Sarah Jane       8     Ohio              114b-27
Harsh          Samuel           19    Ohio              24a--34
Hart           Bridget          29    Ireland           68a--34
Hart           Dennis           32    Ireland           68a--33
Hart           Ellen            2/12  Ohio              68a--37
Hart           James            4     Ohio              68a--36
Hart           Mary             6     Indiana           68a--35
Hartman        Abram            26    Penn              41a--16
Hartman        Ann              10    Germany           33b---1
Hartman        Catherine        42    Germany           33a--41
Hartman        Frederic         43    Germany           33a--40
Hartman        Frederic         17    Germany           33a--42
Hartman        June             4     Ohio              41a--18
Hartman        Mary             23    Germany           41a--17
Hartman        Rosattha         2     Ohio              41a--19
Hartsen        Seymour          14    Unknown           67b--41
Hartswell      Ann Maria        3     Germany           121a-41
Hartswell      Christopher      6     Germany           121a-40
Hartswell      Elizabeth        1     Germany           121a-42
Hartswell      Jacob            9     Germany           121a-38
Hartswell      John             37    Germany           121a-36
Hartswell      Margaretta       37    Germany           121a-37
Hartswell      Peter            7     Germany           121a-39
Hartzen        Harvey           50    Vermont           73b---8
Hartzen        John             9     Ohio              73b---9
Harvey         Almira L.        4/12  Ohio              10b---8
Harvey         Amy              30    .                 146b-24
Harvey         DD               39    1200              146b-23
Harvey         Edwin            7     Penn              10b---6
Harvey         Elizabeth        11    Penn              10b---5
Harvey         George           13    .                 146b-25
Harvey         John             12    Penn              10b---4
Harvey         Louisa           2     .                 146b-26
Harvey         Peter            26    Penn              10b---1
Harvey         Rachel           36    Penn              10b---2
Harvey         Rebecca          4     Penn              10b---7
Harvey         William          15    Penn              10b---3
Harwood        Aurelin          41    Vermont           106a--4
Harwood        Elizabeth        13    NY                106a--5
Harwood        Henry            53    Vermont           106a--6
Harwood        Jonas            20    NY                106a--8
Harwood        Lydia            18    Conn              113a-18
Harwood        Royal            49    Vermont           106a--7
Harwood        Socrates         35    Canada            106a--3
Hasgar         Ann              7     Ohio              71a--39
Hasgar         Bernard          40    Germany           71a--36
Hasgar         Catharine        38    Germany           71a--37
Hasgar         Catharine        10    Ohio              71a--38
Haskell        Charlotte        25    Ohio              47a--12
Haskell        Edward           35    Conn              47a--11
Haskell        Emma             2     Ohio              47a--15
Haskell        Freddie          9     Ohio              47a--14
Haskell        George           6     Ohio              47a--13
Haskins        Carey            47    Canada            139b-25
Haskins        Carey L          4     Ohio              139b-31
Haskins        Cordelia         7     Ohio              139b-30
Haskins        Cynthia          18    Ohio              56b--18
Haskins        Harriet          9     Ohio              139b-29
Haskins        Harriet          7     Ohio              127b-17
Haskins        James            13    Canada            139b-28
Haskins        John H.          13    Ohio              127b-16
Haskins        Liberty          5     Ohio              127b-18
Haskins        Mary             43    Scotland          139b-26
Haskins        Mary             36    NY                127b-14
Haskins        Sarah            16    Ohio              127b-15
Haskins        Whitcomb         45    Mass              127b-13
Haskins        William          15    Canada            139b-27
Hasling        Barnhart         22    Germany           53a--35
Hass           Margaret         17    Ireland           51a---5
Hasts          Henry            19    Germany           112b-32
Hasty          Abigail          43    Maine             112b-20
Hasty          George A.        6     Maine             112b-24
Hasty          Gilbert M.       17    Maine             112b-21
Hasty          James            13    Maine             112b-22
Hasty          John P.          8     Maine             112b-23
Hasty          Samuel D.        49    Maine             112b-19
Hath           Mary Ann         16    Germany           18b--10
Hathaway       Cordelia         20    Penn              4a---19
Hathaway       J.M.             31    Unknown           69a--31
Hathaway       Mrs.             27    Unknown           69a--32
Haughton       Adaline          15    Ohio              102a-23
Haughton       Bristol          6     Ohio              102a-26
Haughton       Celia            11    Ohio              102a-25
Haughton       Chlorinda        2     Ohio              102a-27
Haughton       Lucy M.          38    NY                102a-22
Haughton       Marvin           45    NY                102a-21
Haughton       Orson            13    Ohio              102a-24
Haus           Barbara          41    Germany           70a--17
Haus           Carl             40    Germany           70a--16
Hawkins        .                65    Unknown           87b--25
Hawkins        Chester          15    Unknown           104a-39
Hawkins        Jackson          19    NY                95a--33
Hawkins        Rolo             12    Germany           63b--41
Hawley         Hiram            27    Ohio              97b--31
Hayden         Ann              54    Ireland           47a---2
Hayden         Catharine        12    Ireland           47a---5
Hayden         John             50    Ireland           47a---1
Hayden         Mary             17    Ireland           47a---4
Hayden         Michael          20    Ireland           47a---3
Hayes          Bridget          4/12  Ohio              121b-22
Hayes          Catharine        6     Ohio              121b-20
Hayes          Joanna           36    Ireland           121b-18
Hayes          John             3     Ohio              121b-21
Hayes          Joseph           45    Ireland           121b-17
Hayes          Mary Ann         8     Ohio              121b-19
Hayne          Catharine        7     Ohio              128b-21
Hayne          Catharine        42    Penn              128b-14
Hayne          Charles          4/12  Ohio              128b-22
Hayne          Elizabeth        18    Penn              128b-17
Hayne          Henry            11    Ohio              128b-20
Hayne          John             47    Penn              128b-13
Hayne          John             20    Penn              128b-16
Hayne          Joseph           22    Penn              128b-15
Hayne          Maria            13    Penn              128b-19
Hayne          Stephen          15    Penn              128b-18
Hays           Catharine        3     Ireland           71a--16
Hays           Daniel           29    Ireland           71a--14
Hays           Margaret         28    Ireland           71a--15
Hazen          Cyrus            20    Unknown           109a-26
Hazey          George           22    Germany           132a-42
Hazlitt        Frank            4/12  Ohio              36b--17
Hazlitt        George           8     Ohio              36b--15
Hazlitt        Isaac            34    Ohio              36b--12
Hazlitt        Matilda          10    Ohio              36b--14
Hazlitt        Mrs.             27    Ohio              36b--13
Hazlitt        Sarah            6     Ohio              36b--16
Heacock        Harriet          24    Ohio              45b--15
Healen         Casamora F.      1     Ohio              108b--1
Healy          Albert           21    NY                51a---8
Healy          Catharine        7     Ohio              55b--15
Healy          David            50    Ireland           55b--11
Healy          John             10    Ohio              55b--14
Healy          Margaret         40    Ireland           55b--12
Healy          Stephen          27    Unknown           64a--41
Heasley        Joseph           22    Germany           53b--17
Heath          Cornelius        26    Ohio              17b--14
Heath          Irvilla          14    NY                17b--15
Heath          William          26    NY                51a--22
Heffelbower    Amanda J.        2     Ohio              26a---2
Heffelbower    Daniel           3     Ohio              26b--29
Heffelbower    David            14    Ohio              26b--13
Heffelbower    Eliza            21    Penn              132b--8
Heffelbower    Eliza            20    Penn              26b--14
Heffelbower    Henry            34    Penn              26b--25
Heffelbower    Jacob            24    Penn              26b--10
Heffelbower    Mary             25    Penn              26b--11
Heffelbower    Mary Ann         7     Ohio              26b--27
Heffelbower    Rachel           5     Ohio              26b--28
Heffelbower    Sarah            18    Penn              26b--26
Heffelbower    Sarah            1     Ohio              26b--30
Heffelbower    Sarah            1     Ohio              123a-42
Heffelbower    Simon            1     Ohio              26b--12
Heffelbower    William          4     Ohio              26a---1
Hefflebower    Eliza            21    Penn              25a---4
Hefflebower    John             29    Penn              25a---3
Hefflebower    Samuel           1     Ohio              25a---5
Heimer         James            7/12  Ohio              48a--34
Heimer         James            31    North Carolina    48a--31
Heimer         Mary E.          5     Indiana           48a--33
Heimer         Sarah            25    North Carolina    48a--32
Heinshamer     E.               27    Germany           69a--34
Heinshamer     T.               14    Germany           69a--41
Helfrey        Barbara          66    .                 145b-38
Helfrey        Fred             32    1000              145b-35
Helfrey        Mary             25    .                 145b-36
Helfrey        Valentine        66    .                 145b-37
Helfrich       Ann              18    Germany           80b--12
Helfrich       Charlotte        23    Germany           80b--14
Helfrich       Frederic         34    Germany           80b--11
Helfrich       John             36    Germany           80b--13
Hell           Eliza            37    NY                33a--39
Hell           William          26    Unknown           33a--38
Heller         Emanuel          39    Penn              134a-10
Heller         John             10    Ohio              134a-13
Heller         Levi             2     Ohio              134a-17
Heller         Luther           6     Ohio              134a-15
Heller         Mary             3     Ohio              134a-16
Heller         Mary Ann         31    Penn              134a-11
Heller         Oliver P.        12    Ohio              134a-12
Heller         Ranotas          8     Ohio              134a-14
Helpin         Matthew          35    Ireland           139b-18
Helt           Anna             4     Ohio              134b-24
Helt           Daniel           12    Penn              14a---6
Helt           Elizabeth        18    Germany           16a--14
Helt           George           41    Germany           14a---3
Helt           George           10    Virginia          14a---7
Helt           Henry            23    Germany           34a--10
Helt           John             14    Maryland          14a---5
Helt           Rebecca          17    Maryland          14a---4
Helt           Ursula           3     Switzerland       134b-23
Hemilspuch     Charles          50    Germany           50a---8
Hemilspuch     Charles          10    Ohio              50a--10
Hemilspuch     Elizabeth        40    Germany           50a---9
Hemilspuch     William          6     Ohio              50a--11
Hempker        Caroline         45    Germany           32b--37
Hempker        Christian        45    Germany           32b--36
Hena           Pert             20    .                 146a-36
Henchman       .                48    Ireland           63a---2
Hendershot     Amanda           11    Mich              88b--13
Henderson      Agnes Ann        7     Ohio              69b--34
Henderson      Alexander        35    Ireland           69b--30
Henderson      Alvira           14    Ohio              21b--41
Henderson      Amy              11    Ohio              21b--42
Henderson      Edward           1     Ohio              22a---5
Henderson      Eli              10    Ohio              22a---1
Henderson      Ellen E.         9     NY                69b--33
Henderson      Emma             2     Ohio              69b--35
Henderson      Fulton           31    Ireland           69b--36
Henderson      George           3     Ohio              22a---4
Henderson      Henry            50    Vermont           21b--38
Henderson      Jane E.          30    Ireland           69b--31
Henderson      Jane E.          12    NY                69b--32
Henderson      Lemma            30    NY                21b--39
Henderson      Louisa           6     Ohio              22a---3
Henderson      Oliver           17    Ohio              21b--40
Henderson      William          7     Ohio              22a---2
Hendricks      Lewis            23    Ohio              13a--21
Hendrickson    Almeda           19    .                 145a-42
Hendrickson    D                45    1200              145a-40
Hendrickson    Ellen            15    .                 144b--1
Hendrickson    Lina             53    .                 145a-41
Hendrickson    Washington       18    .                 144b--2
Hendz          A                44    .                 147b-14
Hendz          Ann              9     .                 147b-18
Hendz          Atalanta         13    .                 147b-17
Hendz          Byron            22    .                 147b-16
Hendz          Diadamia         45    .                 147b-15
Hendz          Lerolan          15    .                 147b-19
Hendz          Mary             3     .                 147b-20
Hendz          Myron            1     .                 147b-21
Henegan        James            35    Ireland           33b--22
Hennesey       Elizabeth        2/12  Ohio              57a--26
Hennesey       Mary             33    Ireland           57a--23
Hennesey       Mary Jane        2     Ohio              57a--25
Hennesey       William          5     Ohio              57a--24
Hennesey       William          45    Ireland           57a--22
Hennesy        David            50    Ireland           56a--13
Henry          Ann Maria        38    Germany           39a--31
Henry          Benjamin         77    New Jersey        117a-17
Henry          George           42    Germany           39a--30
Henry          James            7     Ohio              58b---4
Henry          John             13    Germany           75b--36
Henry          John V.          15    Germany           39a--33
Henry          Joseph V.        16    Germany           39a--32
Henry          Magdalene        8     Germany           39a--34
Henry          Rebecca          71    New Jersey        117a-18
Henry          William          11    Penn              117a-19
Herbert        Harriet          32    NY                5b---39
Herbert        Richard          39    New Jersey        5b---38
Hermwig        Catherine        7     Germany           33a--12
Hermwig        Emily E.         11/12 Ohio              33a--13
Hermwig        Hermon           25    Germany           33a--10
Hermwig        Mary             25    France            33a--11
Herrich        Ada              27    NY                129a-21
Herrich        Addison W.       2     Ohio              129a-25
Herrich        Amos             30    NY                129a-20
Herrich        Arpha A.         6     Indiana           129a-23
Herrich        Charles          25    NY                129a-16
Herrich        Elizabeth        4     NY                129a-18
Herrich        Eveline          2     NY                129a-19
Herrich        Henry A.         8     NY                129a-22
Herrich        Sophronia        24    NY                129a-17
Herrich        Wilfred W.       4     Indiana           129a-24
Herrick        Amanda           13    O                 152a--5
Herrick        Amanida          10    O                 152a--6
Herrick        Calvin           3*    NY                41a--25
Herrick        Laura            33    N.Y.              152a--3
Herrick        Margaret         23    Penn              41a--26
Herrick        Thomas c.        2     Ohio              41a--27
Herrick        Wm. D.           42    N.Y.              152a--2
Herter         Ann              10    NY                67b---3
Hertzler       Annabella        15    Mich              50a--27
Hertzler       George           21    Germany           58a--18
Hetchum        G. W.            38    NY                58b--26
Heulen         Mary E.          25    NY                108a-38
Heulen         Wm H.            28    NY                108a-37
Hewey          John             10/12 Ohio              40b--30
Hibbard        David            7     Ohio              77a--38
Hibbard        Jacob            33    Penn              77a--36
Hibbard        Jemima           31    Ohio              77a--37
Hibbard        Margaret         4     Ohio              77a--39
Hibbard        Samuel           2     Ohio              77a--40
Hickey         Jeremiah         30    Ireland           40a--22
Hickey         Jerry            42    Ireland           33a--31
Hicks          Andrew           7     Ohio              87b---2
Hicks          Cynthia          17    NY                87a--40
Hicks          David            18    NY                65b---5
Hicks          Edward           12    NY                87a--42
Hicks          Eleanor          45    N Jersey          87a--37
Hicks          Jane             10    Ohio              87b---1
Hicks          Losson           53    Mass              87a--36
Hicks          Mrs.             52    Vermont           65b---4
Hicks          Washington       14    NY                87a--41
Hicks          Wesley           25    NY                87a--38
Hicks          Wilbur           19    NY                87a--39
Hickus         George           28    Penn              51a--28
Hier           Adam             3     Germany           44b---4
Hier           Elizabeth        12    Germany           44b---3
Hier           Henry            27    Germany           44b---1
Hier           Irene            35    Germany           44b---2
Higgins        John             70    Ireland           24a--15
Higgins        Timothy          25    Unknown           56b--31
Hight          Albert           2     Ohio              143a-29
Hight          Catharine        10    Ohio              143a-28
Hight          Ellen M          19    Penn              143a-26
Hight          Eve              50    Penn              143a-22
Hight          George           55    Penn              143a-21
Hight          George W         12    Ohio              143a-27
Hight          Jessee           21    Penn              143a-25
Hight          John R           20    Penn              143a-23
Hight          Lydia            16    Ohio              143a-35
Hight          Martha Ann       4     Ohio              143a-32
Hight          Rachel           21    Penn              143a-31
Hight          Sarah Jane       7/12  Ohio              143a-33
Hight          Sophia           28    Penn              143a-24
Hight          William          23    Penn              143a-30
Hildebrand     Joseph           19    Germany           87b--24
Hildebrand     Therese          18    Germany           61b--36
Hildehand      Barbara          20    Germany           89a--37
Hildehand      Joseph           52    Germany           89a--35
Hildehand      Joseph           17    Germany           89a--39
Hildehand      Margaret         13    Germany           89a--40
Hildehand      Mary Ann         51    Germany           89a--36
Hildehand      Theresa          18    Germany           89a--38
Hildman        Ann              21    Germany           71a--41
Hildman        Frederic         27    Germany           71a--40
Hill           Alfred           15    Penn              120b-35
Hill           Ann              8     Ohio              76a--32
Hill           Arthur           17    Penn              107a-42
Hill           Avery L.         3     Ohio              34b--16
Hill           Charles W.       38    Vermont           34b--13
Hill           Elizabeth        36    NY                34b--14
Hill           Elizabeth        11    Ohio              21b--27
Hill           Eugene           1     Ohio              117a-16
Hill           James H.         1     Ohio              109b-14
Hill           James W.         25    Ohio              117a-13
Hill           Lucy A.          2     Ohio              117a-15
Hill           Mary C.          8     Ohio              109b-10
Hill           Mary E.          1     Ohio              34b--17
Hill           Matilda Ann      6     Ohio              109b-12
Hill           Melinda          32    Penn              120b-37
Hill           Michael          41    Ireland           21b--26
Hill           Michael          33    Penn              109b--7
Hill           Sarah            55    Penn              120b-34
Hill           Semira A.        7     Ohio              109b-11
Hill           Serena J.        9     Penn              109b--9
Hill           Sophia           27    Penn              109b--8
Hill           Sophia L.        5     Ohio              34b--15
Hill           Susan A.         3     Ohio              109b-13
Hill           Thomas           3     Ohio              21b--28
Hill           Wesley           12    Penn              120b-36
Hill           William          49    Maryland          120b-33
Hill           Zemima           25    NY                117a-14
Hillard        John             26    NY                9b---39
Hilliard       Jane             21    Canada            4a---20
Himelspach     Barbara          14    Ohio              51b---5
Hinckle        Christopher      9     Ohio              18b--17
Hinckley       Myron            22    NY                88a--25
Hinney         Horace B.        40    Conn              1b---36
Hinney         Minerva C.       24    Ohio              1b---37
Hinney         William V.       3     Ohio              1b---38
Hintley        Julius           22    NY                86a---4
Hintley        Milton           20    NY                86a---5
Hizer          Calista E.       20    NY                119b--2
Hizer          Henry            22    Ohio              119b--1
Hizer          Lucinda E.       2/12  Ohio              119b--3
Hoag           Ann              12    Mich              80a--37
Hoag           Charles          20    NY                80a--35
Hoag           Clarrissa        10    Ohio              80a--38
Hoag           Esther           35    England           50b---9
Hoag           Hannah           43    NY                80a--34
Hoag           Lilas            17    Mich              80a--36
Hoag           Myron            3     Ohio              80a--39
Hoag           Philip           36    England           50b---8
Hoag           William          49    Vermont           80a--33
Hobart         Christian        24    NY                98b--20
Hobart         Johnson H.       44    NY                51b--13
Hobart         Laura            17    Vermont           103a-42
Hobart         Mary             38    New Jersey        51b--14
Hobbler        Noah             18    Ohio              24a--32
Hockman        Eliza            11    Germany           23a--27
Hockman        Henry            8     Ohio              23a--28
Hockman        John             4     Ohio              23a--30
Hockman        Mary             40    Germany           23a--26
Hockman        Philip           48    Germany           23a--25
Hockman        Philip           2     Ohio              23a--31
Hockman        Susan            6     Ohio              23a--29
Hoffman        Adam             51    Germany           57a--13
Hoffman        Ann M.           26    Germany           45b--19
Hoffman        Caroline         2     Ohio              38a--26
Hoffman        Daniel           24    NY                17a--29
Hoffman        Eliza Ann        23    NY                17a--30
Hoffman        Epha             28    Penn              67b---2
Hoffman        Francis W.       4     Ohio              67b---4
Hoffman        Frederic         28    NY                67b--14
Hoffman        Martha Ann       4/12  Ohio              17a--31
Hoffman        Mary             52    Germany           57a--14
Hoffman        Michael          33    Germany           38a--24
Hoffman        Paul             30    Germany           45b--18
Hoffman        Susan            44    Switzerland       38a--25
Hoffman        William C.       29    Penn              67b---1
Holand         Honora           40    Ireland           58a---7
Holborn        Antis            34    Germany           16b---9
Holborn        Eliza            1     Ohio              16b--10
Holden         Antrimpila       16    Canada            41a--15
Holden         Thomas           20    Canada            41a--14
Holder         Daniel           19    Ohio              139a-36
Holder         Leander          11    Ohio              139a-35
Holder         Mary             18    Canada            139a-34
Holder         N Samuel         25    Ohio              139a-33
Holdgrave      Helena D.        34    Germany           42b---2
Holdgrave      Henry            36    Germany           42b---1
Holdgrave      Urbaimet         2     Ohio              42b---3
Holland        Eliza            26    Ireland           37a--33
Hollenbeck     Ann              2     Ohio              36a--29
Hollenbeck     George           5     Mich              36a--28
Hollenbeck     Henry            9     Mich              36a--27
Hollenbeck     John             12    Mich              36a--26
Hollenbeck     Mary Ann         45    England           36a--25
Hollenbeck     Matthew          47    Penn              36a--24
Hollicker      David            4/12  Ohio              132a--8
Hollicker      Eve              38    Ohio              132a--2
Hollicker      Isaac C.         8     Ohio              132a--5
Hollicker      Jacob            2     Ohio              132a--7
Hollicker      John             6     Ohio              132a--6
Hollicker      John             45    Germany           132a--1
Hollicker      Mary Ann         10    Ohio              132a--4
Hollicker      Susan            12    Ohio              132a--3
Hollinshead    Isabel           6     Ohio              134b-14
Hollinshead    James            11    Ohio              134b-13
Hollinshead    Martha           33    Penn              134b-12
Hollinshead    Mary             4     Ohio              134b-15
Hollister      Augusta          11    Ohio              113a-34
Hollister      Clestia          4     Ohio              113a-37
Hollister      Effie            2     Ohio              113a-38
Hollister      Franklin         6     Ohio              113a-36
Hollister      Harlow           30    NY                110b-31
Hollister      Hiram            24    NY                110b-32
Hollister      Horace           38    NY                113a-32
Hollister      James            65    NY                110b-29
Hollister      Malvina          8     Ohio              113a-35
Hollister      Olive            16    NY                110b-33
Hollister      Sally            52    Conn              110b-30
Hollister      Susan            29    NY                113a-33
Hollister      Wellington       8/12  Ohio              113a-39
Holloway       Alvin            5     .                 146b-41
Holloway       Belden           1     Ohio              121b-40
Holloway       Charles          24    NY                121b-35
Holloway       Chas             7     .                 148a--5
Holloway       Elizabeth        28    .                 146b-40
Holloway       Geo              9     .                 148a-11
Holloway       Jane             19    .                 148a--1
Holloway       John             6     Illinois          121b-39
Holloway       Julius           9     Illinois          121b-38
Holloway       Lewis            17    .                 148a-12
Holloway       Nancy            30    Kentucky          121b-37
Holloway       O                34    600               146b-39
Holloway       Pamelia          63    .                 146b-42
Holloway       Peter            72    Mass              121b-33
Holloway       Peter            34    NY                121b-36
Holloway       Sophia           66    Mass              121b-34
Holmes         Elisha           35    Penn              104a-33
Holmes         Harriet L.       32    NY                29a--13
Holmes         Hartley          47    NY                29a--12
Holmes         Roswell          12    NY                29a--14
Holmes         Truman           8     NY                29a--15
Holmy          Cornelius        8     Holland           98b---6
Holmy          E.T.             30    Ireland           98b---4
Holmy          Eliza T.         27    Germany           98b---5
Holmy          William          4/12  Ohio              98b---7
Holt           Caroline         18    Ohio              6b---34
Holt           Cornelia         16    Ohio              122a-37
Holt           Ezra             44    Vermont           122a-35
Holt           Harriet          44    Vermont           122a-36
Holt           Henry            31    Germany           103b--1
Holt           John             6     Ohio              122a-40
Holt           Philip           4/12  Ohio              103b--5
Holt           Samuel           3     Ohio              103b--4
Holt           Sarah J.         14    Ohio              122a-38
Holt           Sophia           32    Germany           103b--2
Holt           William          8     Ohio              122a-39
Holt           William          5     Germany           103b--3
Holt           William          23    Ohio              122a-41
Homer          Clorinda         51    Mass              3a---22
Homer          Joseph           34    Germany           71a--34
Homer          Mary             30    Germany           71a--35
Homer          William P.       50    Mass              3a---21
Hone           James            26    NY                99a--42
Hone           John             58    NY                99a--40
Hone           Margaret         56    NY                99a--41
Honewell       Sophronia        8     Ohio              18b---9
Honey          Horace           36    Ohio              136b--1
Honey          Lucina           36    NY                136b--2
Honeyman       John             30    Germany           60b--42
Hooker         Calvin           6     Ohio              11a--21
Hooker         Edward           10/12 Ohio              11a--23
Hooker         Fanny            41    Conn              11a--17
Hooker         George           3     Ohio              11a--22
Hooker         Leonard          19    Conn              11a--19
Hooker         Nathaniel        42    Conn              11a--16
Hooker         Samuel           15    NY                11a--20
Hooker         William          21    Conn              11a--18
Hoot           Almira           3     Penn              27a---5
Hoot           Amos             6/12  Ohio              27a---6
Hoot           Catharine        24    Penn              27a---3
Hoot           Catharine        12    Penn              26b--33
Hoot           Cyrus            10    Penn              26b--34
Hoot           Elizabeth        33    Penn              26b--32
Hoot           Henry            15    Penn              27a---9
Hoot           Jacob            69    Penn              27a---1
Hoot           Jacob            18    Penn              27a---7
Hoot           Jefferson        6     Penn              26b--36
Hoot           John             35    Penn              27a---2
Hoot           Lydia            20    Penn              27a---8
Hoot           Noah             8     Penn              26b--35
Hoot           Phebe Ann        5     Penn              27a---4
Hoot           Simon            58    Penn              26b--31
Hoot           West             1     Penn              26b--37
Hopkins        Alfred           37    NY                96b---6
Hopkins        Almon            24    Ohio              56b--20
Hopkins        Diana            35    NY                96b---7
Hopkins        Ellen            7/12  Ohio              96b--11
Hopkins        Julia            23    NY                56b--21
Hopkins        Leman S.         9     NY                96b---8
Hopkins        Mary C.          6     Ohio              96b---9
Hopkins        Sarah C.         6     Ohio              96b--10
Horfland       Lagriana         19    Germany           92a--41
Horfland       Paul             28    Germany           92a--40
Horfland       Paul             1/12  Ohio              92a--42
Horn           John             29    Germany           63b--18
Horton         Amanda           6     Ohio              87b--34
Horton         Amanda           19    Ohio              39b---6
Horton         Charlotte        1     Ohio              19a--17
Horton         Christopher      13    Ohio              50b--42
Horton         Eli              18    Ohio              87b--29
Horton         Eliza M.         39    Ireland           19a--12
Horton         Ellen            8     Ohio              19a--15
Horton         Esther           8     Ohio              87b--33
Horton         Hannah           13    Ohio              87b--31
Horton         Henderson W.     42    Tennessee         19a--11
Horton         Henry            14    Tenn              19a--14
Horton         John             20    Ohio              87b--28
Horton         Margaret         16    Tenn              19a--13
Horton         Maria            11    Ohio              87b--32
Horton         Rhoda            16    Ohio              87b--30
Horton         Samuel           50    Canada            87b--26
Horton         Sophia           40    NY                87b--27
Horton         Stephen          4     Ohio              87b--35
Horton         William          6     Ohio              19a--16
Hoskins        Albertina        2     Ohio              82a--37
Hoskins        Christina M.     19    Maine             36a--20
Hoskins        Edward           16    Maine             82a--35
Hoskins        Helen            4     Ohio              82a--36
Hoskins        Mary M.          40    Nova Scotia       82a--33
Hoskins        William          47    Mass              82a--32
Hoskins        William          21    Maine             82a--34
Hosmer         Hezekiah L.      36    NY                50b--33
Hosmer         Mary D.          32    Wales             50b--34
Hosmer         Stephen T.       44    NY                50b--39
Hosmer         Susan            66    Conn              50b--38
Hosmer         Thomas           14    Ireland           50b--35
Hotchkin       Melissa          21    NY                110b-16
Hotchkin       Samuel           45    NY                110b-13
Hotchkin       Samuel           23    NY                110b-15
Hotchkin       Susan            39    NY                110b-14
Hotchkiss      Ann              8     .                 73b--35
Hotchkiss      Arthur           16    .                 73b--33
Hotchkiss      Aurora           58    Conn              73b--29
Hotchkiss      Chole G.         51    Conn              73b--30
Hotchkiss      Delia            21    .                 73b--32
Hotchkiss      Helen            14    .                 73b--34
Hotchkiss      Samuel           24    Ohio              73b--31
Houch          John             14    Germany           61b--40
Houck          Mary             20    Ohio              139a-22
Houg           Charles          6/12  Ohio              45a--15
Houg           Cornelia         9     NY                45a--12
Houg           Eliza            29    NY                45a--10
Houg           Granville        6     NY                45a--14
Houg           Job B.           43    NY                45a---9
Houg           Louisa           16    NY                45a--13
Houg           Mary             6/12  Ohio              45a--16
Houg           Roby Ann         11    NY                45a--11
Hough          Mrs.             33    Unknown           60b--38
Hough          Samuel           14    Unknown           129b-33
Hough          Thomas H.        40    Unknown           60b--37
Houghton       Adelia           12    Ohio              102b-36
Houghton       Amanda           19    NY                102b-15
Houghton       Ann Eliza        30    NY                102b-41
Houghton       Augustus         28    NY                102b-40
Houghton       Austin           7     Ohio              102b-19
Houghton       Clarissa         11    Ohio              102a-34
Houghton       Clarke           5     Ohio              102a-36
Houghton       Cyrus            46    NY                102b-13
Houghton       Electa Ann       2     Ohio              103a--2
Houghton       Elizabeth        12    Ohio              102b-17
Houghton       Emily            14    Ohio              102a-33
Houghton       Francis          3     Ohio              103a--1
Houghton       Harriet          15    Ohio              102b-16
Houghton       Hiram            20    NY                102b-33
Houghton       Huldah           45    NY                102a-30
Houghton       Ira              9     Ohio              102b-18
Houghton       Karen            47    NY                102b-32
Houghton       Lyman            51    NY                102b-31
Houghton       Malvina          8     Ohio              102a-35
Houghton       Marena           41    NY                102b-14
Houghton       Mary             3     Ohio              102b-20
Houghton       Nathaniel        16    NY                102b-34
Houghton       Palmyra          17    Ohio              102a-32
Houghton       Rebecca          7     Ohio              102b-42
Houghton       Ruth Ann         14    Ohio              102b-35
Houghton       Sarah P.         2     Ohio              102a-37
Houghton       Solon            8     Ohio              102b-37
Houghton       Stephen          49    NY                102a-29
Houghton       William E.       18    NY                102a-31
House          Adaline          10    Ohio              26b--40
House          Harriet          13    Ohio              26b--42
House          James            17    Ohio              24a--33
Houser         Andrew J.        18    O                 154a-38
Houser         Caroline         43    Mich              154a-37
Houser         Henry            2     O                 154a-42
Houser         John M.          11    O                 154a-40
Houser         Parled           5     O                 154a-41
Houser         W.               45    Va                154a-36
Houser         Wm. S.           15    O                 154a-39
Housholder     George           44    Penn              21a--19
Houster        Adam             42    Germany           43a---8
Houster        Barbara          8     Ohio              43a--11
Houster        Charles          10    Ohio              43a--10
Houster        Christina        20    Germany           97b---8
Houster        Elizabeth        33    Germany           43a---9
Houster        Elizabeth        3     Ohio              43a--13
Houster        Henry            8/12  Ohio              97b--17
Houster        Henry            21    Germany           97b---7
Houster        Mary             6     Ohio              43a--12
Howard         Catharine        50    Mich              137a--7
Howard         James M.         28    NY                9b---20
Howard         Lewis            1     Ohio              9b---22
Howard         Richard          15    Ohio              6b----4
Howard         Susan            21    Penn              9b---21
Howe           .                24    NY                65b---6
Howe           Charles T.       4/12  Ohio              75b--12
Howe           Harriet H.       5     NY                1b---20
Howe           Mary             21    NY                1b---18
Howe           Mary             20    Ohio              75b--11
Howe           Mr.              23    Unknown           56a--33
Howe           Philander        33    Unknown           1b---17
Howe           Sarah L.         5/12  Ohio              1b---21
Howe           Thomas P         50    England           139b-19
Howe           Venus M.         8     NY                1b---19
Howe           Williard W.      33    NY                75b--10
Howell         Catharine M.     29    NY                76b--14
Howell         Daniel Y.        28    NY                76b--13
Howell         Maria            24    NY                73b--18
Howell         Robert S.        42    NY                73b--17
Howes          James            28    England           16a--38
Howes          James            2/12  Ohio              16a--41
Howes          Martha J.        2     Ohio              16a--40
Howes          Mary             24    NY                16a--39
Howland        Betsy Ann        50    NY                89b--16
Howland        Eliza            18    NY                89b--18
Howland        Ezra             54    Mass              89b--15
Howland        Harriet W.       22    NY                89b--17
Howland        Horace           24    Mass              90b--19
Howland        Mary             18    Ohio              90b--20
Howland        Orange           12    NY                89b--19
Howland        William          13    NY                66b--20
Howster        Catharine        17    Germany           67b---8
Hoyt           Betsy            66    Conn              140b-12
Hubbard        Catharine        43    NY                108b-26
Hubbard        Eli              61    Mass              108b-25
Hubbard        Eli              3     Ohio              107a-11
Hubbard        Frances M.       17    Ohio              108b-32
Hubbard        henry            29    Ohio              108b-27
Hubbard        Hiram            32    Ohio              107a--7
Hubbard        Lettice          30    NY                107a--8
Hubbard        Lucy             18    Ohio              108b-31
Hubbard        Mahala           5     Ohio              107a-10
Hubbard        Major S.         14    Mass              107a--9
Hubbard        Mary Ann         14    Ohio              108b-33
Hubbard        Noah             25    Ohio              108b-28
Hubbard        Sarah            27    Ohio              108b-29
Hubbard        William          22    Ohio              108b-30
Hubbard        William M.       1     Ohio              107a-12
Hubbell        Ann              55    Maryland          21b--18
Hubbell        Calvin           18    Ohio              25a--34
Hubbell        Christina        13    Ohio              51b--12
Hubbell        Daniel           66    New Jersey        21b--17
Hubbell        Eunice           40    NY                28a--15
Hubbell        George           27    NY                106b-41
Hubbell        Joseph           22    NY                115b-11
Hubbell        Mary             11    Ohio              25a--36
Hubbell        Thomas           15    Ohio              25a--35
Hubbell        Vernon           24    NY                115b-12
Hubbell        W.W.             28    Unknown           69a--30
Hubler         Mattie           15    Germany           5b---36
Huchinson      Joseph           14    Ohio              127b-10
Huchinson      Pamelia G.       8     Ohio              127b-12
Huchinson      William C.       10    Ohio              127b-11
Huettale       Charles F        4     Ohio              59b--35
Huettale       Lao F.           1     Ohio              59b--36
Huettale       Lewis            31    France            59b--33
Huettale       Theresa          30    Germany           59b--34
Huftile        Frances          12    England           6a----1
Hugget         Margaret         10    Ohio              45a--32
Hughes         Ann              9     Mich              33b--20
Hughes         Ellen            11    Mich              33b--19
Hughes         George           18    Ohio              13a--13
Hughes         John             16    NY                33b--17
Hughes         Joseph           25    Canada            33b--23
Hughes         Margaret         3     Mich              33b--21
Hughes         Margaret         16    Ohio              56b--19
Hughes         Mary             33    Ireland           33b--15
Hughes         Mary Jane        15    NY                33b--16
Hughes         Michael          35    Ireland           101b--1
Hughes         Philip           35    Ireland           33b--14
Hughes         Thomas           32    Ireland           95b--0 
Hughes         Thomas           13    Mich              33b--18
Hughes         William          60    England           64a--34
Hull           A.F.             57    Conn              5b---18
Hull           Caroline M.      10    Ohio              2a---13
Hull           Charles W.       25    NY                50a---4
Hull           Chloe            46    NY                2a---10
Hull           Elizabeth        54    Conn              5b---19
Hull           Isaac            49    Vermont           2a----9
Hull           Jane M.          26    New Jersey        50a---6
Hull           John B.          28    NY                50a---3
Hull           Joseph           18    Ohio              2a---11
Hull           Lucy             50    Vermont           1a---21
Hull           Mary J.          33    New Jersey        50a---5
Hull           Mary Jane        5     Ohio              2a---14
Hull           Mr.              35    Conn              60a--18
Hull           Mr.              21    Ohio              58a--25
Hull           Robert           16    Ohio              2a---12
Humustan       Catherine        24    .                 145a-23
Humustan       Isaac            1     .                 145a-25
Humustan       J                50    1000              145a-22
Humustan       Juliet J         10    .                 145a-24
Hunested       Catharine        15    Penn              150a-34
Hunested       Cordelria        12    O                 150a-36
Hunested       David N.         9     O                 150a-37
Hunested       H.               38    Penn              150a-31
Hunested       James            13    O                 150a-35
Hunested       Mary             17    Penn              150a-33
Hunested       Susanah          39    Penn              150a-32
Hunested       Theodore         6     O                 150a-38
Hunt           Alice            1     Ohio              31b--15
Hunt           Ben              56    New Jersey        5a----5
Hunt           Calista S.       21    NY                45a--28
Hunt           Catharine        53    New Jersey        5a----6
Hunt           Chas. C.P.       35    Mich              14a--27
Hunt           Eliza            5     Wis               28a--21
Hunt           Eliza M.         16    Ohio              5a----8
Hunt           Horace W.        4     Ohio              31b--14
Hunt           Isabella         23    NY                31b--13
Hunt           Jacob            30    Penn              31b--12
Hunt           Jenette          20    NY                5a----7
Hunt           John E.          50    Mich              20b--39
Hunt           John E.          23    Ohio              47a--27
Hunt           John E.          12    Ohio              5a----9
Hunt           Julia            16    Ohio              20b--41
Hunt           Mary             1     Ohio              28a--22
Hunt           Mary E.          46    Mich              20b--40
Hunt           Nancy            25    Canada            28a--19
Hunt           Virginia         14    Ohio              20b--42
Hunt           William          13    Mich              106a--2
Hunter         E.H.             35    NY                4a----3
Hunter         Eliza Jane       27    Ireland           5a---34
Hunter         Hadapah H.       3     Ohio              5a---35
Hunter         Isabella R.      21    Ohio              4a----4
Hunter         James            25    Ireland           33a--30
Hunter         Louisa           1     Ohio              5a---36
Hunter         Mr.              50    Unknown           66a--27
Hunter         Simeon D.        27    NY                5a---33
Huntley        Asahel           12    NY                102a-18
Huntley        David            15    NY                102a-17
Huntley        Edward C.        3/12  Ohio              19b--30
Huntley        Elizabeth        49    NY                98a---6
Huntley        Emily            7     NY                102a-19
Huntley        Ezekiel          33    NY                19b--27
Huntley        Francis          3     Ohio              19b--29
Huntley        Hezekiah         42    NY                102a-14
Huntley        John             17    NY                98a---8
Huntley        Maria            19    NY                19b--28
Huntley        Mary S.          4     NY                102a-20
Huntley        Myron            14    NY                88a--30
Huntley        Priscilla        42    NY                102a-15
Huntley        William          60    NY                98a---5
Huntley        William E.       16    NY                102a-16
Hurlburt       Clarissa         48    New Hampshire     22a--34
Hurlburt       Higgins          10    Ohio              22a--40
Hurlburt       Hiram H.         48    NY                22a--33
Hurlburt       Jessee           18    Ohio              22a--39
Hurlburt       William          6     Ohio              22a--41
Hussman        Catharine        14    Germany           54a--40
Hussman        John             26    Germany           54a--38
Hussman        Mary             56    Germany           54a--39
Husty          Charles          51    Maine             106b--6
Husty          Charles F.       5     Ohio              106b--9
Husty          Electa           38    Vermont           106b--7
Husty          Emerson          10    Maine             106b--8
Husty          James A.         3     Ohio              106b-10
Hutchinson     Elizabeth        53    Vermont           127b--8
Hyde           Elizabeth        12    NY                2a---27
Hyde           Francis          7     New Jersey        2a---29
Hyde           Harriet          34    England           2a---26
Hyde           James            1     Ohio              2a---31
Hyde           John             5     New Jersey        2a---30
Hyde           Thomas           38    England           2a---25
Hyde           Thomas W.        10    New Jersey        2a---28

Ikel           Frederic         8     Germany           96b--22
Ikel           Frederic         35    Germany           96b--19
Ikel           Joseph           5     Germany           96b--21
Ikel           Margaret         33    Germany           96b--20
Illsman        Christian        26    Germany           57a--29
Illsman        Minna            25    Germany           57a--30
Ingersol       Alva J.          9     NY                103b-37
Ingersol       Delina           36    NY                103b-34
Ingersol       Elizabeth D.     11    NY                103b-36
Ingersol       Herman S.        39    NY                103b-33
Ingersol       Mary E.          6     NY                103b-38
Ingersol       William          13    NY                57b--13
Ingersol       William H.       13    NY                103b-35
Ingraham       Oscar W.         18    NY                112b-31
Inn            Amos Lane        25    Vermont           70b--19
Inn            Mary Ette        23    NY                70b--20
Ireland        Henry            4     Ohio              2a----7
Ireland        Hezekiah W.      28    Ohio              2a----3
Ireland        Jane             14    Ohio              2a----4
Ireland        Mary             28    Germany           2a----2
Ireland        Michael          40    Virginia          2a----1
Ireland        Milton A.        9/12  Ohio              2a----8
Ireland        Rachel           12    Ohio              2a----5
Ireland        Robert           6     Ohio              2a----6
Irish          Frederic         23    Ireland           52a--27
Irish          Thomas           14    Ireland           75b---9
Isenhour       Adelaide         6     Mich              108a-10
Isenhour       Elizabeth M.     19    NY                108a-11
Isenhour       Jane Ann         39    NY                108a--9
Isenhour       William          44    NY                108a--8
Isham          Alfred           4     Ohio              136b-16
Isham          Benjamin         6     Ohio              136b-15
Isham          Jared            1     Ohio              136b-17
Isham          John             12    NY                136b-18
Isham          John G.          32    NY                136b-13
Isham          Sarah            21    NY                136b-14

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