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Boone County, WV 1900 Federal Census (Index)

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*            Alonzo D.        1     W. Va.           05-02a-38
*            Bertha M.        2     W. Va.           05-02a-43
*            Charley          38    W. Va.           05-02a-34
*            Daniel           69    Indiana          01-08a-48
*            Frank B.         5     W. Va.           05-02a-42
*            George C.        7     W. Va.           05-02a-41
*            Isabella         19    W. Va.           05-10a-46
*            Joseph           24    West Va          02-06a-50
*            Joseph F.        38    W. Va.           05-02a-39
*            Liza             29    W. Va.           05-01b-78
*            Lona M.          7     W. Va.           05-02a-36
*            Lorenzo D.       31    W. Va.           05-01b-77
*            Lute             8     W. Va.           05-01b-79
*            Maud M.          8/12  W. Va.           05-02a-44
*            Minnie           27    W. Va.           05-02a-35
*            Noah B.          3     W. Va.           05-02a-37
*            Spica A.         36    W. Va.           05-02a-40
*            Sylvester        18    W. Va.           05-10a-45
******er     Ballard          53    W. Va.           05-07a-25
******er     Harrison M.      14    W. Va.           05-07a-28
******er     Lydia M.         18    W. Va.           05-07a-27
******er     Susan            47    W. Va.           05-07a-26
***isden     Georg D.         2     W. Va.           05-03b-62
***isden     Johnny F.        6     W. Va.           05-03b-61
***isden     Lula A.          8     W. Va.           05-03b-60
***s         Flora B          1     West Va          02-07a-2
***s         Jessie C         3     West Va          02-07a-1
***s         Mary             25    West Va          02-06b-99
***s         Millard          6     West Va          02-06b-100

A.H          Andrew           41    West Virginia    01-06a-11
A.H          D*               41    West Virginia    01-06a-12
A.H          Elizabeth        14    West Virginia    01-06a-14
A.H          Franklin         6     West Virginia    01-06a-17
A.H          John W           12    West Virginia    01-06a-15
A.H          Lionel           15    West Virginia    01-06a-13
A.H          Maude            10    West Virginia    01-06a-16
A.H          Minnie           7/12  West Virginia    01-06a-19
A.H          Robert           4     West Virginia    01-06a-18
Abbott       Alfred           47    West Virginia    04-09b-71
Abbott       Ema C.           13    West Virginia    04-09b-78
Abbott       Holland M.       5     West Virginia    04-09b-75
Abbott       Joseph E.        10    West Virginia    04-09b-73
Abbott       Lenora B.        8     West Virginia    04-09b-74
Abbott       Martha           33    West Virginia    04-07b-91
Abbott       Mary             31    West Virginia    04-09b-72
Abbott       Minnie G.        1     West Virginia    04-09b-77
Abbott       Sarina           3     West Virginia    04-09b-76
Abshire      Catherine        41    West Va          02-09a-31
Abshire      Catherine        14    West Va          02-09a-34
Abshire      Crellenskill     10    West Va          02-09a-36
Abshire      David            19    West Va          02-09a-32
Abshire      Edward           26    W. Va.           05-01a-30
Abshire      Elijah H.        18    West Virginia    04-02b-75
Abshire      Elmer            9     W. Va.           05-01a-42
Abshire      Esther           2     W. Va.           05-01a-43
Abshire      George           21    West Va          02-13b-85
Abshire      Gracie           1     West Va          02-09a-39
Abshire      Griff H.         15    West Virginia    04-02b-76
Abshire      Harlow M.        13    West Virginia    04-02b-77
Abshire      Henry            16    W. Va.           05-01a-39
Abshire      Isaac            6     West Virginia    04-02b-81
Abshire      Isaac            49    W. Va.           05-01a-35
Abshire      Jacob            9     West Virginia    04-02b-79
Abshire      James            4     West Va          02-09a-38
Abshire      James H.         4     W. Va.           05-01a-32
Abshire      John             10    West Va          02-13b-95
Abshire      John             9     West Virginia    04-02b-80
Abshire      Lewis            43    Virginia         02-09a-30
Abshire      Lewis            16    West Va          02-09a-33
Abshire      Lewis            54    Virginia         04-02b-73
Abshire      Lovena           14    W. Va.           05-01a-40
Abshire      Lucretia         18    W. Va.           05-01a-38
Abshire      Mamy M.          9/12  W. Va.           05-01a-34
Abshire      Margaret E.      52    West Virginia    04-02b-74
Abshire      Mary             12    West Va          02-09a-35
Abshire      Mary L           27    West Va          02-13b-94
Abshire      Menarva          28    West Va          02-13b-84
Abshire      Romanus          6     West Va          02-09a-37
Abshire      Sadie P.         2     W. Va.           05-01a-33
Abshire      Sallie C.        11    West Virginia    04-02b-78
Abshire      Samuel           24    W. Va.           05-01a-37
Abshire      Sarah            43    W. Va.           05-01a-36
Abshire      Simon            67    West Va          02-13b-93
Abshire      Siner L.         23    W. Va.           05-01a-31
Abshire      Walter           12    W. Va.           05-01a-41
Adkins       **sley           47    West Virginia    04-05a-25
Adkins       Albert W.        1     W. Va.           05-18b-91
Adkins       Alec R.          1     West Virginia    04-10a-50
Adkins       Alec W.          11    West Virginia    04-05b-70
Adkins       Alexander        30    West Virginia    04-05a-40
Adkins       America          56    West Virginia    04-11b-56
Adkins       Anderson         82    W. Va.           05-12b-73
Adkins       Archibald        19    West Virginia    03-12b-78
Adkins       Artie O.         3     W. Va.           05-18b-90
Adkins       Basil            1     W. Va.           01-11b-55
Adkins       Bell F.          25    W. Va.           05-18b-93
Adkins       Benton           67    West Virginia    04-11a-48
Adkins       Berry            52    West Virginia    04-05b-62
Adkins       Bertie           8     W. Va.           05-18b-94
Adkins       Bertie Lee       20    West Virginia    03-04b-77
Adkins       Bessie           7     W. Va.           01-11a-47
Adkins       Bessie           3     West Virginia    04-05a-27
Adkins       Bingley D        18    West Virginia    03-04b-78
Adkins       Bissie           4     West Va          02-13a-45
Adkins       Burnis M         14    West Va          02-13a-42
Adkins       Callie           24    West Va          02-13a-40
Adkins       Carlisle         5     W. Va.           05-18b-89
Adkins       Casey            3     W. Va.           05-18b-96
Adkins       Catharine        18    Kentucky         05-18a-47
Adkins       Cecil            6     West Virginia    03-03a-33
Adkins       Charles          24    W. Va.           01-11a-42
Adkins       Clara            6     West Virginia    04-05a-26
Adkins       Clayton          18    West Virginia    04-04a-29
Adkins       Cleorland        10    West Virginia    03-03a-26
Adkins       Cora             11    W. Va.           01-11a-44
Adkins       Cora A.          24    West Virginia    04-05a-41
Adkins       Daniel E         8     West Va          02-13a-44
Adkins       David H.         26    West Virginia    04-05b-65
Adkins       Dora             10    West Virginia    04-11b-52
Adkins       Dora             17    W. Va.           05-18b-86
Adkins       Edmund R.        10    W. Va.           05-12b-75
Adkins       Edward           23    West Virginia    04-04a-27
Adkins       Elen P           1     West Va          02-01b-75
Adkins       Elisa            27    Kentucky         03-13b-61
Adkins       Eliza            48    West Virginia    03-10a-48
Adkins       Eliza A          43    West Va          02-13a-39
Adkins       Elizabeth        76    W. Va.           05-12b-74
Adkins       Ella M.          13    W. Va.           05-12b-77
Adkins       Ellen            24    West Virginia    03-10a-49
Adkins       Ellis            11    West Virginia    04-10a-48
Adkins       Elva C.          4     West Virginia    04-05a-42
Adkins       Essie            8     W. Va.           05-01b-93
Adkins       Essie B.         1     West Virginia    04-05a-44
Adkins       Esther           25    West Virginia    04-11b-60
Adkins       Ethel G          1/12  West Va          02-01b-76
Adkins       Etta             10    W. Va.           01-11b-57
Adkins       Eveline          24    West Virginia    04-04a-26
Adkins       Ezra             3     W. Va.           01-11b-54
Adkins       F*               7     W. Va.           01-11b-58
Adkins       Galie J.         4     West Virginia    04-10a-49
Adkins       George           15    West Virginia    03-10b-52
Adkins       George L.        17    West Virginia    04-05b-69
Adkins       George S         6     West Va          02-06a-18
Adkins       George W.        25    Kentucky         05-18b-85
Adkins       Geromie          2/12  West Virginia    03-12b-86
Adkins       Grace E.         1/12  West Virginia    04-05a-45
Adkins       Grover           58    W. Va.           01-11a-40
Adkins       Harvey           52    West Virginia    04-05a-24
Adkins       Ida              1     W. Va.           05-18b-97
Adkins       Ira L            19    West Va          02-13a-46
Adkins       Jackson          26    W. Va.           05-18b-92
Adkins       Jackson          70    W. Va.           05-18b-98
Adkins       Jacob            50    West Va          02-13a-38
Adkins       James            19    West Virginia    04-04a-28
Adkins       James I.         7     West Virginia    04-05b-71
Adkins       Jenny            28    W. Va.           05-18b-100
Adkins       Jesse            20    West Virginia    04-11b-57
Adkins       Jo*              29    W. Va.           01-11a-45
Adkins       John             35    West Virginia    03-07a-49
Adkins       John             15    West Virginia    04-11a-50
Adkins       John             37    West Virginia    04-11b-59
Adkins       John K.          33    W. Va.           01-11b-52
Adkins       John Lewis       7     West Virginia    03-12b-83
Adkins       John R.          17    W. Va.           01-11a-43
Adkins       John W.          19    West Virginia    03-10a-50
Adkins       Jose             29    Virginia         03-03a-32
Adkins       Joseph           15    West Virginia    03-12b-80
Adkins       Joseph           47    West Virginia    03-13b-60
Adkins       Joseph           84    Virginia         03-13b-78
Adkins       Josephine        20    W. Va.           05-10a-44
Adkins       Julia A.         21    West Virginia    04-05b-68
Adkins       Kora             22    W. Va.           01-11b-53
Adkins       Leanza           21    W. Va.           01-11b-60
Adkins       Leatha           27    W. Va.           01-11a-46
Adkins       Leathy A.        6     W. Va.           05-18b-95
Adkins       Levi             59    West Virginia    03-10a-47
Adkins       Levi             2     West Virginia    03-12b-85
Adkins       Louisa           51    West Virginia    04-10a-46
Adkins       Lucy             51    West Virginia    04-05b-63
Adkins       Luona            25    West Va          02-06a-17
Adkins       Mamie            1     W. Va.           01-11a-49
Adkins       Manerva J.       40    West Virginia    04-04a-25
Adkins       Margarette       26    W. Va.           05-18b-88
Adkins       Marion           21    West Virginia    03-02a-3
Adkins       Martha           1     West Virginia    04-08a-6
Adkins       Martha A.        41    West Virginia    03-12b-76
Adkins       Martha B.        1     West Virginia    03-03a-39
Adkins       Martin           51    West Virginia    04-04a-24
Adkins       Mary             46    Virginia         03-04b-76
Adkins       Mary E.          24    West Virginia    04-05b-66
Adkins       Mary J.          17    West Virginia    04-10a-47
Adkins       Mary J.          8     West Virginia    04-10b-53
Adkins       Matilda          68    W. Va.           05-18b-99
Adkins       May T.           1     West Virginia    04-05b-67
Adkins       Nancy            49    W. Va.           01-11a-41
Adkins       Nona             2     W. Va.           01-11b-61
Adkins       Nora             4     West Virginia    03-12b-84
Adkins       Oliver           48    West Virginia    03-04b-75
Adkins       Ora C            22    West Va          02-01b-73
Adkins       Parker Jr.       12    West Virginia    03-12b-81
Adkins       Paul             46    West Virginia    03-12b-75
Adkins       Perry C          19    West Va          02-13a-41
Adkins       Persley          47    West Virginia    03-01a-36
Adkins       Peter            60    West Virginia    04-11b-55
Adkins       Peter S.         18    West Virginia    04-11b-58
Adkins       Philipp          12    West Virginia    04-11b-51
Adkins       Randolph         21    West Virginia    03-12b-77
Adkins       Ranser           12    West Virginia    04-04a-30
Adkins       Rhoda            33    West Virginia    03-07a-50
Adkins       Robert W.        17    West Virginia    03-12b-79
Adkins       Roma             17    West Virginia    03-10b-51
Adkins       Rosella          4     West Va          02-06a-19
Adkins       Rosie            17    West Virginia    04-11a-49
Adkins       Roy D.           10    W. Va.           05-12b-76
Adkins       Salatia          9     West Virginia    03-12b-82
Adkins       Sarah L          11    West Va          02-13a-43
Adkins       Scott            12    W. Va.           01-11b-56
Adkins       Scotty           35    W. Va.           01-11a-50
Adkins       Sherman          9     W. Va.           05-01b-92
Adkins       T*               24    W. Va.           01-11b-59
Adkins       Tolbert          21    W. Va.           05-10a-43
Adkins       Van              5     W. Va.           01-11a-48
Adkins       Vernon C.        3     West Virginia    04-05a-43
Adkins       Verrila          34    W. Va.           01-11b-51
Adkins       Virgie Lee       3     West Virginia    03-03a-34
Adkins       William          25    West Va          02-01b-72
Adkins       William          52    West Virginia    04-10a-45
Adkins       William A.       29    West Virginia    04-05b-64
Adkins       William C        9     West Virginia    03-07b-51
Adkins       William D        4     West Va          02-01b-74
Adkins       Zatt**           46    W. Va.           05-18b-87
Ailiff       Cecil            9     West Virginia    04-08a-22
Ailiff       Edna S.          33    Virginia         04-08a-21
Ailiff       Elmore           34    West Virginia    04-08a-20
Ailiff       Emmy             16    West Virginia    04-08b-66
Ailiff       Jeter            7     West Virginia    04-08a-23
Ailiff       John             1     West Virginia    04-08a-25
Ailiff       Ruby             3     West Virginia    04-08a-24
Ailshire     Benjamin         20    West Virginia    04-12b-72
Akers        Albert           23    W. Va.           05-21a-41
Akers        Armelia          30    W. Va.           05-21a-42
Akers        Belzora          27    W. Va.           05-21a-33
Akers        Charlie          12    W. Va.           05-21a-36
Akers        Cora J.          11    W. Va.           05-21a-43
Akers        Eli              42    W. Va.           05-21a-32
Akers        Eli              10    W. Va.           05-21a-37
Akers        Elizabeth        6     W. Va.           05-21a-38
Akers        Lilly B.         14    W. Va.           05-21a-35
Akers        Myrtie           1     W. Va.           05-21a-39
Akers        Silvester        16    W. Va.           05-21a-34
Albray       Clonie F         21    West Va          02-08b-51
Albray       Elizabeth        41    West Va          02-08a-50
Albray       Fredie E         12    West Va          02-08b-54
Albray       Ira S            19    West Va          02-08b-52
Albray       Lillie M         16    West Va          02-08b-53
Albray       Roanie           8     West Va          02-08b-55
Alderman     Archie A.        3     W. Va.           01-13b-64
Alderman     Delmore          2     W. Va.           01-13b-65
Alderman     Earl             5     W. Va.           01-13b-63
Alderman     H*               34    W. Va.           01-13b-58
Alderman     Hannah B.        31    W. Va.           01-13b-59
Alderman     James M.         12    W. Va.           01-13b-61
Alderman     Maria            1     W. Va.           01-16a-3
Alderman     Maude            14    W. Va.           01-13b-60
Alderman     Maude            20    W. Va.           01-16a-2
Alderman     Robert L         9/12  W. Va.           01-13b-66
Alderman     Waterson         7     W. Va.           01-13b-62
Alderson     Dollie C.        9     West Virginia    03-03a-21
Alderson     Jesse            50    West Virginia    03-03a-17
Alderson     Mamie            48    West Virginia    03-03a-18
Alderson     Minnie F         15    West Virginia    03-03a-19
Alderson     Robert M         13    West Virginia    03-03a-20
Aliff        Henry            33    W Va             01-05b-51
Allen        *. Bra**         28    W. Va.           05-16a-23
Allen        Anna             18    W. Va.           05-04b-78
Allen        Anna B.          20    W. Va.           05-04b-74
Allen        Bethel           8     W. Va.           05-16a-27
Allen        Blanch           17    West Virginia    04-07a-42
Allen        Charley          29    W. Va.           05-04b-73
Allen        Enson            8/12  West Virginia    03-03a-7
Allen        Ernie            12    West Virginia    04-06a-50
Allen        Fay              2     West Virginia    03-03a-6
Allen        Floyd K.         47    W. Va.           05-15a-24
Allen        James H.         58    W. Va.           05-04b-76
Allen        John             36    West Virginia    01-01b-72
Allen        Josephine        37    W. Va.           05-16a-24
Allen        Lewis            41    W. Va.           05-04b-82
Allen        Lyda B.          17    W. Va.           05-04b-79
Allen        Mary             61    Virginia         05-04b-77
Allen        Melvina J.       45    W. Va.           05-15a-25
Allen        Myrtle C.        6/12  W. Va.           05-04b-75
Allen        Nettie           28    West Virginia    03-03a-4
Allen        Rees*            50    West Virginia    04-07a-40
Allen        Saddie O.        15    West Virginia    04-07a-43
Allen        Sarah E.         48    West Virginia    04-07a-41
Allen        Velley W.        10    West Virginia    04-07a-44
Allen        Vivian E.        5     W. Va.           05-16a-28
Allen        Wallace          26    West Virginia    03-03a-3
Allen        Walter           19    West Virginia    04-06a-39
Allen        William          4     West Virginia    03-03a-5
Alsted       Albert           21    West Virginia    03-08a-34
Alsted       America J.       32    West Virginia    03-09a-47
Alsted       Bazil            60    West Virginia    03-08b-62
Alsted       Bob              11    West Virginia    03-08b-69
Alsted       Callie           11    West Virginia    03-06a-29
Alsted       Clara Anne       5     West Virginia    03-09b-51
Alsted       David            33    West Virginia    03-09a-46
Alsted       Elizabeth        11    West Virginia    03-09a-48
Alsted       Emma             23    West Virginia    03-03b-72
Alsted       Ezra             2     West Virginia    03-08b-78
Alsted       Fannie           5     West Virginia    03-08b-71
Alsted       General          1     West Virginia    03-08b-79
Alsted       Howard           4     West Virginia    03-08b-73
Alsted       Jessie W.        15    West Virginia    03-08a-37
Alsted       Johnie           15    West Virginia    03-08b-68
Alsted       Joseph           52    West Virginia    03-05b-84
Alsted       Julia            1     West Virginia    03-08b-74
Alsted       Lee              23    West Virginia    03-08b-76
Alsted       Lilly            1     West Virginia    03-09b-53
Alsted       Loyd             18    West Virginia    03-08b-64
Alsted       Marion           8     West Virginia    03-08b-70
Alsted       Mary             21    West Virginia    03-08b-65
Alsted       Maryanne         46    West Virginia    03-08a-33
Alsted       Myrtle           7     West Virginia    03-08a-39
Alsted       Nancy E.         3     West Virginia    03-09b-52
Alsted       Oliver           49    West Virginia    03-08a-32
Alsted       Ora F.           7     West Virginia    03-09a-50
Alsted       Oscar            17    West Virginia    03-08b-66
Alsted       Pink             22    West Virginia    03-08b-77
Alsted       Pollyanne        17    West Virginia    03-08a-36
Alsted       Russel           16    West Virginia    03-08b-67
Alsted       Salina           49    West Virginia    03-06a-28
Alsted       Sallie           7     West Virginia    03-08b-72
Alsted       Samuel C.        4     West Virginia    03-08a-40
Alsted       Sarah            52    West Virginia    03-05b-85
Alsted       Sarah            1     West Virginia    03-08b-75
Alsted       Sarah            9     West Virginia    03-09a-49
Alsted       Sarah Jane       49    West Virginia    03-08b-63
Alsted       Sylvester        18    West Virginia    03-08a-35
Alsted       William          13    West Virginia    03-08a-38
Anderson     George           18    Kentucky         05-14b-100
Anderson     Ida              20    Kentucky         05-14b-99
Anderson     Oliver           21    Kentucky         05-14b-98
Ansbury      James E          15    W Va             01-01a-25
Ansbury      John             47    W Va             01-01a-20
Ansbury      Leatha           26    W Va             01-01a-22
Ansbury      Nora             8     W Va             01-01a-26
Ansbury      Ollie            18    W Va             01-01a-24
Ansbury      Paulina          45    W Va             01-01a-21
Ansbury      William A        21    W Va             01-01a-23
Armstrong    Edna             20    West Virginia    03-15a-36
Armstrong    Edward           20    West Virginia    03-15a-37
Armstrong    Katie            18    West Virginia    03-15a-38
Armstrong    Manerva          30    West Virginia    03-15a-32
Armstrong    Maywood          14    West Virginia    03-15a-39
Armstrong    Mollie           24    West Virginia    03-15a-34
Armstrong    Monah            22    West Virginia    03-15a-35
Armstrong    Thomas           50    West Virginia    03-15a-31
Armstrong    Walter           26    West Virginia    03-15a-33
Arnold       David            56    Tennessee        02-13a-8
Arnold       Elbert E         4     West Va          02-13a-15
Arnold       Emma             14    West Va          02-13a-10
Arnold       Ethel            8/12  West Va          02-13a-16
Arnold       James D          5     West Va          02-13a-14
Arnold       Jennie           11    West Va          02-13a-11
Arnold       Mary C           22    West Va          02-13a-13
Arnold       Samantha         45    West Va          02-13a-9
Arnold       Thomas           28    West Va          02-13a-12
Asberry      Alexander        20    West Virginia    04-10b-60
Asberry      Alice            6     West Virginia    04-10b-64
Asberry      Bessie E.        7/12  West Virginia    04-16b-71
Asberry      Emily            43    West Virginia    04-10b-59
Asberry      Garland          52    West Virginia    04-10b-58
Asberry      Henry J.         13    West Virginia    04-10b-63
Asberry      James M.         28    West Virginia    04-16b-64
Asberry      Martha J.        69    West Virginia    04-14b-90
Asberry      Mary D.          16    West Virginia    04-10b-61
Asberry      Mary J.          5     West Virginia    04-16b-69
Asberry      Milton E.        7     West Virginia    04-16b-68
Asberry      Nora A.          2     West Virginia    04-16b-70
Asberry      Ray L.           9     West Virginia    04-16b-67
Asberry      Rosie W.         14    West Virginia    04-10b-62
Asberry      Ruby E.          33    West Virginia    04-16b-65
Asberry      Stella M.        17    West Virginia    04-16b-66
Asberry      Steven           84    West Virginia    04-14b-89
Asbury       Ardelia          26    West Virginia    04-04b-96
Asbury       Charles          11    W Va             01-01a-30
Asbury       Charles          42    West Virginia    04-04b-95
Asbury       Cl*              38    West Va          02-06b-82
Asbury       Cora             20    W Va             01-01a-36
Asbury       Dona             2     W Va             01-01a-33
Asbury       Elizabeth        70    West Va          02-08b-76
Asbury       Ettie            12    W Va             01-01a-29
Asbury       George           34    W Va             01-01a-27
Asbury       Holly E          5     West Va          02-06b-86
Asbury       James            9     W Va             01-01a-32
Asbury       John H           6     West Va          02-06b-85
Asbury       Joseph           71    Virginia         02-08b-75
Asbury       Mima A           9     West Va          02-06b-84
Asbury       Oona             10    West Va          02-12a-14
Asbury       Paulina          33    W Va             01-01a-28
Asbury       Pearl            1     West Virginia    04-04b-100
Asbury       Quinnie          1     W Va             01-01a-34
Asbury       Ray              6     West Virginia    04-04b-98
Asbury       Ray B.           3     West Virginia    04-04b-99
Asbury       Rigssah          7/12  W Va             01-01a-37
Asbury       Rosa             10    W Va             01-01a-31
Asbury       Rosalee          10    West Va          02-08b-77
Asbury       Sarah            72    W Va             01-01a-35
Asbury       Stella           8     West Virginia    04-04b-97
Asbury       Thona M          12    West Va          02-06b-83
Atkins       Alphius O        12    West Va          02-12b-99
Atkins       Ebert J          7     West Va          02-12b-100
Atkins       Enoch            35    West Virginia    03-05b-83
Atkins       Ethel            3     West Virginia    03-05b-81
Atkins       George           43    West Va          02-12b-97
Atkins       George H.        5     West Virginia    03-05b-80
Atkins       Joseph E.        8     West Virginia    03-05b-79
Atkins       Lenard W         9/12  West Virginia    03-05b-82
Atkins       Mabel E          14    West Va          02-12b-98
Atkins       Mary Alice       39    West Virginia    03-05b-77
Atkins       Mary Elizabeth   11    West Virginia    03-05b-78
Atkins       Mary G. A.       5     West Va          02-13a-1
Atkins       William          40    West Virginia    03-05b-76
Austin       Halley           16    West Virginia    03-13b-51

The free display of the 1900 Boone County, West Virginia, census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Robert Toler and the permission of S-K Publications.

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