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Boone County, WV 1900 Federal Census (Index)

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Ines*****ry  Cora N.          16    W. Va.           05-16a-16
Ines*****ry  Margueretta      54    Iowa             05-16a-14
Ines*****ry  Mathew H.        40    Virginia         05-16a-13
Ines*****ry  Nora E.          18    W. Va.           05-16a-15
Ingram       John             20    Ohio             03-12b-59

J*           Albert           9     W. Va.           05-07a-39
J*           George R.        10    W. Va.           05-07a-38
J*           Georgia          3     W. Va.           05-07a-40
J*           John L.          33    W. Va.           05-07a-35
J*           Victoria         31    W. Va.           05-07a-36
J*           Willie           12    W. Va.           05-07a-37
Jackson      Emily            28    New York         04-13b-93
Jackson      John             17    W. Va.           05-15a-4
Jampelin     Elizabeth        73    Virginia         02-13a-27
Jampelin     John             37    West Va          02-13a-25
Jampelin     John             72    West Va          02-13a-26
Jarnell      Albert           10    W. Va.           05-19a-10
Jarnell      Anthony          14    W. Va.           05-19a-8
Jarnell      Eliza            11    W. Va.           05-19a-9
Jarnell      Ella M.          19    W. Va.           05-19a-2
Jarnell      Harriet          48    W. Va.           05-19a-6
Jarnell      Jackson          21    W. Va.           05-19a-7
Jarnell      Ona              1     W. Va.           05-19a-4
Jarnell      Paris            55    W. Va.           05-19a-5
Jarnell      Paul             30    W. Va.           05-19a-1
Jarnell      Ralph            3     W. Va.           05-19a-3
Jarrell      ****             11    West Virginia    04-13b-54
Jarrell      A*****           22    W Va             01-04a-9
Jarrell      Ada B.           5     West Virginia    04-14a-23
Jarrell      Albert           38    W. Va.           01-14a-37
Jarrell      Alfred           15    W. Va.           01-09b-71
Jarrell      Allie            42    West Virginia    04-13b-83
Jarrell      Alma             38    Tennessee        01-10a-32
Jarrell      Alva O.          2     West Virginia    04-12a-49
Jarrell      Amanda           37    West Virginia    04-09a-17
Jarrell      Amielia          20    W. Va.           01-09b-72
Jarrell      Anderson         62    West Virginia    04-09a-34
Jarrell      Anderson E.      17    West Virginia    04-09a-36
Jarrell      Andrew J.        12    West Virginia    04-09a-21
Jarrell      Anna B           48    West Va          02-12b-83
Jarrell      Annie G.         1     W. Va.           01-09b-84
Jarrell      Arena            27    West Virginia    04-08b-92
Jarrell      Arminta          46    W. Va.           01-12b-81
Jarrell      Arthur           11    West Virginia    04-13b-87
Jarrell      Attie            11    W. Va.           01-10a-36
Jarrell      Aubry            8     W. Va.           01-14a-40
Jarrell      Belvia           4     W Va             01-02b-98
Jarrell      Benjamin         32    W. Va.           01-09b-80
Jarrell      Bertha L         17    West Va          02-12b-84
Jarrell      Bertie           13    West Virginia    04-13b-53
Jarrell      Bessie           1     W Va             01-04a-10
Jarrell      Bessie E.        5     West Virginia    04-09a-23
Jarrell      Blossie          14    W. Va.           01-10a-21
Jarrell      Bowdenia         3     W. Va.           01-10a-5
Jarrell      Bruce            31    W. Va.           01-09a-8
Jarrell      Bruce            16    West Virginia    04-09b-94
Jarrell      Burrel           9/12  West Virginia    04-10b-73
Jarrell      Ca****           1     West Virginia    01-03b-68
Jarrell      Callis           1     W Va             01-04b-51
Jarrell      Carrie C.        3/12  West Virginia    04-08b-98
Jarrell      Charles          22    W. Va.           01-09b-69
Jarrell      Chris            10    W. Va.           05-08a-35
Jarrell      Christopher      20    West Virginia    04-12b-85
Jarrell      Christopher C.   47    West Virginia    04-09a-16
Jarrell      Cidney           2     W. Va.           05-08a-38
Jarrell      Clarence         25    West Virginia    04-14a-48
Jarrell      Cleophas         22    West Virginia    04-14a-18
Jarrell      Cloe             22    W. Va.           01-09b-90
Jarrell      Cr*              21    W. Va.           01-09b-89
Jarrell      David            42    West Virginia    04-04a-1
Jarrell      Dora G           9     W Va             01-04a-48
Jarrell      Dorothy          6     W. Va.           01-14a-41
Jarrell      Edith M.         5     W. Va.           01-09a-10
Jarrell      Edna B.          3     West Virginia    04-13a-44
Jarrell      Elias            9     West Virginia    04-09b-98
Jarrell      Elinora          38    W. Va.           05-08a-33
Jarrell      Elizabeth        15    W. Va.           01-10a-35
Jarrell      Elizabeth        34    West Virginia    04-12a-44
Jarrell      Eloisa           4/12  W. Va.           01-09b-93
Jarrell      Emanuel          47    West Virginia    04-12a-43
Jarrell      Emanuel C.       7/12  West Virginia    04-12a-50
Jarrell      Emeline          55    W. Va.           01-09b-67
Jarrell      Emily            68    West Virginia    01-03b-58
Jarrell      Emmie            3     W. Va.           01-09a-11
Jarrell      Esta May         12    W. Va.           01-12b-85
Jarrell      Esther           3     W. Va.           01-10b-72
Jarrell      Ethel M.         13    West Virginia    04-09b-95
Jarrell      Eunice G.        1     W. Va.           01-09a-12
Jarrell      Eva              7     West Virginia    04-13a-42
Jarrell      Eva L.           12    West Virginia    04-09b-96
Jarrell      Eveline          24    W. Va.           01-09b-81
Jarrell      Filbert          20    W. Va.           01-09b-60
Jarrell      Finley           22    W. Va.           01-08a-19
Jarrell      Flora            24    W Va             01-02b-96
Jarrell      Florence         3     W. Va.           01-09a-47
Jarrell      Forest           15    West Virginia    04-09a-20
Jarrell      Frances          65    West Virginia    04-13b-96
Jarrell      Francis          35    W. Va.           01-10a-2
Jarrell      Frank            6     West Va          02-12b-90
Jarrell      Freddie A.       2     West Virginia    04-14a-50
Jarrell      Freddie E.       3     West Virginia    04-09b-100
Jarrell      Frieda           3     W. Va.           01-09b-92
Jarrell      George           37    West Virginia    01-03b-64
Jarrell      George           43    W. Va.           01-10a-1
Jarrell      George           40    West Virginia    04-09b-92
Jarrell      Gertie           8     W. Va.           01-10a-37
Jarrell      Gertie M.        20    West Virginia    04-09a-18
Jarrell      Girtie           20    W. Va.           01-10b-62
Jarrell      Golie            1     W Va             01-04a-50
Jarrell      Grace            4     W. Va.           01-14a-42
Jarrell      Griffith         15    West Va          02-12b-85
Jarrell      Grover           16    West Virginia    04-14a-19
Jarrell      Gustie           16    West Virginia    04-09a-19
Jarrell      Harry            7     West Va          02-12b-89
Jarrell      Henry D.         2     West Virginia    04-09a-24
Jarrell      Herbert          6     W Va             01-02b-97
Jarrell      Herbert          5/12  W. Va.           01-12b-90
Jarrell      Hillard          17    West Virginia    04-13b-51
Jarrell      Holley           1     W. Va.           01-09a-48
Jarrell      Howard           12    W Va             01-04a-47
Jarrell      Howard R         1     W. Va.           01-10b-73
Jarrell      Ida              7     West Virginia    04-14a-42
Jarrell      Ira              11    W. Va.           01-14a-39
Jarrell      Ira C.           4     West Virginia    04-15b-58
Jarrell      Isaac O.         21    West Virginia    04-13a-49
Jarrell      Iva M.           4     West Virginia    04-08b-96
Jarrell      Iva Y.           2     West Virginia    04-15b-59
Jarrell      Jackson          39    W. Va.           01-13a-24
Jarrell      Jacob            22    West Virginia    01-04a-8
Jarrell      James            39    West Virginia    04-15a-8
Jarrell      James C.         6     W. Va.           01-10a-24
Jarrell      Janey O.         7     West Virginia    04-08b-94
Jarrell      Jesse            2     West Virginia    04-14a-24
Jarrell      Jesse E.         3     West Virginia    04-10a-1
Jarrell      Jessee           12    W. Va.           01-14a-34
Jarrell      John             26    W Va             01-02b-95
Jarrell      John             43    W Va             01-04a-43
Jarrell      John             47    West Virginia    04-13a-37
Jarrell      John             42    W. Va.           05-08a-32
Jarrell      John H.          9     West Virginia    04-10b-70
Jarrell      John L.          25    West Virginia    04-13a-48
Jarrell      John M.          15    West Virginia    04-09a-37
Jarrell      Joseph           31    W. Va.           01-10b-67
Jarrell      Joseph           50    West Virginia    04-13a-46
Jarrell      Jubal E.         10    West Virginia    04-09a-22
Jarrell      Julia            24    W. Va.           01-12b-82
Jarrell      Kerry            68    W. Va.           01-10b-66
Jarrell      Kesler           16    W Va             01-04a-45
Jarrell      Kester           14    West Virginia    04-13b-86
Jarrell      Lacy             1     W. Va.           01-14a-43
Jarrell      Lacy E.          5     West Virginia    04-08b-95
Jarrell      Lacy F.          19    West Virginia    04-13a-50
Jarrell      Lanetha M.       1     West Virginia    04-13a-45
Jarrell      Laura P.         9/12  West Virginia    04-09a-39
Jarrell      Leatha           52    W. Va.           01-10a-18
Jarrell      Leftridge        69    West Virginia    04-13b-95
Jarrell      Lelian           6     W. Va.           01-10a-3
Jarrell      Lena B.          19    West Virginia    04-09a-35
Jarrell      Lenford          26    West Virginia    03-02a-5
Jarrell      Leo R.           1     West Virginia    04-10a-2
Jarrell      Lescus           23    West Virginia    04-13a-38
Jarrell      Levi             14    W Va             01-04a-46
Jarrell      Lewis            32    W. Va.           01-09a-42
Jarrell      Lifftridge       5     West Virginia    04-13a-43
Jarrell      Lillian          6     W. Va.           01-10a-4
Jarrell      Lillie           10    West Va          02-12b-88
Jarrell      Linford          6     W. Va.           01-10a-38
Jarrell      Lollie           12    W. Va.           01-14a-35
Jarrell      Lonnie C.        2     West Virginia    04-08b-97
Jarrell      Lora             4     W Va             01-04a-49
Jarrell      Lora             7     W. Va.           01-10b-69
Jarrell      Lottie           17    W. Va.           01-09b-61
Jarrell      Lottie G.        4     West Virginia    04-10b-72
Jarrell      Lucy             35    W. Va.           01-11a-21
Jarrell      Lulia            17    West Virginia    01-05a-21
Jarrell      Lulie            14    West Virginia    04-12a-46
Jarrell      Madora           17    West Virginia    04-13b-84
Jarrell      Mahala           44    W Va             01-04a-44
Jarrell      Malverna         41    West Virginia    04-14a-40
Jarrell      Manerva          56    W. Va.           01-09b-59
Jarrell      Marguerite       26    W. Va.           05-20a-34
Jarrell      Marie D.         15    West Virginia    04-13b-52
Jarrell      Martha           1     W Va             01-02b-99
Jarrell      Martin           19    W. Va.           01-12b-83
Jarrell      Martin           28    West Virginia    04-15b-56
Jarrell      Marvin           1     W. Va.           01-13a-26
Jarrell      Mary             31    W. Va.           01-09a-43
Jarrell      Mary             32    West Virginia    04-09b-93
Jarrell      Mary             23    West Virginia    04-15b-57
Jarrell      Mary A.          20    W. Va.           01-13a-25
Jarrell      Mary A.          30    W. Va.           01-14a-38
Jarrell      Mary A.          20    West Virginia    04-13a-39
Jarrell      Mary E.          37    West Virginia    04-04a-2
Jarrell      Mary F           47    West Virginia    04-13a-47
Jarrell      Matilda          46    Virginia         01-08a-17
Jarrell      Matison          11    West Va          02-12b-87
Jarrell      Matison          11    West Virginia    04-14a-41
Jarrell      Maud             13    West Virginia    01-03b-62
Jarrell      Maud A.          13    West Virginia    04-13a-40
Jarrell      Maude            16    W. Va.           01-10a-20
Jarrell      Maudie           1     W. Va.           01-12b-88
Jarrell      May              10    W. Va.           01-14a-36
Jarrell      May              13    West Va          02-12b-86
Jarrell      Mertie           10    West Virginia    01-03b-63
Jarrell      Mertie           12    W. Va.           01-10a-22
Jarrell      Mertie           4     W. Va.           01-12b-87
Jarrell      Mi*              17    W. Va.           01-08a-20
Jarrell      Millard          18    West Virginia    01-05a-20
Jarrell      Millard          3     West Virginia    04-09a-38
Jarrell      Minerva          12    West Virginia    04-14a-21
Jarrell      Minnie A.        7     West Virginia    04-10b-71
Jarrell      Montreville L.   24    W. Va.           01-09b-68
Jarrell      Nancy            39    West Virginia    01-03b-65
Jarrell      Naomi            7     West Virginia    04-09b-99
Jarrell      Nettie M.        0/12  West Virginia    04-09a-25
Jarrell      Noah             4     W. Va.           01-12b-89
Jarrell      Nora             5     S                01-09a-46
Jarrell      Nora             12    West Virginia    04-12a-47
Jarrell      Nora L.          5     West Virginia    04-13b-56
Jarrell      O*               62    W. Va.           01-09b-58
Jarrell      Okey J.          1     W. Va.           01-10a-6
Jarrell      Oma              4/12  West Va          02-12b-92
Jarrell      Omar             5     W. Va.           05-08a-37
Jarrell      Ona              7     W. Va.           01-09b-82
Jarrell      Ora              4     W. Va.           01-09b-83
Jarrell      Ora              10    W. Va.           01-10a-23
Jarrell      Ora R.           11    West Virginia    04-10b-69
Jarrell      Oscar            4     W. Va.           01-10b-71
Jarrell      Pearl            0/12  West Virginia    04-09a-26
Jarrell      Pearl F.         9     West Virginia    04-13b-55
Jarrell      Percha F.        13    West Virginia    04-10b-68
Jarrell      Perry            48    West Virginia    04-14a-16
Jarrell      Preston          70    West Virginia    01-03b-57
Jarrell      Quinssie         5     W. Va.           01-09b-91
Jarrell      Quinsy           24    W. Va.           01-10b-68
Jarrell      Quisindra        26    West Virginia    04-14a-49
Jarrell      Rebecca          46    West Virginia    04-14a-17
Jarrell      Reed             52    W. Va.           05-20a-33
Jarrell      Robert           40    West Virginia    01-03b-60
Jarrell      Robert           9     West Virginia    04-12a-48
Jarrell      Robert           23    West Virginia    04-15a-9
Jarrell      Romie            13    W. Va.           01-09b-62
Jarrell      Romie G.         11    West Virginia    04-09b-97
Jarrell      Rosa             9     W. Va.           01-12b-86
Jarrell      Rosie E.         14    West Virginia    04-14a-20
Jarrell      Rosie L.         25    W. Va.           01-09a-9
Jarrell      Roy              9     West Virginia    04-08b-93
Jarrell      Sally            14    W. Va.           05-08a-34
Jarrell      Samuel F.        9     West Virginia    04-13a-41
Jarrell      Sanonia          8     W. Va.           01-09a-44
Jarrell      Scynthia D.      10    Cal**ad          04-14a-22
Jarrell      Smith            22    W. Va.           01-10a-19
Jarrell      Stella           4     West Va          02-12b-91
Jarrell      Sullia           5     West Virginia    01-03b-66
Jarrell      Sullivan         6     W. Va.           01-09a-45
Jarrell      T*               45    W. Va.           01-08a-16
Jarrell      Thomas           56    West Va          02-12b-82
Jarrell      Tinnson          15    W. Va.           01-12b-84
Jarrell      Tish             33    West Virginia    01-03b-61
Jarrell      Tressie          3     West Virginia    04-13b-88
Jarrell      Troy             6     W. Va.           01-10b-70
Jarrell      Van              52    W. Va.           01-12b-80
Jarrell      Vanburen         17    West Virginia    04-12a-45
Jarrell      Vanburn          38    West Virginia    04-08b-91
Jarrell      Victor           52    W. Va.           01-10a-17
Jarrell      Victory          24    W. Va.           01-08a-18
Jarrell      Victory          18    W. Va.           01-10a-34
Jarrell      Wagner           4     West Virginia    01-03b-67
Jarrell      Walter           8     W. Va.           05-08a-36
Jarrell      William          27    W Va             01-02b-65
Jarrell      William          15    W. Va.           01-08a-21
Jarrell      William          22    W. Va.           01-10a-33
Jarrell      William          53    W. Va.           01-11a-20
Jarrell      William          46    West Virginia    04-13b-82
Jarrell      Willie K.        .     W. Va.           01-09b-73
Jarrell      Winfred          18    W. Va.           01-09b-70
Jarrell      Woodey           15    West Virginia    04-13b-85
Jarrett      John             23    West Virginia    04-10b-80
Jarrett      John C.          4/12  West Virginia    04-10b-82
Jarrett      Malinda          27    West Virginia    04-10b-81
Javin        Annie L          11    West Va          02-06b-63
Javin        Hattie B         7     West Va          02-06b-64
Javin        Maud E           13    West Va          02-06b-62
Javin        William          14    West Va          02-06b-61
Javins       Alice            16    West Virginia    03-10b-56
Javins       Clorra A         10    West Virginia    04-01a-16
Javins       Coraline         75    West Virginia    03-04a-24
Javins       Daniel           41    West Virginia    04-01a-11
Javins       Daniel G.        15    West Virginia    04-01a-14
Javins       Dora E.          17    West Virginia    04-01a-13
Javins       E*               27    West Va          02-07a-3
Javins       Frances          60    West Virginia    03-10b-53
Javins       Francis          60    West Va          02-09a-19
Javins       Gertie V.        2     West Virginia    04-01a-18
Javins       Harrie H         11/12 West Va          02-09b-76
Javins       Ida E            4     West Va          02-09b-75
Javins       Ira R            9     West Va          02-09a-29
Javins       Jesse S.         5     West Virginia    04-01a-17
Javins       Jessie C         7     West Va          02-09b-74
Javins       Linnie           25    West Va          02-09b-73
Javins       Mary E.          37    Ohio             04-01a-12
Javins       Maryanne         56    West Virginia    03-10b-54
Javins       Sarah W.         18    West Virginia    04-01a-15
Javins       Silas            31    West Va          02-09b-72
Javins       Virgalee O       23    West Va          02-07a-4
Javins       William          63    West Va          02-09a-18
Javins       Winfred          18    West Virginia    03-10b-55
Jeffrey      Abedia R.        34    W. Va.           05-04a-24
Jeffrey      Addison          46    W. Va.           05-01a-44
Jeffrey      Adelphia         48    W. Va.           05-01a-45
Jeffrey      Alansander       27    W. Va.           05-15a-9
Jeffrey      Albert Jr.       10    W. Va.           05-01b-68
Jeffrey      Alfred           21    W. Va.           05-22a-29
Jeffrey      Anna             34    W. Va.           05-01b-67
Jeffrey      Araminta P.      8     W. Va.           05-01b-69
Jeffrey      Ardell G.        3     W. Va.           05-01b-72
Jeffrey      Arena            4     W. Va.           05-01b-64
Jeffrey      Asa B.           4     W. Va.           05-01b-71
Jeffrey      Barthalomew      45    W. Va.           05-01b-66
Jeffrey      Bessie           11    W. Va.           05-04a-22
Jeffrey      Bird L.          42    W. Va.           05-03a-13
Jeffrey      Bird L.          9     W. Va.           05-04a-39
Jeffrey      Caroline         18    W. Va.           05-04a-35
Jeffrey      Cidney W.        6     W. Va.           05-01b-63
Jeffrey      Delila S.        40    W. Va.           05-01b-60
Jeffrey      Dortha M.        1     W. Va.           05-03a-20
Jeffrey      Effie J.         28    W. Va.           05-15a-10
Jeffrey      Elbert           17    W. Va.           05-01a-46
Jeffrey      Eliza            35    W. Va.           05-04a-25
Jeffrey      Esther E.        6     W. Va.           05-01b-70
Jeffrey      Floyd M.         3     W. Va.           05-15a-14
Jeffrey      Franklin P.      15    W. Va.           05-04a-36
Jeffrey      Gena C.          4     W. Va.           05-03a-18
Jeffrey      George           16    W. Va.           05-04a-21
Jeffrey      Harley R.        3/12  W. Va.           05-01b-73
Jeffrey      Henry M.         2     W. Va.           05-15a-13
Jeffrey      I.               65    W. Va.           05-04a-19
Jeffrey      James J.         19    W. Va.           05-04a-34
Jeffrey      John P.          48    W. Va.           05-04a-32
Jeffrey      John P.          14    W. Va.           05-04a-37
Jeffrey      John W.          8     W. Va.           05-15a-11
Jeffrey      Joseph H.        11    W. Va.           05-04a-38
Jeffrey      Linna M.         7     W. Va.           05-03a-16
Jeffrey      Linville         2     W. Va.           05-04a-30
Jeffrey      Lonzo            11    W. Va.           05-04a-26
Jeffrey      Louisa           65    W. Va.           05-04a-20
Jeffrey      Luesa            9     W. Va.           05-01b-62
Jeffrey      Luther           6     W. Va.           05-04a-28
Jeffrey      Macy H.          2     W. Va.           05-03a-19
Jeffrey      Manda            51    W. Va.           05-04a-33
Jeffrey      Martha           19    W. Va.           05-18b-64
Jeffrey      Mary A.          25    W. Va.           05-03a-14
Jeffrey      Milliard         15    W. Va.           05-01b-61
Jeffrey      Minnie B.        3     W. Va.           05-04a-23
Jeffrey      Minnie M.        6     W. Va.           05-03a-17
Jeffrey      Orville E.       10/12 W. Va.           05-15a-15
Jeffrey      Roxie L.         7     W. Va.           05-04a-40
Jeffrey      Sarah A.         6     W. Va.           05-15a-12
Jeffrey      Verena           4     W. Va.           05-04a-29
Jeffrey      Verna            8     W. Va.           05-04a-27
Jeffrey      Walter R.        15    W. Va.           05-03a-15
Jeffrey      Williard         2     W. Va.           05-01b-65
Jeffrey      Zacharia         41    W. Va.           05-01b-59
Jobes        Isaac            52    Virginia         03-14b-57
Jobes        Julia            55    West Virginia    03-14b-58
Johns        Bradee           7     West Va          02-09a-13
Johns        Franklin         27    West Va          02-09a-11
Johns        Ruba B           3     West Va          02-09a-15
Johns        Viola            28    West Va          02-09a-12
Johns        William McK      5     West Va          02-09a-14
Johnson      Bessie F.        9     W. Va.           05-19b-55
Johnson      Dennis           3     West Va          02-11a-36
Johnson      Earnest          11    W. Va.           05-19b-54
Johnson      Ervin            30    West Va          02-11a-33
Johnson      Ethel            21    W. Va.           05-19b-60
Johnson      Flora            17    W. Va.           05-19b-61
Johnson      Gladia           4     W. Va.           05-19b-58
Johnson      Johnie           7     W. Va.           05-19b-57
Johnson      Josaphine        12    W. Va.           05-19b-53
Johnson      Lilly            31    Ohio             05-19b-52
Johnson      Lilly            7     W. Va.           05-19b-56
Johnson      Marguerite       2     W. Va.           05-09b-79
Johnson      Martha           10/12 West Va          02-11a-37
Johnson      Mary             35    Virginia         02-11a-34
Johnson      Miney            5     West Va          02-11a-35
Johnson      Myrtle           9     W. Va.           05-22b-66
Johnson      Ray              1     W. Va.           05-19b-59
Johnson      Zacharus         51    W. Va.           05-19b-51
Jones        Emily            32    W. Va.           01-08a-5
Jones        Englebert        1     W. Va.           05-04b-95
Jones        Grace            9     W. Va.           01-08a-6
Jones        Heber C.         2     W. Va.           01-08a-10
Jones        Henry            56    Virginia         02-03a-39
Jones        Ida M.           3     W. Va.           01-08a-9
Jones        James            36    W. Va.           05-04b-93
Jones        Lizzy            33    Virginia         02-03a-40
Jones        Luther           7     W. Va.           01-08a-7
Jones        Martin           33    Ohio             01-08a-4
Jones        Victoria         24    W. Va.           05-04b-94
Jones        Virgil           6     W. Va.           01-08a-8
Jones        Willie           6     West Va          02-03a-41
Jordan       George           75    Virginia         04-03b-88
Jordan       Girgie L.        22    West Virginia    04-03b-78
Jordan       Jackson          77    Virginia         04-03b-70
Jordan       John C.          23    West Virginia    04-03b-77
Jordan       Johnson          70    Virginia         04-03b-90
Jordan       Penira           60    West Virginia    04-03b-89
Jordan       Thomas F.        6/12  West Virginia    04-03b-79
Jordan       Walker A.        7     West Virginia    04-08a-40

Kanter       Monnica          1     W. Va.           01-15a-11
Kanter       William          23    W. Va.           01-15a-10
Kantley      Ira              23    West Va          02-11a-43
Keadle       Eliza S.         40    W. Va.           05-03b-67
Keadle       H*               42    W. Va.           05-03b-66
Kearcy       Audrey           30    West Virginia    03-07a-46
Kearcy       Juda             27    West Virginia    03-07a-47
Kearcy       Vestie E.        5     West Virginia    03-07a-48
Keeney       Ada F.           4     West Virginia    04-16b-62
Keeney       Asa A.           13    West Virginia    04-16b-58
Keeney       Augustie         1     West Virginia    04-16b-63
Keeney       David            25    West Virginia    04-16a-45
Keeney       Della            11    West Virginia    04-16b-59
Keeney       Dewey L.         1     West Virginia    04-16b-53
Keeney       Duley E.         1     West Virginia    04-16a-49
Keeney       Edward           24    West Virginia    04-16a-50
Keeney       Francis          22    West Virginia    04-16a-46
Keeney       Grace F.         3     West Virginia    04-16b-52
Keeney       John             47    West Virginia    04-16b-54
Keeney       Lulie E.         4     West Virginia    04-16a-47
Keeney       Mary             45    West Virginia    04-16b-55
Keeney       Mary L.          21    West Virginia    04-16b-51
Keeney       Quindora         8     West Virginia    04-16b-60
Keeney       Sanford          6     West Virginia    04-16b-61
Keeney       Victoria         18    West Virginia    04-16b-56
Keeney       William S.       15    West Virginia    04-16b-57
Keeney       Winford S.       3     West Virginia    04-16a-48
Keffer       Charina A        4     West Va          02-09a-5
Keffer       Charles          17    West Virginia    04-04a-22
Keffer       Colbert          32    West Va          02-09a-24
Keffer       Daniel           29    West Va          02-09a-1
Keffer       Della M          4     West Va          02-09a-27
Keffer       Ethel            5     West Virginia    04-03b-76
Keffer       Frank            13    West Virginia    04-04a-23
Keffer       Girtress L       5     West Va          02-09a-4
Keffer       Hecter           24    West Virginia    04-04a-21
Keffer       Jada O           6     West Va          02-09a-26
Keffer       John H           13    West Va          02-09a-10
Keffer       Lucy             24    West Va          02-09a-25
Keffer       Lucy E.          55    West Virginia    04-04a-19
Keffer       Margaret J       53    West Va          02-09a-17
Keffer       Marie            22    West Va          02-09a-2
Keffer       Myrtle D         3     West Va          02-09a-28
Keffer       Olive F.         23    West Virginia    04-04a-20
Keffer       Omer             5/12  West Va          02-09a-7
Keffer       Rhoda            62    W. Va.           01-13a-11
Keffer       Rosa M           14    W. Va.           01-13a-13
Keffer       Shaffer C        1     West Va          02-09a-6
Keffer       Tetham           62    West Virginia    04-04a-18
Keffer       Thrada E         6     West Va          02-09a-3
Keffer       Virgie A         17    W. Va.           01-13a-12
Keffer       Willson          65    West Va          02-09a-16
Kelly        Elbert E.        1     W. Va.           05-19a-42
Kelly        Eli P.           42    Kansas           05-19a-38
Kelly        Henry C.         6     W. Va.           05-19a-40
Kelly        Lonie M.         5     W. Va.           05-19a-41
Kelly        Parthena         27    W. Va.           05-19a-39
Kenney       Mary             38    West Virginia    04-12b-60
Kessinger    George           56    W. Va.           05-20b-79
Kidd         Felix            17    W. Va.           05-12a-6
Kidd         Mandaville       25    W. Va.           05-12a-30
Kidkiff      Alice E.         3     West Virginia    04-06a-37
Kidkiff      Cora L.          29    West Virginia    04-06a-34
Kidkiff      George D.        1     West Virginia    04-06a-38
Kidkiff      Hays             41    West Virginia    04-06a-33
Kidkiff      Hubert H.        7     West Virginia    04-06a-35
Kidkiff      Robert E.        5     West Virginia    04-06a-36
Kinder       Ader             6/12  West Va          02-08a-48
Kinder       Albert D         12    West Va          02-07a-49
Kinder       Albra H          11    West Va          02-02b-85
Kinder       Allie            16    West Va          02-13a-5
Kinder       America          35    West Va          02-05b-67
Kinder       America W.       14    West Virginia    04-08a-37
Kinder       Andrew           33    West Va          02-07a-45
Kinder       Andrew J         9     West Va          02-05b-90
Kinder       Andy             6     West Virginia    03-10b-77
Kinder       Angie Nora       18    West Virginia    03-06a-15
Kinder       Anna             67    West Va          02-06a-22
Kinder       Bitsey A         18    West Va          02-12b-55
Kinder       Blanch D         5     West Va          02-05a-34
Kinder       Charles          31    West Va          02-05a-32
Kinder       Christina        10    West Virginia    03-10b-76
Kinder       Claud            2     West Va          02-05a-35
Kinder       Cleveland        12    West Virginia    03-06a-17
Kinder       Cra*             46    West Va          02-08a-39
Kinder       Day*             52    West Virginia    03-06a-13
Kinder       Delsa E          2/12  West Va          02-04a-41
Kinder       Divina J         1     West Va          02-06a-27
Kinder       Drusila Jane     30    West Virginia    03-06a-16
Kinder       Eliga H          10    West Va          02-13a-7
Kinder       Elisha           12    West Virginia    03-06a-9
Kinder       Elizabeth        37    West Va          02-05b-84
Kinder       Elizabeth        .     West Va          02-08a-10
Kinder       Elizabeth        42    West Va          02-12b-54
Kinder       Ellie M          4     West Va          02-05b-92
Kinder       Emery            15    West Virginia    03-10b-75
Kinder       Emma J           36    West Va          02-02b-83
Kinder       Emma L.          20    West Virginia    03-11a-12
Kinder       Estel U.         3     West Virginia    03-10b-78
Kinder       Estus            6     West Va          02-06a-25
Kinder       Fella            1     West Va          02-05a-36
Kinder       Francis B        24    West Va          02-06a-24
Kinder       Fredrick S       6     West Va          02-05b-91
Kinder       Geneva M         44    West Va          02-07a-46
Kinder       George H         8     West Va          02-06a-13
Kinder       George W         50    West Va          02-06a-15
Kinder       Georgie D        7     West Va          02-07b-52
Kinder       Golden E.        11    West Virginia    04-08a-38
Kinder       Graca M K        2     West Va          02-02b-88
Kinder       Grace P          1     West Va          02-05b-71
Kinder       Gursila M        12    West Va          02-08a-42
Kinder       H*               42    West Va          02-03b-91
Kinder       Hally R          6     West Va          02-08a-45
Kinder       Harvey           7     West Virginia    03-06a-10
Kinder       Henry            23    West Va          02-06a-37
Kinder       Hesikiah W       15    West Va          02-07a-48
Kinder       Hester G         13    West Virginia    03-06a-8
Kinder       Hiram            14    West Va          02-08a-41
Kinder       Hugh             14    West Va          02-13a-6
Kinder       Idea L           2     West Va          02-08a-47
Kinder       Ira M            4     West Va          02-02b-87
Kinder       Ira M            3     West Va          02-07b-53
Kinder       Isom T           16    West Virginia    04-08a-36
Kinder       Jackson          41    West Va          02-12b-53
Kinder       James            72    West Va          02-06a-21
Kinder       James            19    West Virginia    04-09a-31
Kinder       James A          14    West Va          02-12b-56
Kinder       James H          21    West Va          02-13a-4
Kinder       James M          10    West Va          02-02b-86
Kinder       James M.         2/12  West Virginia    04-09a-33
Kinder       James N          26    West Va          02-06a-10
Kinder       Jeniva           7     West Va          02-05b-69
Kinder       Jessie           4     West Virginia    03-06a-11
Kinder       Jilla M A        3     West Va          02-06a-26
Kinder       John             36    West Va          02-05b-66
Kinder       John             22    West Va          02-12a-10
Kinder       John W.          69    West Virginia    03-10b-73
Kinder       Joshua F         11    West Va          02-05b-89
Kinder       Jubal E          6     West Va          02-12b-60
Kinder       L*               9     West Va          02-04a-36
Kinder       Laura            42    West Va          02-03b-92
Kinder       Leathy           36    West Va          02-04a-35
Kinder       Lena G           8     West Va          02-08a-44
Kinder       Lewis            41    West Va          02-05b-83
Kinder       Lorenzo          12    West Va          02-05b-68
Kinder       Louella          16    West Va          02-08a-11
Kinder       Louisa           13    West Va          02-06a-12
Kinder       Maggie P         9/12  West Va          02-06a-28
Kinder       Manerva C        22    West Va          02-07a-47
Kinder       Mar*             46    West Va          02-06a-9
Kinder       Mara J           22    West Va          02-06a-38
Kinder       Marcelious       23    West Va          02-01b-59
Kinder       Martha J         56    West Va          02-06a-16
Kinder       Mary I           33    West Va          02-08a-40
Kinder       Mary J           10    West Va          02-12b-58
Kinder       Mary J.          17    West Virginia    04-09a-32
Kinder       Mary L           15    West Va          02-04a-37
Kinder       Mary M           10    West Va          02-08a-43
Kinder       Mary R           19    West Va          02-12a-11
Kinder       Maudie           9/12  West Virginia    03-06a-12
Kinder       Melvinia         11    West Va          02-07a-50
Kinder       Millard          24    West Va          02-08a-9
Kinder       Minnie C         5     West Va          02-08a-46
Kinder       Minnie E         4     West Va          02-04a-40
Kinder       Minnie M         16    West Va          02-06a-11
Kinder       Nancy A          15    West Va          02-02b-84
Kinder       Nancy B.         45    West Virginia    04-08a-35
Kinder       Nancy J.         6     West Virginia    04-08a-39
Kinder       Newton           47    West Va          02-04a-34
Kinder       Noah W           11    West Va          02-12b-57
Kinder       Octava           33    West Virginia    03-06a-7
Kinder       Oma              9     West Va          02-08a-12
Kinder       Opie Howard      6     West Virginia    03-06a-18
Kinder       Ora E            13    West Va          02-05b-88
Kinder       Oscar            18    West Va          02-05b-86
Kinder       Otto             3     West Va          02-05b-70
Kinder       Priscella F      15    West Va          02-05b-87
Kinder       Rachel           57    West Va          02-13a-3
Kinder       Robert P         22    West Va          02-13b-80
Kinder       Samantha         25    West Virginia    03-10b-74
Kinder       Samantha J       6     West Va          02-04a-39
Kinder       Sampson          28    West Va          02-06a-14
Kinder       Samuel           61    West Va          02-13a-2
Kinder       Sarah            52    West Virginia    03-06a-14
Kinder       Sarah M          10    West Va          02-04a-38
Kinder       Sarah O          9     West Va          02-07b-51
Kinder       Silas            20    West Va          02-05b-85
Kinder       Theadora J       8     West Va          02-12b-59
Kinder       Theodore         22    West Virginia    03-11a-11
Kinder       Thomas           35    West Va          02-02b-82
Kinder       Turley           44    West Virginia    04-08a-34
Kinder       Ursila           21    West Va          02-05a-33
Kinder       Viola            16    West Va          02-07b-96
Kinder       William          24    West Va          02-03b-93
Kinder       William          35    West Va          02-06a-23
Kinder       William          51    West Virginia    03-06a-6
Kingkad      Alfonzo          10/12 West Va          02-07b-95
Kingkad      Jacob            28    West Va          02-07b-93
Kingkad      Victora          28    West Va          02-07b-94
Kingkade     Arch M           8     West Va          02-07a-35
Kingkade     Elica W          10    West Va          02-07a-34
Kingkade     George F         2     West Va          02-07a-36
Kingkade     Pharlen*         29    West Va          02-07a-33
Kingkade     William          29    West Va          02-07a-32
Kirby        Andrew           58    Virginia         04-02b-51
Kirby        Hattie           27    West Virginia    04-02b-53
Kirby        Mildred          59    West Virginia    04-02b-52
Kirby        Riley            22    West Virginia    04-02b-54
Kirk         *                27    West Va          02-02a-48
Kirk         Allenar          1     West Va          02-02a-15
Kirk         Almonia          42    West Va          02-01b-95
Kirk         Ann              30    West Va          02-02b-56
Kirk         Annie            11    West Va          02-02a-12
Kirk         Arvila           22    West Va          02-01b-96
Kirk         Benjaman P       4     West Va          02-01b-100
Kirk         Birtha A         7     West Va          02-01a-25
Kirk         Brillian M       1     West Va          02-03a-10
Kirk         Cellie           17    West Virginia    04-02b-62
Kirk         Charles L        19    West Va          02-02a-7
Kirk         Charles W        17    West Va          02-03a-7
Kirk         Clara Ann        41    West Virginia    03-05b-56
Kirk         Clara Anne       10    West Virginia    03-05b-62
Kirk         Clyde            6     West Va          02-02a-14
Kirk         Cyntha           78    West Va          02-01b-92
Kirk         Cyntha E         6     West Va          02-02a-1
Kirk         Cynthy           22    West Virginia    04-01b-94
Kirk         Dovie M          4     West Va          02-02a-50
Kirk         Eddy P           12    West Va          02-01b-98
Kirk         Edgar Ray        8     West Virginia    03-05b-63
Kirk         Edward D         19    West Virginia    03-05b-57
Kirk         Ellen            7     West Va          02-02a-13
Kirk         Ellen D          27    West Va          02-02a-43
Kirk         Ellen M          45    West Va          02-02a-6
Kirk         Emma             45    West Va          02-02a-10
Kirk         Emory Lester     14    West Virginia    03-05b-59
Kirk         Fannie Edna      12    West Virginia    03-05b-60
Kirk         Fredrick         51    West Va          02-02a-41
Kirk         George W         1     West Va          02-02a-3
Kirk         Gracie E         5     West Va          02-02a-47
Kirk         Hallie           10    West Va          02-01b-99
Kirk         Hobert McK       3     West Va          02-02a-2
Kirk         Hobson           1     West Va          02-02b-52
Kirk         Hurnsay          3/12  West Va          02-02b-53
Kirk         Isaac            85    Virginia         02-01b-91
Kirk         Isaac            51    West Va          02-02b-54
Kirk         James            26    West Va          02-02b-57
Kirk         Jane             40    West Va          02-01a-23
Kirk         Jane             63    West Va          02-02b-55
Kirk         John             24    West Va          02-01a-22
Kirk         John             38    West Virginia    04-04a-11
Kirk         Julia            15    West Virginia    04-08b-90
Kirk         Julia Francis    12    West Virginia    03-05b-61
Kirk         Leona            2     West Va          02-03a-9
Kirk         Leona M          12    West Va          02-02a-45
Kirk         Lewis            42    West Va          02-02a-5
Kirk         Lewis            39    West Virginia    03-17a-48
Kirk         Lilly            17    West Va          02-03a-30
Kirk         Louis Clarence   4     West Virginia    03-05b-64
Kirk         Mannie B         14    West Va          02-02a-44
Kirk         Martin           42    West Virginia    03-05b-55
Kirk         Martin E         16    West Virginia    03-05b-58
Kirk         Martin Jr        1/12  West Virginia    03-05b-65
Kirk         Mary             52    Virginia         03-17a-49
Kirk         Mary A           17    West Va          02-01b-93
Kirk         Mary E           24    West Va          02-03a-8
Kirk         McKinley F       3     West Va          02-02b-51
Kirk         Meriah L         25    West Va          02-02a-49
Kirk         Money M          1     West Va          02-02a-4
Kirk         Nancy            49    West Va          02-02a-42
Kirk         Nora             12    West Va          02-01a-24
Kirk         Oliver           46    West Va          02-01b-94
Kirk         Orlando M        10    West Va          02-02a-46
Kirk         Otto             7     West Va          02-02a-16
Kirk         Patrick          16    West Va          02-01a-45
Kirk         Roy M.           18    West Va          02-02a-8
Kirk         Samuel           16    West Va          02-02a-11
Kirk         Walter E         26    West Va          02-03a-6
Kirk         Wilbur           13    West Va          02-01b-97
Kirk         William          49    West Va          02-02a-9
Kirk         William S        70    Virginia         02-03a-5
Kissinger    Anna F.          38    W. Va.           05-17a-2
Kissinger    Archie           6     W. Va.           05-17a-8
Kissinger    Audra            3     W. Va.           05-17a-9
Kissinger    Cynthia V.       32    West Virginia    03-13b-56
Kissinger    Ervin G.         3     West Virginia    03-13b-59
Kissinger    Herbert          20    W. Va.           05-17a-3
Kissinger    John             37    West Virginia    03-13b-55
Kissinger    John S.          9     West Virginia    03-13b-57
Kissinger    John W.          45    W. Va.           05-17a-1
Kissinger    Leona            26    W. Va.           05-17a-6
Kissinger    Lucy L.          10/12 West Virginia    03-17b-88
Kissinger    Maggie           20    West Virginia    03-17b-87
Kissinger    Mamie            8     W. Va.           05-17a-7
Kissinger    Meriam L.        6     West Virginia    03-13b-58
Kissinger    Oswell           31    W. Va.           05-17a-5
Kissinger    Thomas           21    West Virginia    03-17b-86
Kissinger    Wilson           24    W. Va.           05-17a-36
Korliss      Eliza            16    West Virginia    01-04b-98

Lacey        Annie            35    West Virginia    04-01b-77
Lacey        Henderson R.     17    West Virginia    04-01b-78
Lacey        Virgil A.        5     West Virginia    04-01b-79
Lacy         Ezra             6     West Virginia    03-14b-88
Lacy         Mary F           37    West Virginia    03-14b-87
Lacy         Oliver           51    West Virginia    03-14b-86
Lafferty     Robert           16    W. Va.           01-10b-95
Lake         Lurina           66    W. Va.           05-07b-85
Lake         Stella           27    W. Va.           05-07b-86
Lang         Edith            26    West Virginia    03-08b-93
Lang         Fairburn         23    West Virginia    03-08b-91
Lang         John             38    West Virginia    03-08b-92
Lang         John Carl        7     West Virginia    03-08b-94
Lang         Pauline          59    West Virginia    03-08b-90
Lawrence     Jacob            21    West Va          02-03b-69
Lawrence     James            46    West Va          02-03b-68
Lawrence     James            15    West Va          02-03b-70
Lawson       Alonzo           13    W. Va.           01-13a-16
Lawson       Dennis R.        4     W. Va.           01-13a-5
Lawson       Fernandez        10    W. Va.           01-13a-17
Lawson       Fred D.          6     W. Va.           01-13a-18
Lawson       Ira              38    Kentucky         01-13a-14
Lawson       Mary E.          23    W. Va.           01-13a-3
Lawson       Mildy R          6     W. Va.           01-13a-4
Lawson       Nancy J.         36    W. Va.           01-13a-15
Lawson       Simond E.        2     W. Va.           01-13a-19
Lawson       Wallace          40    W. Va.           01-13a-2
Leavitt      Mary J.          60    Ohio             04-01b-62
Leftwich     Fl*              34    Virginia         03-01a-1
Leftwich     Lila             20    Virginia         03-01b-65
Leftwich     Maggie L         18    Virginia         03-01b-66
Leftwich     Minnie           31    West Virginia    03-01a-2
Leftwich     Ruby             5     West Virginia    03-01a-3
Leftwich     T. Westley?      67    Virginia         03-01b-64
Lewis        Charles W        12    West Va          02-10a-48
Lewis        Eliza J          61    West Va          02-11b-62
Lewis        George J         18    West Va          02-10a-47
Lewis        Gerie E          6     West Va          02-10b-68
Lewis        Harrison         48    West Va          02-10a-44
Lewis        James            72    Virginia         02-11b-61
Lewis        James E          21    West Va          02-10b-64
Lewis        John W           9/12  West Va          02-11b-60
Lewis        Joseph E         8/12  West Va          02-10b-94
Lewis        Louvinia         40    West Va          02-10b-63
Lewis        Mary A           25    West Va          02-11b-58
Lewis        Mary E           7     West Va          02-10a-49
Lewis        Minnie M         34    West Va          02-10b-91
Lewis        Myra             11    West Va          02-10b-66
Lewis        Nancy J          46    West Va          02-10a-45
Lewis        Nora A           10    West Va          02-10b-92
Lewis        Norman           11    West Virginia    03-11b-93
Lewis        Other C          4     West Va          02-11b-59
Lewis        Perry F          6     West Va          02-10b-93
Lewis        Sidney G         9     West Va          02-10b-67
Lewis        Thomas           47    West Va          02-11b-57
Lewis        Thomas L         21    West Va          02-10a-46
Lewis        Van W            44    West Va          02-10b-62
Lewis        Virgie E         13    West Va          02-10b-65
Lilly        Ada              14    W. Va.           05-08a-20
Lilly        Catherine        50    Virginia         05-08a-18
Lilly        George           19    W. Va.           05-08a-21
Lilly        Jane             20    W. Va.           05-08a-19
Lilly        John H.          3/12  W. Va.           05-08a-23
Lilly        Robert           46    W. Va.           05-08a-17
Lilly        Tena             20    W. Va.           05-08a-22
Linans       Burne B.         11    W. Va.           05-03b-68
Linans       Charley G.       8     W. Va.           05-03b-69
Linans       Nellie F.        5     W. Va.           05-03b-71
Linans       Sadie M.         7     W. Va.           05-03b-70
Linder       Albert M         19    West Va          02-02b-78
Linder       Benjamin         8     West Va          02-02b-81
Linder       Francis          45    West Va          02-02b-76
Linder       James D          21    West Va          02-02b-77
Linder       Nancy D          14    West Va          02-02b-79
Linder       Spica A          11    West Va          02-02b-80
Linville     Amanda           18    West Virginia    01-05a-22
Linville     B*               25    W. Va.           01-11a-29
Linville     Bertie           12    W. Va.           01-12b-77
Linville     Blackburn        45    W. Va.           01-13b-80
Linville     Chrisep          8     W. Va.           01-13b-89
Linville     Christopher      20    West Virginia    01-05a-1
Linville     Clarence         8     West Virginia    01-05a-4
Linville     Delila           28    West Virginia    01-01b-95
Linville     Dewey            3/12  West Virginia    01-05a-35
Linville     Dewey H.         1/12  W. Va.           01-11a-31
Linville     Doma             10    W. Va.           01-13b-87
Linville     Dora             17    West Virginia    01-05a-2
Linville     Dora E.          22    W. Va.           01-11a-30
Linville     Elizabeth        14    W. Va.           01-12b-76
Linville     Emily            45    W. Va.           01-12b-73
Linville     Ernst            11    West Virginia    01-05a-41
Linville     Esta             5     W. Va.           01-13b-90
Linville     Estell           1     W. Va.           01-13b-91
Linville     Frances          19    W. Va.           01-12b-74
Linville     Frank            8     West Virginia    01-05a-42
Linville     Freeland         5     West Virginia    01-01b-97
Linville     Gordan           6     West Virginia    01-05a-43
Linville     Herman           4     W. Va.           01-12b-78
Linville     Isabell          40    W. Va.           01-13b-81
Linville     Louisa           52    West Virginia    01-04b-100
Linville     Mary E           25    West Virginia    01-05a-34
Linville     Millard          12    West Virginia    01-05a-3
Linville     Monarcha         31    W. Va.           05-18b-79
Linville     Nighty           32    West Virginia    01-01b-94
Linville     Nora             16    W. Va.           01-12b-75
Linville     Ona              7     West Virginia    01-01b-96
Linville     Perlva           12    W. Va.           01-13b-86
Linville     Preston          17    W. Va.           01-13b-84
Linville     Ray              14    W. Va.           01-13b-85
Linville     Silas            21    W. Va.           01-13b-82
Linville     Thomas           52    West Virginia    01-04b-99
Linville     Vinda            18    W. Va.           01-13b-83
Linville     William          21    West Virginia    01-05a-33
Linville     William          8     W. Va.           01-13b-88
Linville     Wm.              30    W. Va.           05-18b-78
Lively       *****            30    West Virginia    04-04b-56
Lively       Sarah A.         23    West Virginia    04-04b-57
Lone         Bessie E.        5     W. Va.           05-15b-71
Lone         Edward           20    W. Va.           05-22a-20
Long         Andrew           4     West Virginia    03-08b-59
Long         Edna             10    West Virginia    03-08b-57
Long         James E.         12    West Virginia    03-08b-56
Long         Johnie O.        6     West Virginia    03-08b-58
Long         Julina           39    West Virginia    03-08b-53
Long         Lora F.          17    West Virginia    03-08b-54
Long         Nora E.          1     West Virginia    03-08b-60
Long         William          40    West Virginia    03-08b-52
Long         William H.       15    West Virginia    03-08b-55
Lore         Andrew           23    W. Va.           05-05a-7
Lore         Elmer            *     W. Va.           05-04b-96
Lore         James            27    W. Va.           05-05a-6
Lucas        Arthur C.        9     W. Va.           05-15a-33
Lucas        Burrel L.        30    W. Va.           05-15a-31
Lucas        D*****  B.       2     W. Va.           05-15a-36
Lucas        Louisa E.        27    W. Va.           05-15a-32
Lucas        Lula J.          4     W. Va.           05-15a-35
Lucas        Myrtie R.        7     W. Va.           05-15a-34

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the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Robert Toler and the permission of S-K Publications.

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