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Boone County, WV 1900 Federal Census (Index)

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Nelson       Ada M.           7     W. Va.           05-04b-62
Nelson       Amigaz           44    W Va             01-04b-52
Nelson       Amy              29    West Virginia    01-03b-51
Nelson       Anna E.          25    W. Va.           05-09a-14
Nelson       Ardelia J.       46    West Virginia    04-09a-28
Nelson       Arta M.          3     W. Va.           05-04b-64
Nelson       Asenath          42    W. Va.           05-04b-58
Nelson       Augusta B.       2     W. Va.           05-11a-19
Nelson       Benjamin         21    W. Va.           05-01b-97
Nelson       Bertha L.        2     West Virginia    04-16a-35
Nelson       Betty A.         27    W. Va.           05-11a-15
Nelson       Charles          9     West Va          02-12b-78
Nelson       Clementine       2     West Virginia    01-03b-55
Nelson       Cora L.          3     West Virginia    04-08a-43
Nelson       Delphia          34    West Virginia    04-14b-69
Nelson       Dona             4     West Virginia    01-03b-53
Nelson       Donalson         11/12 W. Va.           05-09a-17
Nelson       E*****           31    West Virginia    01-03a-50
Nelson       Eliott F.        5/12  W. Va.           05-01b-99
Nelson       Elmer            18    W. Va.           05-11a-9
Nelson       Emit             3     West Virginia    04-14b-74
Nelson       Ethel P.         3     W. Va.           05-09a-15
Nelson       Ezekiel          31    W. Va.           05-11a-16
Nelson       Floyd            39    W. Va.           05-11a-14
Nelson       Garland          51    West Virginia    04-09a-27
Nelson       Georganna        15    West Virginia    01-04b-95
Nelson       George           16    West Virginia    01-03b-56
Nelson       George           12    W Va             01-04b-54
Nelson       George           33    West Virginia    04-16a-33
Nelson       Henry J.         5     W. Va.           05-04b-63
Nelson       Isaac            33    W. Va.           05-09a-13
Nelson       Issabel          21    W. Va.           05-11a-18
Nelson       James            42    W. Va.           05-04b-57
Nelson       James G          37    West Va          02-10b-83
Nelson       John             26    West Virginia    04-08a-41
Nelson       John E           6     West Virginia    01-03b-52
Nelson       Jordan           67    W. Va.           05-02a-21
Nelson       Joseph           3     West Virginia    01-03b-54
Nelson       Joseph           17    W Va             01-04b-53
Nelson       Julia            19    W. Va.           05-01b-98
Nelson       Lacy E.          15    W. Va.           05-04b-59
Nelson       Lilian E.        8     W. Va.           05-11a-35
Nelson       Lisa P.          2     West Virginia    04-08a-44
Nelson       Lonnie L.        6     W. Va.           05-18b-84
Nelson       Margie           7/12  West Virginia    04-16a-36
Nelson       Martha           37    W. Va.           05-11a-20
Nelson       Mary E.          5     West Virginia    04-14b-73
Nelson       Mary F.          10    W. Va.           05-04b-61
Nelson       Minta            27    W. Va.           05-18b-83
Nelson       Myrtle A.        2     W. Va.           05-09a-16
Nelson       Nancy B.         2/12  West Virginia    04-08a-45
Nelson       Rutha            46    W. Va.           05-08b-97
Nelson       S. V.            40    W. Va.           05-11a-33
Nelson       Samuel           22    W. Va.           05-18b-60
Nelson       Sarah            29    W. Va.           05-11a-8
Nelson       Savina A.        25    West Virginia    04-16a-34
Nelson       Valeria J.       28    W. Va.           05-11a-34
Nelson       Virgie           15    West Virginia    01-05a-19
Nelson       Virgie L         24    West Virginia    04-08a-42
Nelson       Walter           24    W. Va.           05-08b-98
Nelson       Willard J.       7     West Virginia    04-16a-39
Nelson       Willie           12    W. Va.           05-04b-60
Nelson       Wilson           24    W. Va.           05-11a-17
Nelson       Wm               65    N. Carolina      05-11a-7
Nelson       Wm H.            3/12  W. Va.           05-11a-36
Newcomb      Minnie B.        25    New Jersey       04-13b-94
Newman       Carrie           13    West Virginia    04-01b-54

Onsley       James            44    West Virginia    03-18a-41
Onsley       Logan            16    West Virginia    03-14a-12
Onsley       Napoleon         21    West Virginia    03-18b-64
Os***        Josaphine        20    W. Va.           05-19b-65
Os***        Pearl            3     W. Va.           05-19b-66
Os***        William          27    Kentucky         05-19b-64
Osborne      Catherine        31    W. Va.           01-07b-87
Osborne      Harrison         5     W. Va.           01-07b-90
Osborne      John W.          40    W. Va.           01-07b-86
Osborne      Louisa           17    W. Va.           01-07b-88
Osborne      Mary J.          9     W. Va.           01-07b-89
Osborne      Nettie B.        11/12 W. Va.           01-07b-91
Oushy        Eliza            44    West Virginia    03-03b-81

Pack         Floyd            62    West Virginia    04-14b-51
Pack         Frances          25    West Virginia    04-12b-100
Pack         Sarah            52    West Virginia    04-14b-52
Pack         Sylvester        27    West Virginia    04-12b-99
Pack         Viola            18    West Virginia    04-14b-53
Par***       Caroline         58    Tennessee        05-08a-25
Par***       Charles          15    Kentucky         05-08a-27
Par***       David            32    Kentucky         05-08a-26
Par***       Granville        58    Kentucky         05-08a-24
Par***       Nancy C.         21    Kentucky         05-08a-28
Par***       Vivian           6     W. Va.           05-08a-29
Parker       Edith            17    W. Va.           05-15a-30
Parker       John T.          22    W. Va.           05-15a-29
Parker       Oscar            20    W. Va.           05-15a-26
Parker       Robert           17    W. Va.           05-15a-27
Parsons      Carrie B         5     West Va          02-11a-5
Parsons      Claud R          1     West Va          02-11a-7
Parsons      Frances          29    West Va          02-11a-3
Parsons      Mary             25    West Va          02-11a-4
Parsons      William C        3     West Va          02-11a-6
Pauley       A*****           43    West Virginia    03-06b-76
Pauley       Albert           15    W. Va.           05-09a-23
Pauley       Albert E         1     W. Va.           01-07a-29
Pauley       Alexander        3     W. Va.           05-05b-76
Pauley       Almeda           30    W. Va.           01-07a-24
Pauley       Ana              4     W. Va.           05-13b-56
Pauley       Annie            7     W. Va.           01-07a-27
Pauley       Archie C.        5     W. Va.           05-12b-60
Pauley       Arminta          18    W. Va.           05-18a-31
Pauley       Arnold E.        13    West Virginia    04-04a-15
Pauley       Ballard P.       47    W. Va.           05-18a-30
Pauley       Benjamin         27    W. Va.           05-13b-51
Pauley       Bertie June      3     West Virginia    03-06b-83
Pauley       Bessie           6     W. Va.           01-06b-73
Pauley       Burke            5     West Virginia    04-08a-33
Pauley       Burrell          56    W. Va.           05-13a-49
Pauley       Calvary          15    W. Va.           05-15a-40
Pauley       Catherin         32    West Virginia    03-06b-77
Pauley       Catherine        27    West Virginia    03-16a-36
Pauley       Clock            47    West Virginia    04-08a-28
Pauley       Cloyd            4     West Virginia    03-16a-37
Pauley       Daniel           23    W. Va.           05-18a-38
Pauley       Daniel B.        8     W. Va.           05-05b-74
Pauley       David F.         26    W. Va.           05-13b-52
Pauley       Diannah          6/12  West Virginia    03-13a-18
Pauley       Elbert E.        16    W. Va.           05-14a-20
Pauley       Elijah           11    W. Va.           05-05b-72
Pauley       Eliott P.        1     W. Va.           05-05b-77
Pauley       Eliza            42    W. Va.           05-09a-19
Pauley       Elizabeth        40    W. Va.           01-06b-68
Pauley       Elizabeth        65    W. Va.           01-10b-61
Pauley       Elizabeth        38    W. Va.           05-14a-18
Pauley       Elizabeth        52    W. Va.           05-15a-39
Pauley       Elizabeth A.     35    West Virginia    04-04a-13
Pauley       Epharaim         18    W. Va.           05-05b-68
Pauley       Esther A.        12    W. Va.           05-14a-22
Pauley       Eva P.           2     W. Va.           05-14a-24
Pauley       Everett G.       18    W. Va.           05-12b-56
Pauley       Fayette          21    W. Va.           05-18a-36
Pauley       Floyd            42    W. Va.           01-06b-67
Pauley       Floyd            7     West Virginia    03-13a-15
Pauley       Floyd Kella      8     West Virginia    03-06b-81
Pauley       Fr****           44    W. Va.           05-12a-44
Pauley       Frances          10    West Virginia    04-08a-32
Pauley       Francie M.       48    W. Va.           05-14a-17
Pauley       Francis M.       20    W. Va.           05-12b-55
Pauley       French L.        5     W. Va.           05-13b-55
Pauley       George Jr.       17    W. Va.           05-12a-45
Pauley       George L         9     W. Va.           01-07a-26
Pauley       Golden           11    W. Va.           05-18a-34
Pauley       Hattie M.        2     West Virginia    04-04a-16
Pauley       Hillard          16    W. Va.           05-18a-32
Pauley       James            42    W. Va.           05-05b-66
Pauley       James            44    W. Va.           05-09a-18
Pauley       James E.         14    W. Va.           05-05b-70
Pauley       James E.         24    W. Va.           05-09a-20
Pauley       James Wesley     2     West Virginia    03-06b-84
Pauley       Jessie H.        8     W. Va.           05-14a-23
Pauley       Joe Sid          10    West Virginia    03-06b-80
Pauley       John             42    W. Va.           05-18a-15
Pauley       John A.          16    W. Va.           05-12a-46
Pauley       John Henry       15    West Virginia    03-06b-78
Pauley       Julia            53    West Virginia    04-08a-29
Pauley       Julian           20    W. Va.           05-14a-19
Pauley       Laura E.         18    W. Va.           05-13b-53
Pauley       Leander          43    W. Va.           05-12b-53
Pauley       Lewis            20    W. Va.           05-09a-22
Pauley       Lilly E.         8     W. Va.           05-12b-59
Pauley       Lisha            13    West Virginia    04-05b-80
Pauley       Louisa           24    West Virginia    03-13a-13
Pauley       Luania           49    W. Va.           05-13a-50
Pauley       Lucy A.          16    W. Va.           05-05b-69
Pauley       Lula B.          14    W. Va.           05-14a-21
Pauley       Mandaville       41    W. Va.           05-15a-38
Pauley       Marwin           6/12  W. Va.           05-18a-40
Pauley       Mary             9     W. Va.           01-06b-72
Pauley       Mary             19    W. Va.           01-10b-63
Pauley       Mary E.          9     W. Va.           05-15a-43
Pauley       Maud V.          16    West Virginia    04-04a-14
Pauley       May              16    W. Va.           01-06b-69
Pauley       Mearlie          3     W. Va.           01-07a-28
Pauley       Midora           9     W. Va.           05-05b-73
Pauley       Myrtle May       5     West Virginia    03-06b-82
Pauley       Nancy A.         10    W. Va.           05-09a-24
Pauley       Nancy A.         44    W. Va.           05-12b-54
Pauley       Paulina          17    West Virginia    04-08a-30
Pauley       Philip           11    W. Va.           05-15a-42
Pauley       Preston          40    W. Va.           01-07a-23
Pauley       Preston          58    W. Va.           01-10b-60
Pauley       Rebecca          15    W. Va.           05-12b-57
Pauley       Rhoda            12    West Virginia    04-08a-31
Pauley       Robert E.        9     West Virginia    03-13a-14
Pauley       Rosa             14    W. Va.           01-06b-70
Pauley       Rosena           40    W. Va.           05-05b-67
Pauley       Roxie            4     West Virginia    03-13a-16
Pauley       Roxie Anne       13    West Virginia    03-06b-79
Pauley       Ruben            14    W. Va.           05-15a-41
Pauley       S******          53    West Virginia    04-04a-12
Pauley       Sampson          7     W. Va.           05-15a-44
Pauley       Samuel           34    West Virginia    03-13a-12
Pauley       Samuel           2     West Virginia    03-16a-38
Pauley       Sarah            11    W. Va.           01-06b-71
Pauley       Sarah A.         5     W. Va.           05-05b-75
Pauley       Stella           14    W. Va.           05-18a-33
Pauley       Tiny             3     West Virginia    03-13a-17
Pauley       Tolbert          9     W. Va.           05-12b-58
Pauley       Victoria         21    W. Va.           05-18a-37
Pauley       Viola            17    W. Va.           05-18a-39
Pauley       Walter G.        22    W. Va.           05-09a-21
Pauley       William          30    West Virginia    03-16a-35
Pauley       William E        18    W. Va.           01-07a-25
Pauley       Wm H.            7     W. Va.           05-09a-25
Pauley       Wm S.            13    W. Va.           05-05b-71
Pauley       Wm.              30    W. Va.           05-22a-21
Payne        Ada G.           13    West Virginia    04-01b-73
Payne        Andrew           38    West Va          02-04b-83
Payne        Andrew           9     West Va          02-04b-88
Payne        Billie M         12    West Va          02-04b-87
Payne        Carrie H.        4     West Virginia    04-01b-76
Payne        Cumberland       52    West Virginia    04-01b-82
Payne        Delila E.        63    West Virginia    04-01b-83
Payne        Eddie            4     West Va          02-04b-90
Payne        George           54    West Va          02-03b-78
Payne        Henry            5     West Va          02-04b-89
Payne        James            48    West Virginia    04-01b-69
Payne        James O.         17    West Virginia    04-01b-71
Payne        Jesse A.         6     West Virginia    04-01b-86
Payne        John O.          23    West Virginia    04-01b-84
Payne        Lemuel           15    West Virginia    04-01b-72
Payne        Loretta          46    West Virginia    04-01b-70
Payne        Louvena          40    West Va          02-04b-84
Payne        Lulia E.         10    West Virginia    04-01b-85
Payne        Marie            48    West Va          02-03b-79
Payne        Marinda          11    West Virginia    04-01b-74
Payne        Martha           6     West Virginia    04-01b-75
Payne        Millie           15    West Va          02-09a-43
Payne        Oakey H          1     West Va          02-04b-91
Payne        Rosa             17    West Va          02-06b-76
Payne        Theodore         16    West Va          02-04b-86
Payne        Thornton         18    West Va          02-04b-85
Payne        Thornton E       13    West Va          02-04b-92
Pegott       Almeda           7     W. Va.           01-07b-56
Pegott       Edward           10    W. Va.           01-07b-55
Pegott       Emiline          13    W. Va.           01-07b-54
Pegott       James D.         4     W. Va.           01-07b-58
Pegott       Mary J.          30    W. Va.           01-07b-53
Pegott       Minnie           6     W. Va.           01-07b-57
Pegott       Robert L.        8/12  W. Va.           01-07b-59
Perdew       Bertha M.        17    West Virginia    04-06b-70
Perdew       Daniel S.        7     West Virginia    04-10a-39
Perdew       Edith            72    West Virginia    03-12b-70
Perdew       Elbert           2     West Virginia    03-05a-44
Perdew       Eliza            44    West Va          02-11a-31
Perdew       George H.        8     W. Va.           05-07a-22
Perdew       Gertie E.        19    West Virginia    04-06b-65
Perdew       Gladys V         1     West Va          02-11a-42
Perdew       Harvey           33    W. Va.           05-07a-19
Perdew       Isaa             73    Virginia         02-11b-55
Perdew       Isaac            33    West Virginia    03-05a-40
Perdew       James            28    West Virginia    04-05b-52
Perdew       Jane             35    West Virginia    03-05a-41
Perdew       Jessie           6     W. Va.           05-07a-23
Perdew       John             44    West Va          02-11a-30
Perdew       John W.          12    West Virginia    04-10a-37
Perdew       Joseph C.        9     West Virginia    04-10a-38
Perdew       King M.          5     West Virginia    04-10a-40
Perdew       Leona            2     W. Va.           05-07a-24
Perdew       Leslie E.        12    W. Va.           05-07a-21
Perdew       Letha            3     West Virginia    03-05a-43
Perdew       Lewis            19    West Virginia    04-06b-69
Perdew       Lola             5     West Virginia    03-05a-42
Perdew       Lulie M.         1     West Virginia    04-05b-54
Perdew       Maude            33    W. Va.           05-07a-20
Perdew       Odd              21    West Virginia    04-06b-84
Perdew       Ora M            25    West Va          02-11a-41
Perdew       Osie             22    West Va          02-11a-40
Perdew       Sally            40    West Virginia    04-10a-35
Perdew       Thuna M.         29    West Virginia    04-05b-53
Perdew       Virginia         56    West Va          02-11b-56
Perdew       Walter J.        14    West Virginia    04-10a-36
Perdew       William          24    West Virginia    04-06b-64
Perdew       William C        15    West Va          02-11a-32
Perdew       Zachariah        49    Virginia         04-10a-34
Perdue       Andy             15    West Virginia    03-12b-66
Perdue       Mary             50    West Virginia    03-12b-64
Perdue       Nora B.          15    West Virginia    03-12b-65
Perdue       Patterson        6     West Virginia    03-12b-68
Perdue       Thomas           39    West Virginia    03-12b-63
Perdue       William T        10    West Virginia    03-12b-67
Perry        Albert B         16    West Virginia    01-06a-35
Perry        Aldula A         28    West Va          02-01a-37
Perry        Alice            26    W. Va.           05-22b-90
Perry        Andrew J.        5     West Virginia    04-15a-17
Perry        Anna             8     W. Va.           05-17b-64
Perry        Annie            17    West Virginia    04-06b-80
Perry        Benjamin F       11    West Virginia    01-06a-37
Perry        Bertie           23    W. Va.           01-08a-12
Perry        Byrna C          10    West Va          02-01b-54
Perry        Carrie E         22    West Va          02-02a-18
Perry        Charles          25    West Va          02-03b-94
Perry        Charles S        10    West Va          02-02a-21
Perry        Clara            1     W. Va.           05-17b-66
Perry        Clarance C       4     West Va          02-01a-39
Perry        Clifford         8/12  West Va          02-03a-2
Perry        Daily            17    West Va          02-05b-99
Perry        Edith E          3     West Va          02-01a-20
Perry        Emma             11    W. Va.           05-17b-63
Perry        Ernest L         6     West Va          02-01a-38
Perry        Essie M.         16    West Virginia    04-15a-12
Perry        Esther           9     West Va          02-03a-1
Perry        Evert A          5/12  West Va          02-01b-57
Perry        Fill             13    West Va          02-02b-100
Perry        Frank            1     W. Va.           05-22b-91
Perry        Frank A          1     West Va          02-03b-96
Perry        Geophry          20    West Va          02-02b-99
Perry        George           39    West Virginia    04-15a-10
Perry        Harman           4/12  West Va          02-03b-97
Perry        Harriet R.       3     West Virginia    04-15a-18
Perry        Ira R            7     West Va          02-01a-18
Perry        James            30    West Va          02-01a-36
Perry        James            36    W. Va.           05-22b-89
Perry        James M.         59    West Virginia    01-06a-31
Perry        James R          9     West Va          02-01a-17
Perry        Jane             50    West Virginia    01-06a-32
Perry        Jertha M.        14    West Virginia    04-15a-13
Perry        John             34    West Va          02-01a-15
Perry        John             45    W. Va.           05-17b-56
Perry        John E.          12    West Virginia    04-15a-14
Perry        Joseph           54    West Va          02-02b-97
Perry        Joseph H.        24    W. Va.           05-17b-58
Perry        Josephine        22    West Va          02-02b-98
Perry        Lana B           2     West Va          02-01b-56
Perry        Lawrence C       11/12 West Va          02-01a-21
Perry        Lesley E         5     West Va          02-01a-19
Perry        Lollie           15    W. Va.           05-17b-61
Perry        Mahala           77    West Va          02-01a-41
Perry        Margaret P.      1/12  West Virginia    04-15a-19
Perry        Martha           44    W. Va.           05-17b-57
Perry        Matilda          19    West Va          02-03b-95
Perry        Maud S           15    West Va          02-02a-20
Perry        Michael          2     West Va          02-05b-100
Perry        Minnie M.        7     West Virginia    04-15a-16
Perry        Nancy G          30    West Va          02-01b-53
Perry        Nora             20    W. Va.           05-17b-59
Perry        Norbert C.       17    W. Va.           05-17b-60
Perry        Oliver           80    W. Va.           05-05b-51
Perry        Otto E           5     West Va          02-01b-55
Perry        Paulina          37    Michigan         04-15a-11
Perry        Rosetta          19    West Virginia    01-06a-34
Perry        Rozella C        19    West Va          02-02a-19
Perry        Rozella E        1     West Va          02-01a-40
Perry        Sarah F          10/12 West Va          02-06a-1
Perry        Sarah M          31    West Va          02-01a-16
Perry        Stella M         14    West Virginia    01-06a-36
Perry        Susan            58    West Va          02-02a-17
Perry        Thearen          4     W. Va.           05-17b-65
Perry        Thomas E.        21    West Virginia    01-06a-33
Perry        Ulysses          31    W. Va.           01-08a-11
Perry        Virgie           13    W. Va.           05-17b-62
Perry        Walter           4/12  W. Va.           01-08a-14
Perry        Walter R.        10    West Virginia    04-15a-15
Perry        Warren L         3     W. Va.           01-08a-13
Perry        William          34    West Va          02-01b-52
Perry        William          28    West Va          02-05b-98
Peters       ***** M.         26    W. Va.           01-08a-50
Peters       Ada E.           8     W. Va.           01-08b-51
Peters       Allie M          13    West Virginia    01-06a-41
Peters       Annie L.         2     West Virginia    01-06a-44
Peters       Arris A.         2     W. Va.           01-08b-53
Peters       Arthur           15    West Virginia    01-06a-5
Peters       Aubry M          11/12 W. Va.           01-08b-57
Peters       Benjamin         36    West Virginia    01-06a-3
Peters       Cecil            2     West Virginia    01-06a-10
Peters       Delles           1     W Va             01-04a-42
Peters       Dora             10    West Virginia    01-06a-42
Peters       Doran            12    West Virginia    01-06a-6
Peters       E******          21    W Va             01-04a-39
Peters       Early            2     W Va             01-04a-41
Peters       Elizabeth        66    W. Va.           01-08b-58
Peters       Gracie           6     West Virginia    01-06a-8
Peters       James E          6     W. Va.           01-08b-52
Peters       James H.         3     W. Va.           01-08b-56
Peters       Joseph           37    W. Va.           01-08b-54
Peters       Julia            22    W Va             01-04a-40
Peters       Mary             32    West Virginia    01-06a-39
Peters       Nancy H          39    West Virginia    01-06a-4
Peters       Nelson           4     West Virginia    01-06a-9
Peters       Nerbert          9     West Virginia    01-06a-7
Peters       Perry            15    West Virginia    01-06a-40
Peters       Ri***            30    W. Va.           01-08a-49
Peters       Sarah B.         32    W. Va.           01-08b-55
Peters       Seth R           0/12  West Virginia    01-06a-45
Peters       William E.       39    West Virginia    01-06a-38
Peters       William S.       5     West Virginia    01-06a-43
Petry        Albert           22    West Virginia    04-05a-49
Petry        Amanda           31    West Virginia    04-05b-90
Petry        Bird             23    West Virginia    04-11b-89
Petry        Cloe             25    West Virginia    04-11b-90
Petry        Cora             10    West Virginia    04-05b-91
Petry        Crate            5     West Virginia    04-05b-93
Petry        Eden             3     West Virginia    04-13a-6
Petry        Eliza A.         1     West Virginia    04-05b-94
Petry        Eliza A.         21    West Virginia    04-12b-89
Petry        Eliza R.         65    West Virginia    04-12b-88
Petry        Ellis            17    West Virginia    04-05a-50
Petry        Frances F.       60    West Virginia    04-13a-2
Petry        Frances M.       19    West Virginia    04-13a-7
Petry        Frank            14    West Virginia    04-10a-41
Petry        George W.        70    West Virginia    04-05a-47
Petry        George W.        2/12  West Virginia    04-05b-51
Petry        Hermine          7     West Virginia    04-11b-91
Petry        Hugh             3     West Virginia    04-10a-44
Petry        Jacob            14    West Virginia    04-12b-86
Petry        James            34    West Virginia    04-05b-89
Petry        James            70    West Virginia    04-13a-1
Petry        Joseph M.        7     West Virginia    04-10a-43
Petry        Josephine W.     36    West Virginia    04-10b-67
Petry        Leff             8     West Virginia    04-05b-92
Petry        Loretta          7/12  West Virginia    04-13a-8
Petry        Minerva          55    Virginia         04-05a-48
Petry        Olga             5     West Virginia    04-11b-92
Petry        Peter            71    West Virginia    04-12b-87
Petry        Samuel           44    West Virginia    04-10b-66
Petry        William E.       11    West Virginia    04-10a-42
Phipps       Artie            11    West Virginia    04-13b-78
Phipps       Bertha           15    West Virginia    04-13b-75
Phipps       Blance           4     West Virginia    04-13b-80
Phipps       Cora             38    West Virginia    04-13b-74
Phipps       Elcy K           3     West Va          02-03a-27
Phipps       Gene E.          1     West Virginia    04-13b-81
Phipps       Guy L.           12    West Virginia    04-13b-77
Phipps       James            34    West Virginia    04-02b-68
Phipps       James C.         6     West Virginia    04-13b-79
Phipps       John             27    Virginia         02-03a-25
Phipps       John R           1     West Va          02-03a-28
Phipps       Joseph           37    West Virginia    04-13b-73
Phipps       Lena             32    Ohio             04-02b-69
Phipps       Morgan           26    West Va          02-03a-29
Phipps       Murl             14    West Virginia    04-13b-76
Phipps       Myrtle           23    West Va          02-03a-26
Phipps       Nancy            80    Kentucky         03-03a-2
Phipps       Preston          74    North Carolina   03-03a-1
Pickens      ****** E.        20    West Virginia    03-02a-48
Pickens      Co*              47    Ohio             03-02a-46
Pickens      Cyril O          6     West Virginia    03-02a-50
Pickens      Jane F.          45    West Virginia    03-02a-47
Pickens      Myrtle O         16    West Virginia    03-02a-49
Porter       John A.          72    West Virginia    04-06a-26
Porter       Luray S.         14    West Virginia    04-06a-29
Porter       Mary T           11    West Virginia    04-06a-31
Porter       Nancy            60    West Virginia    04-06a-27
Porter       Nancy A.         12    West Virginia    04-06a-30
Porter       Noah L.          19    West Virginia    04-06a-32
Porter       Thomas F.        38    West Virginia    04-06a-28
Powell       *****            39    W. Va.           05-16a-30
Powell       Aubra C.         0/12  W. Va.           05-15b-86
Powell       Berkie L.        26    W. Va.           05-04a-41
Powell       Br*****          22    W. Va.           05-15b-82
Powell       Carrie C.        2     W. Va.           05-15b-85
Powell       Carrie E.        17    W. Va.           05-16a-32
Powell       Charley M.       2     W. Va.           05-04a-45
Powell       Cleveland        16    W. Va.           05-15b-91
Powell       Dula             19    West Virginia    03-08a-3
Powell       Edward           9     W. Va.           05-15b-93
Powell       George           19    W. Va.           05-15b-90
Powell       Gracie C.        7     W. Va.           05-16a-35
Powell       Halla D.         3     W. Va.           05-15b-84
Powell       Henry            13    W. Va.           05-15b-92
Powell       Jessie E.        12    W. Va.           05-16a-34
Powell       John             19    W. Va.           05-15b-89
Powell       Joseph           54    W. Va.           05-15b-87
Powell       Leanor J.        21    W. Va.           05-04a-42
Powell       Lelie A.         16    W. Va.           05-16a-33
Powell       Loyd C.          5     W. Va.           05-04a-43
Powell       Mary E.          38    W. Va.           05-16a-31
Powell       Mearl E.         9/12  W. Va.           05-04a-46
Powell       Rhoda V.         50    W. Va.           05-15b-88
Powell       Rosa             7     W. Va.           05-15b-94
Powell       Roy C.           3     W. Va.           05-04a-44
Powell       Susan            25    W. Va.           05-15b-83
Powell       Telitha C.       79    Virginia         05-17b-55
Powell       Vernona          3     W. Va.           05-16a-36
Predway      Ida D            *     West Va          02-09b-63
Predway      Martha J         *     West Va          02-09b-62
Predway      Penira A         *     West Va          02-09b-64
Predway      Sarah A          *     West Va          02-09b-61
Price        *                52    West Virginia    03-04a-25
Price        Ada              9     West Virginia    01-05b-99
Price        Albert           17    W. Va.           01-06b-90
Price        Alice            14    W. Va.           01-15b-53
Price        Allen            14    W. Va.           01-15b-87
Price        Almeda C.        25    W. Va.           01-14b-75
Price        Alozzo           7     West Virginia    03-03b-82
Price        Amanda           39    West Virginia    01-05b-95
Price        Amanda           37    W. Va.           01-09a-50
Price        Anne             39    W. Va.           01-15a-39
Price        Annie            9     W. Va.           01-15b-91
Price        Annie Leona      42    West Virginia    03-04a-2
Price        Arnold           1     W. Va.           01-15b-57
Price        Basil            6     West Virginia    03-04a-9
Price        Beatrice         2     W. Va.           01-14b-64
Price        Beatrice         9     West Virginia    03-02a-13
Price        Bella            11    W. Va.           01-15b-54
Price        Benjamin         55    West Virginia    03-02a-22
Price        Benjamin         45    West Virginia    03-13b-89
Price        Benjamin S.      28    W. Va.           01-14b-66
Price        Berlin           13    West Virginia    01-05b-97
Price        Bertha           6     W. Va.           01-06b-98
Price        Bertie           23    West Virginia    03-04a-17
Price        Bessie           6     W. Va.           01-09b-56
Price        Bethel           4     W. Va.           01-06b-99
Price        Bethel           4     W. Va.           01-14b-63
Price        Bilton           13    W. Va.           01-09b-53
Price        Buck             21    W. Va.           01-15b-51
Price        Burnwall S       9     W. Va.           01-15b-83
Price        Callie           7     West Virginia    03-14a-8
Price        Calvin           19    W. Va.           01-15a-40
Price        Caroline         65    West Va          02-09a-9
Price        Caroline         65    West Virginia    03-13b-99
Price        Carrie           13    West Va          02-10a-23
Price        Carrie           14    West Virginia    03-13b-94
Price        Carrie B.        29    West Virginia    03-16b-65
Price        Carter           3     West Virginia    03-13b-97
Price        Causby           46    West Va          02-01b-78
Price        Cecil            1     West Virginia    03-14a-20
Price        Charles          8     W. Va.           01-15b-55
Price        Charles          60    W. Va.           01-15b-94
Price        Charles          30    West Virginia    03-16b-64
Price        Charlie          3     West Virginia    03-04a-33
Price        Clara B.         22    West Virginia    01-06b-88
Price        Collin           28    West Virginia    03-13b-98
Price        Cornelus         16    West Virginia    03-13b-93
Price        Cyntha           21    West Va          02-11b-99
Price        Dayton           2     W. Va.           01-09b-57
Price        Della            10    West Virginia    03-14a-16
Price        Dennis           2     West Virginia    03-16b-61
Price        Dewey            6/12  W. Va.           01-14b-73
Price        Domie            10    West Virginia    03-14a-7
Price        Donley           4     W. Va.           01-15a-44
Price        Dora B.          25    W. Va.           01-15b-77
Price        E**** T.         20    West Virginia    03-04a-23
Price        Earl H           3     West Va          02-01b-83
Price        Edgar            23    W. Va.           01-15b-78
Price        Edwin            17    W. Va.           01-15a-32
Price        Edwin M          20    W. Va.           01-06b-89
Price        Effe G           5     West Va          02-01b-84
Price        Effie            18    West Virginia    03-04a-28
Price        Electa           10    W. Va.           01-10b-97
Price        Elena            16    West Virginia    03-04a-29
Price        Elizabeth        21    West Virginia    03-02a-42
Price        Ella             20    West Virginia    03-02a-25
Price        Ella             7     West Virginia    03-04a-16
Price        Ellander         54    W. Va.           01-15b-76
Price        Elmer            17    W. Va.           01-09b-51
Price        Elmer            5     West Virginia    03-14a-18
Price        Emily            54    W. Va.           01-06b-87
Price        Emma             20    W. Va.           01-15a-31
Price        Emma             21    West Virginia    03-04a-27
Price        Emmazetta        31    W. Va.           05-18a-42
Price        Ernest           7     West Virginia    03-14a-17
Price        Estella          7/12  W. Va.           01-14b-85
Price        Ethel            5     West Virginia    01-05b-100
Price        Ettie C.         24    West Virginia    03-04a-3
Price        Fannie           10    W. Va.           01-06b-92
Price        Fannie           26    West Virginia    03-02a-24
Price        Fenton           30    West Virginia    03-02a-23
Price        Flora            14    West Virginia    03-03a-42
Price        Florance         23    West Va          02-10a-22
Price        Floyd            66    West Va          02-10a-20
Price        Forrest          8     W. Va.           01-09b-55
Price        Frank D          2     West Va          02-01b-85
Price        French           24    West Va          02-11b-98
Price        George           52    W. Va.           01-15b-84
Price        George           12    West Virginia    03-04a-14
Price        George W.        19    W. Va.           01-15b-80
Price        George W         15    West Va          02-01b-80
Price        Gertie           25    W. Va.           01-15b-85
Price        Gladys           18    W. Va.           01-14b-72
Price        Glen             4     West Virginia    03-16b-60
Price        Gossie           2     W. Va.           01-06b-100
Price        Gracie           6     West Virginia    03-04a-32
Price        Harriett         40    West Virginia    03-02a-41
Price        Harrison         11    West Virginia    01-05b-98
Price        Hettie           8     W. Va.           01-10b-98
Price        Hobert           3     West Virginia    01-06a-1
Price        Howard           10    W. Va.           01-15b-90
Price        Ira              9     West Va          02-10a-25
Price        Ira              13    West Virginia    03-02a-26
Price        Isaiah           18    W. Va.           01-15b-52
Price        Jacob            9     West Va          02-10a-24
Price        Jacob            11/12 West Virginia    03-16b-67
Price        James            53    West Virginia    03-02a-11
Price        James            51    West Virginia    03-04a-11
Price        James            21    West Virginia    03-13b-91
Price        James            27    West Virginia    03-16b-58
Price        James B.         14    West Virginia    03-04a-13
Price        James M.         25    W. Va.           01-14b-71
Price        Joda             3     West Virginia    03-14a-19
Price        John             50    Virginia         02-01b-77
Price        John             68    Ohio             02-09a-8
Price        John             67    West Virginia    03-04b-79
Price        John H.          32    W. Va.           05-18a-41
Price        Joseph           12    W. Va.           01-06b-91
Price        Josephine        22    W. Va.           01-15a-30
Price        Julia            46    Virginia         02-10a-21
Price        Kenny            15    W. Va.           01-09b-52
Price        Kitty Ann        25    W. Va.           01-14b-83
Price        Laura            11/12 West Virginia    03-14a-10
Price        Lemuel           58    W. Va.           01-15b-95
Price        Lena M.          5     W. Va.           05-18a-43
Price        Lenora           21    W. Va.           01-15b-79
Price        Leonard          5     W. Va.           01-14b-62
Price        Light*           24    W. Va.           01-06b-96
Price        Lillard          23    North Carolina   01-10a-31
Price        Lilly            16    W. Va.           01-15b-64
Price        Lonsel           10    West Virginia    03-13b-100
Price        Lottie           8     West Virginia    03-14a-11
Price        Loyd             30    West Virginia    03-14a-5
Price        Lu****           61    West Virginia    03-19b-69
Price        Lucy A           13    West Va          02-01b-81
Price        Lula J           15    W. Va.           01-15b-81
Price        Malissa          61    W. Va.           01-15a-28
Price        Manerva C.       39    West Virginia    03-13b-90
Price        Marie            7/12  West Virginia    03-04a-10
Price        Marshal L        16    W. Va.           01-15a-41
Price        Martha           38    W. Va.           01-10b-93
Price        Martha           6     W. Va.           01-10b-99
Price        Marvin           4     W. Va.           01-10b-100
Price        Marvin H         4     W. Va.           01-14b-69
Price        Mary             53    W. Va.           01-15a-34
Price        Mary A.          19    W. Va.           01-15a-36
Price        Mary F           15    W. Va.           01-15a-42
Price        Maud             19    West Virginia    03-04a-5
Price        Maudy            29    West Virginia    03-04a-26
Price        May              10    West Virginia    03-04a-15
Price        Milton           40    Tennessee        01-09a-49
Price        Minnie           12    W. Va.           01-15b-89
Price        Minnie           22    West Virginia    03-04a-4
Price        Minnie E         9     W. Va.           01-14b-68
Price        Mollie           30    W. Va.           01-15a-29
Price        Mollie           3     West Va          02-10a-26
Price        Morris           47    West Virginia    03-04a-1
Price        Morris           12    West Virginia    03-13b-95
Price        Myrtle           1     West Va          02-10a-27
Price        Myrtle           13    West Virginia    03-04a-30
Price        Myrtle           12    West Virginia    03-14a-15
Price        Myrtle           4     W. Va.           05-18a-44
Price        N***             15    West Virginia    01-05b-96
Price        Nadia E.         1     W. Va.           01-14b-70
Price        Nancy            2     W. Va.           01-11a-1
Price        Nancy            43    W. Va.           01-15a-50
Price        Nona M           11    West Va          02-01b-82
Price        Norval           20    West Virginia    03-13b-92
Price        Norvel           1     W. Va.           05-18a-46
Price        Oakland          25    W. Va.           01-07a-5
Price        Oley             24    W. Va.           01-15b-96
Price        Oley             3     West Virginia    03-03b-83
Price        Opal             2     West Virginia    03-16b-62
Price        Ora E.           25    West Virginia    03-16b-59
Price        Otto             10    W. Va.           01-09b-54
Price        Otto             10    West Virginia    03-13b-96
Price        Parker           29    W. Va.           01-14b-59
Price        Pearl D          1     W. Va.           01-14b-84
Price        Peter            48    W. Va.           01-15a-49
Price        Peter            13    W. Va.           01-15b-88
Price        Peter L          25    W. Va.           01-15a-35
Price        Polly A.         30    West Virginia    03-14a-14
Price        Preston          12    West Virginia    03-04a-7
Price        Redford          2     West Virginia    03-16b-66
Price        Robert           37    W. Va.           01-15b-63
Price        Robert           15    W. Va.           01-15b-86
Price        Robert L         29    W. Va.           01-14b-74
Price        Robin            75    West Virginia    03-02a-40
Price        Romie M          11    W. Va.           01-15a-43
Price        Ruby             5     West Virginia    03-14a-9
Price        Sallie           31    West Virginia    03-02a-12
Price        Samuel E.        5     W. Va.           01-10b-94
Price        Sarah            48    West Virginia    03-04a-12
Price        Sarah            28    West Virginia    03-14a-6
Price        Sarah A          27    W. Va.           01-14b-67
Price        Saul             1     W. Va.           01-14b-65
Price        Signora          17    W. Va.           01-15a-37
Price        Stella           5     W. Va.           01-15b-56
Price        Syl*             25    W. Va.           01-10b-96
Price        Taylor           15    West Virginia    03-04a-6
Price        Thomas           43    W. Va.           01-15a-38
Price        Thomas           51    West Virginia    03-16b-71
Price        Vera             9     West Virginia    03-04a-31
Price        Victory          25    W. Va.           01-14b-60
Price        Vinna            8     West Virginia    03-04a-8
Price        Viola            34    W. Va.           01-06b-97
Price        Virgil           3/12  West Virginia    01-06a-2
Price        Walter H         11    W. Va.           01-15b-82
Price        Wanda            3     W. Va.           05-18a-45
Price        William          57    North Carolina   01-05b-94
Price        William          70    Tennessee        01-10b-92
Price        William          52    W. Va.           01-15a-33
Price        William          35    West Virginia    03-14a-13
Price        William M        18    West Va          02-01b-79
Price        Winfred          6     W. Va.           01-14b-61
Price        Zacharia         55    North Carolina   01-06b-86
Purdue       Florence         38    West Virginia    03-03a-9
Purdue       George           44    West Virginia    03-03a-8
Purdue       Roma             11    West Virginia    03-03a-10

Rach         Rhoda H.         63    West Virginia    04-01b-93
Raines       Cora H.          24    West Virginia    04-04a-32
Raines       John             25    West Virginia    04-04a-31
Raleigh      George A.        46    Illinois         03-19b-73
Rice         Edward           27    Kentucky         05-19b-96
Richards     Cathie H.        3/12  West Virginia    04-16a-22
Richards     Charles          2     West Virginia    04-16a-21
Richards     Clarinda         10    West Virginia    04-16a-17
Richards     George           38    West Virginia    04-14b-97
Richards     Lewis H.         15    West Virginia    04-16a-14
Richards     Louisa           23    West Virginia    04-15b-99
Richards     Martha C.        8     West Virginia    04-16a-18
Richards     Mary H.          10    West Virginia    04-15b-100
Richards     Mary T.          14    West Virginia    04-16a-15
Richards     Milton           40    West Virginia    04-16a-12
Richards     Minnie C.        33    West Virginia    04-16a-13
Richards     Myrtle E.        4     West Virginia    04-16a-20
Richards     Owen             74    West Virginia    04-15b-98
Richards     Owen             6     West Virginia    04-16a-19
Richards     Ward             13    West Virginia    04-16a-16
Richmond     Amanda           38    West Virginia    01-05b-79
Richmond     Andrew           15    West Virginia    01-05b-80
Richmond     Henry            11    W Va             01-02a-38
Richmond     Jessie           12    West Virginia    01-01b-87
Richmond     John             47    West Virginia    01-05b-78
Richmond     Kriston          2     West Virginia    01-05b-81
Richmond     Martha           22    W. Va.           05-15a-23
Richmond     Milton           1     West Virginia    01-05b-82
Richmond     Sarah            7     W Va             01-02a-39
Riffe        Ada M.           13    West Virginia    04-15a-7
Riffe        Elizabeth        44    West Virginia    04-15a-5
Riffe        Hattie B.        16    West Virginia    04-15a-6
Riffe        John             60    West Virginia    04-15a-4
Roach        Edgar            12    West Virginia    04-01a-10
Roach        Ernest           9     West Virginia    04-01a-3
Roach        Everet           7     West Virginia    04-01a-4
Roach        Floyd            45    West Virginia    04-01a-1
Roach        Frank            16    West Virginia    04-01a-7
Roach        Fred             13    West Virginia    04-01a-9
Roach        Hallie B.        5     West Virginia    04-01a-5
Roach        Jennings B.      3     West Virginia    04-01a-6
Roach        Lena             15    West Virginia    04-01a-8
Roach        Minerva A.       35    West Virginia    04-01a-2
Roach        Minnie           12    West Va          02-12b-96
Roberts      Agie             34    W. Va.           05-10b-66
Roberts      Alta S.          22    W. Va.           05-11a-5
Roberts      Charley          6     W. Va.           05-11a-2
Roberts      Dena             13    W. Va.           05-10b-68
Roberts      Elizabeth        51    W. Va.           05-14b-52
Roberts      Everett          14    W. Va.           05-10b-67
Roberts      Harvey           36    Kentucky         05-09b-77
Roberts      Jacob            7     W. Va.           05-09b-78
Roberts      Jacob            26    W. Va.           05-11a-4
Roberts      Jessie           4     W. Va.           05-10b-72
Roberts      John             10    W. Va.           05-10b-69
Roberts      John G.          46    W. Va.           05-10b-96
Roberts      Johnny T.        14    W. Va.           05-10b-100
Roberts      Joseph           72    W. Va.           05-10b-75
Roberts      Joseph           24    W. Va.           05-10b-98
Roberts      Joseph M.        36    W. Va.           05-10b-65
Roberts      Lilley A.        7     W. Va.           05-10b-71
Roberts      Liza A.          16    W. Va.           05-10b-99
Roberts      Lorenzo          1     W. Va.           05-11a-3
Roberts      Louisa           33    W. Va.           05-10b-77
Roberts      Margarite        2     W. Va.           05-10b-73
Roberts      Martha           43    W. Va.           05-10b-97
Roberts      Mary Ann         0/12  W. Va.           05-10b-74
Roberts      Melvin E.        2     W. Va.           05-11a-6
Roberts      Nancy Ann        68    W. Va.           05-10b-76
Roberts      Robert           9     W. Va.           05-10b-70
Roberts      Rosa B.          11    W. Va.           05-11a-1
Rogers       George           32    West Virginia    03-18b-63
Rose         Cairie           6     W. Va.           05-18b-74
Rose         Gertie           3     W. Va.           05-18b-75
Rose         Green            22    W. Va.           05-19a-20
Rose         Lucinda          24    W. Va.           05-18b-73
Rose         Richard          35    Pennsylvania     05-18b-72
Rumberry     Blanche          3/12  West Va          02-03a-21
Rumberry     Jessie           72    Virginia         02-03a-17
Rumberry     Marie L          64    Virginia         02-03a-18
Rumberry     Mary M           30    West Va          02-03a-19
Rumberry     Willie           14    West Va          02-03a-20
Russell      Evermint W.      24    West Virginia    04-05a-10
Russell      Flora D.         19    West Virginia    04-05a-11
Russell      James            58    West Virginia    04-05a-7
Russell      Mahala           59    West Virginia    04-05a-8
Russell      Nancy            26    West Virginia    04-05a-9

The free display of the 1900 Boone County, West Virginia, census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
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