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Boone County, WV 1900 Federal Census (Index)

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S****        Ida M.           3     W. Va.           05-09a-3
S****        Jessie           2     W. Va.           05-09a-4
S****        Mary E.          1     W. Va.           05-09a-5
S****        Mary F.          24    W. Va.           05-09a-2
S****        Rosie            24    W. Va.           05-20a-36
S****        Wm               45    Virginia         05-09a-1
S****        Wm. W.           34    Kentucky         05-20a-35
Sanders      Joseph A.        27    Ohio             04-02b-63
Satphin      Blanch           10    W Va             01-02b-66
Saunder      Arnel B.         8     W. Va.           05-05b-57
Saunder      Eunice           1     W. Va.           05-05b-60
Saunder      I.               39    Virginia         05-05b-52
Saunder      Jenning B.       3     W. Va.           05-05b-59
Saunder      Lulie            6     W. Va.           05-05b-58
Saunder      Martha           10    W. Va.           05-05b-56
Saunder      Mary E.          11    W. Va.           05-05b-55
Saunder      Minnie B.        34    W. Va.           05-05b-53
Saunder      Myrtie           13    W. Va.           05-05b-54
Scags        Dora             16    West Virginia    04-14b-70
Scags        James K. P.      13    West Virginia    04-14b-71
Scags        Lonzo H.         10    West Virginia    04-14b-72
Schoolcraft  George           32    West Virginia    03-10a-32
Scisson      Charles          11/12 West Virginia    04-02b-99
Scisson      Lena             26    West Virginia    04-02b-97
Scisson      Lulie A.         2     West Virginia    04-02b-98
Scisson      Oth***           27    West Virginia    04-02b-96
Scott        Alfred A.        18    West Virginia    04-16b-93
Scott        Asa              14    West Virginia    04-12b-97
Scott        Benjamine C.     16    West Virginia    04-16b-94
Scott        Cora L           21    W. Va.           01-12b-55
Scott        Edward           25    West Virginia    04-13a-3
Scott        Elizabeth        51    West Virginia    04-16b-92
Scott        Elizabeth M.     50    West Virginia    04-09a-7
Scott        Ella             22    West Virginia    04-13a-4
Scott        Evert D.         0/12  West Virginia    04-13a-5
Scott        Fa******         9     West Virginia    01-04a-28
Scott        Flem H.          10    West Virginia    04-16b-96
Scott        Frances          3     West Virginia    04-13a-14
Scott        Frank J.         16    West Virginia    04-12b-96
Scott        Goldie           3     W. Va.           01-12b-56
Scott        Howard           6     West Virginia    04-13a-13
Scott        Isaac            58    West Virginia    04-12b-93
Scott        James            45    West Virginia    04-13a-9
Scott        John             8     West Virginia    04-13a-12
Scott        Jubal E.         10    West Virginia    04-16b-95
Scott        Lewis            26    West Virginia    04-06b-67
Scott        Mamie            1     W. Va.           01-12b-57
Scott        Martha           78    West Virginia    04-09a-6
Scott        Martha G.        50    West Virginia    04-12b-94
Scott        Millard          14    West Virginia    04-13a-11
Scott        Minerva S.       44    West Virginia    04-13a-10
Scott        Minnie H.        20    West Virginia    04-12b-95
Scott        Paulina          54    West Virginia    04-06b-66
Scott        Robert           10    West Virginia    04-12b-98
Scott        William          23    W. Va.           01-12b-54
Scott        William          61    West Virginia    04-16b-91
Scott        William G.       32    West Virginia    04-09a-8
Seisson      Walter S.        24    West Virginia    04-06b-68
Sellers      Lillian          8     W. Va.           01-14a-14
Sellers      Minnie           38    W. Va.           01-14a-13
Sellers      Russell          6     W. Va.           01-14a-15
Sellers      Vir*             4     W. Va.           01-14a-16
Shannon      Groph            35    Virginia         05-20a-20
Shaw         Ellihue          60    Ohio             03-07b-60
Shaw         John             14    West Virginia    03-07b-64
Shaw         Mary A.          50    Virginia         03-07b-61
Shaw         Nancy            21    Ohio             03-07b-62
Shaw         William          18    Ohio             03-07b-63
Sheets       Alice            14    West Virginia    03-17a-5
Sheets       Chester          8     West Virginia    03-17b-93
Sheets       Delila           11    West Virginia    03-17a-7
Sheets       Della            2     West Virginia    03-17b-96
Sheets       Elizabeth        29    West Virginia    03-17b-90
Sheets       Ella             7     West Virginia    03-17a-9
Sheets       Ellen            10    West Virginia    03-17b-92
Sheets       James D.         6     West Virginia    03-17b-94
Sheets       John             37    West Virginia    03-17b-89
Sheets       Louena           12    West Virginia    03-17b-91
Sheets       Lucy             40    West Virginia    03-17a-2
Sheets       Lurana           13    West Virginia    03-17a-6
Sheets       Norval           4     West Virginia    03-17b-95
Sheets       Oscar F          9     West Virginia    03-17a-8
Sheets       Perry            18    West Virginia    03-17a-4
Sheets       Virginia D.      21    West Virginia    03-17a-3
Sheets       William          42    West Virginia    03-17a-1
Sigman       Corbet N         2     West Virginia    03-15b-89
Sigman       Creed            28    Virginia         03-16a-28
Sigman       George W.        6     Virginia         03-15b-87
Sigman       Jacob            26    Virginia         03-15b-84
Sigman       James B          4     Virginia         03-15b-88
Sigman       Julian           5/12  West Virginia    03-15b-90
Sigman       Lila A           8     Virginia         03-15b-86
Sigman       Luticia          28    Virginia         03-15b-85
Sigmon       George           34    W. Va.           01-11a-26
Sigmon       Lewis N.         1     W. Va.           01-11a-28
Sigmon       Lissie           23    W. Va.           01-11a-27
Siliff       Joseph           27    West Virginia    04-08a-7
Siliff       Josephine        22    West Virginia    04-08a-8
Siliff       Lora M.          3     West Virginia    04-08a-9
Siliff       Lura *.          1     West Virginia    04-08a-10
Skims        D. J.            39    Kentucky         05-19b-95
Skipwith     *                27    Virginia         05-19b-67
Slater       Albert           29    W. Va.           01-12b-96
Slater       Kate             45    W. Va.           01-12b-95
Smith        Adaline          56    West Virginia    03-17a-11
Smith        Alice            25    West Virginia    03-17a-13
Smith        Andrew           50    West Virginia    03-17a-10
Smith        Andrew           18    West Virginia    03-17a-17
Smith        Anibel           62    W. Va.           01-11b-90
Smith        Arianna          42    West Virginia    03-17b-52
Smith        Armstrong        39    W. Va.           01-11b-91
Smith        B****            75    West Virginia    03-17a-20
Smith        Birtie           25    West Va          02-09b-92
Smith        Carrie May       8/12  West Virginia    03-11b-85
Smith        Charles          8     West Va          02-09b-93
Smith        Edward           .     W Va             01-01a-38
Smith        Edward           14    West Virginia    03-17a-18
Smith        Effie            4     West Virginia    03-08b-97
Smith        Elbert           7     West Virginia    03-17b-56
Smith        Elizabeth        12    W. Va.           01-08a-47
Smith        Elmer            4     West Virginia    03-11b-83
Smith        Emily            35    W. Va.           05-01b-52
Smith        Floyd            26    West Virginia    03-11b-81
Smith        Floyd            10    West Virginia    03-17b-54
Smith        George           6     West Va          02-09b-94
Smith        George           52    West Virginia    03-17b-60
Smith        Golden           6     West Virginia    03-17b-65
Smith        Henry            39    W. Va.           05-06a-14
Smith        Howard           5     West Virginia    03-17b-66
Smith        Ida              24    W. Va.           05-06a-15
Smith        Jackson          16    West Virginia    03-08b-99
Smith        Jake             2     West Virginia    03-11b-84
Smith        James            8     West Virginia    03-17b-64
Smith        James            65    W. Va.           05-01b-51
Smith        James M.         31    W. Va.           01-11b-92
Smith        Jessica B        1     West Va          02-09b-96
Smith        Jessie           8     West Virginia    03-17b-55
Smith        John             66    North Carolina   01-11b-89
Smith        Joseph           36    W. Va.           05-17b-96
Smith        Lee David        22    West Virginia    03-17a-14
Smith        Lina             45    West Virginia    03-17b-61
Smith        Linsey           24    West Virginia    03-18a-40
Smith        Loran            1     West Virginia    03-08b-98
Smith        Lottie           22    West Virginia    03-11b-82
Smith        Lucinda          14    West Virginia    03-17b-62
Smith        Lucy             18    West Virginia    03-11b-86
Smith        Lucy             21    West Virginia    03-17a-15
Smith        Manerva          37    W. Va.           05-17b-97
Smith        Martha           20    West Virginia    03-17b-69
Smith        Maud             12    West Virginia    03-17a-19
Smith        Maudie           13    West Virginia    03-17b-53
Smith        Myrtie           9     W. Va.           05-06a-16
Smith        Nannie           2     West Virginia    03-17b-67
Smith        Nettie           19    West Virginia    03-17a-16
Smith        Nettie           18    West Virginia    03-17b-71
Smith        Robert           *     West Va          02-09b-91
Smith        Ross G           3     West Va          02-09b-95
Smith        Tricia           26    West Virginia    03-17a-12
Smith        Verona           2     W. Va.           05-01b-58
Smith        Victoria         30    West Virginia    03-08b-96
Smith        Vinnie           10/12 West Virginia    03-17b-70
Smith        Waltie           11    West Virginia    03-17b-63
Smith        William          28    West Virginia    03-08b-95
Smith        William          22    West Virginia    03-17b-68
Smith        Wilson           34    West Virginia    03-17b-51
Smoot        A**              52    West Virginia    03-03a-40
Smoot        Alexander        79    West Virginia    04-06a-17
Smoot        Alexander        45    West Virginia    04-11a-34
Smoot        Alice M.         36    West Virginia    04-06a-9
Smoot        Amanda A.        30    West Virginia    03-03a-12
Smoot        Angeline         53    West Virginia    03-03a-41
Smoot        Annie            15    West Virginia    03-01a-30
Smoot        Arthur H.        12    West Virginia    04-11a-37
Smoot        Artie B.         1     West Virginia    04-06a-16
Smoot        Barbara A.       10    West Virginia    04-06a-11
Smoot        Benny            18    West Virginia    03-03a-45
Smoot        Bessie           9     West Virginia    03-03a-13
Smoot        Bittle H.        4     West Virginia    04-11a-41
Smoot        Bruce            6     West Virginia    04-11a-40
Smoot        Callie           2/12  West Virginia    04-11a-43
Smoot        Cecil            3     W. Va.           01-15b-61
Smoot        Clifford         3     West Virginia    03-03b-52
Smoot        Cloyd C.         2/12  W. Va.           01-15b-75
Smoot        Corrie M         10/12 West Virginia    03-01a-34
Smoot        D*               2     West Virginia    03-03b-53
Smoot        David            56    West Virginia    03-18a-21
Smoot        Della            13    West Virginia    03-03a-46
Smoot        Dora             17    W. Va.           01-15b-68
Smoot        Edgar W.         30    West Virginia    03-18a-23
Smoot        Elbert           16    W. Va.           01-15b-69
Smoot        Ella             25    West Virginia    03-01a-40
Smoot        Elmer            7     West Virginia    03-03a-14
Smoot        Elwood           6     West Virginia    03-03a-49
Smoot        Emily            46    West Virginia    03-01a-24
Smoot        Emma             13    W. Va.           01-15b-72
Smoot        Ernest D.        11    West Virginia    04-06a-10
Smoot        Essa             1     West Virginia    03-01a-33
Smoot        Eva              5     W. Va.           01-15b-60
Smoot        Fanny            23    W. Va.           01-15b-71
Smoot        Florrie          22    West Virginia    03-01a-41
Smoot        Fr*              51    West Virginia    03-03a-43
Smoot        Galie M.         8     West Virginia    04-06a-12
Smoot        George           32    West Virginia    03-03a-11
Smoot        Gracie           6/12  West Virginia    03-03b-54
Smoot        Isaac            32    Virginia         01-15b-70
Smoot        Jefferson        25    Virginia         01-15b-73
Smoot        Jeffrey          50    West Virginia    03-01a-23
Smoot        Joe              19    West Virginia    03-01a-27
Smoot        Joseph           39    West Virginia    04-06a-8
Smoot        Joseph H.        8     West Virginia    04-11a-39
Smoot        Joseph W.        35    Virginia         01-15b-58
Smoot        Julia            24    W. Va.           01-15b-74
Smoot        Kelly T.         3     West Virginia    04-06a-15
Smoot        Lena             5     West Virginia    03-03a-15
Smoot        Lena             34    West Virginia    03-03a-44
Smoot        Leonard          5     West Virginia    03-03a-50
Smoot        Leslie B.        3     West Virginia    04-12b-63
Smoot        Lesta F          3     West Virginia    03-03a-16
Smoot        Linna            17    West Virginia    03-01a-29
Smoot        Lora             5     W. Va.           01-15a-20
Smoot        Loula            20    West Virginia    03-01a-28
Smoot        Lulie C.         17    West Virginia    04-06a-18
Smoot        Lydia            5/12  West Virginia    04-12b-65
Smoot        Lydia A.         6     West Virginia    04-06a-13
Smoot        Mamie            11    West Virginia    03-01a-32
Smoot        Mary A           55    West Virginia    03-18a-22
Smoot        Mathew           24    W. Va.           01-15b-67
Smoot        Maud             22    West Virginia    03-18a-24
Smoot        Maud             24    West Virginia    04-12b-62
Smoot        Maudie           4     West Virginia    03-03b-51
Smoot        Milton           55    W. Va.           01-15b-65
Smoot        Mirtie           2     West Virginia    04-11a-42
Smoot        Nancy            35    West Virginia    04-11a-35
Smoot        Nannie           21    West Virginia    03-01a-26
Smoot        Nellie           8     West Virginia    03-03a-47
Smoot        Nora             27    W. Va.           01-15b-59
Smoot        Omie A.          2     West Virginia    04-12b-64
Smoot        Osa              7     West Virginia    03-03a-48
Smoot        Oscar            1     W. Va.           01-15b-62
Smoot        Ruth             2     W. Va.           01-15a-21
Smoot        Sarah            44    W. Va.           01-15b-66
Smoot        Sarah            21    West Virginia    03-01a-25
Smoot        Sophia L.        4     West Virginia    04-06a-14
Smoot        Theodosia        13    West Virginia    04-11a-36
Smoot        Thomas           22    West Virginia    03-01a-35
Smoot        Walker           30    West Virginia    04-12b-61
Smoot        Wilford R.       10    West Virginia    04-11a-38
Smoot        Willard          13    West Virginia    03-01a-31
Smouse       Edward           16    W. Va.           05-18b-61
Snodgrass    Ada              6     West Virginia    04-02a-19
Snodgrass    Blair            10    West Virginia    04-02a-16
Snodgrass    Bruce            4     West Virginia    04-02a-18
Snodgrass    Clarra           3/12  West Virginia    04-02a-20
Snodgrass    Clifton          47    West Virginia    04-02a-12
Snodgrass    Della            23    West Virginia    04-01b-81
Snodgrass    Dennie           7     West Virginia    04-02a-17
Snodgrass    Edith            0/12  West Va          02-07b-74
Snodgrass    Ella             9     West Va          02-07b-70
Snodgrass    Emma             17    West Virginia    04-02a-14
Snodgrass    Esta             10    West Va          02-07b-69
Snodgrass    Eva              15    West Va          02-07b-66
Snodgrass    Felbert          12    West Va          02-07b-68
Snodgrass    Harriet          12    West Va          02-07b-67
Snodgrass    Hobert           2     West Va          02-07b-72
Snodgrass    Homer            2     West Va          02-07b-73
Snodgrass    Hugh             69    West Va          02-01a-8
Snodgrass    Hugh             15    West Va          02-01a-11
Snodgrass    Hulda            21    West Va          02-01a-10
Snodgrass    Huston           47    West Va          02-07b-61
Snodgrass    Ira              14    West Va          02-01a-12
Snodgrass    Jerome           20    West Va          02-07b-63
Snodgrass    Jessie           11    West Va          02-01a-13
Snodgrass    Josephine        39    West Va          02-07b-62
Snodgrass    Julie            7     West Va          02-01a-14
Snodgrass    Louisa           22    W. Va.           05-10a-48
Snodgrass    M*               39    W. Va.           05-10a-47
Snodgrass    Ma***** S.       68    Virginia         04-02a-9
Snodgrass    Oscar            19    West Va          02-07b-64
Snodgrass    Peggie D.        32    West Virginia    04-02a-13
Snodgrass    Perry            13    West Virginia    04-02a-15
Snodgrass    Ralph            32    West Virginia    04-01b-80
Snodgrass    Rosy             4     West Va          02-07b-71
Snodgrass    Viola            48    West Va          02-01a-9
Snodgrass    William          17    West Va          02-07b-65
Snodgrass    Witcher          31    West Virginia    04-02a-10
Spears       Mary             82    Virginia         03-11b-88
Spencer      Lulie            19    W. Va.           05-02a-48
Spencer      Robert E.        23    W. Va.           05-02a-47
Stafford     Monroe E.        30    Virginia         03-19b-72
Stallings    Cora             30    West Virginia    03-03b-80
Stallings    Eliza            12    West Virginia    03-05b-53
Stallings    H*               48    West Virginia    03-03b-79
Stallings    Howard           15    West Virginia    03-05b-52
Stallings    Ollive           10    West Virginia    03-05b-54
Staton       Sallie M         41    Indiana          02-12b-94
Staton       William          39    West Va          02-12b-93
Stephens     Isaah            75    West Va          02-11a-38
Stephens     Susan            63    North Carolina   02-11a-39
Stephenson   Byron J.         2     West Virginia    04-02a-46
Stephenson   Cynthia D.       37    West Virginia    04-02a-45
Stephenson   John H           24    West Va          02-09b-70
Stephenson   Ruby D.          1     West Virginia    04-02a-47
Stephenson   Samuel           41    West Virginia    04-02a-44
Stevens      E. E.            24    W. Va.           05-07a-10
Stevens      Herman           3     West Virginia    03-13b-54
Stevens      Millard          29    West Virginia    03-13b-52
Stevens      Susan            22    West Virginia    03-13b-53
Stevens      Wm               26    W. Va.           05-07a-9
Stevenson    William          21    West Virginia    03-03a-37
Steward      Clera E.         50    W. Va.           05-17a-22
Steward      Dewey            1     West Virginia    04-02b-72
Steward      Dofa             4     West Virginia    03-05a-14
Steward      Eli              37    West Virginia    04-02b-70
Steward      George           38    West Virginia    04-03a-1
Steward      George W.        13    W. Va.           05-17a-27
Steward      Giles            47    Virginia         03-05a-7
Steward      Howard           15    West Virginia    04-03a-2
Steward      James            29    West Virginia    03-02a-27
Steward      James W.         23    W. Va.           05-17a-24
Steward      John H.          12    W. Va.           05-17a-28
Steward      Lewis C.         25    W. Va.           05-17a-23
Steward      Lillie A.        7     West Virginia    04-03a-5
Steward      Maggie           1     West Virginia    03-05a-15
Steward      Mahala           35    West Virginia    03-05a-8
Steward      Marietta         13    West Virginia    04-03a-3
Steward      Martha           20    W. Va.           05-17a-25
Steward      Minnie           8     West Virginia    03-05a-13
Steward      Mirtie           9     West Virginia    03-05a-12
Steward      Rebecca          72    West Virginia    04-02b-100
Steward      Roma             12    West Virginia    03-05a-11
Steward      Romie L.         11    West Virginia    04-03a-4
Steward      Seth Foster      14    West Virginia    03-05a-10
Steward      William          18    West Virginia    03-05a-9
Steward      Wilson           18    W. Va.           05-17a-26
Steward      Winnie           18    West Virginia    04-02b-71
Steward      Wm.              52    W. Va.           05-17a-21
Stewart      Bessie           9     W. Va.           01-06b-55
Stewart      Nancy C.         28    West Virginia    04-02a-39
Stewart      Ward             12    W. Va.           01-06b-54
Stolling     *                29    W. Va.           05-06b-56
Stolling     Alma P.          5     W. Va.           05-06b-58
Stolling     Bl**             6     W. Va.           05-17b-82
Stolling     Dora J.          30    W. Va.           05-17b-81
Stolling     Elizabeth        67    W. Va.           05-17b-98
Stolling     John             30    W. Va.           05-17b-80
Stolling     Kenton           4     W. Va.           05-17b-83
Stolling     Liza             53    W. Va.           05-06b-61
Stolling     Liza R.          2     W. Va.           05-06b-59
Stolling     Mamie            22    W. Va.           05-06b-57
Stolling     Newton           1     W. Va.           05-17b-84
Stolling     Thomas B.        54    W. Va.           05-06b-60
Stollings    *                41    West Virginia    03-03b-74
Stollings    A. D.            23    West Virginia    03-01a-20
Stollings    Arminta          6     W. Va.           05-20b-67
Stollings    B*               46    West Virginia    03-14a-32
Stollings    Bertha           18    W. Va.           05-20b-63
Stollings    Brookie          1/12  W. Va.           05-20b-70
Stollings    Burley S.        11    W. Va.           05-16b-71
Stollings    Caldonia         37    West Virginia    03-03b-75
Stollings    Calvary          11    West Virginia    03-03b-77
Stollings    Carlie T.        9/12  W. Va.           05-16b-72
Stollings    Cleford          5     W. Va.           05-20b-68
Stollings    Cleo**** S.      13    W. Va.           05-16a-26
Stollings    Clerinda         37    W. Va.           05-20b-62
Stollings    Dala A.          27    W. Va.           05-17b-74
Stollings    Dawson           5     W. Va.           05-17b-92
Stollings    Dora E.          11/12 W. Va.           05-17b-95
Stollings    Elba             7     W. Va.           05-21a-40
Stollings    Ernest           9     West Virginia    03-03b-78
Stollings    Ernest D.        39    West Virginia    03-01b-85
Stollings    Eva              1     W. Va.           05-20a-39
Stollings    Grover C.        16    W. Va.           05-17b-89
Stollings    Hallie           14    West Virginia    03-03b-76
Stollings    Henry M.         10    W. Va.           05-17b-91
Stollings    Isaac            42    W. Va.           05-20b-61
Stollings    Jannie           2     W. Va.           05-20b-69
Stollings    Joel E.          32    W. Va.           05-17b-73
Stollings    John             37    W. Va.           05-16b-68
Stollings    John T.          17    West Virginia    03-14a-35
Stollings    Josh F.          1     West Virginia    03-01a-22
Stollings    Leandor C.       14    W. Va.           05-20b-65
Stollings    Leona M.         1     W. Va.           05-17b-77
Stollings    Leota            27    W. Va.           05-16b-69
Stollings    Lora B.          9     W. Va.           05-20b-66
Stollings    Luana            25    W. Va.           05-20a-38
Stollings    Lula F.          14    W. Va.           05-17b-90
Stollings    Maggie M.        18    West Virginia    03-14a-34
Stollings    Margie           42    W. Va.           05-17b-87
Stollings    Millie E         25    Virginia         03-01a-21
Stollings    Myrtie C.        15    W. Va.           05-16a-25
Stollings    Ophella          16    W. Va.           05-20b-64
Stollings    Opie             6     W. Va.           05-17b-75
Stollings    Perry            24    W. Va.           05-20a-37
Stollings    Robert P.        45    W. Va.           05-17b-86
Stollings    Roma B.          3     W. Va.           05-17b-76
Stollings    Rosa L.          12    W. Va.           05-16b-70
Stollings    Sarah A.         36    West Virginia    03-14a-33
Stollings    Valley M.        5     W. Va.           05-17b-93
Stollings    Victoria B.      17    W. Va.           05-17b-88
Stollings    Williard S.      2     W. Va.           05-17b-94
Stone        Benjamin         44    West Va          02-12a-42
Stone        Benjamin O       20    West Va          02-11b-63
Stone        Betsy            79    North Carolina   03-17a-50
Stone        Betsy E.         79    N. Carolina      05-17a-29
Stone        Charlie          4     W. Va.           05-19b-86
Stone        Clifford         8     West Va          02-11b-66
Stone        David            34    W. Va.           05-04a-48
Stone        Dryden           39    West Va          02-08b-93
Stone        Eliza            61    W. Va.           05-08a-31
Stone        Eliza C          19    West Va          02-11b-79
Stone        Elizabeth        47    W. Va.           05-04a-49
Stone        Ella R           9/12  West Va          02-12a-35
Stone        Elmer            10    W. Va.           05-19b-83
Stone        Ethel E          12    West Va          02-09a-23
Stone        Everet           6     West Virginia    04-11b-82
Stone        Flora R          13    West Va          02-08b-96
Stone        Florence         21    West Va          02-12a-33
Stone        Hobert S         3     West Va          02-08b-99
Stone        Ida              10    West Va          02-09b-58
Stone        Ila G            9     West Va          02-08b-97
Stone        J. A.            30    W. Va.           05-19b-81
Stone        James            32    West Va          02-11b-72
Stone        Jennie M.        6     W. Va.           05-19b-85
Stone        Joseph D         1     West Va          02-08b-100
Stone        Lillian A        15    West Va          02-08b-95
Stone        Loyd             22    West Va          02-12a-32
Stone        Malinda J        54    West Va          02-12a-43
Stone        Martha A.        29    W. Va.           05-19b-82
Stone        Mary R           12    West Va          02-12a-45
Stone        Micagah          71    West Va          02-11b-75
Stone        Michaja L        32    West Va          02-11b-77
Stone        Myrtie           18    West Va          02-11b-64
Stone        Nancy E          10    West Va          02-12a-46
Stone        Nancy L          32    West Va          02-11b-76
Stone        Nettie F         2     West Va          02-12a-34
Stone        O*               6     West Va          02-08b-98
Stone        Priory E         3     West Va          02-11b-74
Stone        Rebecca          58    West Virginia    04-04a-45
Stone        Robert P         27    West Va          02-11b-78
Stone        Rufus            52    Virginia         04-04a-44
Stone        Smoot D.         29    West Virginia    04-04a-46
Stone        Theodosia        32    West Va          02-08b-94
Stone        Thodosia E       25    West Va          02-11b-73
Stone        William D        13    West Va          02-12a-44
Stone        Wm               63    W. Va.           05-08a-30
Stone        Wm. T.           8     W. Va.           05-19b-84
Stower       David            38    West Virginia    04-01a-32
Stower       Earlie D.        2     West Virginia    04-01a-38
Stower       Harry M.         10    West Virginia    04-01a-35
Stower       Okey H           7     West Virginia    04-01a-36
Stower       Rhoda F.         35    West Virginia    04-01a-33
Stower       Rosie L.         5     West Virginia    04-01a-37
Stower       Sarah E.         6/12  West Virginia    04-01a-39
Stower       William H.       15    West Virginia    04-01a-34
Stowers      John             58    W. Va.           05-08b-96
Sturvant     Harvy E          22    West Va          02-03a-33
Sturvant     James            55    West Va          02-03a-31
Sturvant     Lula P           11    West Va          02-03a-35
Sturvant     Martha E         44    West Va          02-03a-32
Sturvant     Randolph         18    West Va          02-03a-34
Sutphin      Ada              16    W. Va.           01-11b-84
Sutphin      Allie            2     W. Va.           01-12a-8
Sutphin      Arthur           16    W. Va.           01-10b-65
Sutphin      Benjamin         46    W. Va.           01-06b-76
Sutphin      Benjamin         27    W. Va.           05-19b-90
Sutphin      Caroline         19    W. Va.           01-12a-19
Sutphin      Celestina        15    W. Va.           01-11b-85
Sutphin      Charles          46    West Virginia    04-07a-26
Sutphin      Charles W        13    W. Va.           01-11b-86
Sutphin      Clide            6     West Virginia    04-07b-63
Sutphin      Cora             16    W. Va.           01-10b-89
Sutphin      David            42    W. Va.           01-11b-100
Sutphin      Della F.         12    W. Va.           01-12a-4
Sutphin      Elizabeth        10    W. Va.           01-12a-24
Sutphin      Elizabeth        16    West Virginia    04-07a-29
Sutphin      Elmira           12    West Virginia    01-03b-70
Sutphin      Emma             8     W. Va.           01-12a-25
Sutphin      Esther           2     W. Va.           01-11b-80
Sutphin      Ewing            6     W. Va.           01-11b-78
Sutphin      Ezra B.          3     W. Va.           05-19b-93
Sutphin      Grant            16    W. Va.           01-12a-2
Sutphin      Howard           13    W. Va.           01-12a-22
Sutphin      Ira              19    West Virginia    01-05a-44
Sutphin      Irving           *     West Virginia    04-07b-61
Sutphin      Isadore          18    W. Va.           01-06b-78
Sutphin      Iva              3     W. Va.           01-06b-81
Sutphin      James            15    W. Va.           01-12a-21
Sutphin      James M.         7     W. Va.           01-11b-88
Sutphin      Jerome           11    W. Va.           01-11b-87
Sutphin      Julia            22    W. Va.           01-11b-77
Sutphin      Julia            4     W. Va.           01-11b-79
Sutphin      Julia            19    W. Va.           01-12a-27
Sutphin      Leftridge        28    West Virginia    04-07a-36
Sutphin      Lenora           1     W. Va.           05-19b-94
Sutphin      Leroy            14    W. Va.           01-12a-3
Sutphin      Lettie           7     West Virginia    04-07a-33
Sutphin      Lottie           9     West Virginia    04-07a-32
Sutphin      Lydia            48    West Virginia    04-07a-27
Sutphin      Marcilla         46    W. Va.           01-11b-82
Sutphin      Mark             14    West Virginia    04-07a-30
Sutphin      Martha           35    W. Va.           01-12a-1
Sutphin      Martha E.        26    W. Va.           05-19b-91
Sutphin      Mary A.          45    W. Va.           01-12a-17
Sutphin      Minnie           18    West Virginia    04-07b-62
Sutphin      Minnie A         6     W. Va.           01-12a-7
Sutphin      Myrtle           12    W. Va.           01-06b-80
Sutphin      Nancy J.         4     West Virginia    04-07a-34
Sutphin      Napoleon         43    W. Va.           01-12a-16
Sutphin      Nettie           22    West Virginia    04-07a-37
Sutphin      Noah B.          6     W. Va.           01-12a-26
Sutphin      Oley             23    W. Va.           01-10b-88
Sutphin      Paulina          19    West Virginia    04-07a-28
Sutphin      Rosa             11    W. Va.           01-12a-23
Sutphin      Roy              4     West Virginia    04-07a-38
Sutphin      Sarah E          11    W. Va.           01-12a-5
Sutphin      Squire           28    W. Va.           01-12b-79
Sutphin      Susan            48    W. Va.           01-06b-77
Sutphin      Taylor           19    W. Va.           01-11b-83
Sutphin      Thomas           17    W. Va.           01-12a-20
Sutphin      Viola            17    West Virginia    01-03b-69
Sutphin      Wesley           12    West Virginia    04-07a-31
Sutphin      Wilbur           14    W. Va.           01-06b-79
Sutphin      William          54    W. Va.           01-11b-81
Sutphin      William E.       8     W. Va.           01-12a-6
Sutphin      William H.       30    W. Va.           01-11b-76
Sutphin      William W.       22    W. Va.           01-12a-18
Sutphin      Winnie           1     West Virginia    04-07a-39
Sutphin      Zelma E.         6     W. Va.           05-19b-92
Sutphin      Zelvia           14    West Virginia    01-03b-59

Tawney       Bodie            9     West Virginia    03-18b-89
Tawney       David            12    West Virginia    03-18b-70
Tawney       Dora             17    West Virginia    03-18b-67
Tawney       Elbert           10    West Virginia    03-18b-71
Tawney       Elizabeth        31    West Virginia    03-18b-66
Tawney       Henry M.         16    West Virginia    03-18b-88
Tawney       James            40    West Virginia    03-18b-65
Tawney       Louisa           44    West Virginia    03-18b-86
Tawney       Martha           14    West Virginia    03-18b-69
Tawney       Opie J.          3     West Virginia    03-18b-90
Tawney       Sylvester        16    West Virginia    03-18b-68
Tawney       Victoria         19    West Virginia    03-18b-87
Tawney       William          44    West Virginia    03-18b-85
Thom         Walter           20    W. Va.           05-09b-70
Thomas       Alfred           3     W. Va.           01-11b-73
Thomas       Dewey            4/12  W. Va.           01-11b-74
Thomas       Eliza            39    W. Va.           01-11b-69
Thomas       Ellen            28    W. Va.           05-09a-27
Thomas       Francis          22    W. Va.           01-11b-68
Thomas       Gracie           3     W. Va.           05-09a-28
Thomas       Ida              4/12  W. Va.           01-11b-75
Thomas       James E.         1     W. Va.           05-09a-29
Thomas       John             26    Virginia         05-09a-26
Thomas       Matilda          17    W. Va.           01-11b-70
Thomas       Owen R.          14    West Virginia    04-01b-63
Thomas       Riley            13    W. Va.           01-11b-71
Thomas       Vady             7     W. Va.           01-11b-72
Thompkin     Olivia           19    W. Va.           05-10b-82
Thompkins    Albert E.        19    W. Va.           05-10a-36
Thompkins    Armilda          11    W. Va.           05-10a-39
Thompkins    Gordon           18    W. Va.           05-10a-37
Thompkins    Squire           15    W. Va.           05-10a-38
Thompson     Alice            17    West Virginia    03-01b-77
Thompson     Ashby            9/12  West Virginia    04-07b-67
Thompson     Belle            30    West Virginia    03-18b-80
Thompson     Carrie B.        22    West Virginia    04-06b-98
Thompson     Cecil A          3     West Virginia    04-06b-99
Thompson     Charity          10    West Virginia    03-05a-39
Thompson     Clarance         4     West Virginia    03-01b-81
Thompson     Cora             27    West Virginia    04-07b-65
Thompson     Courtney         20    West Virginia    03-01b-75
Thompson     Denor C.         6     West Virginia    03-18b-82
Thompson     Dover            3     West Virginia    03-18b-84
Thompson     Earl             1     West Virginia    04-06a-43
Thompson     Earl             4     West Virginia    04-07b-66
Thompson     Eg**t            4     West Virginia    03-18b-83
Thompson     Egbert L.        8     West Virginia    03-18b-81
Thompson     Ethel            18    West Virginia    03-01b-76
Thompson     Evert            16    West Virginia    04-06a-44
Thompson     Howard           15    West Virginia    03-01b-78
Thompson     James C.         22    West Virginia    03-01b-74
Thompson     Jennie           27    West Virginia    04-06a-41
Thompson     Jesse E.         3     West Virginia    04-06a-42
Thompson     John Walter      24    West Virginia    03-01b-73
Thompson     Joseph           25    West Virginia    04-07b-64
Thompson     Mary             49    West Virginia    03-01b-72
Thompson     Okey             6     West Virginia    03-01b-80
Thompson     Pearl            1     West Virginia    04-06b-100
Thompson     Rosy             1     West Virginia    04-12b-92
Thompson     Sarah            14    West Virginia    04-06a-45
Thompson     Sidney           12    West Virginia    03-01b-79
Thompson     U.               66    West Virginia    03-01b-71
Thompson     William          32    West Virginia    03-18b-79
Thompson     William          33    West Virginia    04-06a-40
Thompson     William          26    West Virginia    04-06b-97
Tiery        Samuel D         10    West Va          02-08a-22
Tiery        William G        13    West Va          02-08a-21
Tinsley      William H.       61    West Virginia    03-03a-30
Toney        Adam             33    W. Va.           05-15a-1
Toney        Cyntha L.        38    W. Va.           05-15a-2
Toney        Hillard          11/12 West Virginia    04-06b-96
Toney        Izora            11    West Virginia    04-06b-93
Toney        James            5     West Virginia    04-06b-95
Toney        Jesse L.         8     West Virginia    04-06b-94
Toney        John P.          69    W. Va.           05-10a-19
Toney        Mandie A.        13    West Virginia    04-06b-92
Toney        Margaret         42    West Virginia    04-06b-88
Toney        Richard W.       16    West Virginia    04-06b-91
Toney        Robert           49    West Virginia    04-06b-87
Toney        Robert P.        19    West Virginia    04-06b-90
Toney        Samuel E.        24    West Virginia    04-06b-89
Toney        Sarah J          57    W. Va.           05-10a-20
Torrey       Annie            17    West Virginia    04-03b-60
Torrey       Cara             57    West Virginia    04-03b-56
Torrey       Cecil D.         1     West Virginia    04-02a-23
Torrey       Cyril            1     West Virginia    04-04b-55
Torrey       Elizabeth M.     17    West Virginia    04-10a-22
Torrey       Emile            19    West Virginia    04-10a-20
Torrey       Ethel            14    West Virginia    04-10a-23
Torrey       Florrence        14    West Virginia    04-03b-61
Torrey       Frances M.       8     West Virginia    04-04b-51
Torrey       Georgie R.       47    Louisianna       04-03b-57
Torrey       Harry M.         4     West Virginia    04-10a-27
Torrey       Harvy P          6     West Virginia    04-10a-26
Torrey       Hugh P.          9     West Virginia    04-10a-25
Torrey       Ira L.           10    West Virginia    04-04a-50
Torrey       John             53    West Virginia    04-04a-47
Torrey       John             48    West Virginia    04-10a-18
Torrey       John P.          19    West Virginia    04-03b-58
Torrey       Mamie E.         26    West Virginia    04-10a-28
Torrey       Manerva          39    West Virginia    04-04a-48
Torrey       Mary A.          22    West Virginia    04-02a-22
Torrey       Mary J.          48    West Virginia    04-10a-19
Torrey       Mary M.          78    West Virginia    04-02a-42
Torrey       Mary M.          13    West Virginia    04-04a-49
Torrey       Minnie A.        7     West Virginia    04-04b-52
Torrey       Okey A.          4     West Virginia    04-04b-54
Torrey       Oscar A.         6     West Virginia    04-04b-53
Torrey       Po******* E.     19    West Virginia    04-10a-21
Torrey       Poindexter       83    West Virginia    04-02a-41
Torrey       Robert M.        22    West Virginia    04-03b-59
Torrey       Simeon           26    West Virginia    04-02a-21
Torrey       Thurmon          11    West Virginia    04-10a-24
Totton       Amos H           10    West Va          02-03a-50
Totton       Charles          19    West Va          02-03b-52
Totton       Dora A           18    West Va          02-03b-56
Totton       Emanual          13    West Va          02-03a-49
Totton       Floyd            22    West Va          02-03b-55
Totton       Grace M.         9     West Virginia    04-06b-55
Totton       Harriet A.       34    West Virginia    04-06b-52
Totton       James            43    Kentucky         02-03a-46
Totton       Lottie B.        18    West Virginia    04-03b-100
Totton       Mamie E.         14    West Virginia    04-06b-53
Totton       Mariann          44    West Va          02-03a-47
Totton       Mary             68    Virginia         04-03b-98
Totton       Oma E            7     West Va          02-03b-51
Totton       Opal             6/12  West Virginia    04-06b-58
Totton       Osa R.           3     West Virginia    04-06b-57
Totton       Robert H.        45    West Virginia    04-06b-51
Totton       Robert L.        11    West Virginia    04-06b-54
Totton       Robert W         2     West Va          02-03b-54
Totton       Roy E.           6     West Virginia    04-06b-56
Totton       Rupert           70    Virginia         04-03b-97
Totton       Sarah J          21    West Va          02-03b-53
Totton       Walter M.        20    West Virginia    04-03b-99
Totton       William O        15    West Va          02-03a-48
Tottone      Bertha L.        6     West Virginia    04-06a-23
Tottone      Charles H.       8     West Virginia    04-06a-22
Tottone      Irvin H.         5     West Virginia    04-06a-24
Tottone      James            39    West Virginia    04-06a-19
Tottone      James R.         10    West Virginia    04-06a-21
Tottone      Lulie M.         1     West Virginia    04-06a-25
Tottone      Mary A.          27    West Virginia    04-06a-20
Turley       *                52    West Va          02-06b-93
Turley       Almeda           33    Alabama          03-02a-44
Turley       Anna             16    West Va          02-06b-69
Turley       Aubra W          6/12  West Va          02-06b-65
Turley       Ballard          41    West Va          02-06b-71
Turley       C***thie F       18    West Va          02-06b-68
Turley       Edward           38    West Virginia    03-02a-43
Turley       Elizabeth J      45    West Va          02-06b-59
Turley       Flora E          15    West Va          02-06b-96
Turley       Georgia          28    West Va          02-06b-72
Turley       Harriett E.      21    West Virginia    03-10a-23
Turley       Hattie J         2     West Va          02-06b-74
Turley       James A          23    West Va          02-06b-95
Turley       Jeneva E         13    West Va          02-06b-70
Turley       Lizzie           21    West Va          02-06b-67
Turley       Mary V           6     West Va          02-06b-73
Turley       Mathew P         81    West Va          02-06b-75
Turley       Mathew P         11    West Va          02-06b-97
Turley       Oma A.           2/12  West Virginia    03-10a-24
Turley       Rebecca A        53    West Va          02-06b-94
Turley       Theodore         23    West Va          02-06b-66
Turley       Thomas W         17    West Va          02-06b-60
Turley       Whitley          50    West Va          02-06b-58
Turner       Harry            10    West Virginia    04-04a-17
Turner       Jerry            33    Virginia         04-08a-27
Turner       Joseph E.        26    West Virginia    04-12b-69
Tyler        Ailsey           23    West Virginia    03-16a-40
Tyler        Ellen            3     West Virginia    03-16a-41
Tyler        Eva              1     West Virginia    03-16a-42
Tyler        Ronie            30    West Virginia    03-16a-39

Vand****     Anna             8     W. Va.           05-20b-88
Vand****     Benjamin         2     W. Va.           05-20b-91
Vand****     Benjamin R.      45    W. Va.           05-20b-80
Vand****     Bertha           19    W. Va.           05-20b-82
Vand****     Cleophas         15    W. Va.           05-20b-84
Vand****     Dora             6     W. Va.           05-20b-89
Vand****     Elizabeth        9     W. Va.           05-20b-87
Vand****     Ella             10/12 W. Va.           05-20b-92
Vand****     George C.        13    W. Va.           05-20b-85
Vand****     Laura            4     W. Va.           05-20b-90
Vand****     Lucy             38    W. Va.           05-20b-81
Vand****     Robert E.        10    W. Va.           05-20b-86
Vand****     Watson Jr.       17    W. Va.           05-20b-83
Vandal       Risie L.         6     West Virginia    04-03b-55
Vandelinde   *                46    West Virginia    03-04a-34
Vandelinde   *                5     West Virginia    03-04a-40
Vandelinde   Albert S.        4     West Virginia    03-04a-41
Vandelinde   Amanda           10    West Virginia    03-04a-38
Vandelinde   Betsy M.         2     West Virginia    03-04a-42
Vandelinde   Eliza            34    West Virginia    03-04a-35
Vandelinde   Ellen            12    West Virginia    03-04a-37
Vandelinde   Francis          8     West Virginia    03-04a-39
Vandelinde   George           41    West Virginia    03-04b-87
Vandelinde   Jessie V         10    West Virginia    03-04b-89
Vandelinde   John A.          13    West Virginia    03-04a-36
Vandelinde   Opal L.          4/12  West Virginia    03-04a-43
Vandelinde   Virginia A       38    West Virginia    03-04b-88
VanMatter    Emma             10    W. Va.           05-10a-1
VanMatter    Harrison         7     W. Va.           05-10a-3
VanMatter    Liza             5     W. Va.           05-10a-2
Veley        Celia            69    West Virginia    04-05b-55
Veley        Charles A.       14    West Virginia    04-10b-78
Veley        Cornelias        57    West Virginia    04-10b-74
Veley        Ellen            28    West Virginia    04-10b-75
Veley        Henry J.         21    West Virginia    04-10b-76
Veley        Isom L.          17    West Virginia    04-10b-77
Veley        Joseph           4     West Virginia    04-10b-79
Vickers      Alice            31    W. Va.           05-12a-3
Vickers      Alice T.         46    W. Va.           05-17b-52
Vickers      Anna             43    W. Va.           05-12a-2
Vickers      Bruce R.         8     West Virginia    04-03a-19
Vickers      Della            1     W. Va.           01-10b-76
Vickers      Dollie L.        3     W. Va.           05-12a-4
Vickers      Eliza            40    W. Va.           01-10b-75
Vickers      Ella M.          9     West Virginia    04-03a-18
Vickers      Josephine        39    West Virginia    04-02a-43
Vickers      Julian E.        6     West Virginia    04-03a-20
Vickers      Julius O.        15    West Virginia    04-03a-15
Vickers      Lewis C.         17    W. Va.           05-17b-53
Vickers      Lewis F.         62    Virginia         05-17b-51
Vickers      Lottie M.        11    West Virginia    04-03a-17
Vickers      Marion T.        3     West Virginia    04-03a-16
Vickers      Nolli***         1     W. Va.           05-12a-5
Vickers      Robert           37    W. Va.           01-10b-74
Vickers      Sylvester        43    West Virginia    04-03a-14
Victor       Dahlia           24    W. Va.           05-16b-94
Victor       James F.         68    W. Va.           05-16b-92
Victor       Julia            61    W. Va.           05-16b-93
Victor       Ona              21    W. Va.           05-16b-95

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