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Boone County, WV 1900 Federal Census (Index)

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B*           ***meda F        28    W. Va.           05-03b-58
B*           Anthony          51    W. Va.           05-03b-57
B*           Augustus         23    W. Va.           05-02a-3
B*           Barbara          4     W. Va.           05-02a-32
B*           Burley           20    W. Va.           05-02a-25
B*           David K.         24    W. Va.           05-02a-24
B*           Dewey            1     W. Va.           05-02a-31
B*           Edward           20    W. Va.           05-02a-4
B*           Edward           17    W. Va.           05-02a-26
B*           Eliza            13    W. Va.           05-02a-27
B*           Emmazetta        41    W. Va.           05-02a-2
B*           Herbert V.       7     W. Va.           05-02a-30
B*           James            68    W. Va.           05-02a-1
B*           James B.         54    W. Va.           05-08a-12
B*           Josephine        23    W. Va.           05-02a-46
B*           Lue E.           8     W. Va.           05-02a-29
B*           M*****           2     W. Va.           05-02a-33
B*           Martha A         18    W. Va.           05-02a-5
B*           Martha A.        42    W. Va.           05-02a-23
B*           Obediah B.       43    W. Va.           05-02a-22
B*           Preston          23    W. Va.           05-02a-45
B*           Walter           11    W. Va.           05-02a-28
B*****       Melvin           11    W. Va.           05-09b-100
Bailey       Boutie           17    W. Va.           05-05a-47
Bailey       Brooke           14    W. Va.           05-05a-48
Bailey       Byron            28    West Virginia    01-01b-54
Bailey       Della D.         8     W. Va.           05-05a-50
Bailey       Eliza            23    W Va             01-01a-40
Bailey       Fannie           2     West Virginia    01-03b-73
Bailey       George           23    W Va             01-01a-39
Bailey       Harrison         1     W Va             01-01a-45
Bailey       Harvey           24    W Va             01-01a-42
Bailey       Leatha J         27    West Virginia    01-01b-53
Bailey       Leftridge        31    West Virginia    01-03b-71
Bailey       Louvina          23    W Va             01-02a-9
Bailey       Lyda             15    West Virginia    01-01b-56
Bailey       Lyda             26    West Virginia    01-03b-72
Bailey       Marshall         3     W Va             01-01a-44
Bailey       Millard          17    West Virginia    01-01b-55
Bailey       Myrtie M.        11    W. Va.           05-05a-49
Bailey       Pauline          55    West Virginia    01-01b-52
Bailey       Rosa Bell        3     W Va             01-01a-41
Bailey       Sarah            21    W Va             01-01a-43
Baily        Mary Ann         46    W. Va.           05-05a-44
Baisden      Clinton          31    W. Va.           05-08b-89
Baisden      Eddie            7     W. Va.           05-08b-56
Baisden      Francis C.       21    W. Va.           05-08b-83
Baisden      Frannie M        11    W. Va.           05-08b-91
Baisden      George W.        29    W. Va.           05-08b-60
Baisden      Hubert E.        14    W. Va.           05-08b-87
Baisden      John E.          9     W. Va.           05-08b-92
Baisden      Johnny M.        21    W. Va.           05-08b-85
Baisden      Julia            20    W. Va.           05-08b-84
Baisden      Laura            28    W. Va.           05-08b-55
Baisden      Leona            12    W. Va.           05-18b-82
Baisden      Lewis            29    W. Va.           05-08b-54
Baisden      Lyda B.          17    W. Va.           05-08b-86
Baisden      Mandy C.         2     W. Va.           05-08b-94
Baisden      Mary A.          49    Virginia         05-08b-82
Baisden      Myrtie B.        3     W. Va.           05-08b-58
Baisden      Noah E.          8/12  W. Va.           05-08b-59
Baisden      Riland           59    W. Va.           05-08b-81
Baisden      Robert E.        4     W. Va.           05-08b-57
Baisden      Sarah            11    W. Va.           05-08b-88
Baisden      Victoria         28    W. Va.           05-08b-90
Baisden      Walter H.        1/12  W. Va.           05-08b-95
Baisden      Willis H.        6     W. Va.           05-08b-93
Baldwin      B****            43    W. Va.           05-21a-27
Baldwin      Blackburn        13    W. Va.           05-15a-22
Baldwin      Blackburn        13    W. Va.           05-21a-29
Baldwin      Charles R        1     W. Va.           01-08a-26
Baldwin      Henry            6     W. Va.           05-21a-31
Baldwin      Josapine         20    W. Va.           05-02b-69
Baldwin      Lucy             84    Kentucky         03-11a-47
Baldwin      Novelle          16    W. Va.           05-04a-31
Baldwin      Preston          9     W. Va.           05-21a-30
Baldwin      Robert L.        15    W. Va.           05-21a-28
Baldwin      Rosa             8     W. Va.           05-02b-71
Baldwin      Ulysses          33    W. Va.           05-02b-68
Baldwin      Viola            19    W. Va.           01-08a-25
Balford      Edward E.        21    W. Va.           05-17a-48
Balford      Everett          8     W. Va.           05-17a-47
Balford      Grover C.        15    W. Va.           05-17a-46
Balford      James R.         20    W. Va.           05-17a-44
Balford      Lena J.          20    W. Va.           05-17a-49
Balford      Mariner S.       67    W. Va.           05-17a-42
Balford      Mary A.          57    W. Va.           05-17a-43
Balford      Oliver M.        18    W. Va.           05-17a-45
Ball         Alba I.          4     W. Va.           05-05b-99
Ball         Albert J.        3     W. Va.           05-15b-58
Ball         Alice            27    W. Va.           05-11a-11
Ball         Alvina C.        11    W. Va.           05-14b-69
Ball         Ambros           25    W. Va.           05-20a-1
Ball         Anna             5     W. Va.           05-20a-4
Ball         Anna S.          11    W. Va.           05-05b-94
Ball         Archie H.        2     W. Va.           05-03a-31
Ball         Arley B.         12    W. Va.           05-22a-18
Ball         Ashford          42    W. Va.           05-03a-32
Ball         Ashford          14    W. Va.           05-18a-29
Ball         Aubra C.         6     W. Va.           05-05b-98
Ball         Augustus         22    W. Va.           05-15b-60
Ball         Avin B.          4     W. Va.           05-22a-19
Ball         Babey W.         11    W. Va.           05-15b-98
Ball         Bell             15    W. Va.           05-22a-17
Ball         Ben H.           10    West Virginia    04-03a-34
Ball         Benjamin         36    W. Va.           05-15b-96
Ball         Bernard          17    W. Va.           05-16b-100
Ball         Burrel P.        4     W. Va.           05-15b-63
Ball         Bursell          38    W. Va.           05-05b-88
Ball         Cephas           7     W. Va.           05-20a-3
Ball         Charles          22    W. Va.           05-22a-16
Ball         Cidney J.        10    W. Va.           05-05b-95
Ball         Daniel W.        13    W. Va.           05-14b-85
Ball         Deland S.        7     W. Va.           05-16a-2
Ball         Delmer S.        10    W. Va.           05-15b-69
Ball         Dewey            1     W. Va.           05-16a-4
Ball         Dora             18    W. Va.           05-13a-14
Ball         Dora A.          11    W. Va.           05-15a-28
Ball         Eddy C.          20    W. Va.           05-15b-67
Ball         Elba E.          4     W. Va.           05-05b-100
Ball         Elbert           20    W. Va.           01-14b-77
Ball         Elbert           24    W. Va.           05-11a-10
Ball         Eliza            7     W. Va.           05-21a-3
Ball         Eliza J          72    Virginia         01-14b-82
Ball         Eloda            10    W. Va.           05-15b-99
Ball         Elsworth         11    W. Va.           05-03a-2
Ball         Elvira           24    W. Va.           05-15b-62
Ball         Elvira           39    W. Va.           05-16b-80
Ball         Enoch            1/12  W. Va.           05-16a-5
Ball         Erastus A.       15    W. Va.           05-03a-36
Ball         Esther           19    W. Va.           05-03a-26
Ball         Ethel            6     W. Va.           05-22b-67
Ball         Eva              24    W. Va.           05-15b-95
Ball         Eva J.           19    W. Va.           05-03a-34
Ball         Floyd            20    West Virginia    01-04a-26
Ball         Floyd K.         13    W. Va.           05-22a-11
Ball         Floyd W.         10    W. Va.           05-03a-39
Ball         G* W.            11    W. Va.           05-03a-30
Ball         George           28    W. Va.           05-15b-55
Ball         George S.        16    W. Va.           05-03a-28
Ball         Georgia          1/12  W. Va.           05-11a-12
Ball         Gilbert M.       47    W. Va.           05-22a-10
Ball         Giles A.         8     W. Va.           05-15b-70
Ball         Goldie W.        4/12  W. Va.           01-13a-10
Ball         Henry            27    W. Va.           05-21a-1
Ball         Hilliard F.      15    W. Va.           05-16a-17
Ball         Ira G.           8     W. Va.           05-05b-96
Ball         Isabelle         28    W. Va.           05-15b-56
Ball         Jacob            10    W. Va.           05-14b-87
Ball         Jacob Dr.        70    W. Va.           05-14b-72
Ball         James            46    W. Va.           05-16b-79
Ball         James C          3     W. Va.           01-13a-8
Ball         Jessie           5     W. Va.           05-21a-4
Ball         Jessie H.        11    W. Va.           05-03a-38
Ball         John F.          48    W. Va.           05-14b-66
Ball         John F.          73    W. Va.           05-15a-37
Ball         Jola             9/12  W. Va.           05-21a-7
Ball         Jos. L.          37    W. Va.           05-03a-1
Ball         Joseph           40    W. Va.           05-14a-25
Ball         Joseph H. C.     16    W. Va.           05-16b-82
Ball         Julian E.        17    W. Va.           05-05b-91
Ball         Lacy             4     W. Va.           05-03a-4
Ball         Larma            2     W. Va.           05-21a-6
Ball         Laura            9     W. Va.           05-15b-100
Ball         Leana            16    W. Va.           05-22a-24
Ball         Lewis            10    W. Va.           01-14b-79
Ball         Lilia A.         23    W. Va.           05-21a-2
Ball         Lilly A.         9     W. Va.           05-22a-28
Ball         Lola             3     W. Va.           05-20a-5
Ball         Lovena S.        31    W. Va.           05-15b-97
Ball         Lucinda          47    W. Va.           05-14b-81
Ball         Lucinda M.       8     W. Va.           05-14b-88
Ball         Luella           16    W. Va.           05-14b-84
Ball         Lulie J.         15    W. Va.           05-05b-92
Ball         Luther M.        5     W. Va.           05-11a-13
Ball         Lydia            24    W. Va.           05-20a-2
Ball         Ma*              41    Virginia         05-03a-24
Ball         Mabel            17    W. Va.           05-03a-27
Ball         Martha           15    W. Va.           05-15b-68
Ball         Martha           4     W. Va.           05-21a-5
Ball         Martha E.        6     W. Va.           05-16b-84
Ball         Mary E.          10    W. Va.           05-16b-83
Ball         Mary M.          50    Illinois         05-15b-65
Ball         Mary R.          10    W. Va.           05-14b-70
Ball         Millard E.       18    W. Va.           05-05b-90
Ball         Milliard F.      3     W. Va.           05-16a-3
Ball         Milly A          1     W. Va.           01-13a-9
Ball         Montie H.        3     W. Va.           05-14b-71
Ball         Myrtie           11    W. Va.           05-04a-47
Ball         Nannie A.        8     W. Va.           05-16a-1
Ball         Nellie R.        7     W. Va.           05-05b-97
Ball         Noah             1     W. Va.           05-15b-59
Ball         Nora             1     W. Va.           05-20a-6
Ball         Oley             5     W. Va.           01-14b-81
Ball         Oliver C.        5     W. Va.           05-15b-57
Ball         Ollie            25    West Virginia    01-04a-27
Ball         Ora              24    W. Va.           05-17a-20
Ball         Ora L.           4     W. Va.           05-03a-41
Ball         Orville O.       14    W. Va.           05-05b-93
Ball         Parkison         54    W. Va.           01-14b-76
Ball         Pauley           70    W. Va.           05-14b-73
Ball         Peter M.         18    W. Va.           05-16b-81
Ball         Polly            24    W. Va.           05-14b-82
Ball         Rebecca          43    W. Va.           05-14b-67
Ball         Reva             7     W. Va.           05-03a-3
Ball         Rhoda            18    W. Va.           05-14b-83
Ball         Rhoda R.         37    Virginia         05-03a-33
Ball         Richard          26    W. Va.           01-13a-6
Ball         Robert           25    W. Va.           05-15b-61
Ball         Robert L.        26    W. Va.           05-05a-8
Ball         Roncey D.        2     W. Va.           05-15b-64
Ball         Rosella          6     W. Va.           05-14b-89
Ball         Roy C.           6     W. Va.           05-03a-40
Ball         Rufus C.         49    W. Va.           05-22a-15
Ball         Ruthey F         7     W. Va.           01-14b-80
Ball         Samuel D.        2     W. Va.           05-03a-42
Ball         Thomas           22    W. Va.           05-14a-26
Ball         Thomas A.        22    W. Va.           05-16a-22
Ball         Vickie E         .17   W. Va.           05-03a-35
Ball         Victoria         20    W. Va.           05-14a-27
Ball         Victoria A.      28    W. Va.           05-05b-89
Ball         Vina             24    Ohio             01-13a-7
Ball         Virginia E.      40    W. Va.           05-20a-24
Ball         Walter C.        26    Virginia         05-15b-66
Ball         Walter H.        5     W. Va.           05-22a-12
Ball         William C.       18    W. Va.           01-14b-78
Ball         Willie D.        13    W. Va.           05-03a-37
Ball         Wilmer Jr.       14    W. Va.           05-14b-68
Ball         Wm.              47    W. Va.           05-14b-80
Ball         Wm. E.           10    W. Va.           05-14b-86
Ball         Wm. T.           13    W. Va.           05-03a-29
Ballard      Almeda           45    W. Va.           01-15b-100
Ballard      Andrew           32    West Virginia    03-19b-53
Ballard      Caroline         69    Indiana          03-19a-43
Ballard      Carter           4     West Virginia    03-19b-55
Ballard      Cecil Clide      5     West Virginia    03-05b-95
Ballard      Charles          38    West Virginia    03-19a-44
Ballard      Charles Dewy     2     West Virginia    03-05b-96
Ballard      Collin           21    West Virginia    03-19a-47
Ballard      Dennie           2     West Virginia    03-19b-63
Ballard      Dewey D.         1     W. Va.           05-06a-1
Ballard      E. Eliot K.      35    West Virginia    03-05b-89
Ballard      Emma             28    W. Va.           05-17a-11
Ballard      Eva              9/12  West Virginia    03-19b-56
Ballard      Georgia          9     W. Va.           01-08b-61
Ballard      Georgie          18    W. Va.           05-17a-10
Ballard      Hattie           13    West Virginia    03-01b-84
Ballard      Henry D.         11    West Virginia    04-12b-58
Ballard      Herbert          41    West Virginia    04-12b-55
Ballard      Homer            1     W. Va.           01-16a-1
Ballard      Howard           11    West Va          02-09b-77
Ballard      Ida Clara        14    West Virginia    03-05b-91
Ballard      James            25    West Virginia    03-19a-46
Ballard      Jessie E.        7     West Virginia    03-05b-94
Ballard      John V.          21    W. Va.           05-17b-54
Ballard      Joseph           41    West Virginia    03-05b-88
Ballard      Leander S.       46    W. Va.           01-15b-99
Ballard      Leota            31    West Virginia    03-19b-54
Ballard      Lucy             4     W. Va.           01-08a-41
Ballard      Luther B.        11/12 W. Va.           01-08b-63
Ballard      Maddeline        32    West Virginia    04-12b-56
Ballard      Maggie M.        2     West Virginia    04-12b-59
Ballard      Mamie C.         14    West Virginia    04-12b-57
Ballard      Martha           26    W. Va.           01-08b-60
Ballard      Mary             22    West Virginia    03-19b-62
Ballard      Maud May         16    West Virginia    03-05b-90
Ballard      May              17    West Virginia    03-01b-83
Ballard      Okie             29    West Virginia    03-19b-61
Ballard      Orpha            7     W. Va.           01-08b-62
Ballard      Paulina          69    West Virginia    03-03b-90
Ballard      Rhodes           27    W. Va.           01-08b-59
Ballard      Sarah Blanche    10    West Virginia    03-05b-93
Ballard      Sus              38    West Virginia    03-01b-82
Ballard      Victoria         37    West Virginia    03-19a-45
Ballard      William H.       12    West Virginia    03-05b-92
Banks        Floyd            24    W. Va.           01-12b-99
Banks        Grily            50    W. Va.           01-12b-97
Banks        Harriet          48    W. Va.           01-12b-98
Banks        Ingebo           19    W. Va.           01-13a-1
Banks        Sarah J          22    W. Va.           01-12b-100
Barcus       George D.        4     West Virginia    04-01b-59
Barcus       Helen L.         6     Washington       04-01b-58
Barcus       Jerome           37    Ohio             04-01b-55
Barcus       Juliet J.        9     Alabama          04-01b-57
Barcus       Mary L.          37    Ohio             04-01b-56
Barcus       Muriel M.        0/12  West Virginia    04-01b-60
Barker       *                2     West Va          02-03a-45
Barker       *                41    West Va          02-03b-98
Barker       *                28    W. Va.           05-07b-87
Barker       .                0/12  W. Va.           05-07b-84
Barker       Ader A           9     West Va          02-02a-36
Barker       Ader M           5     West Va          02-04a-24
Barker       Alba R.          7     W. Va.           05-13b-90
Barker       Albert           24    West Virginia    03-04a-18
Barker       Alexander        4     W. Va.           05-09b-56
Barker       Alice            28    West Va          02-05b-56
Barker       Alice            12    West Va          02-09b-51
Barker       Alison           */12  West Va          02-04b-95
Barker       Alla             6     W. Va.           05-07b-79
Barker       Alonzo           10    West Virginia    03-19a-13
Barker       Amanda E         31    West Va          02-04a-19
Barker       Amos K           19    West Va          02-04b-99
Barker       Anderson         64    West Va          02-05b-62
Barker       Anderson B.      23    W. Va.           05-07b-90
Barker       Anderson W       76    West Va          02-04b-60
Barker       Andrew           43    West Va          02-04a-50
Barker       Andrew J.        12    W. Va.           05-09b-52
Barker       Anganoah         12    West Va          02-05b-77
Barker       Anna L.          5     W. Va.           05-06b-65
Barker       Arizona          4     W. Va.           05-09a-40
Barker       Arney            1     W. Va.           05-09a-41
Barker       Arnold           54    West Va          02-04b-96
Barker       Arther           3     West Va          02-04a-2
Barker       Ash*             32    West Va          02-04a-21
Barker       Bart             7     West Va          02-03b-100
Barker       Benjamin H       10    West Va          02-04b-55
Barker       Bertha O. D      2     West Va          02-04a-25
Barker       Billjora         12    West Va          02-04b-54
Barker       Bruice N         8     West Va          02-04a-23
Barker       C. P.            29    W. Va.           05-13b-88
Barker       Calaway          12    West Va          02-04a-33
Barker       Carl             2     West Virginia    03-04a-20
Barker       Carrie J         10    West Va          02-04a-47
Barker       Charlena         37    West Va          02-04a-5
Barker       Charles D        4     West Va          02-05a-2
Barker       Charles E.       11    W. Va.           05-09a-34
Barker       Charlie          1     West Virginia    03-19a-15
Barker       Chas             1     West Va          02-05b-97
Barker       Cora             26    West Virginia    03-19a-12
Barker       Cora             24    W. Va.           05-07b-83
Barker       Cora E           3     West Va          02-04b-58
Barker       Cumberland W.    57    West Va          02-01a-42
Barker       Cumberland M.    16    West Va          02-01a-44
Barker       Cyntha E         4     West Va          02-03a-44
Barker       Danera           33    West Va          02-04a-18
Barker       Daniel           69    West Va          02-04a-13
Barker       Daniel           50    West Va          02-04b-68
Barker       Daniel H.        61    W. Va.           05-06b-67
Barker       Delifield D      9     West Va          02-04b-74
Barker       Delila           55    W. Va.           05-07b-88
Barker       Della J          7     West Va          02-05b-58
Barker       Densil R         4     West Va          02-05b-59
Barker       Dicksoloman      14    West Va          02-05a-50
Barker       Dillie M         15    West Va          02-04a-32
Barker       E* C             2     West Va          02-04b-94
Barker       Edward           20    W. Va.           05-06b-64
Barker       Effa             7     West Virginia    03-19a-14
Barker       Effie P.         2     W. Va.           05-13b-92
Barker       Elga             18    West Va          02-05b-74
Barker       Eli              42    West Va          02-05a-46
Barker       Eliza            21    W. Va.           05-07b-89
Barker       Elizabeth        59    West Va          02-04a-27
Barker       Emma             19    West Va          02-04a-28
Barker       Emma L.          6     W. Va.           05-09a-36
Barker       Enoch            25    West Va          02-05a-39
Barker       Enos             24    West Va          02-04a-14
Barker       Everett E.       5     W. Va.           05-13b-91
Barker       Fay S            8     West Va          02-01b-63
Barker       Frank            17    West Va          02-05a-42
Barker       Frank            0/12  W. Va.           05-09b-58
Barker       Franklin F       2     West Va          02-02a-39
Barker       Fredrick L       2     West Va          02-05b-60
Barker       Garrett H        1     West Va          02-05b-54
Barker       George           40    West Va          02-09a-44
Barker       George           36    W. Va.           05-09a-30
Barker       George C         22    West Va          02-09a-47
Barker       George W         25    West Va          02-04a-44
Barker       Gertie           19    West Virginia    03-04a-19
Barker       Gilbert H        9     West Va          02-05b-57
Barker       Gola J           1     West Va          02-01b-65
Barker       Golden           29    West Va          02-05a-45
Barker       Gorganna         8     West Va          02-04b-56
Barker       Gosha            8     West Va          02-05a-1
Barker       Hattie L         2/12  West Va          02-02a-40
Barker       Howard           6     W. Va.           05-09b-55
Barker       Ica A.           9/12  W. Va.           05-08a-11
Barker       Ida M            10    West Va          02-05b-78
Barker       Ira W            19    West Va          02-04a-17
Barker       Isaac            75    West Va          02-04a-26
Barker       Isaac            7     West Va          02-09b-52
Barker       Isabel           25    West Va          02-03a-43
Barker       Isadora          19    West Va          02-04b-71
Barker       Iva              6     West Va          02-04a-1
Barker       Jack             72    West Va          02-06b-98
Barker       Jacob            15    West Va          02-05a-43
Barker       James            39    West Va          02-04a-30
Barker       James            22    West Va          02-05a-40
Barker       James            30    West Va          02-05b-55
Barker       James A          6     West Va          02-05b-53
Barker       James J          17    West Va          02-05b-75
Barker       Jas W            25    West Va          02-02a-33
Barker       Jessie           15    West Va          02-09a-50
Barker       John             32    West Va          02-01b-60
Barker       John             44    West Va          02-04a-4
Barker       John             44    West Va          02-05a-37
Barker       John             33    West Va          02-05b-93
Barker       John             56    West Va          02-10a-50
Barker       John             30    Kentucky         03-19a-11
Barker       John             49    W. Va.           05-06b-62
Barker       John G           17    West Va          02-10b-53
Barker       John K           6     West Va          02-05b-52
Barker       Joseph           48    W. Va.           05-09a-48
Barker       Joseph A         12    West Va          02-04a-46
Barker       Joseph M         22    West Va          02-04a-16
Barker       Joshua           52    West Va          02-04a-42
Barker       Julia A          42    West Va          02-04b-97
Barker       Kerr M           10    West Va          02-01b-62
Barker       Kiner            5     West Va          02-09b-53
Barker       La***            46    W. Va.           05-07b-82
Barker       Laura A.         23    W. Va.           05-09a-38
Barker       Lee D            6     West Va          02-05b-96
Barker       Leftridge        17    W. Va.           05-09a-50
Barker       Lena S           13    West Va          02-04a-7
Barker       Leona            4     W. Va.           05-07b-80
Barker       Leona            6     W. Va.           05-09a-39
Barker       Lettishea B.     90    Virginia         05-06b-68
Barker       Linna M.         14    W. Va.           05-09a-33
Barker       Lola L           15    West Va          02-04b-73
Barker       Lonzo            11    W. Va.           05-09b-53
Barker       Lonzo D          26    West Va          02-13b-83
Barker       Lottie           3     West Va          02-04a-20
Barker       Louisa           2     W. Va.           05-09b-57
Barker       Loyd A           5     West Va          02-02a-38
Barker       Lulie C.         7/12  W. Va.           05-06b-66
Barker       Lulie M.         8     W. Va.           05-09a-35
Barker       Lyda             45    West Va          02-04b-69
Barker       Margaret         47    West Va          02-05a-38
Barker       Margaret A       55    West Va          02-01a-43
Barker       Margarie J       36    West Va          02-05b-73
Barker       Martha           51    West Va          02-04a-43
Barker       Martha G         3     West Va          02-01b-64
Barker       Mary             31    West Va          02-03b-99
Barker       Mary D           16    West Va          02-04b-100
Barker       Mary E           17    West Va          02-04b-72
Barker       Mary E.          34    W. Va.           05-06b-63
Barker       Mary F           18    West Va          02-04a-45
Barker       Mary J           34    West Va          02-04a-31
Barker       Matilda E.       27    W. Va.           05-07b-78
Barker       Micheal H        5/12  West Va          02-04b-59
Barker       Milton           26    West Va          02-09a-46
Barker       Minerva E        20    West Va          02-05b-63
Barker       Mollie           3/12  West Va          02-05b-82
Barker       Monroe           30    W. Va.           05-07b-77
Barker       Murrell          28    W. Va.           05-08a-9
Barker       Nancy            86    West Va          02-11b-65
Barker       Nancy J.         36    W. Va.           05-09a-49
Barker       Nancy L          30    West Va          02-04a-15
Barker       Nichodemas       17    West Va          02-05a-49
Barker       Noah             17    West Va          02-04a-29
Barker       Noah             10    West Va          02-04a-48
Barker       Nona             2     W. Va.           05-07b-81
Barker       Nora             21    West Va          02-04b-98
Barker       Oceola           9     W. Va.           05-09b-54
Barker       Octava           17    West Va          02-04b-52
Barker       Octava           32    West Va          02-05b-94
Barker       Oma B            7/12  West Va          02-05b-61
Barker       Omer E           14    West Va          02-04a-6
Barker       Ora O            25    West Va          02-02a-34
Barker       Patrick H        7     West Va          02-02a-37
Barker       Paul             6     West Va          02-05b-80
Barker       Poindexter       28    West Va          02-03a-42
Barker       Rhoda L          56    West Va          02-10b-51
Barker       Roam             20    West Va          02-04b-51
Barker       Robert E C       11    West Va          02-10b-54
Barker       Rosa A           8     West Va          02-05b-95
Barker       Rosa A           19    West Va          02-09a-48
Barker       Rosa B.          26    W. Va.           05-13b-89
Barker       Roxanna          32    W. Va.           05-09a-31
Barker       Ruba             1/12  West Va          02-01b-66
Barker       Ruba             6/12  West Va          02-04a-3
Barker       Rufus L          60    West Va          02-01b-58
Barker       Ruth G           11    West Va          02-05b-51
Barker       Rutherford H     22    West Va          02-05a-48
Barker       Samuel W A.      31    West Va          02-10b-52
Barker       Sarah            21    West Va          02-04b-93
Barker       Sarah B          31    West Va          02-04a-22
Barker       Sarah P          29    West Va          02-01b-61
Barker       Sarilda          42    West Va          02-05a-47
Barker       Seymour          19    West Va          02-05a-41
Barker       Shauncy          26    West Va          02-05b-64
Barker       Sherman          2     West Va          02-05b-81
Barker       Silvester        14    West Va          02-04b-53
Barker       Sliger O         6     West Va          02-04b-57
Barker       Solomon          6     West Va          02-04a-49
Barker       Spica            15    West Va          02-05b-76
Barker       Therman          17    West Va          02-09a-49
Barker       Veleria C        20    West Va          02-05a-44
Barker       Vesta E.         21    W. Va.           05-08a-10
Barker       Viola            40    West Va          02-09a-45
Barker       Viola            16    W. Va.           05-09a-32
Barker       Viola B          11    West Va          02-02a-35
Barker       Virgie C         23    West Va          02-05b-65
Barker       Ward             3     West Va          02-06a-7
Barker       Wesley C         22    West Va          02-04b-70
Barker       Wh*              39    West Va          02-05b-72
Barker       William C        8     West Va          02-05b-79
Barker       Willie           2/12  W. Va.           05-13b-93
Barker       Wm               26    W. Va.           05-09a-37
Barker       Wm R.            14    W. Va.           05-09b-51
Barnes       Charles          28    Virginia         01-14a-7
Barnes       George M.        2     W. Va.           01-14a-9
Barnes       Lulia M          22    W. Va.           01-14a-8
Barnes       Walter H         0/12  W. Va.           01-14a-10
Barnett      Chloe            18    W. Va.           05-13a-41
Barnett      Myrtle E.        5     W. Va.           05-13a-42
Barnett      William          22    W. Va.           05-13a-40
Barrett      Beverly          22    West Virginia    03-01b-96
Barrett      Ema              20    West Virginia    03-01b-97
Barrett      Joseph           24    W. Va.           01-15b-97
Barrett      Joseph           73    West Virginia    03-01b-94
Barrett      Lizzie           17    West Virginia    03-01b-98
Barrett      Mary             55    West Virginia    03-01b-95
Barrett      Walter           11    West Virginia    03-01b-99
Basham       Columbia C.      6     West Virginia    04-09b-90
Basham       Henrietta M.     12    West Virginia    04-09b-87
Basham       Jane             65    West Virginia    04-15b-79
Basham       Julian           11    West Virginia    04-09b-88
Basham       Luther B.        9     West Virginia    04-09b-89
Basham       Margie C.        43    Virginia         04-09b-86
Basham       Mathew           14    West Virginia    04-13b-72
Basham       Nathan           44    West Virginia    04-09b-85
Basham       Nathan           73    West Virginia    04-09b-91
Bays         Lewis            78    West Va          02-06a-29
Bays         Parthena         58    West Va          02-06a-30
Be***        Charles E.       38    W. Va.           05-12a-47
Be***        Edward C.        8     W. Va.           05-12a-50
Be***        James E.         9     W. Va.           05-12a-49
Be***        Lillian B.       33    W. Va.           05-12a-48
Beard        Daisy M          22    Kentucky         02-03a-14
Beard        Harriet          50    Ohio             02-03a-12
Beard        Harry            17    West Va          02-03a-15
Beard        James            49    Virginia         02-03a-11
Beard        James T          23    West Va          02-03a-13
Belcher      Ada              33    West Virginia    04-03a-46
Belcher      Ada S.           15    West Virginia    04-03a-8
Belcher      America          12    West Virginia    03-11b-53
Belcher      Annie N.         10    West Virginia    04-03a-49
Belcher      Berry C.         33    West Virginia    04-04a-42
Belcher      Bruce            2     West Virginia    04-03b-52
Belcher      Ella M.          13    West Virginia    04-03a-48
Belcher      Green            46    West Virginia    04-03a-6
Belcher      Henry            40    West Virginia    04-03a-45
Belcher      Herbert L.       6     West Virginia    04-03a-50
Belcher      James E          29    West Virginia    03-11b-54
Belcher      Jemima           70    West Virginia    04-04a-41
Belcher      John             61    Virginia         03-11b-51
Belcher      John             66    West Virginia    04-04a-40
Belcher      John W.          4/12  West Virginia    03-11b-57
Belcher      Leslie           11/12 West Virginia    04-03a-13
Belcher      Lessie E.        4     West Virginia    04-03b-51
Belcher      Lettie           38    West Virginia    04-03a-7
Belcher      Lulie M.         9     West Virginia    04-03a-10
Belcher      Mack             20    West Virginia    04-01a-42
Belcher      Maggie M.        13    West Virginia    04-03a-9
Belcher      Mary E.          25    West Virginia    03-11b-55
Belcher      Minnie           22    West Virginia    04-04a-43
Belcher      Nora A.          16    West Virginia    04-03a-47
Belcher      Philipp R.       6     West Virginia    04-03a-11
Belcher      Rebecca          55    Virginia         03-11b-52
Belcher      Roy B.           3     West Virginia    04-03a-12
Bell         Arthur           22    W. Va.           05-12a-9
Bell         George M.        17    W. Va.           05-08a-48
Bell         Isaac            42    W. Va.           05-08a-46
Bell         Julia E.         9     W. Va.           05-08b-51
Bell         Leona            11    W. Va.           05-08a-50
Bell         Louisa           39    W. Va.           05-08a-47
Bell         Mattie           7     W. Va.           05-08b-53
Bell         Nora A.          14    W. Va.           05-08a-49
Bell         Wm N.            7     W. Va.           05-08b-52
Bell***      **inville        47    W. Va.           05-06b-72
Bell***      Allison          20    W. Va.           05-06b-75
Bell***      Bertha           11    W. Va.           05-06b-79
Bell***      Edward           18    W. Va.           05-06b-76
Bell***      Louisa           43    W. Va.           05-06b-73
Bell***      Lydia            21    W. Va.           05-06b-74
Bell***      Roy              14    W. Va.           05-06b-78
Bell***      Tilden           16    W. Va.           05-06b-77
Bennett      John C.          28    W. Va.           05-15a-6
Bennett      Martin           72    W. Va.           05-15a-5
Berry        Alice A.         46    Kentucky         03-02a-29
Berry        Galand E.        18    West Virginia    03-02a-31
Berry        Georgie B.       12    West Virginia    03-02a-33
Berry        Hughie           52    West Virginia    03-02a-28
Berry        Iva L.           15    West Virginia    03-02a-32
Berry        James H.         29    West Virginia    03-02a-30
Berry        John C.          5     W. Va.           05-12b-51
Berry        Mary             2     W. Va.           05-12b-52
Bias         ****             23    W. Va.           05-14b-55
Bias         Ada              10    W. Va.           05-02b-76
Bias         Alma D.          17    W. Va.           05-18b-54
Bias         Amberzine        35    W. Va.           05-16a-46
Bias         Araminta A.      17    W. Va.           05-04a-9
Bias         Archer T.        2     W. Va.           05-14b-61
Bias         Archie E.        7     W. Va.           05-04a-13
Bias         Arie E.          21    W. Va.           05-03b-86
Bias         Bertie           10    W. Va.           05-18b-57
Bias         Bessie M         6     West Va          02-10b-74
Bias         Beverly          49    W. Va.           05-04a-7
Bias         Birchie          1     W. Va.           05-14b-57
Bias         Birtha E         8     West Va          02-10b-80
Bias         Bradie A.        7     W. Va.           05-03b-100
Bias         Burrel           30    W. Va.           05-16a-45
Bias         Calvary          67    W. Va.           05-02b-60
Bias         Calvary          8     W. Va.           05-16a-49
Bias         Charles          16    W. Va.           05-02b-74
Bias         Charley          16    W. Va.           05-02b-70
Bias         Cora             5     W. Va.           05-02b-78
Bias         Dallas           11    W. Va.           05-03b-93
Bias         David F.         44    W. Va.           05-18b-51
Bias         Deana            8     W. Va.           05-03b-94
Bias         Deana D.         10    W. Va.           05-03b-99
Bias         Delila           6     W. Va.           05-04b-68
Bias         Delila           75    W. Va.           05-04b-72
Bias         Delipha A.       21    W. Va.           05-02b-62
Bias         Earny E.         11    W. Va.           05-04a-11
Bias         Elbert           13    W. Va.           05-02b-75
Bias         Elbert           17    W. Va.           05-03b-91
Bias         Eliza            29    West Va          02-10b-78
Bias         Eliza Ann        24    W. Va.           05-14b-59
Bias         Elizabeth        30    W. Va.           05-02b-57
Bias         Ella             16    W. Va.           05-04b-70
Bias         Ella M.          5     West Virginia    04-05a-12
Bias         Ellen K.         18    W. Va.           05-04a-8
Bias         Emma Zetta       41    W. Va.           05-03b-89
Bias         Essie E.         28    W. Va.           05-03b-98
Bias         Esther C         1     West Va          02-10b-76
Bias         Esther V.        5     W. Va.           05-03b-96
Bias         Evermont         22    W. Va.           05-02b-66
Bias         Franklin B       16    West Va          02-10b-87
Bias         George           23    W. Va.           05-03b-85
Bias         George H         26    West Va          02-10b-72
Bias         Gertie J.        6     W. Va.           05-14b-64
Bias         Gorden R         10    West Va          02-10b-88
Bias         Gracie A         10/12 W. Va.           05-02b-63
Bias         Grover C.        15    W. Va.           05-14b-54
Bias         Hattie L         6     West Va          02-10b-81
Bias         Henry A.         2     W. Va.           05-02b-79
Bias         Henry C.         28    W. Va.           05-14b-58
Bias         J. D.            37    W. Va.           05-02b-56
Bias         James            32    West Va          02-10b-77
Bias         James            46    W. Va.           05-03b-88
Bias         James B.         12    W. Va.           05-18b-56
Bias         John             51    W. Va.           05-04b-65
Bias         John B.          60    W. Va.           05-03b-81
Bias         John C           11    West Va          02-10b-79
Bias         Joseph           5     W. Va.           05-04b-69
Bias         Joshua           43    W. Va.           05-02b-72
Bias         Julia A.         66    W. Va.           05-02b-65
Bias         Leona            17    W. Va.           05-02b-67
Bias         Leona B.         14    W. Va.           05-18b-55
Bias         Lesley E         1     West Va          02-10b-82
Bias         Lewis E.         24    W. Va.           05-14b-62
Bias         Liza A.          21    W. Va.           05-14b-56
Bias         Louena E.        6     W. Va.           05-14b-60
Bias         Louis O.         1     W. Va.           05-03b-87
Bias         Louvinia A       16    West Va          02-10b-90
Bias         Lucinda          45    W. Va.           05-04b-66
Bias         Mala***          36    W. Va.           05-03b-97
Bias         Mamie E.         9     W. Va.           05-04a-12
Bias         Margarite        26    W. Va.           05-03b-84
Bias         Mary A           8     West Va          02-10b-89
Bias         Mary E.          19    W. Va.           05-03b-90
Bias         Mary J.          56    W. Va.           05-03b-82
Bias         Mathew F.        6     W. Va.           05-18b-58
Bias         May              16    W. Va.           05-14b-53
Bias         Milliard F.      20    W. Va.           05-18b-53
Bias         Minnie D         3     West Va          02-10b-75
Bias         Nancy            52    West Va          02-10b-84
Bias         Nancy E          18    West Va          02-10b-86
Bias         Nancy J.         38    W. Va.           05-18b-52
Bias         Noah             9     W. Va.           05-02b-77
Bias         Noah T.          31    W. Va.           05-13b-65
Bias         Oliver           27    W. Va.           05-02b-61
Bias         Ona              13    W. Va.           05-03b-92
Bias         Paulina A        35    West Va          02-10b-73
Bias         Riland C.        13    W. Va.           05-04a-10
Bias         Robert B.        27    W. Va.           05-03b-83
Bias         Roy              6     W. Va.           05-16a-47
Bias         Sarah            21    W. Va.           05-14b-63
Bias         Sidney C.        6/12  W. Va.           05-14b-65
Bias         Sidney C.        3     W. Va.           05-18b-59
Bias         Simeon J.        8     W. Va.           05-04b-67
Bias         Simeon Sr.       79    W. Va.           05-04b-71
Bias         Sonny            5     W. Va.           05-03b-95
Bias         Vesta E.         41    W. Va.           05-02b-73
Bias         Victoria         25    W. Va.           05-13b-66
Bias         Virgil           3     W. Va.           05-16a-48
Bias         William M        21    West Va          02-10b-85
Bias         Wm               68    W. Va.           05-02b-64
Bill****     Eliza            53    W. Va.           05-12b-99
Bill****     Jefferson        18    W. Va.           05-12b-100
Bill****     Sil****          53    W. Va.           05-12b-98
Bissell      Ellen            38    West Virginia    03-01a-43
Bissell      James            20    West Virginia    03-01a-44
Bissell      William          45    West Virginia    03-01a-42
Black        Bessie E.        6     W. Va.           01-13a-22
Black        Florrance L.     1     W. Va.           01-13a-23
Black        Manerva          34    W. Va.           01-13a-21
Black        William          33    Virginia         01-13a-20
Bolding      Nancy            93    West Va          02-12a-47
Bond         Emiline          46    West Virginia    01-08a-38
Bond         Joseph           20    W. Va.           01-10b-64
Bond         L*               47    Virginia         01-08a-37
Bond         Malinda          65    Virginia         01-08a-39
Bone         Daniel W.        14    West Virginia    04-15b-82
Bone         Mary             50    West Virginia    04-15b-81
Bone         Princeton        12    West Virginia    04-15b-83
Bone         William M.       63    South Carolina   04-15b-80
Bothwell     Daisy L.         19    West Virginia    04-01b-100
Bothwell     Edward           25    Maryland         04-02a-2
Bothwell     Emily            55    West Virginia    04-01b-98
Bothwell     Lawrence         3     West Virginia    04-02a-5
Bothwell     Mabel            4     West Virginia    04-02a-4
Bothwell     Montreville      21    Maryland         04-01b-99
Bothwell     Nellie           11/12 West Virginia    04-02a-6
Bothwell     Ollie            24    West Virginia    04-02a-3
Bowman       Eddie            22    West Virginia    03-01b-59
Bowman       John             81    Virginia         03-01b-58
Br****       Authur C.        7     W. Va.           05-22b-84
Br****       Ballard P.       36    W. Va.           05-22b-78
Br****       Bedford L.       9     W. Va.           05-22b-83
Br****       Charlotte J.     14    W. Va.           05-22b-81
Br****       Cora B.          16    W. Va.           05-22b-80
Br****       Earnest E.       1     W. Va.           05-22b-87
Br****       Florence N.      11    W. Va.           05-22b-82
Br****       Franklin F.      82    W. Va.           05-22b-88
Br****       Herbert L.       4     W. Va.           05-22b-86
Br****       Indiana C.       39    W. Va.           05-22b-79
Br****       Sidney B.        6     W. Va.           05-22b-85
Bradley      ****** J         27    West Va          02-09b-78
Bradley      Anna M           28    Virginia         02-09b-79
Bradley      Grace W          6/12  West Va          02-09b-81
Bradley      Harry            41    Canada (Eng)     04-02b-67
Bradley      Hattie M         13    West Virginia    03-01a-6
Bradley      Kenneth K        6     West Va          02-09b-80
Bradley      Na*              36    West Virginia    03-01a-5
Bradley      S. Ernest        12    West Virginia    03-01a-7
Bradley      Samuel           38    West Virginia    03-01a-4
Bradshaw     John A.          59    West Virginia    04-01b-64
Bradshaw     Louis            43    West Virginia    03-18a-6
Bradshaw     Mary A.          45    West Virginia    04-01b-65
Bradshaw     Morris S.        24    West Virginia    04-01b-66
Bradshaw     Nettie B.        14    West Virginia    04-01b-68
Bradshaw     Nona E.          17    West Virginia    04-01b-67
Brammer      Charles          3     West Virginia    04-10a-9
Brammer      Ernest           1     West Virginia    04-10a-10
Brammer      Ida M.           6     West Virginia    04-10a-8
Brammer      James            31    West Virginia    04-10a-6
Brammer      Martha           22    West Virginia    04-10a-7
Branberry    J. T.            23    Kentucky         05-18a-48
Branham      Ella             16    W. Va.           05-04b-81
Branham      Hibbert          22    Kentucky         05-04b-80
Bray         James H.         64    Virginia         04-04b-66
Bray         L*               24    West Virginia    03-01b-93
Breedlove    Courtny A.       42    Virginia         03-13b-77
Breedlove    William          48    West Virginia    03-13b-76
Brinkley     Chison           6     West Virginia    04-09b-83
Brinkley     Frank W.         17    West Virginia    04-09b-81
Brinkley     John             50    West Virginia    04-09b-79
Brinkley     Julia C.         39    West Virginia    04-09b-80
Brinkley     Otie             2     West Virginia    04-09b-84
Brinkley     Virgie           15    West Virginia    04-09b-82
Brooks       Alma             3     W. Va.           01-07b-51
Brooks       Anthony          27    W. Va.           01-07a-49
Brooks       David            24    W. Va.           01-11a-2
Brooks       Lula             18    W. Va.           01-11a-3
Brooks       Martha           23    W. Va.           01-07a-50
Brooks       Mary             2     W. Va.           01-07b-52
Brooks       Oma              11/12 W. Va.           01-11a-4
Brown        Ada F.           7     West Virginia    04-05a-36
Brown        Ada May          13    W Va             01-04b-70
Brown        Albert           23    Virginia         01-02a-22
Brown        America B.       18    W. Va.           01-14b-98
Brown        Andrew           36    W. Va.           01-11a-11
Brown        Andrew           40    West Virginia    04-05a-28
Brown        Andrew, Jr       28    W. Va.           01-08a-35
Brown        Anna             27    W. Va.           01-11a-12
Brown        Anthony          18    West Virginia    01-04a-36
Brown        Ardelia          11    W Va             01-04b-71
Brown        Arnold           5     West Virginia    03-07b-80
Brown        Asa              33    West Virginia    04-07a-7
Brown        Ballard          47    W. Va.           01-13b-93
Brown        Belva D.         8     West Virginia    04-02b-92
Brown        Bertie M.        9/12  West Virginia    04-09b-70
Brown        Carrie E.        5     West Virginia    04-05a-37
Brown        Carrie M.        3     West Virginia    04-09b-67
Brown        Catharine        29    Virginia         01-02a-21
Brown        Charles          2     W. Va.           01-08b-73
Brown        Charles          26    West Virginia    03-08a-4
Brown        Charles A.       3     West Virginia    04-05a-38
Brown        Charles R.       3     West Virginia    04-02b-94
Brown        Clarence         7/12  West Virginia    04-05a-39
Brown        Claudie          1     West Virginia    03-07b-81
Brown        Clorinda         12    W. Va.           01-08b-70
Brown        Columbia H.      5     West Virginia    04-02b-93
Brown        Cora             21    West Virginia    01-04a-32
Brown        Cynthy           34    West Virginia    04-02b-88
Brown        Daniel G.        12    West Virginia    04-02b-90
Brown        Derindora        11    West Virginia    04-05a-34
Brown        Dosca            20    W. Va.           05-19a-45
Brown        Edith            24    West Virginia    01-05a-24
Brown        Edward           7/12  W. Va.           01-15a-9
Brown        Elijah           57    West Virginia    01-04a-29
Brown        Emma             29    West Virginia    01-03b-75
Brown        Emma             23    West Virginia    04-08a-48
Brown        Essie            10    West Virginia    01-03b-81
Brown        Esta             13    W. Va.           01-13b-97
Brown        Ethell           10    W. Va.           01-13b-98
Brown        Eusebye          49    Virginia         01-02a-20
Brown        Eveline          37    W Va             01-04b-69
Brown        Everett          4     W. Va.           01-11a-15
Brown        Fannie           3     W. Va.           01-15a-7
Brown        Flora E.         27    W. Va.           01-07b-65
Brown        Florrence        11    W. Va.           01-15a-3
Brown        Floyd            65    West Virginia    01-04a-34
Brown        Francis          14    West Virginia    01-04a-33
Brown        Freeman          17    W. Va.           01-13b-95
Brown        Garland          32    West Virginia    01-03b-74
Brown        George           58    West Virginia    01-03b-93
Brown        George A         38    W Va             01-04b-68
Brown        George S.        18    West Virginia    04-14a-28
Brown        Grace            7     W. Va.           01-07b-67
Brown        Grace            6     W. Va.           01-11a-14
Brown        Grady            5     W. Va.           01-13b-99
Brown        Granville        50    West Virginia    04-14a-25
Brown        Grodey           4/12  W. Va.           01-11a-17
Brown        Harriett P.      10    W. Va.           05-19a-48
Brown        Henry M          5     W Va             01-04b-73
Brown        Jacob            12    West Virginia    04-14a-29
Brown        James            54    Virginia         01-02a-19
Brown        James            16    W. Va.           01-08b-69
Brown        James Mc         16    West Virginia    04-05a-31
Brown        Jane             49    West Virginia    01-03b-94
Brown        Jane             8     W. Va.           01-08b-71
Brown        Jesse            1/12  West Virginia    04-08b-51
Brown        Jessee           8     W. Va.           01-15a-5
Brown        John             39    W. Va.           01-07b-64
Brown        John             20    W. Va.           01-13b-51
Brown        Joseph E.        14    West Virginia    04-02b-89
Brown        Josephine        28    West Virginia    04-07a-8
Brown        Josh             1/12  West Virginia    04-02b-95
Brown        Laura            16    W. Va.           01-08a-36
Brown        Laura J          9     W. Va.           01-15a-4
Brown        Lewis            3     West Virginia    04-14a-33
Brown        Lillian          16    W. Va.           01-13b-96
Brown        Lodaky           1     West Virginia    01-03b-78
Brown        Lonny            2     West Virginia    04-08a-50
Brown        Louennia         6     W. Va.           01-08b-72
Brown        Louisa E         32    W Va             01-04a-31
Brown        Louisa F.        39    W. Va.           05-19a-44
Brown        M*               42    West Virginia    01-14b-96
Brown        Mandie M.        5     West Virginia    04-07a-9
Brown        Margaret         45    West Virginia    04-14a-26
Brown        Marshall         25    West Virginia    04-08a-49
Brown        Martha           34    W. Va.           01-08b-68
Brown        Martha J         58    West Virginia    01-04a-30
Brown        Martha J         15    W. Va.           01-15a-1
Brown        Martin           15    West Virginia    01-03b-79
Brown        Mary S.          21    West Virginia    04-09b-66
Brown        Maud             3     West Virginia    01-03b-77
Brown        Maudelle         17    W. Va.           01-14b-99
Brown        Mearl            2     W. Va.           01-11a-16
Brown        Mertie           6     W. Va.           01-15a-6
Brown        Millard F.       9     West Virginia    04-05a-35
Brown        Minerva          28    Ohio             01-15b-98
Brown        Minerva L.       39    West Virginia    04-05a-29
Brown        Minnie G         7     W. Va.           01-11a-13
Brown        Mont             9     W. Va.           01-07b-66
Brown        Moses W          7     W Va             01-04b-72
Brown        Nancy            54    West Virginia    01-01b-66
Brown        Nancy            60    West Virginia    01-04a-35
Brown        Nancy J.         42    North Carolina   01-14b-97
Brown        Nathaniel        60    W. Va.           05-19a-43
Brown        Newman           2     W. Va.           01-15a-8
Brown        Noah             32    West Virginia    04-02b-87
Brown        Nona             9/12  West Virginia    04-09b-69
Brown        Nonie            4     W Va             01-05a-25
Brown        Nora A.          13    West Virginia    04-05a-33
Brown        Oakey            25    W. Va.           05-18b-76
Brown        Ora              5     W. Va.           01-07b-68
Brown        Osa              5     West Virginia    01-03b-76
Brown        Pearl            6     West Virginia    04-14a-32
Brown        Pearlie          2     West Virginia    01-04a-38
Brown        Rhoda            11    West Virginia    04-14a-31
Brown        Robert L         21    Virginia         01-02a-23
Brown        Rosie            12    W. Va.           01-15a-2
Brown        Rufus            38    W. Va.           01-08b-67
Brown        Ruth H           1/12  W Va             01-04b-74
Brown        S**ten           13    West Virginia    04-14a-30
Brown        Samantha         33    W. Va.           01-13b-94
Brown        Sarah            25    West Virginia    03-08a-5
Brown        Sarah J.         2     West Virginia    04-09b-68
Brown        Sidney           18    Virginia         01-02a-24
Brown        Smith            15    W. Va.           01-14b-100
Brown        Sylvester C.     21    West Virginia    04-14a-27
Brown        Thomas           26    West Virginia    01-05a-23
Brown        Thomas E.        18    West Virginia    04-05a-30
Brown        Ulley M.         14    W. Va.           05-19a-47
Brown        Vallis           18    W. Va.           05-19a-46
Brown        Victory          18    West Virginia    01-04a-37
Brown        Walter           15    West Virginia    04-05a-32
Brown        Walter S.        7     W. Va.           05-19a-49
Brown        Willard          11    West Virginia    01-03b-80
Brown        William          70    West Virginia    01-01b-65
Brown        William          33    West Virginia    04-09b-65
Brown        William A.       10    West Virginia    04-02b-91
Browning     Agel Roy         2     West Virginia    03-01b-57
Browning     Albert           25    West Virginia    03-11a-23
Browning     Albert           18    West Virginia    03-16a-32
Browning     Albert A.        6/12  West Virginia    03-11a-28
Browning     Alfred           18    West Virginia    03-16a-31
Browning     Alvin R          6/12  W. Va.           01-06b-75
Browning     Andrew           8     W Va             01-02b-82
Browning     Andrew B         17    W Va             01-02b-88
Browning     B***             25    West Virginia    03-16a-43
Browning     Benjamin         30    W. Va.           01-06b-51
Browning     Bittie           18    West Virginia    03-12a-34
Browning     Charles          19    W Va             01-02b-79
Browning     Cloyd            51    West Virginia    03-16a-29
Browning     Coirliss         6     W Va             01-02b-83
Browning     Cora J           13    W Va             01-02b-90
Browning     Dora             13    W Va             01-02b-80
Browning     El*              50    West Virginia    03-16a-30
Browning     Elmer            5     W Va             01-02b-94
Browning     Emma             13    W Va             01-03a-31
Browning     Emma E           11    W Va             01-02b-91
Browning     Essie            10/12 West Virginia    03-16a-45
Browning     Esta             11    West Virginia    03-17b-75
Browning     Esther M.        4     West Virginia    03-01b-56
Browning     Eva J.           6     West Virginia    03-11a-25
Browning     F*               47    West Virginia    03-12a-32
Browning     Garrett          14    West Virginia    03-16a-33
Browning     Golden           11    W Va             01-02b-81
Browning     Golden           3     West Virginia    03-15b-93
Browning     Harrison         10    West Virginia    03-16a-34
Browning     Hattie           23    West Virginia    03-01b-55
Browning     Hettie           20    W. Va.           01-06b-66
Browning     Howard           4     West Virginia    03-17b-77
Browning     Ida              18    West Virginia    03-16a-44
Browning     Isaac            5     West Virginia    03-12a-39
Browning     Iverson          61    West Virginia    04-14a-2
Browning     James E          49    W Va             01-02b-76
Browning     James Millard    9     W Va             01-02b-92
Browning     Jessica          18    West Virginia    03-15b-92
Browning     Jessie           21    W. Va.           01-06b-53
Browning     Jessie           7     West Virginia    03-12a-38
Browning     Joseph           26    West Virginia    03-01b-54
Browning     Lancy            11    West Virginia    03-12a-36
Browning     Lawrence         41    W. Va.           01-06b-65
Browning     Lenard           1     West Virginia    03-15b-94
Browning     Lenora           14    West Virginia    03-12a-35
Browning     Leonard S        7     W Va             01-02b-93
Browning     Lewis            18    West Virginia    03-17b-74
Browning     Louisa           70    W Va             01-02b-86
Browning     Marida M         38    W Va             01-02b-87
Browning     Martha           47    W Va             01-02b-77
Browning     Martha           24    West Virginia    03-02a-45
Browning     Martin           70    West Va          02-07b-85
Browning     Mary             21    West Virginia    04-13b-99
Browning     Matilda          70    West Va          02-07b-86
Browning     Melvin           26    West Virginia    03-15b-91
Browning     Melvin           29    West Virginia    04-13b-98
Browning     Nora             9     West Virginia    03-17b-76
Browning     Nora             3     West Virginia    04-13b-100
Browning     Oliva E.         4     West Virginia    03-11a-26
Browning     Omie             1     West Virginia    04-14a-1
Browning     Orpha            19    W. Va.           01-06b-74
Browning     Pauline A        16    W Va             01-02b-89
Browning     Pearlie          1     West Virginia    03-17b-78
Browning     Rosa             9     West Virginia    03-12a-37
Browning     Sarah            44    West Virginia    03-12a-33
Browning     Tilda            40    West Virginia    03-17b-73
Browning     Ursila           30    W. Va.           01-06b-52
Browning     Valara E.        2     West Virginia    03-11a-27
Browning     Vessila J.       28    West Virginia    03-11a-24
Browning     William          55    West Virginia    03-17b-72
Browning     Wilson           25    West Virginia    03-12b-69
Browning     Winfred          23    W Va             01-02b-78
Brumfield    Lacey            47    W. Va.           05-07a-13
Bryanrich    Carrie J         23    West Va          02-10b-97
Bryanrich    Dora             21    West Va          02-10b-99
Bryanrich    Kenna L          4/12  West Va          02-11a-2
Bryanrich    Lollie M         5     West Va          02-10b-100
Bryanrich    Mary E           42    West Va          02-10b-96
Bryanrich    Olsen            48    West Va          02-10b-95
Bryanrich    Virgie M         2     West Va          02-11a-1
Bryanrich    William          26    West Va          02-10b-98
Buffington   Adaline          16    West Virginia    04-05b-78
Buffington   Andrew           61    West Virginia    04-05b-76
Buffington   Jesse            45    West Virginia    04-05b-58
Buffington   Julie A.         33    West Virginia    04-05b-59
Buffington   July T.          54    West Virginia    04-05b-77
Buffington   Leander          15    West Virginia    04-05b-60
Buffington   Letha            16    West Virginia    04-05b-79
Buffington   Wade             7     West Virginia    04-05b-61
Burgess      Alford           6     West Virginia    04-15a-2
Burgess      Charlotte        18    W. Va.           05-21a-13
Burgess      Ella             11    W. Va.           05-21a-17
Burgess      Elsie            5     West Virginia    04-15a-3
Burgess      Emmitt           16    W. Va.           05-21a-15
Burgess      Fernandes H.     24    W. Va.           05-18b-77
Burgess      Floyd            12    West Virginia    04-15a-1
Burgess      George           55    W. Va.           05-21a-11
Burgess      Gracie           4     W. Va.           05-21a-19
Burgess      Lewis            14    W. Va.           05-21a-16
Burgess      Rose             45    W. Va.           05-21a-12
Burgess      Walter           8     W. Va.           05-21a-18
Burgess      Zattoo           20    W. Va.           05-21a-14
Burnside     E****            58    West Virginia    03-05b-86
Burnside     Nancy            68    West Virginia    03-05b-87
Burton       Florence         22    West Virginia    04-01a-21
Burton       Hugh C.          1     West Virginia    04-01a-22
Burton       Reynolds         32    West Virginia    04-01a-20
Burton       Samuel B.        23    West Virginia    04-03a-36
Buskirk      ***, Dr.         30    West Virginia    03-19b-67
Buskirk      Martha           19    West Virginia    03-19b-68
Butcher      Jane             60    West Virginia    03-03a-31
Buzzard      Ada C.           8     West Virginia    04-11a-18
Buzzard      America A.       15    West Virginia    04-11a-13
Buzzard      Bertie           16    West Virginia    04-05a-22
Buzzard      Charles          7/12  West Virginia    04-11a-21
Buzzard      George F.        17    West Virginia    04-11a-12
Buzzard      John             33    West Virginia    04-05a-20
Buzzard      John H.          13    West Virginia    04-11a-14
Buzzard      Lucretia C.      38    West Virginia    04-11a-11
Buzzard      Martha J.        10    West Virginia    04-11a-16
Buzzard      Minnie           13    West Virginia    04-05a-23
Buzzard      Rhoda A.         9     West Virginia    04-11a-17
Buzzard      Rufus T.         5     West Virginia    04-11a-19
Buzzard      Synthia L.       50    West Virginia    04-05a-21
Buzzard      Thomas           40    West Virginia    04-11a-10
Buzzard      Victoria         3     West Virginia    04-11a-20
Buzzard      William M.       12    West Virginia    04-11a-15

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