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M*hon          Bernard          30    Ireland           59a--13
Machalie       Albert           31    Germany           48a--18
Machalie       Catharine        26    Germany           48a--19
Machalie       Elizabeth        5/12  Ohio              48a--21
Machalie       Philip           9     Germany           48a--20
Machan         A.W.             44    Holland           93a---8
Machan         Agathe           40    Holland           93a---9
Machan         Auguste          16    Holland           93a--11
Machan         Ferdinand        12    Holland           93a--12
Machan         Henry            8     Holland           93a--13
Machan         William          18    Holland           93a--10
Macher         Elizabeth        13    Ohio              7b----5
Macher         Harace           49    Vermont           7b----3
Macher         Harace C.        5     Ohio              7b----7
Macher         Mary M.          11    Ohio              7b----6
Macher         Susanah          48    Vermont           7b----4
Mack           Elisha           33    Mass              14a--25
Mack           James R.         6     Ohio              18b--31
Mack           Margaret         4     Ohio              18b--32
Madder         Adaline          29    Germany           91b--22
Madder         Jacob            28    Germany           91b--21
Madder         Jacob            10    Germany           91b--23
Maddler        Lewis            48    Germany           34a--37
Maddocks       Asa W.           28    Mass              87a--13
Maddocks       Charles W.       6     Ohio              87a--14
Maddocks       James H.         2     Ohio              87a--15
Maddocks       Lucretia         24    NY                87a--12
Maden          John             23    Ireland           77a--21
Magors         Adolphus         35    Vermont           97a---6
Magors         Almira           8     Ohio              97a---8
Magors         John             1     Ohio              97a--10
Magors         Louisa           30    NY                97a---7
Magors         Royal            5     Ohio              97a---9
Mahan          Dennis           16    Ireland           128b-39
Maher          Ann              24    Ireland           59a--36
Maher          Catharine        2     Ohio              59a--37
Maher          John T.          30    Ireland           59a--35
Maher          Valentine W.     3/12  Ohio              59a--38
Mahoney        Jane             10    NY                61a--30
Mahony         Elizabeth        44    Ohio              35a--21
Mahony         Ellen            5     O                 150a-24
Major          Samuel           22    Penn              140a-25
Majors         Adolphus         66    Vermont           96a--32
Majors         Lydia            64    N Hampshire       96a--33
Maker          Cabinet          21    Unknown           66a--28
Makins         Angeline         19    NY                95a--18
Makins         James            35    NY                95a--17
Makins         James            1/12  Ohio              95a--19
Makins         Mary Ann         54    Maine             22a--23
Makins         Peter            22    NY                95a--26
Makins         Samuel           52    Conn              22a--22
Malerke        Andrew           35    Ireland           68b--26
Malerke        James            4     Ohio              68b--28
Malerke        Mary             23    Ireland           68b--27
Malerke        William          3/12  Ohio              68b--29
Mallet         Benjamin         65    Conn              96b--14
Mallet         Clemantine       7     Ohio              96b--18
Mallet         Martier          15    Ohio              96b--16
Mallet         Mary             49    Mass              96b--15
Mallet         Volta            12    Ohio              96b--17
Mallett        Alfred E.        2     Ohio              96b---5
Mallett        Benjamin         39    NY                92b--17
Mallett        Charles          20    NY                96a--39
Mallett        Charles A.       50    Conn              96a--37
Mallett        Franklin         4     Ohio              92b--19
Mallett        George           18    NY                96a--40
Mallett        Giles            24    NY                96b---3
Mallett        James            15    NY                96a--42
Mallett        Jane             22    NY                96b---4
Mallett        Julia A.         26    Ohio              92b--18
Mallett        Kesiah           49    NY                96a--38
Mallett        Minerva          17    NY                96a--41
Mallett        Valorous         13    NY                96b---1
Mallory        C.               13    O                 153a-29
Mallory        Catharine        50    NY                17a--24
Mallory        Franklin         12    Ohio              17a--25
Mallory        John             6     Ohio              17a--26
Mallory        Lafayette        21    Ohio              17a--28
Mallory        Nancy            24    Unknown           17a--18
Mallory        Washington       19    Ohio              17a--27
Manchle        Emanuel          2     Ohio              7a----5
Manchle        Henry            3     NY                7a----4
Manchle        John W.          4/12  Ohio              7a----6
Manchle        Panirus          27    Germany           7a----2
Manchle        Sophia           29    Germany           7a----3
Mang           Augustina        7     Switzerland       132a-23
Mang           Christina        32    Switzerland       132a-20
Mang           Edward           11    Switzerland       132a-21
Mang           Fanny            9     Switzerland       132a-22
Mang           John G.          39    Switzerland       132a-19
Mang           Julia Ann        4     Switzerland       132a-24
Manly          Esther           7     Ohio              120a-19
Manly          Levi             45    Tennessee         48a--35
Manly          Levi             34    England           120a-15
Manly          Margaret         4     Ohio              120a-20
Manly          Melinda          5     Illinois          48a--38
Manly          Nancy            9     Ohio              120a-18
Manly          Obadiah          15    Tennessee         48a--37
Manly          Rowena           20    NY                120a-16
Manly          Roxana           4     Indiana           48a--39
Manly          Sarah            24    Tennessee         48a--36
Manly          William          2     Indiana           48a--40
Manly          William          11    Ohio              120a-17
Manning        Thomas           27    Ireland           112b-12
Manor          Alexander P      5     Ohio              139a--5
Manor          Francis          31    Ohio              140b-19
Manor          Henry            5     Ohio              140b-25
Manor          Isaac R          21    Ohio              139b--6
Manor          Jane             50    Penn              139b--5
Manor          Jane             29    Conn              140b-20
Manor          Jane T           10    Ohio              139a--3
Manor          John             25    Ohio              2b---19
Manor          John F           10    Ohio              140b-21
Manor          Lewis            35    Ohio              140a-18
Manor          Mary C           3     Ohio              139a--6
Manor          Minerva          28    Ohio              139a--2
Manor          Rosetta A        8     Ohio              140b-22
Manor          William L        8     Ohio              139a--4
Maples         James            22    Unknown           60b--39
Mariah         Anna             60    Germany           151a-41
Mark           Charlotte        2     Ohio              5b---40
Mark           Eliza Ann        17    Ohio              13b--18
Mark           Elizabeth        51    Germany           54b--21
Mark           Mary             22    Mass              9a----8
Mark           Tillman          58    Germany           54b--20
Mark           Tillman          21    Germany           54b--22
Markee         Mary             25    Ireland           77b--38
Markee         Patrick          26    Ireland           77b--37
Marker         Alexander        30    Canada            72b--13
Marker         Angeline         3     Ohio              72b--15
Marker         Calista          1     Ohio              72b--16
Marker         Francis          2/12  Ohio              91a--35
Marker         John             8     Ohio              91a--32
Marker         John             35    England           91a--30
Marker         Mary             28    Ireland           91a--31
Marker         Thomas           6     Ohio              91a--33
Marker         Tracy            26    Canada            72b--14
Marker         William          3     Ohio              91a--34
Markle         Andrew           38    Germany           91a--36
Markle         Bernhart         9     Germany           91a--39
Markle         Betsy            11    Germany           91a--38
Markle         Joseph           1     Ohio              91a--42
Markle         Lewis            6     Germany           91a--40
Markle         Mary Ann         37    Germany           91a--37
Markle         Mary Ann         3     Ohio              91a--41
Marks          Abigail J.       24    Ohio              120a--2
Marks          Jacob            28    Penn              120a--1
Marks          Madeline         18    Germany           114a-42
Marks          Phidelia A.      3     Ohio              120a--3
Marron         John             30    Ireland           116b-40
Marsh          Almira           43    NY                36a--13
Marsh          Ambrose A.       18    NY                17a--22
Marsh          Ann              24    NY                104b-25
Marsh          Artemus          44    NY                17a--19
Marsh          Catharine        23    Unknown           93b--20
Marsh          Celia            2     Ohio              98a--36
Marsh          Delina           16    NY                17a--23
Marsh          Eugene           3     Ohio              104b-27
Marsh          Eveliza          23    NY                98a--35
Marsh          Hardin           26    NY                104b-24
Marsh          Henry            28    NY                104b-16
Marsh          Horace           31    NY                104b-15
Marsh          Joal             59    NY                104b-13
Marsh          Joel             2     Ohio              104b-18
Marsh          Julius N.        31    NY                98a--34
Marsh          Louisa           20    NY                17a--21
Marsh          Lucy             2     Ohio              104b-28
Marsh          Mary             5     Ohio              104b-26
Marsh          Mary             32    England           17a--20
Marsh          Mirinda          21    NY                104b-17
Marsh          Mr.              30    Unknown           93b--19
Marsh          Nancy            55    R.H. Island       104b-14
Marsh          Stephen          45    New Jersey        36a--12
Marshall       Cyrus            14    Ohio              27a--31
Marshall       Julia Ann        33    NY                27a--30
Marshall       Julia Ette       9     Ohio              27a--33
Marshall       Livonia          5     Ohio              27a--35
Marshall       Luther D.        7     Ohio              27a--34
Marshall       Mary Jane        10    Ohio              27a--32
Marshall       William          53    Virginia          27a--29
Marshall       William          3/12  Ohio              27a--36
Marston        Edward           27    NY                128b--6
Marston        Eliza            14    NY                128b--8
Marston        James            24    NY                128b--7
Marston        Maria            47    NY                128b--5
Marten         Lazrena          18    Ohio              45a--24
Marten         Mary Jane        12    Ohio              24b--19
Marten         Samuel           14    Ohio              24b--18
Marten         Sarah Ann        39    Maryland          24b--15
Marten         Sayrena          17    Ohio              24b--17
Marten         William          18    Ohio              24b--16
Martin         Alice            26    NY                115b-30
Martin         Ann              30    Ireland           77b--34
Martin         Anne H.          22    Germany           55a---3
Martin         Bridget          25    Ireland           77a--17
Martin         Catharine        18    Ireland           61b--28
Martin         Catharine        18    Penn              124a--8
Martin         Catharine        17    Penn              23a--22
Martin         Eliza            14    Germany           55a---5
Martin         Elizabeth        19    Ohio              9a---26
Martin         Elizabeth C.     8     Ohio              124a-12
Martin         Henry            5/12  Ohio              55a---4
Martin         Henry            26    Germany           55a---2
Martin         Henry            22    Penn              124a--6
Martin         Henry            21    Penn              8a---19
Martin         Jacob            54    Penn              124a--4
Martin         Jacob            11    Ohio              124a-11
Martin         James            33    Ireland           77b--33
Martin         James            25    Ireland           77a--16
Martin         John             20    Penn              124a--7
Martin         Lagrina          16    Ohio              88a--29
Martin         Margaret         4/12  Ohio              77a--18
Martin         Mary             3     Ireland           77b--36
Martin         Mary T.          3     Ohio              23a--21
Martin         Owen             17    Ireland           87a--34
Martin         Patrick          58    Ireland           115b-28
Martin         Patrick          5     Ireland           77b--35
Martin         Rebecca          47    Maryland          124a--5
Martin         Rebecca          14    Ohio              124a-10
Martin         Rosanna          64    Ireland           115b-29
Martin         Samuel           16    Penn              124a--9
Marvin         Catharine        42    Penn              27b--22
Marvin         Catharine        14    Ohio              17b--38
Marvin         Cyrus            16    Ohio              27b--24
Marvin         John             46    Vermont           27b--21
Marvin         Joseph           16    Ohio              27b--25
Marvin         Margaret         10    Ohio              27b--30
Marvin         Maria E.         18    Penn              27b--23
Marvin         Mary             12    Ohio              27b--28
Marvin         Moses            10    Ohio              27b--29
Marvin         Robert           12    Ohio              27b--27
Marvin         Sarah J.         8     Ohio              27b--31
Marvin         William          14    Ohio              27b--26
Masin          DeWitt C.        6     Ohio              87a--33
Masin          Frances          18    Vermont           87a--31
Masin          John             44    Vermont           87a--29
Masin          John E.          10    Ohio              87a--32
Masin          Margaret G.      37    NY                87a--30
Mason          Berthiah         34    Penn              155a-25
Mason          Clarissa         38    NY                30b--18
Mason          Hannah E.        30    Ohio              46a--27
Mason          Hazekiah D.      54    NY                30b--17
Mason          Isabella         12    Ohio              30b--19
Mason          James H.         10    O                 155a-27
Mason          Jay              1     O                 153a-24
Mason          M.M.             40    N.Y.              155a-24
Mason          Mary E.          14    O                 155a-26
Mason          Matthew          21    NY                67b--17
Mason          William          33    Ohio              46a--26
Mast           Catharine        10/12 Ohio              131a--6
Mast           Elizabeth        5     Ohio              131a--4
Mast           Margaret         31    Germany           131a--2
Mast           Margaret         2     Ohio              131a--5
Mast           Michael          32    Germany           131a--1
Mast           Sarah            8     Ohio              131a--3
Master         Christian        21    Maine             135a-31
Master         George           35    Germany           135a-27
Master         Magdaline        34    Germany           135a-28
Masters        Esther           23    Ohio              127b--9
Mastin         Charles          12    Mich              110a-38
Matsher        Conrad           5     Germany           42b---7
Matthews       Benjamin         23    Louisiana         69a--10
Matthews       Caroline         23    Ohio              5a---11
Matthews       Chauncey         2     Ohio              5a---12
Matthews       James            26    England           78b--16
Maunder        William          26    England           119a-37
May            Edward           25    England           107b-12
May            Martha           23    England           107b-13
Mayhew         Albertina        18    NY                36b---9
Mayhew         Charles          32    Mich              15b--21
Mayhew         Charles L.       4/12  Ohio              15b--25
Mayhew         Joseph           4     Ohio              15b--23
Mayhew         Lucy             23    Canada            15b--22
Mayhew         Mary             2     Ohio              15b--24
Mayhew         Thomas C.        25    NY                36b---8
Mc Cuen        Charles          50    Ireland           138b-39
Mc Cuen        Mary             40    Ireland           138b-40
McAthens       Andrew           12    Ireland           70b--37
McAthens       Margaret         15    Ireland           70b--36
McAthens       Nicholas         10    Ireland           70b--38
McAthens       Peter            6     Ireland           70b--39
McAthens       Peter            50    Ireland           70b--34
McAthens       Rosa             43    Ireland           70b--35
McBain         Daniel           32    Scotland          69b--14
McBrian        Ann              33    .                 145a--2
McBrian        Eliza Ann        4     .                 145a--8
McBrian        George E         14    .                 145a--4
McBrian        Jas R            42    600               145a--1
McBrian        John F           16    .                 145a--3
McBrian        Mary E           5     .                 145a--7
McBrian        Mary Jane        12    .                 145a--5
McBrian        William H        8     .                 145a--6
McBrum         Calvin           6     Penn              12a--12
McBrum         Florinda         4     Penn              12a--13
McBrum         James            10    Penn              12a--10
McBrum         Margaret         36    Penn              12a---9
McBrum         Margaret J.      2/12  Ohio              12a--15
McBrum         Sena             8     Penn              12a--11
McBrum         William          36    Penn              12a---8
McBrum         William          2     Ohio              12a--14
McCabe         Alexander        23    Penn              126b-39
McCabe         James            47    Penn              126b-37
McCabe         Mary B.          11    Penn              126b-42
McCabe         Rebecca P.       21    Penn              126b-40
McCabe         Robert           8     Ohio              127a--1
McCabe         Sarah            46    Penn              126b-38
McCabe         Sarah Jane       14    Penn              126b-41
McCan          Bridget          15    Ireland           5b----6
McCann         Ellen            35    Ireland           21a--14
McCann         James            7     Ohio              21a--16
McCann         Mary Ann         2     Ohio              21a--18
McCann         Michael          5     Ohio              21a--17
McCann         Michael          32    Ireland           21a--13
McCann         William          11    Ohio              21a--15
McCarn         Alta Jane        29    NY                53b--40
McCarn         Charles H.       5     Ohio              53b--42
McCarn         Walter           9     Ohio              53b--41
McCarn         William          31    NY                53b--39
McCarthy       Edward           13    Mich              54b--28
McCarthy       Ellen            26    Ireland           70a--31
McCarthy       James            1     Ohio              70a--33
McCarthy       Lawrence         28    Ireland           70a--30
McCarthy       Mary             33    Ireland           58a--17
McCarthy       Mary             3     Ohio              70a--32
McCarthy       Monroe           20    Canada            54b--27
McCarthy       Walter           9     Ohio              54b--29
McCarty        Margaret         60    New Jersey        1a---27
McCarty        Thomas           31    Kentucky          52b---9
McClary        Edward           4     Ohio              42b--18
McClary        Edward           37    Ireland           42b--16
McClary        Frances          32    France            42b--17
McClary        Hiram S.         2     Ohio              42b--19
McClay         Barney           16    Ireland           75a--13
McCollach      Elizabeth        14    Ireland           90b--42
McCollach      James            19    Ireland           90b--40
McCollach      Margaret         21    Ireland           90b--41
McCollam       James            25    Canada            88b--27
McColluck      Amelia           26    Ohio              138b-21
McColluck      David            24    Ohio              138b-20
McColluck      Mary             67    Penn              138b-19
McColluck      Robert           4     Ohio              138b-24
McColluck      Ruth             28    Penn              138b-23
McColluck      Thomas           68    Maryland          138b-18
McComber       Warren           21    NY                59a--12
McConnell      Daniel           30    Ireland           141a--8
McConnell      Edward           32    Ireland           100a-31
McConnell      Harriet          37    NY                100a-32
McConnell      James            11    Ohio              100a-33
McConnell      John             9     Ohio              100a-34
McCord         John             41    N.J.              151b-12
McCord         John N.          18    Penn              151b-14
McCord         Lola             5     Penn              151b-16
McCord         Mary             41    N.Y.              151b-13
McCord         Samuel           11    Penn              151b-15
McCorley       Sarah            65    Ireland           92a--24
McCorley       Thomas           66    Ireland           92a--23
McCorley       William G.       17    Ireland           92a--25
McCormick      Delia            7     Ohio              42a--33
McCormick      Deonaiguis       23    NY                42a--27
McCormick      George           4     Ohio              42a--34
McCormick      Guy              10    Ohio              42a--32
McCormick      Helen            18    NY                42a--29
McCormick      Isaac            16    NY                42a--30
McCormick      Maria            18    NY                42a--28
McCormick      Okey             46    NY                42a--25
McCormick      Sally            46    NY                42a--26
McCormick      William          25    Unknown           67b--37
McCormick      Wrighty          13    Ohio              42a--31
McCoskrell     Patrick          16    Canada            98b--21
McDonald       Allen            38    Canada            140b--5
McDonald       Asa              12    Ohio              140b--7
McDonald       Charles          3     Mich              140b--8
McDonald       Charlotte        33    NY                140b--6
McDonald       Charlotte        1/12  Ohio              140b--9
McDonald       Edward           25    NY                67b--19
McDonald       Elizabeth        25    Scotland          67b--21
McDonald       George           23    NY                67b--20
McDonald       Mary             10/12 Ohio              67b--22
McDonel        Patrick          17    Ireland           47a--23
McDonell       Aurelia          4     Ohio              48b--29
McDonell       Catharine        2     Ohio              48b--30
McDonell       Henry            1     Ohio              48b--31
McDonell       John             24    Ohio              48b--27
McDonell       Mary             24    Germany           48b--28
McDonnell      John             30    Ireland           140a-34
McDonough      Barney           26    Ireland           70a--40
McDonough      Bridget          22    Ireland           70a--42
McDonough      Elizabeth        22    Ireland           70a--41
McDougall      James            36    NY                140a-22
McDugue        Alice            4     NY                83b--15
McDugue        Bridget          11    Ireland           83b--12
McDugue        Mary             8     Ireland           83b--13
McDugue        Mary             33    Ireland           83b--11
McDugue        Peter            36    Ireland           83b--10
McDugue        Rosette          1     Ohio              83b--16
McDugue        Thomas           6     Ireland           83b--14
McElroy        Adaline          24    NY                63a--40
McElroy        James S.         24    Penn              63a--39
McGerven       Ann              6     Ireland           70b--10
McGerven       Bridget          8     Ireland           70b---9
McGerven       Bridget          30    Ireland           70b---8
McGerven       Catharine        4     Ohio              70b--11
McGerven       Mary             3     Ohio              70b--12
McGerven       Patrick          35    Ireland           70b---7
McGlenn        Michael          22    Ireland           66b--40
McGlynn        Bridget          30    Ireland           53b--31
McGlynn        Edward           31    Ireland           16a--25
McGlynn        James            6     Ohio              16a--27
McGlynn        Lawrence         41    Ireland           16a--30
McGlynn        Margaret         40    Ireland           16a--26
McGlynn        Margaret         1     Ohio              16a--29
McGlynn        Mary             27    Ireland           52b--21
McGlynn        Mary Jane        1     Ohio              16a--28
McGreur        Peter            26    Ireland           70b---5
McGrugen       Arthur           35    Ireland           99b--34
McIntosh       Gersey           18    Canada            68a---9
McKane         Mrs. Eliza       45    NY                88b--24
McKarnan       Alexander        2     Ohio              141a--5
McKarnan       James            40    Ireland           141a--3
McKarnan       Mary             30    Ireland           141a--4
McKarnan       Mary Ann         11/12 Ohio              141a--6
McKarr         Anna             6     Ohio              70a--38
McKarr         Harriet          2     Ohio              70a--39
McKarr         Mary Jane        8     Ohio              70a--37
McKarr         Mary Jane        35    Ireland           70a--35
McKarr         William          18    Ireland           70a--36
McKay          Edward           26    Scotland          62b--24
McKay          Eliza            20    Ireland           76a--13
McKay          George           2     Ohio              15b--19
McKay          James            16    Scotland          101a-14
McKay          Jennettie        14    Scotland          101a-15
McKay          John             7     Ohio              15b--17
McKay          John             7     Ohio              101a-17
McKay          John             46    Scotland          15b--14
McKay          Kenneth          5     Ohio              15b--18
McKay          Mary             26    Ireland           62b--25
McKay          Mary E.          7/12  Ohio              15b--20
McKay          Phebe            29    Canada            15b--15
McKay          Sarah            11    Scotland          101a-16
McKay          Sarah            1     Ohio              62b--26
McKay          Thomas           10    Ohio              15b--16
McKeever       Alex             18    Ireland           140b-42
McKeever       Ann              52    Ireland           141a--1
McLain         Elizabeth        22    Ireland           56b---7
McLain         Michael          23    Ireland           65a---5
McLaughlin     Ellen            40    Ireland           37b--23
McLaughlin     John             28    Ireland           37b--24
McLaughlin     Michael          7     Ohio              37b--25
McLaughlin     William          40    Ireland           37b--22
McLaughlin     William          33    Ireland           56a--20
McLean         Charles S.       14    O                 151a-27
McLean         Geo. N.          50    Ct.               151a-25
McLean         Louis A.         48    Ct.               151a-26
McLean         Mary B.          10    O                 151a-28
McLeod         Ann              19    Ireland           13b--31
McLeod         Catharine        2     Ohio              13b--32
McMahan        Bridget          31    Ireland           12b---7
McMahan        Francis          1     Ohio              12b--13
McMahan        James            33    Ireland           12b---6
McMahan        James M.         6     Ohio              12b--10
McMahan        John B.          9     Canada            12b---8
McMahan        Louisa           4     Ohio              12b--11
McMahan        Maria            8     Ohio              12b---9
McMahan        Thomas           2     Ohio              12b--12
McMahen        Barney           53    Ireland           69b--17
McMahen        Betsy            48    Ireland           69b--18
McMahen        James            18    Ireland           69b--19
McManis        Mary             20    Ireland           59b--12
McManis        Thomas           24    Ireland           59b--11
McManus        Thane            26    Germany           51a--25
McMillan       Eliza *          2     .                 144a-42
McMillan       Lydia Jane       26    .                 144a-40
McMillan       Thomas           6     .                 144a-41
McMillan       Wm               31    1000              144a-39
McMillen       Abigail S.       16    Ohio              115b-18
McMillen       Amanda           22    NY                115b-17
McMillen       Barney           20    Ireland           60b---6
McMillen       James M.         20    NY                115b-14
McMillen       Jane Eliza       14    Ohio              115b-19
McMillen       John             10    Ohio              115b-16
McMillen       Julia Ann        12    Ohio              115b-20
McMillen       Malcom           18    NY                115b-15
McMillen       Nancy Jane       50    Ireland           115b-13
McMullen       Amos             16    Ireland           62a---5
McMullen       Catharine        23    Ohio              124a-14
McMullen       Levi             22    Ohio              124a-13
McMullen       Neil             28    Ireland           139b-24
McMullen       Rose             58    Ireland           77a--26
McNamel        Bernard          30    Ireland           64a---5
McNany         Margaret         10    Ireland           18b---4
McNelly        James            23    Unknown           39a--17
McNelly        Mrs.             19    England           39a--15
McPeck         Bridget          30    Ireland           47b--12
McPeck         James            7/12  Ohio              47b--15
McPeck         John             7     Ohio              47b--14
McPeck         Mary Ann         8     Ireland           47b--13
McPeck         Patrick          31    Ireland           47b--11
McPherson      Vistia Ann       35    Vermont           104a-26
McPherson      William          34    NY                104a-25
McSloge        Elizabeth        6     Ohio              44a--32
McSloge        James            40    Ireland           44a--29
McSloge        John             10    Ohio              44a--31
McSloge        Matthew          14    Ohio              44a--30
McVray         Mrs.             40    Penn              8b---32
McWain         Hannah           29    Maine             41a--23
McWain         Winus            33    NY                41a--22
Mead           .                25    Unknown           38a--33
Mead           Aaron            7     Ohio              140a-42
Mead           Aaron B          45    NY                140a-39
Mead           Catherine        37    France            140a-40
Mead           Catherine        29    Ireland           139a-27
Mead           Charles          3/12  Ohio              139a-30
Mead           Charles P        10    Ohio              140a-41
Mead           Eliza Ann        22    Ohio              86a--24
Mead           Hiram            26    Mass              86a--23
Mead           John             4     Ohio              139a-31
Mead           Kate             1     Ohio              140b--2
Mead           Louisa           6     Ohio              139a-28
Mead           Louisa           18    France            140b--3
Mead           Lydia            1     .                 86a--25
Mead           Maria            2     Ohio              139a-29
Mead           Mrs.             24    Unknown           38a--34
Mead           Norman           40    Unknown           139a-26
Mead           Rufus            1     .                 86a--26
Mead           William          5     Ohio              140b--1
Meaghan        John             23    Ireland           40a--21
Melott         Benjamin         54    Unknown           139a-39
Menier         Agnes            9/12  Ohio              80b--31
Menier         Antonie          2     Ohio              80b--30
Menier         Eli              5     Ohio              80b--28
Menier         Elizabeth        4     Ohio              80b--29
Menier         Esther           6     Ohio              80b--27
Menier         Gabriel          47    Mich              80b--25
Menier         Mary             27    Mich              80b--26
Menstral       Gottieb          35    Germany           11b---2
Meoron         Daniel           28    Germany           33b--40
Merar          Azariah C.       17    Ohio              129b-18
Mercer         Catherine        25    Penn              141a-10
Mercer         Frances M        7     Ohio              141a-12
Mercer         Mary E           8     Ohio              141a-11
Mercer         Stephen          28    Ohio              141a--9
Mercer         Thomas J         5     Ohio              141a-13
Merrill        Chanacey         38    NY                8a---40
Merrill        Charles M.       4     Ohio              25a--42
Merrill        Francis D.       12    Ohio              8a---42
Merrill        George B.        28    Maine             8b---11
Merrill        George P.        3     Ohio              8b----2
Merrill        Harriet J.       30    Vermont           8a---41
Merrill        Lavene M.        5     Ohio              8b----1
Merritt        Ann Maria        14    Vermont           122a-21
Merritt        David            10    Ohio              122a-23
Merritt        Eli              46    Vermont           122a-19
Merritt        Francis          6     Ohio              122a-24
Merritt        Harriet J.       12    Ohio              122a-22
Merritt        Orpha            46    Vermont           122a-20
Merritt        William          31    Virginia          3a---38
Merter         Margaret         27    Ireland           140b-15
Merter         Michael          32    Ireland           140b-14
Merwin         David P.         47    NY                4a---34
Merwin         Judson           14    Ohio              4a---38
Merwin         Maria L.         14    Ohio              4a---36
Merwin         Mary             8     Ohio              4a---37
Merwin         Rachel M.        43    Mass              4a---35
Meserean       Ellen Ann        16    NY                100b--8
Meserean       Peter            21    NY                100b--7
Meserean       Sarah E.         9     Ohio              100b--9
Messer         Anne             18    NY                84b--24
Messer         Casper           23    France            45a--37
Messer         Ebenezer S.      57    NY                84b--22
Messer         James            16    NY                84b--25
Messer         Martin A.        6     Penn              91a--29
Messer         Montgomery       14    NY                84b--26
Messer         Platt            22    NY                84b--23
Messer         Robertson        50    N Hampshire       91a--25
Messer         Roxana           11    Penn              91a--27
Messer         Sally            46    N Hampshire       91a--26
Messer         Sarah Ann        9     Penn              91a--28
Messer         Victoria         21    France            45a--38
Messorean      Charles W.       14    Ohio              110b--8
Messorean      Cornelia C.      8     NY                110b-11
Messorean      Cornelius        48    NY                110b--5
Messorean      Eveline A.       12    NY                110b--9
Messorean      Henry P.         5     Ohio              110b-12
Messorean      Peter            16    Ohio              110b--7
Messorean      Sarah            40    NY                110b--6
Messorean      Wallace          10    NY                110b-10
Metze          Susan            12    Germany           50a--26
Mewhamer       Joseph           1     Germany           54b---7
Mewhamer       Martin           3     Germany           54b---6
Mewhamer       Threse           30    Germany           54b---5
Mewhamer       William          30    Germany           54b---4
Meyhew         Antoine          21    Mich              11a---9
Mickler        Jacob            3     Germany           43b--32
Mickler        John             38    Germany           43b--30
Mickler        Rosa             33    Germany           43b--31
Mickler        Rosa             3/12  Ohio              43b--33
Middough       Bliss            10    NY                26a--10
Middough       Eliza            56    NY                26a---7
Middough       Henry            60    NY                26a---6
Middough       Jane             7     NY                26a---9
Middough       Luke             20    NY                26a---8
Mikam          Jeremiah         26    NY                106b-31
Mikam          Lavinia          6/12  Ohio              106b-34
Mikam          Lavinia          20    NY                106b-32
Mikam          Riley            2     Ohio              106b-33
Milcox         Antly C.         2     O                 151b-31
Milcox         Ezra             36    Ct.               151b-32
Milcox         George           6     O                 151b-29
Milcox         Ira              42    Ct.               151b-27
Milcox         Sarah            25    Ohio              151b-28
Milcox         William          4     O                 151b-30
Millan         Mary             35    .                 145a-17
Millan         Mary Jane        3     .                 145a-18
Millar         Abraham          9     Germany           23b--40
Millar         Abram            25    Penn              142b-30
Millar         Absolom          25    Ohio              88a--33
Millar         Andrew           23    Germany           143b-14
Millar         Anna             15    Germany           23b--41
Millar         Barnet           36    NY                122a--7
Millar         Ben              50    Canada            140a-37
Millar         Caroline         41    Germany           64a---7
Millar         Caroline         3     Ohio              64a--11
Millar         Catharine        29    Germany           102a--4
Millar         Catharine        26    Germany           99b---2
Millar         Catherine        9     Ohio              138b--9
Millar         Catherine        17    Germany           143b-15
Millar         Charles B.       30    Conn              61b--22
Millar         Conrad           13    Germany           23b--38
Millar         Elizabeth        52    Germany           138b--5
Millar         Elizabeth        20    Germany           6a---20
Millar         Ellen A.         3     Ohio              61b--25
Millar         Ferdinand        6     Ohio              64a---9
Millar         Frederic         43    Germany           64a---6
Millar         George           38    Germany           124a-34
Millar         George           23    Germany           25b--16
Millar         George           1     Ohio              102a--7
Millar         George R.        4     Ohio              88a--37
Millar         Harriet A.       27    Conn              61b--23
Millar         Henry            5     Ohio              64a--10
Millar         Henry            5     Ohio              102a--5
Millar         Henry            31    Germany           102a--3
Millar         Henry            23    Unknown           53b--13
Millar         Hugh             31    Scotland          14b--32
Millar         Jacob            28    Conn              61b--26
Millar         John             80    Ireland           14b--30
Millar         John             7     Ohio              64a---8
Millar         John             52    Germany           138b--4
Millar         John             30    Germany           99b---1
Millar         John             28    England           16b--34
Millar         John             15    NY                138b--6
Millar         Joseph           33    Germany           23b--36
Millar         Lucinda          2     Ohio              88a--38
Millar         Lydia            26    Penn              142b-31
Millar         Lydia S.         6     Ohio              122a--9
Millar         Margaret         46    Germany           124a-35
Millar         Margaret         24    England           16b--35
Millar         Margaret         1     Ohio              143b-16
Millar         Margaret Ann     6     Ohio              88a--36
Millar         Mary             7     Germany           23b--39
Millar         Mary             48    Germany           23b--37
Millar         Mary             3     Ohio              102a--6
Millar         Mary             28    Ohio              88a--34
Millar         Mary             11    Ohio              138b--8
Millar         Mary E.          7     Ohio              61b--24
Millar         Nancy            78    Ireland           14b--31
Millar         Peter            13    NY                138b--7
Millar         Sarah Ann        36    Vermont           122a--8
Millar         Sarah E.         8     Ohio              88a--35
Millar         Susan            3     Ohio              142b-32
Millar         Susanna          3     Germany           23b--42
Millar         William          7     Ohio              138b-10
Millendick     Elizabeth        31    Germany           75a---6
Millendick     Jacob            36    Germany           75a---5
Miller         Alonzo H.        9     Ohio              35b--27
Miller         Amelia           7     Ohio              10a--14
Miller         Catherine        30    .                 145b--9
Miller         Charles          4     Ohio              35b--29
Miller         Edwin L.         12    Ohio              35b--26
Miller         Elizabeth        1     .                 145b-18
Miller         Emma             7     Ohio              35b--28
Miller         George           6     .                 145b-13
Miller         George W.        1     Ohio              35b--30
Miller         John             10    .                 145b-10
Miller         Joseph           40    Germany           27b--32
Miller         Joseph           4     .                 145b-14
Miller         L                45    800               145b--8
Miller         Lawrence         8     .                 145b-12
Miller         Magdelina        2     .                 145b-16
Miller         Margaret         4     .                 145b-15
Miller         Mary             62    Penn              74b--16
Miller         Mary Ann         13    .                 145b-11
Miller         Robt. R.         65    N.J.              150b-35
Miller         Samuel           36    Ohio              35b--24
Miller         Sarah            57    Penn              150b-36
Miller         Susan            35    Ohio              35b--25
Miller         Susannah         2     .                 145b-17
Millholland    Caroline         33    Vermont           38a--20
Millholland    Charles T.       10    Mich              38a--22
Millholland    Edward           37    NY                38a--19
Millholland    Matilda J.       11    NY                38a--21
Milliorne      Elizabeth        41    Penn              134b-40
Milliorne      Hannah           8     Penn              135a--2
Milliorne      Jacob            47    Penn              134b-39
Milliorne      Melissa          6     Ohio              135a--3
Milliorne      Rachel           16    Penn              134b-41
Milliorne      Selvina          11    Penn              135a--1
Milliorne      William          12    Penn              134b-42
Mills          Aaron            31    NY                55b--22
Mills          Ann C.           11    Maryland          95a---9
Mills          Arthur           23    O                 149b-12
Mills          Aseneth          45    N.Y.              150a--2
Mills          Darias           35    Ohio              102a--8
Mills          David            48    Vt                150a--1
Mills          Ellen            3/12  Ohio              102a-12
Mills          Esther           8     Maryland          95a--10
Mills          Esther           38    Maryland          95a---7
Mills          Franklin         6     Ohio              102a-10
Mills          George           4     Ohio              102a-11
Mills          James B.         14    Maryland          95a---8
Mills          James C.         19    O                 150a--4
Mills          Levi             39    Maryland          95a---6
Mills          Levi             2     Mich              95a--11
Mills          Nancy            24    NY                102a--9
Mills          Osker F.         17    O                 150a--5
Mills          Pamelia A.       2     O                 149b-14
Mills          Robt. Henry      14    O                 150a--6
Mills          Sarah Ann        26    O                 150a--3
Mills          Sarah Jane       22    O                 149b-13
Mills          William D.       12    O                 150a--7
Milton         Elizabeth        2     Ohio              18a--41
Milton         Mary             5     England           18a--40
Milton         Mary             27    England           18a--39
Milton         William          36    England           18a--38
Milton         William          10/12 Ohio              18a--42
Mina           Cornelia A.      9     Ohio              95a--20
Minekar        Catharine        3/12  Ohio              49b--10
Minekar        Dinah            34    Germany           49b---7
Minekar        Henry            5     Ohio              49b---9
Minekar        Louisa           29    Germany           49b---5
Minekar        William          8     Ohio              49b---8
Minekar        William          36    Germany           49b---6
Miner          Alcia            61    Conn              112b-42
Miner          Amos             61    Maine             112b-41
Miner          Amos W.          8     Ohio              113a--4
Miner          Esther           23    NY                113a--1
Miner          Harriet          5     Ohio              95a--25
Miner          Hiram            28    NY                113a--3
Miner          Lucinda P.       4     Ohio              106b--3
Miner          Salmon           32    NY                106b--1
Miner          Sarah            23    Ohio              106b--2
Miner          Timothy E.       35    Mass              106b--5
Miner          Timothy E.       33    Mass              113a--2
Miner          Ursala A.        1     Ohio              106b--4
Minie          John             50    Germany           89a---6
Minie          Margaret         18    Germany           89a---8
Minie          Mary             45    Germany           89a---7
Mirr           Catharine        46    Ireland           116b-17
Mirr           Michael          21    Ireland           116b-18
Mirr           Thomas           14    Ireland           116b-19
Mison          Henry            28    .                 145a-33
Mitchell       .                40    Unknown           41b--28
Mitchell       Charles          10    Maine             5b---11
Mitchell       Edward           55    Maine             5b----7
Mitchell       Elizabeth        18    Canada            141a--7
Mitchell       Hannah           21    Maine             5b----9
Mitchell       Isaac            22    Canada            140a--1
Mitchell       Jane             35    Unknown           41b--29
Mitchell       Margaret         45    England           139b-33
Mitchell       Mary             45    Maine             5b----8
Mitchell       Reuben           20    Maine             5b---10
Mitchen        Barbara          22    Germany           37b---4
Mitson         Robt.            21    England           18a--22
Mittie         Jacob            31    Vermont           13a--12
Mix            Lewis            8     Ohio              64a--13
Mix            N.               28    Germany           64a--12
Mixher         Marion           11    Germany           51b--24
Molar          Charles          14    Germany           133b-26
Molar          Frederic         6     Germany           133b-28
Molar          Frederic         46    Germany           133b-24
Molar          Frederica        36    Germany           133b-25
Molar          Lewis            12    Germany           133b-27
Molar          Paul             10    Germany           133b-29
Momona         Anthony          65    Unknown           90b--16
Momona         Anthony          33    Unknown           90b--17
Momona         Peter            22    Unknown           90b--18
Monad          Alexander        30    Canada            72a--42
Monad          John             5/12  Ohio              72b---4
Monad          Julia Ann        30    Mich              72b---1
Monad          Lewis            12    Ohio              72b---2
Monad          Lucy             6     Ohio              72b---3
Monson         Harmon           15    Germany           31a--20
Moone          William          32    NY                72a--21
Mooney         Ann M.           3     Ohio              76a---5
Mooney         Clotilda P.      28    NY                76a---6
Mooney         Danir            6     NY                76a---4
Mooney         Deborah          29    NY                76a---3
Mooney         Morris N.        30    NY                76a---2
Moore          Adaline          21    Mich              45b--21
Moore          Alfred C.        25    Conn              12a--41
Moore          Almira           7     Ohio              7b---21
Moore          Almira           30    Conn              7b---20
Moore          Anna             3     Ohio              7b---23
Moore          Daniel           24    Ohio              45b--20
Moore          Daniel W.        41    NY                102b-24
Moore          Edward           20    England           93a--25
Moore          Henry J.         3     NY                102b-29
Moore          James H.         7/12  Ohio              4b---39
Moore          Jane A.          5     Ohio              7b---22
Moore          Jane E.          15    NY                102b-26
Moore          John             1     Ohio              7b---24
Moore          John A.          34    Conn              7b---19
Moore          Laura            1     NY                102b-30
Moore          Lewis F.         2     Ohio              15a--17
Moore          Mary             22    Mich              15a--16
Moore          Peter            32    Ohio              15a--15
Moore          Priscilla        12    NY                102b-27
Moore          Reson            21    Penn              140a-33
Moore          Sarah J.         6     NY                102b-28
Moore          Sylvia           35    Vermont           102b-25
Moore          Warren           21    NY                108a-27
Moorehouse     Helen W.         16    NY                130a-28
Moorehouse     L.L.             39    NY                130a-26
Moorehouse     Mary             1     Ohio              130a-30
Moorehouse     Mary Ann         41    NY                130a-27
Moorehouse     Sarah E.         10    Ohio              130a-29
Moose          Erastus          36    NY                114a-11
Moose          Hannah           36    NY                114a-12
More           E.C.             27    Conn              3a---35
Morgan         Annett           4     Ohio              118a-41
Morgan         Calista          6     Ohio              118a-40
Morgan         Charles          6/12  Ohio              118a-42
Morgan         Pleasant         30    Ohio              118a-38
Morgan         William          36    Penn              118a-37
Morgan         William W.       8     Ohio              118a-39
Moriarty       Michael          16    Ireland           58a---8
Morris         Charles          1     Ohio              20a--32
Morris         Deborah          48    NY                111b-35
Morris         Eli              24    NY                67b--30
Morris         George R.        12    England           20a--28
Morris         John             47    England           20a--26
Morris         Lucy             39    England           20a--27
Morris         Lucy S.          10    England           20a--29
Morris         Margaret         6     Ohio              20a--31
Morris         Milton           52    Rhode Island      99a--22
Morris         Thomas           8     NY                20a--30
Morris         Webster          9     Mich              107b-36
Morrison       Catharine        42    Germany           153b-15
Morrison       Daniel           27    Unknown           14b--12
Morrison       Harmon           9     O                 153b-16
Morrison       Henry            55    Germany           153b-14
Morrison       Jane             5     O                 153b-18
Morrison       Robert           60    Scotland          93a--42
Morrison       Sarah M.         35    NY                36b---1
Morrison       Susan            7     O                 153b-17
Morrison       Zina             60    NY                87b--19
Morse          Edwin            16    NY                113a-41
Morse          Henry            12    Mich              113b--1
Morse          Mary             14    Mich              113a-42
Mortimer       Charles          21    England           107b-14
Mortimer       Charles          20    England           96b--13
Mortimer       George           17    England           107b-17
Mortimer       Thomas           30    England           107b-15
Morton         Daniel C.        35    Vermont           32b--13
Morton         Elizabeth F.     33    NY                32b--14
Morton         Frank            2     Ohio              32b--16
Morton         Lucinda          25    Ohio              38b--18
Morton         Mary             4     Ohio              32b--15
Morton         William E.       31    NY                38b--17
Morty          Catharine        7     Ohio              50b--23
Morty          Charles          4     Ohio              50b--24
Morty          Charles          37    Germany           50b--18
Morty          Elizabeth        36    Penn              50b--19
Morty          Henry            11    Ohio              50b--22
Morty          Milo             15    Ohio              50b--21
Morty          Sally            18    Ohio              50b--20
Mose           Paul L.          76    Canada            2b---27
Mosiar         Almira           12    NY                63a--38
Mosver         Almira           11    NY                111b-19
Mosver         David            44    NY                111b-17
Mosver         Margaret         40    NY                111b-18
Mosver         Peter            10    NY                111b-20
Mott           Charles S.       17    Conn              3b----6
Mott           George M.        6     Conn              3b---10
Mott           Joanna F.        41    Conn              3b----4
Mott           John T.          42    Conn              3b----3
Mott           Lucy B.          12    Conn              3b----8
Mott           Maria F.         21    Conn              3b----5
Mott           Thomas H.B.      15    Conn              3b----7
Mott           Wm. T.           9     Conn              3b----9
Mouck          John             35    Germany           126b--1
Mowrey         John             22    Penn              26a--19
Mrasche        Margaret         20    Germany           3b---35
Muikar         John             30    Germany           43a---5
Muikar         Mary             30    Germany           43a---6
Muikar         Mary             2     Ohio              43a---7
Mulhany        Ann              60    Ireland           56b---8
Mulhany        Areter           63    Ireland           56b---9
Mulhany        Bridget          28    Ireland           56b---5
Mulhany        Charles          1     Ohio              56b--11
Mulhany        John             30    Ireland           56b---4
Mulhaven       Bridget          7     Ireland           77a--15
Mulhaven       Catharine        28    Ireland           77a--14
Mulhaven       Patrick          30    Ireland           77a--13
Mullen         Abby Jane        10    New Jersey        131a-25
Mullen         Abigail          50    New Jersey        131a-21
Mullen         Bitsy            7     Ohio              131a-26
Mullen         Densie           15    New Jersey        131a-23
Mullen         U**al            20    New Jersey        131a-22
Mullen         William          51    New Jersey        131a-20
Mullen         William          13    New Jersey        131a-24
Mullicorp      Emeline          7/12  Ohio              124a-32
Mullicorp      George           31    Germany           124a-29
Mullicorp      George           3     Ohio              124a-31
Mullicorp      John             15    Germany           124a-33
Mullicorp      Susanna          22    Germany           124a-30
Mullins        John             35    Ireland           7a----1
Mulooney       Edward           43    NY                111a-36
Mulooney       William          26    NY                111a-37
Munroe         Edward           40    Ireland           70b---6
Munson         Adelbert         1     O                 155a-32
Munson         Amelia           5     O                 155a-37
Munson         Amy              40    N.Y.              155a-29
Munson         Arthur W.        1     O                 155a-38
Munson         Corydon W.       2     O                 155a-41
Munson         Elesta           21    O                 155a-40
Munson         Eli              52    N.Y.              155a-28
Munson         Eli              27    N.Y.              154b-33
Munson         Eliakim          8     O                 155a-35
Munson         Elizabeth        13    O                 155a-31
Munson         Emeline          20    N.Y.              154b-34
Munson         George           17    O                 155a-30
Munson         Harriet          31    O                 155a-34
Munson         Levi             35    N.Y.              155a-33
Munson         Mathew M.        2     O                 154b-35
Munson         Nancy            7     O                 155a-36
Munson         S.               39    N.Y.              155a-39
Munson         Sarah S.         1     O                 154b-36
Murphy         Ann              18    Ireland           55b--18
Murphy         Bridget          9     Ireland           55b--19
Murphy         Charles          11/12 Ohio              41a---6
Murphy         Edward           14    Ireland           52b--31
Murphy         Elizabeth        25    NY                61b---3
Murphy         Elizabeth        21    Ireland           41a---5
Murphy         John             35    Ireland           56a--17
Murphy         John B.          48    Ireland           64a---3
Murphy         Margaret         50    Ireland           64a---4
Murphy         Mary             18    Ireland           68b--13
Murphy         Maurice          30    Ireland           41a---4
Murphy         Michael          28    Ireland           68b--12
Murphy         Patrick          42    Ireland           55b--16
Murphy         Sally            18    NY                61b---4
Murphy         Thomas           15    Ireland           55b--17
Murphy         William S.       30    Unknown           103b-39
Murphy         William S.       27    NY                61b---2
Murray         Elizabeth        25    Ohio              46b--20
Murray         James            35    England           46b--19
Murray         John             40    Ireland           140a-23
Murray         Mary             28    Ireland           54a--24
Murray         Patrick          30    Ireland           54a--23
Murry          John             43    Ireland           139a-42
Murry          Patrick          25    Ireland           55b--35
Mutricoop      George           25    Germany           16b--40
Myer           Fanny            19    Mich              80a--20
Myer           John             23    Mich              80a--19
Myers          Andrew           25    Germany           152a--8
Myers          Angeline         17    Germany           43a--39
Myers          Ann              36    Ireland           132a-38
Myers          Ann              14    Germany           2a---19
Myers          Anna             40    Germany           23b--33
Myers          Anna B.          22    Germany           24b--28
Myers          Barney           26    Germany           95a--41
Myers          Bernard          27    Germany           52a--11
Myers          Caroline         4     Ohio              134a--5
Myers          Charles          19    NY                56a--34
Myers          Eliza            36    NY                59b--27
Myers          Elizabeth        9     Ohio              33b--11
Myers          Elizabeth        5     Ohio              132a-40
Myers          Elizabeth        25    Germany           133b-39
Myers          Elizabeth        20    Germany           52a--12
Myers          Elizabeth        15    Germany           143b--9
Myers          George           7     Ohio              132a-39
Myers          George F.        26    Germany           36b--28
Myers          Jacob            36    Germany           63b--15
Myers          Jacob            28    Germany           24b--27
Myers          James            33    NY                59b--26
Myers          James W.         1     Ohio              59b--29
Myers          Jerome           28    NY                59b--28
Myers          John             60    Germany           133b-41
Myers          John             41    Germany           55a--33
Myers          John             40    Germany           132a-37
Myers          John             30    Germany           143a-12
Myers          John             27    Germany           107a-26
Myers          John             18    Sweden            10a--24
Myers          John             18    Germany           23b--34
Myers          John A.          8     Ohio              134a--3
Myers          John M.          24    Germany           134a--7
Myers          Joseph           50    Germany           23b--32
Myers          Joseph           16    Germany           23b--35
Myers          Louisa           6     Ohio              134a--4
Myers          Louisa           2     Ohio              132a-41
Myers          Magdalene        26    Germany           36b--29
Myers          Margaret         38    Germany           33b---9
Myers          Martin           28    Germany           133b-38
Myers          Mary             7     Ohio              33b--12
Myers          Mary             40    Germany           55a--34
Myers          Mary             38    Germany           107a-27
Myers          Mary             34    Germany           133b-42
Myers          Mary             20    Germany           143a-13
Myers          Mary             10    Germany           55a--35
Myers          Mary E.          3     Ohio              107a-28
Myers          Otho             15    Germany           134a--1
Myers          Patronia         2     Ohio              134a--6
Myers          Peter            22    Germany           95a--40
Myers          Peter            16    Germany           33b--10
Myers          Phebe            5     Ohio              33b--13
Myers          Philip           45    Germany           33b---8
Myers          Rinehart         9     Ohio              134a--2
Myers          Sarah M.         1     Ohio              59b--30
Myers          William          4/12  Ohio              24b--29
Mylett         Eli              20    Unknown           87a--35
Myres          Andrew           27    Germany           150a-11
Myret          Dorset           24    England           60a--32

Nailor         Bez              24    Unknown           13a--11
Narphew        Thomas           22    Ireland           65a--30
Narrimor       Joseph           16    England           94b--35
Narse          .                20    Unknown           62a--25
Nason          Betsy            54    Maine             106b-21
Nason          Caroline         24    Maine             106b-22
Nason          Charles H.       18    Maine             106b-24
Nason          Moses R.         20    Maine             106b-23
Nason          Samuel H.        53    Maine             106b-20
Nass           Catharine        30    Germany           63b--30
Nass           Frederic         28    Germany           63b--29
Nattimon       Ann              28    Ireland           70b---2
Nattimon       Mary             1     Ohio              70b---4
Nattimon       Peter            3     Ohio              70b---3
Nattimon       Timothy          32    Ireland           70b---1
Navarre        Alexander        48    Ohio              83b---2
Navarre        Alexander        15    Ohio              83b---4
Navarre        Antering         10    Ohio              83b--24
Navarre        Anthony          14    Ohio              83b--31
Navarre        Antonie          57    Ohio              83b--39
Navarre        Antonie          4     Ohio              84a---5
Navarre        Archan           7     Ohio              84a---4
Navarre        Benjamin         10    Ohio              90a--27
Navarre        Catharine        67    Canada            83b--30
Navarre        Catharine        47    Ohio              90a--22
Navarre        Catharine        36    Mich              83b--18
Navarre        Catharine        14    Ohio              83b--23
Navarre        Catharine        13    Ohio              84a---2
Navarre        Claret           28    Mich              90b---4
Navarre        Daniel           15    Ohio              90a--25
Navarre        David            8     Ohio              83b---7
Navarre        Egserge          13    Ohio              83b---5
Navarre        Eli              13    Ohio              90a--26
Navarre        Elizabeth        4     Ohio              83b---8
Navarre        Felix            4     Ohio              90a--41
Navarre        Francis          31    Ohio              90b---3
Navarre        George           2     Ohio              83b--28
Navarre        Isadore          9     Mich              90b---5
Navarre        James            64    Mich              83b--29
Navarre        James            17    Ohio              90a--24
Navarre        Joseph           32    Ohio              90a--38
Navarre        Joseph           15    Ohio              83b--22
Navarre        Julia Ann        1     Ohio              90a--42
Navarre        Lambert          7     Ohio              90a--29
Navarre        Leslie           10    Ohio              83b---6
Navarre        Lorena           2     Ohio              83b---9
Navarre        Lucy             5     Ohio              83b--26
Navarre        Margaret         22    Ohio              84a---1
Navarre        Mary             44    Ohio              83b--40
Navarre        Mary             23    Mich              90a--39
Navarre        Mary Ann         36    Ohio              83b---3
Navarre        Monite           7     Ohio              83b--25
Navarre        Moses            19    Ohio              83b--41
Navarre        Noah             9     Ohio              84a---3
Navarre        Peter            61    Ohio              90a--21
Navarre        Peter            19    Ohio              90a--23
Navarre        Peter            16    Ohio              83b--42
Navarre        Phillis          6     Ohio              90a--40
Navarre        Robert           41    Ohio              83b--17
Navarre        Robert           20    Ohio              83b--19
Navarre        Robert           20    Ohio              90b---1
Navarre        Samuel           17    Ohio              83b--21
Navarre        Susan            50    Mich              90b---2
Navarre        Susan            4     Ohio              90a--30
Navarre        Susan            3     Ohio              83b--27
Navarre        Trusaint         18    Ohio              83b--20
Navarre        Victor           2     Mich              90b---7
Navarre        Victoria         6     Mich              90b---6
Navarre        Zoar             8     Ohio              90a--28
Navor          Adaline          5     Ohio              14b--26
Navor          Alden            2/12  Ohio              14b--29
Navor          Alice            4     Ohio              14b--27
Navor          David            10    Ohio              14b--23
Navor          Isadore          8     Ohio              14b--24
Navor          Jessie           37    Mich              14b--21
Navor          Julia Ann        6     Ohio              14b--25
Navor          Louisa           13    Ohio              14b--22
Navor          Mary             2     Ohio              14b--28
Navor          Moses            37    Ohio              14b--20
Navor          Tousaint         18    Ohio              87a---2
Neal           Thomas P.        28    Ireland           52a---6
Neal           William          18    England           50b--10
Nearing        Emalous          36    NY                129b-36
Nearing        Henry            22    Ohio              129b-37
Nedemier       Bordelia         7     Germany           57a--40
Nedemier       Catharine        3     Ohio              57a--41
Nedemier       Elizabeth        1     Ohio              57a--42
Nedemier       Joseph           43    Germany           57a--36
Nedemier       Julia W.         41    Germany           57a--37
Nedemier       Magdalene        14    Germany           57a--38
Nedemier       Mary Ann         9     Germany           57a--39
Neering        Mars             24    NY                130a-31
Nees           Christina        56    Penn              142a-36
Nees           David            17    Ohio              5a---18
Nees           Elias            23    Penn              142a-39
Nees           Harriet E.       8     Ohio              5a---20
Nees           Henry            35    Penn              142a-37
Nees           Jacob            57    Penn              142a-35
Nees           Jacob            23    Penn              142a-38
Nees           James            13    Ohio              5a---19
Nees           John M.          47    Penn              5a---16
Nees           Mary Ann         44    Penn              5a---17
Nees           Michael          16    Penn              142a-40
Neff           Ann              2     Ohio              15b---5
Neff           Jacob            24    Ohio              15b---3
Neff           Mary             19    Mich              15b---4
Nelis          Nicholas         24    Germany           13a--31
Nellis         Barbara          28    Germany           13a--23
Nellis         Catharine        6     Ohio              13a--25
Nellis         Frank            4/12  Ohio              13a--29
Nellis         George           17    Germany           16a--20
Nellis         Henry            4     Ohio              13a--26
Nellis         Jacob            15    Germany           16a--21
Nellis         Lewis            8     Ohio              13a--24
Nellis         Maria            3     Ohio              13a--27
Nellis         Mathias          29    Germany           13a--22
Nellis         Mrs. M.          44    Germany           16a--19
Nellis         Rosena           1     Ohio              13a--28
Nelson         Alice            19    Penn              64a--22
Nelson         David            6     Mich.             1b---40
Nelson         Elizabeth        49    Mich              2b---22
Nelson         George           19    Mich              2b---25
Nelson         Isaiah B.        32    NY                64a--21
Nelson         Mabel A.         2/15  Ohio              64a--24
Nelson         Noe              21    Mich              2b---24
Nelson         Sarah W.         3     Mich.             1b---41
Nelson         Sarah W.         28    England           1b---39
Nephew         David            16    Michigan          1a---35
Nephew         Mary             60    Canada            1a---34
Netcher        Caroline         16    Ohio              14a--22
Netcher        Sarah            16    Ohio              14a--21
Neulet         Margaret         26    Germany           48b---8
Neulet         Martin           23    Germany           48b---7
Neuse          William          23    Germany           53a--36
Newberry       James            1     Mich              36a--37
Newberry       Marie            20    NY                36a--36
Newberry       William          24    NY                36a--35
Newcomb        Alex H.          26    NY                53a--23
Newcomb        Georgiana        5     Ohio              57a--21
Newcomb        Hiram            42    Unknown           57a--17
Newcomb        John             30    England           95a--32
Newcomb        Mary Ann         38    Unknown           57a--18
Newcomb        Sarah            9     Ohio              57a--20
Newcomb        Sarah            59    NY                53a--26
Newcomb        Sidney A.        14    NY                57a--19
Newcomb        Susanah          18    England           53a--24
Newell         Catharine        17    Germany           129b-17
Newell         Lafayette        35    NY                129b-16
Newhiger       Louisa           22    Hanover           38b--38
Newhiger       Philip           33    Hanover           38b--37
Newhiger       William          1     Ohio              38b--39
Newman         Eve              70    Penn              31a--17
Newman         James            27    Ireland           21a--42
Nicas          Jacob            19    Germany           103b--6
Nicholas       Adelia J.        7     Ohio              41a---2
Nicholas       Albert           5     Ohio              41a---3
Nicholas       Albertina        10    Germany           49a---5
Nicholas       Alice            1     Ohio              40b--42
Nicholas       Calvin           27    NY                44b--16
Nicholas       Catharine        67    Germany           135b--2
Nicholas       Edward           22    NY                44b--18
Nicholas       Electa           21    Mich              40b--41
Nicholas       Eliza            24    Mich              41a---1
Nicholas       Elizabeth        18    NY                44b--15
Nicholas       Frances          8     Germany           49a---6
Nicholas       George N.        27    Virginia          64a--18
Nicholas       Jacob            61    Germany           135b--1
Nicholas       Mahlon           24    NY                44b--17
Nicholas       Mr.              50    Germany           49a---3
Nicholas       Mrs.             40    Germany           49a---4
Nicholas       Robert           34    NY                40b--40
Nicholas       Stephen          6     Germany           49a---7
Nicholas       Unknown          4     Germany           49a---8
Nicholas       William          59    Virginia          44b--14
Nicholas       Wilson           17    NY                44b--19
Nicholet       Louisa           11    Unknown           40b---3
Nichols        Amanda           12    Mich              69b--13
Nichols        Charles          35    Unknown           71a--27
Nichols        Charles          10    N.Y.              156a--7
Nichols        Cordelia         18    N.Y.              156a--5
Nichols        Frances L.       44    NY                14a--35
Nichols        H.A.             22    NY                82b---7
Nichols        Jane             43    N.Y.              156a--3
Nichols        Jennette         41    NY                14a--36
Nichols        John             51    N.Y.              156a--2
Nichols        Maria            31    Vermont           74a--32
Nichols        Mariah           20    N.Y.              156a--4
Nichols        Mary Jane        15    N.Y.              156a--6
Nichols        Thaddeus         32    Conn              74a--31
Nichols        William          14    Vermont           74a--33
Nickolas       George           32    NY                43b--26
Nickolas       Susanna          25    NY                43b--27
Nobles         James            18    Ohio              25a--37
Nobles         John             20    Ohio              25a--39
Nobles         Sarah            18    Ohio              20a--12
Nobly          John             20    Ohio              123a-15
Noldage        William          19    NY                110a-24
Nonbert        Elizabeth        14    Germany           59b---8
Nonbert        Henry            44    Germany           59b---6
Nonbert        Henry            10    Germany           59b---9
Nonbert        Mary A.          34    Germany           59b---7
Nonbert        William          5     Ohio              59b--10
Noper          Dennis           14    Canada            37b--33
Norris         Abel T           29    Maryland          142a--2
Norris         Albert S         4     Ohio              142a--5
Norris         Ann C            1     Ohio              142a--7
Norris         Ann E            5     Ohio              142a-10
Norris         Caroline E       30    Ohio              142a--3
Norris         George B         31    Maryland          142a--8
Norris         Irvin B          2     Ohio              142a-11
Norris         John J           3     Ohio              142a--6
Norris         Laura E          6     Ohio              142a--4
Norris         Maria            27    Penn              142a--9
North          Harriet          7     Ohio              134a-39
North          John             11    Ohio              141b-30
Norton         Oliver T.        55    N York            51a--29
Nottage        Chester          26    NY                110b-35
Nottage        Chester          22    .                 147a-41
Nottage        Henry            25    .                 147a-40
Nottage        Henry            21    NY                116a-42
Nottage        Jane             14    .                 147a-42
Nugent         Bridget          38    Ireland           55b--26
Nugent         Patrick          38    Ireland           55b--25
Nye            D.H.             26    NY                69b---8
Nye            Philip           71    Penn              104a-24

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