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Boone County, WV 1900 Federal Census (Index)

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C*           *                34    W. Va.           05-11a-46
C*           Alice            30    W. Va.           05-07a-2
C*           Archa A.         6     W. Va.           05-07a-3
C*           Benny R.         4     W. Va.           05-07a-4
C*           Clarence         34    W. Va.           05-07a-1
C*****       Alice            6     W. Va.           05-12b-91
C*****       Anna             1     W. Va.           05-12b-92
C*****       Cloey            41    W. Va.           05-12b-79
C*****       Euraster D.      16    W. Va.           05-12b-81
C*****       Flossie          1     W. Va.           05-12b-84
C*****       Hansford         39    W. Va.           05-12b-78
C*****       Le**** F.        6     W. Va.           05-12b-83
C*****       Myrtie           8     W. Va.           05-12b-90
C*****       Overton          30    W. Va.           05-12b-88
C*****       Paris            22    W. Va.           05-12b-87
C*****       Rhoda            62    W. Va.           05-12b-86
C*****       Rhoda R.         28    W. Va.           05-12b-89
C*****       Robert           65    W. Va.           05-12b-85
C*****       Romes            18    W. Va.           05-12b-80
C*****       Roy T.           13    W. Va.           05-12b-82
C*allen      Cecil            2     W. Va.           05-01a-14
C*allen      Charles          23    W. Va.           05-01a-11
C*allen      Della B.         9/12  W. Va.           05-01a-15
C*allen      Ezra E.          4     W. Va.           05-01a-13
C*allen      Martha L.        22    W. Va.           05-01a-12
Cabell       Albert D.        1     West Virginia    03-18a-34
Cabell       Alice            36    West Virginia    03-18a-26
Cabell       Charlie E.       7     West Virginia    03-18a-31
Cabell       Edward           12    West Virginia    03-18a-28
Cabell       Effa             74    West Virginia    03-19b-71
Cabell       Henry            11    West Virginia    03-18a-29
Cabell       Irvin            5     West Virginia    03-18a-32
Cabell       John             42    West Virginia    03-18a-25
Cabell       Loyd             14    West Virginia    03-18a-27
Cabell       Minnie B.        8     West Virginia    03-18a-30
Cabell       Thomas J.        3     West Virginia    03-18a-33
Cahill       Edna             37    West Virginia    03-06b-86
Cahill       Frances M        16    West Virginia    03-06b-87
Cahill       Nepoleon         52    West Virginia    03-06b-85
Calahan      Charles          16    Kentucky         04-08a-2
Calahan      Ellen            23    Kentucky         04-08b-80
Calahan      Martha           52    West Virginia    04-07b-100
Calahan      Osa L.           10    Kentucky         04-08a-4
Calahan      Rhoda E.         21    Kentucky         04-08a-1
Calahan      Silas S.         14    Kentucky         04-08a-3
Calahan      Wesley           55    Kentucky         04-07b-99
Calhoun      Mandie           5     Kentucky         04-08a-5
Callins      Laurie           13    West Virginia    04-07b-89
Callins      Porthena         49    West Virginia    04-07b-88
Callins      Quinnie          12    West Virginia    04-07b-90
Callins      William          46    West Virginia    04-07b-87
Calwell      Spurgeon         12    West Virginia    04-08a-26
Candle       A*               42    Kentucky         05-10b-51
Candle       Martha           7/12  W. Va.           05-10b-58
Candle       Mary             4     W. Va.           05-10b-57
Candle       Mary F.          40    Virginia         05-10b-52
Candle       Mathew           8     W. Va.           05-10b-56
Candle       Myra             18    Kentucky         05-10b-53
Candle       William          11    W. Va.           05-10b-55
Candle       Williard         14    Kentucky         05-10b-54
Canterberry  *ad***           62    W. Va.           05-20b-77
Canterberry  Asa C.           39    W. Va.           05-20b-71
Canterberry  Bell             24    W. Va.           05-19b-75
Canterberry  Dona             14    W. Va.           05-19b-77
Canterberry  Ellen            12    W. Va.           05-19b-78
Canterberry  Emmie E.         11    West Virginia    04-04a-10
Canterberry  Homer            1     W. Va.           05-19b-76
Canterberry  James            19    West Virginia    04-15b-76
Canterberry  Lelie J.         46    W. Va.           05-20b-78
Canterberry  Marguerite J.    33    W. Va.           05-20b-72
Canterberry  May              16    W. Va.           05-03a-5
Canterberry  Ona B.           6     W. Va.           05-20b-74
Canterberry  Ora              17    West Virginia    04-15b-77
Canterberry  Oscar            6     W. Va.           05-19b-80
Canterberry  Racheal          14    W. Va.           05-20b-73
Canterberry  Rufus            38    W. Va.           05-19b-74
Canterberry  Samuel           9     W. Va.           05-19b-79
Canterberry  Sarah J.         15    West Virginia    04-15b-78
Canterbury   Alonzo           3     W. Va.           01-14b-58
Canterbury   Araminta         64    West Virginia    03-06a-39
Canterbury   Anna             17    W. Va.           01-15a-26
Canterbury   Clara A.         28    West Virginia    03-06b-63
Canterbury   Ezra Otto        8     West Virginia    03-06b-64
Canterbury   Freeman          13    W. Va.           01-14b-88
Canterbury   George           52    W. Va.           01-15a-22
Canterbury   George           30    West Virginia    03-06b-62
Canterbury   Henry            24    W. Va.           01-14b-92
Canterbury   Herman           5/12  W. Va.           01-14b-95
Canterbury   John             30    W. Va.           01-14b-56
Canterbury   Kitty            24    W. Va.           01-14b-57
Canterbury   La*              14    W. Va.           01-15a-27
Canterbury   Leatha A         38    W. Va.           01-14b-87
Canterbury   Loria Ella       7     W. Va.           01-14b-90
Canterbury   Marvin           19    W. Va.           01-15a-25
Canterbury   Mary             50    W. Va.           01-15a-23
Canterbury   Merity O***      6     West Virginia    03-06b-65
Canterbury   Rebecca          28    West Virginia    03-02b-72
Canterbury   S*               42    West Virginia    01-14b-86
Canterbury   Samuel           21    W. Va.           01-15a-24
Canterbury   Samuel           28    West Virginia    03-02b-71
Canterbury   Samuel           71    West Virginia    03-06a-38
Canterbury   Sigmon           2     W. Va.           01-14b-94
Canterbury   Sussie           22    W. Va.           01-14b-93
Canterbury   Walter H         11    W. Va.           01-14b-89
Canterbury   William          73    W. Va.           01-14b-91
Cantley      Alfred           25    West Virginia    03-06a-36
Cantley      Ambergine        14    W. Va.           05-17a-41
Cantley      B. H.            53    W. Va.           05-17a-37
Cantley      Charles          6     West Virginia    04-05b-99
Cantley      Charles L.       5     West Virginia    04-03b-85
Cantley      Clarence         1     West Virginia    04-03b-87
Cantley      Edna             10    West Virginia    04-05b-98
Cantley      Eliza J.         13    West Virginia    03-06a-37
Cantley      Emily            42    W. Va.           05-17a-38
Cantley      Evert C.         13    West Virginia    04-03b-82
Cantley      Galie E.         3     West Virginia    04-03b-86
Cantley      Gilbert          18    West Virginia    03-06a-43
Cantley      Golden           20    West Virginia    03-06a-42
Cantley      Howard           17    W. Va.           05-17a-40
Cantley      James            37    West Virginia    04-03b-80
Cantley      James            50    West Virginia    03-06a-40
Cantley      James T.         11    West Virginia    04-03b-83
Cantley      John             23    West Virginia    03-06a-41
Cantley      Laura            19    W. Va.           05-17a-39
Cantley      Mahala           17    West Virginia    04-05b-97
Cantley      Millie           4     West Virginia    04-05b-100
Cantley      Nora F.          9     West Virginia    04-03b-84
Cantley      Rebecca J.       47    West Virginia    04-05b-96
Cantley      Rosa Lee         12    West Virginia    03-06a-44
Cantley      Sarah E.         30    West Virginia    04-03b-81
Cantley      Tolbert          14    West Virginia    03-06a-45
Cantley      William          48    West Virginia    04-05b-95
Carpenter    Comodore C.      2     West Virginia    03-10a-6
Carpenter    Henry            25    West Virginia    03-10a-7
Carpenter    Letha            29    West Virginia    03-10a-2
Carpenter    Pearlie          9     West Virginia    03-10a-3
Carpenter    Samuel           30    West Virginia    03-10a-1
Carpenter    Velasco          4     West Virginia    03-10a-5
Carpenter    Walter E.        7     West Virginia    03-10a-4
Carr         Albert           22    West Virginia    04-05a-16
Carr         Amy              3     West Virginia    04-11a-2
Carr         Annie R.         21    West Virginia    04-05a-17
Carr         Charles H.       1     West Virginia    04-13a-36
Carr         Clarence E.      9     West Virginia    04-10b-99
Carr         Eliza J.         11    West Virginia    04-14b-86
Carr         Ella M.          4     West Virginia    04-05a-18
Carr         Elsie            7     West Virginia    04-13a-34
Carr         Ethel            8     West Virginia    04-10b-100
Carr         Evert            2     West Virginia    04-05a-19
Carr         George           46    West Virginia    04-10b-94
Carr         George H.        4     West Virginia    04-13a-35
Carr         James W.         17    West Virginia    04-14b-83
Carr         John L.          10    West Virginia    04-10b-98
Carr         John M.          15    West Virginia    04-14b-84
Carr         Josephine        12    West Virginia    04-10b-97
Carr         Mary A.          12    West Virginia    04-14b-85
Carr         Massie J.        37    West Virginia    04-10b-95
Carr         Mathew           30    West Virginia    04-13a-32
Carr         Maudie           6     West Virginia    04-11a-1
Carr         Myrtle E.        5     West Virginia    04-14b-88
Carr         Ora              24    West Virginia    04-13a-33
Carr         Ortha M.         1     West Virginia    04-11a-3
Carr         Phebe C.         33    West Virginia    04-14b-82
Carr         R***             42    West Virginia    04-14b-81
Carr         Thomas M.        14    West Virginia    04-10b-96
Carr         Viena            9     West Virginia    04-14b-87
Carrow       Annie            14    West Virginia    04-13a-18
Carrow       Clarra           73    West Virginia    04-05a-6
Carrow       Cora E.          21    West Virginia    04-13a-17
Carrow       Edna             5     West Virginia    04-05a-3
Carrow       Elbin            3     West Virginia    04-05a-4
Carrow       Elijah           51    West Virginia    04-13a-15
Carrow       Hubert           7     West Virginia    04-13a-19
Carrow       Lucinda          37    West Virginia    04-05a-2
Carrow       Margaret C.      45    West Virginia    04-13a-16
Carrow       Memory           1     West Virginia    04-05a-5
Carrow       William T.       38    West Virginia    04-05a-1
Carson       Arminta          44    West Va          02-10b-56
Carson       James M          44    West Va          02-10b-55
Carson       John T           19    West Va          02-10b-57
Carson       Lawrence         10    West Va          02-10b-60
Carson       Osa H            5     West Va          02-10b-61
Carson       Thomas C         14    West Va          02-10b-59
Carson       William B        16    West Va          02-10b-58
Carter       Con              5     West Virginia    03-01b-88
Carter       Henry, Dr.       33    West Virginia    03-01b-86
Carter       Lyle             1     West Virginia    03-01b-89
Carter       May C.           34    West Virginia    03-01b-87
Caseboldt    Grover           12    W. Va.           05-16b-77
Casey        Bridget          84    Ireland          02-01b-70
Casey        Mary C           47    West Va          02-01b-68
Casey        Matilda          39    West Va          02-01b-69
Casey        Nicholas         52    Ireland          02-01b-67
Chambers     Albert           20    West Virginia    03-18a-38
Chambers     Albert           8/12  W. Va.           05-20a-19
Chambers     Aldula           28    W. Va.           05-19a-19
Chambers     Archie M.        12    West Virginia    03-18b-57
Chambers     Aughie           18    West Virginia    03-03b-73
Chambers     Benjamin O       9     W. Va.           01-11b-96
Chambers     Callelo*         12    W. Va.           01-11b-95
Chambers     Carl             13    West Virginia    03-18b-77
Chambers     Carrie           44    West Virginia    03-18a-36
Chambers     Catherine        58    W. Va.           05-20b-54
Chambers     Charles          16    West Virginia    03-02a-8
Chambers     Christopher C.   1     W. Va.           01-11b-99
Chambers     Cynthia          14    West Virginia    03-18b-56
Chambers     David P.         3     West Virginia    03-02a-9
Chambers     Dena             10    W. Va.           05-20b-59
Chambers     Deten            9/12  West Virginia    03-18b-99
Chambers     Don              7     W. Va.           05-20a-16
Chambers     Dora Ann         6     W. Va.           01-11b-97
Chambers     Edna             8     W. Va.           05-20a-15
Chambers     Elizabeth        61    West Virginia    03-18b-73
Chambers     Elmer            10    West Virginia    03-18b-78
Chambers     Elwood           25    West Virginia    03-18b-74
Chambers     Emily J.         22    Kentucky         05-19b-63
Chambers     Emma J.          36    W. Va.           05-20a-13
Chambers     Eva              7     West Virginia    03-18b-59
Chambers     Filmore          2     West Virginia    03-18b-61
Chambers     Francis M.       48    West Virginia    04-14b-67
Chambers     Frank            42    West Virginia    03-18b-54
Chambers     Frank M.         39    W. Va.           05-20a-12
Chambers     Garland          55    West Virginia    03-02a-6
Chambers     Henrietta        2     W. Va.           05-20a-18
Chambers     Hillory          11    West Virginia    03-18a-39
Chambers     Homer            4     West Virginia    03-18b-60
Chambers     Ida M.           4     West Virginia    04-14b-65
Chambers     Ira              16    West Virginia    03-18b-95
Chambers     Jacob            48    West Virginia    03-18a-35
Chambers     James            45    West Virginia    03-18b-92
Chambers     Jessie E         7     West Virginia    03-02a-21
Chambers     John             35    West Virginia    03-18a-42
Chambers     John W.          2     West Virginia    03-18a-45
Chambers     Joseph E.        7     West Virginia    04-14b-64
Chambers     Josephine        32    West Virginia    03-18b-55
Chambers     Julia            95    W. Va.           05-17b-85
Chambers     Leatas           17    W. Va.           05-19b-73
Chambers     Linzie           17    West Virginia    03-18b-76
Chambers     Makalda J.       34    W. Va.           01-11b-94
Chambers     Marshal A.       1     W. Va.           01-11b-98
Chambers     Martha           54    Kentucky         03-02a-7
Chambers     Martha           28    W. Va.           05-20b-55
Chambers     Mary A.          19    W. Va.           05-21a-22
Chambers     Mary Ellen       10    West Virginia    03-18b-58
Chambers     Millie F.        0/12  W. Va.           05-20b-58
Chambers     Minta Z.         24    W. Va.           05-20b-57
Chambers     Nettie M.        9     West Virginia    03-18a-44
Chambers     Okey             3     West Virginia    03-18b-98
Chambers     Oliver           27    W. Va.           05-20b-56
Chambers     Ollie            22    West Virginia    04-14b-63
Chambers     Orlander         21    West Virginia    03-18a-37
Chambers     Orphy B.         10    W. Va.           05-20a-14
Chambers     Parthinia        37    West Virginia    03-18b-93
Chambers     Pharrozina       6     West Virginia    03-18b-97
Chambers     Richard B.       34    W. Va.           05-19a-18
Chambers     Robert           12    West Virginia    03-18b-96
Chambers     Robert           29    West Virginia    04-14b-62
Chambers     Rosa             32    West Virginia    03-18a-43
Chambers     Rosy M           5     W. Va.           05-20a-17
Chambers     Samuel           33    W. Va.           05-19b-62
Chambers     Sylvester        70    West Virginia    03-18b-72
Chambers     Sylvester        22    West Virginia    03-18b-75
Chambers     Vinnie           4/12  West Virginia    03-18b-62
Chambers     Viola F.         1     West Virginia    04-14b-66
Chambers     Violena          50    West Virginia    04-14b-68
Chambers     William          38    W. Va.           01-11b-93
Chambers     William          18    West Virginia    03-18b-94
Chandler     Ada              20    West Virginia    03-16b-69
Chandler     Callie L.        8     West Virginia    03-16a-8
Chandler     Carlin           3/12  West Virginia    03-16b-70
Chandler     Doliver W.       18    West Virginia    03-16a-5
Chandler     Jodie            10    West Virginia    03-16a-7
Chandler     John             15    West Virginia    03-16a-6
Chandler     Joseph           52    West Virginia    03-16a-3
Chandler     Martha           59    West Virginia    03-16a-9
Chandler     Mason            22    West Virginia    03-16b-68
Chandler     Sarah            45    West Virginia    03-16a-4
Chandler     Ward             17    West Virginia    04-12b-71
Chapman      B*               49    W. Va.           05-10a-5
Chapman      Dela             28    W. Va.           05-09b-99
Chapman      George           24    W. Va.           05-09b-98
Chapman      Hubert           18    W. Va.           05-10a-8
Chapman      James E          44    W. Va.           05-10a-17
Chapman      Josephine E.     39    W. Va.           05-10a-18
Chapman      Julia            14    W. Va.           05-10a-9
Chapman      Mary             9/12  W. Va.           05-10a-4
Chapman      Nancy            42    Kentucky         05-10a-6
Chapman      Robert           20    W. Va.           05-10a-7
Childers     Emeline          50    W. Va.           01-10b-58
Childers     Lewis            54    W. Va.           01-10b-59
Choffin      Alvin            23    W. Va.           05-10a-12
Choffin      Anna             21    W. Va.           05-10a-16
Choffin      George           22    W. Va.           05-10a-15
Choffin      Mariah           21    W. Va.           05-10a-13
Choffin      Wallace          1     W. Va.           05-10a-14
Clark        Amelia A         30    Ohio             02-02a-23
Clark        Bernard J        8     West             02-02a-24
Clark        Emma C           1     West Va          02-02a-26
Clark        Jerome           40    West Va          02-02a-22
Clark        Marcella M       4     West Va          02-02a-25
Clendenen    Bert             20    West Va          02-10a-9
Clendenen    George           23    West Va          02-10a-8
Clendenen    Maggie M         18    West Va          02-10a-10
Clendenen    Victora          56    West Va          02-10a-11
Clendenen    William          25    West Va          02-10a-7
Cline        Allen            28    W Va             01-02b-53
Cline        Jennie           6     West Virginia    03-05a-5
Cline        Mallissa         32    W Va             01-02b-54
Cline        McKinley         3     W Va             01-02b-55
Cline        Minnie           12    West Virginia    03-05a-3
Cline        Veria            11    West Virginia    03-05a-4
Cline        Walter A         1     W Va             01-02b-56
Cloughton    *                93    Virginia         01-14a-11
Cobbs        Lori             37    Ohio             02-03a-23
Cobbs        Osceola          13    West Va          02-03a-24
Cobbs        Shauncy          58    West Va          02-03a-22
Cohill       Callie L.        15    West Virginia    03-04a-46
Cohill       Fanny May        8     West Virginia    03-04a-48
Cohill       Sammy            46    West Virginia    03-04a-44
Cohill       Sarah            39    West Virginia    03-04a-45
Cohill       Virginia L.      17    West Virginia    03-04a-47
Cohill       Vivian Elsie     4     West Virginia    03-04a-49
Cohill       William D.       2     West Virginia    03-04a-50
Coleman      Joseph N.        5     W. Va.           05-20a-30
Coleman      Nannie           40    Virginia         05-20a-29
Coleman      Wm.              49    Pennsylvania     05-20a-28
Collins      Elizabeth        36    West Virginia    01-04b-93
Collins      Granville        3     West Virginia    04-14a-34
Collins      Nora M.          8     West Virginia    01-04b-94
Combs        America          21    West Virginia    04-15a-23
Combs        Annie            46    West Virginia    04-11b-73
Combs        Berry            19    West Virginia    04-15a-26
Combs        Catherine        65    Virginia         04-15a-28
Combs        Hattie           3/12  West Virginia    04-14b-100
Combs        Lizzie           24    West Virginia    04-12b-66
Combs        Louisa           37    West Virginia    04-14b-99
Combs        Mary A.          7     West Virginia    04-15a-25
Combs        Robert L.        17    West Virginia    04-15a-27
Combs        Sarah            11    West Virginia    04-15a-24
Combs        Thomas           48    Virginia         04-14b-98
Conley       Albert           21    W. Va.           05-15a-49
Conley       Alvey H.         1     W. Va.           05-14b-77
Conley       Calvary          14    W. Va.           05-15b-52
Conley       Emmazetta        55    W. Va.           05-15a-46
Conley       Emmie E.         1     W. Va.           05-21a-47
Conley       Isaac            25    W. Va.           05-15a-47
Conley       Jacob            18    W. Va.           05-15a-50
Conley       John             25    W. Va.           05-14b-74
Conley       John             45    W. Va.           05-21a-44
Conley       Mary R.          22    W. Va.           05-21a-45
Conley       Rebecca          16    W. Va.           05-15b-51
Conley       Rebecca L.       23    W. Va.           05-14b-75
Conley       Ruben C.         52    W. Va.           05-15a-45
Conley       Sarah            12    W. Va.           05-15b-53
Conley       Silvester O.     4     W. Va.           05-21a-46
Conley       Thomas           22    W. Va.           05-15a-48
Conley       Warney E.        4     W. Va.           05-14b-76
Cony         John             24    West Virginia    03-19b-64
Cony         Leona            27    West Virginia    03-19b-65
Cony         Valley May       1     West Virginia    03-19b-66
Cook         .                2/12  W. Va.           05-03b-51
Cook         Albert           23    W. Va.           05-04a-6
Cook         Alma             4/12  West Virginia    01-01b-100
Cook         Alonzo           38    W Va             01-01a-6
Cook         Amanda           25    W Va             01-01a-16
Cook         Anthony          22    W Va             01-02a-1
Cook         Bertha           1     W. Va.           05-21a-10
Cook         Bessie           9/12  W Va             01-02a-4
Cook         Blain            7     W Va             01-02a-12
Cook         Burt             20    W Va             01-02a-35
Cook         Charles          23    West Virginia    01-01b-98
Cook         Chilton          5     W Va             01-02a-46
Cook         Cidney H.        6     W. Va.           05-03b-54
Cook         Clark            51    W Va             01-02a-8
Cook         Dona             6     W Va             01-05b-89
Cook         Dracie P         2     W. Va.           05-03b-56
Cook         Edie Bell        12    W Va             01-02a-27
Cook         Effie            12    W Va             01-05b-85
Cook         Egbert S.        7     Michigan         05-22b-55
Cook         Eliza            .     W Va             01-01a-50
Cook         Elizabeth        44    W Va             01-02a-41
Cook         Emma             27    W Va             01-02a-2
Cook         Emma             10    W Va             01-05b-86
Cook         Ettrell          2     W Va             01-02a-33
Cook         Everett          18    West Virginia    01-06a-28
Cook         Flora            2     W Va             01-01a-13
Cook         Flora            51    West Virginia    01-06a-26
Cook         Florence         8     W Va             01-02b-57
Cook         Florrance        11    West Virginia    01-06a-30
Cook         Floyd            30    W Va             01-02a-48
Cook         Fr***            29    W. Va.           05-03b-52
Cook         French           10    W Va             01-02a-17
Cook         Friland H        4     W Va             01-01a-48
Cook         George W         55    W Va             01-02a-13
Cook         Glenn            7     W Va             01-02a-29
Cook         Gradie           9     W Va             01-02a-28
Cook         Hagar            4     W Va             01-01a-12
Cook         Hansford         9     West Virginia    01-01a-3
Cook         Harvey           17    W Va             01-02a-10
Cook         Hattie           14    West Virginia    01-05b-93
Cook         Herbert          2     W Va             01-05b-91
Cook         Homer            2     W Va             01-02a-3
Cook         Ida P.           9     W. Va.           05-22b-54
Cook         Issabella        6     W Va             01-01a-11
Cook         James M.         53    West Virginia    01-06a-25
Cook         John             27    W. Va.           05-03a-48
Cook         Kemper           21    W Va             01-02a-31
Cook         Kuma             23    W. Va.           05-21a-8
Cook         Laura            3     W Va             01-01a-19
Cook         Laura            28    West Virginia    01-06a-21
Cook         Leatha           35    West Virginia    01-05b-84
Cook         Leona G.         29    W. Va.           05-22b-53
Cook         Leonard          25    West Virginia    01-06a-20
Cook         Lewis            51    W Va             01-01a-14
Cook         Lilie M          2     W Va             01-01a-49
Cook         Lilly            13    W Va             01-01a-17
Cook         Lilly M.         4     W. Va.           05-03b-55
Cook         Liza A.          27    W. Va.           05-03b-53
Cook         Loney            2     W Va             01-02a-47
Cook         Lonie            2     W. Va.           05-03a-50
Cook         Lora             14    W Va             01-02a-15
Cook         Lota             18    W. Va.           05-21a-9
Cook         Lottie           15    W Va             01-02a-11
Cook         Lottie           15    W. Va.           01-08a-1
Cook         Louisa           4     W Va             01-05b-90
Cook         Louvina          62    W Va             01-01a-15
Cook         Lucrecia         40    West Virginia    01-01a-2
Cook         Luella           18    W Va             01-02a-42
Cook         Lula             9     W Va             01-01a-18
Cook         Lussie           1     W Va             01-02a-37
Cook         Manerva          22    W Va             01-02a-49
Cook         Manerva          12    W Va             01-02b-51
Cook         Martha           21    W Va             01-01a-47
Cook         Mary             24    W Va             01-02a-32
Cook         Mary Etta        15    W Va             01-01a-8
Cook         May              5     W Va             01-02a-18
Cook         Melinda J        17    W Va             01-02a-36
Cook         Milburn          31    W. Va.           05-22b-52
Cook         Minnie           2     West Virginia    01-06a-24
Cook         Mintie           3     W. Va.           01-08a-3
Cook         Myrtle M.        3     Michigan         05-22b-57
Cook         Nancy            38    W Va             01-01a-7
Cook         Nettie           7/12  W Va             01-02a-34
Cook         Oliver           33    West Virginia    01-05b-83
Cook         Ollie            3     West Virginia    01-06a-23
Cook         Ota              16    W Va             01-02a-26
Cook         Paulina          47    W. Va.           01-07b-100
Cook         Pauline          31    W Va             01-02a-25
Cook         Quinnie          7     W Va             01-05b-88
Cook         Ray D.           5     W. Va.           05-22b-56
Cook         Rhoda            12    W Va             01-02a-16
Cook         Rosie            19    West Virginia    01-06a-27
Cook         Sarah            31    W Va             01-02a-14
Cook         Sarah E          15    W Va             01-02a-43
Cook         Shinlion         30    W Va             01-01a-46
Cook         Stanley H        1     W Va             01-02a-50
Cook         Tolbert          3/12  W Va             01-05b-92
Cook         Ulla May         8     W Va             01-01a-10
Cook         Verene C.        30    W. Va.           05-03a-49
Cook         Verrila          13    W. Va.           01-08a-2
Cook         Viola            21    West Virginia    01-01b-99
Cook         Vonnie           4     W Va             01-02a-30
Cook         Walter           16    West Virginia    01-06a-29
Cook         Ward             45    W Va             01-02a-40
Cook         William          59    West Virginia    01-01a-1
Cook         William          10    W Va             01-01a-9
Cook         William          6     West Virginia    01-06a-22
Cook         Wirt             13    W Va             01-02a-44
Cook         Wirt             8     W Va             01-05b-87
Cook         Wood             13    West Virginia    01-01b-51
Cook         Zora Bell        10    W Va             01-02a-45
Coon         Andrew           50    West Virginia    04-07a-1
Coon         Andrew           75    West Virginia    04-11b-61
Coon         Annie            9     W. Va.           01-10a-47
Coon         Anthony          41    W. Va.           01-13b-70
Coon         Aubry            13    W. Va.           01-10b-52
Coon         Bal***           56    West Virginia    04-11b-62
Coon         Bernice          7     W. Va.           01-13b-76
Coon         Bessie L.        11/12 West Virginia    04-06b-74
Coon         Bucky L.         6     West Virginia    04-14b-58
Coon         Callahan         16    West Virginia    03-13a-31
Coon         Carrie M.        6     West Virginia    04-07a-6
Coon         Christopher C.   66    West Virginia    04-11a-44
Coon         Cloe             13    W. Va.           01-13b-73
Coon         Curtis N.        1     West Virginia    04-14b-60
Coon         Daughten         4     W. Va.           01-13b-77
Coon         Early E.         14    West Virginia    04-07a-4
Coon         Emma J.          11    W. Va.           01-13b-74
Coon         Enoch            53    W. Va.           01-10a-39
Coon         Ernest E.        6     West Virginia    04-11b-64
Coon         Esau             47    West Virginia    04-06b-83
Coon         Ethel D.         11    West Virginia    04-07a-5
Coon         Ethel May        2     W. Va.           01-13b-78
Coon         Etheria R.       17    West Virginia    04-07a-3
Coon         Everett          14    W. Va.           01-10a-45
Coon         Forrest          3     W. Va.           01-10b-55
Coon         Freddie          12    West Virginia    04-15b-89
Coon         George           46    W. Va.           01-10a-48
Coon         George S.        24    West Virginia    04-06b-71
Coon         Gilbert          10    W. Va.           01-10b-53
Coon         Goldie           9     W. Va.           01-13b-75
Coon         Hally            18    W. Va.           01-10a-44
Coon         Hannah           31    West Virginia    04-11b-63
Coon         Jacob            47    West Virginia    03-13a-28
Coon         Jacob            56    West Virginia    04-15b-84
Coon         James B.         17    West Virginia    03-13a-30
Coon         Jane             .     W. Va.           01-13b-79
Coon         Julia            51    W. Va.           01-10a-40
Coon         Julia            50    West Virginia    04-07a-2
Coon         June V.          23    West Virginia    04-11a-46
Coon         Lightburn        24    W. Va.           01-10a-42
Coon         Lillie B.        3     West Virginia    04-06b-73
Coon         Lulie            21    West Virginia    04-06b-72
Coon         Marshal          21    W. Va.           01-10a-43
Coon         Mary S.          9     West Virginia    04-14b-57
Coon         Maud B.          15    West Virginia    04-14b-55
Coon         Melissa          16    West Virginia    04-15b-87
Coon         Minnis           7     W. Va.           01-10b-54
Coon         Nancy            43    West Virginia    04-14b-54
Coon         Ora              47    W. Va.           01-10a-49
Coon         Oscar            15    W. Va.           01-10b-51
Coon         Parby H.         10    West Virginia    04-14b-56
Coon         Quinsie          20    W. Va.           01-10a-50
Coon         R*               14    W. Va.           01-13b-72
Coon         Rebecca          37    W. Va.           01-13b-71
Coon         Rose Lee         12    West Virginia    03-13a-32
Coon         Rosie            28    W. Va.           01-10a-41
Coon         Sapha            19    West Virginia    04-15b-86
Coon         Scynthia R.      59    West Virginia    04-11a-45
Coon         Selma G.         4     West Virginia    04-14b-59
Coon         Ulserila?        44    West Virginia    03-13a-29
Coon         William F.       14    West Virginia    04-15b-88
Coon         Wilman J.        53    West Virginia    04-15b-85
Coon         Winfred          13    W. Va.           01-10a-46
Cooper       Absalom          13    West Virginia    04-16b-76
Cooper       Adam             61    West Virginia    04-11b-99
Cooper       Alice L.         16    West Virginia    04-12a-36
Cooper       Bertha           11    West Virginia    04-12a-20
Cooper       Bessie           9     West Virginia    04-12a-21
Cooper       Blackburn B.     46    West Virginia    04-11b-100
Cooper       Calvin           42    West Virginia    04-12a-32
Cooper       Casy             4     West Virginia    04-12a-26
Cooper       Charles          21    West Virginia    04-12a-17
Cooper       Charles          27    West Virginia    04-12a-29
Cooper       Charles          50    West Virginia    04-12a-33
Cooper       Clark            25    West Virginia    04-12a-15
Cooper       Cleveland        14    West Virginia    04-16b-75
Cooper       Cloe             18    West Virginia    04-12a-3
Cooper       Edward L.        7     West Virginia    04-12a-40
Cooper       Flora            25    West Virginia    04-12a-30
Cooper       Florrence H.     31    West Virginia    04-12a-24
Cooper       Floyd            52    West Virginia    04-12a-13
Cooper       Glen F.          2     West Virginia    04-12a-27
Cooper       Grover C.        9     West Virginia    04-12a-39
Cooper       Hillard          4     West Virginia    04-12a-9
Cooper       Howard           19    West Virginia    04-12a-2
Cooper       Iony             13    West Virginia    04-12a-5
Cooper       Isom             18    West Virginia    04-12a-18
Cooper       James            16    West Virginia    04-12a-19
Cooper       James S.         13    West Virginia    04-12a-37
Cooper       Joseph E.        10/12 West Virginia    04-12a-31
Cooper       Laverna          10    West Virginia    04-12a-6
Cooper       Letha            23    West Virginia    04-12a-16
Cooper       Lewis            64    West Virginia    04-16b-72
Cooper       Lorintha         55    West Virginia    04-16b-73
Cooper       Mark R.          11/12 West Virginia    04-12a-42
Cooper       Mary             47    West Virginia    04-12a-14
Cooper       Mildred          8/12  West Virginia    04-12a-28
Cooper       Minerva L.       45    West Virginia    04-12a-1
Cooper       Minnie           15    West Virginia    04-12a-4
Cooper       Nancy            36    West Virginia    04-12a-34
Cooper       Nora             4     West Virginia    04-12a-22
Cooper       Pearl            9     West Virginia    04-12a-7
Cooper       Rice             12    West Virginia    04-12a-25
Cooper       Rosie B.         4     West Virginia    04-12a-41
Cooper       Samantha         6     West Virginia    04-12a-8
Cooper       Vanburen         11    West Virginia    04-12a-38
Cooper       Wade             22    West Virginia    04-16b-74
Cooper       William          35    West Virginia    04-12a-23
Cooper       William H.       17    West Virginia    04-12a-35
Copley       Albert L.        19    W. Va.           05-16a-11
Copley       George E.        17    W. Va.           05-16a-8
Copley       Luther C.        9     W. Va.           05-16a-10
Copley       Mary J.          36    Virginia         05-16a-7
Copley       Mauda            15    W. Va.           05-16a-9
Copley       Rosa L.          18    W. Va.           05-16a-12
Copley       W.               46    Illinois         05-16a-6
Corottie     Alice            17    West Va          02-09b-100
Corottie     Arnett           21    West Va          02-09b-99
Corottie     Billjora         41    West Va          02-09b-98
Corottie     Haggerty         43    West Va          02-09b-97
Corottie     Jessie W         6     West Va          02-10a-4
Corottie     Lester K         15    West Va          02-10a-1
Corottie     Lillian M        9     West Va          02-10a-3
Corottie     Pearlie          4     West Va          02-10a-5
Corottie     Rosa E           12    West Va          02-10a-2
Corottie     Susan E          3     West Va          02-10a-6
Courtney     Charles H.       2     West Va          02-01b-90
Courtney     Ethel            4     West Va          02-01b-89
Courtney     George           28    West Va          02-01b-86
Courtney     Magnola M        25    West Va          02-01b-87
Courtney     Micheal E        6     West Va          02-01b-88
Cr*****      Edward           6     W. Va.           05-12b-70
Cr*****      Everett          3/12  W. Va.           05-12b-72
Cr*****      Gilbert          37    W. Va.           05-12b-65
Cr*****      Laura            12    W. Va.           05-12b-67
Cr*****      Loyd             10    W. Va.           05-12b-68
Cr*****      Lyda             1     W. Va.           05-12b-71
Cr*****      Nancy E.         32    W. Va.           05-12b-66
Cr*****      Thornton         8     W. Va.           05-12b-69
Cr******us   Alice C.         6     W. Va.           05-14a-42
Cr******us   Cordella         19    W. Va.           05-14a-38
Cr******us   Daniel H.        9     W. Va.           05-14a-41
Cr******us   Drydan           51    W. Va.           05-14a-35
Cr******us   Elliha           20    W. Va.           05-14a-37
Cr******us   Jahue            18    W. Va.           05-14a-39
Cr******us   Mary J.          42    W. Va.           05-14a-36
Cr******us   Nettie M.        16    W. Va.           05-14a-40
Craddock     Allen R.         3     W. Va.           05-02b-59
Craddock     Charlie          8     W. Va.           05-22b-76
Craddock     Cleopher         15    W. Va.           05-16a-40
Craddock     Corbet           3     W. Va.           05-16a-43
Craddock     George           18    W. Va.           05-22b-72
Craddock     James            18    W. Va.           05-16a-39
Craddock     Jeannette        10    W. Va.           05-22b-75
Craddock     Jeff             14    W. Va.           05-22b-74
Craddock     John             45    Virginia         05-16a-37
Craddock     John M.          25    W. Va.           05-02b-58
Craddock     Leander          20    W. Va.           05-22b-71
Craddock     Manerva          40    W. Va.           05-16a-38
Craddock     Manerva          6     W. Va.           05-16a-42
Craddock     Marguerite       35    W. Va.           05-22b-70
Craddock     Nicholas         1     W. Va.           05-16a-44
Craddock     Peter            50    Virginia         05-22b-69
Craddock     Samuel S.        3/12  W. Va.           05-22b-77
Craddock     Tiny J.          8     W. Va.           05-16a-41
Craddock     Walter T.        16    W. Va.           05-22b-73
Craft        Ada  Clair       23    West Virginia    03-01a-48
Craft        Belle            25    West Virginia    03-01a-47
Craft        Cecil            25    Virginia         03-01a-9
Craft        Selie B.         53    Virginia         03-01a-46
Craft        Sidney           28    Virginia         03-01a-8
Craft        William          60    Virginia         03-01a-45
Craft        William          22    West Virginia    03-01a-49
Crowley      Nancy            90    Virginia         01-14a-12
Cummings     Newton           28    West Virginia    04-04b-85
Curry        Audrey           5     West Virginia    03-16b-76
Curry        Bertha A.        8     W. Va.           05-19a-15
Curry        Bryson           10    W. Va.           05-19a-14
Curry        Caroline         33    West Virginia    03-02a-19
Curry        Ella             24    West Virginia    03-16b-75
Curry        Emmy             3     West Virginia    03-16b-77
Curry        Louisa           30    W. Va.           05-19a-13
Curry        Margaret         .     West Va          02-04b-67
Curry        Margie           0/12  West Virginia    03-16b-78
Curry        Mattie           1     West Virginia    03-02a-20
Curry        Robert           41    West Virginia    03-02a-18
Curry        Thomas           30    West Virginia    03-16b-74

The free display of the 1900 Boone County, West Virginia, census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Robert Toler and the permission of S-K Publications.

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