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Wagenhanen     Lewis            18    Germany           58a--20
Waggner        Alice M.         3     Ohio              7b---17
Waggner        Harriet M.       8     Ohio              7b---15
Waggner        John. H.         6     Ohio              7b---16
Waggner        Mary Jane        38    Penn              7b---14
Waggner        Samuel           35    Penn              7b---13
Waiffle        Andrew           20    NY                99a--12
Waite          Abigail          35    NY                61b--42
Waite          Amelia C.        29    Conn              6a---39
Waite          Austin B.        40    NY                61b--41
Waite          Christopher      6     Ohio              6a---41
Waite          Edward           4     Ohio              6a---42
Waite          H.T.             28    Conn              15b--35
Waite          Henry            9     Ohio              6a---40
Waite          John             7     Mich              62a---2
Waite          Martha           50    Conn              15b--36
Waite          Mary             2     Ohio              6b----1
Waite          Morrison B.      33    Conn              6a---38
Waite          Warren           14    Mich              62a---1
Wakerly        Ann              37    Switzerland       132a-26
Wakerly        Henry            6     Ohio              132b-31
Wakerly        Jacob            5     Switzerland       132a-30
Wakerly        John             4     Ohio              132b-32
Wakerly        Madeline         12    Switzerland       132a-27
Wakerly        Margaret         10    Switzerland       132a-28
Wakerly        Martin           40    Switzerland       132a-25
Wakerly        Mary             9     Ohio              132b-41
Wakerly        Michael          44    Switzerland       132b-29
Wakerly        Sarah            2     Ohio              132b-33
Wakerly        Sophronia        7     Ohio              132b-42
Wakerly        Sophronia        38    Switzerland       132b-30
Wakerly        Ursula           7     Switzerland       132a-29
Walbridge      Chester          16    Ohio              58b--13
Walbridge      Dudley           4     NY                53b--29
Walbridge      Ebenezer         21    NY                58b--12
Walbridge      Elizabeth        2     NY                53b--30
Walbridge      Ellen            31    N Hampshire       53b--26
Walbridge      George           25    NY                58b--11
Walbridge      Henry B.         31    NY                53b--25
Walbridge      Hunt             6     NY                53b--28
Walbridge      John             13    Ohio              58b--14
Walbridge      Mary             9     NY                53b--27
Walbridge      Mary             53    NY                58b--10
Waldeck        Arnold           31    Germany           99a--13
Waldeck        Charles          1     Germany           99a--15
Waldeck        Christina        30    Germany           99a--14
Waldo          Arnold           32    Germany           36b--42
Waldo          Christina        29    Germany           37a---1
Waldock        Philip           30    Germany           36b--11
Walker         Ahan             41    NY                46b--21
Walker         Alice            4/12  Ohio              138a-26
Walker         Amos             24    NY                129b-20
Walker         Caroline         7/12  Ohio              93a--41
Walker         Charles          26    Mich              114b-10
Walker         Daniel           24    ***               36a--34
Walker         David            36    NY                93a--35
Walker         Efflenda         44    Vermont           118b-42
Walker         Elias            30    Virginia          68b--41
Walker         Eve              40    NY                46b--22
Walker         Frances E        6     Ohio              138b-17
Walker         George           3/12  Ohio              140b-13
Walker         George W.        9     Ohio              93a--37
Walker         Herbert          10    NY                119a--3
Walker         Isabelle E.      11    NY                119a--2
Walker         Jacob L.         13    NY                46b--24
Walker         John             9     Ohio              46b--25
Walker         John             14    NY                119a--1
Walker         Joseph           45    England           118b-41
Walker         Josephine        11    Mass              4b---23
Walker         Julia S.         1     Ohio              46b--27
Walker         Margaret L.      7     Ohio              93a--38
Walker         Marietta         6     Ohio              46b--26
Walker         Mary Ann         21    Ohio              19a---5
Walker         Mary Jane        2     Ohio              93a--40
Walker         Matilda          19    Canada            129b-21
Walker         Nancy            31    Ohio              93a--36
Walker         Nancy            26    Miss              68b--42
Walker         Nancy            13    Mass              51a---4
Walker         Richard          65    NY                46b--29
Walker         Richard          19    NY                46b--23
Walker         Robert           23    NY                114a-23
Walker         Sarah            22    NY                140b-11
Walker         Sarah            20    Ohio              138a-25
Walker         Sarah E.         5     Ohio              93a--39
Walker         William          25    Ohio              140b-10
Wall           Ada              30    NY                136b-22
Wall           Andrew           33    Germany           16a--15
Wall           Andrew           3     Ohio              16a--17
Wall           Catharine        48    Ireland           39b--22
Wall           Erastus          7     Penn              136b-24
Wall           Isaac            29    NY                136b-21
Wall           Israel           8     Penn              136b-23
Wall           Joanna           22    Germany           16a--16
Wall           John             1     Ohio              136b-25
Wall           Peter C.         1     Ohio              16a--18
Wall           Sarah Jane       9     Ohio              39b--23
Wall           Sarah Jane       9     Ohio              59a--39
Wall           Valentine        48    Ireland           39b--21
Walp           Alexander        29    Penn              126b-29
Walp           George           5/12  Ohio              126b-32
Walp           Margaret         20    Germany           126b-30
Walp           William          2     Ohio              126b-31
Walters        Abram            42    Ohio              123b-14
Walters        Abram            14    Ohio              123b-19
Walters        Andrew           19    Ohio              123b-16
Walters        Anna             14    Ohio              123b--7
Walters        Catharine        9     Mich              155b-28
Walters        Catharine        31    Md                155b-33
Walters        Catharine        21    Ohio              123b--4
Walters        Catharine        2     Ohio              123b-25
Walters        Christian        10    Ohio              123b--8
Walters        Elizabeth        17    Ohio              123b--6
Walters        Elizabeth        12    Ohio              123b-20
Walters        Fanny            19    O                 155b-31
Walters        Fanny            14    Ohio              123b--5
Walters        Geo.             35    O                 155b-32
Walters        George           16    Ohio              123b-18
Walters        Harriet          2     Ohio              124a--3
Walters        Henry            17    Ohio              123b-17
Walters        Jeremiah         7     O                 155b-34
Walters        John             54    Penn              123b--1
Walters        John             4     Ohio              123b-24
Walters        John             23    Ohio              123b--3
Walters        John C.          24    Ohio              124a--1
Walters        Lucy Ann         6     Ohio              123b-23
Walters        M.               30    O                 155b-26
Walters        Magdalene        37    Ohio              123b-15
Walters        Peter            8     Ohio              123b-22
Walters        Peter            25    Ohio              123b--2
Walters        Sarah            24    O                 155b-27
Walters        Sarah            10    Ohio              123b-21
Walters        Sarah Jane       3     O                 155b-30
Walters        Susanna          19    Ohio              124a--2
Walters        Susannah         5     O                 155b-29
Ward           Anne             10    NY                85b--33
Ward           Charles S.       12    NY                9b---15
Ward           Emily            19    Mich              87a---3
Ward           George           14    NY                85b--32
Ward           Harriet M.       4     Ohio              11b--16
Ward           James D.         7     NY                9b---16
Ward           James H.         38    New Jersey        11b--12
Ward           John             41    Ireland           9b---13
Ward           John             4     NY                9b---18
Ward           Martha R.        14    Mich              11b--14
Ward           Mary             9     NY                9b---17
Ward           Mary             40    Ireland           9b---14
Ward           Mary M.          32    NY                11b--13
Ward           Nathan           2     NY                9b---19
Ward           Sarah E.         12    Mich              11b--15
Ward           William          21    NY                85b--31
Ward           William          21    Mich              87a---4
Ware           Abram            33    NY                98b--42
Ware           Amos             65    Unknown           86a--42
Ware           Edwin            4     Indiana           103b-14
Ware           George N.        8     NY                99a---2
Ware           Giles            4     Ohio              99a---3
Ware           Hannah           24    NY                103b-13
Ware           Henry            2     Indiana           103b-15
Ware           John             33    NY                103b-12
Ware           Sally Ann        26    NY                99a---1
Ware           Sarah            5/12  Indiana           103b-16
Warfield       Henry            5     Ohio              115b-37
Warfield       Ruth             30    Mich              54b--30
Warfield       Sarah J.         7     Ohio              54b--31
Warford        Ann Iva          8     N.Y.              154a--6
Warford        Ann J.           8     NY                123a-31
Warford        Catharine        40    Germany           154a--2
Warford        Catharine        39    Germany           123a-27
Warford        Charles H.       10    NY                123a-30
Warford        Charles H.       10    N.Y.              154a--5
Warford        Harriet Ann      5     Ohio              123a-32
Warford        Harriet Ann      4     O                 154a--7
Warford        Lewis M.         2     Ohio              123a-33
Warford        Louis M.         2     O                 154a--8
Warford        M.F.             43    N.Y.              154a--1
Warford        Mahlon F.        41    NY                123a-26
Warford        Mary L.          12    NY                123a-29
Warford        Mary L.          12    N.Y.              154a--4
Warford        Sylvester        14    N.Y.              154a--3
Warford        Sylvester        13    NY                123a-28
Warner         Adam H.          29    Germany           49b---4
Warner         Anna M.          3/12  Ohio              49b---3
Warner         Clara            24    Ohio              51a---2
Warner         Ellen            3     Illinois          92a--10
Warner         George           5     Illinois          92a---9
Warner         George B.        4/12  Ohio              51a---3
Warner         George B.        36    Vermont           51a---1
Warner         Lima             13    Ohio              92a---7
Warner         Mary Ann         23    NY                92a---6
Warner         William          37    NY                18a---2
Warner         Zilpha Ann       10    Ohio              92a---8
Warren         Adelaide         8     NY                91a--22
Warren         Alfred           4     Ohio              108a-34
Warren         Amanda B.        28    NY                108a-24
Warren         Arabella         2     Ohio              108a-25
Warren         Chas. G.         30    NY                108a-23
Warren         Chloe            28    NY                107b-30
Warren         Edgar            2     Mich              107b-32
Warren         Elizabeth        6     Mich              107b-31
Warren         Foster B.        23    NY                114a-17
Warren         George           6     Canada            113b-42
Warren         Haskell D.       53    NH                108a-28
Warren         Horace           11    Ohio              108a-32
Warren         Joseph           13    Ohio              108a-31
Warren         Julia            16    NY                108a-30
Warren         Lydia            4     Ohio              114a--1
Warren         Mahala           8/12  Ohio              91a--24
Warren         Marion           3     Ohio              91a--23
Warren         Mary Ann         28    NY                113b-41
Warren         Olive            51    NY                108a-29
Warren         Oscar            10    NY                91a--21
Warren         Samuel           31    NY                62a---3
Warren         Samuel G.        30    Canada            113b-40
Warren         Sarah            35    NY                91a--19
Warren         Sarepta          9     Ohio              108a-33
Warren         Tennessee        2/12  Ohio              108a-26
Warren         William          30    Unknown           67b--35
Warren         William          28    NY                107b-29
Warren         William P.       36    NY                91a--18
Warren         Zopha            11    NY                91a--20
Washburn       A                19    .                 144b-14
Washburn       Aaron            7     .                 144b-11
Washburn       Albert           26    100               144b--4
Washburn       Emily            23    .                 144b--5
Washburn       J                40    1300              144b--7
Washburn       Jennett          11    .                 144b--9
Washburn       Mary             36    .                 144b--8
Washburn       Nathan G         2     .                 144b--6
Washburn       Reziah           4     .                 144b-12
Washburn       William          10    .                 144b-10
Washington     Edward           3     Ohio              33b--27
Washington     Eli              3/12  Ohio              33b--28
Washington     Henry            21    Unknown           33b--25
Washington     Josephine        21    Mich              33b--26
Watchman       Frederic         25    Germany           140a-30
Watchman       Henry            30    Unknown           64b---7
Waterbury      Ann              23    .                 148a-28
Waterbury      Emily            2     .                 148a-29
Waterbury      George           67    Vermont           117b-27
Waterbury      John             10/12 Ohio              119a-14
Waterbury      Louisa           1     .                 148a-30
Waterbury      Mary             62    Conn              117b-28
Waterbury      Nelson           3     Ohio              119a-13
Waterbury      P                40    .                 148a-27
Waterbury      Sarah D.         25    Mich              119a-11
Waterbury      William S.       38    NY                119a-10
Waterbury      Wilson T.        5     Ohio              119a-12
Waterhouse     Frances          20    NY                68b--39
Waterhouse     Wm W.            26    NY                68b--38
Waters         Barney           57    Ireland           31a--25
Waters         Brian            39    Ireland           66b--37
Waters         Mary             48    Ireland           31a--26
Waters         Mary             39    Ireland           66b--38
Waters         Patrick          14    Ireland           66b--39
Waters         Patrick          13    Ireland           31a--27
Watkins        John             25    Tennessee         69a--11
Watson         Alcia A.         6     Ohio              106b-29
Watson         Edwin            28    NY                72a--32
Watson         Emiliy           19    Vermont           5b---14
Watson         Emily            1     Ohio              5b---17
Watson         Floriella        4     Ohio              5b---15
Watson         George T.        11    Ohio              106b-27
Watson         H.C.             25    NY                5b---13
Watson         Harriet          3     NY                5b---16
Watson         Harriet          17    Conn              40b---1
Watson         Merrilia         31    NY                106b-26
Watson         Mrs.             24    NY                72a--33
Watson         Sophia           8     Illinois          40b---2
Watson         William          9     Ohio              106b-28
Watson         William          39    England           106b-25
Watter         David            39    Penn              138a-34
Watter         Flora            39    Penn              138a-35
Watter         Isaiah           14    Ohio              138a-36
Watter         Thomas           12    Ohio              138a-37
Watts          Esther           30    NY                117b-24
Watts          Esther           1     NY                117b-26
Watts          Mary             4     Ohio              117b-25
Watts          Thomas           33    Vermont           117b-23
Weaver         Catharine        44    Germany           126a-13
Weaver         Catharine        12    Germany           126a-16
Weaver         Elizabeth        24    Switzerland       135a--5
Weaver         Henry            9/12  Ohio              135a--7
Weaver         Jacob            30    Switzerland       135a--4
Weaver         Jacob            25    Germany           137a-18
Weaver         John             6     Ohio              126a-17
Weaver         John             50    Germany           126a-12
Weaver         Joseph           16    Germany           51a--38
Weaver         Michael          14    Germany           126a-14
Weaver         Nicholas         7     Ohio              126a-15
Weaver         Otto             2     Ohio              135a--6
Webb           Mr.              21    Unknown           60a--19
Webber         Ann Maria        22    Germany           44a--24
Webber         Barbara          26    Germany           70a--19
Webber         Casper           24    Germany           44a--23
Webber         Jacob            20    Germany           70a--18
Webster        Eliza Ann        27    NY                45a---4
Webster        Julius B.        37    Conn              45a---3
Webster        Martha A.        7     Indiana           45a---5
Webster        William H.       2     Ohio              45a---6
Wecher         Barbara          23    Germany           55a---8
Wecher         Catharine        14    Germany           55a--11
Wecher         George           10    Germany           55a--12
Wecher         Isabella         20    Germany           55a---9
Wecher         Mary             50    Germany           55a---7
Wecher         Mary             16    Germany           55a--10
Wecher         Philip           7     Germany           55a--13
Wecher         Reinhart         54    Germany           55a---6
Weed           Albert           1     NY                47a--35
Weed           Edgar            3     NY                47a--34
Weed           Gideon           34    NY                47a--31
Weed           Rebecca          26    NY                47a--32
Weed           William S.       4     Ohio              47a--33
Weilinger      Joseph           3     Ohio              57b---4
Weilinger      Joseph           28    Germany           57b---1
Weilinger      Mary Ann         30    Germany           57b---2
Weilinger      Mary Ann         1     Ohio              57b---3
Welch          Amanda           5     .                 144a-30
Welch          CC               38    800               144a-24
Welch          Elias            15    .                 144a-26
Welch          Eunice           12    .                 144a-27
Welch          George           7     .                 144a-29
Welch          Margaret         32    .                 144a-25
Welch          Marietta         2     .                 144a-31
Welch          Sarah            9     .                 144a-28
Weller         Edward           23    England           31a--28
Wellin         John             21    Germany           61a--18
Wellmeir       John             22    Germany           43a---3
Wellmeir       Mary             20    Germany           43a---4
Wellmott       Ellen            3     Mich              46a--34
Wellmott       Fanny            5     Mich              46a--33
Wellmott       John             35    Canada            46a--28
Wellmott       John             16    Mich              46a--30
Wellmott       Madaline         35    France            46a--29
Wellmott       Margaret         8     Mich              46a--32
Wellmott       Mary             10    Mich              46a--31
Wells          Betsy            25    Ohio              57b--18
Wells          Francis          40    Unknown           95b--22
Wells          William          5/12  Ohio              57b--19
Wells          William          32    Ohio              57b--17
Welsh          Catherine        20    Ireland           34b--30
Welsh          Charles          24    Ireland           70b--28
Welsh          Daniel           40    Ireland           21a--29
Welsh          Frank            22    Canada            60b--29
Welsh          Hannah           58    NY                129b-15
Welsh          James            17    Ireland           67a--31
Welsh          Jane             4     Canada            45a--39
Welsh          Jane             26    Ireland           45a--33
Welsh          John             7     Canada            21a--31
Welsh          John             61    NY                129b-14
Welsh          John             40    Ireland           140a-35
Welsh          Marion H.        24    NY                56b--16
Welsh          Nicholas         39    Ireland           45a--40
Welsh          Patrick          12    Canada            21a--30
Welsh          Thomas           21    Ireland           59b--13
Wendall        Catharine        3     Ohio              82b---4
Wendall        Conrad           31    Germany           82b---1
Wendall        Conrad           1/12  Ohio              82b---5
Wendall        Elizabeth        5     Ohio              82b---3
Wendall        Elizabeth        26    Germany           82b---2
Wenrick        Mary E.          20    New Jersey        41a--21
Wenrick        William          23    Penn              41a--20
Wernier        Henry            32    France            45a--41
Wernier        Jane             33    France            45a--42
Wertzer        Mary             16    Germany           50a--19
Wessener       Agatha           26    Holland           73b---2
Wessener       Agnes            5     Holland           73b---3
Wessener       George           38    Holland           73b---1
Wessener       Mary             4     Holland           73b---4
Wessener       Mina             1     Ohio              73b---5
West           Caroline         18    Germany           3a----7
West           Charles          24    NY                58a--30
West           David            44    NY                1a---10
West           Elizabeth        42    Penn              1a---11
West           Isaac            20    NY                1a---12
West           Pamelia J.       15    NY                1a---13
West           Simeon R.        18    NY                1a---14
Westmyer       Catharine        44    Germany           31a---2
Westmyer       Francis          2     Ohio              31a---5
Westmyer       Henry            5     Ohio              31a---4
Westmyer       John             38    Germany           31a---1
Westmyer       Richard          9     Ohio              31a---3
Westrop        Catharine        5     Ohio              61a--21
Westrop        Eliza            25    Germany           61a--20
Westrop        John             29    Germany           61a--19
Westrop        John             1     Ohio              61a--23
Westrop        Louisa           4     Ohio              61a--22
Wetmore        Catharine M.     40    Conn              70a--11
Wetmore        Francis          2     Ohio              70a--15
Wetmore        Harthell         12    Ohio              50b--37
Wetmore        Howell           15    NY                70a--12
Wetmore        Marion           11    Ohio              70a--14
Wetmore        Oscar            13    Ohio              70a--13
Wetmore        Ruel             37    Conn              70a--10
Wetter         Margaret         16    Germany           47a--30
Wheeler        Asel             60    N. Hampshire      51a--20
Wheeler        Asel             33    NY                44b--41
Wheeler        Charlotte        20    England           44b--42
Wheeler        Ellen            10    Unknown           56b--42
Wheeler        Francis          31    Unknown           66b--28
Wheeler        George           1     Ohio              66b--30
Wheeler        Isabella         2     Ohio              45a---1
Wheeler        Jefferson        7     Unknown           58a---1
Wheeler        Joseph           12    Conn              50b--30
Wheeler        Lyman            40    Unknown           56b--40
Wheeler        Maria            30    Unknown           56b--41
Wheeler        Samuel           35    Unknown           30b--31
Wheeler        Sarah            25    Unknown           66b--29
Whelpley       Joseph           32    Vermont           69b--37
Whelpley       Pamelia          30    Canada            69b--38
Whelpley       Richard          3     Ohio              69b--39
Whimore        Christian        4     Penn              131a-12
Whimore        George           49    Penn              131a--7
Whimore        George           10    Penn              131a-10
Whimore        Mary             51    Penn              131a--8
Whimore        Peter            7     Penn              131a-11
Whimore        Samuel           14    Penn              131a--9
Whitaker       A.               35    Penn              155a-42
Whitaker       Ann              2     O                 155b--6
Whitaker       Cornson J.       10    Penn              155b--3
Whitaker       George           11    Penn              155b--2
Whitaker       R.               30    Penn              155b--1
Whitaker       S.               28    NY                69a--42
Whitaker       S.H.             40    NY                69b---4
Whitaker       Sarah C.         5     O                 155b--5
Whitaker       William          8     O                 155b--4
Whitcomb       Catharine        45    NY                130a-13
Whitcomb       Elisha           50    Vermont           130a-12
Whitcomb       Francis W.       21    NY                130a-14
Whitcomb       Malvina A.       8     Ohio              130a-16
Whitcomb       Volney C.        18    NY                130a-15
White          Albert           3/12  Ohio              114a-35
White          Albertine        6     Ohio              114b--8
White          Alvira           5     Mich              113b-24
White          Angeline         27    Germany           61a--15
White          Ann Maria        10    Ohio              7a---41
White          Charles          7     Ohio              113b-23
White          Cornelia         28    NY                113b-21
White          Dorothy          58    N Hampshire       118b-18
White          Elizabeth        7     Ohio              114a-33
White          Emily            5     Ohio              114a-34
White          Francis H.       11    Maine             135a-42
White          Giles W.         40    NY                113a--5
White          Greenup          22    Kentucky          119b-23
White          Hannah M.        37    Ireland           7a---40
White          James            40    NY                114b--6
White          James            20    Kentucky          118b-20
White          James            18    NY                114a-31
White          James A.         3     Ohio              114b--9
White          John             24    Germany           61a--14
White          Johnson          11    Ohio              24a--18
White          Joseph           66    NY                118b-17
White          Joseph C.        34    NY                113b-20
White          Josiah           14    Ohio              114a-40
White          Josiah D.        14    Ohio              114a-32
White          Julia            14    Germany           61a--16
White          Lucy B.          45    Conn              113a--6
White          Mary             32    Virginia          24a--17
White          Mary A.          21    Maine             135a-41
White          Mary Ann         35    Penn              114a-30
White          Mary E.          7     Mich              24a--20
White          Mary E.          3     Mich              113b-25
White          Matilda          26    NY                114b--7
White          Nathan w.        33    Ohio              24a--16
White          Newel            9     Ohio              24a--19
White          Oscar            7     Ohio              7a---42
White          Oscar            41    N Hampshire       7a---39
White          Samuel A.        1     Ohio              7b----1
White          Sylvester        10    Ohio              113b-22
White          William          27    Germany           61a--17
White          William          16    Kentucky          118b-19
White          William M.       45    NY                114a-29
Whiteford      Alexander B.     11/12 Ohio              41a--31
Whiteford      Euphemia         32    Germany           41a--30
Whiteford      Robert           42    Ireland           41a--29
Whitfield      Ann M.           7     Canada            71a--19
Whitfield      Hannah           22    Ohio              71a--18
Whitfield      Jacob            4     Ohio              71a--21
Whitfield      James A.         4     Ohio              71a--22
Whitfield      John             26    Virginia          71a--17
Whitfield      John W.          5     Canada            71a--20
Whitfield      Robert H.        10/12 Ohio              71a--23
Whitiford      Robert           40    Ireland           52b--28
Whiting        Achilles E.      18    Ohio              66a---4
Whiting        John             10    Ohio              66a---3
Whiting        Lydia            33    Conn              66a---2
Whitmon        Fred.            30    Germany           7a---32
Whitmore       Elizah           10    Ohio              86b--21
Whitmore       John             35    Penn              130b-40
Whitmore       Louisa           3     Ohio              86b--28
Whitmore       Luther           40    Mass              86b--19
Whitmore       Lydia            5     Ohio              86b--23
Whitmore       Margaret         27    Penn              130b-41
Whitmore       Martha M.        25    NY                86b--20
Whitmore       Mary             9/12  Ohio              86b--25
Whitmore       Mary             66    Mass              86b--31
Whitmore       Mary S.          2     Ohio              130b-42
Whitmore       Oliver           79    Conn              30b--25
Whitmore       Phiddia          3     Ohio              86b--24
Whitmore       Sarah            76    Conn              30b--26
Whitmore       Sarah            64    NY                19a--29
Whitmore       Sophia           3/12  Ohio              86b--29
Whitmore       Susan S.         25    NY                86b--27
Whitmore       Venus            48    NY                30b--27
Whitmore       Warren           8     Ohio              86b--22
Whitmore       Waters           33    Mass              86b--26
Whitney        Caroline         20    Mass              103b-20
Whitney        Charles O.       2     Ohio              103b-25
Whitney        Clive B.         19    Ohio              92b---5
Whitney        Frances M.       50    Conn              91b--34
Whitney        George           18    Mass              103b-21
Whitney        Hannah           25    NY                129a-29
Whitney        Harriet J.       18    Ohio              91b--35
Whitney        Hiram E.         5     Ohio              129a-31
Whitney        Horace P.        13    Ohio              92a--13
Whitney        James            16    NY                103b-22
Whitney        James M.         46    NY                62a--11
Whitney        James M.         2     Ohio              129a-32
Whitney        James S.         43    Mass              103b-18
Whitney        Livonia          39    Vermont           62a--12
Whitney        Lucy             7     Ohio              92a--15
Whitney        Lucy             11    Ohio              103b-23
Whitney        Maria T.         21    Ohio              62a--13
Whitney        Martha S.        20    Ohio              95a--22
Whitney        Mary             42    NY                103b-19
Whitney        Mary             10    Ohio              92a--14
Whitney        Mary E.          6     Ohio              103b-24
Whitney        Nancy            45    NY                129a-33
Whitney        Noah A.          51    Mass              91b--33
Whitney        Peter            28    NY                129a-28
Whitney        Sybil H.         36    Mass              92a--12
Whitney        Thomas P.        49    Mass              92a--11
Whitney        William A.       7     Ohio              129a-30
Whitten        Alanson          33    NY                100a-25
Whitten        Daniel           1     Ohio              100a-29
Whitten        Eliza            3     Ohio              100a-28
Whitten        Mary             28    NY                100a-26
Whitten        Mary Ann         7     Ohio              100a-27
Whittlesey     Harriet M.       22    Ohio              35a--40
Whittlesey     Mary             43    NY                35a--39
Whittlesey     R.T.L.           43    Ohio              35a--38
Whittock       Albert           8     NY                3b----1
Whittock       Clark            14    Vermont           3a---41
Whittock       Helen            5     Mich              3b----2
Whittock       Irene            35    Vermont           3a---40
Whittock       Mary Jane        10    Penn              3a---42
Wicher         Elizabeth        21    Germany           69a--14
Wigans         Andrew J.        11    Ohio              106a-13
Wigans         Ann              52    NY                106a-10
Wigans         Ann              28    NY                106a-16
Wigans         Elizabeth        16    NY                106a-11
Wigans         James M.         14    Ohio              106a-12
Wigans         Lucine           3     Ohio              106a-17
Wigans         Samuel D.        56    NY                106a--9
Wigans         Thomas J.        20    NY                106a-14
Wigans         William          28    NY                106a-15
Wiggins        R.               14    Germany           153a-30
Wihley         Caroline         28    Ohio              43a--41
Wihley         Hiram            23    NY                43a--40
Wihley         Josephine        5     Ohio              43a--42
Wilbur         Diania           32    Kentucky          119b-41
Wilbur         George           42    NY                119b-40
Wilbur         George           35    NY                19a---4
Wilcox         Charlotte        16    Ohio              56a--41
Wilcox         Henry            47    England           56a--39
Wilcox         Hester           23    England           56a--40
Wilcox         Mary Jane        4     Ohio              56b---1
Wilcox         Matilda          8     Ohio              56a--42
Wiles          Nancy            57    NY                19a--25
Wiles          Noah M.          64    NY                19a--24
Wiley          Joseph           18    Ohio              140a-38
Wilkinson      Elizabeth Ann    14    Ohio              94a--25
Wilkinson      John             37    NY                94a--23
Wilkinson      John             2     Ohio              94a--30
Wilkinson      Maria            4     Ohio              94a--29
Wilkinson      Martha C.        8     Ohio              94a--28
Wilkinson      Mary Jane        12    Ohio              94a--26
Wilkinson      Rosalia          33    England           94a--24
Wilkinson      Victoria         11    Ohio              94a--27
Wilkison       Caroline         20    Vermont           93b--22
Wilkison       Charles          6     Ohio              93b--26
Wilkison       Elizabeth        4     Ohio              93b--27
Wilkison       Francis          2     Ohio              93b--28
Wilkison       Henry            18    Ohio              5a---10
Wilkison       Lewis A.         2     Ohio              93b--23
Wilkison       Martha M.        8     Ohio              93b--25
Wilkison       Oleona           45    NY                93b--24
Wilkison       Solomon          27    Canada            93b--21
Wilkison       Susan            32    Penn              52b--35
Wilkison       William W.       33    Ohio              52b--34
Wilkison       Wrias            21    Ohio              93b--29
Willet         George W.        3     Ohio              1b---25
Willet         Harriet          26    Penn              1b---23
Willet         Mary E.          5     Ohio              1b---24
Willet         William          40    Penn              1b---22
Willey         Austin           52    Conn              66b--21
Willey         Elizabeth        42    .                 144a-33
Willey         Emory            6     Ohio              66b--26
Willey         Hiram            11    .                 144a-34
Willey         Josephine        17    NY                66b--24
Willey         Laura            11/12 Ohio              66b--27
Willey         Lorenzo          7     .                 144a-35
Willey         Lucinda          45    Canada            66b--22
Willey         Lydia            21    Vermont           66b--23
Willey         Sophronia        12    Ohio              66b--25
Willey         Taylor           3     .                 144a-36
Willey         Wm               36    .                 144a-32
Williams       Amanda           19    NY                89a--10
Williams       Amberson         38    Penn              101b-15
Williams       Amelia           30    NY                92b--30
Williams       Anna             6     Ohio              121b--4
Williams       Anna             46    Germany           121b--2
Williams       Augustus D.      42    Conn              23a--15
Williams       Beman            1     Ohio              104a--2
Williams       Burt             7     Ohio              23a--20
Williams       Chandler         17    Mass              101a-27
Williams       Charles          57    Conn              47a--16
Williams       Charles          20    NY                116a-10
Williams       Charles H.       2     Mich              92b--35
Williams       Cyrus            32    NY                58a--34
Williams       Daniel           47    Virginia          6a---31
Williams       Elbert           15    NY                89b---7
Williams       Elizabeth        8     Ohio              121b--3
Williams       Emma             19    England           103a-14
Williams       Erastus          34    NY                103b-40
Williams       Erastus          26    Unknown           64b---2
Williams       Francis          10    Ohio              103b-42
Williams       Francis E.       3     Mich              92b--34
Williams       Franklin         5     Ohio              101a-29
Williams       Frederic J.      10    Ohio              101b-17
Williams       George           7     Ohio              101a-28
Williams       George           36    NY                103a--3
Williams       Harrison C.      10    Illinois          103a--5
Williams       Harvey           19    Mich              64a--19
Williams       Henrietta        7     Mich              92b--31
Williams       Henrietta A.     25    NY                23a--24
Williams       Henry            51    Mass              101a-26
Williams       Henry            32    NY                92b--29
Williams       Henry            24    NY                89a---9
Williams       Henry F.         20    Mass              101a-33
Williams       Heresa           4     Ohio              101b-19
Williams       John             29    Virginia          69a---5
Williams       Jorusha          18    Ohio              101a-31
Williams       Joseph           8     Ohio              58a--14
Williams       Josephine A.     5     Mich              92b--33
Williams       Julia A.         35    New Hampshire     23a--16
Williams       Julia Ann        28    Maryland          46a--40
Williams       Lois F.          3     Ohio              58a--15
Williams       Louisania        8     Ohio              101b-18
Williams       Lucy             33    NY                103b-41
Williams       M.M.             29    NY                114a-14
Williams       Mary             7/12  Ohio              101a-32
Williams       Mary             27    NY                58a--10
Williams       Mary             25    England           101b-16
Williams       Mary B.          50    Conn              23a--17
Williams       Mary E.          6     Mich              92b--32
Williams       Mathew           23    Mass              101a-30
Williams       Mr.              21    Unknown           60a--20
Williams       Orra S.          39    Ohio              103a--4
Williams       Orville          7     Ohio              104a--1
Williams       Owen             9     Ohio              6a---35
Williams       Peter            38    Germany           121b--1
Williams       Rebecca          11    Ohio              6a---34
Williams       Samuel           25    NY                103a-13
Williams       Sarah            75    Mass              23a--19
Williams       Susan            14    Ohio              6a---32
Williams       Thomas           12    Ohio              6a---33
Williams       Virginia         17    NY                116a--9
Williams       William H.       31    Conn              23a--18
Williard       Anthony          6     NY                12a---4
Williard       Augustus         18    NY                108a-20
Williard       C.               24    NY                69a--36
Williard       Martha           22    NY                12a---3
Willin         William          21    Germany           61a--39
Willnar        Frederic         28    Germany           121a-24
Willoughby     Abby             75    NY                30b--38
Wilson         Agnes            39    Scotland          143a-15
Wilson         Anna M           1     .                 146b-12
Wilson         Annette A.       5     Ohio              115b-35
Wilson         Cassandria S.    12    Ohio              72b--21
Wilson         Catharine        50    Germany           143a-20
Wilson         Catharine        16    Penn              18a---9
Wilson         Charles          1     Ohio              115b-36
Wilson         Charles L.       2     Ohio              72b--25
Wilson         Charlotte        5     Penn              18a--37
Wilson         Clorinda         22    Ohio              25a--33
Wilson         David            26    NY                14b---8
Wilson         David            19    Scotland          139b-16
Wilson         Elizabeth        6     Canada            44b--29
Wilson         Ellen            24    Scotland          45a--17
Wilson         Frances C.       14    NY                72b--20
Wilson         Francis          24    Penn              64a--14
Wilson         Francis          20    Penn              31b--10
Wilson         George H.        6     Ohio              72b--23
Wilson         Harmon           20    Ohio              69a--21
Wilson         Henrietta J.     9     Ohio              72b--22
Wilson         James            40    North Carolina    63b--42
Wilson         Jeanette         26    Canada            44b--28
Wilson         Jenette          2     Canada            44b--31
Wilson         John             8     .                 146b--9
Wilson         John             65    Scotland          143a-17
Wilson         John             37    Penn              18a--31
Wilson         John             29    Scotland          143a-14
Wilson         John             11    Penn              18a--34
Wilson         Jomus            13    Penn              18a--33
Wilson         Julia Ann        36    Conn              72b--19
Wilson         Laura            2     Ohio              66b---2
Wilson         Lorena           36    NY                18a--32
Wilson         Love Joy         3     Ohio              72b--24
Wilson         Lydia            19    England           60b--25
Wilson         Margaret         9     Scotland          143a-16
Wilson         Margaret         24    Penn              66b---1
Wilson         Margaret         17    Ireland           45a--21
Wilson         Maria            22    Conn              64a--15
Wilson         Mary             64    Scotland          143a-18
Wilson         Mary Ann         26    .                 146b--8
Wilson         Mary E.          7     Penn              18a--36
Wilson         Matilda          28    Mich              115b-33
Wilson         Oliver C.        8     Ohio              115b-34
Wilson         Oliver C.        34    Mass              115b-32
Wilson         Pamelia          4     .                 146b-10
Wilson         Patience         9     Penn              18a--35
Wilson         Robert           50    Scotland          143a-19
Wilson         Robert           4     Canada            44b--30
Wilson         Robert           2     Ohio              64a--16
Wilson         Sarah            7/12  Ohio              64a--17
Wilson         Sarah C          2     .                 146b-11
Wilson         W W              37    800               146b--7
Wilson         William          39    Scotland          44b--27
Wilson         William          24    Ohio              25a--32
Wilson         William          21    NY                115b-38
Wilson         William H.       42    Maryland          72b--18
Wiltsir        John             21    Ohio              117b-21
Wiltsir        Semantha         23    Ohio              117b-22
Winbeck        Elizabeth        14    Germany           50a---1
Winchell       Benjamin         5     .                 148b-22
Winchell       Eli              11    .                 148b-19
Winchell       Henrietta        29    .                 148b-18
Winchell       Jesse            8     .                 148b-21
Winchell       Oliver           3     .                 148b-23
Winchell       S                34    .                 148b-17
Winchell       William          10    .                 148b-20
Windmill       Elizabeth        45    NY                58a---9
Windmill       Harriet          7     Ohio              58a--13
Windmill       Jenette          13    NY                58a--12
Windmill       Lois             22    NY                58a--11
Winebuck       Catharine        12    Germany           37b--15
Winebuck       Elizabeth        14    Germany           37b--14
Winebuck       Elizabeth        *5    Germany           37b--13
Winebuck       William          9     Germany           37b--16
Winehart       George           25    Germany           46b--10
Winehart       John F.          3/12  Ohio              46b--12
Winehart       Madelene         22    Germany           46b--11
Winekar        Adam             27    Germany           58b--32
Winekar        Henry            19    Germany           58b--34
Winekar        John             15    Germany           58b--33
Wing           Almira           36    Mass              103a-25
Wing           Caroline         17    O                 152a--4
Wing           Lorenzo P.       33    Unknown           103a-24
Wing           Thomas           1     Ohio              103a-26
Winkler        Ann M.           19    Germany           40b--29
Winkler        John             22    Germany           40b--28
Winn           J.               33    Penn              153a--9
Winner         Fred             34    Germany           48b---3
Winner         Lewis            4     Ohio              48b---5
Winner         Mary             28    Germany           48b---4
Winner         Paul             3/12  Ohio              48b---6
Winsler        Anna             44    Germany           16b--12
Winsler        Anna             40    Switzerland       22b---7
Winsler        Barbara          6     Switzerland       22b--11
Winsler        Conrad           14    Switzerland       22b--12
Winsler        Elizabeth        6     Germany           16b--15
Winsler        Fanny            12    Germany           4a----2
Winsler        Fanny            12    Germany           16b--14
Winsler        Frank            44    Germany           15b---6
Winsler        Lawrence         9     Germany           16b--13
Winsler        Lawrence         54    Germany           16b--11
Winsler        Mary             9     Switzerland       22b--10
Winsler        Mary             16    Germany           4b---11
Winsler        Matthias         8     Switzerland       22b--13
Winsler        Matthias         50    Switzerland       22b---6
Winsler        Sarah *          18    Germany           15b---7
Winslow        Albert C.        1     Ohio              9a---38
Winslow        Alice            2     Ohio              9a---37
Winslow        Amasa C.         41    Vermont           9a---34
Winslow        Ellen            11    Ohio              9a---36
Winslow        Henry            15    Ohio              132b-12
Winslow        Louisa           7     Ohio              132b-14
Winslow        Mary D.          18    NY                132b-11
Winslow        Sarah            51    NY                132b--9
Winslow        Sarah            25    NY                9a---35
Winslow        Seth             9     Ohio              132b-13
Winslow        William          20    NY                132b-10
Wintemante     Delligane        16    Germany           60a--39
Winter         George           8     NY                43a--28
Winter         Mary E.          10    NY                43a--27
Winters        Electa           15    NY                82b--21
Winters        Joseph C.        7     England           71b--38
Winters        Robert H.        18    NY                82b--19
Wire           Frances          32    NY                12b--41
Wire           Harrison         13    NY                12b--42
Wire           John             33    NY                12b--40
Wire           Mary             21    Ireland           82a--41
Wire           Mary             1     Ohio              82a--42
Wire           Nicholas         24    Ireland           82a--40
Wissler        Daniel           30    Penn              1b---26
Wissler        Ephraim          7     Ohio              1b---28
Wissler        Henry            5     Ohio              1b---29
Wissler        Margaret         32    Penn              1b---27
Wittsir        Alca Jane        2     Ohio              118a--1
Wittsir        Ann Eliza        5     Ohio              117b-42
Wittsir        Catharine        21    Ohio              116b-29
Wittsir        Henry W.         1     Ohio              116b-30
Wittsir        Hester Ann       26    NY                117b-41
Wittsir        John             63    NY                118a--2
Wittsir        Nancy            17    Ohio              118a--3
Wittsir        Silas            30    NY                117b-40
Wolboalt       John             21    Penn              134a-34
Wolcott        Albert           9     Ohio              74b--34
Wolcott        Antonie          35    Canada            74b--32
Wolcott        Caroline B.      35    N. Hampshire      17a--12
Wolcott        Effie            8/12  Ohio              39a--14
Wolcott        Frederic A.      14    Ohio              17a--14
Wolcott        Henry C.         18    Ohio              17a--13
Wolcott        James            60    Conn              17a--11
Wolcott        James M.         10    Ohio              17a--15
Wolcott        Joseph           2/12  Ohio              74b--36
Wolcott        Joseph L.        5     Ohio              17a--16
Wolcott        Mary             35    Mich              74b--33
Wolcott        Mrs.             21    England           39a--13
Wolcott        Noah             2     Ohio              74b--35
Wolcott        William          27    Ohio              39a--16
Wolf           Candis           38    Ohio              21a--25
Wolf           Elizabeth        7     Penn              98a---1
Wolf           Henry            35    Penn              97b--39
Wolf           Hezekiah         12    Ohio              21a--26
Wolf           Hizekiah         14    Ohio              19b--31
Wolf           Israel           11    Penn              97b--42
Wolf           John             1     Ohio              98a---4
Wolf           Nancy Ann        4/12  Ohio              21a--27
Wolf           Rachel           11    Unknown           19b--24
Wolf           Sallie           5     Ohio              98a---2
Wolf           Solomon          14    Penn              97b--41
Wolf           Susanna          34    Penn              97b--40
Wolf           Susanna          3     Ohio              98a---3
Wolf           Wilson           5     Ohio              21a--28
Wolfinger      Amelia           7     Ohio              9a---31
Wolfinger      Amy              22    .                 145a-36
Wolfinger      Hannah           4     Ohio              9a---32
Wolfinger      Harpel           18    .                 145a-38
Wolfinger      Jacob            62    1500              145a-34
Wolfinger      Jacob            16    .                 145a-39
Wolfinger      James Henry      3     .                 145a-31
Wolfinger      John             34    Germany           11a--42
Wolfinger      John             24    Germany           11a--41
Wolfinger      Jonas            33    800               145a-29
Wolfinger      Lydia            20    .                 145a-37
Wolfinger      Mary Ann         32    Penn              9a---29
Wolfinger      Rebecca          60    .                 145a-35
Wolfinger      Susan            24    Penn              11b---1
Wolfinger      Susannah         23    .                 145a-30
Wolfinger      Thomas J.        10    Ohio              9a---30
Wolfinger      Tobias H.        37    Penn              9a---28
Wolford        Conrad           23    Germany           46a--15
Wolford        Mary             18    Germany           46a--16
Wolsey         C.               46    NY                69a--35
Woman          Irish            40    Ireland           47b---2
Womsey         Catharine        18    Germany           75b--24
Womsey         George           52    Germany           75b--23
Wood           .                48    England           60a--42
Wood           Abigail          55    .                 144b-33
Wood           Ann              27    England           10a--40
Wood           Bradley          34    England           10a--39
Wood           Charles          6     Ohio              10a--42
Wood           Edwin            7     Ohio              10a--41
Wood           Elisha           32    NY                119b-30
Wood           Eliza Jane       15    NY                117a-36
Wood           Ellen M.         3     Ohio              119b-32
Wood           George           36    England           22b--19
Wood           Harrison         19    NY                117a-34
Wood           James            61    800               144b-32
Wood           James            17    NY                23a--40
Wood           James            17    NY                117a-35
Wood           John             22    NY                117a-33
Wood           John             21    NY                32b--11
Wood           Lydia Ann        24    NY                119b-31
Wood           Mabel            18    .                 144b-34
Wood           Martha           25    NY                117a-32
Wood           Mary             8     Ohio              22b--21
Wood           Matilda          58    Maryland          117a-31
Wood           Olive M.         12    NY                67b--29
Wood           Sarah            31    NY                22b--20
Wood           Thomas           59    Dis Columbia      117a-30
Woodard        Harriet          34    NY                104a-35
Woodard        Harriet          12    Ohio              104a-36
Woodard        Henry            6     Ohio              104a-38
Woodard        James            8     Ohio              104a-37
Woodard        William          30    NY                104a-34
Woodley        Ann              39    England           72a---2
Woodley        John             42    England           72a---1
Woodmanser     David            50    Rhode Island      111b-21
Woodmanser     David M.         9     Ohio              111b-27
Woodmanser     Dorothy          42    NY                111b-22
Woodmanser     Eleager          1     Ohio              111b-30
Woodmanser     George E.        4     Ohio              111b-29
Woodmanser     Harriet A.       20    Ohio              111b-23
Woodmanser     Henrietta E.     15    Ohio              111b-24
Woodmanser     John W.          7     Ohio              111b-28
Woodmanser     Polly Ann        13    Ohio              111b-25
Woodmanser     Rebecca J.       11    Ohio              111b-26
Woodruff       Charles          19    Penn              52a--10
Woodruff       Chauncey D.      37    NY                68b---3
Woodruff       Delia            3     Ohio              68b---8
Woodruff       Edward           21    Conn              88a---9
Woodruff       Elizah           48    Conn              88a---7
Woodruff       Emily            7     Ohio              68b---6
Woodruff       Maloney          31    Ohio              68b---4
Woodruff       Margaret H.      9     NY                68b---5
Woodruff       Maria            6     Ohio              68b---7
Woodruff       Parnell          48    Conn              88a---8
Woodruff       William          15    Penn              88a--10
Woodruff       William          1     Ohio              68b--40
Woodward       Henry            3     Ohio              91b---5
Woodward       Julia            22    Ohio              91b---3
Woodward       Rhoda            40    N Hampshire       91b---2
Woodward       Walter           50    NY                91b---1
Woodward       William          19    Ohio              91b---4
Woolley        Benjamin         40    Unknown           67a--32
Woolley        Elizabeth        7     Unknown           67a--34
Woolley        Jane H.          34    Unknown           67a--33
Woolley        Rebbecca         4     Unknown           67a--35
Woolly         Ben              31    Unknown           14b--11
Worden         Ann              35    England           113b-16
Worden         Charlotte        52    NY                103a-23
Worden         David            19    Unknown           103a-15
Worden         George           9     Ohio              113b-17
Worden         James P.         27    NY                113b-15
Worden         Louisa           6     Ohio              113b-18
Worden         William          2     Ohio              113b-19
Wright         Albro            13    NY                99a---7
Wright         Charles W.       2     Ohio              99a---8
Wright         Elizabeth        4     Ohio              92a--21
Wright         Frances          24    Canada            56a--30
Wright         James            52    Conn              99a---4
Wright         Lavinia          15    NY                99a---6
Wright         Letitia          39    Ireland           92a--19
Wright         Maria            56    NY                99a---5
Wright         Phebe            2     Canada            56a--31
Wright         Sarah            8     Ohio              92a--20
Wright         Thomas           1     Ohio              92a--22
Wright         William          48    Ireland           92a--18
Wright         William          32    Unknown           64a--42
Wright         William          27    Canada            56a--29
Wright         William          19    England           65b--41
Wrovist        Henry            6     Ohio              19b--16
Wrovist        William          8     Ohio              19b--15
Wunst          Catherine        60    Germany           143b--8
Wyatt          Ann              39    .                 145a-20
Wyatt          Davis            42    .                 145a-19
Wyatt          Mary M           7     .                 145a-21
Wyles          Beathy Ann       3/12  Ohio              28b--11
Wyles          Ellen J.         4     Ohio              28b--10
Wyles          Mary D.          8     Ohio              28b---9
Wyles          Nicholas         41    NY                28b---7
Wyles          Susanna          27    Ireland           28b---8

Yack           Endor            54    Germany           102b--7
Yack           Madaline         48    Germany           102b--8
Yack           Noah             7     Mich              48a---4
Yack           Victoria         44    Mich              48a---3
Yager          Godfrey          17    Germany           50b--41
Yagers         Godfrey          19    Germany           52a--24
Yealing        Gandaloupe       24    Germany           89a--31
Yealing        Josephine        62    Germany           89a--27
Yell           Peter D.         47    Holland           98a--32
Yoder          Fredrica         27    Germany           98a--31
York           Ann              5     Mich              63a--20
York           Ellen            40    Ireland           63a--16
York           John             40    Ireland           63a--15
York           John             12    Mich              63a--19
York           Mary             13    Ohio              63a--18
York           Patrick          15    NY                63a--17
Yost           Angeline         20    NY                39b---2
Yost           Ann E.           42    Switzerland       96b--36
Yost           Ann Eliza        4     Ohio              96b--41
Yost           Barbara          17    Switzerland       96b--37
Yost           Catharine        1     Ohio              96b--42
Yost           Christina        14    Ohio              96b--38
Yost           Elizabeth        11    Ohio              96b--39
Yost           Emily            3     Ohio              39b---3
Yost           John             7     Ohio              96b--40
Yost           John             45    Switzerland       96b--35
Yost           John             22    Germany           127a-36
Yost           Peter            28    Germany           39b---1
Young          Andrew           54    NY                5a---24
Young          Angeline         27    NY                6a---15
Young          Charles          42    N.Y.              153a-19
Young          Charles B.       18    N.Y.              153a-21
Young          Charlotte E.     12    Ohio              5a---30
Young          David H.         14    O                 153a-23
Young          Edward           19    Ohio              5a---28
Young          Franklin         3     Ohio              6a---17
Young          Horatio S.       7     Ohio              6a---16
Young          James            16    NY                133b-30
Young          Jane M.          55    Mass              5a---25
Young          John H.          38    Mass              28b--12
Young          Joseph P.        17    NY                16b--28
Young          Lucy             7     Penn              142b-33
Young          Margaret         39    N.Y.              153a-20
Young          Margaret         19    NY                45b--25
Young          Nicholas D.      16    N.Y.              153a-22
Young          Rebecca P.       35    N Hampshire       6a---18
Young          Sam              24    Ireland           63a---1
Young          Sam'l M.         40    New Hampshire     6a---14

Zeigen         George           8     Ohio              33b--38
Zeigen         Henry            2     Ohio              33b--39
Zeigen         John             10    Ohio              33b--37
Zeigen         Joseph           34    France            33b--34
Zeigen         Joseph           12    Ohio              33b--36
Zeigen         Magdelene        34    France            33b--35
Zeigler        Abraham          13    O                 153b--9
Zeigler        Catharine        16    O                 153b--8
Zeigler        Elizabeth        9     O                 153b-11
Zeigler        Jane             19    O                 153b--7
Zeigler        John             48    Penn              153b--4
Zeigler        John             3/12  Ohio              35a--13
Zeigler        Margaret         48    O                 153b--5
Zeigler        Matthias         28    Germany           35a--14
Zeigler        Phillip          18    O                 153b-10
Zeigler        Silas            21    O                 153b--6
Ziegler        George           21    Germany           97a--25
Zimmerman      William          21    Penn              88a--28
Zook           C.               50    Penn              155b--7
Zook           Catharine        50    Penn              155b--8
Zook           Christian        14    O                 155b--9
Zook           Joseph           11    O                 155b-10

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