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Boone County, WV 1900 Federal Census (Index)

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D*           Bur*             22    West Virginia    01-06a-50
Dabney       John H           26    West Virginia    01-05a-39
Dabney       Nancy            39    West Virginia    01-05a-40
Davis        James            82    West Virginia    03-06a-46
Davis        James            34    Kentucky         03-19a-3
Davis        James P.         21    West Virginia    03-06a-48
Davis        Paulina          53    West Virginia    03-06a-47
Dempsy       Charles          22    W. Va.           05-18b-62
Dempsy       Willie           20    W. Va.           05-18b-63
Dent         Anetta M.        11/12 W. Va.           05-22a-9
Dent         George C.        14    W. Va.           05-22a-5
Dent         John S.          8     W. Va.           05-22a-7
Dent         Lamatha E.       11    W. Va.           05-22a-6
Dent         Namona R.        17    W. Va.           05-22a-4
Dent         Robert B.        6     W. Va.           05-22a-8
Dent         S. O.            38    W. Va.           05-22a-2
Dent         W. E.            39    W. Va.           05-22a-1
Dent         Wristen W.       20    W. Va.           05-22a-3
Dickens      Bradie           2     W. Va.           01-08a-46
Dickens      Clinton          6     W Va             01-02b-73
Dickens      Daniel           44    West Virginia    04-04b-89
Dickens      Daniel J.        21    West Virginia    04-04b-90
Dickens      David B          1     W Va             01-02b-75
Dickens      Dilila           30    W. Va.           01-08b-84
Dickens      Ester A.         30    West Virginia    04-04b-68
Dickens      Franklin         36    W. Va.           01-08b-83
Dickens      George           8     West Virginia    04-04b-94
Dickens      Grace            4     W. Va.           01-08b-87
Dickens      Harrison R.      7     West Virginia    04-04b-71
Dickens      Ida              24    W Va             01-02b-71
Dickens      Ina              9     W. Va.           01-08b-85
Dickens      James A.         1     W. Va.           01-08b-88
Dickens      James D.         8     West Virginia    04-04b-70
Dickens      James E.         18    West Virginia    04-04b-91
Dickens      Leander          40    W Va             01-02b-70
Dickens      Lettie           7     W Va             01-02b-72
Dickens      Lottie           1     West Virginia    04-04b-73
Dickens      Louisa M         5     W. Va.           01-08a-45
Dickens      Martha           27    W. Va.           01-08a-43
Dickens      Nathaniel        10    West Virginia    04-04b-93
Dickens      Prince H.        8     W. Va.           01-08a-44
Dickens      Rosie B.         12    West Virginia    04-04b-69
Dickens      Sadie            4     W Va             01-02b-74
Dickens      Stanley          28    W. Va.           01-08a-42
Dickens      Victora M.       15    West Virginia    04-04b-92
Dickens      William          30    West Virginia    04-04b-67
Dickens      William M.       6     W. Va.           01-08b-86
Dickens      William M.       4     West Virginia    04-04b-72
Dickerson    Josephine        56    West Va          02-04b-76
Dickerson    M*               61    West Va          02-04b-75
Dickerson    Mary N           26    West Va          02-04b-77
Dickerson    Mattison C       15    West Va          02-04b-81
Dickerson    Parthena J       18    West Va          02-04b-80
Dickerson    Rose J           20    West Va          02-04b-79
Dickerson    Seymore A        22    West Va          02-04b-78
Dint         Virgalee         17    West Va          02-08b-78
Dixon        Herman           1     West Va          02-04b-66
Dixon        Marty            33    West Va          02-04b-64
Dixon        Mary             28    West Va          02-04b-65
Dodson       Albert           34    West Virginia    04-11a-29
Dodson       Caroline         37    West Virginia    04-11a-30
Dodson       Cora L.          8     West Virginia    04-10b-56
Dodson       David            25    West Virginia    04-10b-54
Dodson       Elizabeth        13    West Virginia    04-11a-32
Dodson       Emily            15    West Virginia    04-11a-31
Dodson       George E.        35    Ohio             04-02b-64
Dodson       Lucinda E.       23    West Virginia    04-10b-55
Dodson       Mary             50    West Virginia    04-10b-52
Dodson       Tina             6     West Virginia    04-10b-57
Dodson       William          55    West Virginia    04-10b-51
Dodson       William          9     West Virginia    04-11a-33
Dolin        *                23    West Virginia    03-12b-71
Dolin        Albert           3     West Virginia    03-12a-19
Dolin        Annie Florence   10    West Virginia    03-06b-71
Dolin        Biddle Cory      11/12 West Virginia    03-06b-75
Dolin        Bird             4     West Virginia    03-11a-37
Dolin        Carrie           16    West Virginia    03-06a-22
Dolin        Christopher C.   4     West Virginia    03-13a-11
Dolin        Cloe             14    West Virginia    03-06a-23
Dolin        Columbus         5     West Virginia    03-12b-57
Dolin        David            21    West Virginia    03-06b-68
Dolin        Dellie           21    West Virginia    03-06a-30
Dolin        Diannah          50    West Virginia    03-13a-5
Dolin        Edgar            12    West Virginia    03-12b-89
Dolin        Elbert L         16    West Virginia    03-06b-69
Dolin        Elisha           10    West Virginia    03-11a-6
Dolin        Elizabeth        1     West Virginia    03-12a-49
Dolin        Elizabeth        57    West Virginia    03-12b-51
Dolin        Ella             23    West Virginia    03-08a-22
Dolin        Essie            1     West Virginia    03-06a-32
Dolin        Esta             2     West Virginia    03-11a-38
Dolin        Euthancy         33    West Virginia    03-12b-88
Dolin        Floyd            24    West Virginia    03-13a-1
Dolin        Floyd            56    West Virginia    03-13a-4
Dolin        Frances          5     West Virginia    03-12a-18
Dolin        Frances M.       10    West Virginia    03-12a-26
Dolin        Frances          47    West Virginia    03-06a-20
Dolin        Francis          34    West Virginia    03-11a-30
Dolin        George           43    West Virginia    03-11a-1
Dolin        George           22    West Virginia    03-11a-19
Dolin        George W.        6     West Virginia    03-06b-73
Dolin        George W.        6     West Virginia    03-11a-8
Dolin        Girtie           11    West Virginia    03-11a-34
Dolin        Ha*              26    West Virginia    03-12b-72
Dolin        Hallie           3     West Virginia    03-06a-27
Dolin        Hansford         4     West Virginia    03-12a-28
Dolin        Harris           13    West Virginia    03-11a-20
Dolin        Hattie           7     West Virginia    03-06a-26
Dolin        Henderson        6     West Virginia    03-12a-46
Dolin        Henry            13    West Virginia    03-12b-62
Dolin        Henry            18    West Virginia    03-13a-7
Dolin        Hester           8     West Virginia    03-12a-27
Dolin        Hiram            46    West Virginia    03-06a-19
Dolin        Hiram            39    West Virginia    03-12b-52
Dolin        Howard           5     West Virginia    03-12a-17
Dolin        Howard W.        16    West Virginia    03-11a-3
Dolin        Ida              8     West Virginia    03-11a-35
Dolin        Ida May          5     West Virginia    03-12a-31
Dolin        Ilma             4     West Virginia    03-12b-91
Dolin        Ira              22    West Virginia    03-12b-96
Dolin        Ira R.           2     West Virginia    03-12b-92
Dolin        Isaac L.         7     West Virginia    03-11a-21
Dolin        Isom             9     West Virginia    03-12a-44
Dolin        Jackson          42    West Virginia    03-06b-66
Dolin        Jackson B.       3     West Virginia    03-11a-9
Dolin        Jackson P.       51    West Virginia    03-12a-29
Dolin        James            7     West Virginia    03-12b-56
Dolin        James            48    West Virginia    03-12b-60
Dolin        James E.         16    West Virginia    03-08a-41
Dolin        Jane             69    West Virginia    03-06a-35
Dolin        John             73    West Virginia    03-06a-34
Dolin        John             *4    West Virginia    03-12a-12
Dolin        John B.          12    West Virginia    03-11a-5
Dolin        John F.          36    West Virginia    03-11a-29
Dolin        John L.          46    West Virginia    03-11a-17
Dolin        John W.          25    West Virginia    03-13a-6
Dolin        Johnie           12    West Virginia    03-12a-43
Dolin        Joseph           15    West Virginia    03-06b-70
Dolin        Joseph           10    West Virginia    03-12a-16
Dolin        Juda             80    West Virginia    03-11a-16
Dolin        Julia            43    West Virginia    03-12b-61
Dolin        Letha            52    West Virginia    03-11a-22
Dolin        Loren            7/12  West Virginia    03-11a-39
Dolin        Louvina E.       1     West Virginia    03-11a-10
Dolin        Lucy             52    West Virginia    03-12a-22
Dolin        Mamie            12    West Virginia    03-13a-9
Dolin        Man**            36    West Virginia    03-12a-40
Dolin        Manderville      2     West Virginia    03-13a-3
Dolin        Manerva          36    West Virginia    03-11a-2
Dolin        Manerva          17    West Virginia    03-12b-54
Dolin        Margaret         37    West Virginia    03-12a-41
Dolin        Margaret         3/12  West Virginia    03-12a-50
Dolin        Martha           40    West Virginia    03-12a-13
Dolin        Martha A.        9     West Virginia    03-12b-90
Dolin        Martin W.        9     West Virginia    03-12a-30
Dolin        Mary             21    West Virginia    03-06a-31
Dolin        Mary A.          7     West Virginia    03-11a-36
Dolin        Mary L.          7     West Virginia    03-12b-98
Dolin        Mathew M.        16    West Virginia    03-11a-4
Dolin        Maudie           11    West Virginia    03-06a-24
Dolin        Maudie J.        14    West Virginia    03-11a-32
Dolin        Mike             31    West Virginia    03-12b-95
Dolin        Minnie Clide     1     West Virginia    03-12b-74
Dolin        Mintie           8     West Virginia    03-12a-45
Dolin        Nancy            32    West Virginia    03-12b-53
Dolin        Nancy            9/12  West Virginia    03-12b-58
Dolin        Nettie           49    West Virginia    03-11a-18
Dolin        Nicholas         14    West Virginia    03-12b-55
Dolin        Noah             17    West Virginia    03-06a-21
Dolin        Nora             9     West Virginia    03-13a-10
Dolin        Oley J.          3     West Virginia    03-06b-74
Dolin        Omer             3     West Virginia    03-12b-73
Dolin        Ora              4     West Virginia    03-08a-24
Dolin        Patrick          14    West Virginia    03-12a-42
Dolin        Paulina          15    West Virginia    03-13a-8
Dolin        Peach Appleton   8     West Virginia    03-06b-72
Dolin        Perry            7     West Virginia    03-08a-23
Dolin        Peter            40    West Virginia    03-12a-24
Dolin        Polly Anne       3     West Virginia    03-12a-48
Dolin        Rebecca          16    West Virginia    03-12a-14
Dolin        Robert           27    West Virginia    03-08a-21
Dolin        Roma             9     West Virginia    03-06a-25
Dolin        Roxie A.         1     West Virginia    03-12a-23
Dolin        Sallie           12    West Virginia    03-12b-97
Dolin        Sarah            35    West Virginia    03-12a-25
Dolin        Sarah            55    West Virginia    03-12b-94
Dolin        Sarelda          33    West Virginia    03-06b-67
Dolin        Selana           14    West Virginia    03-12a-15
Dolin        St*              19    West Virginia    03-13a-2
Dolin        Susan            18    West Virginia    03-12a-21
Dolin        Tom              21    West Virginia    03-12a-20
Dolin        Viola            8     West Virginia    03-11a-7
Dolin        Virgie E.        5     West Virginia    03-12a-47
Dolin        Walter           24    West Virginia    03-08a-31
Dolin        Wat              12    West Virginia    03-11a-33
Dolin        William          36    West Virginia    03-12b-87
Dolin        William          61    West Virginia    03-12b-93
Dolin        Winfred          16    West Virginia    03-11a-31
Dolins       Andrew, Dr.      59    West Virginia    03-10b-57
Dolins       Claude           6     W. Va.           05-19b-71
Dolins       Clyde            9     W. Va.           05-19b-70
Dolins       Dan              2/12  W. Va.           05-19b-72
Dolins       Joseph           34    W. Va.           05-19b-68
Dolins       Minta            33    W. Va.           05-19b-69
Dolins       Susan            16    West Virginia    03-10b-59
Dolins       Valerian         52    West Virginia    03-10b-58
Donnally     Alicia           11    West Virginia    03-10b-60
Donnally     Ella             8     West Virginia    03-11a-48
Donnally     Hassel H         0/12  West Virginia    03-11b-80
Donnally     Sarah C.         30    West Virginia    03-11b-79
Doss         Addie            16    West Virginia    03-07a-20
Doss         Allice           12    W. Va.           01-12b-67
Doss         Bertha           4     West Virginia    03-07a-18
Doss         Bessie           7     West Virginia    03-10a-16
Doss         Bird W.          4     West Virginia    03-10a-20
Doss         Bradford         4     W. Va.           01-12b-53
Doss         Caroline         37    W. Va.           01-12b-65
Doss         Charlotte        6     W. Va.           01-12b-69
Doss         David            50    W. Va.           01-12a-45
Doss         Elbert           13    West Virginia    03-07a-15
Doss         Elizabeth        16    W. Va.           01-12a-41
Doss         Emily            45    West Virginia    03-10a-28
Doss         Esta M           12    W. Va.           01-12a-49
Doss         Everett          3     W. Va.           01-12b-70
Doss         George           60    West Virginia    03-09b-54
Doss         Georgie Florance 2     West Virginia    03-10a-21
Doss         Girtrude         1     West Virginia    03-07a-19
Doss         Grace            20    W. Va.           01-12a-40
Doss         Gusta            10    W. Va.           01-12a-50
Doss         Harvey           62    W. Va.           01-12b-71
Doss         Henderson        46    West Virginia    03-07a-12
Doss         Isaac            49    W. Va.           01-12a-38
Doss         Isom             7     West Virginia    03-10a-30
Doss         Jackson          31    West Virginia    03-10a-17
Doss         James C          6     W. Va.           01-12b-52
Doss         John H.          19    W. Va.           01-12a-47
Doss         Leona            24    West Virginia    03-10a-18
Doss         Lula M.          6     West Virginia    03-10a-19
Doss         Magdalene        18    W. Va.           01-12b-66
Doss         Mallord F        15    W. Va.           01-12a-48
Doss         Mary             20    West Virginia    03-09b-57
Doss         Mary E.          48    W. Va.           01-12a-46
Doss         Mary M.          23    West Virginia    03-09b-56
Doss         Maudie           11    West Virginia    03-07a-16
Doss         Mertie E         8     W. Va.           01-12b-51
Doss         Nancy            9     West Virginia    03-10a-29
Doss         Nellie Pearl     7/12  West Virginia    03-10a-22
Doss         Oma              9     W. Va.           01-12a-43
Doss         Oscar            18    West Virginia    03-09b-58
Doss         Paulina          39    W. Va.           01-12a-39
Doss         Pearl            3     W. Va.           01-12a-44
Doss         Rilley C         8     W. Va.           01-12b-68
Doss         Roland           42    W. Va.           01-12b-64
Doss         Rosa Lee         4     West Virginia    03-10a-31
Doss         Samantha         57    West Virginia    03-09b-55
Doss         Sarilda          16    West Virginia    01-05a-32
Doss         Serilda          60    W. Va.           01-12b-72
Doss         Sullivan         6     West Virginia    03-07a-17
Doss         Susan            35    West Virginia    03-07a-13
Doss         Terry            69    Virginia         03-10a-27
Doss         Virgie Lee       15    West Virginia    03-07a-14
Doss         William          12    W. Va.           01-12a-42
Dotson       Anna             20    W. Va.           05-10a-41
Dotson       Caroline         53    West Virginia    04-04b-83
Dotson       David            38    West Virginia    04-04b-74
Dotson       Francis          25    West Virginia    03-17a-45
Dotson       George E.        1     W. Va.           05-10a-42
Dotson       Indiana          35    Ohio             04-04b-75
Dotson       Ivan             23    W. Va.           05-10a-40
Dotson       James            7     West Virginia    04-04b-77
Dotson       Jesse            3     West Virginia    04-04b-79
Dotson       John             35    West Virginia    03-17a-44
Dotson       Lillie M.        1/12  West Virginia    03-17a-47
Dotson       Lizzie           6     West Virginia    03-17a-46
Dotson       Marietta         11    West Virginia    04-04b-76
Dotson       Marinda          48    West Virginia    04-04b-87
Dotson       Mathew           75    West Virginia    04-04b-81
Dotson       Oliver           59    West Virginia    04-04b-86
Dotson       Rhoda            6/12  West Virginia    04-04b-80
Dotson       Rhoda            20    West Virginia    04-05a-46
Dotson       Ruth             7     West Virginia    04-04b-78
Dotson       Ruth             73    West Virginia    04-04b-82
Dotson       Victora          33    West Virginia    04-04b-84
Douglas      Audrey           8     West Virginia    04-16b-82
Douglas      James E          61    West Va          02-12b-79
Douglas      Jessie H         8     West Va          02-12b-81
Douglas      John M           8     West Va          02-12b-80
Douglass     Amanda           53    West Va          02-12a-12
Douglass     Viola J          17    West Va          02-12a-13
Drake        Albert           34    W. Va.           05-06a-43
Drake        Edgar C.         5     W. Va.           05-06a-46
Drake        Ella S.          5     W. Va.           05-06b-55
Drake        Hattie C.        12    W. Va.           05-06b-52
Drake        James H.         5/12  W. Va.           05-06a-48
Drake        Liza M.          14    W. Va.           05-06b-51
Drake        Lyda E.          5     W. Va.           05-06a-45
Drake        Madie A.         2     W. Va.           05-06a-47
Drake        Martha C.        59    W. Va.           05-06a-42
Drake        Mary             34    W. Va.           05-06a-44
Drake        Opie F.          7     W. Va.           05-06b-54
Drake        Rheuhana         43    W. Va.           05-06a-50
Drake        Robert           38    W. Va.           05-06a-49
Drake        Saloma B.        10    W. Va.           05-06b-53
Dunlap       Dica             22    West Virginia    03-16b-73
Dunlap       Earl             42    West Virginia    03-14b-78
Dunlap       Ezra             9     West Virginia    03-14b-82
Dunlap       Hobert           1     West Virginia    03-14b-85
Dunlap       Janetta          39    West Virginia    03-14b-79
Dunlap       John             28    West Virginia    03-16b-72
Dunlap       John A           6     West Virginia    03-14b-83
Dunlap       McKinley         3     West Virginia    03-14b-84
Dunlap       William          13    West Virginia    03-14b-80
Dunlap       Winfield S       11    West Virginia    03-14b-81
Duty         Myrtie           5     W. Va.           05-09b-68
Duty         Pearl            2     W. Va.           05-09b-69

Easter       Bertha J.        18    West Virginia    03-12a-3
Easter       Bettie A.        7     West Virginia    03-12a-8
Easter       Daniel E.        15    West Virginia    03-12a-5
Easter       Eliza E.         6     West Virginia    03-12a-9
Easter       James M.         16    West Virginia    03-12a-4
Easter       Joseph           40    West Virginia    03-12a-1
Easter       Letha            60    West Virginia    03-11b-97
Easter       Lillie S.        13    West Virginia    03-12a-6
Easter       Martha           33    West Virginia    03-12a-2
Easter       Martha C.        2     West Virginia    03-12a-11
Easter       Mary E.          9     West Virginia    03-12a-7
Easter       Michael          72    North Carolina   03-11b-96
Easter       Pearl M.         4     West Virginia    03-12a-10
Easter       William          18    West Virginia    03-11b-98
Echols       Amy              5/12  West Virginia    03-04b-57
Echols       Bessie           5     West Virginia    03-04b-62
Echols       Dexter           6     West Virginia    03-04b-54
Echols       Edgar            1     West Virginia    03-04b-64
Echols       Esta             4     West Virginia    03-04b-55
Echols       Eva              7     West Virginia    03-04b-60
Echols       Ezra             6     West Virginia    03-04b-61
Echols       George           62    Virginia         03-04b-65
Echols       George           27    West Virginia    03-04b-67
Echols       Hattie           7     West Virginia    03-04b-53
Echols       Jessee           4     West Virginia    03-04b-63
Echols       Lewis            35    Virginia         03-04b-58
Echols       Marie            31    West Virginia    03-04b-52
Echols       Martha J.        63    Virginia         03-04b-66
Echols       Viola            29    West Virginia    03-04b-59
Echols       William D.       37    Virginia         03-04b-51
Echols       Willie           2     West Virginia    03-04b-56
Edelman      Carrie           31    West Va          02-09b-88
Edelman      Hallie S         11    West Va          02-09b-89
Edelman      Joseph           65    Germany          02-09b-86
Edelman      Leathy           59    West Va          02-09b-87
Edleman      Clyde            6     West Va          02-09b-85
Edleman      Jonas            28    West Va          02-09b-82
Edleman      Lillian          8     West Va          02-09b-84
Edleman      Martha           26    West Va          02-09b-83
Elkins       **** E.          11    W. Va.           05-21a-50
Elkins       **** H.          48    W. Va.           05-21a-48
Elkins       Ada              15    W. Va.           05-01a-4
Elkins       Albert           39    W. Va.           05-01a-1
Elkins       Alberta          31    W. Va.           01-09b-95
Elkins       Alison           16    W. Va.           05-02a-8
Elkins       Ama              33    W. Va.           05-02a-7
Elkins       Andrew           45    West Virginia    03-10a-42
Elkins       Anjela G         21    West Va          02-09a-21
Elkins       Artiemiah        55    West Virginia    04-06b-76
Elkins       Ather            4     W. Va.           05-02b-84
Elkins       Benjamin V.      12    W. Va.           05-02b-93
Elkins       Bethel D*        1     W Va             01-04a-7
Elkins       Burrell          29    W. Va.           05-03a-23
Elkins       Calamity B.      7/12  W. Va.           05-01a-24
Elkins       Carlie S.        11    W. Va.           05-02b-95
Elkins       Carrie           2     W. Va.           05-02b-85
Elkins       Charley D.       17    W. Va.           05-01a-18
Elkins       Clara            8     West Virginia    03-10a-46
Elkins       Clarence D.      28    W. Va.           05-02b-82
Elkins       Cordella M.      12    W. Va.           05-01a-20
Elkins       Corlis H.        6     W. Va.           05-01a-22
Elkins       Cyntha F.        12    W. Va.           05-02b-94
Elkins       D.               26    West Va          02-04a-8
Elkins       Danie            2     West Va          02-04a-12
Elkins       David            67    West Virginia    04-06b-75
Elkins       David            42    W. Va.           05-01a-16
Elkins       David O.         19    West Virginia    03-10a-44
Elkins       Dessie           6     W Va             01-04a-5
Elkins       Dora             30    W Va             01-04a-4
Elkins       Earl             8/12  W. Va.           05-02b-86
Elkins       Effie L.         9     W. Va.           05-01a-21
Elkins       Eliza J.         52    W. Va.           05-21a-49
Elkins       Elmer B.         4     W. Va.           05-02b-96
Elkins       Esse             6     West Va          02-09b-56
Elkins       Evert S          4     West Va          02-04a-11
Elkins       Flora Z.         17    W. Va.           05-02b-90
Elkins       Forest           33    West Va          02-09b-54
Elkins       Frances          22    West Va          02-04a-9
Elkins       Frances          44    W. Va.           05-01a-2
Elkins       Francis L        23    West Va          02-09b-55
Elkins       Frank O          15    West Va          02-13b-82
Elkins       French           9     W. Va.           05-01a-7
Elkins       Garland          29    W. Va.           01-09b-94
Elkins       Gilbert          18    W. Va.           05-01a-3
Elkins       Joseph           44    W. Va.           05-02b-87
Elkins       Josh P           1     West Va          02-09a-22
Elkins       Kelern           0     W. Va.           01-09b-97
Elkins       Kenna V.         18    West Virginia    04-06b-77
Elkins       Kittie L         11    West Va          02-08a-35
Elkins       Letha A.         39    West Virginia    03-10a-43
Elkins       Lillie E         9     West Va          02-08a-36
Elkins       Lorenzo          35    West Va          02-13b-81
Elkins       Loyd             13    W. Va.           05-02a-9
Elkins       Luana            71    W. Va.           05-03a-22
Elkins       Maona            12    W. Va.           05-01a-6
Elkins       Marshall         31    West Virginia    01-04a-3
Elkins       Martha           39    W. Va.           05-02b-88
Elkins       Martin J.        38    W. Va.           05-02a-6
Elkins       Mary A.          16    West Virginia    03-10a-45
Elkins       Mary C           30    West Va          02-08a-34
Elkins       Mausenia         2     W Va             01-04a-6
Elkins       Minta J.         16    W. Va.           05-01a-19
Elkins       Myrtle           4     West Va          02-09b-57
Elkins       Nancy            39    W. Va.           05-01a-17
Elkins       Okie             6     W. Va.           05-01a-9
Elkins       Oma              13    W. Va.           05-01a-5
Elkins       Opal M           2     West Va          02-08a-38
Elkins       Orin             33    West Va          02-08a-33
Elkins       Oscar E.         19    W. Va.           05-02b-89
Elkins       Parthena L.      13    W. Va.           05-02b-92
Elkins       Pearl            2     W. Va.           01-09b-96
Elkins       Ray              7     West Virginia    04-06b-78
Elkins       Rector R.        3     W. Va.           05-01a-10
Elkins       Robert           8*    W. Va.           05-03a-21
Elkins       Rosie            7     W. Va.           05-01a-8
Elkins       Roy B.           4     West Virginia    04-06b-79
Elkins       Ruba R           6     West Va          02-08a-37
Elkins       Ulysses B.       1     W. Va.           05-02b-97
Elkins       Ulysses G.       21    W. Va.           05-22b-51
Elkins       Virginia H.      15    W. Va.           05-02b-91
Elkins       Walter           23    West Va          02-09a-20
Elkins       Washestella      23    W. Va.           05-02b-83
Elkins       Watson           6     West Va          02-04a-10
Elkins       Willie E.        3     W. Va.           05-01a-23
Ellis        ****ia           3/12  W. Va.           05-08b-80
Ellis        Ada              3     W. Va.           05-06a-34
Ellis        Aida E.          3     W. Va.           05-01b-84
Ellis        Alberta          7     W. Va.           05-01b-83
Ellis        Alfred           31    W. Va.           05-06a-28
Ellis        Anna             7     W. Va.           05-06a-32
Ellis        Anna             20    W. Va.           05-08b-63
Ellis        Ara L.           17    W. Va.           05-08b-64
Ellis        Burrell          35    W. Va.           05-01b-88
Ellis        Catherine        55    W. Va.           05-01b-87
Ellis        Cyntha           37    W. Va.           05-08b-75
Ellis        Elbert           9     W. Va.           05-06a-31
Ellis        Elbert           14    W. Va.           05-08b-76
Ellis        Eliza            23    W. Va.           05-09b-90
Ellis        Eliza M.         15    W. Va.           05-08b-69
Ellis        Etta             4     W. Va.           05-08b-72
Ellis        Eva              18    W. Va.           05-01b-89
Ellis        Everett E.       11/12 W. Va.           05-01b-85
Ellis        Floyd            61    W. Va.           05-01b-86
Ellis        Frances          29    W. Va.           05-08b-68
Ellis        Gracie P.        2     W. Va.           05-08b-73
Ellis        India            6     W. Va.           05-01b-91
Ellis        Ira              5     W. Va.           05-06a-33
Ellis        James            57    W. Va.           05-09b-88
Ellis        James H.         11    W. Va.           05-06a-30
Ellis        James W.         16    W. Va.           05-08b-65
Ellis        Joe              31    W. Va.           05-01b-80
Ellis        John             38    W. Va.           05-08b-67
Ellis        John L.          33    W. Va.           05-19b-87
Ellis        Julia            6     W. Va.           05-08b-78
Ellis        Lela             32    W. Va.           05-06a-29
Ellis        Leona            8     W. Va.           05-01b-82
Ellis        Lewis            44    W. Va.           05-08b-61
Ellis        Lonnie D.        12    W. Va.           05-08b-66
Ellis        Lucy             1     W. Va.           05-06a-35
Ellis        Luevenia         23    New York         05-19b-88
Ellis        Mary M.          7     W. Va.           05-19b-89
Ellis        Mattie           3     W. Va.           05-08b-79
Ellis        Nancy            60    W. Va.           05-09b-89
Ellis        Oley             11    W. Va.           05-08b-77
Ellis        Pauley           45    W. Va.           05-08b-62
Ellis        Robert           36    W. Va.           05-08b-74
Ellis        Robert L.        11    W. Va.           05-08b-70
Ellis        Rosa             15    W. Va.           05-01b-90
Ellis        Sarah C.         26    W. Va.           05-01b-81
Ellis        Sidney           9     W. Va.           05-08b-71
Ellison      Lewis            53    West Virginia    03-06a-49
Ellison      Lewis Edgar      15    West Virginia    03-06b-52
Ellison      Okey Jubel       12    .                03-06b-54
Ellison      Ora F.           16    West Virginia    03-06b-1
Ellison      Stella           3     West Virginia    03-06b-55
Ellison      William B        13    West Virginia    03-06b-53
Elswick      Isaac M.         34    W. Va.           01-07b-93
Elswick      Rebecca          61    W. Va.           01-07b-92
Epl**        Bertie M.        17    W. Va.           05-02b-53
Epl**        Clerissa         54    W. Va.           05-02b-52
Epl**        Miles P.         57    Virginia         05-02b-51
Epl**        Nettie B.        15    W. Va.           05-02b-54
Eplin        Birth B          8     West Va          02-08a-6
Eplin        Comadon D        11/12 West Va          02-08a-8
Eplin        Cyntha O         40    West Va          02-07a-17
Eplin        Florance         32    West Va          02-08b-88
Eplin        Frank            15    West Va          02-08b-89
Eplin        George W         4     West Va          02-07a-23
Eplin        Hedley B.        2     W. Va.           05-22b-68
Eplin        Henry S          12    West Va          02-02b-62
Eplin        Ira H            8     West Va          02-02b-63
Eplin        James L          11    West Va          02-07a-20
Eplin        Joseph           43    West Va          02-07a-16
Eplin        Joseph F         6     West Va          02-07a-22
Eplin        Lewis            46    West Va          02-02b-58
Eplin        Lewis E          15    West Va          02-02b-61
Eplin        Lillie L         14    West Va          02-08a-4
Eplin        Louvena          3     West Va          02-08a-7
Eplin        Malissie         13    West Va          02-08b-90
Eplin        Mary F           57    West Va          02-09a-42
Eplin        Mary S           33    West Va          02-08a-3
Eplin        Maud B           17    West Va          02-02b-60
Eplin        Phoeba           11    West Va          02-08b-91
Eplin        Phoeba           76    West Va          02-08b-92
Eplin        Roxana           45    West Va          02-02b-59
Eplin        Roxanna          5     West Va          02-02b-64
Eplin        Sarah R          12    West Va          02-07a-19
Eplin        Thomas           45    West Va          02-08b-87
Eplin        Van              40    West Va          02-09a-41
Eplin        Willard E        10    West Va          02-07a-21
Eplin        William          35    West Va          02-08a-2
Eplin        William M        9     West Va          02-08a-5
Eplin        William O        15    West Va          02-07a-18
Epling       Leota            2*    W. Va.           05-16a-21
Epling       Martha E.        53    W. Va.           05-03a-46
Epling       Nellie C.        4     W. Va.           05-01a-47
Epling       Philip           78    Virginia         05-16a-18
Epling       Srilday          62    W. Va.           05-16a-19
Epling       Zach****         26    W. Va.           05-16a-20
Eskins       Keenan           18    West Virginia    04-05a-15
Estep        Ada              11    West Va          02-07a-10
Estep        Albert B.        3     West Virginia    03-17b-83
Estep        Andrew           65    Virginia         03-17b-85
Estep        Arminta A        30    West Va          02-07a-27
Estep        Arminta B        12    West Va          02-07a-9
Estep        Arminta F        18    West Va          02-11a-10
Estep        Blackburn        11    W. Va.           05-20a-49
Estep        Brighton C.      18    W. Va.           01-11a-22
Estep        Cairie A.        1     W. Va.           05-20b-53
Estep        Calvin           24    West Va          02-12b-62
Estep        Catharine        22    West Va          02-12b-63
Estep        Charlie L.       16    W. Va.           05-20a-47
Estep        Clara B          4     West Va          02-07a-31
Estep        Cora P           6     West Va          02-07a-30
Estep        Della            17    West Va          02-07a-7
Estep        Dora             14    W. Va.           05-18b-81
Estep        Dora A           8     West Va          02-07a-12
Estep        Ed*              20    West Va          02-07a-5
Estep        Elizabeth P      13    West Va          02-11a-11
Estep        Ellen K          17    West Va          02-12b-67
Estep        Enoch            64    West Virginia    04-09a-13
Estep        Esta M           8     West Va          02-07a-28
Estep        Evert C          5     West Va          02-08a-15
Estep        Homer G          3     West Va          02-07a-13
Estep        Ira P.           13    W. Va.           05-20a-48
Estep        Jessie C         2     West Va          02-08a-16
Estep        Joel             26    West Virginia    04-05b-72
Estep        John E.          4     W. Va.           05-20b-52
Estep        John S           9     West Va          02-07a-11
Estep        Joseph E         14    West Va          02-07a-8
Estep        Laura            18    West Va          02-07a-6
Estep        Lewis            25    West Va          02-08a-13
Estep        Lewis            57    W. Va.           05-20a-43
Estep        Lizzie           2     West Virginia    04-05b-75
Estep        Lona E.          5     West Virginia    03-17b-82
Estep        Louenna          28    West Va          02-08a-14
Estep        Louis C          4     West Va          02-12b-64
Estep        Louisa           46    W. Va.           05-20a-44
Estep        Mahala           41    West Va          02-11a-9
Estep        Malinda J        7     West Va          02-07a-29
Estep        Mamie            5     West Virginia    04-05b-74
Estep        Marshal          19    W. Va.           05-20a-46
Estep        Mary A.          21    West Virginia    04-05b-73
Estep        Mary R           12    West Va          02-11a-12
Estep        Milton           29    W. Va.           05-20a-45
Estep        Nannie M         8/12  West Va          02-12b-68
Estep        Oliver           34    West Va          02-07a-26
Estep        Orrey            25    West Virginia    04-05b-81
Estep        Orta E           9     West Va          02-11a-13
Estep        Paulina          50    Virginia         04-09a-14
Estep        Pol**yna         25    West Virginia    03-17b-81
Estep        Rebecca          87    W. Va.           05-20b-60
Estep        Rebecca E.       8     W. Va.           05-20a-50
Estep        Rosa N           11/12 West Va          02-12b-65
Estep        Ruth             25    West Virginia    04-05b-82
Estep        Squire           49    West Va          02-11a-8
Estep        Stella May       0/12  West Virginia    03-17b-84
Estep        Sylvester        34    West Virginia    03-17b-80
Estep        Theora           5     West Va          02-11a-14
Estep        Viola            10/12 West Va          02-11a-15
Estep        Walter           16    W. Va.           05-18b-80
Estep        Winfred          22    West Va          02-12b-66
Estep        Wm. S.           4     W. Va.           05-20b-51
Estept       Elizabeth        32    West Va          02-06a-32
Estept       George           33    West Va          02-06a-31
Estept       Giva E           6     West Va          02-06a-34
Estept       Ledona A         9     West Va          02-06a-33
Estept       Oma R            4     West Va          02-06a-35
Estept       Ruth             1     West Va          02-06a-36
Estop        Amanda           54    W. Va.           05-18a-10
Estop        Burrell          21    W. Va.           05-18a-13
Estop        Loyd             2/12  W. Va.           05-18a-14
Estop        Luella           24    W. Va.           05-18a-12
Estop        Wilburn          55    W. Va.           05-18a-9
Estop        Wilburn F.       24    W. Va.           05-18a-11
Evans        Bert             12    West Virginia    04-12b-52
Evans        Blanche          3     W. Va.           01-07b-98
Evans        Charles K.       20    West Virginia    04-01b-89
Evans        Clayton          34    W. Va.           01-07b-94
Evans        Delia A.         45    West Virginia    04-01b-88
Evans        Ettie M.         7     West Virginia    04-12b-54
Evans        Fred             16    West Virginia    04-01b-91
Evans        George           53    Virginia         04-01b-87
Evans        George           17    West Virginia    04-01b-90
Evans        Grace            9     West Virginia    04-01b-92
Evans        Hattie           6     W. Va.           01-07b-97
Evans        Hubert           10    West Virginia    04-12b-53
Evans        Ira              20    W. Va.           01-08b-91
Evans        Mary A.          65    W. Va.           01-08b-90
Evans        Mitchell         63    North Carolina   01-08b-89
Evans        Nancy            26    W. Va.           01-07b-95
Evans        Robert           9/12  W. Va.           01-07b-99
Evans        Roy              9     W. Va.           01-08b-92
Evans        S*               7     W. Va.           01-07b-96
Evans        Wirt             12    West Virginia    04-12b-51

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