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Boone County, WV 1900 Federal Census (Index)

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Faber        Delila           49    West Virginia    03-16b-89
Faber        William          47    Virginia         03-16b-88
Farley       Bessie           8     West Virginia    04-12b-91
Farley       Charles M.       8     West Virginia    04-16a-37
Farley       Gideon           83    W. Va.           05-02b-80
Farley       Julia            60    West Virginia    04-16a-40
Farley       Nancy            44    Virginia         05-02b-81
Farley       Virgie A.        5     West Virginia    04-16a-38
Fauver       Nancy            46    Virginia         04-03b-54
Fauver       William H.       54    West Virginia    04-03b-53
Ferguson     John             22    Ohio             05-19b-98
Ferrel       Earl L.          1     W. Va.           05-18a-18
Ferrel       Hansford         22    W. Va.           05-18a-16
Ferrel       Recca            18    W. Va.           05-18a-17
Ferrell      *                2     W Va             01-05a-50
Ferrell      A*               64    W Va             01-04b-84
Ferrell      Adaline          26    W. Va.           01-14a-18
Ferrell      Adam             40    West Virginia    01-05a-45
Ferrell      Aiby             73    Kentucky         05-07a-12
Ferrell      Alafora          29    West Virginia    04-11b-84
Ferrell      Albert           50    West Virginia    04-09b-51
Ferrell      Alonzo C         3     W Va             01-04a-25
Ferrell      Amanda           53    W. Va.           01-11a-37
Ferrell      Amanda           43    West Virginia    04-09b-52
Ferrell      Amanda           21    West Virginia    04-16a-7
Ferrell      Andrew           70    West Virginia    04-15b-73
Ferrell      Andrew J.        24    West Virginia    04-15b-75
Ferrell      Anthony J.       7     West Virginia    04-11b-96
Ferrell      Arlie R          3     W Va             01-04a-1
Ferrell      Arthur           15    West Virginia    04-04a-7
Ferrell      Augusta          10    W Va             01-03b-87
Ferrell      Benjamin         44    West Virginia    04-13b-64
Ferrell      Bertha           5     W Va             01-03b-88
Ferrell      Bertha           3     West Virginia    04-11b-70
Ferrell      Beulah O.        1/12  West Virginia    04-10a-17
Ferrell      Blanche          1     W Va             01-04a-2
Ferrell      Brook            15    W Va             01-05a-47
Ferrell      Bruce            2     West Virginia    04-13b-70
Ferrell      Caroline         36    West Virginia    04-15b-63
Ferrell      Christopher      30    West Virginia    04-11b-68
Ferrell      Cla****          27    West Virginia    04-11b-94
Ferrell      Clayton          28    W. Va.           01-11a-39
Ferrell      Deona E          6     W Va             01-04a-23
Ferrell      Dewey            2     West Virginia    04-11b-71
Ferrell      Doc              27    West Virginia    01-03b-90
Ferrell      Doran L.         10    W. Va.           05-03a-9
Ferrell      Druzilla         39    W Va             01-03b-83
Ferrell      Early E.         11    West Virginia    04-10a-13
Ferrell      Edna             6     West Virginia    04-11b-87
Ferrell      Edward           15    W Va             01-04a-21
Ferrell      Edward           45    West Virginia    03-03a-27
Ferrell      Effie            10    West Virginia    04-11a-47
Ferrell      Egbert           32    West Virginia    04-11b-83
Ferrell      Elizabeth        49    W Va             01-02b-68
Ferrell      Elizabeth        67    W. Va.           01-08a-23
Ferrell      Elsie            1     W Va             01-03b-89
Ferrell      Emeline          45    West Virginia    04-04a-5
Ferrell      Emer D.          21    West Virginia    04-11b-76
Ferrell      Enoch            13    West Virginia    04-09b-54
Ferrell      Enos             53    West Virginia    04-11b-74
Ferrell      Enos             33    West Virginia    04-11b-93
Ferrell      Eveline          33    West Virginia    01-05a-46
Ferrell      Ford V           4     W Va             01-04a-24
Ferrell      Francis M.       16    West Virginia    04-11b-78
Ferrell      George B.        10    W. Va.           01-11a-34
Ferrell      George W.        11    West Virginia    04-13b-67
Ferrell      Georgia          20    West Virginia    04-07b-84
Ferrell      Gertie           16    W Va             01-03b-85
Ferrell      Harley           4/12  West Virginia    04-11b-88
Ferrell      Harriet          88    West Virginia    04-11b-81
Ferrell      Hattie           10    West Virginia    04-11b-85
Ferrell      Hattie M.        6     West Virginia    04-10a-15
Ferrell      Henry E.         13    West Virginia    04-04a-8
Ferrell      Herbert          3     West Virginia    04-04a-9
Ferrell      Herbert K.       4/12  West Virginia    04-13b-71
Ferrell      Homery L.        9     West Virginia    04-10a-14
Ferrell      Hubert           1     West Virginia    04-07b-83
Ferrell      Hugh             1/12  West Virginia    04-11b-72
Ferrell      Ira              9     West Virginia    04-11b-86
Ferrell      Isom             45    West Virginia    04-07b-79
Ferrell      Jackson          30    W. Va.           01-14a-17
Ferrell      Jacob            41    W. Va.           01-11a-32
Ferrell      James            51    West Virginia    04-11b-65
Ferrell      James B.         13    West Virginia    04-11b-79
Ferrell      James E.         11    West Virginia    04-11b-67
Ferrell      James T          13    W Va             01-04a-22
Ferrell      Jemima           25    West Virginia    04-11b-69
Ferrell      Jesse L.         15    West Virginia    04-13b-66
Ferrell      John             39    W Va             01-03b-82
Ferrell      John             37    West Virginia    04-10a-11
Ferrell      John W.          6     West Virginia    04-13b-68
Ferrell      Josephine        17    West Virginia    04-07b-86
Ferrell      Kennie           12    W Va             01-03b-86
Ferrell      Komie F.         10    West Virginia    04-11b-80
Ferrell      Lesta L.         2     W. Va.           05-03a-12
Ferrell      Levi             64    West Virginia    04-16a-8
Ferrell      Lilly R.         7     W. Va.           05-03a-10
Ferrell      Lolie L.         4     W. Va.           05-03a-11
Ferrell      Lonnie C.        10    West Virginia    04-07b-81
Ferrell      Loyd             8     West Virginia    04-07b-82
Ferrell      Lulie M.         12    W. Va.           05-03a-8
Ferrell      M**otte          13    W Va             01-05a-48
Ferrell      Maggie M.        15    West Virginia    04-04a-6
Ferrell      Mandeville       48    West Virginia    04-04a-4
Ferrell      Marcena          37    West Virginia    01-04a-20
Ferrell      Marion           55    W. Va.           01-11a-36
Ferrell      Marth E.         32    W. Va.           05-03a-7
Ferrell      Martha           56    West Virginia    04-16a-9
Ferrell      Martie           20    West Virginia    01-03b-100
Ferrell      Mary             52    West Virginia    04-11b-66
Ferrell      Mary             50    West Virginia    04-11b-75
Ferrell      Mary A.          8     West Virginia    04-11b-95
Ferrell      Mathew           50    W Va             01-02b-67
Ferrell      Mearl            5     West Virginia    01-03b-92
Ferrell      Medda H.         7/12  West Virginia    04-11b-98
Ferrell      Middlebury       64    W. Va.           01-08a-22
Ferrell      Mintie           30    West Virginia    04-10a-12
Ferrell      Nancy            75    W Va             01-05b-57
Ferrell      Nancy J.         40    West Virginia    04-15b-62
Ferrell      Nettie           29    West Virginia    01-03b-91
Ferrell      Newton           3     W. Va.           01-14a-19
Ferrell      Nora             8     W. Va.           01-11a-35
Ferrell      Norvill C.       2     West Virginia    04-10a-16
Ferrell      Okey             22    West Virginia    04-16a-6
Ferrell      Ora M.           4     West Virginia    04-11b-97
Ferrell      Orphey           15    W Va             01-02b-69
Ferrell      Oscar            6     West Virginia    04-16a-11
Ferrell      Pauline          19    W Va             01-03b-84
Ferrell      Pearl            1     W. Va.           01-14a-20
Ferrell      Penira           35    West Virginia    04-07b-80
Ferrell      Quindora         5     West Virginia    04-13b-69
Ferrell      Robert           5     W Va             01-05a-49
Ferrell      Robert           26    W. Va.           01-11a-38
Ferrell      Rosie L.         18    West Virginia    04-11b-77
Ferrell      Sarah J.         68    West Virginia    04-15b-74
Ferrell      Savina           64    West Virginia    04-15b-61
Ferrell      Theodora         17    West Virginia    04-16a-10
Ferrell      Thomas           69    West Virginia    04-15b-60
Ferrell      Thomas P.        32    West Virginia    04-15b-64
Ferrell      Tild***          23    West Virginia    01-03b-99
Ferrell      Tolbert          32    W. Va.           05-03a-6
Ferrell      Ulians R.        10    West Virginia    04-09b-55
Ferrell      Victoria         35    West Virginia    04-13b-65
Ferrell      Walter S.        19    West Virginia    04-07b-85
Ferrell      William          11    W. Va.           01-11a-33
Ferrell      William G        16    West Virginia    04-09b-53
Fillinger    Clara D.         14    West Virginia    03-08a-46
Fillinger    Francis E.       5     West Virginia    03-08a-49
Fillinger    Gracie E.        9     West Virginia    03-08a-48
Fillinger    Hallie           1     West Virginia    03-08b-51
Fillinger    James Henry      4     West Virginia    03-08a-50
Fillinger    John             44    Virginia         03-08a-43
Fillinger    Mark             12    West Virginia    03-08a-47
Fillinger    Mary             18    West Virginia    03-08a-45
Fillinger    Sarah            35    West Virginia    03-08a-44
Fleming      Carlis M.        7     W. Va.           05-01b-56
Fleming      Effie M.         9     W. Va.           05-01b-55
Fleming      Flora            10    W. Va.           05-01b-54
Fleming      George           11    W. Va.           05-01b-53
Fleming      Willie           4     W. Va.           05-01b-57
Foster       Agnes R.         6     West Virginia    04-15a-47
Foster       Alice            17    West Virginia    04-15b-54
Foster       Allen            26    West Virginia    04-12b-81
Foster       Allen            40    West Virginia    04-13a-22
Foster       Annie A.         20    West Virginia    04-13a-24
Foster       Bence            1     West Virginia    04-12b-84
Foster       Charles          22    West Virginia    04-15a-49
Foster       Della E.         3     West Virginia    04-12b-83
Foster       Edmund B.        11/12 West Virginia    04-13a-31
Foster       Ella J.          40    Ohio             04-02b-60
Foster       Ellen            22    West Virginia    04-12b-82
Foster       Emma             31    Canada Eng       04-15a-43
Foster       Forest D.        11    West Virginia    04-15a-45
Foster       George           10    West Virginia    04-13a-27
Foster       Gladys H.        8     West Virginia    04-15a-46
Foster       Hally            4     West Virginia    04-13a-30
Foster       Hayden           19    West Virginia    04-15b-53
Foster       Henry            15    West Virginia    04-12a-12
Foster       L*               41    West Virginia    04-15a-42
Foster       Leona            53    Virginia         04-15b-52
Foster       Lewis            14    West Virginia    04-13a-26
Foster       Lucy             14    West Virginia    04-15b-55
Foster       Mary E.          6     West Virginia    04-13a-29
Foster       Nancy J.         40    West Virginia    04-13a-23
Foster       Noah             52    West Virginia    04-15b-51
Foster       Nora B.          26    West Virginia    04-01b-53
Foster       Robert           8     West Virginia    04-13a-28
Foster       Sarah            58    West Virginia    04-15a-48
Foster       Seth             37    West Virginia    04-02b-59
Foster       Thomas           35    West Virginia    04-01b-52
Foster       Thomas E.        17    West Virginia    04-13a-25
Foster       Wade H.          13    West Virginia    04-15a-44
Foster       Walter D.        18    West Virginia    04-15a-50
Foster       William          16    West Virginia    04-02b-61
Fouts        Albert H.        19    Ohio             04-02a-1
Fowler       Bettie B.        48    W. Va.           05-06a-24
Fowler       Cora             19    West Virginia    03-17b-57
Fowler       Eddie            7     W. Va.           05-06a-22
Fowler       Edward           40    W. Va.           05-06a-17
Fowler       John P.          69    W. Va.           05-06a-23
Fowler       John T.          21    W. Va.           05-06a-19
Fowler       Lettie O.        18    W. Va.           05-06a-25
Fowler       Manerva J.       40    W. Va.           05-06a-18
Fowler       Pauley C.        15    W. Va.           05-06a-26
Fowler       Stella           1/12  West Virginia    03-17b-59
Fowler       Virgie           2     West Virginia    03-17b-58
Fowler       Walton           16    W. Va.           05-06a-21
Fowler       Willie E.        13    W. Va.           05-06a-27
Fowler       Wm               18    W. Va.           05-06a-20
Fraley       Lalie M.         7     W Va             01-04b-86
Fraley       Lorain           1     W Va             01-04b-87
Fraley       Quindora         23    W Va             01-04b-85
Frasure      Courtney B       7     West Va          02-02a-30
Frasure      F                31    West Va          02-02a-27
Frasure      Giles C          8     West Va          02-02a-29
Frasure      Lee Ora          33    West Va          02-02a-28
Frasure      Myrtle V         24    West Va          02-02a-32
Frasure      Wheetly B A      3     West Va          02-02a-31
Fry          Lucas            90    W. Va.           05-15a-3
Fulton       .                1/12  West Virginia    03-02b-63
Fulton       .                1/12  West Virginia    03-02b-64
Fulton       Amanda E         34    Virginia         03-02b-57
Fulton       Charlie F        8     Virginia         03-02b-60
Fulton       Elbert M         6     Virginia         03-02b-61
Fulton       Gilburn          36    Virginia         03-02b-56
Fulton       Mattie           12    Virginia         03-02b-58
Fulton       P* B             3     West Virginia    03-02b-62
Fulton       William W        10    Virginia         03-02b-59

G****ggs     Altie            9     W. Va.           05-04b-54
G****ggs     Ellen            31    W. Va.           05-04b-52
G****ggs     Henry            11    W. Va.           05-04b-53
G****ggs     John             4     W. Va.           05-04b-56
G****ggs     Joseph           35    W. Va.           05-04b-51
G****ggs     Wootie           6     W. Va.           05-04b-55
Gabartson    *                18    West Va          02-07a-24
Gabartson    Devina           17    West Va          02-07a-25
Gadd         Hettie M.        23    West Virginia    04-01b-96
Gadd         Julia V.         3     West Virginia    04-01b-97
Gadd         William B.       32    West Virginia    04-01b-95
Gardner      James A          74    Virginia         02-04b-82
Garnett      Edward           20    W. Va.           05-08a-8
Garretson    *                44    West Va          02-07a-37
Garretson    Amanda           43    West Va          02-07a-38
Garretson    Benjamin F       14    West Va          02-07a-40
Garretson    Chloe            10    West Virginia    04-07b-98
Garretson    Clarance         6     West Va          02-07a-43
Garretson    Homer E          7     West Va          02-07a-42
Garretson    Howard C.        13    West Virginia    04-07b-97
Garretson    James L.         15    West Virginia    04-07b-96
Garretson    John A.          24    West Virginia    04-07b-94
Garretson    Leona E          11    West Va          02-07a-41
Garretson    Lorie C          16    West Va          02-07a-39
Garretson    Lucinda          46    West Virginia    04-07b-93
Garretson    Nora F.          16    West Virginia    04-07b-95
Garretson    Patrick L.       49    West Virginia    04-07b-92
Garretson    Rosa J           3     West Va          02-07a-44
Garrett      David            55    Virginia         01-15b-92
Garrett      John             46    West Va          02-13a-22
Garrett      Julia            45    West Va          02-13a-23
Garrett      Lula M           16    West Va          02-13a-21
Garrett      Manerva          56    Virginia         01-15b-93
Garrett      Susan            20    West Va          02-13a-24
Garrett      Walton           22    West Va          02-13a-20
Gay          Frank            48    West Virginia    04-03a-21
Gay          Ida M.           44    West Virginia    04-03a-22
Gay          John F.          20    West Virginia    04-03a-23
Gibson       Andrew J         12    W. Va.           01-11b-64
Gibson       Ballard C        19    W. Va.           01-11a-8
Gibson       Elbert           18    W. Va.           01-11a-9
Gibson       Ettie            14    W. Va.           01-11a-10
Gibson       James            37    W. Va.           01-11b-62
Gibson       John             5     W. Va.           01-12a-14
Gibson       Lilia V          8     W. Va.           01-11b-65
Gibson       Martha           32    W. Va.           01-12a-10
Gibson       Mary R.          34    W. Va.           01-11b-63
Gibson       Nancy            39    W. Va.           01-11a-6
Gibson       Nancy H.         63    W. Va.           01-12a-9
Gibson       Odie Lee         5     W. Va.           01-11b-66
Gibson       Romie            5     W. Va.           01-12a-13
Gibson       Sarah            26    W. Va.           01-12a-11
Gibson       Squire           54    W. Va.           01-11a-5
Gibson       Squire           21    W. Va.           01-11a-7
Gibson       William          1     W. Va.           01-12a-15
Gibson       William M.       19    W. Va.           01-12a-12
Giles        Audrey           5     West Virginia    04-15a-35
Giles        Bertram L.       15    West Virginia    04-15a-32
Giles        Bessie           17    West Virginia    04-15a-31
Giles        Frederick        13    West Virginia    04-15a-33
Giles        Hazel            8     West Virginia    04-15a-34
Giles        Laura B.         37    Ohio             04-15a-30
Giles        Marion           49    Virginia         04-15a-29
Gillespie    *                27    West Va          02-05a-23
Gillespie    *                38    West Va          02-05a-26
Gillespie    Bessie E         1     West Va          02-05a-31
Gillespie    Charles M        3     West Va          02-05a-30
Gillespie    Charles T        27    West Va          02-05a-12
Gillespie    Dora A           3     West Va          02-05a-21
Gillespie    Edna             19    West Va          02-05a-19
Gillespie    Elizabeth        53    West Va          02-05a-11
Gillespie    Evon M           5     West Va          02-05a-6
Gillespie    Frank L          18    West Va          02-05a-14
Gillespie    Henrietta        59    West Va          02-05a-17
Gillespie    James B          2     West Va          02-05a-8
Gillespie    Jeff             32    West Va          02-05a-18
Gillespie    John E           11/12 West Va          02-05a-25
Gillespie    Luanna           23    West Va          02-05a-5
Gillespie    Martha E         34    West Va          02-05a-27
Gillespie    Mary F           15    West Va          02-05a-15
Gillespie    Mary J           1     West Va          02-05a-9
Gillespie    Mary L           7     West Va          02-05a-28
Gillespie    Maud B           5     West Va          02-05a-20
Gillespie    Moses            54    West Va          02-05a-10
Gillespie    Nancy J          5     West Va          02-05a-29
Gillespie    Octava           17    West Va          02-05a-24
Gillespie    Oscar L          3     West Va          02-05a-7
Gillespie    Roam             23    West Va          02-05a-13
Gillespie    Tr*              65    West Va          02-05a-16
Gillespie    William          33    West Va          02-05a-4
Gillispie    Addie            13    West Virginia    03-15b-59
Gillispie    Emmabell         33    West Va          02-08b-57
Gillispie    George           43    Virginia         03-15b-56
Gillispie    Gilbert M        13    West Va          02-08b-58
Gillispie    Hanry S          2     West Va          02-08b-61
Gillispie    Herbert          8     West Virginia    04-01a-48
Gillispie    Hettie           5     West Virginia    03-15b-61
Gillispie    Hughey           4     West Virginia    04-01a-50
Gillispie    Irvin            1     West Virginia    04-01b-51
Gillispie    James B          8     West Va          02-08b-60
Gillispie    James D.         6     West Virginia    04-01a-49
Gillispie    Martha E         43    Virginia         03-15b-57
Gillispie    Mary Georgie     3     West Virginia    03-15b-62
Gillispie    Mary J           73    West Va          02-08b-62
Gillispie    Mary R           10    West Va          02-08b-59
Gillispie    Merlie M         1     West Virginia    03-15b-63
Gillispie    Philip           30    West Virginia    04-10a-29
Gillispie    Rebecca A.       34    West Virginia    04-01a-47
Gillispie    Robert           15    West Virginia    03-15b-58
Gillispie    Sallie           11    West Virginia    03-15b-60
Gillispie    Samuel           47    West Va          02-08b-56
Gillispie    Samuel           43    West Virginia    04-01a-46
Gividen      Ambrose          25    West Virginia    04-01a-19
Godby        Carl             3     West Virginia    03-07a-36
Godby        Clide            2     West Virginia    03-07a-37
Godby        Flora            3/12  West Virginia    03-06b-60
Godby        Frank            9     West Virginia    03-06b-58
Godby        George           5     West Virginia    03-07a-35
Godby        Jessie           7     West Virginia    03-06b-59
Godby        Joel Ray         8     West Virginia    03-07a-33
Godby        Letha            55    West Virginia    03-06b-61
Godby        Manerva          30    West Virginia    03-06b-57
Godby        Mary Alice       28    West Virginia    03-07a-32
Godby        Nellie           3/12  West Virginia    03-07a-38
Godby        Okey             31    West Virginia    03-07a-31
Godby        Ray              7     West Virginia    03-07a-34
Godby        William          32    West Virginia    03-06b-56
Goldsberry   Charles J.       15    West Va          02-01a-33
Goldsberry   Dallas P.        9     Ohio             02-01a-31
Goldsberry   Flora D          11    Ohio             02-01a-30
Goldsberry   Gladys D         5     West Va          02-01a-35
Goldsberry   Homer            19    Ohio             02-01a-28
Goldsberry   Lee              15    Ohio             02-01a-29
Goldsberry   Lois A           8     Ohio             02-01a-32
Goldsberry   Mary E           44    West Va          02-01a-27
Goldsberry   Noah             40    Ohio             02-01a-26
Goldsberry   Valeria E        12    West Va          02-01a-34
Gometron     Rebecca          75    West Virginia    04-09a-30
Gore         Adaline          79    W. Va.           01-13b-92
Gore         Alfred           20    W. Va.           01-14a-23
Gore         Allice           17    W. Va.           01-13a-38
Gore         Bertie           17    W. Va.           01-14a-48
Gore         Daniel           50    West Va.         01-14a-44
Gore         Delbert          14    W. Va.           01-14a-25
Gore         Elbert           16    W. Va.           01-12b-93
Gore         Emily            47    W. Va.           01-14a-22
Gore         Everett M        2/12  W. Va.           01-13a-39
Gore         George           16    W. Va.           01-14a-24
Gore         George           24    W. Va.           01-14a-46
Gore         Ira              12    W. Va.           01-14a-49
Gore         James R.         29    W. Va.           01-12b-94
Gore         Jessie           6     W. Va.           01-14b-51
Gore         John             24    W. Va.           01-11b-67
Gore         Lon              5     W. Va.           01-14a-28
Gore         Luther           8     W. Va.           01-14a-26
Gore         Nancy            45    W. Va.           01-14a-45
Gore         Nora             19    W. Va.           01-14a-47
Gore         Opie             10    W. Va.           01-14a-50
Gore         Quincy           3     W. Va.           01-14a-29
Gore         Rachel           55    W. Va.           01-12b-92
Gore         Richard          24    W. Va.           01-13a-37
Gore         Scott            48    W. Va.           01-14a-21
Gore         Vesta            12    W. Va.           01-14a-27
Gore         William R        57    W. Va.           01-12b-91
Graley       Louisiana        17    West Virginia    03-07b-96
Graley       William S.       18    West Virginia    03-07b-95
Gray         Ellen            9     West Virginia    03-07a-30
Green        Adriene          36    West Va          02-11a-45
Green        Alma             1     W Va             01-04a-15
Green        Andrew           33    W Va             01-05b-64
Green        Annie            30    West Virginia    01-05b-65
Green        Armelia          25    Kentucky         03-07b-89
Green        Benjamin         70    W. Va.           01-09b-74
Green        Bernice C        3     West Virginia    03-04b-72
Green        Blackburn D      2     W Va             01-04a-14
Green        Carl             9/12  West Virginia    03-07b-90
Green        Christopher      23    W. Va.           01-09b-98
Green        Clyde            1/12  W. Va.           01-09b-100
Green        Cora             20    W. Va.           01-09b-99
Green        David            23    West Va          02-11b-91
Green        Daylong          1     W Va             01-05b-70
Green        Debora           18    W. Va.           01-09b-77
Green        Della            2     West Va          02-11b-97
Green        Dona             1     W. Va.           01-10a-16
Green        Early E          5     West Va          02-11b-52
Green        Elizabeth C.     64    West Virginia    04-02b-83
Green        Ella             18    West Virginia    01-04a-12
Green        Ella             18    West Virginia    03-07b-85
Green        Emeline          59    W. Va.           01-10a-7
Green        Emma             3     W. Va.           01-10a-15
Green        Enoch M          14    West Va          02-11a-47
Green        Ervin            52    West Va          02-11b-80
Green        Ervin            13    West Va          02-11b-94
Green        Esman            3     W Va             01-04a-13
Green        Ezra             14    West Virginia    03-07b-83
Green        Fannie           6/12  W. Va.           01-13b-69
Green        Fenton           11    West Va          02-11b-95
Green        Flora            43    West Va          02-11b-90
Green        Flora L          25    Virginia         03-02b-69
Green        Frances          34    W. Va.           01-10a-12
Green        Francis J.       21    West Virginia    04-02b-84
Green        George           21    W. Va.           01-09b-76
Green        George           37    W. Va.           01-10a-11
Green        George B         56    West Virginia    01-05b-62
Green        Gerald           10    W Va             01-05b-66
Green        Grace P          1     West Va          02-11b-54
Green        Gracie           7     W. Va.           01-10a-13
Green        Grover           15    W. Va.           01-09b-78
Green        Henry            16    West Va          02-11b-93
Green        Husie A          6     West Virginia    03-04b-71
Green        Isaiah           16    West Virginia    03-07b-86
Green        Isiah            13    West Va          02-11b-86
Green        Iva              8     W Va             01-05b-67
Green        James            41    West Va          02-11a-44
Green        James            66    West Virginia    04-02b-82
Green        Jarvis W         12    West Va          02-11a-48
Green        Jesse E          7     West Virginia    03-04b-70
Green        John             6     W. Va.           01-15a-47
Green        John             35    West Virginia    03-04b-68
Green        John H           20    West Va          02-11b-83
Green        John N           4/12  West Virginia    03-04b-74
Green        July             20    West Va          02-11b-82
Green        Laura            8     West Va          02-11a-50
Green        Leanders         2     West Virginia    03-04b-73
Green        Levi             5     W. Va.           01-10a-14
Green        Lillie M         8     West Va          02-11b-96
Green        Lizzie           47    West Virginia    03-07b-82
Green        Lorey            1     W. Va.           01-09b-88
Green        Lottie           17    W. Va.           01-13b-68
Green        Louenna          22    W. Va.           05-15a-19
Green        Louis            6     W Va             01-05b-68
Green        Louisanna        19    West Va          02-11b-92
Green        Lula             3     West Va          02-11b-53
Green        Martha           52    West Virginia    01-05b-63
Green        Martha E         25    W. Va.           01-15a-46
Green        Marvin           48    West Va          02-11b-89
Green        Mary             49    W. Va.           01-09b-75
Green        Mary             19    West Va          02-11b-84
Green        Mary O           36    West Virginia    03-04b-69
Green        Millard          24    W. Va.           01-13b-67
Green        Nancy            22    W. Va.           01-09b-79
Green        Nancy            52    West Va          02-11b-81
Green        Nancy            5     West Va          02-11b-88
Green        Nancy            56    Virginia         03-02b-68
Green        Nettie           3     W. Va.           01-15a-48
Green        Noah             6     West Va          02-11b-51
Green        Olive E          7     Virginia         03-02b-70
Green        Otis             3     W. Va.           01-09b-87
Green        Otto             33    W. Va.           01-09b-85
Green        Pearl            2     W. Va.           05-15a-20
Green        Polly            90    West Virginia    03-07b-87
Green        Ro*              22    W. Va.           01-10a-8
Green        Ross             17    W. Va.           01-10a-9
Green        Roy W            11    West Va          02-11a-49
Green        Ruba             1/12  W. Va.           05-15a-21
Green        Rutha            11    West Va          02-11b-87
Green        Stella           21    W. Va.           01-09b-86
Green        Toller           23    West Virginia    01-04a-11
Green        Van B.           *     W. Va.           05-15a-18
Green        Verlie           5     W Va             01-05b-69
Green        Walter           12    W. Va.           01-10a-10
Green        William          32    W. Va.           01-15a-45
Green        William          28    West Virginia    03-07b-88
Green        William E        16    West Va          02-11a-46
Green        Wilson           20    West Virginia    03-07b-84
Green        Winfred          16    West Va          02-11b-85
Greene       Annie B.         9     West Virginia    04-10b-90
Greene       Charles          7     West Virginia    04-10b-91
Greene       Clarence O.      5     West Virginia    04-10b-92
Greene       Elizabeth L.     36    West Virginia    04-10b-84
Greene       Erla E.          13    West Virginia    04-10b-88
Greene       Evert E.         11/12 West Virginia    04-10b-93
Greene       George W.        6     West Virginia    04-05a-14
Greene       Ida L.           16    West Virginia    04-10b-87
Greene       John S.          20    West Virginia    04-10b-85
Greene       Margaret M.      11    West Virginia    04-10b-89
Greene       Mary E.          18    West Virginia    04-10b-86
Greene       Mary F.          34    West Virginia    04-05a-13
Greene       William          45    West Virginia    04-10b-83
Griffith     Addison          6     West Virginia    04-08a-16
Griffith     Andrew           78    West Virginia    03-16b-95
Griffith     Catherine        17    West Virginia    04-08a-19
Griffith     Charles          21    West Virginia    04-08a-18
Griffith     Do**d            9     West Virginia    04-08a-15
Griffith     Edmund           12    West Virginia    04-08a-14
Griffith     Ella             13    West Virginia    04-08a-13
Griffith     Elmira           20    W Va             01-02b-84
Griffith     Frances          29    West Virginia    03-14b-71
Griffith     Hubbert          21    West Virginia    03-13b-83
Griffith     Irona            23    West Virginia    03-13b-82
Griffith     Joseph           25    West Virginia    03-19a-50
Griffith     Lacy             3     West Virginia    04-08a-17
Griffith     Lethia           39    West Virginia    04-08a-12
Griffith     Lew              19    West Virginia    03-16b-99
Griffith     Lorenzo          17    W. Va.           01-14b-55
Griffith     Lucresha         60    West Virginia    03-16b-96
Griffith     Madoria          22    West Virginia    03-16b-98
Griffith     Malinda          76    Virginia         03-14b-75
Griffith     Marie            2     West Virginia    03-14b-74
Griffith     Martha F.        19    West Virginia    03-19b-51
Griffith     Mary E.          16    West Virginia    04-02a-11
Griffith     Minnie           15    West Virginia    03-16b-100
Griffith     Nancy J.         21    W. Va.           01-14b-54
Griffith     Oscar            1     W Va             01-02b-85
Griffith     Percie L.        6/12  West Virginia    03-19b-52
Griffith     Sa***            35    West Virginia    03-14b-73
Griffith     Sarah J.         44    W. Va.           01-14b-53
Griffith     Stephen          59    Virginia         03-13b-80
Griffith     Virginia         17    West Virginia    03-14b-72
Griffith     William          48    W. Va.           01-14b-52
Griffith     William          26    West Virginia    03-13b-81
Griffith     William          25    West Virginia    03-16b-97
Griffith     William          42    West Virginia    04-08a-11
Groves       Ballard C        72    W. Va.           01-11a-18
Groves       Sarah            75    W. Va.           01-11a-19
Gunnoe       *                28    West Virginia    03-11b-74
Gunnoe       Ada Bell         9     West Virginia    01-01b-63
Gunnoe       Amanda           25    West Virginia    01-01b-67
Gunnoe       Andrew J.        32    W. Va.           01-07a-43
Gunnoe       Andy             4     W. Va.           01-07b-71
Gunnoe       Benton           4     W. Va.           01-07a-47
Gunnoe       Bertha           1     West Virginia    01-01b-71
Gunnoe       Bessie           3     West Virginia    01-01b-64
Gunnoe       Bessie           6     West Va          02-10a-32
Gunnoe       Biddle C         3     W. Va.           01-07b-72
Gunnoe       Blackburn        25    W. Va.           01-08b-64
Gunnoe       Calvin           40    West Va          02-10a-28
Gunnoe       Charles E.       4     W. Va.           01-07b-84
Gunnoe       Cynthia          .     W. Va.           01-13b-53
Gunnoe       Daniel           19    West Virginia    03-07b-67
Gunnoe       David            49    W. Va.           01-07b-74
Gunnoe       David            64    West Virginia    03-11a-40
Gunnoe       Delia            11    W. Va.           01-13b-55
Gunnoe       Doliver          7     W. Va.           01-07a-45
Gunnoe       Edwin            18    W. Va.           01-07b-73
Gunnoe       Elizabeth        20    W. Va.           01-13a-42
Gunnoe       Ella             21    West Virginia    01-01b-70
Gunnoe       Ellen            55    Virginia         01-07a-38
Gunnoe       Ethel May        5     W. Va.           01-07a-46
Gunnoe       Everet G.        3     West Virginia    03-11b-76
Gunnoe       Florrie          1     W. Va.           01-08b-66
Gunnoe       Freeman          16    W. Va.           01-07b-78
Gunnoe       G*               22    W. Va.           01-11a-23
Gunnoe       George W.        17    W. Va.           01-07a-42
Gunnoe       Gracy C          11    West Va          02-10a-30
Gunnoe       Hattie M         9     West Va          02-10a-31
Gunnoe       Henry            13    W. Va.           01-07b-80
Gunnoe       Henry            22    West Virginia    03-07b-66
Gunnoe       Henry            24    West Virginia    03-11a-42
Gunnoe       Henry S.         20    W. Va.           01-07a-41
Gunnoe       Isaac F.         10    West Virginia    03-11a-45
Gunnoe       James E.         8     West Virginia    03-07b-70
Gunnoe       James W.         25    W. Va.           01-07b-69
Gunnoe       Jesse            4     West Virginia    01-01b-68
Gunnoe       Jessie Lee       1/12  West Virginia    03-11b-78
Gunnoe       John             51    West Virginia    01-01b-57
Gunnoe       Joseph S         2     West Virginia    01-01b-75
Gunnoe       Julia Anne       17    West Virginia    03-07b-68
Gunnoe       Lewis M          16    West Virginia    01-01b-60
Gunnoe       Lonny C.         2     West Virginia    03-11b-77
Gunnoe       Lottie           18    W. Va.           01-07b-77
Gunnoe       Louisa           18    West Virginia    01-01b-59
Gunnoe       Lulia            6     W. Va.           01-07b-83
Gunnoe       Marshal          28    West Virginia    03-02a-4
Gunnoe       Mary             24    West Virginia    01-01b-73
Gunnoe       Mary             48    W. Va.           01-07b-75
Gunnoe       Mary             28    West Virginia    03-11b-75
Gunnoe       Mary L.          12    West Virginia    03-07b-69
Gunnoe       Mary M           27    W. Va.           01-07a-39
Gunnoe       Mary S           45    West Virginia    01-01b-58
Gunnoe       Mary S           30    West Va          02-10a-29
Gunnoe       Media            12    West Virginia    01-01b-62
Gunnoe       Mo*              22    West Virginia    03-11a-50
Gunnoe       Myrtle           3     W. Va.           01-13b-57
Gunnoe       Nellie           1     W. Va.           01-07b-85
Gunnoe       Nona B.          3/12  West Virginia    03-07b-71
Gunnoe       Ola Smith        14    West Virginia    01-01b-61
Gunnoe       Oliver           13    W. Va.           01-13b-54
Gunnoe       Ollie            26    W. Va.           01-07a-44
Gunnoe       Pauline          52    West Virginia    03-11a-41
Gunnoe       Perry H          15    W. Va.           01-07b-79
Gunnoe       Preston          22    West Virginia    03-11a-49
Gunnoe       Prudie O         11/12 West Va          02-10a-34
Gunnoe       Rachel           47    West Virginia    03-07b-65
Gunnoe       Rena E.          17    W. Va.           01-08b-65
Gunnoe       Retta M.         11    W. Va.           01-07b-81
Gunnoe       Rhoda A.         56    W. Va.           01-11a-25
Gunnoe       Riler B.         8     West Virginia    03-11a-46
Gunnoe       Robert L.        9     W. Va.           01-07b-82
Gunnoe       S*               26    W. Va.           01-07b-70
Gunnoe       Salathiel        22    W. Va.           01-07a-40
Gunnoe       Sarah            4     West Virginia    01-01b-74
Gunnoe       Sarah A.         23    W. Va.           01-11a-24
Gunnoe       Scott            22    W. Va.           01-07b-76
Gunnoe       Sidney           1/12  West Virginia    01-01b-69
Gunnoe       Sidney D         1     W. Va.           01-07a-48
Gunnoe       Thomas E. H.     13    West Virginia    03-11a-44
Gunnoe       Walter Scott     15    West Virginia    03-11a-43
Gunnoe       William          6     W. Va.           01-13b-56
Gunnoe       William R        47    W. Va.           01-13b-52
Gunnoe       Willie A         4     West Va          02-10a-33

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