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O Connell      Timothy          35    Ireland           69a--27
O Conner       Patrick          23    Ireland           55b--27
O Harra        Charles          37    England           39b--31
O Harran       Edward           28    Ireland           140a-32
O Niel         Charles          7     .                 148b-16
O Niel         Gertrude         37    .                 148b-13
O Niel         J                45    1000              148b-12
O Niel         James            14    .                 148b-14
O Niel         Mathew           10    .                 148b-15
O'Brien        Ellen            30    Ireland           58a--16
O'Connell      Cornelius        22    Ireland           50b--32
O'Connell      Jane E.          20    Kings Hwy         67b--28
O'Connell      Rocillus         25    Ohio              67b--27
O'Neil         Catharine        43    Ireland           57b--32
O'Neil         Henry            34    Ireland           56a--22
O'Neil         James            9     Ohio              57b--33
O'Neil         James            48    Ireland           57b--31
O'Neil         John             6     Ohio              57b--34
O'Neil         John             36    Ireland           57a---4
O'Neil         Julia            2     Ireland           57a---8
O'Neil         Margaret         30    Ireland           57a---5
O'Neil         Mary             5     NY                57b--35
O'Neil         Myra             5     Ireland           57a---7
O'Neil         Patrick          7     Ireland           57a---6
O'Niel         James            45    Ireland           150a-22
O'Niel         Mary             46    Ohio              150a-23
O'Weil         Catharine        38    Ireland           50b--16
O'Weil         John             28    Ireland           50b--14
O'Weil         Michael          40    Ireland           50b--15
O'Weil         Thomas           5     Ireland           50b--17
Oasgrobe       James            18    Canada            13a---3
Oaton          Helen            33    NY                20b--33
Oaton          Henry            38    NY                20b--32
Oaton          Mary Ann         13    NY                20b--34
Odell          Abigail          53    NY                91b--42
Odell          Almira D.        10    Ohio              92a---2
Odell          Charles W.       8     Ohio              92a---3
Odell          Elijah           3     Ohio              57a--11
Odell          Elizah           54    Conn              91b--41
Odell          Ephraim E.       14    Ohio              92a---1
Odell          Eveline          16    Ohio              91b--25
Odell          Hiram A.         22    NY                91b--24
Odell          Janiah           26    NY                57a---9
Odell          Martha A.        5/12  Ohio              91b--26
Odell          Polly            5/12  Ohio              57a--12
Odell          Polly            24    NY                57a--10
Oden           Andrew           25    Canada            35b--23
Odion          Amanda           23    Mich              81a--37
Odion          Josephine        4     Ohio              81a--38
Odion          Mador            35    Canada            81a--36
Oera           Elizabeth J.     27    Ohio              5a---22
Oera           Martha Ann       10/12 Ohio              5a---23
Okely          Catharine        46    Germany           50b--28
Okely          Louisa           14    NY                50b--29
Olcott         Noyes            14    Ohio              52a--15
Olcott         Tabitha          46    NY                52a--13
Older          Hannah           10    Ohio              82b--18
Olds           Charity          24    Mich              86a--18
Olds           Charles          3     .                 86a--21
Olds           Eliza            4     Ohio              86a--20
Olds           George           1     .                 86a--22
Olds           James            11    NY                86b--30
Olds           Orrin            40    NY                86a--17
Olds           Serena           15    NY                86a--19
Oler           Andrew           38    Germany           27b--33
Oler           Elizabeth        6     Germany           27b--35
Oler           Margaret         24    Germany           27b--34
Oliver         Margaret F.      2     Ohio              64b--42
Olivir         John B.          6/12  Ohio              64b--14
Olivir         John P.          33    France            64b--12
Olivir         Mary Ann         22    Ohio              64b--13
Olmer          Fred             25    Germany           149b-42
Opitz          Helena           28    Germany           65a--15
Opitz          Oscar            27    Germany           65a--14
Orcutt         Ada F.           10    Penn              69b--42
Orcutt         Benjamin         38    Vermont           69b--40
Orcutt         Emma A.          1     Ohio              70a---1
Orcutt         Hannah           29    NY                69b--41
Osborn         William          22    England           98b--22
Osborn         William          21    England           107b-16
Oscar          Jacob            7     Ohio              14a--20
Osgood         *artch           18    Germany           54b--41
Osgood         Datch            16    Germany           54b--42
Osgood         Frederic         40    Mass              54b--40
Osterhout      David            30    Unknown           88b--25
Ott            Barbara          30    Switzerland       134b-20
Ott            Francis          38    Germany           134b-19
Ott            Gotleib          9/12  Ohio              134b-22
Ott            Lydia            3     Ohio              134b-21
Oulette        Joseph           9     Ohio              81b--37
Oulette        Marcellas        13    Ohio              81b--35
Oulette        Margaret         7     Ohio              81b--38
Oulette        Mary             1     Ohio              81b--40
Oulette        Peter            11    Ohio              81b--36
Oulette        Philemon         5     Ohio              81b--39
Oulette        Sophia           36    Mich              81b--32
Oulette        Thomas           40    Canada            81b--31
Oulette        Thomas           15    Ohio              81b--34
Oulette        Victoria         17    Ohio              81b--33
Ouse           Mary L.          9     Ohio              87a--21
Outwire        Ann              21    Germany           46a--13
Outwire        Gottieb          28    Germany           46a--12
Overacher      Job              25    NY                92a---4
Overacher      Phebe            17    NY                92a---5
Overly         Elias            24    France            142a-17
Overly         Elizabeth        28    Ireland           142a-18
Overly         George           2     NY                142a-19
Owens          Maria            2     Ireland           76b--20
Owens          Mary             34    Ireland           76b--16
Owens          Michael          6     Ireland           76b--19
Owens          Patrick          8     Ireland           76b--18
Owens          Patrick          35    Ireland           76b--15
Owens          Teddy            10    Ireland           76b--17

Paden          Ann              46    Ireland           80a--23
Paden          Catharine        14    Ireland           32b--17
Paden          Catharine        14    Ireland           80a--26
Paden          Edward           24    Ireland           80a--29
Paden          Eliza            9     Ireland           80a--28
Paden          Ellen            16    Ireland           80a--25
Paden          Michael          49    Ireland           80a--22
Paden          Rose             18    Ireland           39a--29
Paden          Rose             18    Ireland           80a--24
Paden          Sarah            11    Ireland           80a--27
Page           Chloe            38    Canada            87b--37
Page           Chloe            17    Canada            87b--42
Page           Eliza            22    NY                107b-19
Page           Emmons           9     Ohio              109a-34
Page           Eugene           9     Canada            87b--41
Page           Harlem           7     Ohio              109a-36
Page           Julius           40    Canada            87b--36
Page           Julius           18    Canada            87b--38
Page           Lavina           7     Ohio              109a-35
Page           Lois             10    Ohio              109a-33
Page           Mary             2     Canada            87b--40
Page           Mary             12    Mich              109a-37
Page           Melzin           7     Canada            87b--39
Page           Nancy            60    Vermont           97b--32
Page           William          24    Ohio              107b-18
Pale           Franklin         18    Penn              71b--15
Palkin         John             23    Germany           2a---42
Palmer         James            69    Conn              18b--27
Palmer         Jane             4     Ohio              101b-11
Palmer         Nicholas         45    England           101b--8
Palmer         Paul B.          3     Ohio              101b-12
Palmer         Wesley           7     Ohio              101b-10
Palmer         William          10    Ohio              101b--9
Parder         Sarah            20    Unknown           11a--33
Pargie         Anna             3     Canada            42a---9
Pargie         Delina           10    Canada            42a---6
Pargie         Germanie         5     Canada            42a---8
Pargie         Jeremiah         45    Canada            42a---2
Pargie         Margaret         42    Canada            42a---3
Pargie         Olive            14    Canada            42a---4
Pargie         Philimon         12    Canada            42a---5
Pargie         Rachel           8     Canada            42a---7
Parkan         Dolly            31    Ireland           36b--10
Parker         Alice            32    NY                107b-35
Parker         Alonzo           33    Mass              106a-34
Parker         Andrew J.        16    Ohio              109a-16
Parker         Anthony          13    Ohio              109a-17
Parker         Ellis            4/12  Ohio              107b-39
Parker         Ellis            37    Mass              107b-34
Parker         George           5     Ohio              109a-19
Parker         Harris E.        3     Ohio              107b-38
Parker         Hiram            7     Ohio              109a-18
Parker         Hiram            44    Mass              109a-12
Parker         Irene            19    NY                109a-15
Parker         John             27    Conn              30b--42
Parker         John             24    NY                106a-36
Parker         Julia Ann        21    NY                109a-14
Parker         Lucy             60    Mass              106a-35
Parker         Roxa             44    NY                109a-13
Parker         Thomas           19    Ireland           65b--40
Parker         Warren           31    Mass              107b-37
Parks          Ann              22    New Jersey        46b--17
Parks          James            28    Penn              46b--18
Parow          James            12    Mich              15a--18
Parrish        Clorinda         15    NY                21a--22
Parrish        Percy            55    Vermont           21a--20
Parrish        Simeon R.        20    Vermont           21a--21
Parsons        Elizabeth        26    England           45a---2
Parsons        Thos             5     .                 148a-31
Parter         Lewis            21    Canada            74b--38
Pashat         Angeline         21    Mich              81a--10
Pashat         Dominic          29    Mich              81a---9
Pashat         Rosanna          10/12 Ohio              81a--11
Pasinean       R.               28    Canada            35b--22
Pateris        Henry            44    Germany           10a--11
Patten         Andrew           6     .                 146b-30
Patten         Andrew           35    NY                116a-29
Patten         Elias L          3     .                 146b-29
Patten         Ellen            18    Mich              62a--24
Patten         Hannah           53    Maine             153b-42
Patten         James            52    Maine             153b-41
Patten         James            11    Ohio              116a-26
Patten         John             7     Ohio              116a-28
Patten         John             40    Ireland           116a-24
Patten         Louis            25    .                 146b-28
Patten         Martha           32    Ireland           116a-25
Patten         Mary             78    NY                119b-29
Patten         Nancy Ann        9     Ohio              116a-27
Patten         Wm               35    800               146b-27
Patter         Charles V.       12    Ohio              39a--23
Patter         George D.        15    Ohio              39a--21
Patter         Jesse T.         7     Ohio              39a--25
Patter         Jessee L.        44    Penn              39a--18
Patter         John A.          14    Ohio              39a--22
Patter         Lewis A.         1     Ohio              39a--28
Patter         Lucy F.          6     Ohio              39a--26
Patter         Margaret Ann     4     Ohio              39a--27
Patter         Margaret M.      *5    Ohio              39a--19
Patter         Mary Jane        11    Ohio              39a--24
Patter         William S.       17    Ohio              39a--20
Patterson      Ann Maria        5     Ohio              42a--38
Patterson      George           14    Ohio              42a--36
Patterson      Samuel           8     Ohio              42a--37
Patterson      Sarah            38    Maryland          42a--35
Patton         Bridget          33    Ireland           118b-23
Patton         Robert           35    Ireland           118b-22
Paulman        Caroline         36    Germany           54b--33
Paulman        Hidalgo          8     Germany           54b--36
Paulman        John             38    Germany           54b--32
Paulman        Rins             12    Germany           54b--34
Paulman        Sarah            10    Germany           54b--35
Payne          Samuel           38    NY                97a--12
Peabody        George           19    NY                76a--14
Peabody        Joanna           22    NY                76a--11
Peabody        Mae              1     Ohio              76a--12
Peabody        Wm H.            26    NY                76a--10
Peacock        Peter            28    Mich              45b--16
Pease          .                28    Unknown           71a--25
Pease          Alvira           47    NY                114a-37
Pease          Celia            25    Ohio              71a--26
Pease          John W.          54    Maine             114a-36
Pecat          Catharine        30    Mich              81a--13
Pecat          Edward           10    Mich              81a--15
Pecat          Emily            6     Ohio              81a--17
Pecat          Henry            40    Canada            81a--12
Pecat          John             4     Ohio              81a--18
Pecat          Joseph           8     Mich              81a--16
Pecat          Mary             13    Mich              81a--14
Pecat          William          1     Ohio              81a--19
Peck           Henry            3     Germany           42b--14
Peck           John L.          5     Germany           42b--13
Peck           John P.          4/12  Ohio              42b--15
Peck           John P.          35    Germany           42b--11
Peck           Mary             25    Germany           42b--12
Peckham        Alcina           41    NY                117b-36
Peckham        Charles          1     Ohio              117b-39
Peckham        Comelia          5     Ohio              117b-38
Peckham        Frances          16    Ohio              117b-37
Peckham        Jonathan D.      41    NY                117b-35
Peek           Giles C.         36    Vermont           59b--17
Peek           Joanna           19    Germany           59b--18
Peek           Lewis H.         1     NY                59b--19
Peirce         Sarah            40    Vermont           40b--34
Peirce         William          39    NY                40b--33
Pelet          Joseph           11    Ohio              82a--31
Pember         Sally            62    NY                9b---37
Pendleton      Frances          4     Mich              53a--10
Pendleton      George           33    NY                61b--16
Pendleton      George           32    NY                53a---8
Pendleton      J.H.             39    Conn              61b--20
Pendleton      Julia            30    Ohio              53a---9
Pendleton      Julia            30    Ohio              61b--17
Pendleton      Mary C.          17    Germany           53a--11
Percher        James C.         8     Ohio              14b---3
Percher        Julius           18    Ohio              14a--41
Percher        Lyman            40    Vermont           14a--39
Percher        Mary             34    Vermont           14a--40
Percher        Mary Ette        11    Ohio              14b---2
Percher        Sally Ann        13    Ohio              14b---1
Percher        William H.       4     Ohio              14b---4
Percher        Zachery T.       2     Ohio              14b---5
Perecival      James            65    Mass              111a-24
Perecival      Margaret J.      12    Ohio              111a-26
Perecival      Sarah            55    NY                111a-25
Pergie         Harriet          20    Canada            41b--42
Pergie         Lewis            25    Canada            41b--41
Pergie         Margaret         1/12  Ohio              42a---1
Perigo         Ann              18    NY                53a--18
Perigo         Charles E.       27    NY                45b--22
Perigo         Edward           1     Ohio              45b--24
Perigo         Esther           28    NY                45b--23
Perigo         Loren            54    NY                36a--31
Pero           John             45    Mich              73b--19
Perrin         Aham             14    Nova Scotia       21b--15
Perrin         Benjamin         16    Nova Scotia       14a---1
Perrin         Chris            26    Nova Scotia       18a--21
Perrin         Christopher      49    Nova Scotia       21b--12
Perrin         David            52    Nova Scotia       13b--36
Perrin         David            14    Nova Scotia       14a---2
Perrin         Elizabeth        45    Nova Scotia       13b--37
Perrin         Hannah           29    Nova Scotia       21b--13
Perrin         James            18    Nova Scotia       13b--41
Perrin         Jane             27    Nova Scotia       13b--38
Perrin         Lemuel           21    Nova Scotia       13b--39
Perrin         Levi             12    Ohio              21b--16
Perrin         Mary             17    Nova Scotia       21b--14
Perrin         Mrs.             45    Mass              5a---13
Perrin         William          20    Nova Scotia       13b--40
Perry          Amos             24    Ohio              142a-23
Perry          Catharine        22    Mich              41b--39
Perry          Christina        20    Penn              142a-28
Perry          Curtis           43    NY                19b--25
Perry          Eleanor          15    Ohio              142a-34
Perry          Eyra             18    Ohio              7b---11
Perry          Fanny            52    Mass              142a-31
Perry          George           17    Ohio              142a-33
Perry          Harriet          19    Ohio              142a-32
Perry          Henry            21    Unknown           70b--22
Perry          Jeremiah         25    Canada            41b--38
Perry          Joseph           3/12  Ohio              41b--40
Perry          Levi             58    Mass              142a-30
Perry          Malvina          7/12  Ohio              142a-29
Perry          Samuel           25    Ohio              142a-27
Perry          Sarah Ann        6     Penn              142a-25
Perry          Susan            25    Penn              142a-24
Perry          Sybil            42    NY                19b--26
Perry          William A.       16    Ohio              12a--24
Perry          William H        3     Penn              142a-26
Persher        Ann              38    NY                112a-31
Persher        Eliza A.         16    NY                112a-33
Persher        Harriet          14    NY                112a-34
Persher        James R.         18    NY                112a-32
Persher        Samuel           48    NY                112a-30
Persons        Eliza A.         1     Canada            86b---7
Persons        George H.        8     Canada            86b---6
Persons        Hiram B.         40    NY                86b---1
Persons        James L.         10    Canada            86b---5
Persons        John C.          14    Canada            86b---4
Persons        Louisa           12    Canada            86b---3
Persons        Minerva          34    Canada            86b---2
Peter          Margaret         2/12  Ohio              139b-41
Peter          Simon            6     Ohio              139b-40
Peters         Rebecca          17    Penn              136a-30
Peterson       John             20    Canada            87a---5
Petie          Antonie          15    Mich              82b--40
Petie          Catharine        9     Ohio              82b--42
Petie          Charles H.       7     Ohio              83a---1
Petie          Frances          12    Mich              82b--41
Petie          Frances C.       4     Ohio              83a---2
Petie          Julia            49    Canada            82b--37
Petie          Moses            17    Mich              82b--39
Petie          Peter            54    Mich              82b--36
Petie          Theodore         19    Mich              82b--38
Petingall      Adam             10    Ohio              143b-21
Petingall      Amanda           5     Ohio              143b-24
Petingall      Elizabeth        14    Maryland          143b-19
Petingall      Joseph           8     Ohio              143b-22
Petingall      Mary             13    Maryland          143b-20
Petingall      Robert           44    Penn              143b-17
Petingall      Sarah            6     Ohio              143b-23
Petingall      Sarah            42    Maryland          143b-18
Petinger       John             42    Penn              125b-36
Petinger       Margaret         10    Ohio              125b-38
Petinger       Sarah            39    Penn              125b-37
Petinger       William H.       6     Ohio              125b-39
Pettier        Antwine          49    Mich              22b--35
Pettier        Betsy            15    Ohio              23a---3
Pettier        Eliza            13    Ohio              22b--39
Pettier        Emily            14    Ohio              22b--38
Pettier        Fanny            10    Ohio              22b--40
Pettier        Harriet          2     Ohio              23a---1
Pettier        John             18    Ohio              23a---2
Pettier        Julia            34    Mich              22b--37
Pettier        Mary             6     Ohio              22b--42
Pettier        Mary             48    Mich              22b--36
Pettier        Victoria         10    Ohio              23a---4
Pettier        William          7     Ohio              22b--41
Pettit         Uriah            20    Ohio              28a--10
Pettus         Robert           22    Ohio              65a---9
Phanner        Bernhart         39    France            34a--29
Phanner        Elizabeth        13    Ohio              34a--32
Phanner        George           8     Ohio              34a--34
Phanner        Jacob            6     Ohio              34a--35
Phanner        John             15    Mich              34a--31
Phanner        Margaret         41    Penn              34a--30
Phanner        Margaret         10    Ohio              34a--33
Phanner        Mary             10/12 Ohio              34a--36
Phaulding      S.               18    Ohio              9a----3
Pheatt         Ermina           40    NY                39a---8
Pheatt         Gideon           19    NY                39a---9
Pheatt         Louisa           14    NY                39a--12
Pheatt         Mary             16    NY                39a--11
Pheatt         N.               42    NY                39a---7
Pheatt         Z.C.             18    NY                36a--14
Pheatt         Zebulon          18    NY                39a--10
Phelar         Mary             24    Ireland           56b---6
Phelps         Andrew           13    Mich              30b--30
Phelps         William          23    NY                112b-29
Philip         B.F.             30    Unknown           64a--39
Philip         James            22    England           65b--21
Philips        Artemas          40    Virginia          9b---23
Philips        Catharine        21    Ireland           37a--16
Philips        Celestia         13    Ohio              112b--8
Philips        Charles          7     Ohio              93a--23
Philips        Chas. B.         30    NY                50b--31
Philips        Eliza            28    Ohio              20a--24
Philips        Elizabeth        45    NY                93a--19
Philips        Elizabeth        25    Virginia          28b--13
Philips        Ellen            6     Ohio              85b--38
Philips        Elva             5/12  Ohio              20a--25
Philips        Emily            18    Ohio              93a--20
Philips        Emily            10    Mich              85b--37
Philips        Eugene           14    Ohio              93a--22
Philips        George H.        13    Ohio              9b---26
Philips        Henry            16    Ohio              93a--21
Philips        Henry            15    NY                85b--36
Philips        John             45    England           85b--27
Philips        Lydia L.         34    Mass              85b--35
Philips        Margaret         25    Ireland           9b---24
Philips        Mary Ann         40    Penn              85b--28
Philips        Orlin            37    NY                85b--34
Philips        Philip S.        51    NY                93a--18
Philips        Sam'l            28    Mich              20a--23
Philips        Sophia A.        7     Ohio              9b---27
Philips        Susan B.         36    Vermont           112b--7
Philips        Wilfred          4     Ohio              93a--24
Phillips       Elisha           71    Rhode Island      17b--28
Phillips       Elisha A.        24    Rhode Island      17b--30
Phillips       Maria            17    Rhode Island      17b--32
Phillips       Nancy H.         58    Rhode Island      17b--29
Phillips       William          18    Rhode Island      17b--31
Phipps         William          24    Unknown           67b--18
Phyfe          Angel            31    Canada            41a--33
Phyfe          Angeline         8     Canada            41a--34
Phyfe          Artivia          5     Canada            41a--38
Phyfe          Elizabeth        10    Canada            41a--35
Phyfe          Octavins         7     Canada            41a--37
Phyfe          Peter            8     Canada            41a--36
Phyfe          Peter            35    Canada            41a--32
Piatt          Anjenette        24    NY                18a--14
Piatt          James            28    Ohio              18a--13
Piatt          James            2/12  Ohio              18a--16
Piatt          Sarah Jane       2     Ohio              18a--15
Pickett        Catharine        15    Ireland           73b--39
Pickett        John             22    Ireland           73b--40
Pickett        Mary             24    Ireland           73b--37
Pickett        Michael          4     Ohio              73b--38
Pickett        Richard          40    Ireland           73b--36
Pierce         Charles          11    Mich              110b-34
Pierce         Julia            5/12  Ohio              35b--37
Pierce         Lewis            2     NY                35b--36
Pierce         Louisa A.        25    Mass              59b--32
Pierce         Luther           26    NY                35b--34
Pierce         Sarah            23    NY                35b--35
Pierson        Joseph           34    Germany           40b--17
Pike           Alfred           3     Ohio              38b--16
Pike           Eliza            12    Ohio              38b--14
Pike           Elizabeth        35    New Jersey        38b--13
Pike           Emily            8     Ohio              38b--15
Pike           George           37    NY                38b--12
Pinkerton      Ann Maria        8     Ohio              127a--6
Pinkerton      Eliza Ann        30    Penn              127a--3
Pinkerton      George           7     Ohio              127a--7
Pinkerton      Horace           5     Ohio              127a--8
Pinkerton      James            10    Ohio              127a--5
Pinkerton      Joseph           22    NY                56a--25
Pinkerton      Mary E.          4     Ohio              127a--9
Pinkerton      Phidelia         12    Ohio              127a--4
Pinkerton      Rosella          1     Ohio              127a-10
Pinkerton      William          42    Penn              127a--2
Piro           Adaline          20    Ohio              7a----8
Pitcher        Ebeline          40    NY                43a--23
Pitcher        Erastus          48    Vermont           43a--22
Pitcher        Erustus          1     Ohio              43a--29
Pitcher        George           12    Ohio              43a--24
Pitcher        Stella           10    Ohio              43a--25
Pitcher        Wallace          8     .                 43a--26
Piterly        John             21    England           110b-24
Pitson         Barbara          55    Germany           142b--8
Pitson         Barbara          3/12  Ohio              142b--3
Pitson         Catherine        27    Germany           142a-42
Pitson         John             16    Germany           142b-10
Pitson         Matthias         20    Germany           142b--9
Pitson         Mattthias        2     Ohio              142b--2
Pitson         Peter            34    Germany           142a-41
Pitson         Philomela        4     Ohio              142b--1
Pitson         Stephen          6     Germany           142b-11
Pitt           Catharine        17    Canada            6b---27
Pitt           Isabella         56    Scotland          6b---26
Pitt           Joshua           60    England           6b---25
Pitt           Mary             15    Canada            6b---28
Plaisted       Catharine        37    NY                111a-18
Plaisted       David            16    NY                111a-19
Plaisted       Elisha           47    Vermont           111a-17
Plaisted       Hannah A.        12    Mich              111a-20
Plaisted       Mary Jane        4     Ohio              111a-22
Plaisted       Milo             7/12  Ohio              111a-23
Plaisted       William H.       9     Mich              111a-21
Plant          Amelia           30    NY                4b---13
Plant          Arnnah H.        38    Vermont           4b---12
Plant          Mary E.          1     Ohio              4b---15
Plato          Elizabeth        11    Mich              71b--42
Plato          James            46    NY                71b--39
Plato          James            14    Mich              71b--41
Plato          Lucinda          17    NY                71b--40
Plow           David            25    NY                60a--13
Plow           Emily            23    NY                60a--12
Plumer         Barney R         1     .                 148b-28
Plumer         Hannah           30    .                 148b-25
Plumer         JG               41    200               148b-24
Plumer         Levi             10    .                 148b-26
Plumer         Levina O         2     .                 148b-27
Plummer        Amelia           2     Mich              104b-23
Plummer        Elizabeth        25    Penn              104b-20
Plummer        Julia            9     Mich              104b-21
Plummer        Samuel           6     Mich              104b-22
Plummer        Samuel D.        25    Conn              104b-19
Plummer        Sylvester        3     Germany           88b---8
Plumsey        Celestia         35    Canada            86a--41
Poalon         Joseph           21    Mich              112b-28
Poalon         Solomon          20    Mich              112b-27
Polock         Agnes            10    Scotland          143a--7
Polock         Ann              8     Ohio              143a--8
Polock         Elizabeth        12    Scotland          143a--6
Polock         Ellen            7/12  Ohio              143a-11
Polock         Esther           42    Scotland          143a--5
Polock         James            3     Ohio              143a-10
Polock         Jane             5     Ohio              143a--9
Polock         John             48    Scotland          143a--4
Pomeroy        Caroline         4     NY                104b-11
Pomeroy        Daniel P.        41    Conn              104b--6
Pomeroy        Harriet          2     NY                104b-12
Pomeroy        Henry            11    NY                104b-10
Pomeroy        J.W.             36    Unknown           114a-20
Pomeroy        Jane             34    NY                104b--7
Pomeroy        Lucy Ann         14    NY                104b--8
Pomeroy        Lydia            22    Ohio              95b---1
Pomeroy        Timothy          13    NY                104b--9
Pontz          Joseph           70    Germany           151a-40
Pool           Elizabeth        34    Germany           21a--10
Pool           Jacob            29    Prussia           13a--38
Pool           Jerome           33    Germany           21a---9
Pool           Mary             6     Germany           21a--11
Pool           Mary             18    Prussia           13a--37
Pool           Michael          60    Prussia           13a--34
Pool           Michael          3/12  Ohio              13a--39
Pool           Michael          27    Prussia           13a--36
Pool           Mike             4     Germany           21a--12
Pool           Peter            22    Germany           6a---21
Pool           Susanna          63    Prussia           13a--35
Porter         Albert           4     Mich              113a-29
Porter         Ben              30    NY                88a--24
Porter         Catharine        28    Ohio              68b--10
Porter         Clarrissa A.     11    Mich              113a-26
Porter         E.               50    Unknown           64b---3
Porter         Elizabeth        8     Mich              113a-27
Porter         Emma J.          5/12  Ohio              113a-31
Porter         Esther M.        33    NY                113a-25
Porter         Horace           6     Mich              113a-28
Porter         Lucinda          38    NY                114b--2
Porter         Mary             2     Ohio              113a-30
Porter         Mary J.          15    Ohio              114b--4
Porter         Maxom            35    Canada            68b---9
Porter         Samuel           39    NY                113a-24
Porter         Sarah C.         17    Ohio              114b--3
Porter         Stephen          40    NY                114b--1
Porter         Susan G.         8     Ohio              68b--11
Porter         Thomas R.        26    Conn              45b--17
Porter         William          9     Ohio              114b--5
Ports          Sarah            18    Unknown           11a--31
Posland        Harriet          8     England           50a--35
Posley         Ann              11    England           93b--36
Posley         Betsy            52    England           93b--30
Posley         Betsy            22    England           93b--33
Posley         George           24    England           93b--32
Posley         John             52    England           93b--37
Posley         John             18    England           93b--34
Posley         Susan            27    England           93b--31
Posley         William          14    England           93b--35
Post           Harriet E.       1     Ohio              3a---26
Post           Harriet H.       25    Mass              3a---23
Post           Martha           4     Ohio              3a---24
Potter         Clara L.         10/12 Ohio              109b--2
Potter         Curriet A.       1     Ohio              17a---2
Potter         Edgar F.         23    Vermont           17a--41
Potter         Esther A.        45    Vermont           17a--40
Potter         Esther A.        22    Vermont           17a--42
Potter         Freeborn         49    Vermont           17a--39
Potter         Hannibal         30    Vermont           17b---4
Potter         Harriet A.       17    Vermont           17b---1
Potter         Lewis            25    NY                109a-42
Potter         Lydia            25    Mich              17a---1
Potter         Mary Ann         26    NY                109b--1
Potter         Oliver           23    NY                109b--3
Poulson        Andrew           17    Ohio              133b-14
Poulson        Elizabeth        30    Maryland          133b-12
Poulson        Ellen            9     Ohio              133b-17
Poulson        Falitha          11    Ohio              133b-16
Poulson        Francis          3     Ohio              133b-19
Poulson        Mary             19    Ohio              133b-20
Poulson        Nelson           48    Maryland          133b-11
Poulson        Nelson           14    Ohio              133b-15
Poulson        Susan            *0    Ohio              133b-13
Poulson        Thomas           6     Ohio              133b-18
Powers         George W.        22    Canada            15a--39
Powley         Catharine        20    Germany           58b--28
Powley         Christian        24    Germany           58b--27
Powley         Elizabeth A.     1     Ohio              58b--30
Powley         John             19    Germany           58b--31
Powley         Sarah Ann        4     Ohio              58b--29
Pratt          Harriet M.       18    NY                92a--33
Pratt          Henry            9     N.Y.              152a--9
Pratt          John             8     Mich              92a--37
Pratt          Mary             18    Canada            9b---25
Pratt          Mr.              24    Unknown           58a--32
Pratt          Sophia           10    Mich              92a--36
Pratt          William          21    Ohio              67b--16
Pray           Ambrose          37    Rhode Island      130b-23
Pray           Ambrose          14    Ohio              131b-29
Pray           Archebold        47    NY                131b-24
Pray           Calista          10    Ohio              131b-31
Pray           Caroline         15    Ohio              130b--2
Pray           Catharine        3     Ohio              127b-35
Pray           Cynthia Jane     10    Ohio              130b-25
Pray           Dennison         18    Ohio              131b-28
Pray           Elizabeth        12    Ohio              131b-30
Pray           Harriet          45    NY                131b-25
Pray           Isabelle         4     Ohio              130b-27
Pray           James F.         7     Ohio              127b-33
Pray           John             67    Conn              129b-39
Pray           John L.          11    Ohio              136b--4
Pray           Laura            32    NY                130b-24
Pray           Laura            31    Virginia          129a-35
Pray           Lavinia          21    NY                131b-27
Pray           Lewis            4/12  Ohio              127b-36
Pray           Lucy             60    NY                129b-40
Pray           Lucy             2/12  Ohio              130b--6
Pray           Lucy             19    Ohio              130b--1
Pray           Marmaduke W.     24    NY                131b-26
Pray           Mary             7     Virginia          129a-36
Pray           Mary             16    Ohio              136b--3
Pray           Mary H.          2     Ohio              130b--5
Pray           Minerva          8     Ohio              131b-32
Pray           Oliver           54    R. Island         129a-34
Pray           Osro D.          27    Ohio              129b-41
Pray           Paris H.         31    Ohio              130b--3
Pray           Paris L          5     Ohio              127b-34
Pray           Sarah            21    New Jersey        130b--4
Pray           Susan            28    NY                127b-32
Pray           Thomas           22    Ohio              129b-42
Pray           Welcome          41    NY                127b-31
Pray           William H.       3     Ohio              130b-26
Pregnizer      Betsy            29    NY                68b--23
Pregnizer      Edward           1     Ohio              68b--25
Pregnizer      William          40    Germany           68b--22
Pregnizer      Willis           9     Ohio              68b--24
Prentice       Eleanor          60    Conn              87a---6
Prentice       Elizabeth        5     Ohio              72a--19
Prentice       Fred             27    Ohio              86b--38
Prentice       Joseph           9     Mich              86b--40
Prentice       Mary E.          6     Mich              86b--41
Prentice       Sarah Ann        24    Mich              86b--39
Prentice       William          7     Ohio              72a--18
Preston        Ann              71    N Hampshire       122a-26
Preston        David            70    Mass              122a-25
Preston        Isaac            34    N Hampshire       122a-27
Price          Albertina        1     Ohio              52b--27
Price          B.A.             33    Illinois          53a---7
Price          Caroline         27    Ohio              52b--23
Price          Louisa           3     Ohio              52b--26
Priest         Elizabeth        30    Germany           74a--14
Printup        Andrew           44    NY                109a-27
Printup        Catharine        12    Mich              109a-32
Printup        Ellen            14    Mich              109a-31
Printup        Emeline          30    Mich              109a-28
Printup        John             15    NY                109a-30
Printup        Joseph           17    NY                109a-29
Prust          Clarkson         3     Ohio              7b---12
Purcell        John             23    Canada            139a-25
Purcell        Lara             45    Ireland           141a--2
Purcell        Peter            20    Canada            139a-24
Purdee         Susan            13    Mich              49a--22

Quinn          Eliza J.         23    Ohio              122b-33
Quinn          Warren B.        29    Ohio              122b-32
Quinn          William S.       1     Ohio              122b-34

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