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Boone County, WV 1900 Federal Census (Index)

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Hager        Ada M.           11    W. Va.           05-05a-5
Hager        Albert R.        22    W. Va.           05-22b-58
Hager        Andrew           25    West Virginia    03-03b-62
Hager        Andy             28    W. Va.           05-19b-100
Hager        Araminta         54    W. Va.           05-05a-19
Hager        Armilda          53    W. Va.           05-10b-81
Hager        Ballard L.       34    W. Va.           05-07a-14
Hager        Benjamin         27    W. Va.           05-02a-17
Hager        Bertha           17    W. Va.           05-02a-11
Hager        Bertha D.        8     W. Va.           05-05a-41
Hager        Bettie           21    W. Va.           05-05a-23
Hager        Bud              32    W. Va.           05-02a-13
Hager        Burnell S.       60    W. Va.           05-04a-14
Hager        Byron            37    W. Va.           05-07b-69
Hager        Charley C.       7     W. Va.           05-04a-18
Hager        D*               11    W. Va.           05-07b-72
Hager        D. S.            27    W. Va.           05-20a-7
Hager        Da*ie F.         6     W. Va.           05-05a-42
Hager        Denver W.        2     W. Va.           05-02a-20
Hager        Edward           13    W. Va.           05-10b-83
Hager        Egbert W         14    West Virginia    03-01a-17
Hager        Eliza            9     W. Va.           05-10b-85
Hager        Elizabeth        25    W. Va.           05-07a-15
Hager        Elizabeth F.     49    W. Va.           05-04a-15
Hager        Ella             25    W. Va.           05-06b-70
Hager        Elmer F.         18    W. Va.           05-04a-16
Hager        Elton            31    W. Va.           05-22b-65
Hager        Emily F.         27    W. Va.           05-07b-63
Hager        Enos D.          58    W. Va.           05-05a-1
Hager        Esbie            14    W. Va.           05-07b-71
Hager        Fannie P.        22    West Virginia    03-02b-66
Hager        Flora E.         17    West Virginia    03-01a-15
Hager        Flora P.         5     W. Va.           05-05a-25
Hager        George           24    W. Va.           05-02a-10
Hager        Gracie P.        5     W. Va.           05-07a-16
Hager        Hanley E.        30    W. Va.           05-07b-62
Hager        Hattie H.        19    W. Va.           05-22a-26
Hager        Hattie M.        15    West Virginia    03-01a-16
Hager        Henderson        73    Virginia         05-13b-76
Hager        Henry T.         29    W. Va.           05-22a-22
Hager        Hobart           4     W. Va.           05-05a-43
Hager        Hughie           7     W. Va.           05-02b-55
Hager        Hurbert          23    West Virginia    03-02b-65
Hager        James G.         18    W. Va.           05-05a-3
Hager        Joe C.           7     W. Va.           05-05a-24
Hager        John             41    West Virginia    03-01a-13
Hager        Joseph           51    W. Va.           05-10b-80
Hager        Joseph           11    W. Va.           05-10b-84
Hager        Julia D.         23    W. Va.           05-05a-28
Hager        Kenneth          5     W. Va.           05-07b-65
Hager        L. D.            65    W. Va.           05-02a-12
Hager        Laura            8     W. Va.           05-07b-64
Hager        Laura H.         7     W. Va.           05-05a-21
Hager        Lena G.          2     W. Va.           05-22b-63
Hager        Leona            1     W. Va.           05-06b-71
Hager        Lilly F.         15    W. Va.           05-05a-4
Hager        Loathel C.       9     W. Va.           05-05a-39
Hager        Lonnie           1     W. Va.           05-07b-76
Hager        Lorenzo D.       14    W. Va.           05-04a-17
Hager        Lota F.          11    W. Va.           05-22b-94
Hager        Lowell L.        2/12  W. Va.           05-22a-27
Hager        Mabel B.         5     W. Va.           05-02a-19
Hager        Martha           7/12  W. Va.           05-07b-68
Hager        Martha C.        47    Virginia         05-05a-2
Hager        Mary M           36    Ohio             03-01a-14
Hager        Milliard E.      9/12  W. Va.           05-07a-18
Hager        Minnie B.        4     West Virginia    03-01a-19
Hager        Minnie B.        26    Virginia         05-02a-18
Hager        Minnie W.        29    W. Va.           05-15a-7
Hager        Montgomery       59    W. Va.           05-05a-18
Hager        Nancy            3     W. Va.           05-07b-75
Hager        Nancy A.         39    W. Va.           05-07b-70
Hager        Nancy Ann        15    W. Va.           05-13b-77
Hager        Nina             2     W. Va.           05-07b-67
Hager        Nora H.          23    W. Va.           05-22b-93
Hager        Norma            10/12 West Virginia    03-02b-67
Hager        Norma            5     W. Va.           05-07b-66
Hager        Norma M.         1     W. Va.           05-05a-30
Hager        Oakey            5     W. Va.           05-07b-74
Hager        Oley             26    W. Va.           05-05a-22
Hager        Omer             8     W. Va.           05-07b-73
Hager        Rhoda            64    W. Va.           05-02a-14
Hager        Rhoda B.         69    Kentucky         05-07a-11
Hager        Robert           23    W. Va.           05-22a-25
Hager        Roy R.           8     W. Va.           05-05a-40
Hager        Roy V.           6     W. Va.           05-02a-16
Hager        Rutherford H.    22    W. Va.           05-05a-27
Hager        Sidney T.        11    West Virginia    03-01a-18
Hager        Stella E.        29    W. Va.           05-05a-38
Hager        Stella M.        11    W. Va.           05-03b-59
Hager        Thomas           24    Ohio             05-06b-69
Hager        Ulysses          27    W. Va.           05-20b-99
Hager        Virgie R.        7/12  W. Va.           05-05a-26
Hager        W. S.            29    W. Va.           05-05a-37
Hager        Wallace E.       24    W. Va.           05-05a-45
Hager        Walter F.        23    W. Va.           05-05a-46
Hager        Walter W.        28    W. Va.           05-22b-92
Hager        Ward C.          1     W. Va.           05-07a-17
Hager        Willis F.        3     W. Va.           05-05a-29
Hager        Wm E.            17    W. Va.           05-05a-20
Hald***      Frank M.         19    W. Va.           05-16b-98
Hald***      James W.         17    W. Va.           05-16b-99
Hald***      John W.          53    W. Va.           05-16b-96
Hald***      Nancy J.         49    W. Va.           05-16b-97
Hall         Alfonso E.       12    W. Va.           05-03b-78
Hall         Allison          21    Kentucky         05-03b-75
Hall         Alvin            23    Kentucky         05-03b-74
Hall         Anna B.          6     W. Va.           05-17b-70
Hall         Arch G           9     West Va          02-06a-41
Hall         Aubra E          3     West Va          02-06a-43
Hall         Basil T.         8     W. Va.           05-17b-69
Hall         Beryl            1     West Virginia    03-01b-63
Hall         Birdie E         24    W. Va.           01-14a-4
Hall         Cairy L.         17    Kentucky         05-03b-76
Hall         Calvin           27    W. Va.           05-01a-25
Hall         Cathalena        27    Kentucky         05-14b-96
Hall         Cicero           14    Kentucky         05-03b-77
Hall         Doff             2/12  W. Va.           01-14a-5
Hall         Emma             24    West Va          02-06a-40
Hall         George           32    Kentucky         02-06a-39
Hall         Herbert L.       4     W. Va.           05-17b-71
Hall         India B.         21    W. Va.           05-01a-26
Hall         Ira C.           1     W. Va.           05-01a-29
Hall         Joe E.           5     W. Va.           05-03b-80
Hall         John R.          10    W. Va.           05-03b-79
Hall         Kittie P         5     West Va          02-06a-42
Hall         Lagestie C.      28    West Virginia    03-01b-61
Hall         Ma*****          44    Kentucky         05-03b-72
Hall         Maraby           28    Kentucky         05-14b-95
Hall         Melvin           36    Kentucky         05-17b-67
Hall         Minerva E        21    West Va          02-07a-15
Hall         Minnie A.        34    W. Va.           05-17b-68
Hall         Nancy            65    Kentucky         05-14b-94
Hall         Nannie V.        1     W. Va.           05-17b-72
Hall         Nora             24    Kentucky         05-14b-97
Hall         Rosie E.         5     W. Va.           05-01a-27
Hall         Ruba             3     W. Va.           05-01a-28
Hall         Selena           45    Kentucky         05-03b-73
Hall         Victor Leland    2     West Virginia    03-01b-62
Hall         Wilburn          28    Kentucky         03-01b-60
Hall         William B        21    Kentucky         02-07a-14
Hall         Wilmouth         41    Virginia         01-14a-3
Hall         Wm.              66    Kentucky         05-14b-93
Hall         Zeddie M.        2/12  W. Va.           01-14a-6
Halstead     ****             52    West Virginia    04-13a-20
Halstead     Annie E.         8     West Virginia    04-04a-37
Halstead     Daniel E.        13    West Virginia    04-04a-35
Halstead     Edward           31    West Virginia    04-04a-33
Halstead     Ella             18    West Virginia    04-02a-50
Halstead     John             18    West Virginia    04-13a-21
Halstead     Juda             1     West Virginia    04-04a-39
Halstead     Lee C.           11    West Virginia    04-04a-36
Halstead     Martha J.        30    West Virginia    04-04a-34
Halstead     Ocea A.          6     West Virginia    04-04a-38
Halsted      *                53    West Virginia    03-05a-45
Halsted      Alice            10    West Virginia    03-05a-50
Halsted      Anna             15    West Va          02-13b-88
Halsted      Ashley           1     West Va          02-13a-19
Halsted      Blackburn        28    West Virginia    03-05a-47
Halsted      Charles          9     West Va          02-13b-91
Halsted      Charlotte        14    West Virginia    03-11b-92
Halsted      Cora             19    West Va          02-13a-18
Halsted      David            61    West Virginia    03-11b-90
Halsted      Elizabeth        56    West Virginia    03-11b-91
Halsted      Ella             14    West Va          02-13b-89
Halsted      Emma E           17    West Virginia    03-05a-48
Halsted      James            49    West Va          02-13b-86
Halsted      James E          1     West Va          02-12a-25
Halsted      Lula J           19    West Va          02-12a-24
Halsted      Martha           50    West Virginia    03-05a-46
Halsted      Mathew           22    West Va          02-13a-17
Halsted      Sam*             23    West Virginia    03-05b-75
Halsted      Sharline         46    West Va          02-13b-87
Halsted      Taylor           22    West Virginia    03-05b-74
Halsted      Theodore         22    West Va          02-12a-23
Halsted      Viola M          11    West Va          02-13b-90
Halsted      Waltie           7     West Virginia    03-05b-51
Halsted      Wilburn          15    West Virginia    03-05a-49
Halsted      William C        5     West Va          02-13b-92
Halstein     Alfonso          5     West Virginia    04-01a-26
Halstein     Dasky            1     West Virginia    04-13b-63
Halstein     David            55    West Virginia    04-13b-57
Halstein     David            45    West Virginia    04-14a-3
Halstein     Edward           8     West Virginia    04-01a-25
Halstein     Elbert           10    West Virginia    04-01a-24
Halstein     Francis          18    West Virginia    04-14a-4
Halstein     George T.        20    West Virginia    04-13b-60
Halstein     James            3     West Virginia    04-01a-27
Halstein     James            61    West Virginia    04-01a-40
Halstein     Mary A.          61    West Virginia    04-02a-38
Halstein     Mary L.          58    West Virginia    04-01a-41
Halstein     O*****           32    West Virginia    04-01a-23
Halstein     Quincy A.        14    West Virginia    04-13b-62
Halstein     Rebecca E.       49    Virginia         04-13b-58
Halstein     Rosy             17    West Virginia    04-14a-5
Halstein     Silas            18    West Virginia    04-13b-61
Halstein     Stephen          71    Virginia         04-02a-37
Halstein     Virginia         27    West Virginia    04-13b-59
Halstein     Walter           2     West Virginia    04-01a-28
Halstein     Walter           29    West Virginia    04-01a-29
Hardman      *                32    West Va          02-03a-36
Hardman      *                60    West Va          02-13b-68
Hardman      Harry S          9     West Va          02-03a-38
Hardman      Lillie J         25    West Va          02-03a-37
Hardman      Mary E           56    Ohio             02-13b-69
Hardman      Sidney B         19    West Va          02-13b-70
Harless      Ada E            2     West Va          02-03b-76
Harless      Alice M          24    West Va          02-01a-47
Harless      Almeda           71    Virginia         04-02a-8
Harless      Barbra           29    West Va          02-11b-68
Harless      Beatrice E.      5     W. Va.           01-07a-35
Harless      Bertha           13    West Virginia    04-09a-15
Harless      Birtha M         17    West Va          02-12a-2
Harless      Carrie L.        13    West Virginia    04-02a-29
Harless      Charles          28    West Va          02-01a-46
Harless      Charles O        3     West Va          02-01a-50
Harless      Charles R.       11    West Virginia    04-02a-30
Harless      Charlie          8     West Virginia    03-16b-85
Harless      Christopher      18    West Va          02-13a-50
Harless      Cyntha M         22    West Va          02-13b-65
Harless      Daniel P         20    West Va          02-13b-66
Harless      David            72    Virginia         04-02a-7
Harless      Delbert C        4     West Va          02-12a-8
Harless      Edward W.        2     West Virginia    04-02a-35
Harless      Eliza            35    W. Va.           01-07a-31
Harless      Ella             4     West Virginia    04-10b-65
Harless      Ellen            19    West Virginia    03-16b-81
Harless      Ellinor          55    West Virginia    03-08a-1
Harless      Elmer            37    West Va          02-11b-100
Harless      Elmore           6     West Virginia    04-02a-33
Harless      Elsa E           14    West Va          02-12a-4
Harless      Elsa M           1     West Va          02-10a-19
Harless      Elwood           15    West Va          02-10a-14
Harless      Emmet W          20    West Va          02-13a-49
Harless      Emory            6/12  West Virginia    04-02a-36
Harless      Esther           34    West Va          02-10a-13
Harless      Etta May         10    W. Va.           01-07a-34
Harless      Eveline          34    West Virginia    04-02a-26
Harless      Evert            10/12 West Va          02-03b-77
Harless      Ewell Dean       2     W. Va.           01-07a-36
Harless      Fairlina         13    West Virginia    03-08a-2
Harless      Fred             2     West Virginia    03-16b-87
Harless      Gala E           7/12  West Va          02-11b-71
Harless      George           23    W. Va.           05-19a-16
Harless      Girtress         4     West Va          02-10a-18
Harless      Henry            40    W. Va.           01-07a-30
Harless      Henry C.         15    W. Va.           01-07a-32
Harless      Idea M           7     West Va          02-03b-73
Harless      James            41    West Va          02-13b-64
Harless      James N.         4     West Virginia    04-02a-34
Harless      John             13    W. Va.           01-07a-33
Harless      John             38    West Va          02-10a-12
Harless      John             69    West Va          02-13b-62
Harless      John             41    West Virginia    03-16b-79
Harless      John             5     West Virginia    03-16b-86
Harless      Joseph M.        40    West Virginia    04-02a-25
Harless      Joseph T.        10    West Virginia    04-02a-31
Harless      Lee              58    Virginia         03-06a-33
Harless      Lightburn        10    West Virginia    03-16b-84
Harless      Lillie M         16    West Va          02-12a-3
Harless      Loyd             34    West Va          02-03b-71
Harless      Lulie E.         15    West Virginia    04-02a-28
Harless      Lydda            60    Ohio             02-13b-63
Harless      Lydda R          18    West Va          02-13b-67
Harless      Margaret         52    West Va          02-13a-48
Harless      Margaret         39    West Virginia    03-16b-80
Harless      Martha           23    W. Va.           01-07a-22
Harless      Martie E         12    West Va          02-12a-5
Harless      Mary F           37    West Va          02-12a-1
Harless      Mattie           9     West Va          02-10a-16
Harless      Nancy            67    West Va          02-12a-9
Harless      Nancy V          7     West Va          02-12a-7
Harless      Nina B.          20    W. Va.           05-19a-17
Harless      Okey             14    West Virginia    03-16b-82
Harless      Omer H           6     West Va          02-01a-48
Harless      Ona F            4     West Va          02-11b-69
Harless      Oscar A          6     West Va          02-03b-74
Harless      Pearlie          12    West Virginia    03-16b-83
Harless      Ray              0/12  W. Va.           01-07a-37
Harless      Rhoda A          7     West Va          02-10a-17
Harless      Roy              9/12  West Va          02-01b-51
Harless      Sallie W         14    West Va          02-13b-52
Harless      Sarah            29    West Va          02-03b-72
Harless      Sarah A.         8     West Virginia    04-02a-32
Harless      Ulysus W         9     West Va          02-12a-6
Harless      Vallie M         2     West Va          02-11b-70
Harless      Vallie S         12    West Va          02-10a-15
Harless      Viola P          5     West Va          02-01a-49
Harless      Virgil E         4     West Va          02-03b-75
Harless      William          55    West Va          02-13a-47
Harless      William O        16    West Va          02-13b-51
Harless      William T.       16    West Virginia    04-02a-27
Harless      William W        30    West Va          02-11b-67
Harless      Willie           12    West Virginia    03-13a-47
Harliss      Ema              54    West Va          02-08a-49
Harmon       *                28    W. Va.           05-09b-71
Harmon       Daniel           77    Virginia         05-09b-75
Harmon       David            31    W. Va.           05-09b-66
Harmon       Delia            23    W. Va.           05-09b-67
Harmon       Edward           34    W. Va.           05-09b-80
Harmon       Frank            1     W. Va.           05-09b-74
Harmon       Frankie          32    Kentucky         05-09b-76
Harmon       Hattie           18    W. Va.           05-09b-81
Harmon       Jessie           6     W. Va.           05-09b-86
Harmon       Lue              44    W. Va.           05-09b-87
Harmon       Myrtle           2     W. Va.           05-09b-73
Harmon       Nettie           23    W. Va.           05-09b-72
Harmon       Opie             7     W. Va.           05-09b-85
Harmon       Tilda            30    W. Va.           05-09b-84
Harmon       Vina             7/12  W. Va.           05-09b-83
Harmon       Willis           3     W. Va.           05-09b-82
Harold       Dob*             74    Virginia         03-14a-27
Harold       Otis D.          16    West Virginia    03-14a-31
Harold       Sarah A.         56    West Virginia    03-14a-28
Harper       Charles          7     West Virginia    04-15a-40
Harper       David            8     W Va             01-05b-75
Harper       Grant            6     W Va             01-05b-76
Harper       Harrison         15    West Virginia    01-03a-41
Harper       Joseph           50    West Virginia    04-15a-36
Harper       Joseph N         10    W Va             01-05b-74
Harper       Kate             35    W Va             01-05b-71
Harper       Ona              2     W Va             01-05b-77
Harper       Perry            15    W Va             01-05b-72
Harper       T*******         5     West Virginia    04-15a-41
Harper       Van              13    West Virginia    04-15a-39
Harper       Walter           18    West Virginia    04-15a-38
Harper       Ward             12    W Va             01-05b-73
Harper       William          21    West Virginia    04-15a-37
Harrison     Joseph           19    Virginia         05-20a-32
Harter       Authelia         21    West Virginia    01-04b-97
Harter       William          28    West Virginia    01-04b-96
Hartley      Orvill J.        21    West Virginia    04-02b-65
Harvey       Brook            7     W. Va.           01-08a-33
Harvey       Charles          10    W. Va.           01-08a-32
Harvey       Henry            21    West Virginia    03-02a-1
Harvey       Levi             17    W. Va.           01-08a-24
Harvey       Lewis            40    W. Va.           01-08a-27
Harvey       Scott            15    W. Va.           01-08a-30
Harvey       Susan            19    W. Va.           01-08a-34
Harvey       Tolbert          13    W. Va.           01-08a-31
Harvey       Virginia L.      38    W. Va.           01-08a-28
Harvey       William          19    W. Va.           01-08a-29
Hastins      *                36    West Va          02-02b-65
Hastins      Dora L           9     West Va          02-02b-68
Hastins      Henry W          9     West Va          02-02b-67
Hastins      James C          1/12  West Va          02-02b-72
Hastins      Jennie M         2     West Va          02-02b-71
Hastins      Mary             38    West Va          02-02b-66
Hastins      Mary C           4     West Va          02-02b-70
Hastins      Nora             6     West Va          02-02b-69
Hatfield     Ader M.          5     W. Va.           05-08a-7
Hatfield     Adrian D.        14    W. Va.           01-08b-96
Hatfield     Albert           33    W. Va.           01-07a-1
Hatfield     Albert S         14    W. Va.           05-08a-4
Hatfield     Arnold           8     W. Va.           01-08b-99
Hatfield     Calvin           3     W. Va.           05-10a-35
Hatfield     Cora H.          12    W. Va.           05-10a-33
Hatfield     Dewey            2     West Virginia    03-16b-93
Hatfield     Edward           25    West Virginia    03-16b-90
Hatfield     Emma B.          15    W. Va.           05-10a-32
Hatfield     Eva D.           8     W. Va.           05-10a-34
Hatfield     Fannie           20    West Virginia    03-19b-70
Hatfield     Forrest C.       12    W. Va.           01-08b-97
Hatfield     Frannie P.       9     W. Va.           05-08a-6
Hatfield     Hannah           29    W. Va.           01-07a-18
Hatfield     James            10    W. Va.           01-07a-16
Hatfield     James A.         56    W. Va.           05-10a-30
Hatfield     John             66    W. Va.           01-07a-12
Hatfield     John             38    W. Va.           01-08b-93
Hatfield     John D.          5     W. Va.           01-08b-100
Hatfield     John H.          2     W. Va.           01-07a-20
Hatfield     Lenard           3     West Virginia    03-16b-92
Hatfield     Lottie M         9/12  W. Va.           01-07a-21
Hatfield     Mable C.         10    W. Va.           01-08b-98
Hatfield     Marvin           5     W. Va.           01-07a-3
Hatfield     Minerva E.       11    W. Va.           05-08a-5
Hatfield     Paulina          4     W. Va.           01-07a-19
Hatfield     Pearl            11/12 W. Va.           01-07a-4
Hatfield     Ray              13    W. Va.           01-07a-15
Hatfield     Rosa L.          38    W. Va.           05-08a-3
Hatfield     Russia           16    W. Va.           01-08b-95
Hatfield     Sarah            86    W. Va.           01-07a-14
Hatfield     Sarah            76    W. Va.           05-15b-54
Hatfield     Sarah A.         64    W. Va.           01-07a-13
Hatfield     Stephanie        20    West Virginia    03-16b-91
Hatfield     T*               30    W. Va.           01-07a-17
Hatfield     Thomas           17    West Virginia    03-03a-29
Hatfield     Tilda            43    W. Va.           05-10a-31
Hatfield     Vesta            1/12  West Virginia    03-16b-94
Hatfield     Viola            37    W. Va.           01-08b-94
Hatfield     Wm               43    Kentucky         05-08a-2
Hatfield     Zetta H          21    W. Va.           01-07a-2
Haye         Edward           47    W. Va.           05-07a-6
Haye         Elizabeth        48    W. Va.           05-07a-7
Hendricks    ****             31    West Virginia    04-14b-92
Hendricks    Camden           6     West Virginia    04-15b-96
Hendricks    Cora             12    West Virginia    04-14b-80
Hendricks    Evermonth        14    West Virginia    04-15b-93
Hendricks    Fitch****        32    West Virginia    04-16a-1
Hendricks    Francis          59    West Virginia    04-14b-76
Hendricks    George           29    West Virginia    04-14b-77
Hendricks    George F.        6     West Virginia    04-16a-4
Hendricks    Hattie P.        1     West Virginia    04-16a-5
Hendricks    Henry            31    West Virginia    04-14b-91
Hendricks    Henry H.         7     West Virginia    04-14b-94
Hendricks    John             20    West Virginia    04-14b-78
Hendricks    Julia A.         38    West Virginia    04-15b-91
Hendricks    Kenna            9     West Virginia    04-15b-95
Hendricks    Leroy            8     West Virginia    04-16a-3
Hendricks    Louis            4     West Virginia    04-14b-95
Hendricks    Matilda A.       28    West Virginia    04-16a-2
Hendricks    Millard          16    West Virginia    04-15b-92
Hendricks    Minnie F.        17    West Virginia    04-14b-79
Hendricks    Okey             19    West Virginia    04-12a-11
Hendricks    Peter            43    West Virginia    04-15b-90
Hendricks    Ray              1     West Virginia    04-14b-96
Hendricks    Rufus            62    Virginia         04-14b-75
Hendricks    Tilden           4     West Virginia    04-15b-97
Hendricks    Virgie M.        9     West Virginia    04-14b-93
Hendricks    Wade             13    West Virginia    04-15b-94
Herald       *d               16    West Va          02-09b-71
Heurten      Alberta          30    W. Va.           01-12a-29
Heurten      Barbara E        5     W. Va.           01-12a-31
Heurten      Elizabeth        67    W. Va.           01-12a-34
Heurten      Henry R          7     W. Va.           01-12a-30
Heurten      Leona            21    W. Va.           01-12a-36
Heurten      Minnie B         2     W. Va.           01-12a-37
Heurten      Norma E.         1     W. Va.           01-12a-33
Heurten      Samuel           29    W. Va.           01-12a-28
Heurten      Thomas P.        3     W. Va.           01-12a-32
Heurten      William          26    W. Va.           01-12a-35
Hi**         Albert           36    West Virginia    03-11b-58
Hi**         Ellen            9     West Virginia    03-11b-62
Hi**         Ervin            4     West Virginia    03-11b-65
Hi**         Georgie          2     West Virginia    03-11b-67
Hi**         Ida              13    West Virginia    03-11b-60
Hi**         John             3     West Virginia    03-11b-66
Hi**         Louisa           6     West Virginia    03-11b-64
Hi**         Nettie           7     West Virginia    03-11b-63
Hi**         Olive            31    West Virginia    03-11b-59
Hi**         Rebecca A.       3/12  West Virginia    03-11b-68
Hi**         Victoria         11    West Virginia    03-11b-61
Hickman      Dussea           10    W. Va.           01-14a-1
Hickman      Florrence        18    W. Va.           01-14a-2
Higginbotham A. P.            26    W. Va.           05-20a-10
Higginbotham Anna W.          3     West Virginia    04-03b-68
Higginbotham Charles T.       60    West Virginia    04-03b-71
Higginbotham Clara B.         9     West Virginia    04-03b-65
Higginbotham Dora             18    West Virginia    04-03b-73
Higginbotham Ella M.          11    West Virginia    04-03b-64
Higginbotham Emma E.          27    West Virginia    04-03b-63
Higginbotham Emmons B.        7     West Virginia    04-06b-63
Higginbotham Essie A.         29    West Virginia    04-03a-35
Higginbotham Hubart D.        1     West Virginia    04-03b-69
Higginbotham Laura W.         5/12  West Virginia    04-06b-61
Higginbotham Lee F.           45    West Virginia    04-06b-62
Higginbotham Lottie J.        7     West Virginia    04-03b-66
Higginbotham Mahala           55    West Virginia    04-03b-72
Higginbotham Millard          23    West Virginia    04-06b-59
Higginbotham Ottie            22    West Virginia    04-06b-60
Higginbotham Roxey            5     West Virginia    04-03b-67
Higginbotham William H.       31    West Virginia    04-03b-62
Hill         Alexander        21    West Virginia    03-10b-61
Hill         Alice            40    West Virginia    03-13b-85
Hill         Allie            27    West Virginia    03-15b-52
Hill         Andrew J.        16    West Virginia    03-10b-63
Hill         Anna H.          40    W. Va.           05-06a-3
Hill         Anna L.          19    W. Va.           05-06a-37
Hill         Annie            35    West Virginia    03-14b-52
Hill         Aquiney          */12  W Va             01-04a-19
Hill         Arris            12    West Virginia    03-14b-90
Hill         Arthur H.        20    W. Va.           05-06a-4
Hill         Benjamin         65    West Virginia    03-13a-44
Hill         Bessie           12    West Virginia    03-15b-82
Hill         Bill             34    W. Va.           05-20b-96
Hill         Billie           40    West Virginia    03-15b-81
Hill         Burrell V.       18    W. Va.           05-06a-5
Hill         Calvin           26    West Virginia    03-15a-26
Hill         Canterbury       66    West Virginia    03-15b-74
Hill         Carlos           1     West Virginia    03-14a-23
Hill         Caroline         75    West Virginia    03-16a-27
Hill         Caroline         36    West Virginia    03-17b-98
Hill         Carrie           15    West Virginia    03-14a-40
Hill         Carrie           25    West Virginia    03-16a-14
Hill         Carrie           16    West Virginia    03-16a-23
Hill         Cecil            3     West Virginia    03-15b-79
Hill         Cecil C.         3     West Virginia    03-15b-53
Hill         Charles          43    West Virginia    03-14a-36
Hill         Charles          12    West Virginia    03-14a-41
Hill         Charley L.       3     W. Va.           05-06a-38
Hill         Clarence         6     West Virginia    03-15b-66
Hill         Clyde            3     West Virginia    03-13b-69
Hill         Curby            12    W. Va.           05-07a-5
Hill         Daniel           58    West Virginia    03-15a-2
Hill         David A          16    West Virginia    03-15a-50
Hill         Debussy          15    West Virginia    03-14b-53
Hill         Delana           3     West Virginia    03-18a-4
Hill         Deward           1     W. Va.           05-20b-98
Hill         Dewey            1     West Virginia    03-13a-50
Hill         Dock             4     W. Va.           05-20b-97
Hill         Doliver          6     W. Va.           01-08a-40
Hill         Earl             2     West Virginia    03-15b-69
Hill         Earnest D.       7     West Virginia    03-03b-59
Hill         Edith            19    West Virginia    03-13a-49
Hill         Edward           20    West Virginia    03-01b-92
Hill         Edward           23    Virginia         05-06a-36
Hill         Elina            3     West Virginia    03-14b-56
Hill         Eliza            25    W. Va.           05-07b-52
Hill         Elizabeth        25    West Virginia    03-15a-27
Hill         Ella M.          30    West Virginia    03-14a-22
Hill         Elmer            15    West Virginia    03-15a-18
Hill         Elwood           21    West Virginia    03-14a-38
Hill         Emily            43    West Virginia    03-15b-75
Hill         Ernest           17    West Virginia    03-13a-36
Hill         Ernest           7     West Virginia    03-13b-68
Hill         Esa              10    West Virginia    03-14a-42
Hill         Esperence        6     West Virginia    03-14a-26
Hill         Essie            20    West Virginia    03-16a-20
Hill         Esta             5     West Virginia    03-18a-2
Hill         Ethel            12    West Virginia    03-05a-6
Hill         Ethel            11    West Virginia    03-14b-54
Hill         Eva              11    West Virginia    03-13b-86
Hill         Florence         3     W Va             01-04a-18
Hill         Flossie          3/12  West Virginia    03-13b-87
Hill         Francis          10    West Virginia    03-15b-83
Hill         Frank            9     West Virginia    03-14b-55
Hill         Frank            1     West Virginia    03-15a-29
Hill         George           35    West Virginia    03-13b-84
Hill         George           29    West Virginia    03-15b-51
Hill         George           42    West Virginia    03-17b-97
Hill         George           40    W. Va.           05-06a-2
Hill         George           58    W. Va.           05-07a-41
Hill         George Jr.       22    W. Va.           05-07b-51
Hill         Georgie S.       7     W. Va.           05-06a-9
Hill         Hanford          18    West Virginia    03-13b-64
Hill         Hansford         18    W. Va.           05-20a-9
Hill         Hassell A.       11    W. Va.           05-06a-8
Hill         Henry            40    West Virginia    03-14b-51
Hill         Henry Jr.        79    West Virginia    03-16a-26
Hill         Hester A.        19    West Virginia    03-14a-39
Hill         Hettie           22    West Virginia    03-11a-14
Hill         Hill             17    West Virginia    03-15a-30
Hill         Homer            12    West Virginia    03-13b-67
Hill         Homer            9     West Virginia    03-15a-19
Hill         Howard           16    West Virginia    03-16a-22
Hill         Hubbard          3     West Virginia    03-14a-45
Hill         Hubert H.        20    W. Va.           05-07a-43
Hill         Ira E.           28    W. Va.           05-06a-40
Hill         James            78    W. Va.           05-06a-12
Hill         James M.         5     West Virginia    03-14a-44
Hill         James W          18    West Virginia    03-15a-48
Hill         Jemima A.        62    Virginia         05-06a-13
Hill         Jennie           11    West Virginia    03-03b-57
Hill         Jessie           9     West Virginia    03-03b-58
Hill         Jessie           4     West Virginia    03-15a-28
Hill         Jessie M.        12    W. Va.           05-06a-7
Hill         Jinsey           58    Virginia         05-10a-49
Hill         Joe              24    West Virginia    03-11a-13
Hill         Joe              3     West Virginia    03-15b-68
Hill         John             36    West Virginia    03-03b-55
Hill         John             30    West Virginia    03-11a-15
Hill         Joseph           36    West Virginia    01-04a-16
Hill         Joseph           25    West Virginia    03-15a-46
Hill         Joseph           33    West Virginia    03-15b-64
Hill         Josie            46    West Virginia    03-14a-21
Hill         Judas            21    W. Va.           05-20a-8
Hill         Julia            40    West Virginia    03-13b-63
Hill         Julian           43    West Virginia    03-16a-18
Hill         Julian           14    West Virginia    03-16a-24
Hill         Letha            57    West Virginia    03-13a-45
Hill         Letha            44    West Virginia    03-14a-37
Hill         Letilla          12    West Virginia    03-17b-100
Hill         Lewis            25    West Virginia    03-13a-48
Hill         Lewis            20    West Virginia    03-14b-59
Hill         Lilly            16    West Virginia    03-13b-66
Hill         Lonsel           5     West Virginia    03-15b-67
Hill         Loren            8     West Virginia    03-14a-25
Hill         Lucy             16    West Virginia    03-14b-60
Hill         Lucy             18    West Virginia    03-15b-55
Hill         Marvin           4     West Virginia    03-16a-15
Hill         Mary             70    Virginia         03-05a-2
Hill         Mary             56    West Virginia    03-15a-3
Hill         Mary             26    West Virginia    03-15b-65
Hill         Mary             16    W. Va.           05-17a-4
Hill         Mary C.          6/12  W. Va.           05-06a-39
Hill         Mary J.          39    West Virginia    03-16a-19
Hill         Mattie B.        3     W. Va.           05-07a-44
Hill         May              15    West Virginia    03-13a-37
Hill         Minnie           12    West Virginia    03-15b-77
Hill         Mollie           8     West Virginia    03-14a-43
Hill         Mossie           5     West Virginia    03-15b-78
Hill         Nancy            20    West Virginia    03-15a-49
Hill         Nancy            18    West Virginia    03-16a-21
Hill         Nannie C.        22    West Virginia    03-14a-29
Hill         Nellie F         6/12  West Virginia    03-16a-17
Hill         Oda              13    West Virginia    03-13a-38
Hill         Ora              5     W. Va.           05-06a-10
Hill         Pearl            11    West Virginia    03-13a-39
Hill         Perry            26    West Virginia    03-13a-33
Hill         Perry            26    West Virginia    04-12b-70
Hill         Ray              1     West Virginia    03-15b-54
Hill         Rebel            6     West Virginia    03-03b-60
Hill         Reuhanna         17    W Va             01-04a-17
Hill         Ril***           45    West Virginia    03-13b-62
Hill         Robert           49    West Virginia    03-15a-16
Hill         Robert           29    West Virginia    03-16a-13
Hill         Robert H.        29    West Virginia    03-14a-30
Hill         Romie            11    West Virginia    03-14a-24
Hill         Roy J.           15    W. Va.           05-06a-6
Hill         Ruba R.          3     W. Va.           05-06a-11
Hill         Ruben            30    West Virginia    03-15a-45
Hill         Ruby             10/12 West Virginia    03-13b-71
Hill         Rupert           16    West Virginia    03-13b-65
Hill         Ruth             10/12 West Virginia    03-13b-70
Hill         Sallie           1     West Virginia    03-14a-46
Hill         Sallie           2     West Virginia    03-16a-16
Hill         Sarah            52    West Virginia    03-15a-17
Hill         Saul             35    West Virginia    03-15b-80
Hill         Sepeche          16    West Virginia    03-15b-76
Hill         Spincer          20    West Virginia    03-13a-34
Hill         Stella           18    West Virginia    03-13a-35
Hill         Stella           12    West Virginia    03-17b-99
Hill         Stella           11/12 West Virginia    03-18a-5
Hill         Susan            53    W. Va.           05-07a-42
Hill         Th* Ray          1     West Virginia    03-03b-61
Hill         Theadoria        35    West Virginia    03-03b-56
Hill         Theodocia        9     West Virginia    03-16a-25
Hill         Theodosia        19    West Virginia    03-10b-62
Hill         Thomas           70    Virginia         03-05a-1
Hill         Thomas           22    West Virginia    03-15a-47
Hill         Vanie            4     West Virginia    03-18a-3
Hill         Velisa H.        24    W. Va.           05-06a-41
Hill         Watman           10    West Virginia    03-18a-1
Hill         William H        31    West Virginia    03-15a-4
Hill         Willie           3     West Virginia    03-11b-56
Hilling      Carrie E.        4     W. Va.           05-06b-94
Hilling      Charles H.       19    W. Va.           05-06b-89
Hilling      Cidney           2     W. Va.           05-06b-95
Hilling      Emma D.          25    W. Va.           05-06b-86
Hilling      Flora E.         22    W. Va.           05-06b-87
Hilling      James R.         52    W. Va.           05-06b-84
Hilling      Minnie L.        13    W. Va.           05-06b-91
Hilling      Rhoda L.         15    W. Va.           05-06b-90
Hilling      Sarah A.         44    W. Va.           05-06b-85
Hilling      Stonewall J.     11    W. Va.           05-06b-92
Hilling      Thomas E.        7     W. Va.           05-06b-93
Hilling      Wm N.            21    W. Va.           05-06b-88
Hinsley      Alice            23    W. Va.           05-20a-26
Hinsley      James            38    W. Va.           05-20a-25
Hinsley      Lulie H.         7/12  W. Va.           05-20a-27
Hobbs        Carrie           9     West Virginia    03-16b-51
Hobbs        Dennie           3     West Virginia    03-16b-55
Hobbs        George           35    Virginia         03-16a-46
Hobbs        Girtie           4     West Virginia    03-16b-54
Hobbs        James            6/12  West Virginia    03-16b-57
Hobbs        Lula             15    West Virginia    03-16a-48
Hobbs        Martha           35    West Virginia    03-16a-47
Hobbs        Maudie           10    West Virginia    03-16a-50
Hobbs        Myrtle           7     West Virginia    03-16b-52
Hobbs        Odas             13    West Virginia    03-16a-49
Hobbs        Odo*             6     West Virginia    03-16b-53
Hobbs        Pearlie          1     West Virginia    03-16b-56
Holstein     Almeda           22    West Virginia    04-10a-4
Holstein     Almira           20    West Virginia    03-18a-49
Holstein     Alonzo           9     West Virginia    03-15a-10
Holstein     Andrew F.        6     West Virginia    03-15a-12
Holstein     Annie            2     West Virginia    03-15a-14
Holstein     Ba***            21    West Virginia    04-14b-61
Holstein     Belle            15    West Virginia    03-13a-46
Holstein     Benjamin         30    West Virginia    03-10a-25
Holstein     Causbey          2     West Virginia    03-18a-19
Holstein     Charles          23    West Virginia    04-10a-3
Holstein     Claudia          25    West Virginia    03-11b-89
Holstein     Cleo B.          2     West Virginia    03-13a-42
Holstein     Cleveland        12    West Virginia    03-18a-12
Holstein     Corbet           6     West Virginia    03-18a-14
Holstein     Edgar            15    West Virginia    03-07a-43
Holstein     Edna             7     West Virginia    03-10a-13
Holstein     Elizabeth        53    West Virginia    03-07a-40
Holstein     Ella             5     West Virginia    03-15a-13
Holstein     Ellen            25    West Virginia    03-10a-11
Holstein     Ellen            46    West Virginia    03-18a-8
Holstein     Ester            8     West Virginia    03-17b-79
Holstein     Ethel            10/12 West Virginia    04-10a-5
Holstein     Eva              9     West Virginia    03-10a-12
Holstein     Everet           5     West Virginia    03-10a-14
Holstein     George           46    West Virginia    04-07a-35
Holstein     Harry H.         3     West Virginia    03-18b-52
Holstein     Hettie M         1     West Va          02-12a-30
Holstein     Homer            3     West Virginia    03-18a-15
Holstein     Jackson          56    West Virginia    03-07a-39
Holstein     James            30    West Virginia    03-13a-40
Holstein     James            65    West Virginia    03-18a-46
Holstein     Joe              5/12  West Virginia    03-18a-20
Holstein     John W.          14    West Virginia    03-18b-51
Holstein     Joseph           26    West Virginia    03-07a-41
Holstein     Joseph           1/12  West Virginia    03-18a-16
Holstein     Joseph E.        1/12  West Virginia    03-13a-43
Holstein     Judson T.        1     West Virginia    03-18b-53
Holstein     Letha            4     West Virginia    03-10a-15
Holstein     Linnie E.        15    West Virginia    03-18a-50
Holstein     Lizzie           12    West Virginia    03-15a-9
Holstein     Lonnie C         4     West Va          02-12a-28
Holstein     Lorenza D.       11/12 West Virginia    03-15a-15
Holstein     Lorenzo D.       39    West Virginia    03-15a-5
Holstein     Luigy            15    West Virginia    03-18a-11
Holstein     Martin           8     West Virginia    03-15a-11
Holstein     Mary             27    West Va          02-12a-27
Holstein     Mary             24    West Virginia    03-18a-18
Holstein     Mary F           15    West Virginia    03-15a-7
Holstein     Nancy            50    West Virginia    04-07b-55
Holstein     Nettie F         1     West Va          02-12a-31
Holstein     Odon             8     West Virginia    03-18a-13
Holstein     Oscar            23    West Virginia    03-18a-17
Holstein     Otto J           3     West Va          02-12a-29
Holstein     Rachel           55    West Virginia    03-10a-26
Holstein     Rachel V         13    West Virginia    03-15a-8
Holstein     Rhoda J          35    West Virginia    03-15a-6
Holstein     Robert           28    West Va          02-12a-26
Holstein     Rosa L.          25    West Virginia    03-13a-41
Holstein     Samantha         60    West Virginia    03-18a-47
Holstein     Samuel P.        22    West Virginia    03-18a-48
Holstein     Susan            20    West Virginia    03-07a-42
Holstein     Thomas           64    West Virginia    03-18a-7
Holstein     Thomas           18    West Virginia    03-18a-9
Holstein     Van              60    West Virginia    03-11b-87
Holstein     Willie H.        16    West Virginia    03-18a-10
Holstein     Willson          31    West Virginia    03-10a-10
Holstien     Amos             45    West Va          02-05a-3
Holstien     Ann E            54    West Va          02-04b-62
Holstien     Bessie           20    West Va          02-02b-74
Holstien     Caleb            69    West Va          02-03a-16
Holstien     Cassanna         9     West Va          02-03b-65
Holstien     Cyntha A         49    West Va          02-03b-58
Holstien     Dewey            1/12  West Va          02-03b-67
Holstien     Dryden           50    West Va          02-03b-66
Holstien     Ernest           10    West Va          02-03b-86
Holstien     Frank            14    West Va          02-03b-84
Holstien     Ira              51    West Va          02-03b-57
Holstien     Isaac            17    West Va          02-03b-82
Holstien     Iva M            2     West Va          02-02b-75
Holstien     James            66    West Va          02-03b-80
Holstien     John             26    West Va          02-02b-73
Holstien     John H           23    West Va          02-03b-59
Holstien     John W           68    West Va          02-04b-61
Holstien     Kirk             31    West Va          02-08a-28
Holstien     Lenard F         18    West Va          02-03b-61
Holstien     Lewis C          12    West Va          02-03b-64
Holstien     Lola A           3     West Va          02-08a-30
Holstien     Louverna H       2/12  West Va          02-08a-31
Holstien     Margie E         15    West Va          02-03b-62
Holstien     Martha           52    West Va          02-03b-81
Holstien     Martha           12    West Va          02-03b-85
Holstien     Mary J           20    West Va          02-03b-60
Holstien     Mathura A        24    West Va          02-08a-29
Holstien     Peter L          52    West Va          02-04b-63
Holstien     Silvester        24    West Va          02-08b-63
Holstien     Stephen E        14    West Va          02-03b-63
Holstien     Stephen M        15    West Va          02-03b-83
Holstien     Van              60    West Va          02-12b-61
Holstien     Walise           1     West Va          02-08a-32
Holstien     Winfred          13    West Va          02-07b-97
Hone         Delphia          5/12  W. Va.           01-06b-84
Hone         Eliza J          .     W. Va.           01-06b-85
Hone         Minnie           21    W. Va.           01-06b-83
Hone         William          24    W. Va.           01-06b-82
Hook         Charley Francis  1     West Virginia    03-02a-39
Hook         Dan A. S.        14    Texas            03-02a-37
Hook         Pauline M.       3     West Virginia    03-02a-38
Hook         Susan Virginia   28    Virginia         03-02a-35
Hook         Thomas F         16    Texas            03-02a-36
Hook         William          50    Virginia         03-02a-34
Hopkins      Archie           13    West Virginia    03-01b-91
Hopkins      Bessie           23    West Virginia    03-01a-11
Hopkins      Clarance         14    West Virginia    03-03b-67
Hopkins      Dora             43    West Virginia    03-03b-65
Hopkins      Ella             12    West Virginia    03-03b-68
Hopkins      Eva              9     West Virginia    03-03b-69
Hopkins      Hallis           16    West Virginia    03-13b-88
Hopkins      Henrietta A.     45    West Virginia    04-06b-86
Hopkins      Joseph           9/12  West Virginia    03-03b-71
Hopkins      Joseph M         44    West Virginia    03-03b-64
Hopkins      Julia            72    West Virginia    03-01b-90
Hopkins      Luther           7     West Virginia    03-03b-70
Hopkins      Ma*              24    West Virginia    03-01a-10
Hopkins      Ma*              68    West Virginia    03-01a-12
Hopkins      Ph*              22    West Virginia    03-03b-66
Huffman      Andy             52    W. Va.           05-07a-8
Hunter       Bertie M.        23    West Virginia    04-07b-58
Hunter       Elba D.          9     W. Va.           05-21a-24
Hunter       Fannie           6     W. Va.           05-21a-25
Hunter       Gertrude         20    West Virginia    04-07b-59
Hunter       Hariett C.       42    W. Va.           05-21a-21
Hunter       Ira              3     W. Va.           05-12b-96
Hunter       Jeannette        58    Ohio             04-07b-57
Hunter       Jo Ann           25    W. Va.           05-12b-94
Hunter       John             25    W. Va.           05-12b-93
Hunter       Maud             10    W. Va.           05-21a-23
Hunter       Montie           5     W. Va.           05-12b-95
Hunter       Ray              1     W. Va.           05-21a-26
Hunter       Robert           75    Virginia         04-07b-56
Hunter       Robt. L.         35    W. Va.           05-21a-20
Hunter       Ron***           1     W. Va.           05-12b-97

The free display of the 1900 Boone County, West Virginia, census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Robert Toler and the permission of S-K Publications.

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